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Bank of China promotes retail banking business in Malaysia by Finance Technology

  Xinhua News Agency, Malaysia, September 21 (Reporter Liu Yilin) ??Malaysia China Bank officially launched its most advanced intelligent bank outlets in Malaysia on the 21st, launched mobile banking services, marking the bank in deep-moving Malaysian corporate customers for many years Begin started to expand the retail banking business.

  Wang Hongwei, president of the Executive President of China Bank of Malaysia, said that as the first intelligent outlet pilot of BOC Group, Bank of China is committed to building a Demonstration Opera of the Penang Branch into a Southeast Asian region, and will continue to launch mobile payments. New services such as WeChat banks, smart counters.

  Wang Hongwei also revealed that Bank of China has been approved in Malaysia’s historical city Malacca Malacca, which will strive to achieve an annual opening.

  According to Wang Qin, General Manager of China WHO Information Technology and Channel Management Department, China’s two major customers in the company, Malaysian customers go to China, long-term use of checks, but not adapt to China’s fast-moving non-cash payment, and China Customers in Malaysia have not convenient. For different needs, Wang Qian said that the company is trying to promote cooperation with Alipay and WeChat payment and efforts to solve problems through the background.

  It is understood that the newly enabled smart outlet has implemented paperless process operations from calling to the business, which greatly shortens service time, and mobile banking services basically cover more than 80% of counter business, which is convenient for daily operations. , Eliminate the trouble of customer round-trip network. The Chief Secretary of Malaysia Penang also attended the day’s ceremony. He said that China’s financial technology is in the world, and Bank of China will introduce the latest smart bank technology into Penang, which will not only give Bank of China. Customers have brought more convenience, and it is also a promotion and promotion of local banks.

2018 College Recruitment Department Guangming Live Broadcast

Suzhou Economisch en Handel en Technisch College: veel internationale uitwisselingskansen http: /// soby / sobery / 20180705 / 1530781429116_suzhou Agricultural Specational and Technical College: Student Werkgelegenheid Tevredenheid Http: /// Soby / Sobey / 20180705 / 1530762207302_ Dalian Maritime University: "The Cradle of Nautical Home" http: /// gmw / videoroot / 2018-06-29 / Shenyang Aerospace University: Dit jaar heeft 56 Undergraduate majors http: /// gmw / videoroot / 2018-06-29 / XIPU Wang Dawei, plaatsvervangend directeur van de rekrutering: Afgestudeerden kunnen de Chinese en Engelse dubbele graden http: /// soby / sobey / 20180703 / 1530588401782_tianjin University of Technology: nieuwe polymeermaterialen en engineering http: /// gmw / videoroot / 2018- 06-29 / Dalian University voor Nationaliteiten: Qing Dynasty Recrutruts Minderheid Kandidaten Http: /// GMW / Videoroot / 2018-06-28 / China Agricultural University: First-Class Discipline Support Advantage Expert Http: /// GMW / Videoroot / 2018 -06-30 / Nankai University: Voeg drie colleges toe, twee majors http: /// gmw / videoroot / 2018-06-29 / Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics: Kandidaten hebben ten minste vier grote kansen http: /// gmw / Videoroot / 2018-06-28 / Dalian University of Science and Technology: Conditional Quality Gecwalificeerd en Obezetting De professionele aanpassing van het project retourneert niet http: /// gmw / videoroot / 2018-06-28 / Jiangnan University: Promotioning Healthy Chinese Strategische Professionele Groepsconstructie Http: /// Soby / Sobey / 20180628 / 1530163545482_try University: Ecologie Eerste opnames http: /// gmw / videoroot / 2018-06-27 / Shenyang Agricultural University: Respect voor de personalisering van studenten van het onderwijzen van http: / // gmw / videoroot / 2018-06-26 / Tianjin University: In de afgelopen 20 jaar zijn afgestudeerden altijd in meer dan 98% http: /// gmw / videoroot / 2018-06-25 / Dalian Foreign Londe University: De meeste grote transfer naar http: /// gmw / videoroot / 2018-06-22 / Dalian college: nieuwe voertuig engineering undergraduate professional http: /// gmw / videoroot / 2018-06-28 / Beijing University of Technology: Nieuwe twee professional Diensten Landen hebben dringend HADTP: /// Soby / Sobey / 20180622 / 1529629509525_ Northastern University: Emerging Industrie Advantage Discipline Snelle ontwikkeling HTTP : /// gmw / videoroot / 2018-06-21 / Beijing Language Universiteit: Versterken "Taal Intelligence and Technology Experiment Class" http: /// gmw / videoroot / 2018-06-20 / Shenyang normale universiteit: verhoog de normale universiteitsklasse Inschrijving http: /// gmw / videoroot / 2018-06-21 / Beijing chemische universiteit: nieuwe gegevenswetenschappen en grote gegevenstechnologie http: /// gmw / videoroot / 2018-06-20 / Guilin University of Electronic Science and Technology: Klassieke inschrijving is bevorderlijk voor composiet Talent Cultivation http: /// gmw / videoroot / 2018-06-08 /.

Beijing Shijingshan District 3 City Main Road Moon Bastropolis Service Winter Olympics held and residents travel

People’s Network Beijing December 14 (Li Bo) reporter learned from the first meeting of the 17th People’s Congress of Shijingshan District, Beijing High standards completed the construction of the supporting roads around Winter Olympics and key areas.

Gaote Planning All the way, the south section of North Xin’an Road, the three urban trunk roads in the boiler factory are basically completed, and it is expected to realize the traffic before the end of this month. Northern Xin’an Road, Boiler Factory South Road is an important traffic travel passage of Beijing Winter Olympics Committee, Winter Olympics competition and training venue. In the south section of North Xin’an Road, Chang’an Street, West Yan, South to Lianshi Road, the road in the road, the south section of North Xin’an Road, North Road in the Boiler Factory, the East to Western Five Ring Road, the road is about to about km. At present, the road project in the south section of Beixin’an Road (Chang’an Street West, Boiler Factory South Road) has been completed, and the municipal pipeline of the boiler factory has been basically completed. It is fully committed to the construction of road construction, and it is planned to open the train before the end of this year.

After the completion of the two roads, it will further improve the supporting main road network around the new Shougang high-end industrial service area.

Dijing Planning all the way, the main road and the Yishi Road elevated bridge, the end is approaching the Beijing New line, the road is about to about km. At present, the rampbridge, the main line bridge main structure and the bridge paving have been completed, and the road project is being closed, and it is planned to be open before the end of this year. At that time, the main road network in Beijing is will further improve, and an export is added to the West Shanxi area of ??Shi Shanxi, which is divided into some traffic flow in South Bank, alleviating Shimen Road, Jinding West Street Traffic.

In the past five years, Shijingshan District uses "service guarantee winter Olympics, relieve traffic congestion, convenient residents" as the goal, accelerate the construction of urban trunk road network, promote urban sub-dry road, support network construction, forming fast and smooth skeleton road Online, open the area microcirculation road network.

Built into the northern section of the new Shougang Bridge and North Xin’an Road, the boiler factory South Road, and the number of city roads, etc., and the total municipal road has increased from 256 kilometers to kilometers. Zhang Haibin, Science Degree, Municipal Administration, Municipal Administration, Municipal Administration, said that in the next five years, Shijingshan District will adhere to the principles of municipal infrastructure, continue to promote the construction of the main road, which plans to promote the prosperous project of Yongcheng Quan Road, west of Shimen Road, East To the East Street of Liu Niangfu, the road is about to about kilometers, and it will connect to the Yongcheng Suzhou Road, which is open to the car, relieve the three stores of the Wuli area of ??Jingshi Shan, Wuli, and the three stores in the doorgou.

At the same time, accelerate the improvement of the road traffic congestion, the road traffic congestion, and the mitigation of road traffic congestion, and improve the traffic congestion of the road traffic, and improve the public. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.

2020, five A-share listed insurance companies suffered from multi-dimensional impact technology to promote the accelerated iteration of insurance

Five A-share listed insurance companies 2020 total investment income. (Makura: Zhang Wenting) In 2020, the investment of five A-share listed insurance companies is still bright, contributing to all kinds of profits.

Specifically, in 2020, China Ping An General Investment Revenue is 100 million yuan, the year-on-year growth rate; the total investment in China is 100 million yuan, the year-on-year growth rate; China’s total investment income is 100 million yuan, the year-on-year growth investment The income is 100 million yuan, a year-on-year growth rate; Xinhua Insurance’s total investment income is 100 million yuan, a year-on-year growth.

The annual report found that in terms of asset allocation, the listing insurance companies have chosen to increase the proportion of long-term bonds such as government bonds and local debt, shorten the long-term gaps, non-standard assets, and generally decline.

In addition, in the case of the premiere market, the insurance companies have improved in stocks and funds. The improvement of equity asset allocation is from policies.

The "Notice on Optimizing Insurance Corporate Rights Assets Configuration Regulations", in accordance with the indicators such as solvency, according to the indicators of solvency, the proportion of the rights and interests of the insurance companies, the highest can reach the last season 45% of the total assets have broken through the previous 30% upper limit.

In November last year, the industry restrictions of insurance funds financial equity investment have also been canceled.

Fu Fan, President, China, said that the above policy is objectively facilitating investing in insurance companies on equity assets.

He mentioned that in the context of the mid- and long-term market interest rate, the equity assets have a high long-term investment return expectation, and the company is based on its own risk preferences, in the strategic asset configuration, the configuration of equity assets, and Gradually increase the configuration of unmarketing equity to pursue higher return on investment. Zhan Zhong, Vice President of China Life, also held the same opinion. He said that in terms of the investment of rights and interests in 2020, he adheres to the continued accumulation of core assets and optimizes variety strategy arrangements in a structural market environment.

Talking about future investment strategies, Zhang Di, the head of China Life Investment Management Center In 2021, China Life will surround the central and open to investment arrangements, and give advantage of internal external managers, providing long-term stable returns; at the same time around the market, the balance, control risk.

Some insurance companies are expressed that in the face of interest rate fluctuations and capital market challenges, the future will pay more attention to the synergy of insurance funds investment and the main industry, such as investment in the field of contributions; investment in new economic investment, Mechanism and talent layout, improve investment capabilities in the fields of Internet, consumption and other fields.

Side Offense: The acceleration of the acceleration of science and technology has been affected by the epidemic, and consumers’ insurance consciousness is significantly improved, and the acceptance and recognition of insurance through the Internet is higher. In the case where the traditional line agent channel is blocked, the Internet sales channel has grown rapidly. The data shows that in 2020, the Internet’s personal insurance business increased by year-on-year increase in 2019.

A-share listed insurance enterprise is a leader in the insurance industry. Naturally, the importance of science and technology has expressed its development with the "digital era" and use technology to fully empower industries. Wang Bin, Chairman, China, said in the annual report, to undertake a deep offline basis, build online digital platforms, build a leading mixed cloud in the industry, and science and technology enforcement contributes power to the negative impact of the extent of the epidemic contributed strong fundamentals. Operation services accelerate the upward, intelligent, intelligent, intensive, ecological transformation, effectively meet the customer’s high quality service needs.

China Ping An is a forerunner of several companies in several companies. Annual report showed that in 2020, China Ping An Technology Business has always incorporated 100 million yuan, a year-on-year growth, and the relevant four listed technology companies have a total price of $ 68.4 billion.

At present, the impact of technology for the insurance industry has transitioned from the front-end sales to the recruitment of the middle and rear end, and even the recruitment of the agent, the agent training and other full insurance business. In this stage, the innovation direction of insurance technology is slowly transitioned to the service driver.

Zhou Yanli, vice chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, has previously mentioned that the influence of the epidemic situation makes it difficult for the agent’s exhibition industry characteristics characterized by high value business, but with the prevention and control of normalization, the digital capacity of insurance sales is improved, life insurance marketing is gradually Turn down to the line, and also welcomed by insurance customers.

From a medium long term, the epidemic will reverse the insurance industry to accelerate the digital transformation process, because of the potential, take advantage of the situation, but accelerate the pace of high quality development in the insurance industry.

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China ging naar Abyvi en Helicopter-team om de ceremonie van de rotatieafhandeling succesvol te voltooien

Renovatie- en overdrachtceremonie-sitebeambten en mannen vertegenwoordigen het hele team.

China’s tweede batch ging naar Abyvi en helikopterdetachment voor de foto "Ons eerste taakteam ervaren rotatie, afschaffen, overdragen en implementatie, achtereenvolgens veranderd in 2 missiedistricten, kreeg voortdurend 2 ‘vrede eer medaille’, ongekend.

In de afgelopen twee jaar hebben we in drie jaar records gecre?erd voor continue werking van vredeshandhaving en taak in het buitenland."De eerste batch van China ging naar Abyvi en Helicopter Team Commander Yan Zhiqin zei.

De tweede batch van China’s tweede partij van China ging naar het ABYEVI- en Helicopter-team, Wang Hongyong zei: "Door de overdracht, beheersen we de basis van het missiegebied, het aantal werken en het aantal werk, en legde solide Stichting voor de volgende uitvoeringstaak. "(Editor: Cui Implement, Changhong) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

2021 Beijing Net Red Card Nieuwe lijst kondigde de rode attractie van Peking University Red Building aan

People’s Network Beijing 7 december (Yin Xingyun) op 6 december, "2021 Beijing Net Red Card Truck Advugation List" werd uitgebracht in gunstige drama.

Dit jaar, in het kader van de algehele kwaliteit van de Wenbao-consument, wordt het verbruikspotentieel verder verbeterd, Peking introduceert "Beijing gecultiveerd de constructie van internationaal consumentencentrum City implementatieplan (2021-2025)", dat de vrijgave van Wenbao-consumptie voorstelde Potenti?le "TOP TEN TEN SPECIALE ACTIES", bouw in de komende vijf jaar zware consumptieproducten en start 300 PEKING NET-rode kaart. Na de eerste introductie van 100 online rode kaarten in Beijing in 2020, leidde dit jaar, Peking Cultuur en Tourism Bureau opnieuw de 2021 Beijing Net Red Card-Card-selectieactiviteiten en gecombineerd met nieuwe staatsontwikkeling op basis van vorig jaar, het toegevoegd aan de nieuwe staatsontwikkeling. Nacht economische, technologische innovatie en digitale economie, nieuwe consumentenscène 3 grote sectoren.

De selectieactiviteit heeft de sociale aandacht aangetrokken van het moment van het opstarten. Het totale aantal collecties van het hele netwerk zal in de kaart worden genomineerd en het aantal collecties werd genomineerd. Na het finishingscherm zijn de laatste 300 finalisten geselecteerd. Van 15 tot 29 oktober tot 29e, door de publieke stemming, overtroffen het totale aantal stemmen 5,68 miljoen via internet en stond uiteindelijk 100 Peking Net Red Card-aanbevelingen en 196 genomineerde aanbevelingen. In het eerste jaar van de 100e verjaardag van de 100-jarig jubileum van het feest, de Chinese Communistische Partij van de Revolutionaire Activity Memorial Hall (Peking University Red Building), "New Youth" redactionele afdeling (Chen Duxiu’s oude huis), enz. De Red Nieuwe attractie is niet onverwacht ingevoerd aan de nieuwe lijst van net rode kaarten.

Ik werd geselecteerd van de nieuwe lijst van netto rode kaarten en dit jaar’s Beijing Global Theme Resort, Heropening Gunstige Aater en Tiantongyuan Cultuur en Art Centre, Mindre Valley Traditional Culture Experience Base, Shirama River International Style Night Tour, White Tower Light Hotel (Lotus Koffie), Tiantan Fu Beverage, Meikong Academy en andere vertrouwde nieuwe consumentenplaatsen. Deze release van Peking Net Red Cards is verdeeld in natuurlandschap, menselijk landschap, culturele kunst, blokpark, nieuw consumentenscenario, nachteconomie, technologie-innovatie en digitale economie, leesruimte, hotel en boetiekhotel, catering en innovatie 10 Major Subject Classificaties Zoals retail, dekken in feite alle activiteiten van de bestaande netto-rode kaart van Peking.

Om de brunette-kaart, de innovatie en ontwikkeling te promoten, cultiveren het nieuwe consumentenmerk van Peking Nets, en de relevante afdelingen van Beijing Cultuur en Tourism Bureau en andere relevante afdelingen, introduceren Social Capital, Multi-Dimensional Support Network Red Card.

Op de lijst met monitoren, de tweede serie van de reeks series van reeks van reeks series van reeks van Chinese Wenbao Bureau en Beijing-radio- en televisiestation "Chao Beijing-Beijing Net Red Card Raiders", ook officieel gelanceerd. Het schrijven van werk zal worden verenigd in de volgorde van "Beijing 12 uur" tijd, nodigen beroemde schrijvers uitnodigen, bekende artiesten, sociale gastvrije mensen, online beroemdheid en gastheer, met het eerste perspectief van "Walking Beijing", via de prachtige proza ??sorteren In de vroege ochtend waren er een onderscheidende netto-rode kaart, die een duidelijke tijd in verschillende tijden had, en de deadline en de trendy fashion van Peking City, en maakte de nieuwe look van Peking Net Red Card aan. De relevante persoon die de leiding heeft over de gemeentelijke cultuur van Beijing en Tourism Bureau, zei dat de volgende stap wordt bevorderd door de algemene planning en de invloed van de Net Red Card van Beijing is continu uitgebreid.

Tegelijkertijd zal het spelen aan de zelfdiscipline van de industrie. Een nieuwe gids voor vrijetijdsverbruik. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Shandong Rongcheng: "Yuan Dream" Dance

Recommended reading Gansu Province Zhangye Color Danxia under the white-snowdown, trailing, colorful, look extra beautiful, beautiful.

2021-12-1309: 2613, as the main activities of 2021 (22nd) Hainan International Tourism Island Happy Festival, 2021 (6th) Hainan World Leisure Tourism Expo, 2021 (7th Hainan International Tourism Food Expo, 2021 (Second) Hainan International Tourism Equipment Expo is held at the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center.

2021-12-1116: 23 December 4, 2021, from the high-altitude overlooking the Yunnan Province, Yunnan Province, Yunnan Province, the red river, the curved and orderly lines are like the texture of the earth, colorful, magnificent, magnificent, 2021-12-1010: 572021 On December 9, the armed police officers and soldiers conducted through cloud ladder training. 2021-12-1010: 07 "Star Avenue" 2021 final fourth game will land on CCTV-1 on December 11th, and log in to CCTV-3 on the next 12th.

After the fierce competition of the third "Star Golden Qu", the "Flowers and Sound, Watches must win" the speech team, and directly entered the fifth game under the leadership of Zhang Liang.

2021-12-0913: 21 Liangtui Ancient Village is ancient village, a residence of rivers, and 260 existing buildings. There is a flavor in the light of winter warm sun, ushered in tourists from all over the country.

2021-12-0911: On December 8, 2021, the first rehearsal of "Campus Football Operation" is the theme of "Campus Football Operation", and let students contact football from the football distance through the football operation. Feel the happiness of football, welcome the arrival of World Football Day on December 9th 2021-12-0910: 54 Hebei Baoding Wangdu County Nantuan Primary School, students practicing and playing drums.

The primary school is interested in hobbies, set up Asai vectors, roller skating, curling, paper-cut, painting, dance, etc. 2021-12-0909: 36 December 7, 2021, dock workers dine in Lianyungang Port Container Terminal "Love Station". 2021-12-0809: 512021-12-0714: 32 December 6, 2021, in Donghai County E-Hai County, Jiangsu, Jiangsu Province E-commerce Logistics Center, courier employees are changing packaging skills competitions. 2021-12-0710: On December 6, 2021, the Operation of the Music (Danjiang) to Jia (Musi) high-speed railway built by China Railway 12th Bureau Group.

2021-12-0709: 52 December 6, 2021, Shanghai Concert Hall Outdoor Square, Ginkgo, "Golden A", attracting the public to call. In the late autumn, Shanghai Street is colorful, autumn picturesque 2021-12-0709: 37 Chinese dream is a national dream, and it is also a dream of every Chinese. Dreams have never been inherited by historical inheritance, and there is more context.

From the Xinhua Xia Xia Xia Xianxia, ??an ancient new weather in the new era, we used to be brilliant, and once blunt. 2021-12-0614: On December 5, 202, December 5, Jiangsu Province, Suzhou Industrial Park, pine forest-sur-Isolated Dormings, beautiful, attracting many tourists to come and entertain.

2021-12-0610: 4612, 5, "Run Bar" Children’s Youth Theme Fitness Activity – 2021 Anhui U Series Roller Sliding League Finals held in Hefei Binhu Wheel Slide, the province 10 city team 221 Name athlete.

2021-12-0610: 45 Years of a group of laplic gullets and heron birds assembled in the Northern Hong Kong Water Area, Jiangxi Province, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province.

The county’s ecological environment continues to improve, and each year, the category and quantity of wintering migratory birds have increased year by year, and many migratory birds have slowly become "bird".

2021-12-0609: 33 December 5, 2021, Hebei Jixi County plum boxing teenager is rectifying large martial arts programs "Meiai Shengshi", let Plum Boxing into the broad masses of the people. 2021-12-0609: 32 Winter Day, Jiangsu Province Tianquan Lake "water forest" color is colorful, under the morning fog and blue sky white clouds, beautiful pictures.

2021-12-0514: 29 In recent years, Sihong County has vigorously develops high-tech enterprises around new materials, electronic information, etc., built 84 national high-tech enterprises, 249 national technology SMEs, and emerging industries show vigorously. . 021-12-0311: 07.

The "small action" of the organizational department of the whole state is shake the "big performance" at the end of the year.

Since this year, the organization department of the Qianzhou County Committee has worked around the county party government center, according to the special assessment requirements of the upper party’s construction, the system construction, the difference assessment and the application of the results are vigorously promoted, and the performance reached the standard upgrade of the year.

"System Construction" strong foundation, compacted performance appraisal responsibility. "No rules, no standards.

"Strengthening the construction of the system is the fundamental of ensuring the normal work of performance management.

Waiting around the work, with internal performance as a starting, combining the trunk and innovation, formulating the "Management Measures for the Management of the All-China Work Performance of the All-China Council Organization", "The Office of the Organization Department of the International Committee" and other methods, clear the chamber More than 10 aspects such as monthly working objectives, work environment security, and operational capacity improvement, combined with the main points of the early development, clearing the leaders of the administration of the department are the first responsible person, the head of the unit is the specific person, the monthly work implementation " "Reminder, prompting cadres and workers to have a number in the hearts of performance, do a good job, and ensure that the annual performance goals can be successfully completed. "Differential Assessment" grasps the ability, and the work is steadily improved. Combined with the main division of labor, the Organization Department of the County Party Committee adheres to the scientific identity of the performance assessment.

Give full play to the target orientation, adopt the contractual leadership of the contract, direct assessment of the leadership, and the establishment of the parcels, the combination of the deposit of the parcels, and build a performance evaluation, build "everyone wants exams, everyone different volumes" Evaluation situation. The person in charge of the parcellaneous office reports to the work of this unit of work and completion in the work of the work, and the unfinished work tasks shall be implemented in accordance with the progress of the integration and do the cumulative end of the year.

Self-division of self-division of self-divisions within the rest of the unit, the heads of the stocks are responsible for the secondary assignment of their own parcels. The monthly members of the unit will report the progress of the business work on hand and the head office of the office. The implementation of the implementation of levels, combines, and continuously improves the scientific nature of performance evaluation, mobilize the enthusiasm of cadres and workers to participate in the enthusiasm of performance assessment. "Results" guide the direction, and incentive cadres are active as. Adhere to the purpose-oriented, continuous improvement, the assessment of the assessment and personal performance, the personal performance and position promotion, the evaluation of the priority, the civil servant annual assessment, performance bonus secondary distribution, promotion and learning recommended objects, etc. Hook, further reflect "Dry don’t do less, dry and dry, don’t do it, dry, slowly don’t have the same", give full play to the performance assessment in capturing the team, promoting work, etc. The role, driving performance assessment is fully implemented, and creates a good atmosphere you catch up.

(Jiang Yonghong) (Editor: Chen Lulu, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

The 18th China-ASEAN Expo, the total investment of 7 projects, the total investment of 7 billion yuan

At the 18th China-ASEAN Expo and China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit, Guangxi Huanjiang Gannan Autonomous County was on September 10, and the September 11 September 11 Hechi Investment Cooperation Conference and Special Signing Ceremony The introduction of 7 projects, total investment of 3.4 billion yuan. It is understood that six projects signed in this signing ceremony involve new energy, smart cities, tourism, agriculture and other fields. Guangxi Jiangyuan Silk Technology Industrial Park Construction Project, Cooperative Jiangsu Xinyuan Silk Group Co., Ltd. Total investment of 500 million yuan; Huanjiang Gongnan Autonomous County Smart City Construction Project, Partner CITIC Digital Media Network Co., Ltd. Investing 200 million yuan; Huanjiang static transportation engineering project, cooperative Hangzhou Haikang Wei Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Ltd., total investment of 1.5 billion yuan; rare earth high-speed aluminum alloy cable production project, partner Guangdong Freezing Guang Technology Co., Ltd., total investment of 500 million yuan. (Yuxiang, Shu Jingran).

The cat is "hidden" in the roof, it has never been over for more than 4 years.

  According to the British "Mirror" reported on November 2, a cat living on the roof never came, people in order to try to try various methods, it failed. This cat lives in Corum, Turkey, local residents feeding it every day, local shoemans Ahmetkoylu said: "I know that this cat has been at least four years without leaving the roof, and even the fire brigade is not For use, because someone tries to get it from the roof, it will run away.

The owner of the market brought it food and water, except normal cat food, and left the liver, chicken and fish. They will take the cat.

When the food of the cat is finished, he is as calling people like begging, "Koylu added:" The story of this cat is very famous here.

"Now this cat has a local attraction, the teahouse owner Muttalipyavuz also helps feed this cat, he said:" This cat jumped from the opposite roof two three years ago, we have so far I can’t get it from the roof. It seems that I really don’t like people, I decided to stay away from everyone, live on the roof. "So, the nearby shopkeeper decides, the best way is to put food and drink on the roof.

(China Youth Network Compilation Report).