Delicious chocolate for 7 diseases

Delicious chocolate for 7 diseases

Chocolate is a transliteration of the foreign word Chocolate (previously “chocolate”).

The main ingredient is cocoa (coconut-like fruit that blooms and bears on the trunk). It originated very early. It began in Mexico’s booming Asteca dynasty. The last emperor, Montelu, worshipped chocolate.Society, like to add pepper, pepper, vanilla beans and spices to drinks, foam, and drink 50CC a day in a golden cup, is a drink belonging to the court members.

  The anti-disease effect of chocolate mentioned below: Relieve diarrhea: The cocoa content of dark chocolate ranges from 50% to 90%. Cocoa is called a flavonoid polyphenol, which can inhibit the absorption of internal proteins, chloride ions and waterThus, the effect of reducing water loss and preventing people from dehydration due to diarrhea is achieved.

  Stable blood glucose: According to a report in Italy, a healthy person who eats dark chocolate for 100 days a day, 100 grams a day, has improved insulin sensitivity.

Doctors estimate that dark chocolate may be helpful for people with diabetes.

A recent study has not found that flavanols in dark chocolate can suppress blood sugar.

  Preventing colds: Research from the University of London in the UK shows that the sweet smell of chocolate can reduce the risk of colds.

The theobromine contained in chocolate is beneficial to the health of the nervous system, and its antitussive effect is better than common cold medicine.

  Relieve stress: Chocolate can increase the level of a chemical called “Selotonin” in the brain.

It can bring people a sense of tranquility, better eliminate tension and reduce the effect of relieving stress.

  Preventing stroke: Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have found that dark chocolate contains a compound that can stroke patients 3.

Reduce brain damage within 5 hours.

Researchers say eating chocolate a week reduces the risk of stroke by 22%.

  Lowering blood pressure: A survey of 44 healthy adults by German researchers showed that after eating dark chocolate at a dose of no more than 30 calories a day, these people’s blood pressure dropped by an average of 2 weeks.

9 mm Hg.

But white chocolate and excessive chocolate don’t have this effect.

  Beneficial heart: Dark chocolate contains a natural antioxidant flavonoid, which can prevent blood vessels from hardening, increase myocardial vitality, relax muscles, prevent accumulation in blood vessels, and have certain effects on cardiovascular diseases.