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Push open the hidden door,I heard the quarrel between Doctor Lu and Monkey Lu。Just listen to Doctor Lu scolding:“You are such a wicked obstacle,You can say something like this”

“You are such an old man,Don’t you think about your son’s future happiness??What is this,Just a prescription,Do you still want to take it to the coffin??”
This is Lu Monkey’s yelling。Wang Youcai understood it immediately,It seems that he guessed right。It’s time to treat this guy。
Wang Youcai walked around in the yard,I found half of the wooden stick and held it in my hand,He strode into Doctor Lu’s room。Lu Monkey saw Wang Youcai’s face,And with a murderous look,He immediately stopped yelling。
“Doctor Lu!I guessed right!This bastard thing is really premeditated。You go to work quickly!Many people are waiting for you to see a doctor,Here you leave it to me”
Wang Youcai suppressed the anger in his heart,Said coldly to Doctor Lu。
Monkey Lu looked anxious,He shouted loudly:“Wang Youcai!What the hell are you?This is my family’s private affair,You are too embarrassed to participate,You really think you are a green onion?Stop pretending to be a big tail wolf,Your second brother is no longer in Pingdu”
Wang Youcai smiled,Turn around and push Doctor Lu outside the door。Doctor Lu saw that Wang Youcai was holding half a wooden stick in his hand,Old people are a little scared。
“Dead old man,If you dare to leave today,Let’s sever the relationship between father and son”
Lu Monkey saw Wang Youcai’s posture,He’s still a little scared。Because he knows Wang Youcai’s methods,This guy is quite heavy once he starts。I’m afraid he can’t hold his small body。
“Bastard!Your dad is this age,All the hard work is not for you。I didn’t expect you to lose your conscience,To unite with outsiders,I want to learn from your dad’s years of hard work,Is this what people do?”
Wang Youcai said,The stick in his hand swept towards Lu Monkey’s body。
Lu Monkey’s quick flash,He yelled:“Wang Youcai!This is between me and my dad,You better participate less,Otherwise, let’s fight for the dead。You won’t make me feel better,Don’t even think about it”

The slowly descending night,Casts a veil of mystery on the city。

Xia Jian drove a big run,Driving on the road leading to the city。just now,When he was going back to Xiping Village,I received a call from Qin Xiaomin。Qin Xiaomin’s attitude on the phone is a bit rude,Meaning she was hospitalized,Xia Jian won’t come to see her again。
Xia Jian is a man,He feels that Qin Xiaomin’s minor injuries are nothing.。You can be discharged after staying for two or three days,Don’t need to be so squeamish,Just have a special nurse to accompany her,Besides, Chen Jiang is not willing to let him approach Qin Xiaomin at all。
But Qin Xiaomin reluctantly called Xia Jian a fool,Then he hung up the phone very puzzled。Xia Jian thought for a long time,He feels like he is doing something wrong。
The biggest difference between this woman and a man is squeamishness,Besides, Qin Xiaomin’s mother returned to the provincial capital。Once she was injured, she didn’t even have a relative to accompany her。Qin Xiaomin can take the initiative to call him,This shows that he has taken a certain weight in Qin Xiaomin’s heart。
With the speed of a big run,This distance is nothing at all。When Xia Jian notices it,He has entered the city。This time he thinks clearly,Did not drive Da Ben directly into the hospital,But found a place on the road not far from the hospital and stopped。
Pingdu First People’s Hospital at night,Much quieter than during the day。In the compound of the inpatient department,People are coming in and out sparsely。When Xia Jian passed the gate,Deliberately accelerated the pace,And he turned his face to the side。
If Chen Jiang sends someone to monitor him,Doorman should be the best choice。Xia Jian walked inside,Look back,He found no suspicious person,He should be so worried。
Nurse station,There is a nurse who is busy working on the computer,Xia Jian walked very lightly,So when he passed by,Which nurse didn’t even look up。She probably didn’t notice Xia Jian’s experience。
comeVIPBefore the ward,Xia Jian twisted the door lock,The door opened,He stepped in。Qin Xiaomin leaned against the head of the bed,Looking at a newspaper。Her complexion is very good,When she saw Xia Jian,Turned his face to one side angrily。
The little nurse who was peeling an apple saw Xia Jian here,She hurriedly stood up。Said in a mosquito-like voice:“Dean has explained,Cannot visit at night,You are not invited out!“
“Xiao Li!Ignorant!Listen well,He is my best friend。You go out now,Not allowed in before twelve o’clock,Lock the door back when going out,We two need to talk something“Qin Xiaomin said suddenly a little unhappy。
The little nurse flushed,Hurriedly bowed:“Good mayor qin。I’m leaving now,If discovered by the leader,You have to speak for me“
“Don’t worry!There is nothing to do with you here“Qin Xiaomin said,Motion to Xia Jian to sit on the chair in front of her。
Wait for the little nurse to leave,Xia Jian finished the apple that the little nurse had just cut in half,Handed it to Qin Xiaomin。Qin Xiaomin took the apple from Xia Jian,Stared at him and said:“You are so cold-blooded!Injured and hospitalized,You only came to see me once and you didn’t see your figure“
“Is not,Chen Jiang affirmed discipline in front of so many people,Don’t let everyone disturb you,Why am I embarrassed to upset him about this?,Moreover,If i do,Doesn’t it affect you badly。
Qin Xiaomin said with a cold smile:“Alright!He is the tears of a crocodile,Don’t be fooled by him。He did,Mingli seems to be thinking about me,But actually I don’t want you to touch me。I am the leader of the research team,He was also helpless,Unexpectedly, something happened to the minibus,Doesn’t it just hit his arms”

Wang Youdao,Suddenly dumb。Only then did Wang Youcai understand,The second brother turned out to be a lobbyist invited by the boss。It’s all right to deal with him,Nothing,Big deal he won’t go back to this house。

Chen Yueqin, who has kept her eyes closed and said nothing, can’t pretend,She got up,Then he took a breath and said:“We are not dead yet,You start to compete for family property?I will divide this home,Fair to anyone。This courtyard was built by the rich alone,So whoever of you wants to share the money first”
“Which other farmhouse is the same,Deduct the cost for you all。Those who want housing take out money,Unless waived”
Wang Youdao has nothing to say this time,He took a long breath and said to Wang Youcai:“Rich!We are brothers,If this is the case,Doesn’t it make people laugh”
“Humph!You are not afraid of others laughing,What am i afraid of?”Wang Youcai gave a cold snort,Don’t give Wang Youdao any face at all。
Wang Youcai sighed and said:“Big brother reads less,Then something happened in the marriage。What do you say he has now?Except which farmhouse,Really nothing。What is terrible,He doesn’t even have a child of his own”
“And you are different,Not only have a good job,And opened a small clinic。I heard my parents say business is pretty good。The most important thing is not these,Your wife is still young,It’s been the past two years to give birth to you”
“But what about brother?He feels inferior at this point,And he has been in,So on some things,You have to let him order”
Wang Youdao deserves to be a scholar,And well informed。Two words of his express love,Move with reason,Wang Youcai was lost in thought for a while。
At this juncture,Wang Degui didn’t interrupt anymore,Chen Yueqin is also surprisingly quiet。Everyone is watching Wang Youcai,I don’t know what he will say next。
Time goes by,In a big room,A few people sitting quietly,Appears extremely quiet。
“Ok!It’s all for this,What do you say let me do,I just do”Wang Youcai finally broke the silence。
Wang Youdao said:“You can’t go wrong with Hu Huiru,Unless her Dongsheng Group goes bankrupt。Big Brother wants Sister-in-law to do something in the city,Can you give me some money,It’s also mean”
“That means I live in this yard,He’s satisfied if I pay some money, right!So be it!I can’t get the money,This yard belongs to him,I’ll take Chunni away tomorrow,But his parents are under his control”Wang Youcai said with a smile。

Xia Jian on the phone,I can’t help but secretly happy,If it wasn’t for Bai Ruyu’s call in time,He really doesn’t know how to end it,It seems that this Qiancheng is still a fierce master,No wonder Li Minsheng is so afraid of him,Until now,Where might he hide in the yard。

Zhencheng clutched his stomach and stood up,He gritted his teeth and said:“OK!You dare to go to the village committee to beat village cadres,I will call the police right away”This is really a defeat for Zhu Bajie,Beat back。
“No need to report,I just reported to the city government for you”Xia Jian said,I found another chair and sat down。I was so troubled by him just now,The other people in the room are very honest,Stand aside and dare not say a word。
A grin,A little bit disbelieving:“You didn’t run the city government,Lie to the ghost!”
His voice has not fallen,The phone on the desk rang,Zhencheng shook his head and walked over,Grabbed the phone,He was stunned when he heard it,The person on the phone seems very angry。
Suicheng finished answering the call,Head drooping like eggplant beaten by frost,He smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Sorry boss,I can put this person,But money matters,I really can’t be the master,Besides, the village committee has no money now”
“It’s ok,Since you said that,Don’t blame me for being polite”Xia Jian’s eyes widened and said。
Shrugged shoulders,Said with a smile:“What can you do?I don’t believe,You can poke it to save it?”He is really hob meat,Just like you。
Xia Jian was not angry this time,But lowered his voice and said:“I really don’t have the ability,But I can announce to the public how much money our entrepreneurial group lost to your village,I can do it,And it can notify every household,If the above blame,This is all you forced”
Xia Jian finished,Get up and go,Make it into a listen,This is anxious,He ran over,Said with a smiley face:“Boss,Don’t be angry,Have something to discuss,I do it this way,Can’t help it,You know the truth in it”
Xia Jian thinks about it too,A village director,If no one is behind him,He wouldn’t be so arrogant,It’s not easy for him to control it too broadly,Accept it when you see it!
“No room for negotiation,You let them go right away,When it’s over, immediately make up the money from the young family,And I can’t make any trouble with Li Minsheng’s family in the future,Otherwise this matter is not over”Xia Jian said,Going out。
Ma Xiaodao:“Good talk,You sit down first,I send someone to handle it”
Since he has said so,Xia Jian can’t push it all the way,He motioned Guo Meili and Fang Fang to sit back。The horse shouted:“pony,Go and release Li Minsheng’s son to me,Tell him not to mess around,The money will be returned to his dad tonight”
A young man responded,Opened the door and ran out quickly。
Fengcheng said to another fat man:“You go to my house,Tell you sister-in-law,Just say I need money urgently,Let her take out 20,000 yuan first”
Guo Meili saw a compromise,Smiled and said:“Director,What are you doing?Compensation in your village,I’m the one who handles,Several leaders of the town government,I know that one,We are giving you face,Otherwise go directly to the town government,Do you say you have good fruit??”
Zhencheng shook his head,Said aggrieved:“I won’t talk about this,It’s boring anymore,The first grade official is crushed to death!”There seems to be a layer of meaning in the words,But at this time,Xia Jian didn’t think too much。

Dean hesitates,Then hit it。

Dean over there,He also knows。
After asking,The dean understood what was going on。
Fang Yu has no problems at all
What he is worried about,All redundant。
That means,Fangyu and Dongyu Hospital are not suitable。
and so,Both parties decide to terminate the contract!
This is also a happy situation for everyone。
“that……You have to go to terminate the contract later?”
The dean asked。
“Yes!As for the contract here……You can show me again then!I want to rest for a few days!”
Fang Yu is still thinking about Jiang Yiyun。
I feel a little depressed!
Indeed Jiangjia,Fang Yu can’t afford it now!
but,Don’t bully young people!
Fang Yu’s ability now,It’s Jiang Yiyun and Jiang’s family,Beyond reach!
“Also good!I need to introduce a few places to you?I know the sights near Qingxin City,Very suitable for relaxation……”
Dean warmly recommended。
“Is not,I have no plans to travel……Just quiet for a few days。Thank you dean for the recommendation……”


In an office of Zhaokun Company,Wang Zhaokun with a face full of flesh is furious,cup、The ashtray fell to the ground。A group of kids trembling around,Silently。
“Paralyzed,Continue to find me tomorrow,I don’t believe it,No one can be found in the village in the city?”Wang Zhaokun waved his fists,It’s hard to vent the anger in my heart。
Demolition of the site,All the shame is thrown to grandma’s house,Quickly spread across the road。Wang Zhaokun’s old face is so blank,The customer can’t explain,Everyone is on the road,If my cousin finds out, I’m afraid he will laugh。
Although you can’t eat face,But business will definitely plummet。Most of Zhaokun’s so-called business is in the gray area,Many are illegal。Naturally, business promotion can’t be a big fan,The business that comes with money depends on reputation and introduction by acquaintances on the road,If the credibility is gone,Then the business completely collapsed。
It took so much power to save Xiao Yong,The others are still in the game。Fortunately, the little brothers are hard-talking,I didn’t talk nonsense in it,But a long time,Unbalanced will bite。Wang Zhaokun’s fire is getting bigger and bigger,The customer doesn’t know how to deal with the aftermath,“Grassy,Find this kid,Lao Tzu will strip him alive!”
“Brother-in-law,Or ask Qiye for help,As you,Isn’t it just a sentence??”Fan Heimian’s careful advice。
“Fuck you!The fuck you hired,How do you check?Don’t you know if I and Lao Qi are not dealing?Paralyzed,Has your brain been licked by a pig?,My grass!”Wang Zhaokun jumped and scolded,I can’t wait to smoke my wife and brother。
Xiaoyong, who was silent, suddenly spoke,“boss,That person is not easy,A few powerful brothers are still locked inside,I’m afraid it won’t be easy to get him。If Qi Ye came here with one or two hard hands,Much easier。”
Wang Zhaokun was suddenly silent,The flesh on his face kept shaking。Get angry,But what Xiaoyong said is not without reason,Just rely on people who can’t get on the stage at this point,It’s really hard to get things done。But let him bow to his cousin,That’s harder。
Recalling when I came with my cousinSZMixed world,I was really poor and white back then,The two brothers did not know how much hardship they suffered,How many sins,Keep clenching your teeth。
Time rushes by like running water,It’s more than ten years in a flash,Things are not,The two brothers have parted ways。From the results alone,The achievements of the two are a thousand miles apart。Cousin is already an accomplished private entrepreneur,Great philanthropist,Also served as a NPC deputy,He is also a famous boss on the road,The halo is so dazzling。What’s your situation,Tossing about until now,He’s just a small boss of a small company,If it weren’t for my cousin’s help from time to time,I can’t get along these days。

The big army will guard a few batts, respectively.,Mutual。

This tactic,Song with the Northern Wei Dynasty、Tactics taken at all times,Have great difference。That time Wei Jun,Use“One-day attack”Tactics。
Means of,The big army attacks during the day,The next day, I’m going back to camp.,Whereabout,Both attack range!
Song、Qi Jun team is used“Box car”confrontation,Do not seek win,Just seek to stay in the night,The next day Wei Jun naturally relieves,They quickly return to the city,Safe。
“Large manager,Our army has been ready to stand,At any time you can attack Pu 坂!”
Dendoblun light is seen in Gao Boyi,Just say a little excitement。
“To the handsome account。”
Everyone came to the middle army.,Dendoblun light will give Zheng Minmin.,Then when I took a handkerchief。Gao Baoyi is not there,He is responsible for the entire army。Gao Bao is coming.,He is enough to act enough.。
“Take a look at these letters,Have no surprise。”
Gao Biyi pointed to a thick stacked instrument,Zheng Minmin said。He himself is a large map hanging in the military account.,The Zhou Junchengzhai on the river is marked out one by one.。
Sure enough, star Luo,Zhou Jun has early preparation,Yushu City is what they deliberately give up.,There is no efforts to rescue。
“To say there is a surprise,That is really a lot of surprises.。”
Zheng Minmin Face,Pick a few in the stack of letters,Put on the table。
“Is Alang now is so popular?,Zhou Junzhi,Many will you receive you?。”
Is it?
Gao Baoyi heard this,There is a feeling of Yuan Benchu attached,It is really disgusting.。
He will open these letters.,I don’t know what to say for a long time.。
Yu Wenxian wants to raself Qi Jun at two days later,Actually, several Zhou Jun will write to himself.,Clave this matter……Now,I have to fight for it.?
really,Comparison of strength,Not a simple addition and subtraction。100Correct90when,Still and subtract reduction,But when100Correct40when,I may not be able to collapse directly.!
The remaining strength is directly cleared!
This is like both the ancient war and,It’s not to kill the other person with only a few people.,Will crash。sometimes,A photo face,Dead one-two,The whole army collapsed,No longer exist。
Now this time,Perhaps the people of the impersonal people are still fighting,But others,It is ready to retreat.。These letters on the table,Once, everything。
The heart is really good, and it is also cruel.。
Gao Bi can’t help but feel。
But these letters said,But let Gao Bo Yi can’t believe it.。
“Yu Wenxian must raid Qi Jun Camp……No reason?。”
Gao Bao can’t help it。
These letters said that they have received Zhao Yan.“Secret weapon”,But how to use,But there is great difference。
Gao Bo Yi is written by He Ruozi,Some people who can’t believe in the language:“Cong Ruo Ming is in trouble,As a result, Yu Wenxian heard his suggestion.,Refused the suggestion of Wei Xiaoxuan burned my military grain……What did he think of??”
He Ruozhen has secretly voted himself,Let this raid Qi Jun Camp……What can I have any results??
Kick fake is better than this!
“Will it be that Yu Wenxian wants to see who is in the army??”
Zheng Minmin asked:“Even I can see it.,Burning grain and grass is the right path,Yu Wenxian will not even even me?”
I think of my pen.“Can’t”Yu Wenxian,Zheng Minmin has a wonderful feeling。
“Um,You are talking about it, it seems to have such a bit。Still, granary needs to pay attention to it.。”
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS1332chapter Rock
Northweight,Southern line,Jinzhou City。
After the Gong Di Gan got the grain and grass sent by Yang Su,I started to attack Jinzhou City!
Gongsun’s idea is actually very simple。

Chen Jiang’s office,Became a temporary interrogation room。Should not be in compliance with procedures in organizational discipline,But something like this still happened,And it happened in the mayor’s office。

When Xia Jian and Secretary Wang went in,Mayor Chen’s office is apart from Wang Deputy Shu and Director Liu of the Commission for Discipline Inspection,There are more deputy mayors,He is Chen Jiang’s confidant,Temporarily take over the work of Qin Xiaomin。
Liu Yongping,Forty-six years old。Flat urbanite,He was promoted to deputy mayor following Chen Jiang’s promotion。I used to work in the organization department,As for how he got up,Xia Jian really doesn’t know this。He just heard Qin Xiaomin say this,That this person is not good at doing things,But the whole person is a good hand,And the relationship with Chen Jiang is extraordinary。
Xia Jian saw this scene,I knew that Chen Jiang had set the game for him,Now I just want to find a very reasonable excuse to close the net。as expected,Not waiting for his ass to sit down,Chen Jiang spoke。
“Xia Jian!You are so courageous,Dare to collect money from others at the Pingdu Hotel?I think you have done a lot of good things to Pingyang Town,Comrades from the Commission for Discipline Inspection want to give you a chance to proactively explain the problem,But you won’t admit it,And the attitude towards the leaders of the Commission for Discipline Inspection is extremely bad。You fell to this end today,Can only blame yourself,We gave you a chance“Chen Jiang said with a serious face。
Secretary Wang,Don’t sit down at all,He stood in front of the sofa and asked loudly:“You call us over,Do you just want to announce the result to Mayor Xia??This does not seem to be in line with the procedure,Anyway,He is also the mayor of Pingyang Town,If you do this, I’m afraid the people in Pingyang Town will not agree“
“Secretary Wang!You are an old comrade,How can you talk like this。Xia Jian, he violated discipline,Should be punished fairly,You can’t just use him to protect Pingyang Town。According to this,Which of us is not doing things for the people“Liu Yongping, deputy mayor Liu finally spoke in Xia Jian’s first impression。
Xia Jian never spoke,He is already sitting on the sofa,Watching these people theories,It seems that the matter they are arguing has nothing to do with him。
Secretary Wang is also anxious at this time,He said loudly:“What happened to my old comrade?Am i wrong?Since you have evidence,Then put out the evidence,Convince everyone“
“Secretary Wang!You really think our Commission for Discipline Inspection is eating idle meals。Director Liu,Take out the photo that reported him,Let Secretary Wang and Comrade Xia Jian take a look“Deputy Secretary Wang of the Commission for Discipline Inspection,Said a little proudly。
Director Liu opened the briefcase,Took a picture out of it,Handed it to Secretary Wang。Secretary Wang took a look,I couldn’t help but frowned 。
Xia Jian can’t sit still anymore,He stood up abruptly,Take a look at the photos from Secretary Wang,The whole person suddenly had an urge to laugh wildly,But he still held back his smile。
On the photo in his hand,You can see that someone secretly photographed it from outside the door,He happened to be sideways,Face right towards the door,And Xiong Lan’s hand holding 20,000 yuan was also photographed in it。From the whole photo, you can only see that Xia Jian reached out to pick up the money,As for who gave the money,Can’t tell at all。
The person who took this photo did not know it was intentional,Band is just a coincidence。Anyway, there are four people at one table,I happened to only shoot him Xia Jian,Plus Xionglan’s hand holding money。The rest is really not taken in。
“Xia Jian!Do you have anything to say now?You said a little mayor,Drove a big dash every day,Do you think it is suitable?Who else can you report if they don’t report?“Chen Jiang’s cynicism,A proud look。
First1420chapter A phone call
Xia Jian couldn’t help it anymore,He couldn’t help laughing out loud。
Liu Yongping frowned,So pretending to be nervous and asked Secretary Wang:“Is he nervous??I can still laugh in this situation?”

Li Tianchou’s embarrassment,Wu Fang naturally saw it,But did not speak。Get out,The sky is dark,He suddenly stopped,“Just missed one,Must be clear。”

“That one?”Li Tianchou is strange。
“About my eldest lady,What are you going to do?When to do?”
“Are you talking about conditions??”Li Tianchou was rather unhappy when he heard that,He hates being threatened by others。
“You say yes,I have to ask from my perspective。Lao Tzu is paid。”Wu Zhangzhang is so big,Don’t care about Li Tianchou’s reaction and emotions。
It’s boring to be blocked by the other party’s words,Li Tianchou said coldly,“I want to protect myself first,Nothing else。Didn’t the old man let you help me clean up the trouble??”
Wu Fang laughed suddenly,Pat Li Tianchou on the shoulder,“Tell the truth。I just remind you,Routine。gone。”
Nima’s,Li Tianchou secretly cursed,But there is nothing to say for a while,It’s just that I feel uncomfortable being held back by others。He led Wu Fang around two small streets,Came to the restaurant again。
“I rely on,Why come back?That idiot tell you where?”
“Follow me。”Li Tianchou casually perfunctory,Turned another alley,A motorcycle parked next to an unremarkable shack。The car is weird,The two handles are asymmetrically opened,The wires wound on it are colorful,Mess。Surprisingly large fuel tank and exhaust pipe,People’s eyeballs are shocking,But the whole looks really uncoordinated,Like a complete freak,The tin sheets of various colors are randomly matched together,Ugly。Don’t even think about it。
This car is naturally Lao Hao’s beloved thing,Li Tianchou cheated over,Zhang Wen’s motorcycle had already been thrown into scrap by him on the Xianghe Bridge。
“What is this?”Wu Fang looked at him and shook his head。
“good stuff,Named‘Qianliju’。Hehe,It took me a lot of effort to get it,With it,I won’t suffer tonight。”Li Tianchou is very proud,And patted the seat hard。
Wu Fang looked at the bare steel bars near the car seat,Can’t help taking a breath,“Sit here by yourself,I take a taxi。”

When Zhang Yunlong heard the news,obviously,I didn’t expect this at all。

But from now on,What should I do with this,Actually this,It’s already quite clear。
slowly,Seeing these,Zhang Yunlong feels very funny the more he thinks about it。
“Since this is the case,Then other things,Not to mention。”
“Someone is going to attack,Investigate clearly,Who is it??”
Zhang Yunlong is not in a hurry,In fact, in his heart,On the contrary, I am somewhat expecting something like this to happen。
If you can,Zhang Yunlong really wants to see it。
And put it here,Zhang Yunlong raised his head a little bit to stare at him。
After watching for a while,Zhang Yunlong is very direct。
“Is it Wang Teng?,This is really interesting。”
“But I won’t talk about other issues for now,How to solve it,This is interesting!”
When Zhang Yunlong finished,Those around,One after another, looking towards this side。
obviously,These people look around,How to solve such a thing。
Actually just this,Is the most important。