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I looked at those files,All are patented technologies in various biotechnologies!

It is estimated that these technologies will be worth a lot。
There is also a digital camera,I took the key and the digital camera。
Those patented technologies continue to stay in the safe。
do not know why,I think Chen Ning is definitely not dead!
What happened to her this time,Should be a conspiracy。
I came to an apartment near the bank,This is also one of Chen Ning’s legacy to me。
There should be no one in the apartment for a long time,Although it is very clean, there is no life atmosphere,Not to mention the charming smell of Chen Ning。
Although Chen Ning and I only spent one night together,But he is so familiar and close in my heart,Just like an old couple who has lived together for many years!
All the same。
I sat on the warm balcony,Turned on the digital camera,See what’s in there!
Definitely not a blank digital camera,Otherwise it won’t be put together with things that feel important。
Inside the digital camera,No video,Are some photos!
The shots seem to be some scenery,But these scenery looks a little weird。
I think something is wrong,But I can’t tell what’s wrong,where!
suddenly,I saw a very familiar face in these photos!
It’s Chen Xin!
Chen Xin seems to have been taken in the photo,There is a cemetery!

“Is it just the Olympics??At that time the railway was built,Doesn’t that old lady mean to destroy the dragon veins?,Are you firmly opposed??Not like that,China’s industrialization will not be so late。”Someone can’t help but complain。

“Don’t mention it,The Qing Dynasty left our country too far behind。Facts proved,The minority ruling is really not good,Their management of the country is too small。”
“can only say,In the Qing Dynasty,The bones of the Han are also soft。”
“The tough ones were killed,Can it not be soft?”
When everyone is discussing,Auction starts。
The auctioneer has high hopes for this medal,So the starting price is a bit high,$200,000,Over one million yuan!
however,The people at the scene don’t give much face,Doesn’t seem to be interested in this stuff,Frozen is no one bids。The auctioneer spent so much saliva,Feeling wasted?He is on top,I can’t hold back my face。
“Is no one interested?This is the champion medal of the first Olympic Games,Very collectable。”The auctioneer reiterated。
He didn’t know,Although this is the first Olympic medal,But only a silver medal,Not the mainstream gold medal behind,Not much interest。
Just when the organizer felt embarrassed that it was going to pass,In the end, Populus euphratica symbolically added 10,000,Two hundred and ten thousand dollars won。
“Hu Ge,Interested in this stuff?”Jiangnan asked unexpectedly。
Populus shook his head:“I’m not interested in that silver medal,The box is what I fancy,Our chinese baby。”
Everyone can’t help but stare at them,Brother Hu sees things,Always different。
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The meat on his fingers also peeled off,Only bones left……

But he didn’t notice all this,Continue to scream like a madman。
Li Huaizhi stared at this terrible、Shocking sight,Shocked to speak。
soon,His fear was overwhelmed by a more terrifying thought——These are well prepared traps,Are traps set by intelligent creatures。
The deserted people are terrified,Like running away in all directions。
A sharp spear suddenly pierced the darkness。
The chest of an escaped deserter was punctured like paper。
The terrible power of the spear made it and this deserted man firmly nailed to the wall。
An iron hook came out,Reach out to another deserted man who ran away,Ripped off half of the meat from his stomach。
This barren man seems to have noticed nothing,Continue to scream wildly,Escape at the fastest speed。
His blood and intestines have flowed several meters,Finally he fell to the ground,All signs of life are gone。
“This is a massacre,This is a trap,If we just……”
A ridiculous person has not had time to finish speaking,A long knife slashed at him in the dark。

Fan Wenliang said:“No way,Call whatever you want,This is the rule。”

“OK then,Auntie, what are you drinking?”Fan Bin looked at Ding Yi and said。
Ding Yi smiled embarrassedly,Said:“I just drink water,Ask for whatever you want。”
Fan Bin said:“Then i drink water too。”
Fan Bin got up to Jiang Fan、father、Ding Yi’s glass is filled with water,Finally filled myself。
Halfway through,Fan Wenliang took a look at Fan Bin,Said:“Xiaobin,Do you have any staple food to order,Go back when you are full,Don’t miss the train。”
Listen to Jiang Fan,Said:“Go by train?Why don’t you let the driver send him?”
Fan Wenliang smiled,Said:“You ask him how old he is,Did you ride my car alone??”
Fan Bin smiled,Said:“I have never enjoyed the treatment of a private car,Plus my father has not been at home,At home,Rarely take a car。”
Jiang Fan said with emotion:“You are really our role model!My husband and I respect you father and son。”Jiang Fan and Ding Yi stood up,Two hands holding glasses,Respectfully clink glasses with Fan Wenliang and Fan Bin。
Fan Bin put down the cup and said:“dad,Jiang Shuer,I don’t eat staple food anymore,Already full,Then I will retire first。”
Fan Wenliang nodded。
Jiang Fan said:“If it’s too late, it’s always okay to ask the driver to send it to the train station.?”
Fan Bin said:“No need to,Hotel taxi is very convenient。”He was talking,Get up,Pick up your briefcase and go out。
Fan Wenliang said:“Your suitcase is in the trunk of my car,Let the driver open it for you,do not forget。”
“Ok,father、Uncle Jiang、Goodbye Aunt Ding。”Fan Bin greeted everyone politely。

“what is this?”

Xiang Chen looked at Mo Mo in doubt。
“The information you want,I don’t know how you threatened those boys,I’m all sorted out for you so soon!”
Mo Mo was a little confused when he spoke,But the curiosity in my heart is really no match for sleepiness,Mo Mo decided to go back to catch up。
“I took a look,Very wonderful!”
Keep yawning,Waking up in the morning,Mo Mo is not in a good mood to explain to Xiang Chen,Everything is ready,I leave it to Xiang Chen to watch。
Some unknown so,When Xiang Chen walked downstairs with a lot of materials,Xiang Yang has prepared a filial breakfast that only a good daughter can prepare。
Put information aside,Slowly unfolding speed,Doesn’t prevent Xiang Chen from enjoying the breakfast Xiangyang prepared for him。
“how about it?Is there any progress?”
Looking at the information in Xiang Chen’s hand,Hope ignited in Xiangyang’s eyes。
Xiang Yang and Xiao Xiaoxiao also went to Zhu’s family to worship Zhu Zhengkang these days,I have also seen Zhu Shiyao’s status,As a girlfriend,She and Xiao Xiaoxiao are both worried about Zhu Shiyao’s state,So Xiangyang returned to Xiangchen’s side,I also keep adding oil and vinegar,I hope Xiang Chen and the others can speed up the investigation process。
“No progress,It ended up directly by those disabled people!”
Xiang Chen who has roughly understood the content of the information,Pushed everything to Xiangyang’s side。
“Isn’t it difficult to check??How come those hackers have answers so quickly?”
When there is no news,Xiangyang has been waiting anxiously,Now after the news,Xiangyang feels a bit too fast again!
Xiang Chen is too lazy to argue with Xiang Yang those people who stay in front of the computer all day,And don’t sell it to Xiangyang,Directly gave Xiang Yang’s answer。
“I promised to give them a portrait of Mo Mo,So they are desperate。”

This box,Even for Qiao Tianyu, who has seen countless rare and exotic treasures,,Are breathtaking。

What an important secret needs to be packed in such a luxurious and eye-catching box,It’s so incredible!
Qiao Tianyu studied the box carefully,Try to arrange the location and quantity relationship of gems,Find a way to open the box。
But this purple diamond silver box is made to fit perfectly,One whole,I can’t find any flaws in opening the box。
Qiao Tianyu racked his brains for this,When tired and sweating,George pushed the door suddenly and came in。
“I go!so pretty!”
Just a glance,George was amazed by the exquisite purple diamond silver box,I took the box directly from Qiao Tianyu。
“Joe,Where did you get it from?”
“Someone else。”
Qiao Tianyu got up and went to George to pour a cup of coffee,Take the opportunity to rest and rest your eyes。
These two hours,But I was so tired by this box。
But when Qiao Tianyu came back with the poured coffee,Qiao Tianyu was surprised to find,George actually opened the box。
“I rub!How did you open it?”
See the scene,Qiao Tianyu’s three views are destroyed,I didn’t open this box even after spending my nose,Who knew it was solved by George in three seconds?
God,Play with me?
“is it hard?”
George spread his hands innocently,Re-close the lid of the box,Then take off the lid again with a little force。
“It’s that simple!”

55 minutes swept the United States, the National Table Tennis World Cup semi-final against Japan

55 minutes swept the United States, the National Table Tennis World Cup semi-final against Japan
The 2019 Table Tennis World Cup men ‘s team entered the knockout stage tonight in Tokyo, Japan. The Chinese team swept the US team 3-0 in just 55 minutes.In the semi-finals, the Chinese team will face the host Japan team, and they have just beaten the German team 3-1.In the face of the United States team that is not strong, the National Table Tennis Team did not send all the main players. The three players who played were Xu Xin, Fan Zhendong and Liang Jingkun.Fan Zhendong swept the opponent.Photo / Osports first doubles match, Xu Xin / Liang Jingkun partner defeated Feng Yijun 3/0, Zhang Kai, and in the third game, he beat his opponent 11-0.In the next two singles, Fan Zhendong and Liang Jingkun swept Kanek and Zhang 3-0, and the National Table Tennis Team locked the victory 3-0. It took only 55 minutes in 3 games.In the semi-finals, the Chinese team will play host Japan.In the Air Force Group Stage, because the Japanese team unexpectedly lost to England, they had to face the powerful German team in the knockout.Tonight, the Japanese team at home fought a beautiful turnaround.The Japanese team reversed the German team by winning three consecutive singles in the case of Tatsuo Takayoshi / Yoshimura Shinaki losing the doubles.Zhang Benzhi and Ochalov and Francisca won streak for the promotion of the Japanese team.In another singles, Yoshimura Shinbara swept Bo 3 horizontally and broke a big upset.

Japanese Youth Training Director Dapingcheng speaks: helping Beijing football catch up with Japan

Japanese Youth Training Director Dapingcheng speaks: helping Beijing football catch up with Japan
Football teenagers in the game.Beijing People’s Daily reported a message recently reported by the People’s Daily, which has attracted attention from all walks of life: In the face of the invitation to the Super League Club, 7 high school students of the Third High School Football Club attached to the Beijing People’s Congress chose to take the college entrance examination and refused to take professional football.road.In an interview with Sauna and Yewang, Chen Changhong, deputy secretary general of the Beijing Football Association responsible for youth training, introduced that this is a common situation faced by Beijing football and even Chinese football youth training.The “old Guoan” young coaches who are devoted to the grassroots are too few to train young football talents. The quantity and quality of coaches are the key.In 2019, there are 3550 registered coaches of all levels in Beijing.Chen Changhong said: “We first have to solve the problem of the number of‘ have or not ‘. According to the plan, we hope to increase the number of registered coaches to 4,000.”From next year, the Municipal Football Association will improve the quality of coaches through continuing education and other methods.Although there have been controversies in the outside world, few retired players have participated in youth training, but Chen Changhong thinks it is understandable, “Beijing has a total of 5 professional football clubs. In fact, there are very few retired players every year, and many people ‘s first choice is to stay in the club.Serve.”Professional players and grassroots coaches have vastly different incomes. After a few diversions, the number of retired players who can go to the grassroots coaches is so large.Even more than 20 Beijing Guoan players who originally participated in the A-League A team currently have only a few people working in the front line of youth training.This situation is also related to the change of the system. Chen Changhong reappeared: “How did older players develop in the pastThey are all coaches of the sports school. At that time, each sports school had two or three retired players, but now the times are different.”In order to improve the lack of quality, the Beijing Football Association hired the Japanese youth training director Dapingcheng in 2018, because” the characteristics of Japanese football are suitable for the development concept of Beijing football. “Dapingcheng fully introduces advanced football concepts to coaches, and is still collating training guides and ideas for players of all ages for Beijing football. At present, he has completed the training program for players under 12 years of age.陈长红告诉桑拿、夜网,这位日籍青训总监的工作强度非常大,每天不是去考查,就是在整理教案,“他对工作任劳任怨,我问过他:‘你没觉得这个工作很苦吗?‘He told me:‘ No, I ‘m doing an extra thing-helping Beijing football catch up with Japan.”” Dapingcheng is at the youth competition scene.The majority of parents of the youth training population provided by the Beijing Football Association prefer to let their children go to school in 2015. The football population registered by the Beijing Football Association is mainly dominated by professional club players. At that time, the statistical registration of the youth football population was not standardized.In recent years, this situation has improved. This year, there are 10,782 athletes aged 6 to 17 who have participated in the Beijing Youth League.Although there have been major advances in the past, Chen Changhong revealed: “We still have too much difference with football to break down scores.During the examination, I learned that there are more than 40,000 registered footballers aged 6 to 16 in Chiba Prefecture in Japan.According to the statistics of the Ministry of Education, there are currently 320,000 people on campus participating in football activities all year round, but only a broad number, not the registered population of football, which is very different.The youth football registration population is growing slowly, and the most common problem faced by Chinese football youth training workers is the problem from the parents of the child-why let the child play football?The subtext behind it is “Can football specialty students go to a good school?””Strengthening physical fitness and cultivating collective consciousness are not so competitive in the face of the actual progression to college.Chen Changhong told the sauna, Yewang: “In elementary school, many children are willing to participate in school team training, but in junior high school, the number of children playing football will greatly decrease.The previous wastage rate was 30% to 40%, but now it has reached 70% to 80%.”Like the seven senior high school students in the high school attached to the National People’s Congress, most parents and children’s final choice is to go to school.Chen Changhong analyzed that one side is a good university and the other is a Super League club. “I believe that most people will choose to go to college, not to mention the risk of success rate when they choose to enter a professional football club.”When school and playing football are no longer two-choice multiple choice questions, this problem may only be solved.The youth football league will expand in the future.Some problems of the Youth Training Center provided by the Beijing Football Association need to be solved together. In reality, in order to better build the foundation of Chinese football, the Chinese Football Association launched the Youth Training Center system in 2018.The concept of this system is to expand the base of youth training, select high-level young players based on this base, and receive three or four times of improvement training in the youth training center every month.So far, there have been 20 youth training centers nationwide.The Beijing Football Association is cooperating with the education department to promote the “May 16th Starry Sky” plan.Chen Changhong introduced that “May 8” is the city football association’s plan for the promotion of youth training centers, that is, the establishment of five city-level, large-scale district-level and 16 district-level youth training centers.The Ministry of Education’s “Starry Sky” plan is to set up a training center locally where children can improve their training.After the cooperation between the two sides, the progress of the youth training center will be smoother.”At present, we have built two municipal youth training centers, and the others are in progress.From the current situation, by the 2025 National Games, we may have 5 teams for each age group, which is more than the current selection.”Chen Changhong said.At present, the Municipal Football Association has to solve the problem of youth training base construction, because Beijing Youth Training has no base camp.Even across the country, only Jiangsu, Shanghai, Chengdu and Wuhan have youth training bases.However, in Germany, there are more than 360 youth training centers, and the gap is clear.”This is not something that can be solved by absorption alone or industry associations.”In Chen Changhong’s view, the key to solving this problem lies in joint efforts, which require the overall layout of the government and various departments.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Xiao editor Wang Chunqiu proofreading Liu Baoqing

Progress in the relief of private enterprises in the securities industry has gradually shown that asset management plans have been implemented

Progress in the relief of private enterprises in the securities industry has gradually shown that asset management plans have been implemented
A person in charge of a large securities firm in the south said that it is actively promoting the implementation of the asset management plan, hoping to recover some of the difficulties of private enterprises as soon as possible. Our reporter, Hou Jiening, Securities Daily reporter learned that all securities companies are actively promoting the implementation of a series of asset management plans.It has completed a total of 527 commitments from 42 securities companies.500 million yuan.According to the latest data from the China Securities Association, as of December 14, 2018, 28 securities companies have established 31 series of asset management plans and 3 sub-plans, with a total investment scale of 417.1.1 billion yuan.  ”We are actively promoting the implementation of the asset management plan, and we hope that the difficulties of some private enterprises will be recovered as soon as possible.A person in charge of a large southern securities firm told reporters that they have reached cooperation intentions with many parties one after another.  The reporter learned that since the securities industry’s series of asset management plans to support the development of private enterprises have been fully launched, they have received positive responses from various agencies in the industry.For example, the series of asset management plans of Guangfa Securities Management will close to 70 million yuan on November 13, 2018. It will finance the controlling shareholder of Meishang Ecology by means of 成都桑拿网 debt investment, and develop a practical and flexible exit mechanism to achieve this.The project’s rapid implementation; Tianfeng Securities Management’s series of asset management plans to invest 200 million yuan on November 19, 2018. It was established in cooperation with local financial institutions such as Taizhou Financial Investment Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Agricultural Bank Phoenix Investment Management Co., Ltd.A partnership company, by transferring part of the shares held by the controlling shareholder of Crystal Optoelectronics, melted the funds, and improved the capital structure of the controlling shareholders without affecting the control of the listed company; Soochow Ventures ‘private equity subsidiary Soochow Venture Capital invested inRaised funds on December 3, 2018 to set up a series of asset management plans, which 南宁桑拿 were financed by the transfer of part of the shares held by the controlling shareholder of Shengli Precision.  Statistics show that as of December 18, 2018, a series of asset management plans managed by 5 securities companies have invested in specific projects, with a total investment amount of 19.500 million yuan.  The head of a securities investment bank said that it is a very special thing for a securities company to launch a securities industry to support the development of a collective asset management plan for private enterprises, which is conducive to supporting the healthy development of the private economy, as well as improving the ability of securities companies to expand their business in response to the crisis.Capacity and the securities industry as a whole have improved the risk management level of equity pledge financing business.  ”Each securities company takes advantage of the investment banking expertise at a critical moment to effectively mitigate the risks of private enterprises.The relevant person in charge of the China Securities Industry Association said that in the next step, the association will advocate and guide securities companies to actively take action under the principle of “marketization, name, and individualization”, promote relief practices to achieve fruitful results, and support the alternative development of the private economy.

Yangtze Power (600900) quarterly report comments: fluctuating water performance improves performance

Yangtze Power (600900) quarterly report comments: fluctuating water performance improves performance
In the first three quarters, net profit attributable to mother decreased slightly by 0.5%, the decline in operating costs caused the third quarter results to increase by only 1.In the 武汉夜生活网 first three quarters of 5%, the company’s operating income was 380.84 ‰, a decrease of 9 per year.81 ppm or 2.51%; operating costs 134.82 ‰, a decrease of 11 per year.13 trillion or 7.63%; net profit attributable to mother 178.33 ppm, a reduction of 0 per year.9 trillion or 0.5%. In the third quarter, the company’s operating income was 177.21 trillion, a decrease of 21 a year.35 ppm or 10.75%; operating costs 47.25 trillion, a reduction of 15 a year.600 million or 24.83%; investment income increases by 4 per year.200 million to 5.5.7 billion; net profit attributable to mother 92.600 million, a decrease of one year.4 trillion or 1.5%.The operating cost of Q3 decreased significantly, and we speculate that the main reason is: some expenses have been settled in advance in Q2, or the depreciation has exceeded the reduction. In the first three quarters, the investment income was 24.63 ppm, an increase of 0 per year.32 trillion; financial costs 39.9 billion, a decrease of 3 per year.37 ppm; other benefits decrease by 7 per year.1.5 billion US dollars, basically due to the large-scale hydropower companies supplementary return policy expired at the end of 2017, the remaining funds have been recovered in 2018. In Q3, the incoming water was withered and the excess charge in the first three quarters decreased2.37%, electricity prices remained stable. The company’s first three quarters of electricity generation amounted to 1602.2.2 billion kWh, a decrease of 2 per year.37%; Q1, Q2, and Q3 are 361, respectively.78, 492.11,748.3.3 billion kWh, +4 in the past.78%, +5.17%, -9.61%. In the third quarter, the water inflow from the Xiluodu Reservoir in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River was dry compared with the same period of the previous year29.At 45%, the amount of water coming from the Three Gorges Reservoir was dry compared to the same period last year16.98% affected by this, Q3 single-quarter power generation has been significantly reduced. During the reporting period, the fluctuations in operating income and power generation were basically the same. We judge that the average price of electricity has remained stable.Based on revenue / power generation forecasts, Q1, Q2, and Q3 average excluding tax electricity prices are 237.9, 238.9,236.8 yuan / MWh, plus 0 for ten years.8%, + 1%, -1%, the average electricity price in the first three quarters was basically flat twice.The company’s electricity price has remained stable as a whole, and it has not been significantly adversely affected by market-based transactions, adjustments to expansion rates, and changes in the outbound power market. Investment income may become a strong support for medium- and long-term performance and an important source of incremental profits. In the case of Q3 emissions close to 10%, the company still achieved only a small fluctuation in single-quarter results. In addition to the decline in operating costs, the investment income was largeZeng also contributed significantly.Absolutely, the company continues to increase investment efforts and deepen the equity bond relationship with strategic investment companies.Focusing on the development of the main hydropower industry and the cultivation of new businesses, the company increased its foreign investment by RMB7.92 billion in 18 years and the first half of 1919.Strategic investment in the equity of hydropower companies in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, while obtaining investment returns, has also laid the foundation for the future implementation of joint optimization of river basin dispatch.Investment income may become a stable support for the company’s long-term performance and an important source of incremental profits. Profit forecast: Based on the latest power generation and financial report data, we adjusted our revenue and gross profit margin assumptions to adjust the attributable net profit forecast variable 228 for 19-21.1,233.3, 237.0 million yuan (228 before adjustment).7,234.3, 238.0 billion).Maintain the “overweight” rating. Risk warning: macroeconomic fluctuations, insufficient water supply in the river basin, investment returns are less than expected, and electricity prices are reduced