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I’m almost busy,It’s lunch time!

When they want to take turns back to eat,Pan Yulin came over with the insulation box。
“mom……How did you come?”
Fang Yu walked over,Caught the insulation box。
“I’m not seeing you not coming back……Seems a little busy today?”
Pan Yulin Tucaodao。
“is a bit……Might be better this afternoon!”Fang Deyun said。
“I asked my son!”
Pan Yulin gave Fang Deyun a blank look,Displeased。
Fang Deyun didn’t ask himself to be boring,Eat by yourself。
“Hello auntie!”
Just when Fang Yu was eating,Shu Ling came over。
“you are?”
Pan Yulin saw the fresh and pleasant Shu Ling,Confused。
At the same time he glanced at his son in confusion。
When is there another girl?
Fang Yu looked helpless。

Li Xinghua shook his head。

Not everything,She can see it。
After all, many predictions,All break in like a dream。
“what,Zhu Minglang……”A shining koi suddenly floated out,I was swimming towards Zhu Minglang with a blank look。
“I know,My old chen。”Zhu Minglang interrupted Mr. Koi’s words。
“Where are we?”Mr. Koi is swimming around the table。
The shop next to Xiao Er thought he had the wrong food,Got a live fish,Want to come up for another one,But after watching for a while,Left with a weird face。
“Miguo,In the capital。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Did you go to Mianshan?,I remember,There is a sword mound in Mianshan,Go there for a while,Should be of great help to the sword spirit dragon。”Mr. Koi said。
“A few days before we go,I have to wait for Bai Qin’an’s response。”Zhu Minglang explained。
“Mr. Koi,We found the ancient lamp jade,On the cheek of the princess in the capital。”Nan Yusu said。
Just let Mr. Koi give some advice,Mr. Koi knows well,Maybe there is a better way。
really,Mr. Koi can’t remember what the god ancient lamp jade is,Just keep asking Zhu Minglang about the status of the dragons。
“Pity,If Shenmu Qingshenglong is not maimed,We can reshape a dragon in a short time,And to ensure that the cultivation and strength of Shenmu Qingshenglong will not be lower than Bai Qi and Mo Xie。”Mr. Koi sighed。
“First raise the big black tooth to the dragon master level?”Zhu Minglang said。
“Yep,Bai Qi’s Dragon Armor,You can also start forging,This can greatly enhance its strength。”Mr. Koi said。
“Niannian has already learned about the spiritual capital market in advance,Some resources here should be cheaper。”
“There is a dragon girl hall in the country,Is one of the seven halls of Canglong Palace,Canglong should have more spiritual resources,Gu Long is hard to say,But you can go and see if they have any good dragon scales,Used to build dragon armor for Bai Qi。”Mr. Koi said。

First43chapter Seven hearts·pressure

five years ago,Shortly after Li Ming came out of the Qiongwudongtian mystery。
Among the Three Realms,Zhongshan Great World。
“Wind Demon,You beg me,Also the first time!”Li Ming’s face is smiling。
Today,Possess the power of blue and white mist,He doesn’t fear anyone at all—Among them, the Lord of Wind Demon。
“Candle dragon!”The face of the Lord of the Wind Demon is not so pretty。
Zhulong Ming Taoist has the means to raise the level of the Heavenly Immortal Golden Core,Leaked out after all。
After all these years,Daomen、Terran、There are so many real immortals in Zhongshan Mansion,Have exploded the magic power of the half trail ancestor,But it is very eye-catching。
One or two is fine,Can be more than one,The news is naturally impossible to hide。
Among the three leaders of Wujianmen,The Lord of Wind Demon is rather withdrawn,Accept a few disciples。
Kehengmu Master,But a disciple,Is to establish a huge sect–【Hengmumen】,Although it’s not as good as Taoist Buddha,But the momentum is very strong。
Hengmu Master,Also requested several times,I hope that Li Ming will open this method to Hengmumen。

Received the city deed,Zhu Minglang, remember what the referee said。

Only the bamboo tube is lit,And gave the city deed to the referee who came to receive it,This thing is theirs。
So hold it now,Just equivalent to temporary release。
If someone comes to grab,Can still be taken。
In this institution city,There are many resources of similar value,There are even more generous than this,Zhu Minglang is not in a hurry to hand it over to the referee,After collecting a large wave of good resources,It’s not too late to burn the beacon bamboo tube。
Where is this Runyu City?,Zhu Minglang don’t know。
Anyway, the ownership of this city,Zhu Minglang is not very interested,I’ll sell it then,Can get a large sum of silver。
Shenmu Qingshenglong、Thunder Tyrannosaurus、Bingchen Bailong,The monthly food expenses are already very exaggerated,I have no more income,I really can’t afford it!
Runyu City,It should be just a relatively barren town。
If you are very far from the capital,This kind of contract,To find the right buyer,Should be able to sell for 500,000 gold。
If no buyer is found,Barely 100,000 gold。
of course,It may be worthless……
Some cities,Because of its location,There are many criticisms,Sometimes you may have to invest a lot of money in construction,To govern,Can see the benefits。
Zhu Minglang is not very good at city governance,Not very interested,If you give this thing to Zheng Yu,He should be able to handle it better。
“Son,Miss。”suddenly,A voice came from behind。
This person is already very close to them,But neither Zhu Minglang nor Nan Lingsha noticed。
Obviously a master。
just,Her voice,Zhu Minglang is very familiar。
“Qin Yang,Why are you here?”Zhu Minglang turned his head,Somewhat surprised she looked at the woman in brocade。

Although the method of refining qi is created by Taoism,But soon it spread to the gods and demons。

At least those chaotic gods,I quickly got the Qi refining method。
Some are extremely talented,Although he is born to master the Tao,But can’t get started。
some,But in terms of refining mana and soaring all the way!
Especially those true gods who have mastered or are close to mastering the way of heaven,Are very eager for this method。
After all, once refining Qi becomes Da Luo Daozu,Has mana to assist itself,Strength will naturally increase。
No good,After refining the magic weapon,Can control magic weapon long-range battle,It’s much safer than holding a magic weapon in close combat。
The spread of gas refining methods is becoming wider and wider,Quickly spread to those mundane creatures。
Early antiquity,Hunted and raised by gods and demons‘Meatworm’Naturally, there is not enough wisdom to practice‘Qi Refining Method’。
but,As nature continues to nurture and evolve,Several bugs that are not so delicious keep reproducing,Slowly a group of wise creatures were born。
With wisdom,But it’s not so good。
At least for some gods and demons。
Even some creatures,Are somewhat similar to gods and demons,There are even gods and demons and these creatures**,A descendant with the blood of gods and demons was born。
The most excessive one is Zulong,As the ancestor of the sun,A dragon clan was born。
And these ethnicities,Regardless of the blood of the gods and demons,Are collectively referred to as the Hou Tian Wan Clan,Among them, those who do not have the blood of gods and demons are also called ordinary creatures.。
Most of them live under the gods and demons who are willing to shelter them。
most of the time,A god,The leader of such an ethnic group。
For example, Zu Long is the leader of billions of dragons。
But except for a few descendants who have a stronger blood of gods and demons,Most ordinary creatures are inherently weak,It’s just one thousand and ten thousand are not as weak as the weakest gods and demons。

Wei Zhong could see it completely,The identity of Wang Teng,Definitely not simple。

Since this is the case,Then just take Wang Teng directly。
As for other things,Actually they themselves,You don’t need to think about it too much。
Just need to wait here,How to solve it then。
And what exactly did it bring,Actually this,It’s more intense。
Stand still,at this time,People around Wei Zhong,Almost solved。
And when I see this,Actually Wei Shasha is here。
“Wei Zhong,You have no chance。”
“Advise you,Give up。”
After Wei Shasha said this,,obviously,This is surprising。
Wei Zhong gritted his teeth,He is very unwilling。
These ones,How could it become like this?
He has been planning hard for so long,Just for one day,We can control the Wei family。
But now,Such a thing,It is completely developing in a direction that Wei Zhong does not want to see。
Wei Zhong lost,And it was a terrible loss,He has no chance at all。

Wang Youcai nodded and said:“Finished here,There are many things,So I didn’t take care of lunch at all。Good cooking!Just missing something”

“I’ll accompany you to buy,These things have to be bought sooner or later”Julan said,Walked into the newly renovated clinic,Look east,Look west。
The medicine shelves are all custom-made,Not only very suitable but also beautiful。Julan was still standing in front of the counter of Chinese medicine,A beautiful experience。
Julan’s funny look,Amused Wang Youcai。This is a woman,Sometimes they are not demanding。A happy,What I want to do。The other is a shoulder to lean on。
Wang Youcai driving the car,Take Julan to the largest supermarket in Pingdu。I bought all the cooking tools at once,I bought a lot of vegetables when I came back。
Although Dr. Lu’s courtyard is a bit old,But after all, it is a small courtyard in the city,So the living facilities are still very complete,And Wang Youcai’s newly renovated house is particularly spacious。
Julan is cooking,And praise how good this house is。Doctor Lu is not here now,The gate is closed,This is equivalent to their private space。Such a life,Not only is Julan yearning,Even Wang Youcai feels good。
I use an electric stove for cooking,So the speed is quite fast。The noodles are machine noodles bought in the supermarket,So it didn’t take much time,The two are already sitting at the small dining table,Joking,Eating noodles。
“Hey!Your shop is decorated,When will it open?I can’t wait”Julan said,Chong Wang Youcai smiled sweetly。
Wang Youcai thought for a while and said:“The payment for the medicine was paid the day before yesterday,We can open on the eighteenth of the twelfth lunar month at the latest。What’s your job remarks?and also,How do you tell Chen Donghai?It’s really not a paper bag”
“I think about it,Ready to have a good talk with him。Persuade him and me to go through the formalities,So everyone is good”Julan said,Took a long breath。
Wang Youcai didn’t speak anymore。He suddenly felt a sense of guilt。Although the failure of Julan and Chen Donghai’s marriage has nothing to do with him,But he always feels a little uncomfortable。
Finished dinner,Because there is still some mess in the store。So Wang Youcai didn’t get tired of Julan,But went to the clinic again。
Wang Youcai is very clear,He has been in Pingdu these days,In case Hu Huiru calls to check Gang,There is nothing wrong with it once,I’m afraid she will check it a few times,Then he will be miserable。
So he has to finish everything here quickly,Go back to Chenzhuang as soon as possible。Just when Wang Youcai was busy getting people to install sockets,Julan smiled and walked in。
Wang Youcai quickly pulled her aside and said:“You still don’t come here recently,In case you get hit by Chen Donghai,That would be a big trouble”
“I’m not afraid of him。Hey!Have you finished the Chinese medicine??Always go to Xu Lihong,The medicine is not good”Julan said,Suddenly became jealous again。

Chen Xiu directly connected the phone and said impatiently:“What are you calling me,We don’t have half a dime relationship now。If you still call me,I will report to youXHarass!”

“I bother,WhoXHarass you!”On the other side of the mobile phone, the rent-a-bomber said:“Come back and move all the things in your house!”
“I’m not saying you don’t need anything,You sell it,Throw away,Do whatever you want!”
“You want to be beautiful!No one will accept your broken things,I have to find someone to throw it and pay a few hundred yuan in transportation fees……I warn you,When you rented a house, you had a copy of your ID with me,If you don’t come back and move things away,I will publish your ID number on the same city renting website,See who will rent to you in the future!”
“If you dare to expose my privacy,I asked the lawyer to sue you to jail!”
“come,You don’t come back and move if you have a seed,Do you dare to disclose your ID!Pooh,Forced a barrister,Who is fooling!”
Chen Xiuzhen wanted to open his throat and shout,Lao Tzu is a multi-millionaire!
but,Think again,Can I use a middle-aged woman like a pig??
is this necessary?
“Row,I’m afraid of you,I’ll go back and move things tomorrow!”
“No way……”The charter-in-law had a pause,Hurriedly said:“The new tenant will move in tomorrow,You have to come here tonight!”
“Row,I will move over tonight!Don’t call,Or I really sue youXHarass!”
Chen Xiucai hung up the charter wife’s phone and looked back,I saw an old face standing behind me,Who is it if it’s not Zhang?。

“So then,We actually don’t need to do anything,Just follow him,Then we can know the news we want to investigate。”

Wang Teng’s voice falls,Jiang Ya was somewhat surprised。
But after all, after careful consideration,But found out,This incident is still almost as expected。
slowly,Jiang Ya raised her head and looked at Wang Teng in front of her。
See here,Jiang Ya never forgets to speak to her:“All right,Now words,Things to solve,Actually it’s almost solved。”
“But now,I won’t talk about other things for now,Then we will follow yours。”
Anyway such a thing,Jiang Yuan is more experienced。
And what about Jiang Ya,Actually, I look forward to it very much。
Just don’t know,Will Wang Teng’s plan be successful。
Where is Wang Youwei,Will you show your feet??
Actually this,It’s very important。
So start now,These things,To be precise,It’s still very special.。
After watching for a while,Is here,Wang Teng said directly。
“rest assured,There will never be a problem with my plan,Believe it soon,You will see the result。”
“but,How many people are behind this Wang Youwei,Need to investigate!”
Chapter 15 Preparation,just in case
Just now,It gave Wang Youwei a certain psychological touch。

otherwise,He alone wolf,But will be lonely,Although these world origins can enhance his strength,But his wife Red Wolf is the most important。

The reason why he desires power,Just want to protect everything he has,But only power,So that he can protect everything he has。
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Seven Accompanied by longevity
“gift?Husband,what is this?Feels so beautiful。”
The Red Wolf looked at the light blue light that suddenly appeared in front of him,Curiously asked,She can perceive,After seeing the light blue light in front of me for the first time,Her heart is very eager to get the light blue light in front of her。
but,She is now,I won’t make trouble like before,Her husband finally came back,And brought her a gift,Seeing her husband’s solemn expression,This gift must be very valuable。
If this is what her husband has gotten by working hard in other worlds,Then she would rather not,Moreover,She lacks nothing now,Eat and drink,Life like this is pretty good。
“This is the origin of the world,The patriarch gave me just now,My current strength has reached its limit,Only break the limit,To become stronger,To see the scenery higher up。”
“And these world origins,Can improve your strength,Decades are too short,I want to live long with you。”
After hearing the question from Mrs. Red Wolf,Said with a smile,No concealment,He longs for longevity,But he also wants his wife to accompany him for a long life。
not to mention,The origin of these worlds is really given to him by the patriarch,If not for the patriarch’s arrival,I’m afraid he at the moment,Can only escape back to the territory of the monster race in embarrassment。
therefore,Big Big Wolf vowed to fulfill his family’s orders,Teach those demon kings,There is also the guy with pig,He wants to beat the pig gang hyena into the one that can’t be sunbathing for months。
He has to go all out to make magic weapons,And the army of millions of puppets,only if,So he won’t let down the kindness of his family grown up。