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“I have more mortals here。”Beiming’s gloomy voice resounded in the ruins of the underground palace,“If Lord Ares needs it,I can return it in full。”

“Why did you attack my resident soldier??”Li Tianzhen will not be influenced by the other party,Even if you are worried about the safety of other special forces,Can’t show it。
“Assault?”Bei Ming laughed,“Why do these small mortals need an old man to attack?”
“Since you hold your own identity,Why it’s hard for them?”
“Can’t be said to be embarrassing,It’s just that the old man is hungry,Treat your hunger as casual snacks,But not tasty。”
Bei Ming’s words are not frivolous and exaggerated,Li Tianzhen’s body is full of bone chill,In the eyes of these great gods,It’s not unusual to treat so-called tiny lives as food,But it was a great stimulus for him,These chills and anger suddenly turned into incomparable murderous intentions,Suddenly violent wind around the tunnel entrance,The fragile sand and dust whirled like crazy,A violent small hurricane soon formed。
The hurricane turns faster and faster,Drive more sand,A terrible storm soon formed over the Anonymous Mountain Palace。
“Li Xiucheng,Anger can’t solve the problem,Ambush today,Just to kill you,The only way to save your life is to scatter yourself,Hand over the congenital soil,You and I have no grievances in the past,Just guilty。”Bei Ming in the underground palace sneered,Not afraid。
“After San Gong,I promise you nothing,You can also enjoy life in the secret world of the old man,what do you think?”
Li Tianzhen does not answer,Just mobilize the true essence madly in the sea of knowledge,The seven-headed monster beast that has just recovered from his injuries is also ready to fight at any time,He has long since changed his idea of running away,If you don’t clean up these great gods and demons,,I don’t know how many innocent lives have been lost。
These guys are no different from high-level blood,Bloodthirsty and cruel,Hidden in the mortal world is hard to be discerned,And supernatural powers,Extremely difficult to deal with。
They endured for many years,Choose to break out at this time,Of course there is the temptation to breathe the earth,Related to the blood war that took place deep in the wasteland,They may be stimulated,Perhaps it has glimpsed the weakness of the mortal law of will,There may also be more terrifying guys hiding behind,No matter what,The mortal world is unlikely to be stable for a long time in the future,
“If you don’t answer me,I will resist to the end by default?”
“Why answer you?The answer to the old man is the same,Hand over Xiyang obediently,I can keep you safe from death。”‘Nirvana handkerchief’Yuan Huangjian stared at him and shouted for a long time,Seems to have finally reached an agreement,That is naturally the temptation to breathe the earth。

So loud,Xia Jian flicked his left hand,Punch out with the right hand。Bald shocked,He never thought that Xia Jian was so fast。He hurried to one side,Flash to the left。

Xia Jian strikes out with two punches,Lifting the foot is sweeping,The bald head escaped Xia Jian’s fist,But I didn’t escape Xia Jian’s feet。To know,If Xia Jian’s kick is full,,A big black dog can be kicked to death。
Just heard a scream from the bald head,The whole person fell to the ground with a plop。Xia Jian didn’t chase forward,But ran to the grandma’s side,I lifted up my grandma。
But the grandma shouted:“my waist,My waist broke”
At this moment,A woman sprang from the iron gate in two steps,This woman looks 35 or 6 years old。She is not tall or short,And exquisite。
Short hair,Handsome mixed-race face,Especially small lips with a little lipstick,I saw Xia Jian forgot what he was doing。
“grandmother!What’s wrong with you?Who are they?”The woman’s silvery voice came over。At the same time she glanced at Xia Jian。
She glanced,With a wave of disdain and indifference。It’s possible that Xia Jian’s somewhat unscrupulous look angered her。
The old grandma yelled at someone with a bald head:“These bastards trampled my food,Also interrupted my waist。Luo Yi,You’re going to make such a bad breath for grandma”
“Your waist is broken?”The old man named Luo Yi by the old lady asked in surprise。She rushed over in two steps,I want to take the grandma from Xia Jian。
But the old lady couldn’t stand up at all,The whole person is like being held by Xia Jian。Luo Yi’s body approached,A good smell of perfume came from her immediately。Xia Jian couldn’t help his nose twitching。
Luo Yi stared at Xia Jian with a bit disgusting eyes:“who are you?What are you doing here?”
“Damn!You die girl can’t even understand,This bald guy hit me。Didn’t you see him supporting me?”Grandma has a very bad temper,Yelled at this Luo Yi。
Luo Yixian said with a smile:“I know grandma,I think who is blind,Dare to beat Luo Yi’s grandma”
At this moment,The bald head stood up with the support of a few yellow hairs,He looked at Luo Yi,It’s like seeing a ghost,The color of the face changed immediately。
“Sister Luo!Hu Liu has eyes but I don’t know Taishan,I didn’t expect this to be your vegetable garden,Also pushed grandma,Damn i!Damn i!”Bald head down,Said hurriedly。It feels like his birthday has come。

“Tut,Really annoying,Finally had the opportunity to see the opportunity to select internal students,Actually arranged for us to guard the gate!”A gatekeeper looked depressed。

“okay,Any complaints,Although this selection of internal students is only once a year,See this year,Wait for next year”The other doesn’t care at all。
When the two talked,Fu Ming walked to the gate of the college and swiped his card to enter the college,I heard them say that today is the day to select internal students,I have to take a shower quickly。
“cut,You don’t care if you have seen it,I haven’t seen it once,Hey,Talking to you,Did you hear me”Man calling another person, Another person staring at the screen,There was an incredible look in his eyes。
“what happened to you?”
“You stay here,I have to find the elder”Man with a heavy face,Ran out of smoke。
“cut,Must be lazy!”The other person is unbelieving。
“call,Feel comfortable after taking a shower”Fuming wiped his head and walked out of the bathroom,Walk to the stereoscope,Took a look at my body“Well,Pretty good”Little narcissism。
“boom!”The door was kicked open,Elder Ren Feng and Qu Anlie came to the fuming room,Stunned,Hurriedly covered his vitals。
“Hey,Even if you are an elder,You can’t just break into someone else’s room.!”
Ren Feng and Qu Anlie did not expect Fuming to not wear clothes,Two awkward coughs“Cough,That one。。。Get dressed quickly,What is it like”
Fuming silently twitched the corners of his mouth twice,Angrily pointed at the two,Walk inside and put on clothes。
“puff”Ren Feng couldn’t help but shook his head with a smile。
Qu Anlie is unhappy,It’s because this kid is missing,Made my apprentice worried all day long,I almost started with myself,The more I think, the more upset!
Fuming dressed up and walked out,Didn’t give them a good look“I don’t know what the two elders are doing,Is it just for the eye addiction?”Talking yin and yang。
Ren Feng shook his head helplessly.“okay,Do not be mad,Let’s count the two old guys wrong”
Fuming is no longer stunned,Get up and salute“Ye Fuming met the two elders”
Ren Feng waved his hand“Closer to home,We came just to make sure if you really came back”

Xia Jian went up,Look down where they climbed over last night。There is the foot of the mountain opposite,He saw a house。Ran in a hurry last night,He didn’t see which house was like,Just know that it’s dilapidated。

Xia Jian stared at where,He watched for a long time before he could see clearly,Which house is really dilapidated,Should be ruined。He was convinced,Where were they locked up last night。
From the distance,They ran to the opposite side of the broken house,The vertical distance is really not very far。Just go down this ridge,It takes a few miles to talk less。
If this is on normal,They tossed so hard last night,I’ve been a dozen miles away long ago。Xia Jian hides behind a big tree,Look at the broken house,He watched for a long time without seeing any movement。
From the perspective of analysis,Want to get out of the mountain,The intersection should be around the broken house,So where do they want to go out,It seems impossible not to take a risk。
Just at this time,Xia Jian’s phone rang,It might be the reason why this place is so tall!Xia Jian took out his phone and took a look,It’s Guo Meili calling,Xia Jian quickly connected。
Guo Meili’s intermittent voice came from inside,Probably means where are you?Why haven’t we reached this kind of words?。Xia Jian:“Hey Hey hey!”Shouting,He changed several places in a row,I wanted to be clear,But a move,It was disconnected。Fight it again and it won’t work,This drove Xia Jian to mad。
No way,There is no guarantee for the rescue from outside,Failure to do so is a dead end。If these guys are still there,It’s better to end with them earlier,Wait till night,The situation is very unfavorable for them,It should be better during the day。Xia Jian thought for a while,And looked at which broken house,I remembered the direction in my heart,So he walked to where Fang Fang and the others stayed。
Breeze blowing,There is a smell of meat from far away。
When Xia Jian ran to the place where Fang Fang and the others burned pheasants,The pheasant has been taken out of the dirt pit,Fang Fang and Xi Zhen,Eating with relish。
“No way!That’s it soon,Never eat raw”Xia Jian rushed over with two steps。
Fang Fang pointed to the other one hanging on the tree and said:“Won’t give birth,Hurry up!It’s been over an hour since you left,You see how much we burnt,Even a wild boar is almost the same”
Watching these two women eat so delicious,Xia Jian couldn’t help but be overjoyed,I tore off another pheasant hanging on the branch。Fang Fang really has two brushes。Pheasants are not only hairless,And burnt yellow。I don’t even know where the internal organs are.。Xia Jian can’t ask these questions,I tore off a chicken leg and ate it。
Tastes really good,Chicken tender and smooth,Said it is lack of salt,If there are other condiments,This taste is perfect。
A pheasant,Xia Jian ate all without being polite。Fang Fang and Xi Zhen opened their mouths wide.。Xi Zhen said with a smile:”President Xia!I didn’t expect you to be a big stomacher?“

Cross high-level god-level death puppet,buy!

Use divine power,A crossbow that can burst five-star elves with one strike,buy!
A pill that can explode divine power quickly after taking it,buy!
These commodities range from hundreds of millions of source stones,More than one billion source stones。
Thanks to Wright to pay,Elek’s incarnation。
Facts proved,These items are used to assist combat,The price is expensive enough,A single special crossbow is worth tens of billions of source stones。
But even if it’s Elek’s crazy shopping,It cost two million source stones。
Wright and Cecilia are even behind Electra,Enjoy the fun of shopping。
And when it’s near the evening,A staff member of Flower Castle,Wearing standard flower armor,Sent one to the three of Wright【VIP card】,This VIP card is also a very special artifact,The materials used are more precious,After dropping the blood, it can prove that Wright can participate in the auction。
“Mr. Wright,This is the schedule for the next auction,There are also information on some auction items。”The staff said very respectfully,And handed a pamphlet to Wright。
Wright took the brochure,Flipped over,Discover the next auction,Exactly one and a half months later。And the final auction item of this auction is—An artifact of soul defense。
Wright was pleasantly surprised,Soul Defense Artifact,I have a broken master artifact—-And when he breaks through the upper god queen,This broken gap seems to be recovering very slowly,Naturally not used,And Cecilia has one too,I got it in the cemetery of the gods。but,There is no Elek,Buy one for Elek,Her life-saving ability will also increase,But the starting price of this soul defense artifact is not cheap,Trillions of source stones,Already equivalent to a strong seven-star elf powerhouse。And only the starting price,If you really want to buy it,Afraid to increase it several times。
Time just passed by day by day。
Flower Island,Still very peaceful。Naturally, Wright often watches on the sidelines of the bloody battle arena,Also occasionally gains。
And Elek often wandered and shopped in the flower castle,Of course, everything you want to buy has already been bought,Elek is just hanging out,Buy something interesting occasionally。
Cecilia is half and half,As long as there are more powerful practitioners of the water law,She will definitely go to see the bloody battle arena。After getting the VIP card anyway,,Wright can access the basic information of challengers and defenders in the ring。
About half a month later,Elek returned to his temporary hotel with an angry look。Wright and Cecilia are puzzled,Elek told them,She had a conflict with someone。
Listen to what Elek said,Wright probably understood。
She is in a shop on the second floor,Fancy a light blue skirt,I wanted to buy it。
And was stopped by a group of gods。This group of gods is headed by a man,Want to buy such a dress for his concubine,Said you can buy it twice。

“You have to die.,dangerous,Don’t go!”

Knowing the autumn and one leaves reach out to the Ning Caichen,The latter only05Chicken,Knowing the autumn and one leaves,Suddenly difficult。
“Ning old brother,God is so good,This is recognized by you.,I still want to scare you.。”
Liao Jie puts a red umbrella,Laughing in Chaoying,Because of the mask,Laughter,Make people can’t hook him and good。
Knowing the autumn and one leave think so,And unparalleled,He just dawn,If Liao Jie is a good generation,He is ten bowl of rice rice!
inappropriate,It’s too hurt.。
“Cui brother,I know your blessing。”
This time I know that the autumn leaves are not stopped.,Ning Caichen hugged Liao Jie to shoot the shoulder back,Eye is slightly moist,Complain:“Yan Xia said you die,Although there is no regret,Also let me not sad,Should be happy。”
“lucky,Live from the middle of the middle,It is incident during this time.。”
“Then have you encountered Yan Xia??”
“have met,He hurts is serious than me.,Send Xiao Qian、Xiaoqing after the study,I took him back to Lanui Temple.,The tree demon was also raised by us.。”
Liao Jie said:“Don’t say me,And you,Good name is not?Calculate time,It’s going to be in February soon.,There is no chance to go to Jingshi to add a game?”
“no,Nothing at all。”
Ning Caichen 叹 叹 叹,Smile:“I and Yan Daxia will be respectively,Being as a fugitive arrested,One level is half a year,I missed the township test time,I still have to wait for it to wait until three years later.。”
“so it is,No wonder you have a stinky,Also left a beard,Feelings are no bath for half a year.。”Liao Jie。
“some,I wash”
Ning CaichenBB:“There is also a rising Zhuang nearby,I ride a rest,Just hit the thunderstorm,Take the opportunity to rush。”
Liao Jie nodded:“really,Six months,It is a rushing,Time is not good for your body.。”
“You are still so strange”
Ning Caichen is awkward,Where is it wrong?,But can’t say,Shake your head no longer think,Curious:“Cui brother,For half a year,Why do you take a mask?,Is it a new practice??”
“That is not!”
Liao Jie raises his hand to some masks,The sisters of the sisters sweeping over:“I am going to have a woman with you with a festive marriage.,If I show my true capacity,You have no chance.。”
“Oops,I dare to say handsome in front of me.,I know that the autumn leaves walk the rivers and lakes for many years.,I have never seen this will blow.。”
Ning Caichen has not spoken,I have been listening to the autumn and one leaves can’t help but:“First said,I don’t believe you.,Instead, see。You take the mask down.,I see it is true.,If it is a cowhide blowing on the sky,Don’t blame me, no morality。”
Liao Jie slightly,Avoid the curious sight of the opposite side,Take the face of the face,I looked at the autumn。
Knowing the autumn and one leaves,Cry like a child,Ning Caichen took his shoulder good words and comfort。
“Qiqiu Master,do not be sad,This is not your fault。”
“go away,I don’t want you to comfort,I am just a fascinating sand.。”
Zhengqi Mountain Villa。

Wu Wu and Tian Baby work together just right,They let go almost at the same time,Er Lengzi was stepped on his back by Wang Youcai,Didn’t get up for a while。

The people who stood at the gate watching the excitement couldn’t help but make a noise。It seems that this Er Lengzi is really too horizontal,No one in Baishui Town dared to beat him like this。
This is one thing falling one thing。Er Lengzi is fierce again,Can face so many people,He didn’t dare to be strong。Because everyone doesn’t want to die。
Wang Youcai turned his head coolly,Said coldly to Wang Xiaomei:“Lead the way ahead,Go to your home”
Wang Xiaomei,Two steps quickly。This woman has never been so proud in Baishui Town。And in front of all the folks,She brought such a powerful group of people to clean up the second fool,Presumably from now on,No one would dare to bully her in Baishui Town。
Er Lengzi’s home is not far from Wang Xiaomei’s,Only two alleys away。The same low house,It seems to be an adobe house。It’s just two more than Er Lengzi’s。
Wang Xiaomei only took Wang Youcai, Tian Wa and Wu Wu into the courtyard,Others lined up,All standing outside the courtyard waiting。
It was originally a small village,News express。Just now Wang Youcai took someone to beat Er Lengzi,It’s been passed over long ago。So when they entered the courtyard,Wang Xiaomei’s brother-in-law has greeted him。
Wang Xiaomei’s brother looks like an honest person,But her sister-in-law has a sharp chin,Both eyes rolled around。She said delicately:“Yo!It turned out that the big boss came。This bitch,I don’t know to say hello to us in advance,I am ready to prepare”
Wang Youcai didn’t care about Wang Xiaomei and her sister-in-law,Instead, she grabbed Wang Xiaomei’s brother’s hand,Then asked coldly:“Do you have the final say in this house?”
“Oh!Calculate”Wang Xiaomei’s brother trembled slightly in fright。The scene where Wang Youcai led people into Erlenzi’s house just now,What this honest man sees is clear。Until he heard Wang Youcai was coming to his house,He ran back home desperately。
He just told his wife what he saw,Wang Xiaomei took these people through the courtyard gate。
Wang Youcai saw Wang Xiaomei’s brother like this,He immediately scolded:“Look at you,As a man,What does it look like at home??Wang Xiaomei is your sister,You dare to promise to Er Lengzi who has a wife in private,Don’t you know it’s illegal?”
“Yo!This boss may not know!Er Lengzi is so fierce,How dare someone like us provoke him??”Wang Xiaomei’s sister-in-law rushed to say。
Wang Youcai’s eyes widened and roared:“Er Lengzi ruined Wang Xiaomei’s happiness if you can’t afford it?”Wang Youcai’s appearance is a bit scary。
Sister-in-law Wang Xiaomei accidentally looked up and saw more than a dozen people standing outside the gate,She felt scared from the bottom of her heart。
“Xiaomei!Let these bosses sit in the house”Wang Xiaomei’s sister-in-law suddenly changed her tone。


Chapter one thousand and ninety eight Beat to death
The pastoralist is condescending,Almost yelled at Li Tianzhen’s nose,“Be summoned by an adult,Just give you great face,You don’t know good or bad,Talking nonsense,Come in,What you do is to die!”
Li Tianzhen smiled unmoved,Although the pastoralists are powerful,But too impetuous,Not to worry,On the contrary, the star beast is calm,Almost no expression,And above all‘Creation’More cloudy,Seeing the pastoralists wanton,There is no indication。
‘Creation’Deliberately indulge,The purpose is self-evident,Is to repeatedly suppress in my heart、Even ravage Li Tianzhi,So that we can firmly take the initiative in the next conversation,Easier to achieve the goal。
For this purpose,Li Tianzhi is puzzled,And his purpose of entering the gate of heaven,The other party should be very clear,Rely on‘Creation’Strength,Want to stop him,It’s very possible to even kill him,So what are we going to meet and talk about??
On the way,Li Tianchou tried repeatedly,Enter the gate of heaven,He has disconnected from the outer universe,Like a tree without roots,Can’t rely on external sources to replenish lost energy in time,Especially the rapid consumption in fierce battle,Recovery is rather slow,So the risk is great,The opponent’s strongest shot,A wheel fight can drive him into desperation。
at the moment,Li Tianzhen’s greatest support is the chaotic world in the gods.,Continuous supply of energy,The disadvantage is that it cannot be fast and timely,and so,He guessed for two reasons,One is,The space here seems vast and mysterious,But not stable,The fierce conflict of the Xeon will cause serious damage here,What will happen,No one can tell,this is‘Creation’Feared。
and also,It is the indescribable fit between his pure chaos attributes and the spatial attributes in the gate of heaven.,Since the evil spirit of the World Tree escaped,The chaotic heaven and earth in the gods also have a certain echo with the gate of heaven,Although this door was originally shielded from him,But then he let go of the defense against him,This is also the confidence that Li Tianzhen dared to go deep into space,‘Creation’Apparently noticed。
Repeated scrutiny,Nothing more than two points,Li Tianzhen has the focus to beat each other,Facing the arrogant pastoralists,He laughed,“Since you are not‘Creation’Just shut up Laozi,A dead guy,What right do you have to whisper in front of me?”
As soon as this word comes out,apart from‘Creation’,All the evil spirits are furious,Even the very calm star beast stood up,In the entire space of the Heavenly Gate,Except for Li Tianzhi,Which one is not a necroman?One sentence,Just knocked down one piece。
‘Creation’So forbear!Still not speaking,The hazy face seems to be smiling,I didn’t wait for Li Tianzhi to challenge,The tail behind the burly pastoralist flicked towards Li Tianzhi。
The extremely flexible and resilient tail is the unique weapon of the pastoralist,Its suddenness and concealment make opponents hard to defend,Many powerful people only care about the limbs and spatial abilities of the pastoralist and ignore its tail.,Tends to die ugly。
Li Tianzhen is naturally staring at the violent pastoralist,Be prepared for provocation,But still underestimated the ability of this slender tail,The speed seems not fast,But when it was thrown out, the space where Li Tianzhen was standing was frozen.,Somewhat similar to the space confinement technique of the black unicorn in the town magic tower,But it’s much more powerful than imprisonment,Not a class at all,Because the interior of the space has been instantly multidimensional,A chaotic flocculent structure,Li Tianzhen can’t escape from any direction。
Not that,The frozen space began to be quickly cut,Then the tip of the whip snapped the ice-like space to shatter,Revealing a huge human-shaped black hole,This space was actually cut off,Until the void storm comes in,‘Creation’Just waved,A light blue light flew from the fingertips,Then fly to the black hole and spread out quickly,The gap will be completely closed soon。
“Don’t need to be so reckless。”‘Creation’Finally speak,Seems to blame the pastoralist,Actually quite satisfied,This trick will probably not kill Li Tianchou,But completely suppress the other’s confidence,The purpose of making it embarrassing was achieved。
indeed,The entire attack process is extremely clear,It is a textbook raid in the perception of the evil spirits,A simple flick of the tail has completed an extremely complex series of spatial methods,From the frozen、Changing the spatial dimension,To the cutting space,In one go,Clean and neat,of course,The pastoralists did not use the more terrifying space collapse and dimensional explosion capabilities,That would destroy the entire round table,in‘Creation’It dare not make too much。
Li Tianzhen is gone,It is reasonable to be thrown into that black hole even if not dead,No longer belong there‘Creation’Territory,Is the other of the three domains,The environment is more dangerous,Several evil spirits are naturally happy to see it happen,because‘Creation’I personally sealed the gap again,It means that I don’t care about Li Tianzhen’s trouble,Leave it to others。
But soon,Several evil spirits headed by the star beasts found something wrong,Because they start from‘Creation’I felt a dangerous breath there,Then I found Li Tianzhi,He is picking those luminous objects like sapphires from the dome,Calm and cool action,With the powerful perception of these evil spirits,No one found out how Li Tianzhen got up!
‘Creation’The hazy face becomes distorted,But there was no answer,Obviously care about those things above the sky,And Li Tianzhen‘sapphire’Equally interested,There is a terrifying energy in the little thing,And he realized that these energies actually possess chaotic properties,Very restrained,Hard to find without reaching out to touch,He already took advantage‘Creation’When speaking,Throw a few pieces into the sacred space,I don’t know what kind of reaction there will be in the environment of Chaos World。

Carried all the big and small bags to the car,Although Xia Jian did the whole process,But when Guan Tingna got in the car,I’m too tired to walk anymore。

“Go to a Western style house in the suburbs for lunch”Guan Ting panted,Said to Xia Jian with a smile。
Xia Jian looked at Guan Tingna and said:“I said Miss,Don’t we just have a meal?Need to run that far?Moreover,How much can two people eat,But the gas money alone is scary enough”
“No way!I went to Qingshan County this time,It’s hard to think of something like this。You have to satisfy my stomach first”Guan Tingna said domineeringly。
Xia Jian shook his head,Sighed and said:“Miss Guan,Your old man should be single in this life,Otherwise, no man can afford you”
“Just know,Without further ado。Miss I am hungry,Drive”Guan Tingna said,Reach out,Patted Xia Jian’s shoulder gently。
Xia Jian asked about the route,Kick the throttle,The car stopped and rushed onto the road,Drove quickly to the suburbs。The car finally got out of town,Xia Jian’s feet involuntarily increased the horsepower。
Xiwei Renjia,It turned out to be a farmhouse built at the foot of the mountain,To be exact, it should be a villa。Xia Jian’s car stopped on the side of the road,Only then went on with Guan Tingna。
But what surprised Xia Jian was,This villa is built with characteristics。The gate is on the side of the road,At the foot of the mountain,But as soon as I entered the compound,But up the steps,When you come out,I can’t help but brighten up,It turned out to be halfway up the mountain。
Every room is built on the mountain,If you don’t want to enter the room。You can eat under the pavilion outside。
May be the cause of noon,There are so many people here for lunch。But Xia Jian took a casual look,People who come here for dinner,All good,At least they are rich owners。
Guan Tingna is familiar with this place,She said nothing,Walk with Xia Jianchao。Through the pavilion,Went around under the grape trellis in the backyard。There are a few tables everywhere,There happened to be a table with no one sitting。
Guan Tingna took Xia Jiangang down,A waiter came over。Guan Tingna doesn’t even read the recipe,I ordered several dishes in one go。
The dish comes up,Xia Jian burst out laughing。It turned out to be some wild vegetables from the family,It’s just that it’s out of season,It may be refrigerated until now。
Seeing Guan Tingna eating so happy,Xia Jian didn’t say much。Dishes like this actually arrived in Qingshan County,If Guan Tingna wants to eat,You can also eat。

I looked at those files,All are patented technologies in various biotechnologies!

It is estimated that these technologies will be worth a lot。
There is also a digital camera,I took the key and the digital camera。
Those patented technologies continue to stay in the safe。
do not know why,I think Chen Ning is definitely not dead!
What happened to her this time,Should be a conspiracy。
I came to an apartment near the bank,This is also one of Chen Ning’s legacy to me。
There should be no one in the apartment for a long time,Although it is very clean, there is no life atmosphere,Not to mention the charming smell of Chen Ning。
Although Chen Ning and I only spent one night together,But he is so familiar and close in my heart,Just like an old couple who has lived together for many years!
All the same。
I sat on the warm balcony,Turned on the digital camera,See what’s in there!
Definitely not a blank digital camera,Otherwise it won’t be put together with things that feel important。
Inside the digital camera,No video,Are some photos!
The shots seem to be some scenery,But these scenery looks a little weird。
I think something is wrong,But I can’t tell what’s wrong,where!
suddenly,I saw a very familiar face in these photos!
It’s Chen Xin!
Chen Xin seems to have been taken in the photo,There is a cemetery!