So loud,Xia Jian flicked his left hand,Punch out with the right hand。Bald shocked,He never thought that Xia Jian was so fast。He hurried to one side,Flash to the left。

Xia Jian strikes out with two punches,Lifting the foot is sweeping,The bald head escaped Xia Jian’s fist,But I didn’t escape Xia Jian’s feet。To know,If Xia Jian’s kick is full,,A big black dog can be kicked to death。
Just heard a scream from the bald head,The whole person fell to the ground with a plop。Xia Jian didn’t chase forward,But ran to the grandma’s side,I lifted up my grandma。
But the grandma shouted:“my waist,My waist broke”
At this moment,A woman sprang from the iron gate in two steps,This woman looks 35 or 6 years old。She is not tall or short,And exquisite。
Short hair,Handsome mixed-race face,Especially small lips with a little lipstick,I saw Xia Jian forgot what he was doing。
“grandmother!What’s wrong with you?Who are they?”The woman’s silvery voice came over。At the same time she glanced at Xia Jian。
She glanced,With a wave of disdain and indifference。It’s possible that Xia Jian’s somewhat unscrupulous look angered her。
The old grandma yelled at someone with a bald head:“These bastards trampled my food,Also interrupted my waist。Luo Yi,You’re going to make such a bad breath for grandma”
“Your waist is broken?”The old man named Luo Yi by the old lady asked in surprise。She rushed over in two steps,I want to take the grandma from Xia Jian。
But the old lady couldn’t stand up at all,The whole person is like being held by Xia Jian。Luo Yi’s body approached,A good smell of perfume came from her immediately。Xia Jian couldn’t help his nose twitching。
Luo Yi stared at Xia Jian with a bit disgusting eyes:“who are you?What are you doing here?”
“Damn!You die girl can’t even understand,This bald guy hit me。Didn’t you see him supporting me?”Grandma has a very bad temper,Yelled at this Luo Yi。
Luo Yixian said with a smile:“I know grandma,I think who is blind,Dare to beat Luo Yi’s grandma”
At this moment,The bald head stood up with the support of a few yellow hairs,He looked at Luo Yi,It’s like seeing a ghost,The color of the face changed immediately。
“Sister Luo!Hu Liu has eyes but I don’t know Taishan,I didn’t expect this to be your vegetable garden,Also pushed grandma,Damn i!Damn i!”Bald head down,Said hurriedly。It feels like his birthday has come。