I looked at those files,All are patented technologies in various biotechnologies!

It is estimated that these technologies will be worth a lot。
There is also a digital camera,I took the key and the digital camera。
Those patented technologies continue to stay in the safe。
do not know why,I think Chen Ning is definitely not dead!
What happened to her this time,Should be a conspiracy。
I came to an apartment near the bank,This is also one of Chen Ning’s legacy to me。
There should be no one in the apartment for a long time,Although it is very clean, there is no life atmosphere,Not to mention the charming smell of Chen Ning。
Although Chen Ning and I only spent one night together,But he is so familiar and close in my heart,Just like an old couple who has lived together for many years!
All the same。
I sat on the warm balcony,Turned on the digital camera,See what’s in there!
Definitely not a blank digital camera,Otherwise it won’t be put together with things that feel important。
Inside the digital camera,No video,Are some photos!
The shots seem to be some scenery,But these scenery looks a little weird。
I think something is wrong,But I can’t tell what’s wrong,where!
suddenly,I saw a very familiar face in these photos!
It’s Chen Xin!
Chen Xin seems to have been taken in the photo,There is a cemetery!