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Bai Ai saw the student badge worn by Fuming,Not surprised“Congratulations,Promoted to student”

Fuming waved his hand“Nothing to congratulate”
“Wouldn’t you just ask me to congratulate you on being promoted to a student?”Bai Ai stared at Fuming and asked。
“I’m not so boring yet,I have a party for you, I hope you can attend,It’s also a celebration of my coming back alive from the so-called dead abyss”
White head down in thought,He is cold,Don’t like to be with others“Ok,time and location”(Really fragrant)
Fuming told him and then turned and left。
“How could this little beast come back alive,what!!!!”Sun Yuan’s roar echoed in the room,With a grim face, he is like a beast at the moment。
But after the anger,He started to worry again“I don’t know if the person who chased him died.,In case you leak the secret to that little beast,I ruined myself!”
Sun Yuan’s face is cloudy,I felt even more tormented inside,Always thinking about whether to ask the situation,The hand is one finger away from the communicator and suddenly stops,Sun Yuan struggled inside,Forget it。
“hold on,If there is no news tomorrow,I just asked!”Sun Yuan leaned on the chair,A name displayed on the communicator‘Yun Kongming!’
After taking a shower, I came to Qingling’s small courtyard,Li Le and Murong Qingling are playing meat and wine。
“I’m coming”Yelled,Li Le saw Fuming rushed over and gave Fuming a bear hug“Hey Hey hey,I am strangled to death”Yelling with tongue out。
“I heard you fell into the abyss,I just wanna go,But Sister Qingling advised me not to go,Just shut me up,But you can come back”Li Le wiped a tear and said。

Even though the long sword in his other hand is attacking Chen Xiu fiercely,But all the offense,Were all resolved by Chen Xiu with a small sword,In his feeling,Chen Xiu is like an ancient well,Unfathomable,Can’t find the end。

suddenly,Chen Xiu grabbed his left hand and flicked it。
“what——”Under Chen Xiu,Bai Qinglin suddenly felt an irresistible force,Rushing like mountains,He only had time to yell,The body can’t help but rise into the air。
Chen Xiu cuts out with a sword,At this time, Bai Qinglin has no leverage in the air,There is no room for dodge,Chen Xiu is confident,This sword can kill the opponent。
Bai Qinglin’s best is not swordsmanship、Not fist,But light work,Raise a sigh of anger in the crisis,Arms shaking,I don’t even need to borrow,Followed and went up again,Kankan escaped the Promise Slash from Chen Xiu,Floating on the ground。
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1156 Shocked
Bai Qinglin fell to the ground,I didn’t find it when I just competed with Chen Xiu.,At this time, I saw that the long sword in my hand was cut out by Chen Xiu’s little sword.,The sword body suddenly broke into ten pieces,Can’t help but sigh:“Good sharp sword!”
Staring at it, I saw that the small sword in Chen Xiu’s hand looked unremarkable,There is no sharp weapon,My heart trembled:“Is this……Flying sword!”
“you……Who are you!”
Chen Xiu saw the other party avoiding his Wuji Slash with a brilliant light effort,I also admire,But said funny:“You attack me,He asked me who I am,I want to know who you are!”
Bai Qinglin also recovered from the shock,Sneered:“I don’t care which great god’s nephew you are,You swayed the market by giving Feijian cultivation so low,I won’t grab you,I’m sorry for my conscience!”
With a sound“Up”Word fall,Bai Qinglin stepped out suddenly,The figure floats close to Chen Xiu like a light smoke,Hit more than ten palms in a row。
Chen Xiu didn’t expect Bai Qinglin’s speed to be so fast.,The little sword in his hand just performed a move,Bai Qinglin’s hand knife is about to be cut on his shoulder,Wipe your feet,Dodge the past with the new body method that you just understood。
Bai Qinglin missed a hit,Body shape is even more erratic,No matter how, it flashed to Chen Xiu’s left side and slashed again,Let Chen Xiu be embarrassed and evade again with a new understanding。
Although the light exercise is only an auxiliary martial skill,But practiced,Advance can attack,Retreat can defend,Miss a hit,Travel a thousand miles。

Nine uncles:“”

“Ok,Nine uncle, you said?”
Chapter 87 Two blacks are most afraid of fire
Autumn is dragged from outside the door,And sediment repair,The station is next to him.,From time to time, touch your face。
“Live,You can sleep like a dead pig.,Don’t say that Master is,Change to me will also give you a slap,Good to make you rose。”
“no,I really didn’t hear it.,Just follow the evil。”
The two have been a while,Hit the trouble,Sitting on the edge of the garden,Liao Wenjie who is squatting in the corner,Curious,Gooked together。
“Jiege,what are you doing?”
“Ugh,Don’t mention,When I said this, I will hurt myself straight to tears.。”
Liao Wenjie is holding a root stick,Stick the bodied bodies in the wall:“I am with it.,Tsing Gan and Working for so many years,Always treat it as a child,I didn’t expect that today’s white hair sent a black hair.,He has a sad!”
“its not right,Jiege,Is the two black not a few days a few days ago??”
“Be right,And you play it every day.,Also practice Taoism,I can make it harm。”
Second speed poke lies,Not used to,This is a good thing,After all, Master’s face they often give,What’s more, Liao Wenjie。
“You know a fart,Look at the surface does not look at the essence,As the saying goes well,Playing is a kind,I like to use my feet.。At this point,Nine uncle is the same as me,Both are not good words,When expressing emotions,Can do it。”
Liao Wenjie,Example proven:“Wencai,You touch your face,Hurt?”
“pain,Particular pain!”
“That’s right,Explain that nine uncle especially hurts you。”
Fudge end,Liao Wenjie poked two blacks,Tease:“correct,Ask you a question,People are bitten by zombies,Will become a zombie due to the corpse,That dog?”
This issue hits the knowledge blind area of Liao Wenjie,Zombie dog heard,Zombie dog
Is there this stuff??
Talent and Qiusheng face each other,General case,This problem is responsible for the Nine Uncle.,They are responsible for clapping,Lining the nine uncle Ying Ming,God knows the geography。
Think,Known outside the door,The servant of Ren Fu used the sedan to carry the nine uncles.。
Haven’t end yet,Ren Loui and Ren Tingting were also lifted by the sedan,And the security captain, the security captain, Away,And ten players carrying a long gun。
what’s the situation?
Liao Wenjie saw a glimpse,Ask Nine Uncle:“what happened,How do you bring people??Not I said you,I have a half of my heart.,You are so tossing,Not afraid that he is dead in Qizhuang?”
“I suspect that zombies will come again.,Recently protecting their father and women are stable。”Nine uncle explains。
“Ren Gun is not better,Big business,Local spacious,And not your own home,I can’t dismantle it.。”
“Ager,Can’t say this,Human,Yi Zhuang can be built again,People are gone, they are gone.。”
“understood,You are ready to revoke Yizhuang,Make a bigger yard,Master won the worker。”

“Then you will make the money come to Donghua Bank.。”Qi Rui said that the yellow chassis left。

Yuan San hit last time, I have got a hurt for a little.,He knows that you want to buy opium from Donghua Ocean.,He has already made a good abacus.。
Because Wang Tianwu is lying in the hospital,There is nothing on the surface of this side.,Back to the villa Gu Junru immediately report:“curator,Call at home,The military Shanghai station and the jellyfish killer group have recently been in the Long Pool Mansion,Just at last night,Miss Huizi was killed by people.!”
Rui sharp asked:“Telegram?”
Gu Jun is the receiver,Because her work performance is very good,Hurry to her password,Let her also translate the general text,Because Wang Tianmu can now be self-careful,She returned to the villa to continue to be responsible for their own work。
Qi Rui said that the telegram is very sad.:“Miss Huizi!I will definitely revenge you.!”
Hankui Huizi has been removed with Pool Tiecheng and Hurricane Action,Containment with more than 20 waves and traitors,There were more than one hundred people in the pool.,There are only more than 70 people left now.,The people who have received the list of Zhejiang Zheng Yao first have been removed in addition to Iraq and Xianren.。
“curator,Do we want to hurry back?”Tang Rui asked,
“Need to go back,But what there is still finished。”Qi Rui said to Gu Jun:“Release home now,Tell Yi and Xian people let them temporarily obey the command of the special class,I will report to the Wine Well.。”
“Don’t we go back??”Tang Rui asked,
“I arranged this side and went back.。”
After Gu Junru has finished the newspaper,Rui Guan Gao Telemia,Let the wine well, beneficial, take care of the manager,Say yourself go back as soon as possible。
Zheng Yao, how to design kill, Hanxi Huizi, I don’t know,Six brothers believe that this is definitely a perfect ambush。
Be on the night,Hospital was attacked by four military killers,They are the failure of the ward of guns who have a hard king,Two of them were killed on the spot,Two serious injuries suicide。
This time, I didn’t leave a living port.,In order to make Wang Tianmu to get the trust of the devil,Dai boss is also really reluctant。
Three days later,A drug factory ruins near Haiguang Temple,Qi Rui surveyed the scene to Mao Chuanxiu and said:“Mao Chuanjun,The aircraft should be a combustion,And they specialize in picking up the wind.,It is difficult to extinguish once the fire is,And the fire covers all traces,I didn’t find anything.。”
“Long pool,Just get the message,Last night, the two drug factories in the city were burned by people.,There are two other situations outside the city.,This time there is also a Japanese-funded factory。”Mao Chuanxiu and said,
Rui Rui is a long saying:“Mao Chuanjun,Not me not to help you,Look at this ruins,What is your feelings to have any clues?。”
“I still feel that I have a common party.。”
“I just listened to you and said that two drugs have died more than a dozen people.?”
“The body is burnt together,According to the autopsy, they are all killed after being killed.。”
“Kill?Does anyone hear the gunshot??”Qi Rui,
The goods from Zhuang Xiaoman have been received.,According to the indication of the embroidery,Shen Xilin gave the part of the weapons from it to the military team,Among them, there is no effort to modify it.1935pistol,These guns are all with silencer。
“No one heard the gunshot。”Mao Chuanxiu and shook his head,
“No one heard the gunshots, Mao Chuanjun, why is definitely a common party??”
“Not what they can??”
“Do you know what the dead is shot??”
“Mont Blanhen University Power Pistol,This kind of gun seems to have only the special agent of the military bureau.?Is there such a gun in the guerrilla between the earth??”
“Can you be strange if it is a long spring??”
“Why do you mean that these powerful characters don’t assassinate Wang Tianwood??”
“Yup,Does the assassination Wang Tianmu is not the primary task of the military Tianjin station??”
“Mao Chuanjun said that it is very reasonable.,But there is a Brony pistol with a silencer??”Rui Rui is now let Mao Chuan Xiuhe and the special class class more and more prominent。
“Long pool,This kind of gun can buy in black market,It’s not a lot of earth road.,But not absolutely no。”
“Then let’s take a check from the black market.!”
NS405chapter Shen Xixin, crying
The smuggling gun to check the black market is unable to manage it.,He just returned to the villa, I saw that Yuan San took gifts in the gate.。
“Yuan Sang,How did you come?”

I’m almost busy,It’s lunch time!

When they want to take turns back to eat,Pan Yulin came over with the insulation box。
“mom……How did you come?”
Fang Yu walked over,Caught the insulation box。
“I’m not seeing you not coming back……Seems a little busy today?”
Pan Yulin Tucaodao。
“is a bit……Might be better this afternoon!”Fang Deyun said。
“I asked my son!”
Pan Yulin gave Fang Deyun a blank look,Displeased。
Fang Deyun didn’t ask himself to be boring,Eat by yourself。
“Hello auntie!”
Just when Fang Yu was eating,Shu Ling came over。
“you are?”
Pan Yulin saw the fresh and pleasant Shu Ling,Confused。
At the same time he glanced at his son in confusion。
When is there another girl?
Fang Yu looked helpless。

Push open the hidden door,I heard the quarrel between Doctor Lu and Monkey Lu。Just listen to Doctor Lu scolding:“You are such a wicked obstacle,You can say something like this”

“You are such an old man,Don’t you think about your son’s future happiness??What is this,Just a prescription,Do you still want to take it to the coffin??”
This is Lu Monkey’s yelling。Wang Youcai understood it immediately,It seems that he guessed right。It’s time to treat this guy。
Wang Youcai walked around in the yard,I found half of the wooden stick and held it in my hand,He strode into Doctor Lu’s room。Lu Monkey saw Wang Youcai’s face,And with a murderous look,He immediately stopped yelling。
“Doctor Lu!I guessed right!This bastard thing is really premeditated。You go to work quickly!Many people are waiting for you to see a doctor,Here you leave it to me”
Wang Youcai suppressed the anger in his heart,Said coldly to Doctor Lu。
Monkey Lu looked anxious,He shouted loudly:“Wang Youcai!What the hell are you?This is my family’s private affair,You are too embarrassed to participate,You really think you are a green onion?Stop pretending to be a big tail wolf,Your second brother is no longer in Pingdu”
Wang Youcai smiled,Turn around and push Doctor Lu outside the door。Doctor Lu saw that Wang Youcai was holding half a wooden stick in his hand,Old people are a little scared。
“Dead old man,If you dare to leave today,Let’s sever the relationship between father and son”
Lu Monkey saw Wang Youcai’s posture,He’s still a little scared。Because he knows Wang Youcai’s methods,This guy is quite heavy once he starts。I’m afraid he can’t hold his small body。
“Bastard!Your dad is this age,All the hard work is not for you。I didn’t expect you to lose your conscience,To unite with outsiders,I want to learn from your dad’s years of hard work,Is this what people do?”
Wang Youcai said,The stick in his hand swept towards Lu Monkey’s body。
Lu Monkey’s quick flash,He yelled:“Wang Youcai!This is between me and my dad,You better participate less,Otherwise, let’s fight for the dead。You won’t make me feel better,Don’t even think about it”

“did you see that,This is the invitation!Want to go in?I want to go in and call Fu Ye,I will take you in to meet the world。”

Chen Xiu glanced at Xue Fu disdainfully and said with a sneer:“Not just an invitation,What a shit,Li Kui’an is in the game now,You are not afraid that he will confess you。”
“you……I’m innocent,he……What can he do!”
“clean?Don’t think that you colluded with Li Kui’an before, I can’t see it。”Chen Xiu sneered:“Even if Li Kui’an doesn’t recruit you,,If I go and stab Wang Fusheng about your conspiracy with Li Kuian,You said he would let you go。”
“you dare?!”
Can open a pawn shop in Ansan City,How could Wang Fusheng not have some underworld background?,If you let him know that you are stealing his money,Don’t break your hands or feet yet。
“I dare not。”
Seeing Xue Fu scared,Chen Xiu is even more convinced that Xue Fu is the kind of cheap mouth,Actually, there is no powerful method,Otherwise, Wang Fusheng will make him furious。
“I kill you!”
Xue Fu raised his fist and pounced on Chen Xiu,The security guard was suddenly in the middle,Push him away。
“Today is Mr. Han’s place,You have to dare to make trouble here,I blasted it out regardless of whether you have an invitation or not。”
I heard Mr. Han’s name,Xue Fu fell silent all of a sudden,Stepped back and pointed at Chen Xiu, threateningly said:“Kid,Planted out!”
For this Xue Fu,Chen Xiu really doesn’t care about it,I guess I can knock him down with one punch。
But here in the crowd,There are many celebrities,These people are likely to be their own customers in the future。
It’s a drop in price if you do it yourself。
Chen Xiu threw his cigarette butt on the ground,Stepped out,Staring at Xue Fu and said:“stupidX。”

“I have more mortals here。”Beiming’s gloomy voice resounded in the ruins of the underground palace,“If Lord Ares needs it,I can return it in full。”

“Why did you attack my resident soldier??”Li Tianzhen will not be influenced by the other party,Even if you are worried about the safety of other special forces,Can’t show it。
“Assault?”Bei Ming laughed,“Why do these small mortals need an old man to attack?”
“Since you hold your own identity,Why it’s hard for them?”
“Can’t be said to be embarrassing,It’s just that the old man is hungry,Treat your hunger as casual snacks,But not tasty。”
Bei Ming’s words are not frivolous and exaggerated,Li Tianzhen’s body is full of bone chill,In the eyes of these great gods,It’s not unusual to treat so-called tiny lives as food,But it was a great stimulus for him,These chills and anger suddenly turned into incomparable murderous intentions,Suddenly violent wind around the tunnel entrance,The fragile sand and dust whirled like crazy,A violent small hurricane soon formed。
The hurricane turns faster and faster,Drive more sand,A terrible storm soon formed over the Anonymous Mountain Palace。
“Li Xiucheng,Anger can’t solve the problem,Ambush today,Just to kill you,The only way to save your life is to scatter yourself,Hand over the congenital soil,You and I have no grievances in the past,Just guilty。”Bei Ming in the underground palace sneered,Not afraid。
“After San Gong,I promise you nothing,You can also enjoy life in the secret world of the old man,what do you think?”
Li Tianzhen does not answer,Just mobilize the true essence madly in the sea of knowledge,The seven-headed monster beast that has just recovered from his injuries is also ready to fight at any time,He has long since changed his idea of running away,If you don’t clean up these great gods and demons,,I don’t know how many innocent lives have been lost。
These guys are no different from high-level blood,Bloodthirsty and cruel,Hidden in the mortal world is hard to be discerned,And supernatural powers,Extremely difficult to deal with。
They endured for many years,Choose to break out at this time,Of course there is the temptation to breathe the earth,Related to the blood war that took place deep in the wasteland,They may be stimulated,Perhaps it has glimpsed the weakness of the mortal law of will,There may also be more terrifying guys hiding behind,No matter what,The mortal world is unlikely to be stable for a long time in the future,
“If you don’t answer me,I will resist to the end by default?”
“Why answer you?The answer to the old man is the same,Hand over Xiyang obediently,I can keep you safe from death。”‘Nirvana handkerchief’Yuan Huangjian stared at him and shouted for a long time,Seems to have finally reached an agreement,That is naturally the temptation to breathe the earth。

The first is yourself in the quilt,Seems to be light,Nothing,I don’t know how much sweat flowing.。

The second is that Gao Bo is actually around himself.,No soldiers!
“Is this a Sui Su?。”
She said softly。
“That is not,The army has already founded it.,Dendrobium light is responsible,I will follow the army.。”
Gao Boyi doesn’t matter。
“You really play over overbearing the secretary.,True,I will talk about it.。”
Zheng Minmin,Say a few words,I feel that my voice is like my wife.。
“Even your own women can’t keep,After breaking the Pu 坂,It’s coming back, it’s grave.,What tastes this day??So I took you from the ancestral house of Hedong.。Here is suitable for disease。
Doctors say good risks,Say your body is weak,Follow me all the way,It’s a strong end.。I have lost you regardless of you.,You really will die。”
Gao Biyi said very seriously。
“Can you tell me something?。”
Zheng Minmin turned all,Use the side face to press Gao Bo Yi’s hand:“I know Alang is not such a person.。Angered the hair crown, it is possible,But for a woman, don’t be big.,Not yet。I still have some understanding of myself.。”
“Ok,Say you and don’t believe。”
Gao Bao sighed:“The book will irritate。Herble man,Do not face their front,So the gods can fight against Zhou Jun,I can’t fight against the Yuxian,At least not。
It is better to let Mingyu went to consume the patient’s patience。”
fagEffect is terrible,Gao Boyi is very afraid of the galvitt,Therefore, he even communicates with the Qi Jun, which is on the side of Pu.,Let the Law of the Law。
When I left,Gao Boyi has only one requirement,Do your best to avoid decisions!Can not fight,but,Don’t let the Zhou Jun received the loss!
No one is coming to report,Description should be a calm。
Actually the most important point,Gao Bo Yi did not tell Zheng Minmin,Axious little lady,It’s okay to get a disease.,What country is the country?!
Zhou Jun experienced Yusheng City,No matter which class,It’s all like a bird’s bird.。these people,At this moment now,It must be abandoned everything to meet the hug!
So now the week,Not only don’t take advantage of it,Instead, avoid their sharpness!
So when is it to clean up the Zhou Jun of Pucaka City??Next year, the spring is。
One after the opening of the spring, the river is thawed,Shipping is worry-free,Incense with Idijun’s replenishment line in invisible。Two,Guanzhong is insufficient,Spring plow must guarantee。Zhou Jun in Puchacheng,Many are temporarily recruited,Still in the surrounding edge。
If the Usian does not let these people go back,Do not rebuild the village,Uneasy victims,So the week,Even Zhou Guo’s collapse,It may be between it!
This is never a joke。
Army,There is no way to fight.。Everyone is worried about spring plowing,Worried about the land in the family,Worried about how to pass in autumn and winter,How do you say how to fight??
Therefore, it seems that Gao Baoyi is accompanying Zheng Minzhi in Hedong.,Will“Love beauty does not love Jiangshan”The news spread out of the paralysis,But in fact,This one will take into account many things behind.。
Zhou Jun’s high school,After calm down in your head,I am afraid it will not hold the group.。
“I miss my young,Bottled a lot of pressure.。”
Zheng Minmin sigh,Close your eyes continue to sleep,Holding a big hand of Gao Bao。Torry,She still feels very heavy。It is estimated that after returning to Yucheng,She will“Fame”NS。

“No need to,Security is enough,The announcement has been posted,Smash something,Just lose one thing,I am worried about our employees being injured,So it’s a week off,Everyone, take a good rest。”

“Ok,I’ll arrange after dinner。”
“it is good,Nothing else,You also rest first。”
It doesn’t make much sense for Zhang Siwei to stay,The company still has a lot to deal with,After the explanation,Left。
Until the afternoon,Zhao Gang called,“Think about danger,What’s going on at my home?”
“Surrounded by debtors,Too many people,Can’t get in at all,I don’t know anything now,when will you arrive?”
“flight delayed,It might be night when it arrives。”There is despair in Zhao Gang’s voice。
“it is good,Contact me as soon as you land,We go together。”Zhang Siwei is sad,People are dead,Haven’t seen,Nothing is clear at the moment。
“How are your people?”Fang Na’s car parked downstairs to the advertising agency,Call Wang San in the car and ask。
“Just rushed in the morning,Haven’t got anything yet,The police came。”
Fang Na changed her face,“what,Dozens of you,I can’t rush into a company?”
291 Billions
“They were prepared,I was stopped by security as soon as I arrived at the door。”Wang San explained。
“A security guard,Stopped you?Just a bunch of shit eaters。”Fang Na got angry instantly。
“not one,Is five,They are defensive,Hired a lot of security,And they are all young and strong,All pretty good,Each holding a shield,Blocked the door。
“A lot of effort,A few people just went in,There are still stuck points in the hall,Are already fighting,The police came,I had to arrange everyone to withdraw,Just smashed some of them。”
“Zhao Gang still left a hand?”Fang Na didn’t expect。
“Ok,should be,Because the other brothers said the situation is similar to ours,All have security,Conflict,Our people can’t beat,Was taken down in a few seconds,A few went to the police station。”