“What nonsense are you talking about,Boss Lan is my horse,All the money she earns is given to me,Can you say nothing about me?”This Wang Youcai’s ability to lie can be said to be open。

Monkey Lu is so anxious,He hurriedly asked:“You mean she is yours?”
“Is this nonsense??How else would i be here,I am waiting for you with her,She said you want to charge some protection fees,I feel good,Should talk to me about this”Wang Youcai deliberately put his posture very high。
Gao Wei snorted:“It seems we have to settle down”
First0704chapter Wang Youcai
Wang Youcai couldn’t help laughing out loud:“Are you a little behind,What time is it now?You thought it was a few years ago,You can always bring two people together and get the money,Then you are wrong,Try if you don’t believe me,See if your trick works”
Gao Wei’s face is really ugly,He pointed to Wang Youcai and said:“you are vicious!I know your brother is the mayor of Pingdu,But don’t forget,Sometimes people like us are not afraid of anything”
“Whatever you say,If you want to do it,I can tell you to lie down right now”When Wang Youcai said this,,Deliberately raise the voice high。
I saw his voice didn’t fall,Tian Wa opened the door and strode in。His eyes opened in anger,Clenched fists,It seems that as long as Wang Youcai gives an order,He can put these two people on the ground immediately。
Monkey Lu admitted first,He quietly pulled Gao Wei and said:“Viagra,Heroes don’t suffer from immediate losses,The mountain does not turn, the water turns,We can wait for the chance“
Gao Wei took a long breath,As if made up a lot of determination。He has learned the skill of this Tian baby,If you really want to do it,He is really not sure。
“Wang Youcai!Let’s wait and see,You better stop falling into my hands“Gao Wei said something cruelly,Go with Lu Monkey。
What a clever person Lan Ling is,When she heard that Wang Youcai had a brother as mayor,She got the energy right away。Under her arrogance,Got a lot of fruit plates,Return drinks,She called four or five young ladies to come and accompany Wang Youcai,This makes Wang Youcai happy。
Play until two o’clock at night,Wang Youcai yawned and left Beauty International,When he was about to take Tianwa to open a house。Heard someone calling him behind,He turned around,Seeing that Lan Ling was chasing。
“Wang Ge!Don’t go back tonight,Where do i go“Lan Ling said,The slender jade hand has grasped Wang Youcai’s generous palm。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“You’re not afraid that you won’t be able to work tomorrow night?“
“Brother Wang is really bad!“Lan Ling took Wang Youcai and left,Don’t worry about Tianwa standing on the side of the road。
Walked a long way,Wang Youcai just remembered,He turned around and shouted at Tianwa:“You go to the hotel!I will reimburse me when I go back to the mine。Call tomorrow“Wang Youcai finished,And Lan Ling hugged each other,Go away with a smile。