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In the crash course of the head of Kong, Inter Milan gradually recovered himself

In the “crash course” of the head of Kong, Inter Milan gradually recovered himself
The new coach Contire is very popular.Picture / Visual China Inter Milan, who returned to the Champions League in May last year, after a short period of joy, immediately experienced the dangers of the rivers and lakes, and they encountered the “death group” of their last wheel overturn.This season, the Inter Milan group stage is still poorly signed Inter, but after a flat start, gradually recovered himself.With the 2-0 defeat of Dortmund this morning, after jumping to the second of the group, the Nerazzurri sailed out of the dangerous beach.This season, with the board’s spare no effort to invest, and the new coach Contire, the fierce and popular training, that heart is higher than the sky, hit the thin blue and black army.”New Inter” is coming.There is not much good news for Inter Milan before it is expected to tame the Hornet Champions League confidence to win the Champions League group stage against Dortmund.After losing the national derby with Juventus, the Nerazzurri lost the Serie A “leader” position and took the second place, and the rest time was one day shorter than Dortmund.Sanchez, who had a dislocated toe, hung up a free card, and midfielder Sensi, who had a thigh muscle injury, was also absent.”We just want to get 3 points and never let Dort go back.Conte, who gave his nickname “Head of the Hole”, showed his belief in winning before the match, which is not common among previous Inter coaches.The last person who spoke in this way led Inter Milan to win 3 crowns.In this life-and-death battle where the generals still have to score 3 points, Conte once again showed the true character of “dare to say bet”.Except for the three central defenders who can’t move with the thunder, the two wingbacks Asamoah and Candreva are both midfielders. Conti is more important than the defense for the two’s running and coverage and their strength on the other side.The restrictions of Sancho, Brandt and others, as the game went deeper, the rhythm finally returned to Conte’s expectations.The whole game fell, and the Inter Milan ball control rate at home was 16% less, but the shots and shots were parallel to the opponent. Only 461 passes have a 88% success rate, which also shows the simplicity of Inter Milan ‘s play.The three-line connection is compact.Even though the “Bumblebee” is also known for attacking the East and not the West, but the whole game, the Bundesliga runner only shot 2 times and did not have an excellent chance to break the goal.2-0, 0 opponents, with the advantage of mutual confrontation and returned to the second team of Inter, came out of the first game was tied by Prague Slavia, the second game regretted losing the shadow of Barcelona, out of the line turned into a crisis.Inter Milan’s qualifying indicators have turned safe.Figure / Visual China transforms running undead kicks instead of abandoning old styles. “We have a great coach. He has been on the team for 100 days. We support him 200% and 300%.”After defeating many outstanding players this summer, Zhang Kangyang, Inter’s” Young Master “, was overwhelmed with excitement after signing the contract with Conte.Admittedly, Juventus ‘s former contributor to the former revival of Juve ‘s former rivals, and in the last season of Chelsea, he and seniors, players and peers were too old to die, but Conte was certainly just for his own use, but it was the best long-term “quick” in the entire European continentOne of the coaches.Although the Nerazzurri Air Force seldom uses the 352 formation, and there are not many players who meet Conte ‘s requirements, but in only five months, Conte ‘s “run undead” kick has completed a perfect graft on Inter.Delving into Conte’s road to fame, the huge coverage of the midfield and high-intensity running have always been one of its characteristics.Marquisio of Juventus, Kanter of Chelsea are all so.Today, it is Brozovic who is Inter Milan’s “eye”. As the starter of the Nerazzurri’s longest running distance per game this season, the ubiquitous combatants make the opponent particularly uncomfortable, if not consumed on an equal basisRestricting “B Ronaldo” comes at the cost of being robbed by Inter Milan and arrogant.So far this season, in addition to Juventus, who is relatively familiar with Conte’s tactics, achieved this goal, as strong as Barcelona, but only by Messi and Suarez’s personal abilities to barely complete the turnaround.In the chaotic world, the heavy code is used, and the fierce medicine takes the pill.Conte’s strength is precisely what Inter Milan lacks-defensive focus, because the team has conceded the second-lowest number of goals in the first 8 rounds of Serie A and Juventus; the striker has improved efficiency and the firepower output is second only to the more flowering Atlanta.More importantly, Conte advocated the “dog fighting spirit”, so that the Inter Milan generals’ desire to win was unprecedentedly stimulated.Admittedly, when Spalletti was coaching, the average age of the Nerazzurri was not big, but there was a “veteran style” on the court. Not only was he “teachable” when he was in a strong dialogue, facing the hardships of leagues such as Sassuolo,Often, they have never been discouraged and have been completely discouraged.Compared with AC Milan, who is still superstitious about the team’s reputation, and has refused to face the reality, Inter has already been one step ahead.Lautaro became Inter Milan’s U23 player in the Champions League.Figure / Sports new nuclear Laotaro broke out in a row to devote to the era of Spalletti, Inter is certainly at the same time sitting in the Serie A giants, but the former captain Icardi is the team ‘s most reliable weapon for grabbing points.”People” were misfired or injured, and Inter attacked habitually.After Conte appeared in Meazza, the first person he ordered was Lukaku.Although only handed over 45 bleak 15-game transcripts at Manchester United last season, they are strong, but the “little Warcraft” who is used to pulling the edge is the most mobile pawn in Conti’s double forward formation.During the dialogue, the Belgian’s response, containment and fulcrum value cannot be expected. It is precisely the advantage that Air Force Inter Milan has made them rare.The sudden effect of Icardi’s departure was almost replaced by the outbreak of fellow Lautaro Martinez.Height 1.The 74-meter Lan Heixin 10 is an equally reliable “small steel cannon”. Compared to his eldest brother, Lautaro is better at fighting tough battles, and has the ability to resist incompatibility with his height. He also runs on the field.More diligent.The Champions League faced Barcelona and Dortmund’s strong enemies, Lautaro was the first to win.After becoming Martins in 2005, he was the second U23 player to break Inter Milan in the Champions League for two consecutive games.Now it seems that the team rejected Barcelona’s offer in the summer and chose to make room for Lautaro’s growth. It is really wise.Although the two strikers have no counterpoint substitutes, the thickness of Inter Milan’s frontcourt is still considerable.In addition to Sanchez, who was loaned from Manchester United, the bright young teenager Esposito during the summer warm-up and former international Politano can also form a “dwarf front.”The penalty missed by Lautaro came from Esposito’s breakthrough, and the other one was replaced by Lukaku.The coach is courageous and the players have long faces.With the depth of double-line combat, Conte’s division and combination will be more comfortable.Afterwards, the winter window wants to be strengthened and eventually upgrades to hire Conti and General Manager Marotta two “Juventus”, Inter has solved a coupled “Kowloon water control” chaos situation.However, no matter how savvy the leaders are, they still have to rely on players to implement them.In the past few seasons, Inter, which has suffered from the financial fairness law, has been unable to play in the ball market, but after reaching a settlement with UEFA this summer, the team immediately spent 1.With 5.5 billion euros in reinforcements, Serie A is only behind Juventus.The team first introduced the iron-blooded central defender Godin from Atletico Madrid, and then grabbed the new national team Barrera in the competition with Rome, and the small commander Sensi.Lukaku and Sanchez, the former Manchester United partner, are certainly expensive, but they also bring valuable experience and richness.In fact, players such as Naingoran, Perisic, Miranda, Icardi, etc. who are getting older or who do not match the club’s philosophy have left the team in a flexible manner, and have also “weighted down” and improved the teamThe team’s strength in the future operation of the ball market.But even so, Conte is still not satisfied with the existing length.At the moment, Vidal and Rakitic, who are not popular in Barcelona, have entered Inter Milan ‘s “recruitment radar”-the former has passed the Juventus inspection, and is also known for its omnipotence.As far as Inter is experienced, it is a useful supplement.Inter Milan, who introduced Eto’o, Milito, Lucio, Mota and other generals 10 years ago, did they achieve the goal of dominating Europe with similar ideas?Overview / Editor Yang Jian Wang Xihuang

The actors shouted that there was no drama, why did Wang Kai not stop working?丨 Picture Gallery

The actors shouted that there was no drama, why did Wang Kai not stop working?丨 Picture Gallery
Not long ago, the young actors who participated in “Actors in Place” lamented that they had not acted in the show for a long time, which once again aroused public attention to the survival of the actors.Earlier this year, the Mesozoic generations such as Haiqing and Yao Chen initially made a major appearance at the FIRST Youth Film Festival to give more opportunities to the middle-aged throughout the year.What kind of actors have acting?Sauna Nights has compiled statistics on 97 episodes to be broadcast next year (2020) and their male and female protagonists, and found that among the 30 actors with more than 2 dramas to be broadcast next year, most of them have been in the last 3-5 years.Starred in over-drafted dramas, and 80% of them graduated from the three major colleges of China Opera, Nortel, and Shanghai Opera.Why do actors call out without acting?After interviewing the film and television production company and the relevant persons of the artist brokerage company, Sauna Night Network found that, in addition to the sluggishness of the film and television industry, the overall job opportunities have been reduced.Any role in the body.Among the recent works, the 30 actors who are most favored for graduation from professional colleges and included in this statistic, there will be at least two episodes starring them in 2020 to be broadcast.Among them, there are 18 male actors and 12 juniors. The age span ranges from 19 to 45 years old.The initial focus is on the 20+, 30+ age groups, and those who are over 40 years old will choose to act as the star.There are four 40+ male actors, including Pan Yueming, Guo Jingfei, Tong Dawei, and Jin Dong.Of the 30 actors, 24 are from my own three-year-old top three institutions of higher learning-the Central Academy of Drama, Beijing Film Academy and Shanghai Drama Academy, which have trained professionals in the film and television industry, accounting for up to 80%.Pan Yueming starred in “The Man in the Game”.The picture comes from the network. Although in the impression of people, some traffic stars, even if they are not from the class, continue to find movies, but this statistical result shows that the professional background of the actor is still very important.At the same time, most of the 30 actors have been given job opportunities in recent years, have always had their works broadcast, and have starred in over-popular TV series in the last 3-5 years.For example, Wang Kai, with three dramas to be broadcast next year, “Pretender” and “Langya List” in 2015, “If Snails Have Love” in 2016, and “Dajiang Dahe” in 2018; Pan Yueming, which also has three dramas to be broadcastIn 2017, there was “White Night Chasing the Murder”, in 2019 there was “Ghost Blowing Lantern Qing Xiangxi”; next year there are two dramas to be broadcast Huang Jingyu, there is an explosive drama “Ice Breaking Action” in the first half of 2019, and roughly participated in 2018The annual explosive movie “Red Sea Action”, the 2019 movie “The Moment of Victory”; Guo Jingfei played this year’s explosive drama “All Very Good”; Xiao Zhan even became famous with “Chen Qingling” in the first battle.First and foremost, Jiang Shuying and Yang Zi are the heroines of this year’s hot summer dramas “Full Time Master” and “Dear, Love” respectively; Wu Jinyan is the heroine of the 2018 explosive drama “Yanxi Raiders”, Tong YaoStarred in 2018 “Dajiang Dahe” . The small words of a film and television company as a production assistant analyzed to reporters, and the performance of well-known works was indeed a very positive factor in casting.“Representatives who have played explosive models are well-known and popular, and the producer will feel that the actor is in the ascendant period. There are other ways to help him choose the script, and it is easier for investors to recognize it.”Actors who graduated from professional colleges, many seniors in the circle are alumni, there are naturally more opportunities for recommendation and introduction, and the director is also relieved to use them.”Performance requires professionalism, after all, from the Chinese opera, Shanghai opera or Nortel. The director knows how far you can go, but at least you know your level will not fall below a bottom line.This is still very important for time-critical TV series projects. I really do n’t have time to train new people.”The actors will not act, the two main reasons are 1, the industry is in a sluggish job opportunity, and the actor’s emotions are reduced. It is not necessarily a show.According to the news released on the Shanghai TV drama production and broadcasting annual meeting on March 5, this year, the number of new dramas has been steadily decreasing. In 2017, there were 241 domestically produced new dramas, and in 2018 there were only 194, the lowest in 10 years.The report “China TV Drama Vane Report 2019” released this month shows that the number of TV series and episodes recorded in the State Administration of Radio and Television from January to September this year have decreased compared with the same period last year, reducing 240 and 10612 episodes.At least a drop of 27.1% and 30.1%.Among them, the reduction in the number of episodes is related to the rectification of the “water-injection drama”, but the decrease in the number of recorded TV dramas means that the future drama projects will be replaced.Under the cold winter of film and television, the decrease in the number of upstream film and television productions will naturally lead to the shrinking of downstream job opportunities.I ‘ve starred in some of the explosive works before, and the head actors who have already established their personal brands are relatively less impacted. They are still able to act as male and female heroes, but the number of projects that come to the door is reduced, and the cost will be certain.The degree of reduction.It was those young actors who had just made their debut, or had not debuted for a few years, but had not become “top streamers”.Wang Tianchen, the star of “The Caller of Time and Space” graduated from the drama, he admitted in an interview with Sauna Night Network that he often communicated with his classmates recently and asked each other how long it has been since the filming.”There will be pressure, but I think, why is there no filming?The severe winter in the industry is a factor, but I still have to find my own reasons. There are some things I have not done very well.”Artist broker A Guan revealed that a week ago he took the company’s first female pilot to play a show.When I arrived at the casting company, I found that there were many actors who tried this role. There were several rooms in the waiting area, and many of them were familiar faces.”Several of them have played female, female and female in small and famous dramas. Everyone is standing around and waiting for a name trial, which was impossible before.At that moment I realized the coldness of the film and television winter.”A Guan Air Force also took the company’s young actor to Hengdian to try the second man of an IP drama.The director was very satisfied, but made it clear that what he said was not counted. The platform and producer were the key.Later, the actors recommended by the platform got this role.Starring in “Lonely City”, Wang Kai and Jiang Shuying are famous.The picture comes from Internet 2. Does personal expectations not match the market demand? Are actors really not acting?Fang Fang, vice president of Penguin Films & TV, said in an interview with Sauna Nightnet at the 2nd “First Heart List” that there are many episodes produced by the video website every year and there is a demand for actors of any type.”From a platform perspective, a large number of different types of scripts are needed, both youth idols and realism.”The type of play is different, and the demands on the characters are also different.We will choose from a large number of newcomers in film and television companies. Whether we can finally come out depends on whether we can seize the opportunity.”” Actor Please Be In Place “brought up the topic of the young actor’s lack of acting, and some netizens questioned that many actors are not acting without even the protagonist he / she wants to play.What I said is that a good actor can perform anything. In fact, he took the screenwriter into the composition and changed the script. Before the screening / opening of the contest, there was not a lot to do.Xiaoyan said that she has seen similar situations in rewriting the script, but it must be a first-line star actor to have such strength. Only the young actors who have played females, males and males in the online dramas and are not “top stream”Without this “bargaining power”, they are more in the chosen position.From the outside, it is not possible to play the leading role, but also to play a small supporting role is another option; it is not good to play the female one, the mother of the female one is also good, it is better than no acting.But for the actors in it, this is not a simple multiple choice question.”Self-falling is a very difficult thing, which means publicly admitting that you can’t.In this industry, one step is not the next, but one step back, and every step in the future may be downhill, and there are very few that can bottom out.”A Guan sympathizes with the actors who entered the film industry a few years ago when it was the hottest in the film and television industry.”The contention between the market feedback and personal expectations is too far, and the psychological gap is very large, it is difficult to adjust. “Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie Editor Tong Na proofread Zhao Lin

Hengshun Vinegar Industry (600305): Price increase will lead to stable growth

Hengshun Vinegar Industry (600305): Price increase will lead to stable growth

Brief evaluation of performance The company achieved operating income in 2019Q14.

60 billion, previously +15.

15%; net profit attributable to mother 0.

72 billion, previously +21.

66%; EPS 0.

092 yuan / share.

The increase in operating analysis led to high revenue growth in Q1 and a new high gross profit margin: the company’s revenue in the first quarter increased by 15.

15% is the brightest quarter of the company’s revenue growth in recent years.

The company’s Q1 revenue growth exceeded expectations mainly benefited from the initial price increase on five varieties.

45% -15.

04%, and Q1 received 0 funds in advance.

5.3 billion, ranking up 17 in the same period last year.

7%, dealers are still active in making payments, and multiple price increases have been smooth, which has also ensured steady growth in 2019 performance.

The price increase also drove the company’s gross profit margin to a new high, and the company achieved a gross profit margin of 43 in Q1 2019.

77%, an increase of 3 compared with the same period last year and before.

53 and 1.

58 units, with improved cost control capabilities.

The company’s Q1 inventory turnover rate and accounts receivable turnover rate were 0.

88 and 3.

85, respectively, compared with the same period last year increased by 0.

13 and 0.

1 average, improving operating turnover efficiency.

The expense ratio increased slightly during the period, with a net interest rate of 15.

82%: The company’s 2019Q1 sales expenses were released 0.

7.5 billion, cost expenses 16.

36%, an increase of 1 over the same period last year.

The 27 singles are expected to be related to increasing the company’s marketing expenses after the price increase, and speeding up the rationalization of the price system.

Company management expenses 6.

4%, a decline of 0 per year.

The total of nine management expenses is more effective. At the same time, the company spent 12.5 million R & D expenses in the first quarter, which is much higher than the same period last year, and more funds are used for innovation and development.

At the same time, the company’s Q1 interest income and investment income were 330,000 and 77.30 million, respectively, both shrinking from the same period last year, and the efficiency of fund management improved.

The improvement of overall operating efficiency in the first quarter drove the company to achieve a net profit margin.

82%, an increase of 1 each year.

02 units.

The price increase is expected to be favorable for 2019 and continue to restore growth: The price increase will drive high growth in the first quarter and achieve a “starting point”. The market for price increases in the first quarter is well digested. It is expected that all new prices will be implemented in the second to fourth quarters and it is expected to drive 2019 Continuous growth in initial results.

In 2019, improving the company’s internal quality and efficiency is an important strategic goal. It is expected that the improvement of management efficiency will continue, promote the company’s transformation and upgrade, and continue to recover.

Earnings forecast We expect the company to achieve revenue from 2019-2021.


6.6 billion, +11 in ten years.

7% / + 10.

8% / + 8.

1%; net profit attributable to mother 3.



07 billion, +13 in ten years.

4% / 8.

9% / 8.

1%; realized profit 0.

44 yuan / 0.

48 yuan / 0.

52 yuan, the current corresponding PE is expected to be 29X / 27X / 25X, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risks indicate that capacity construction is not up to expectations, market competition is intensifying, and raw material prices are at risk

Jiuyang shares (002242) 2019 first quarterly report comments: clear growth momentum, performance returns to a stable growth cycle

Jiuyang shares (002242) 2019 first quarterly report comments: clear growth momentum, performance returns to a stable growth cycle

Event: Jiuyang Co., Ltd. released the first quarter report of 2019, with total operating income of 1.8 billion yuan in Q1 2019, +14 over the same period.

7%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

63 trillion, ten years +10.

9%, deducting non-attributed net profit1.

54 ppm, +8 for ten years.


The company also disclosed that Ms. Han Run was elected as the vice chairman of the company.

Revenue maintained a rapid growth and profitability declined slightly, in line with market expectations. Total operating revenue for the first quarter of 2019 was $ 1.8 billion, +14 per year.

7%, basically continued the revenue growth rate of 2018H2 (+13.

8%), and slightly improved, in line with market expectations.

In terms of breakdown, 19Q1 domestic sales revenue increased by about 10%, of which online growth was still faster than offline, but offline channels maintained positive growth.

The export of related-party transactions to SharkNinja has become a new revenue increase. It is estimated that this part of orders in 19Q1 will contribute about 100 million revenue increase.

19Q1 new products temporarily reduced temporarily, it is expected to have a significant contribution from 19Q2.

The cost bonus and the increase in expenses offset the profitability fluctuating slightly.

Benefiting from the decline in raw material prices since 2018Q4, the company’s gross profit margin increased by 1 in 19Q1.

2pct to 32.

7%, meanwhile, the sales / management / R & D / financial expense ratios are +0 respectively.

3 / + 0.

9 / + 0.

4 / + 0.

1pct, investment income increased by about 11.1 million, 19Q1 interest rates increased, and the net interest rate in the single quarter shifted slightly by 0.

3 points to 9.

1%, net profit attributable to mother increased by ten years.

9%, slightly lower than the growth rate of income.

The 19Q1 receivables project still has obvious growth, and the budget received in advance has only increased by 5% every quarter, which is expected to be related to the increase in credit of some dealers.

Stocks are delivered at the end of 18 years, and stocks are available in 2019Q15.

700 million, down 1 from the previous month.

800 million.

Performance outlook: clear growth momentum, performance return to a stable growth cycle, revenue forecast: transformation of the company’s products and brand upgrades, innovation results are accelerating into business results, and channels have entered a positive cycle after preliminary adjustments. It is expected that we will fully cooperate with the company to deepen its self-development.There are channel layouts that continue to drive the company back to the growth track.

In addition, the coordinated development with SharkNinja will contribute new growth points.

We expect the company’s revenue to still reach 10 in 2019?
15% growth.

Net profit outlook: The increase in the proportion of high-priced product revenue is expected to boost the company’s gross profit margin. Although the company will continue to promote brand advertising and channel support, the reduction of the World Cup advertising and other advertising budgets is expected to reduce the sales expense ratio, which is expected to deductThe profit growth rate will increase in 19Q2, but due to the 18 years of non-recurring income conversion leading to a higher profit base, it is expected that 杭州桑拿网 the growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers in 19 will still be slower than the income growth rate.

Performance entered a steady growth cycle.

We expect that the management team will be able to complete the performance appraisal indicators for increasing the stock incentive plan in 2019 with a high probability: in 2019, it will gradually surpass no less than 11%, and in 2019, its net profit will gradually increase no less than 8%.

New growth momentum is expected to gradually emerge.

In 2017, the company’s controlling shareholder completed the acquisition of the American vacuum cleaner TapSharkNinja, taking a step towards global layout. While adhering to the development strategy of “Positioning the Kitchen and Upgrading the Kitchen” of the Jiuyang brand, the controlling shareholder is expected to expand through the global map and make a breakthrough in China.The growth rate of the small kitchen appliances market, at the same time, through the coordinated development of overseas resources and Jiuyang shares, to provide Jiuyang shares with new growth momentum.

After adjusting and trying the profit forecast, estimation and rating in 2016-17, the company’s “value marketing” strategy began to bear fruit, and the company’s revenue returned to a stable growth cycle.
In 19Q1, the company’s revenue and profit maintained double-digit growth, deducting non-performance and entering a stable growth cycle, and new growth momentum is expected to be realized.
Maintain 2019 EPS forecast to 1.



41 yuan, corresponding to PE is 20/18/15 times, corresponding to the current price of the company’s dividend rate is about 4%, with sufficient margin of safety, as the performance returns to a stable growth cycle, the market is expected to recognise the company’s high-quality consumer goods attributes, asset value existsReassessment is possible and maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: 1. Domestic demand is less than expected; 2. Localization of new brands is slow; 3. Market competition is intensified

Comment on Shuke (603019) Semi-annual Report 2019: Independent and Controllable Smooth Advancement of Leadership

Comment on Shuke (603019) Semi-annual Report 2019: Independent and Controllable Smooth Advancement of Leadership

I. Event Overview In the first half of 2019, the company achieved operating income of 46.

07 million yuan, an increase of 35 in ten years.

28%; realized net profit attributable to mother 2.

30,000 yuan, an increase of 39 in ten years.

14%; deduction of non-net profit1.

30,000 yuan, an increase of 44 in ten years.

41深圳桑拿网%, higher than 21 in the first half of 2018.


Second, analyze and judge the rapid growth of revenue and verify the progress of expansion, and the independent and controllable leader to replace and further strengthen the company’s Haiguang Information to achieve operating income in the first half of the year.

25 trillion, an increase of 765 over the same period last year.

38%, an increase of 99 over the previous 18 years.

12%, rapid growth in revenue may indicate that the mass production of chips is smooth, and the scale is constantly expanding.

While the autonomous and controllable process continues to advance, Haiguang Information’s own operating conditions have improved, with net profit of 71.65 million yuan in the first half, and a cumulative decrease of 35 million yuan in 18 years.

In the face of overseas 杭州桑拿 fluctuations, the company mitigated the impact on production and operations by finding alternative parts and adjusting production plans, ensuring that Haiguang’s performance continued to improve.

We are optimistic about the company’s advantages in the chip field. Through the continuous increase of chip expansion, the company is expected to play a role in domestic office replacement and business.

The server and storage business continued to develop, and technological advancement and industry landing went hand in hand. In terms of server products, the company’s Dawning I980-G30 eight-way server set a new world record for the SpecCPU benchmark test in February 2019. At the same time, it kept up with technology development trends and launched edge-oriented computer roomsAnd operator application edge computing servers.

According to IDC data, Sugon X86 server expansion share reached 11%, exceeding 9 in 2018.

2%, the market indirectly continues to increase.

In terms of storage products, the company’s distributed block storage software XStor can meet the diverse needs of users and achieve landing in many fields such as finance, scientific research, and transportation.

The company’s storage products reported in the report won the “Agricultural Bank of China’s 2019-2020 Storage Equipment Procurement Project” and won major customer projects reflecting its strength.

The advantages of the field of supercomputing continued, and the industry service achieved a breakthrough. In June 2019, the company released the latest generation of silicon cubic liquid-cooled supercomputers at the ISC19 conference in Germany, and the relevant technology is in a leading position.

At the same time, in the newly released TOP500 list of the world’s highest computers, the company’s developed supercomputing system ranked third in the list, and the industry continued to lead.

Relying on its accumulation in cloud computing and high-end computer fields, the company fully participates in the local government’s government informationization and smart city construction by building urban cloud brains and building big data platforms for government affairs.And successfully won the “Top Ten Solution Providers for Smart Policing”.

Third, the investment suggestion company is a leading company in the domestic server field and one of the companies with core technology in the field of independent control.

In the context of the continuous advancement of domestic substitution, the company has given priority to continue to benefit.

According to this interim report, the company’s EPS in 19-21 is adjusted to 0.



37, corresponding PE is 46X, 32X, 24X.

The average PE (ttm) of the company in the past three years is 88X, and the current PE (ttm) is 64X, maintaining the “recommended” level.

Fourth, the risk reminder: the competition in the server industry has intensified, and chip output has fallen short of expectations.

Fuling mustard (002507): The work of channel sinking is firm and various tasks are advancing steadily

Fuling mustard (002507): The work of channel sinking is firm and various tasks are advancing steadily

Event: Recently, we visited Fuling Mustard Huafu Production Plant and Baiheliang Production Plant and exchanged ideas with the company.

The channel sales of existing companies have gradually returned to normal levels, and office fission and channel sinking are progressing steadily, waiting for the fundamental improvement brought by the company’s channel changes.

  Channel inventory gradually recovered to 南宁桑拿normal levels.

The short-term normal inventory level of the company channel is 1-1.

Between 5 months.

The value of 2019Q1 climbed to 2 months at its peak. Currently, channel margins have been optimized through the marginal improvement of mobile sales, and has gradually recovered to 1.

5 month level.

  The channel sinking goal is clear and it is advancing steadily.

Looking forward to the new round of the company’s development cycle, in terms of operating environment, the return of the labor population is the most significant difference from the previous cycle.

Considering that the core reason for the company’s short-term growth and growth lies in the return of the labor population in controlled South China and the lag in channel construction in third- and fourth-tier cities, the company formulated clear channel sinking targets.

At present, the company’s offices have increased from 34 to 67, and the additional offices have initially covered the third and fourth tier cities.

Unlike the 2013 method of radiating low-tier cities through dealers in provincial cities, the company’s channel sinking in this round gradually strengthened the company’s control over the terminal.Do through the low-line market.

As of May this year, the marketing management staff of the office is basically in place. Considering that the new dealers are listed in the original provincial dealers, the scale has been reduced, and the professional team and related experience have been spent. The company has adopted a “nanny style” for new dealers.”Training, through organizing marketing activities, such as tasting, promotion, etc., to smooth the way for new dealers.

  Recognize the development of new channels such as takeaways and group meals, and adhere to brand building: Considering the changes in dining and shopping for young people, the company has expanded the development of new channels such as takeaways and group meals, and has asked dealers to connect with emerging channels.
Although the growth has increased, the company continued to maintain steady expenses for brand building, and cooperated with the marathon under the slogan of “sports and good partners” to create new consumption scenarios.

  The quantity and price of raw materials are stable, and the cost side remains stable.

Taking into account the high yield of cabbage, the purchase price is maintained at a low range of 700-800 yuan / ton. From this point of view, the cost side will continue to remain stable.

  Earnings forecast and investment grade: We maintain our company’s net profit earnings forecast for 2019-21 to 7.



14 ppm, an increase of 13 in ten years.杭州桑拿网

27% / 16.

30% / 16.

36%, the corresponding EPS is 0.



28 yuan, the current sustainable corresponding PE is 23x / 20x / 17x.

Maintain the “overweight” rating.

  Risk reminder: food safety, terminal acceptance is lower than expected after price increase, raw material price fluctuation risk.

Depth-Company-CCB Research Group (002398): Fourth-quarter results change slightly, main industry growth is good

Depth * Company * Jianyan Research Group (002398): Fourth-quarter performance changes slightly, main industry growth trend

The company released its 2018 annual report with temporary revenue of 27.

15 trillion, the same increase of 35.

94%; net profit attributable to mother 2.

49 trillion, an increase of 30.

37%; EPS0.

36 yuan, an increase of 28.


Shanghai and Hainan inspections missed expectations and asset impairment dragged down fourth-quarter results, but the growth of the main business is good and is expected to remain.

The main points of the support level are that the expected performance is better, and the detection and impairment have dragged down the performance: the company’s 2018 performance reached a new high, but the fourth quarter revenue was 8.

2.8 billion, an increase of 24.

87%; net profit attributable to mother 0.

46 trillion, the same minus 20.


The growth rate was significantly shifted from the previous month.

The first is that the Shanghai and Hainan regional inspection business has not been carried out as expected, resulting in a decrease in revenue; and the company’s Shanghai Zhongpu Inspection and Beijing Prospecting Institute accrued an impairment of about 10 million yuan and 佛山桑拿网 Kanglian imagined an impairment of 9.9 million yuan.A bit of a drag.

The company’s other businesses are normal, and the management expense ratio has decreased year by year1.

56 points, cash ratio increased, debt ratio increased by 4.

77pct, other indicators of financial reports are basically stable.

The water-reducing agent business is still strong, and the market share reaches the first in the market: the company gradually produces and sells 95 water-reducing agents, of which the third-generation water-reducing agent accounts for 70%.

The unit price per ton is 2,050 yuan, and the gross profit per ton is close to 480 yuan.

Water reducing agent, as the company’s main business, has been incorporated into the new high level of housing starts and has continued to expand and improve market share.

It is expected that 青岛夜网 future sales volume will reach the first in the market.

The layout of the two-wheel drive is reasonable, and the performance growth point still exists: Southwest, as the company’s superplasticizer advantage area, will gradually increase its penetration in the future; Zhejiang, as the main subdivided key area, has also made significant progress in its performance, and expected more capacity growth in the future.

The transformation of inspection business The acquisition and promotion of Hebei Pu’an and Shanghai Zhonghe are also expected to restart.

The number of projects under construction has increased after the construction of the currently completed houses exceeded expectations. The demand for water reducing agents has been steadily supported, and the company has no worries about product placement.

It is estimated that considering the company’s future growth expectations, we slightly increase our performance expectations. It is expected that the company’s revenue will be 29 in 2019-2021.

02, 31.

63, 33.

4.7 billion; net profit attributable to mothers was 3.

46, 4.

18, 4.

52 trillion; EPS is 0.

500, 0.

604, 0.

652, maintain the company’s buy rating.

The main risks faced by the rating: The performance of the acquiring company is worse than expected, the demand for housing and construction is reduced, and the cost of raw materials changes

The top ten symptoms of pregnancy need to be carefully identified

The top ten symptoms of pregnancy need to be carefully identified

During pregnancy, many of the same changes occur in the human body, but not all changes are normal pregnancy phenomena. In some cases, it may indicate that there are certain problems in the body of the pregnant woman. In this case, you need to see a doctor in time.

But you also need to learn to distinguish between normal phenomena without putting too much pressure on yourself.

It’s important to know that certain symptoms may require a rush to the hospital for examination, and some are normal pregnancy phenomena.

The following ten symptoms should be carefully identified by expectant mothers.

  First, drip bleeding “Any bleeding during pregnancy, you have to know where the source is,” said Francis Zhang, an obstetrician and gynecologist.

  In the 8th week of pregnancy, speckle-like bleeding is usually a normal complication of implantation in the uterus.

  If you have recently had sex or a cervical infection, bleeding may also be caused by a vaginal tear without harming your normal pregnancy.

  If you have a little bleeding and pain, it may mean you have an ectopic pregnancy.

Bleeding may also indicate that your cervix is getting shorter or more open, a warning of miscarriage or first placenta.

Regardless of what you think might be the cause, you should ask a doctor at this time.

  Second, contractions Many pregnant women who are mothers for the first time worry about contractions of Braxton Hicks. It is not like contractions, but painless and irregular.

  Braxton Hicks contractions can occur during the second trimester, but often in the third trimester.

If you still have dehydration, you may feel it more easily.

  Feeling contractions during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy may also mean that you have a urinary tract infection or a yeast infection.

If your contractions appear painful and regular, you need to see a doctor.

  Third, when the movement of the oxides slows down or stops for 17 to 18 weeks, you will start to notice the movements of the baby in the belly, and you may feel as if you are shaking.

Baby kicking mother’s belly and other actions will gradually strengthen through the duration of pregnancy. About 24 weeks, you may notice that he will be relatively quiet during the day and more active at night.

  If you notice your baby’s movements, try drinking a glass of ice water or orange juice.

Because temperature changes or sudden sugar stimuli can also make your baby move.

Or you can lie in bed for 5 minutes twice a day and count your baby’s exercise count.

If you do less than 5 movements in half an hour, your baby needs attention.

  Fourth, leg pain pregnancy increases the possibility of deep venous thrombosis, it is an important factor that causes blood clots and may be life threatening.

With the increase of progesterone in expectant mothers during pregnancy, the leg veins also expand, and the increase in blood supply causes the blood flow to the legs to slow down.

If you suffer from calf pain, you need to be alert.

  Fifth, depression According to data from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, about 14% to 23% of women suffer from depression during pregnancy.

If you have depression now, you are more likely to have postpartum depression.

Six, swelling About 70% to 80% of women will experience swelling of their feet, legs, face and hands during pregnancy.

If you have high blood pressure or headache at this time, you may have a threatened headache.

  Seven, vaginal secretions increase during pregnancy is normal, but if there is still blood, or if you feel pressure or pain, you need to be vigilant.

During the second trimester, these symptoms may mean that your cervix is opening prematurely, which may cause miscarriage.

  Eight, chills and fever doctors said that any kind of fever accompanied by pain must be treated carefully.

  Depending on the specific painful area, you may have a corresponding kidney infection, Listeria or pneumonia, etc. This disease is very serious during pregnancy.

  Nine, headache Headache is a common disadvantage of expectant mothers during pregnancy, usually caused by rapid changes in hormones and increased blood volume in the body.

Lack of sleep, stress or the reduction of caffeine can make the symptoms worse.

  Although they usually have nothing to worry about, if it occurs during the second or third trimester of pregnancy, it may be a sign of a threatened headache, especially if you have never experienced it before, which indicates that the situation is very serious.

  X. Shortness of breath increases in the absorption of progesterone, your stomach is getting bigger and bigger, you can feel breathless, but it is a completely normal phenomenon, but in rare cases, it may also be pulmonary embolism, heart disease orSymptoms of lung disease need to be confirmed in time.

Insomnia medication

Insomnia medication

Choose a moderate amount of food that is good for nerve function.

Such as river fish, marine fish, oyster, shrimp, loach, pork liver, pork loin, walnut, peanut, apple, mushroom, pea, broad bean, milk, etc.

  Dietary self-treatment (1) 30 grams of lotus seed meat (without belt core), 5 grams of longan meat, burned dim sum or porridge.

  (2) 1 pig heart, 10 jujubes, seasoning and cooking.

  (3) 2 egg yolks, 6 grams of Chuan Lian, 10 grams of Scutellaria baicalensis, 12 grams of Paeonia lactiflora, 30 grams of habitat, 10 grams of Ejiao (other), 1 post daily, decoction twice.

  (4) 30 grams of red dates (torn), 60 grams of Huai wheat, 10 grams of licorice, decoction twice, 1 post a day.

  (5) 8 green onions, 15 jujubes, and 5 grams of sugar.

Boil 2 bowls with water to make 1 bowl. Take 1 serving before bedtime.

This prescription is used to treat neurasthenia and insomnia.

Before going to bed, use hot water to iron your feet, soak for more time, cool the water and then heat the water.

Taking this recipe at the same time, the effect is better.

  (6) 150 grams of green onions (taken white) chopped and placed in a small plate, put the small plate next to the pillow before going to bed, you can safely dream.

This prescription is used to treat neurasthenia and insomnia, and has the effect of calming and reassuring.

  (7) 7 white onions and 20 jujubes.

Add decoction.

This prescription can cure sleepiness and boredom, and can’t sleep.

  And honey, drink a small glass of white wine before bedtime, fried dates

Why are you unhappy, college student?

Why are you unhappy, college student?

A good learning environment, no worries, but “depressed” has always become the most popular mantra of college students.

A psychological counselor concluded that college students have too much psychological confusion, and even have excellent learning and living conditions. If no one opens the knot for them, they will not be happy-there is a good learning environment, no worries,”Depression” has always been their most popular mantra.

What makes them unhappy?

  ”Learning life has no goals, interpersonal communication is confused, is too self-centered, and the other side is too inferior.

Psychological counselor Liu Yao concluded that college students may have too much psychology, and even have superior learning and living conditions. If no one opens the knot for them, they will not be happy.

  Life is dull and the future is confused “What is the meaning of life?

On the Weishui Campus of Chang’an University, after consultant Liu Yao did a psychological counseling, about 10% of the more than one hundred slips she received inadvertently suggested that the life of college students was tedious and there was no motivation.
A classmate’s weight, every Saturday if you do n’t go online, it ‘s like you lost something, and the internet ca n’t bring you anything.

  ”Lack of purpose, meaninglessness flooded their minds.

“Yao Yao said that from high school to self-learning universities, there was an adaptation process.

Schools should be guided from it, and college students who are adults on the other hand should plan their lives, set learning goals as soon as possible, and set ambitious ideals.

  But for many college students, it seems a bit vague.

A piece of handwritten note was used to say “I especially want to study hard to make my parents happy.

I always feel confused about the future.

Self-centered interpersonal communication is self-centered interpersonal communication is the most frequently asked question by Liu Yao in universities.

Among the collected questions from classmates, calculate by classification. People who are troubled by interpersonal communication problems account for about 60% of the total number of disputes.

  ”Some students told me that it is difficult to get on well with classmates because others always disagree with him.

I asked him, do you agree with others?

Why should others agree with you, do others have the right side?

Liu Yao said that many times, it is not that the students do not understand how to interact with others, but that they ignore the feelings of others. Contemporary college students are too self-centered.

  Learned the reasons for the students’ problems. In the following lectures, Liu Yao showed more tolerance, understanding of others, thinking for others, looking for reasons for himself, and loving others is loving himself.

If you want to make friends, you must have your own hands first.

  Two extremes: ego and inferiority “These are two extreme groups.

People with low self-esteem live under the behavioral patterns of others all day, and people with low self-esteem often feel overwhelmed.

In this way, ego comes from inferiority, which is a substitute for self.

“Yao Yao said that many students don’t see themselves correctly, accepting themselves, and the lack of ideas and behavior patterns makes them hurt themselves.

  ”People who have low self-esteem shouldn’t blindly exaggerate the success of others. They should not be aggressive any more. Only by accepting everything and admitting oneself can you gain confidence.

“In some school lectures, Liu Yao put forward suggestions for these two extreme groups, wrote down her true self, insisted on speaking to herself once a day, and she would soon return to herself.

The most important thing is to maintain a sense of normality.

“Now it seems that the so-called troubles and unhappiness of the students can be easily solved.

Happily, schools are increasingly recognizing students’ psychological confusion.