“Tut,Really annoying,Finally had the opportunity to see the opportunity to select internal students,Actually arranged for us to guard the gate!”A gatekeeper looked depressed。

“okay,Any complaints,Although this selection of internal students is only once a year,See this year,Wait for next year”The other doesn’t care at all。
When the two talked,Fu Ming walked to the gate of the college and swiped his card to enter the college,I heard them say that today is the day to select internal students,I have to take a shower quickly。
“cut,You don’t care if you have seen it,I haven’t seen it once,Hey,Talking to you,Did you hear me”Man calling another person, Another person staring at the screen,There was an incredible look in his eyes。
“what happened to you?”
“You stay here,I have to find the elder”Man with a heavy face,Ran out of smoke。
“cut,Must be lazy!”The other person is unbelieving。
“call,Feel comfortable after taking a shower”Fuming wiped his head and walked out of the bathroom,Walk to the stereoscope,Took a look at my body“Well,Pretty good”Little narcissism。
“boom!”The door was kicked open,Elder Ren Feng and Qu Anlie came to the fuming room,Stunned,Hurriedly covered his vitals。
“Hey,Even if you are an elder,You can’t just break into someone else’s room.!”
Ren Feng and Qu Anlie did not expect Fuming to not wear clothes,Two awkward coughs“Cough,That one。。。Get dressed quickly,What is it like”
Fuming silently twitched the corners of his mouth twice,Angrily pointed at the two,Walk inside and put on clothes。
“puff”Ren Feng couldn’t help but shook his head with a smile。
Qu Anlie is unhappy,It’s because this kid is missing,Made my apprentice worried all day long,I almost started with myself,The more I think, the more upset!
Fuming dressed up and walked out,Didn’t give them a good look“I don’t know what the two elders are doing,Is it just for the eye addiction?”Talking yin and yang。
Ren Feng shook his head helplessly.“okay,Do not be mad,Let’s count the two old guys wrong”
Fuming is no longer stunned,Get up and salute“Ye Fuming met the two elders”
Ren Feng waved his hand“Closer to home,We came just to make sure if you really came back”