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14 initiatives in Henan Province have accelerated service industry disaster resumption

Reduce a certain rent, reserve the housing provident fund, open up the "green channel" … Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Henan Provincial Government that the Provincial Government Office issued a number of policy measures to increase the development of the service industry, 14 initiatives as the service industryRestoration of the development of "protecting the escort", it can be described as "dry goods" full.Classification and Shi Bi promotes the recovery of the disaster transportation station, bus station, and subway station into the disaster recovery and reconstruction plan, basically complete the recovery of reconstruction tasks, pass the ability, and the quality of service, the quality of service is returned to the prematurity before the end of June 2022.

Encourage tolls and below the damaged country, three emission standards for diesel trucks operating early retirement, phased out in advance before the end of 2021, according to the provisions written off with the vehicle license and proof of dismantling receiving benefits.

Culture and tourism, and actively coordinate airlines, travel agencies strive to produce disaster, epidemic refund during the refund process by non-destructive. It has been allocated to accelerate the central, provincial national film industry development funds allocated progress to ensure timely funding, allocated in full to the relevant project units. Business services, the heavier the affected farmers market, wholesale markets, large supermarkets provide appropriate support, leniency, from fast approval of large-scale commercial ultrasonic special maintenance fund property use application. The leading platform companies are encouraged to reduce platform commissions, small-scale interest-free loans, such as small micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households such as wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering. Allow market management subjects to take "shop exterior" "open market" in the premise of regulation, the "open market", etc., and prosper "small shop economy" "night economy".

Water and electricity "measures" referred to appropriate subsidies to enterprises, service industry in our province to open up the affected property claims "green" channel, simplifying claims procedures, optimize the claims process, damaged vehicles to carry out free site survey, free weather proof, free rescue , direct compensation after the damage to the shop "has three free" service. Energy costs on businesses, encouraging the use of non-residents around the piped natural gas to the affected service enterprises, urban water price concessions given stage, business users volume reduction, pause and resume business from the original time limit, according to the actual number of days suspended waive the basic tariff. Required to pay the production and operation of gas, water and other expenses is really difficult to service small and medium micro enterprises, the implementation of "delinquent non-stop for" measures, companies can defer for three months to pay the costs. Broadband, the province is affected customers for service enterprises and business broadband free 安装调试费 free one-month broadband user fees, free replacement of 1 light cat, set-top boxes and other devices, to provide return to work and resume production of digital publicity a "digital free Hui enterprise "on-site service.

Reduction of some holdover rent housing fund "measures" mentioned on the lease of state-owned assets like houses and affected business sentiment, the epidemic can not affect the normal operation of the service sector of small and medium micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, waive one month’s rent, minus half charge 2 months rent; sublease, sublet, to ensure that relief policies to benefit the final lessee.

The affected situation, the epidemic affected, housing provident fund deposit is indeed difficult service enterprises or units, according to prescribed procedures review, approval, can reduce housing provident fund deposit ratio, a minimum of not less than 5% for a period not exceeding 12 months ; or holdover housing fund, for a period not exceeding 12 months, does not affect the holdover staff during normal loan. Service enterprises or units can not normally paid into the housing fund, may apply for pay within a certain period, deemed normal continuous deposit. Credit, to encourage service industries hard-hit small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households and other market players to Zhengzhou, Anyang, Hebi, Xinxiang, Zhoukou and other places, paid $ 300,000 mortgage-free, collateral-free credit loans, loan interest rate no higher than year lending interest rate market price. For since July 1, 2021 maturity of the loan principal repayments difficult to service enterprises (including small and micro business owners, individual businesses), banking financial institutions shall by Xudai, extension, etc. to give a temporary extension of arrangements for repayment of principal, payback date can be extended up to December 31, 2022; enterprises (including small and micro business owners, individual industrial and commercial households) to pay interest on loans, the banking financial institutions should be combined with the actual situation of their disaster situation, the impact of the epidemic, given deferred interest arrangements, interest payment date can be extended up to December 31, 2021, and to waive the penalty.

Debit card fees from September 30 2021 to September 30, 2024 happened to be favorable for the accommodation and catering, wholesale and retail, transportation, culture, tourism and other market players in accordance with the relevant regulations. Steady Kong enterprises optimize the tax service assistance to implement the stability Kong enterprises aid policy, the province will continue the phased implementation of reduced unemployment insurance, work injury insurance policy rate to 30 April 2022.

The services sector of small and medium micro enterprises more serious disaster areas, the implementation of the basic pension for enterprise employees holdover, unemployment, work injury and other social insurance policies, holdover period is tentatively scheduled for three months, after the expiration of holdover return to work in accordance with enterprise production complex situation It may be extended, but should be held over the implementation period in the year 2021.

During the holdover waive late fees, the insured enjoy normal treatment does not affect the rights of the individual records. Co-ordinate the province’s unemployment insurance fund $ 100 million for serious disaster, a place to post steady demand for the implementation of the unemployment insurance policy steady return of post. Tax business services, business services because of the disaster, epidemic or suffered significant losses due to heavy losses, in line with the difficulty of relief conditions, may apply for property tax relief, urban land use tax.

Implementation of small-scale taxpayers VAT threshold increase, small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households inclusive tax and other tax cuts drop fee policy, can not be scheduled to pay tax, approved by the tax authorities may defer the payment, shall not exceed 3 months, excluding late fees during the extension.

The affected sentiment, market players epidemic affecting new taxes, and taxes suspend release announcement.

Streamlining processes to provide "green" channel to simplify the investment approval process in our province. The establishment of post-disaster reconstruction services project approval "green" channel, for a total investment of less than 10 million yuan project, the direct approval of the project feasibility study report, which over a broad area of similar projects can be combined approval. Do not change size, without changing the original alignments, no new land the damaged water conservancy, transportation services like infrastructure reconstruction projects, direct or conduct the feasibility study report approved construction design review; do not change the construction site, not new Water Damage increased land for construction of other class service infrastructure reconstruction projects directly approved the feasibility study report. (Reporter Li).

Continue to promote the people’s democratic construction of the whole process (Wanghailou)

  Democracy is the common values of all mankind. The evaluation of a national political system is not democratic, effective, mainly see whether the national leaders can be more ordered in order to manage national affairs and social affairs, manage economic and cultural undertakings according to law, whether the people can express interests Whether the society can participate in national political life, whether national decision-making can achieve scientific, democratic, and whether the talents can enter the national leadership and management system through fair competition, whether the ruling party can achieve the country in accordance with the law of the Constitution Leadership of the transaction, whether the power can be effectively restruized and supervised.

  Democracy, the Communist Party of China and the Chinese people unswervingly stick to the important ideas. NPC Central Work Conference held recently in Beijing, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State President and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping attended the meeting and delivered an important speech pointed out that since the party’s 18, we deepen our understanding of the law of development of democracy, the people made the whole process great idea of democracy. The whole process of our people’s democratic system not only has a complete program, and has full participation in practice. The whole process of people’s democracy is the distinctive feature of socialist democracy. Through a series of legal and institutional arrangements, the whole process of our people’s democracy will truly democratic election, democratic consultation, democratic decision making, democratic management and democratic supervision of all aspects link up with each other to achieve the democratic process and the results of democracy, the essence of democracy and democratic procedures, direct democracy and indirect democracy, people’s democracy and national unity of the will, the whole chain, comprehensive, full coverage of democracy, is the most extensive and most authentic, the most effective of socialist democracy. Chinese Communist Party leadership is the fundamental political guarantee for the whole process of people’s democracy. Communist Party of China from the date of inception, the People’s Democratic written on its banner. Develop socialist democracy, ensuring the people, the key is to uphold the party’s leadership, people are the masters, rule of law. The core is to uphold the party’s leadership.

  People’s Congress system is an important support system to realize the whole process of our people’s democracy, we must seize this major democratic channels People’s Congress.

Under the leadership of the party to expand people’s orderly political participation, strengthen the rule of law to protect human rights, ensure that the people enjoy extensive rights and freedom according to law. To ensure that the people exercise their right to vote, democratically elected deputies, to ensure the people’s right to information, participation, expression and right to supervise the implementation of all aspects of the work of the NPC various aspects of the whole process, to ensure that the party and state decision-making, implementation, monitoring implementation all aspects of the sound can be heard from the people.

To improve the democratic expression of public opinion platforms and carriers NPC’s sound to attract public opinion, the working mechanism for pooling their wisdom, to promote the NPC negotiation, legislation consultation to all aspects of society and public opinion united in the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people. To continue to promote the construction of the whole process of people’s democracy, the people are the masters in particular, to reflect the reality of policy measures up the party governing the country, in particular, reflect reality at all levels to work all aspects of party and state organs up, specifically realistically reflects the realization of people’s yearning for a better life working up. Deputies from the people, on behalf of the people, plays an important role in the whole process of people’s democracy. To closer ties with the masses, to play with the people working and living together the advantages of in-depth understanding of the people, a true reflection of public opinion, pool their wisdom, when the party and the country close ties with the masses of the bridge and link.

In time to the people most concerned about, the most direct and most practical problems through the proper channels to the party committee and government efforts to promote the settlement of the problem. The problem can not be settled, to give positive guidance and interpretation. For some with common, universal law issues raised motions and proposals to promote to be addressed from a legal, policy level. The whole process of people’s democracy has a character of the times, it is full of vigor and vitality of socialist democracy.

The whole process of people’s democracy in our country the great practice of socialist democracy grow, will also continue to develop in building a new socialist modern country journey. On the road ahead, with Xi Jinping at the core of the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the continuous development of the whole process of people’s democracy, the characteristics and advantages of my country’s socialist democracy into full play, we will be able to continuously consolidate and develop liveliness, stability unity and political situation, and make full of the wisdom of the Chinese political contributions to the progress of human civilization.

  (The author is the newspaper commentator) (Editor: Huyong Qiu, Li clan) share to allow more people to see.

Cangzhou City creates a "pavilion" brand creation better government service Zhangzhou News Cangzhou Information

  The average approval process is reduced by more than 10%, and the average application materials are reduced by more than 20%. The average approval time limit is reduced by more than 30% … November 16, the reporter learned from the press conference held by the Municipal Government News Office that the city will pass wisdom. Government service reform and process remiting, build a new pattern of "pavilion" smart government service, let enterprises and people run less legs, good do things, do not add. Xu Huafu, deputy director of the Municipal Data Resources Administration, introduced the promotion of the government’s government service integration, high quality development, recent, the city issued "Deepening the Government Service Line on the online integration" Pavilion "smart government service new pattern and The ninth round process reconstruction work plan. "

According to the plan, the city will strengthen the integration government service system, accelerate the intelligent reform of government service, and deepen the development of government service process reconstruction, innovate government service methods, and strive to realize the accurate identification of enterprise mass needs, online service take the initiative, Automatic access materials, government service matters can do well on the online line.

  The reporter learned that in the construction of integrated government service system, the city will focus on implementing strengthening service homology, deepening platform integration, unified service standards 3 specific tasks, achieving cross-layer, cross-regional, cross-system, cross-sectoral, cross-service The data sharing and business coexistence, driving the government service line "City", through the construction of intelligent accepted system, intelligent auxiliary examination and approval system, to create "wisdom" approval model, strengthen "four electricity" promotion and application 4 tasks, Further enhance the level of government service intelligence in our municipal government; carry out the implementation of comprehensive window service reform, improve the information of the system, improve the level of service enterprises, expand 4 tasks in the construction of the "one thing" area, and accelerate the reform of government service approval process; to enhance 7 × 24 hours, "ready to do" service, upgrade 7 × 24-hour government service hall construction, fully create "handheld office", promote the four tasks of "a network" and "cross-province" to further expand government service channels .

(Full Media Reporter Wang Tai New Intern Liu Wei).

Chengdu Chenghua Shuangshui Town Party Building Leading Investment Promotion Assistance to Help the Economic Development of Jurisdictions

In order to help the construction of double-city economic circle in the Chengdu area, the party Work Committee of Shuangshui Street, Chengdu, Chengdu, promoted the "key trick" of the investment in the economic work, explore the "Party Building + Investment" model, implement major project leadership package Responsibility system, signing from the project negotiation, the project is subject to the implementation of the "one shoulder" service, "a dragon" service, and the effectiveness of the economic development advantage. Strengthen the leadership of the party building, implement the "one hand project" of investment promotion. Implement the leadership responsibility system, the main leaders pay close attention to the major problems in the investment investment, take the lead in the investment, and invite the district to participate in the investment promotion activities, industrial docking meetings. Implement the "a project, one leader, a lead department, one grab" working mechanism, improve the investment mechanism, supervision mechanism, evaluation mechanism, etc., fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of all people to participate in the investment investment.

Shuangshui Street has recently docked five commercial meetings, and 30 companies are contacted, providing conditions and guarantees for follow-up.

Strengthen accurate investment, release the "grape skeeper effect" of chain investment.

According to the division, time nodes, and investment programs, the launch line is widely carried out, strive to bring one, bring a string, release chain investment, "grape-string effect"; sort out the resources of the integration of the jurisdiction, especially the Chengdu North Skation Station Can be transformed into an opportunity to grasp the construction opportunity of Rongbei Business Circle to promote the construction opportunities, carefully planning the packaging project, strengthen the project analysis and research, formulate special investment promotion programs, promote the contract to the project as soon as possible; continue to optimize the industrial structure, speed up the layout of the industrial structure Improve the effectiveness of investment promotion.

Strengthen the service concept and build a "big investment promotion pattern" participated in the whole staff.

Continuously optimize the business environment, provide "one-on-one" full service to the project in tracking docking, signing landing, construction construction, completion and production, etc.; condense the investment cooperation, all departments of the jurisdiction, close cooperation, and effectively do "family , A plate of chess, one thing, build all the participation, the "big investment landscape" that is up and down; promotes the convenience of enterprises, reducing the comprehensive cost of enterprises, solving the business development, let the enterprise have assured investment in the jurisdiction, peace of mind Development, comfortable life.

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Collect the "East East School" research power, the long-term Sustainable Development University Alliance is formally established

The intelligence of colleges and universities is an important force in the construction of the ecological green integrated development exemplary area of ??the Yangtze River Delta.

On April 23, the Long Triangle Sustainable Development Union established by the Demonstration Zone Developer Alliance Member Tongji University was established.

The Heavy Triangle Sustainable Development University Alliance was established. Changda Integrated Demonstration Zone Executive Committee for the Graph Collection of Tongji University, Southeast University, Fudan University, East China Normal University, Nanjing University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, China University of Science and Technology, etc., will be fully Give full play to the strength of the long triangle university, cooperate in building platforms, talent training, scientific research, international exchange, consultation and political research, and research and research, etc.

  Chen Qun, deputy mayor of Shanghai, pointed out in the establishment ceremony, and the establishment of the Ministry of Sustainable Development of the Yangtze River Delta is important for promoting the high quality integration development of the Yangtze River Triangulation. I hope that colleges and universities will give full play to their respective advantages, continue to deepen cooperation and focus education. Resources sharing sharing, focusing service area collaborative development, focusing strengthening scientific and technological innovation capabilities, leading to high schools and scientific research institutions in the Yangtze River Delta region, making greater contributions to the national strategy for the services of the Yangtze River Delta integrated development. The University Alliance will also continue to help integrated demonstration zone construction in a strong scientific research force. Since last year, the Executive Committee of the Demonstration Zone has been actively docked with colleges and universities such as Tongji University, Fudan University, promoting a series of research projects in the demonstration zone, and accelerates the transformation from ecological color value to development value. At present, the Institute of Sustainable Development, the Yangtze University and Qingpu District Government cooperation has landed in Jinze Town, Qingpu District.

Entrusted by the Demonstration Zone Executive Committee, Tongji University and other colleges and universities are fully carried out to carry out carbon-ups and strategic research in the demonstration zone, with a view to accelerating carbon-backed carbon in the demonstration zone, and lead to the formation of green low-carbon development. Theoretical basis and quantization basis. After the establishment of the University Alliance, carbon-carbon in the demonstration area will still become an important research topic of university alliance.

In addition, the University Alliance will continue to explore new mechanisms in the fields of resource sharing, topic sharing, credit mutual recognition and personnel and other fields, condensed innovation experience, and lay a solid foundation for the innovation of the demonstration zone system.

  At the establishment ceremony, the eight university leaders jointly signed the "Sustainable Development of Sustainable Development of the Yangtze River Delta", and released the "Promotion of Carbon-Carbon Middle School Action Initiative", using professional advantages, promoting subversive technological innovation in green low-carbon fields Strengthen production and research cooperation, promote low-carbon technology promotion applications and strengthen international technology exchange cooperation, integrate into global green low-carbon innovation networks. After the establishment ceremony, the Yangtze River Delta Sustainability University Alliance held the first principal joint meeting.

At the meeting, the Alliance colleges and universities were selected as the chairman of the alliance, and Nanjing University is the Union Vice-Chairman Union.

In the future, the University Alliance will regularly hold the joint meeting of the University Alliance Principal, establish a work mechanism for joint conference, promote the docking and cooperation between the functional departments, disciplines and the department.

(Tang Xiaoli) Editor: Dianyi Festival.

Russia to upgrade the military airport in the Arctic region

  According to the Russian "News" report, the Russian Defense Department recently decided to upgrade the Arnader airport in Chukci Peninsula and build a modern resident infrastructure for the Russian Aircraft Force. After the completion of the transformation, the airport will become the largest military airport in the northeastern Russia, helping the Russian Aviation Force to better control the northern sea route to ensure the economic interests of Russia in the region.

  Anardel Airport is located in Chukcche, Russia.

At present, military airport facilities survey have been launched, and it is expected that the entire reconstruction of renovation works for several years.

After the completion of the transformation, the Russian military fighters and drones can be stationed here all the year. After the end of the Second World War, the Soviet company plans to build a strong army troops in Chukcche, and then given up because the peninsula is more important. In 1950, Arnadel soldiers and civilian airports were completed, in order to protect all aspects of bomber, fighter and personnel living, gradually construct infrastructure such as labit and residential buildings.

The airport not only provides service guarantee for remote aviation soldiers not only for airborne troops. Before the 1980s, Arnedel Airport as a combat airport of the Diagram-95 strategic bomber, which is for the military aircraft to refuel, repair or supplement weapons ammunition. At that time, the airport also resident in Jacques -28 and Su-15 interception machine.

In the early 1990s, the fighters no longer stationed, the infrastructure entered the abandoned state. It is not until recent years, Anardel Airport is re-enabled. On December 1, 2020, Russia, a MiG-31BM fighter stroke, in Anedel airport, responsible for the regular value class. The 317 of the Russian Pacific Fleet is mixed into the aircraft and crew members of the Aviation Corps, which also turns from the Kamchatka Peninsula. This summer, two map -160 strategic bombers, during the remote aviation tactical flying military exercise, across nearly 7,000 kilometers and flew from Arnad Airport from Saratovan.

In addition, the Russian Navy Airborne "sea carving" light drone and "outpost" medium-sized drone also entered the airport. In the future, the voyage is farther, the model is more drone or will be stationed.

  The former deputy minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the original deputy secretary-general of the United Nations, is pointed out that there are many countries in the North Polarity, and Russia must deploy the naval troops, landing ships and expanding military bases to consolidate Regional military existence. In recent years, the Russian Ministry of Defense has begun to upgrade a large-scale upgrade of the island airport along the Arctic Coast of the Arctic Coast. At present, the Yelzo Wo Air Force Base in the Kamchatka Peninsula has begun to build aircraft concrete bunker, and update communication and navigation systems, and will stationarize the Navy MiG-31 fighter and the air-35s fighter. Located in the Nagier Skaya Airport in Alexandria, Fandisji, France, will be transformed into a military base that can be resident throughout the year. Future can deploy a Su-34 bomber brigade or MiG-31 fighter brigade, Ir -78 fuel machine can also be stationed.

The New Side Island Roggauvo Air Force base is also being repaired. Since 2020, Russian fighters started to teat the bomber, and the Su-33 carrier machine turns to this value.

Strengthen the eternal subject of party building

Strengthen party building of the eternal subject – the central and state organs, people’s organizations and party members and cadres General Secretary Xi Jinping hot in the "beginning of the heart do not forget, remember our mission," an important speech on the theme of education concluded the General Assembly in 2020 at 09:13 on January 12 sources : "not forget the early heart, remember our mission," Education is the theme of a new era of deepening the party’s self-revolution, party strictly to promote lively practice fully develop in depth. General Secretary Xi Jinping in the "beginning of the heart do not forget, remember our mission" important speech on the theme of education concluded the General Assembly, continues to cause enthusiastic response at the central and state organs, people’s organizations. Central and state organs, people’s organizations and party members and cadres said that the outcomes of the major themes of education, far-reaching, should take this as a new starting point, the beginning of the heart and becomes a mission to strive for progress, innovation and uniqueness of hard, really caught hard work driving force. Calcium-based faith more firmly and more full of spirit through the "beginning of the heart do not forget, remember our mission," the theme of education, at all levels of Party organizations and Party members and cadres ideological and political receive baptism and temper, and enhance the early defensive mind, conscious thought and conscious action Tam mission . "General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech shows great foresight, profound thinking, from the overall and strategic development of the new era of party and state, and fully affirmed the theme of education achieved, the consolidation expand the theme of education, and continue to deepen the party’s self-revolution, continue to promote the party did not forget the beginning of the heart and mission of a comprehensive plan, put forward specific demands. "human resources and Social Security Department of party members and cadres, said the theme of education to make the results of the party’s theoretical innovation more deeply, so that party members and cadres resolutely carry out" two a maintenance "act more consciously, face the problem and solve conflicts more to boost the uniqueness, sense of purpose and concept of the masses even more strengthened. China Seismological Bureau Party Group believes that an important speech Xi Jinping, general secretary of the overall situation, rich in content, with strong ideological content, guidance and targeted, to always maintain the forward momentum and political qualities of the Communists pointed out the direction, provide important follow. Deputy Minister of Emergency Management Department, China Seismological Bureau Party Secretary Zheng Guoguang said, to continue the theme realistically implement education reform and rectification, to ensure the practice of early heart mission into concrete action to promote a new era of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction modernization, and constantly enhance people’s sense of security. "General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech of both political and height have practical thickness, fully demonstrates the strong historical play, a long-term strategic considerations and sincere feelings of the people, is Marxism of contemporary China has a glorious literature.

"National health insurance bureau directly under the Party Committee deputy secretary Wei as Bao said, the national health care Bureau will carefully Consolidation and Expansion good theme educational outcomes firmly establish the development of ideas to people-centered, the courage to face the challenge, active as efforts to solve health care field of the masses are most concerned about, the most direct and most practical interests, and effectively treat a good guardian of the people’s money, saving money, health money.

  Keep a close eye problems catch really tough cases see the effectiveness of corrective action, "Xi Jinping, general secretary of the important speech pointed out the advantages of the system is a political party, one of the biggest advantages of the country.

To carry out the theme of education, we have made a number of institutional outcomes.

"Party branch secretary of the Ministry of Education and Finance, Director Guo Peng believes, to" not forget the early heart, remember our mission "for strengthening party building issues and eternal life issues, long-term mechanism.

  Party members and cadres of Culture and Tourism said that by conducting education campaign will focus on the development of practical and difficult issues of culture and tourism in-depth reform brought to light, combing the 114 outstanding problems and profound analysis view, the "change" word throughout – Focus cultural relics collection work special inventory, national cultural and tourism market regulation and other 27 involved in industry-wide, system-wide outstanding issues, developed 23 special rectification program, proposed corrective measures 85, stand enact change. Some tourist attractions for the current supply is not high quality, decreased quality of service issues, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism made on the part of Class 5A area processing problems, take the initiative as the blade inward, and resolutely push to enhance the quality of tourist attractions. "In the carefully organized tour theme of education and rectification process, the Federation of Literary and scientific work institutionalized rising level of standardization." China Federation said that in the theme of education, the Federation of Literary and adhere to the study and education, research, review issues, implementation of the rectification throughout, Man United to promote the party members and cadres to further enhance the political standing position, enhance the overall quality, work style, Federation of self-construction level has been effectively improved.

  Boost Manner strengthen the driving force behind the "summary of the theme of education experience, is concise Xi Jinping to the party in a new era under the guidance of ideological practice of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, we have to convert it to party members and cadres study plan of thinking, into ideas and measures work.

"National Federation deputy party secretary, vice chairman of the Friends of Hill, said Fan, the National Federation will be" six good "in the Party for the traction mechanism, in order to break the party building social organizations as a breakthrough to improve the party’s organization and binding force, party members and cadres to improve global grasp the problem, deal with risks and challenges, communication and coordination, innovation ability. "Jintao emphasized in his speech, the courage to carry on the great struggle of history has many new features.

Pollution control tough fight now in the closing stages, there are many problems must be tackled. We must follow the requirements of the general secretary, to more fully reflect our mission and environmentalists play. "Ecological Environment Ministry General Secretary, said Xu will for a long time." We will follow the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping, strict standard for table, tempering the beginning of the heart, bravely assumed the mission. The political construction in the first place, continue to strengthen and consciously Lide tree people, serve the country’s educational play. "Education Policy and Regulation Department Party branch secretary, director of Deng Chuan Huai said it would adhere to party building and business integration, the implementation of" the education sector to enhance the administrative capacity and governance according to law "and technological special incentive Secretary for the entire party members and cadres to practice first-line rules to forge ahead Research status and constantly create a new situation in education policy and the rule of law.

  (Beijing, January 11 electric reporter temperature source, Qiu Yue, Zhang Lei, Liang Gong, Han Industry Chamber, Tian Jin, Yang Shu, Guo Chao) (Editor: Chen Qian segment, Yan Yan) People’s Daily Online Copyright, without written authorization prohibited.

The city trade union system actively carried out anti-disaster relief work Tongliao Daily Digital News

Since the event of Blizzard disasters, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions have attached great importance to it, conscientiously implement the deployment requirements of the Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government and Autonomous Region, and actively play active and initiative, and participate in disaster relief work.

On the afternoon of November 15, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions held a deployment meeting of the city’s trade union system in a video form, conveyed the spirit of the municipal party committee and municipal government, requiring all levels of trade union organizations to keep the municipal party committee, municipal government work, rapid response, Actively investing in disaster relief and disaster relief work; to quickly carry out the foundation investigation work of the affected workers, and effectively discover the affected difficult workers in this snow disaster, register the altogether, organize condolence activities, and effectively send the warmth of the trade union to difficult The hearts of employees; to effectively grasp the use and distribution of special funds, use limited funds to the most needed, use to condolences.

At the same time, I hope that the trade union organizations at all levels will be united, together with the same boat, and fight together to fight the snow disaster, and strive to minimize the loss caused by snow disaster. (Gong Hui).

Real records of "hard fights" in the poverty campaign – read "Desert Fund: China Cobles

  "Desert Fund] China Coabo Precision Poverty Alleviation: Wang Zhanyi, Yang Chunfeng; Tianjin Science and Technology Press, Inner Mongolia People’s Publishing House published.

  "Desert Fold" lets readers see the feat of the library "dare to teach the desert to change the new day", see the library from ecological management, eliminate poverty to the construction of green electricity, granary base, and walk on the common wealthy Kangzhuang Avenue this year In May, when I got Wang Zhanyi, Yang Chunfeng’s common documentary literature "Desert Fund: China Cutu Poverty Poverty Alleviation" (hereinafter referred to as "Desert Fold") manuscript, a freshly poverty story, A touching and deep exciting interview is on paper, let me not help but hold it, deeply feel the fearless spirit of the people of Kubo, and the wisdom. They were eliminated by local conditions, excavating the advantages of desert natural resources, not only won the poverty battle, but also created the precise poverty alleviation model of library and became the classic case of China’s offensive strikes.

"Desert Fund" starts from the rejuvenation from Kubo, and leaves a true and vivid text record for China’s great achievements in poverty reduction.

  "Desert Fold" lets readers see the feat of the "dare to teach the desert for new heavens" in the library cloth, see the library from ecological governance, eliminate poverty to the construction of green electricity, granary base, and embark on the common prosperity of Kangzhuang Avenue. The book is described in detail in the book, and the current library, planting, breeding industry, manufacturing, and tourism, the farmers and herdsmen turned into the land owners, industrial shareholders, tourism practitioners, Migrant Workers, Industry Workers, ecological workers, new farmers. The per capita annual income is less than 400 yuan in 1988, an increase in the conditions of nearly 20,000 yuan, education, medical, and pension. In particular, the photovoltaic sand model of "Plate Power Generation, Plate Delifery, and Planting under Place" is not only achieved, but also has a continuous clean energy source, but also has become the green electricity in Beijing. Base, "vegetable basket". On October 27, 202, the State Council Information Office issued the "Policies and Action" of China’s Standard of Climate Change, showing China’s active contribution to the world to respond to climate change in China.

In the chapter introduced in China’s ecosystem, the white paper pointed out that the library has created a green legend of "Desert Oasis". Now, in the desert of the library, the successful photovoltaic sand mode has become one of the projects of the Clean Energy Base in the Yellow River.

"Desert Fund" tells us that the story of Kubo, shows that China has promoted the wisdom of a new round of economic development in desertification geography.

It can be said that there is a reference value for the development of the desert economy in the desert, the experience of developing the desert economy.

  my country is one of the countries in the world that is large, widely distributed and widely distributed and affected by sand.

Desert ecological environment is poor, lack of production materials, and human survival is always challenged.

The poverty reduction battle in the sand area is a "hard battle" that is the target task of "all poverty in rural poor in the current standard, the whole hat, solving the overall poverty" target mission.

It can be said that China not only looted the hard bones of the poor in the desert area, but also a new round of war with green electricity to the desert, to the desert.

  At present, desertification is still an important ecological issue in the world.

More than 25% of land around the world, more than 100 countries and regions have desertification and land degradation, according to United Nations statistics, direct or indirectly affected nearly 3 billion people.

However, as recorded by "Desert Fold", China not only successfully curb desertification trend, but also achieved historical transformations from "sand refill" to "green into the sand". To this end, we are proud, we are proud, we need more literature, documentary works for the green economy and calls of the Chinese desert. (The author is the president of China Editorial Society).

Sichuan Chengdu Qingbaijiang District: Building a Wisdom Ranch Base, achieving intelligent management and operation of animal husbandry

The Qingbaijiang District is located in the northeast of Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

In recent years, the Qingbaijiang District is based on "Open Agriculture Leading Area, the Green Agriculture First District, and the Demonstration Zone" function of the National Agriculture to build a national agriculture and the China (Chengdu) International Agricultural Products Processing Industry Park as a starting. "Digital Strategy", in July 2020, in the southwest, the first to start the intelligence pasture construction.

Wisdom Ranch uses technologies such as Internet, Internet of Things, big data, integrated all systems in the original pasture, realizing intelligent management and operation of animal husbandry, effectively improves working efficiency, and enhances raw milk production and quality. Qingbaijiang Wisdom Ranch is located in Jinlong Village, Qingquan Town, covers an area of ??383 mu, through integrated project support, activation of the village collective economy, introduces social capital, etc. Chain ecology. (1) Strengthening the construction of information management platforms to solve the problems of all Internet network systems, human entry production data is not accurate, and the base scientific research personnel have been fully upgraded to the original pasture information management platform through systematic research and development, and will Networking system data integrates to the unified standard smart pasture management platform to avoid repeated entry of various Internet system production data.

This management platform integrates data such as dairy, health management, personnel management, and can process the early warning events, and realize the synchronization of staff work efficiency and the health monitoring capacity of cows.

(2) The construction of the strengthened Internet of Things system is to wear "electronic ear tag" and "intelligent collar", record dairy information and activity status in real time. The pasture is equipped with "electronic ear tag" and "intelligent collar" associated with the Internet of Things platform. "Electronic Ear Tag" is the electronic ID card of the cow, which automatically collects data, records information such as dairy milk and body height.

After the screen is connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, the breeder holds the scanning stick to identify the electronic ear tag, and the mobile phone can display only information.

"Smart Circle" can record the activities of cows in real time, monitor the breathing frequency of cows, the amount of activity, lying lying and ruminant, and then judge the health of cows, if the cattle only has a healthy abnormality, the system will issue a warning and report the mobile phone, remind the phone The staff is immediately viewed on site and makes early treatment.

Second, install ambient temperature and humidity intelligent control system, intelligent control temperature and humidity. Install the receiver in the Nest, 24-hour automatic perception of the temperature and humidity, and feedback in real time to the system, the MTD is judged, decide whether to enable automatic spray, automatic fan control, temperature adjustment, etc. Reconstruction of small climate in the pasture, the environment is adjusted to a state of suitable cows grow.

Smart pasture system breaks information islands to achieve interconnection. After the wisdom system is online, it not only guarantees the health of the cows, but also improves work efficiency. At present, the ranch is 1242, and the adult cow is a single-yield ton. Through the wisdom ranking management, precision flip and precision feeding, it is expected that the feed loss is 2%, and the feed conversion efficiency is 5%, timely forecasting and exposing the disease, and decreases. Loss (production milk quantity and elimination) about 2.4 million / year, achieve more accurate nutritional formula, more complete health management and better living environment; per capita labor is more than 20%, driving pasture to achieve economic benefits 5 million yuan or more .