Bank of China promotes retail banking business in Malaysia by Finance Technology

  Xinhua News Agency, Malaysia, September 21 (Reporter Liu Yilin) ??Malaysia China Bank officially launched its most advanced intelligent bank outlets in Malaysia on the 21st, launched mobile banking services, marking the bank in deep-moving Malaysian corporate customers for many years Begin started to expand the retail banking business.

  Wang Hongwei, president of the Executive President of China Bank of Malaysia, said that as the first intelligent outlet pilot of BOC Group, Bank of China is committed to building a Demonstration Opera of the Penang Branch into a Southeast Asian region, and will continue to launch mobile payments. New services such as WeChat banks, smart counters.

  Wang Hongwei also revealed that Bank of China has been approved in Malaysia’s historical city Malacca Malacca, which will strive to achieve an annual opening.

  According to Wang Qin, General Manager of China WHO Information Technology and Channel Management Department, China’s two major customers in the company, Malaysian customers go to China, long-term use of checks, but not adapt to China’s fast-moving non-cash payment, and China Customers in Malaysia have not convenient. For different needs, Wang Qian said that the company is trying to promote cooperation with Alipay and WeChat payment and efforts to solve problems through the background.

  It is understood that the newly enabled smart outlet has implemented paperless process operations from calling to the business, which greatly shortens service time, and mobile banking services basically cover more than 80% of counter business, which is convenient for daily operations. , Eliminate the trouble of customer round-trip network. The Chief Secretary of Malaysia Penang also attended the day’s ceremony. He said that China’s financial technology is in the world, and Bank of China will introduce the latest smart bank technology into Penang, which will not only give Bank of China. Customers have brought more convenience, and it is also a promotion and promotion of local banks.