After the Chu Deirers were silent,I will ask the flowers and ask things a few nights a few nights.——Suddenly feel,There is no time left to yourself.!

But just at this time,Old Hanyi Long Qiqi,Face and hustle,Tell the door outside,There is no lack of lack of life.,Please come in。
“Chu Lee,The face of the flower gong is really good.,I haven’t come before and visited.,Fork for forgiveness。”
Jiang Bifai said that it did not come,In fact, before two hours,The Chu Deiren has just begun to get a lack of treatment.,He has been there once,Just not disturb。
Good one is strict、Wide gentleman!
“It is a river man,Yue Yue did the false gentleman behind the hood,How much is hidden in the rivers and lakes,I don’t dare to stay this five Liu Long,Jiang Dafa is still so,I want to come in my heart,What is the lonity people?。”Chu Deiren came up“Touted”Jiang Bifaihe one sentence。
Jiang Bifai crane smiled,All-discipline:“Thank you Buli Lord Shopp,Never seeing because Yue Xiamen is also a five will,Everyone see Wu Liu Long,I have to think of a false gentleman.?”
“This is reasonable,Can’t, because Jiang Feng’s nickname is‘Yu Lang’,What Jade Lang,I think that Jiang Feng is not?”Chu Deirers said that she was still approaching a few steps.,It is referred to as the Jiang Bifuo。
Jiang Bifai crane originally frank eyes,Suddenly panicked,Then there is no differential removal.。
Chu Deirers just have a dark transport“Dafa”,Interfere with its spirit,Jiang Bifai crane really,But it is also very fast.,And confused。
“Jiang Dynasty,Chu Chuzi wants to know,What happened during the night,US……”Flower has no shortcomings, don’t help yourself, remember,
After all, Zhengtaihua is fully trustworthy this forgetting.。
However, the Chu Deirers said at this time.:“Do not,I want to hear what you said.。”
Jiang Bifai He Nei Yan,Faceless,After that, I laughed.:“hehe,Since this,The old man first warned one step,Then the evening dinner will send people。”
“Laojiang brother。”Flower has no shortcomings。
After the complain, look to the Chu Deire:“Why is Chu Chuzi and a Jiangxi??Never you can’t do it……Hey!”
There is no shortage of flowers.,Are you looking at all“Gentleman”Uncomfortable,But think about it is too thin.,I didn’t say it.。
“No shortage of,You are young,The rivers and lakes are very deep,You can’t grasp。”Chu Deirers,A child’s boom。
If the Chu Deiren just helped him hear,Flower is now looking for people……
Don’t say the topic of Jiang Bifaihe,Flower is no shortage……What is not clear, and the Chu Deirers said it once.!
There is no difference with iron unparalleled basics.。
Iron is unparalleled,It was buckled,I have no abnormalities I have not been noticed.,Flower is no shortage,Be poisoned!
certainly,There is no shortage of flowers, no double high,so……
“I believe it is not the owner of the iron.,but……”No shortage of flowers,I’m going to say a sentence.,Can it seem to have any scruple?,Didn’t finish。
After discovering the eyes of Chu Deirers,There is no shortage:“I perceived poisoning,The perception of Ming Yuxu is stimulated to the ultimate……No one has killing me on the scene.!”
Flower is still worried,Chu Deirers don’t know what it means,I want to explain it.,《Ming Yucheng》Abilities,However, only listening to the deer:“Seems to you《Ming Yucheng》,Also close to the eighth floor!”
After all, the flower is no shortage of 15 years old.,Already the seventh floor,Now five years。
Although the customary thing is not suitable for cultivation《Ming Yucheng》,But there is no shortage in the rivers and lakes in Wulin, I’m hitting five years.,Returning is still right,His mood is further further。
Chu Deirers are not lacking,Instead,:“Jiang Bifu crane?”
There is no shortage of flowers,It can really can’t get the Chu Deirers have repeatedly destroyed his friends.,Seeing that he exposed some unparded colors,Chu Deirers asked serious:“You feel that he is not?This is very important。”
Chu Deirers serious attitude,This time,There is no shortage of flowers,Also serious answer:“Everyone in the house,All induct,Although I was near to lose awareness,But just this,Instead, I thought about Ming Yudai at the time.,Grasp the variety of emotions。”
“No one hostile you in the house?”
There is no lack of spending,The Chu Deiren also guessed his concern.,So that he said:“Despite it,Your mouth、Into my ear,Unless there is other evidence,Otherwise, in addition to the moon and the pity, no one will tell!”
Flower has no shortcomings to remind Chu Deirers——Don’t give me Master、The second master lives his name.,But……I don’t know what I think,No reminder,Just a sentence to the Chu Deirers。
He felt that Zhao Xiangling faint hostile,as well as……Iron unparalleled two disciples,Have a strong jealous!