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Nine uncles:“”

“Ok,Nine uncle, you said?”
Chapter 87 Two blacks are most afraid of fire
Autumn is dragged from outside the door,And sediment repair,The station is next to him.,From time to time, touch your face。
“Live,You can sleep like a dead pig.,Don’t say that Master is,Change to me will also give you a slap,Good to make you rose。”
“no,I really didn’t hear it.,Just follow the evil。”
The two have been a while,Hit the trouble,Sitting on the edge of the garden,Liao Wenjie who is squatting in the corner,Curious,Gooked together。
“Jiege,what are you doing?”
“Ugh,Don’t mention,When I said this, I will hurt myself straight to tears.。”
Liao Wenjie is holding a root stick,Stick the bodied bodies in the wall:“I am with it.,Tsing Gan and Working for so many years,Always treat it as a child,I didn’t expect that today’s white hair sent a black hair.,He has a sad!”
“its not right,Jiege,Is the two black not a few days a few days ago??”
“Be right,And you play it every day.,Also practice Taoism,I can make it harm。”
Second speed poke lies,Not used to,This is a good thing,After all, Master’s face they often give,What’s more, Liao Wenjie。
“You know a fart,Look at the surface does not look at the essence,As the saying goes well,Playing is a kind,I like to use my feet.。At this point,Nine uncle is the same as me,Both are not good words,When expressing emotions,Can do it。”
Liao Wenjie,Example proven:“Wencai,You touch your face,Hurt?”
“pain,Particular pain!”
“That’s right,Explain that nine uncle especially hurts you。”
Fudge end,Liao Wenjie poked two blacks,Tease:“correct,Ask you a question,People are bitten by zombies,Will become a zombie due to the corpse,That dog?”
This issue hits the knowledge blind area of Liao Wenjie,Zombie dog heard,Zombie dog
Is there this stuff??
Talent and Qiusheng face each other,General case,This problem is responsible for the Nine Uncle.,They are responsible for clapping,Lining the nine uncle Ying Ming,God knows the geography。
Think,Known outside the door,The servant of Ren Fu used the sedan to carry the nine uncles.。
Haven’t end yet,Ren Loui and Ren Tingting were also lifted by the sedan,And the security captain, the security captain, Away,And ten players carrying a long gun。
what’s the situation?
Liao Wenjie saw a glimpse,Ask Nine Uncle:“what happened,How do you bring people??Not I said you,I have a half of my heart.,You are so tossing,Not afraid that he is dead in Qizhuang?”
“I suspect that zombies will come again.,Recently protecting their father and women are stable。”Nine uncle explains。
“Ren Gun is not better,Big business,Local spacious,And not your own home,I can’t dismantle it.。”
“Ager,Can’t say this,Human,Yi Zhuang can be built again,People are gone, they are gone.。”
“understood,You are ready to revoke Yizhuang,Make a bigger yard,Master won the worker。”

Qin Hao’s thoughts are also colliding,Want to come up with a careful plan。

Although this underground base was built temporarily by the enemy,But it goes in all directions。
I want to accurately determine the location of these trapped scientists at the first time,Not easy。
This underground base seems to have been built specifically for them。
Although it was built temporarily,But it will take at least half a year to build。
in other words,The plan for their Iron-Blood Blades Special Team started six months ago。
Think so,Qin Hao feels cold all over his body。
“Qin Hao,what are you thinking?”
Flying wolf said to Qin Hao at this moment,He wants to hear Qin Hao’s thoughts。
“What i mean,Now we don’t move,Maintaining the status quo,Static braking。”
“Now we are not sure where they are,Even if he went to the underground base in great danger,Then it’s not easy to find them。”
“not to mention,Their goal this time is us,Not these scientists,”Qin Hao said slowly。
As soon as he speaks,Everyone is thoughtful。
They want to go wrong,They just want to save,How to rescue them smoothly in the shortest time。
But never think backward,The enemy’s goal is them。

Xiaofang is smiling,I started to untie my clothes,Xia Jian asked in a daze:“What are you doing?“

“Massage!How to press in clothes“Xiaofang said,Has unbuttoned the coat,There is a large white flower on the chest。
Xia Jian sees it,Hurriedly tilted his head to the side,Hard-hearted and said loudly:“finish dressing,Otherwise I will leave“
Xiaofang,Suddenly started crying,Xia Jian panicked even more,I didn’t move,Why are you crying?
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“You are bullying,Obviously look down on me,How can I say earlier,Why bother?”Xiaofang’s crying louder。
Hey!This is how to do?It’s all the ghosts of this hero,Now if someone comes in,It’s really yellow mud falling out of the crotch,It’s not shit, it’s shit。
Xia Jian is in a hurry,Can’t help but shout:“All right,Cry again, I will drive you out,As if what i did to you”
This sound really works,Xiaofang couldn’t help but stop crying,Choked and said:“I can’t go?Need to be so loud?Not just a boss?What’s so great,I have seen a lot of rich men”
Hey!It’s never ending,Xia Jian angrily said to Xiaofang who had already stood up:“Sit down sit down,Why it must be like this,Let’s drink tea together,Isn’t it good to chat??”
Xiaofang glanced at Xia Jian,Laugh with tears,She whispered:“I thought you looked down on me,Deliberately bullying,You say I am not sad”
“OK OK,Go to make up,I’m crying now,Like a tabby cat”Xia Jian smiled as he talked。
Xiaofang turned embarrassedly and went into the bathroom,at this time,Xiongji knocked on the door and walked in,He looked at Xia Jian,Haha smiled:“How about Mr. Xia,Is this girl doing well??”
“Not bad,very good!“Xia Jian is playing haha,Get off the bed,Sat on the sofa。

Chen Xiu’s palm as a sword,Cut out,The sword air suddenly carried invisible air,Suddenly a waterfall appeared in the sky,Suddenly with terrible power,Terrible。

In front of Chen Xiu’s knife,Dugu hurt finds herself proud“Sword of Wind”,I don’t know how to make a sword!
Promise sword is about to be cut,Dugu hurt too late to think,He yelled,The long sword in his hand trembled,Take a trick in the fast sword“Chasing stars”Cast it out。
He used this trick,The point of the sword actually carries a sword energy that is two feet long,It looks like it’s not much worse than Chen Xiu’s Promise Sword Qi。
The sword and the sword,Didn’t make a sound of Ding Ding Dangdang,Sent out,Is a sound of intense friction,Sparks splashing out。
“Horrible sword spirit,Is this the way to fight against three hundred tricks with innate realm masters?!”
“But not,Chen Xiu is still only simulating sword energy with his palm,If he uses a real knife,I’m afraid that Dugu injury has already lost!”
They thought wrong,After Chen Xiu practiced Yijin and forging bones,A copper skin and iron bone,In fact, the palm of the hand is no doubt as good as a normal sword。
At this moment, although he is firing the sword with his palm,No difference from using a knife。
of course,Except for the mysterious weapon like Xiaojian。
Dugu hurt only feels that Chen Xiu’s sword power is at its extreme,It blasted straight down from his head like a waterfall,The fast sword he was proud of was suppressed to no power,And the speed he is good at can’t be used,Can only stand still,Accept the impact of the sword abruptly。
He has first-class strength,Sword Qi blessed by more metallic laws,In theory, it should not be weaker than Chen Xiu’s sword spirit,But under desperate resistance,There is no life worry,His hair、clothes,Are all in a mess in the angry fight,Unusual embarrassment。
“Promise cut!”

Just then,Only listen to the two sounds……

“Oops,I can’t think of such a magical earth.,President to bake the wild boar?”
“kindness,No one around around,It is definitely the undoubtedly,Just when it is old days to reward our brothers!”
“Very hard。”
“Hey-hey,The little brother there,Don’t say we grab your wild pork,We are this……Wholly!”
I saw it.,It is exactly a good penalty,Along the way“Foraging”,Just saw the baked wild pig with dog hybrid。
They also saw the dog hybrids in the distance,only……They don’t care about this,I want to be aiming.,Will this be a self,Whenever you want,People don’t give。
However, waiting for them to see this,But I found a familiar person,So quickly“Wholly”Two。
However, their actions are fast,Walking with a twist,And step by step,But……Still when you have just taken the third step,Hold down the shoulders!
“have not seen you for a long time,Isn’t this Zhang Sanxie Li Si brother??”Chu Deirers also know,Zhang San Li four is only code,Can you still be called。
The two can’t see it.,I have turned it,And Chu Deirers:“It turned out to be Chu Lee,Really……Where is the world?!”
Two people smile,A sour face。
Chu Deirens also nor the yin and yang in Li Si,Trailing:“Are you coming to visit who is coming??In front of the village,There is a murderer,It seems to be hiding more fierce people,Be afraid of being discovered,Do you want to see?”
“Oh?That may be that the iron fork will not work.,Since Chu League is not charged,Then our brothers are welcome.。”
Two people said,I went to the direction of the Chu Deirers.。
“Chu Da Ge,Who is the two??You walk so fast.!”Dog hybrid said。
“Naturally, the iron fork will hide.。”Chu Dee people explained a sentence。
“It turns out that they are the sale of Laba porridge.?Why can’t their Laba porridge can’t sell it??I still have to find someone to drink.……”Dog hybrid shakes。
He also heard the people who heard the iron fork.,Is it necessary to hide?,Even if you jump to the sea, the turtle is eaten by sharks.……I will never drink Laba porridge!
Chu Deirers are really hard to explain this problem.,At this time, the dog hybrid suddenly:“Oops!After a while, we can’t go to the village.,I have seen a ship’s body is all flying fish.,All are sold by the sale of Laba porridge,Scary!”
Dog hybrids are now inner strength,In the original, the internal strength is still imposing good and fined two.,Just I have no master’s consciousness,See the rivers and lakes,The instinct is to hide。
belong……Pure good person,Seeing that it will take a hand, even if you don’t stand it.,But“Hear”Unopened,Will only hide far away,It can be said that it is a meaningful representative。
See the big sad old man being killed,He will stand up,I have to go to a small village after seeing the rivers and villains killed the boat.……The former did not have time to stop,The latter, he can’t catch up.,Baked wild boarside,Seeing the pedestrians will remind a sound。
Said that his urgency is certainly not right,Originally, the dog hybrids saw Ding no four ordered ordinary people.,Not thinking,But saying that he is not harmeted.,When someone wants to hurt him,He will be injured in others,Even if I have suffered some humiliation,Can you still do your hand?。
Strictly confidently,Have arrived。
Dog hybrid cooking is good,Although it is less than Huang Rong,But also“skilled”above,Can calm down,Skilling one thing,Where can I go?。
However, the Chu Deiren is just a taste——Statue is still based on salted fish drunk crabs!
Dog hybrids are curious,I also ask the Chu Deirers to eat some to eat.。
This beard is not small,Wang Yizhen and others are also enough……

Xu Run saw Hefeng give up and continue to attack,Very strange!

“estimate,It’s a problem”
Fu Long whispered,According to Hefeng’s previous personality,Haven’t said a word for so long,It must be something wrong with itself!
Xiao Meng on Fuming’s shoulder whispered:“Fuming,This guy is looking for problems in his body,I’m probably going to know the ban I placed on him soon!”
“How long can it last”
Fuming Heard.
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Five:Combat Skills,Shocked everyone!
Li Hengxing watched one person and one soul tell each other the suffering of lovesickness,Feeling helpless,As a person with a big spirit body,There is such a strong feeling in my heart,What a weird thing!
“Snow cloud。。。You are。。。”
Nangong Aoxue looked at Xueyun’s body more illusory,Looking at Li Hengxing with a deep panic and asking for help。
Li Hengxing sighed slightly:“Time is almost up,she was,time to go!”
Nangong Aoxue’s eyes are full of dismay,But there is plenty of satisfaction inside,At least,I saw Xueyun at the end!
Xueyun fell down,.

“but……Also strange,According to the selection criteria of Shengtianmen,Outer disciples should also be the pride of heaven。How come that Chen Dayou who got to the earth is so trash?”

Chen Xiu knows,RotiDefeat this thing everywhere,The more historic the old sect, the more so。
The reason why Chen Dayou was waste,Can still become the outer disciple of Shengtianmen,Relying on the back door of the foreign affairs elder and nephew。
Baiyun City。
This is an ancient and vibrant city,On the wide and neat streets,Countless shops,Crowded。
This is an extremely prosperous,Extremely commercial city。
The convoy came to the door of a big house。
On the Wishful Carriage。
Wan Ruyi exhaled a long breath,The air flow flies out like an arrow,Hit the silver car wall,Make a dull noise。
Red sleeve Xidao:“Miss,You recovered?”
Wan Ruyi shook his head,Said:“Not far,Just recovered a little bit of strength。If my root cause can be relieved,With our wealth and talents,It’s easy for me to cultivate to the innate state,I won’t be so embarrassed by Xu Wei when I was in Qingfeng Mountain!”
Red sleeves put your hands together,Said:“With the smart material of the lady,There must be a way to lift the curse of Wanjia’s bloodline。”
1168 Seduction
Wan Ruyi smiled,Said:“Hope so。This time I ventured to the land of the monster race for blood red lotus,Luckily,Got a treasure。But unfortunately I ran into Xu Wei on the way back。

“I do something in the county,Back to the factory in a while”Guo Meili said with a smile,It seems she didn’t lie。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Where you hurry up,We’ll see you in the factory later,I have something to discuss with you”Xia Jian said this deliberately,Without waiting for Guo Meili to answer,Hung up the phone。
How smart is Heiwa,Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,The car has slid out like an arrow,Made a beautiful curve,Drove smoothly on the road。
Xia Jian with a smile on his face,Thinking in my heart,This Guo Meili may never be expected,He has gone to Dongping Mining,And he also knew a lot of her secrets。
Half an hour later,Xia Jian and Heiwa appeared again at the gate of Dongping Mining,The security guard on duty has changed,I don’t even know that Heiwa has been here,He seriously registered,Then let go。
Once the car is parked,Xia Jian took Heiwa directly to the financial room on the second floor,at this time,It happened to be at three o’clock in the afternoon,The office is quiet,I only hear the sound of rustling through information。
A girl in her twenties came over,She asked with a smile:“Sir who are you looking for?”
Xia Jian was taken aback to remember,Wang Lin told him,Dongping Mining’s chief financial officer has resigned,The newcomer is a young woman,What is it called He Juan。
“Director Ho”Xia Jian said。
The girl smiled and said:“Please follow me”
The chief financial officer’s office hasn’t changed,There are just a few more potted flowers in the room,Looks very warm,It seems there are women,It feels different。
“Director He is looking for!“The girl yelled into the office。
From behind the data cabinet,Out of a thirties,A very sophisticated woman,She held the gold-rimmed mirror eye on the bridge of her nose,Asked with a frown:“What are you looking for?“
Heiwa takes a step forward,Speak loudly:“This is President Xia of Venture Group,Come to Dongping Mining for inspection“
“Ouch!Sit down,It’s a pity that I haven’t met the group boss,If you want to check the accounts,We have to wait until Mr. Guo comes back.”He Juan made a please gesture。
Xia Jian glanced at this woman,No more words,Sat on the sofa in the corner of the office。Heiwa’s eyes stared,A little unhappy to say:“You haven’t met Mr. Xia,I won’t call the group to check?”
“Don’t worry, this gentleman,Even if verified,Without Mr. Guo’s instructions,I can’t just show you this account,You should sit down and wait!”He Juan said,So I went to my own business。
Heiwa still wants to have an attack,Xia Jian motioned for him to sit down,He was thinking,This woman is so cowhide,It seems more difficult to deal with than the last financial director。
About a few minutes,Guo Meili suddenly opened the door of the financial room and walked in,She gasped and said:“Oh, Mr. Xia!So sorry,Sorry for the waitting”

And there is another big thing that Zhong Shan’s line will soon deal with。

“Palace Lord,The Bull Demon,We still have to prepare early。”Shanhe old man speaks,Under Li Ming,He is the highest realm among pure and true immortals。
The Bull Devil Fights Li Ming,This is not just a matter between Li Ming and the Bull Demon King。
This is also a contest between the two forces。
Not talking about fighting,At least it’s better than the last。
“It’s simple,The place where I will fight with the Heavenly Great Sage is at Lianyun Mountain in Heaven。”Li Ming chuckles,“The old man is probably afraid that I will set up a formation to deal with him,I send a clone。”
“Friends of Raene,You come to command a Seven Lunar God。”
“Shanhedao brother,You lead the eight Taoists,Put a big gossip array。”
“The other seven Taoists are in my pocket cave,If the bull demon leads the cloth to fight against me,When the time comes, we will fight in a big battle。”
The Gossip Array in the Three Realms,The amplitude is similar to the formation of the Seven Lunar Gods,It’s a very mature formation,It’s totally different from the gossip array in the universe。
Lay down this big array,The avatar of Li Ming Zhenxian can fully command the mana equivalent to the Qi Yaotian。
This is also the effective use of the mana of those true immortals with lower realm。
As for his other seven clones,Is also hidden in the cave,Control the Seven-Star Celestial Array。
Of course this is prepared,Once a war of strength between the two sides breaks out,I’m afraid the gods and gods here will die a lot。

“Ha ha!You take two beauties alone,Is it a bit too arrogant?!How about this!Leave one,We’ll let you go back,Otherwise, even you will stay”The short man said with a smile。

At this moment,Xi Zhen stepped forward,She laughed and said:“OK!Leave me!I see what you guys want to do?”
See a guy next to the short one,Haha laughed:“Come here beauties!What do we want,Do you know?”This guy said,La Xizhen。
Just listen to the snap,Xi Zhen suddenly attacked,Slapped this man on the face,Didn’t wait for him to react,Sweep away,This guy“Ouch”Bang,The man fell to the ground。
This group may never expect,A woman who looks so beautiful,The shot is so fierce。Say it’s too late,Xi Zhen has already pounced on,Use fists and feet,For a while, that guy couldn’t stand it。
A few more screams,A few more people lay on the ground。But which short one is fine,Slowly forced up,Xi Zhen couldn’t help him。
Xia Jian sees it,Dare not neglect,Because of bad light,If you don’t take the initiative,When all these people attack,The situation is a bit bad,Because Guo Meili can’t fight at all。
Thought of here,Xia Jian jumped up in two steps,Left fist shakes slightly,Right fist strikes like lightning。Who among,A guy can’t avoid it,Just heard a scream,The whole person flew out like a kite with a broken wire。
Xia Jianyi shot,It’s done in one go,After three or two tricks,There is only a short man left, where is he fighting with Xi Zhen。Xia Jian sees the right time,Rushed over in one step,Left foot vacated and kicked out。
Short man with hands in a chain,Although every move was prevented by him,But people have withdrawn four or five steps away。Xia Jian knew that this guy turned out to be a soldier,Good basic skills,If this is general,I lay on the ground and howled long ago。
Xia Jian shook his body,When I was about to pounce on again。I saw the short man whispered:“withdraw”I saw the guys who fell on the ground,Suddenly stood up,Ran away without a trace after the short man。
Xia Jian is afraid that something else will happen,Hurriedly took Xi Zhen and Guo Meili and left which alley quickly,On the street,Xia Jian realized that he was a little aggressive just now。
“Hey!President Xia,I found that these people came prepared,Should have been watching us long ago。The reason they are looking for is the reason for the fight,Obviously made trouble on purpose。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Your analysis is good,That’s exactly what it is“
“You only came to Pingdu for a few days,Plus tonight is the second time。This matter is worth considering,Is it a ghost made by the Wang family in your village??“Guo Meili lowered her voice and asked。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“This thing is not simple,It’s hard to draw conclusions for a while,But don’t worry,They are all coming for me“
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