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My brother Man San’er is responsible for pickpocketing the floating population,Maintain law and order by yourself,Guarantee the interests of vendors,This is to grasp both hands hard。

The food court has been established for a few days,Watching Rijindoujin’s life,Yu Guo doesn’t think he can be any worse than the rich people in those magazines。
Happy spring breeze,Even if spring hasn’t come yet,It doesn’t affect Yu Guo’s good mood。
Take the brothers to hang out on the street as usual,Brother Guozi,Falling in Yu Guo’s ears is like Chaohe,Sounds extra comfortable。
Finish dinner at your favorite loin,Brothers are all a little drunk。
The bookkeeping before going out,I don’t know if Yuguo will remember after sobering up tomorrow,The owner of the braised pork shop naturally doesn’t mind。
Warm wine,I felt the sudden drop in temperature when I stepped out of the store,There is a faint feeling of ice and fire。
Especially after seeing Wang Qiaoqiao who is soliciting business,The warm current that can only be understood,All over Yu Guo’s body in an instant。
It happened that Wang Qiaoqiao came to ask if you want to eat,Yu Guo looked back at her brothers,Everyone knows,It’s nothing more than to advance the supper time,Everyone can hold their stomachs!
Follow Wang Qiaoqiao upstairs,That graceful figure,Yu Guo Xin Yi Ma,I winked with my brothers,The reply is a smile without words。
I thought it was luck to see Wang Qiaoqiao today,But after reaching the second floor,I saw Mo Mo and Xiangyang eating again,Yu Guo only feels that he is better than Liuhe todayiCai is still happy。
After seated,Although the story’s development route is biased,But they are all under Yu Guo’s control。
Until he was thrown downstairs by the cannon that he had always looked down on,The pain in my whole body couldn’t resist Yu Guo’s shock。
Looking back at my two brothers who were more seriously injured,A man broke his hand,Another broke his hand after being pinched with chopsticks。
Shameful shame,Since Yu Guo set up sticks in the snack street,Such a shame has never happened。
Endure the pain all over the body,The brothers helped each other upstairs,Fate sometimes,But the lost face must be found back!
Stand in front of a few people again,My brother just finished talking about going to war,Was thrown out by someone following the previous window。
Yu Guo sees it,But I still haven’t realized what is going on,He himself flew again。

After explaining it, Su Xiaodong doesn’t care about Su Chengxu’s dissatisfaction,Hang up directly。

As for Su Chengxu?Right now
After eating at mother-in-law’s house。
Speaking of this, the mother-in-law’s family actually looked down on Su Chengxu,No other,This kid is not only poor,Not motivated yet。Age twenty-three,no job,Rely on home,Someone owed a debt,In the end, I can only get it back at home。
If this family is allowed to choose, how can it be impossible for them to choose Su Chengxu?。
The problem is that people cook mature rice with raw rice,Has occupied a dominant position strategically。They have no way!After all, the daughter’s story has spread in ten miles and eight villages。
Actually they feel ashamed,But what can I do?Girls are going to marry after all!Okay,The Su family over there don’t seem to be too poor, right。
They offered a gift money of 80,000,Su Chengxu’s family couldn’t get this money at first,Just somehow today,This kid can come with cash。
By now,They can only recognize。After all, their family is not only such a daughter。
Maybe it’s finally enough to keep the clouds open and see the moonlight,Or maybe under the influence of money,The family asked Su Chengxu to stay for dinner。
As for what Su Xiaodong called to make him alert before, he has long been left behind.。
In fact this is just a common meal。But because of some wine,So I actually ate for nearly an hour after a meal。
At this moment, Su Chengxu was also a little lethargic。
At the moment,The open door welcomed three strangers,And what followed them,Naturally neighbors around。What happened to them。
After all, among those who come,There are two agents in uniforms。
But those two are behind,In other words,It is the young man who is in the front。
Of course the ones who came were Qin Feng and the two agents who came to assist him。
“Su Chengxu, right??Three years ago, you beat up with the crowd at Chencheng Railway Station,Someone was seriously injured,let me tell you,This matter is serious,Need you to go back and assist in the investigation。”
“what?I,Do not,This.”Su Chengxu, who is usually clever-toothed, finds at this moment that he doesn’t speak much anymore。He wants to make excuses。But three years ago at the train station, he did participate in the group frame。

Shocked Guo Ran,Liandao dare not。

“Mr. Qin,Someone troubles you?”
Guo Ran still remembers what Shang Wu told him,As long as it concerns Qin Feng,No matter what it is, handle it with the utmost sincerity。
If he can’t be the master,Just leave it to Shangwu,If Shangwu can’t be the master,There is a bigger backing support!
Whether it isACity or Liuli,Never let Qin Feng have any trouble!
A little gangster,Qin Feng didn’t take it seriously,Where can Guo Ran help?。
An Hui and others saw Guo Ran’s capable appearance,I know he has a big background,Immediately told Guo Ran what had just happened。
“He is looking for death!Dare to disrespect Mr. Qin,Guests rest assured,Mr. Qin’s business is mine,I will help Mr. Qin deal with this matter,Don’t worry。”
With a sneer,Guo Ran really doesn’t know how dare these people dare to be disrespectful to Mr. Qin。
“really?Really will be fine?”
Anhui feels incredible,Obviously the one who beaten the dragon,However, in Guo Ran’s eyes,But it seems very unworthy。
“Miss An, don’t worry,Even if it’s a dragon,In front of Liu Dong’s distinguished guest, Mr. Qin,All the same!”
Guo Ran said respectfully。
As soon as I heard Guo Ran’s guarantee,The haze in everyone’s hearts will not go away。
Looking at Qin Feng’s eyes bright and colorful,I didn’t expect Qin Feng to be hereAThe city still has such a great friend,He didn’t even care about the dragon!
“You go first,I’ll just go through the matter,It would be troublesome in the future,I will not be there thenAThe city is dangerous。”Qin Feng smiled helplessly,Sometimes there are really many talented people。
Even dozens of people outside are not worth mentioning in front of Qin Feng,But ordinary people will not
Feel that way,It’s human。

Ah Qiu nodded with a handsome smile,Go over from Lu Menglin’s side,Walked into the entrance。

“No need to turn the roster!I seem to have heard the name Tyrant Aotian,Should be from our guild。”After Aqiu walked in the entrance,Suddenly turned around and said。
When the girls saw Aqiu, they spoke,Quickly waved to this personBBBoys in。
Lu Menglin nodded,I thanked Aqiu。
I don’t know Aqiu, but his conversation changed,Smiled:“but,I don’t remember Leng Yue Wuhen having such a person,Maybe it’s the little brother I took a long time ago!”
This remark,Lu Menglin suddenly frowned。
I don’t even know this person,Meet for the first time,Naturally there is no grudge,But the other party’s words have obvious derogatory meaning,This kind of person feels too good too!
but,This time Lu Menglin is here,To meet squad leader Su Xuehen,As for other people or things,He doesn’t care about everything,I don’t bother to care about this kind of people,Smile,Strode into the venue。
Seeing this person, I don’t argue with myself,Aqiu also smiled,He thinks he should think too much,This Overlord Aotian is just an ordinary gamer,Even if I recognize Leng Yue Wuhen?At last he knows himself,Dare not fight with me!
now,The venue is already very lively,Most of the people from Cold Moon Guild came,Nearly a hundred people gathered together,And most of them are girls,Everyone is dressed up like a butterfly,Fight for beauty,Spring is full of gardens。
As soon as A Qiucai entered the venue,Immediately attracted a lot of attention。
no way,Who called him tall,People look good again,Plus the luxury car,In the eyes of ordinary female college students,It’s the real version of Prince Charming,Naturally all around him。
And this kind of offline party,Everyone is a member of a game guild,Naturally there are endless topics,It’s easy to narrow the distance between each other。
As long as someone mentions a certain battle,Whether it is with a hostile guildPK,Still Daguai grabbing treasure,Everyone responds,That kind of strong sense of participation and guild belonging,Is also one of the powerful charms of the game。
As the first soldier in the guild,The cold moon and autumn leaves are naturally surrounded by everyone,Like stars holding the moon,shining。

“I said at the beginning,What i learned,Can only show me where you are now,But treatment?Sorry i can’t do anything,”Chen Geng sighed:“The reason why I told you this,Just want to remind you,It’s not too late for treatment,You still have time,If you delay for another year or two……”

What will happen if you delay for another year or two?Chen Geng didn’t say,Can be understood by Chen Geng’s expression, Carpenter,It is estimated that his life potential has fallen avalanche、Until it collapses completely。
“I……I……I don’t want to die……”Carpenter clung to Chen Geng’s hand in a gaffe:“Mr. Fernandez,Please,Please help me……”
“I said that,It’s not too late for you to see the doctor,”Chen Geng sighed again:“Really,Your current situation,I guess western medicine can help you heal。”
What is called“It can be cured?”,What do you mean,Even western medicine has a high chance of not being able to cure me?
People are afraid of death,Especially rich!
For the rich,The money spent on seeing a doctor is not a problem at all,The point is to be optimistic about the disease,Even just to improve1%Cure rate,They don’t hesitate to spend several times more,Realize that the success rate of western medicine in treating one’s own anorexia nervosa may be a bit worse than traditional Chinese medicine,And just now Mr. Fernandez said,Chinese medicine is fundamentally、After treating my anorexia dialectically,Carpenter caught Chen Geng and refused to let go:“Mr. Fernandez,Even if you can’t cure it,Do you know someone who can help me treat??”
“This one……”Chen Geng hesitated obviously。
But Chen Geng’s hesitation,But it made Carpenter excited:He really knows!
Just know!
Carpenter said immediately:“Mr. Fernandez,I know you are short of money,but……Please help me,No matter what conditions you have,I promise you!”
“This is not about money,”Chen Geng smiled bitterly:“Although the other party may not have much money,But they are rich and may not be able to invite them。”
There are also doctors who can’t get the money?Carpenter did not speak,But she obviously doesn’t believe it。

Minor borrow online games recharge game Tencent: has established a corresponding processing mechanism

Minor borrow online games recharge game Tencent: has established a corresponding processing mechanism
During the epidemic, minors’ online courses through mobile phones have become the main learning path.However, many parents have recently reported that children use online classes to play and recharge games such as “Peace Elite” and “Glory of the King” through mobile phones.On March 12, the reporter logged into the Black Cat complaint platform and found that many netizens reported that minors recharged the game without their parents’ knowledge.One of the netizens complained that a 9-year-old child at home used his mother’s mobile phone to play “Peace Elite” and experienced parental consent to recharge 4121 yuan.Another parent also said that 11-year-olds at home use their mobile phones to recharge “Peace Elite” more than 5,000 yuan during online classes.Similar complaints also appeared on another popular mobile game “Glory of the King”.The reporter noticed that many netizens also said that their children recharge the game privately, hoping that the game platform can give back.Also according to Southern Metropolis Daily, Jiangsu Provincial Radio and Television Station and other media reports, in addition to recharging games in the name of online courses, minors log in to the live broadcast platform to mainly broadcast rewards.”For the case of suspected minor consumption, we have a case where the user has provided sufficient proof and has been properly handled.On March 12, Tencent staff told reporters that parents need to provide their and children ‘s identification, parent-child relationship and other necessary basic information. After verifying with the background data of the account and communicating with parents and childrenTencent will conduct multi-dimensional comprehensive evaluation and processing.The reporter learned that, in response to the game recharge of minors, Tencent ‘s health system launched in 2017 has received public security real name reset and face recognition verification and other methods to strengthen the decision of minors ‘identity and game behavior.limit.In addition, parents can also actively manage their children’s game time and game consumption through Tencent’s “Growth Guardian Platform”. In addition to setting a single sum and accumulating the amount of consumption, it can also be prohibited by “one-key charge prohibition”All in-game consumption.”For suspected minor game consumption, we have established an expected channel and established a relatively complete processing mechanism.At the same time, it will try to launch a service of active reminder of consumption from 2018, try to actively intervene in the consumption of suspected minors, and contact the owner of the relevant payment account to remind and confirm.”Tencent staff said,” From the past experience, the vast majority of minor game consumption in addition to misappropriating the identity information of adults, but also access to adult payment information.In addition to reminding parents to keep their identity information, mobile devices and payment passwords to avoid the least loss, we will continue to improve our work and strengthen collaboration with parents, hoping to avoid irrational consumption of minors.”Sauna, Ye Wang Qin Che editor Yue Caizhou proofreading Li Xiangling

Hui Yinghong: Because Zhou Xun starred in The Imperfect She, she agrees with the role bias

Hui Yinghong: Because Zhou Xun starred in “The Imperfect She”, she agrees with the role bias
The woman who is becoming a popular video on Tencent is full of online drama “Imperfect She”, which attracts attention because of the collection of powerful actors such as Zhou Xun, Hui Yinghong, Zhao Yazhi, and Jin Shijie.Hui Yinghong plays Lin Xuzhi (Zhou Xun) ‘s adoptive mother Yuan Ling in the script. She accepted the sauna and admitted in an interview with Yeewang that her acting was mainly due to her ability to cooperate with Zhou Xun.The strong side of retreat.”Imperfect She” Huiying Hong stills.The picture is from Network 1. The reception is mainly because Zhou Xunhui Yinghong has won the Golden Award several times, and the Golden Horse Awards have performed many classic roles.Yuan Ling, who she played in “Imperfect She”, is the president of a listed company. Her career has been quite successful, and her marriage life has been ruined.Because no boy was born, her husband divorced her and she raised her three daughters alone.Among them, the eldest daughter Lin Xuzhi was the child adopted by Yuan Ling before marriage. Although she loved Lin Xuzhi in fact, she was kept away from everyone because of her psychological shadow of being abandoned by her biological mother in her childhood.Hui Yinghong told the sauna, Yewang, that she was acting in “Imperfect She” mainly because of Zhou Xun in this drama.”She (Zhou Xun) is an actor I like very much.As soon as I heard about her in this drama, I was very excited to work with her.After reading the script again, it was also very good, I felt it was necessary to shoot.”Yuan Ling in the play is the person who knows the most secrets. She has always been in contact with Lin Xuzhi’s biological mother Zhong Hui (Zhao Yazhi), but for a secret old thing that is not good for Lin Xu, the two met to hide Lin Xuzhi.Hui Yinghong believes that the key to shaping Yuan Ling’s role is to show the strong side of her character through her handling of difficulties.”She has faced so many difficulties, is still so strong, and has become a successful business woman. I believe that the audience can see something very positive from her, and see that women will not shrink from facing side.”2. Identify Yuan Ling’s” eccentric “drama. Yuan Ling’s second daughter Lin Yizhi and her third daughter Lin Guozhi were born of her and her ex-husband. They did not know that the older sister Lin Xuzhi was adopted.Yuan Ling’s love for Lin Xu was especially “eccentric”. For the fact that Lin Xuzhi suddenly brought a granddaughter Lin Xiaoou back, Yuan Ling didn’t ask the reason at all, and even said that he knew this thing long ago, and later helped Lin Xiaoou contact private schools.Therefore, her second daughter Lin Yizhi often joked that it seems that only the eldest sister is a mother.Adopting a daughter is better than having a biological daughter, which is rare but also contrary to human nature.Hui Yinghong expressed understanding and approval of Yuan Ling’s approach in the play.”Because she (Yuan Ling) knows that this daughter’s heart is particularly fragile, she fears that if her love is not enough, the wounded heart of Ou Zhi will be even more hurt.If I were her, I believe that my approach is the same, and I will try my best to use love to repair the pain in my heart. “In fact, being able to raise three daughters with different personalities but strong and independent, Yuan Ling’s performance as a mother is excellent.But in Hui Yinghong’s view, Yuan Ling also has imperfections-she is afraid of losing Lin Xuzhi, and she is also afraid that the two biological daughters do not accept her so much.”She has to deal with such fears, which is her imperfection.”Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie Editor Tong Na proofreading Li Lijun

Antarctic e-commerce (002127): Monetization rate has remained flat for many years and the quality of statements has been further optimized

Antarctic e-commerce (002127): Monetization rate has remained flat for many years and the quality of statements has been further optimized

Core point of view: The monetization rate has 合肥夜网 remained flat for ten years, and the quality of statements has been further optimized. The company released a quarterly report and achieved revenue of 8.

24 ppm, a 63-year increase of 63.

4%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

22 ppm, an increase of 36 in ten years.


In terms of main business, 19Q1 achieved GMV51.

USD 5.6 billion, an annual increase of 53%; realizing comprehensive brand service fees and licensing fees1.

29 ppm, an increase of 55 in ten years.

4%, monetization reform 2.

5%, unchanged from 1Q18, mainly due to the increase in dealer brand licensing fees; net profit of the main business was 0.

92 ppm, an increase of 50 in ten years.

8%, revenue and profit growth exceeded market expectations.

According to the financial report, by brand, in 1Q19, the Antarctic brand achieved GMV45.

20,000 yuan, an increase of 56 in ten years.

8%; Cardile achieved a GMV of 5.

610,000 yuan, an increase of 38 in ten years.

9%, the short-term growth rate is mainly to maintain brand tone, superiority and inferiority eliminated some low-end dealers.

In terms of channels, in 1Q19 Ali channels achieved 36 trillion GMV, a 50% increase; Jingdong channel GMV 8.

4 trillion, the same increase of 37.

8%; Pinduoduo Channel GMV 5.

1.6 billion, an increase of 95%; Vipshop channels GMV 1.

USD 6.8 billion, an annual growth rate of 133%. Pinduoduo and Vipshop channels have achieved rapid growth.

The company’s 1Q19 operating net cash flow was zero.

91 ppm, an increase of 1 per year.

3.7 billion.

Accounts receivable at the end of 1Q19 was 8.

8 ‰, reduced by 0 per year.

200 million US dollars, including factoring, time-linked receivables and the reduced amount, the main business receivables can also increase beyond the income end, improving the quality of earnings.

Profit forecast and investment advice The company focuses on new fast-moving consumer goods, empowers suppliers and distributors with an asset-light authorization model, and expands along the three dimensions of “brand, channel, category”. At the same time, it has begun to strengthen brand promotion 佛山桑拿网 and quality control system construction., Beneficial to the healthy development of Antarctic ecology.

We expect the net profit attributable to mothers to be 12 in 19-20.

500 million and 16.

5 ppm, the company’s 19-21 year performance is expected to grow at a compound growth rate of 34%, given the 19X 28EPE estimate, corresponding to a reasonable value of 14.

3 yuan / share, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: possible talent advantages in the process of high-speed expansion; the introduction of the e-commerce law may affect the sales of some dealers; and the cost of acquiring traffic on various e-commerce platforms has improved.

Panwei Network (603039) semi-annual report comment: net profit growth rate was 35.

70% of R & D investment achieved a breakthrough

Panwei Network (603039) semi-annual report comment: net profit growth rate was 35.

70% of R & D investment achieved a breakthrough

Net profit growth rate was 35.

70%, short-term increase in gross profit margin1.

16pct company released 2019 semi-annual report: Realizing revenue 5.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 25 in ten years.

96%; net profit attributable to mother 4919.

370,000 yuan, an increase of 35 in ten years.

70%; net profit after deduction is 3570.

20,000 yuan, an increase of 16 in ten years.

36%, performance in line with market expectations.

2019H1 sales expenses increase by 27 in ten years.

11%; management expenses increased by 6 in ten years.

77%, mainly due to the increase in wages and benefits of the number of persons reported.

Gross profit margin was 96.

05%, a year to increase by 1.

16 points.

Net cash flow from operating activities was 3045.

09 million yuan, a decrease of 28 a year.

55%, mainly due to the increase in project implementation fees paid for reporting purposes.

Breakthroughs in R & D investment, steady progress in localization, and OA office applications gradually improved in the first half of 2019.

500,000 yuan, an annual increase of 22.

31%, breakthroughs in technology research and development.

(1) The progress of localization is steadily advancing: the company deeply develops and supports the localization system, replacing multiple localization technology platforms, supporting the deployment of domestic operating systems, domestic middleware, and domestic databases, and serving domestic customers.

(2) Gradually perfect applications in the OA office field: launched and improved a variety of application functions, solutions and configuration tools in the mobile office field; continued optimization and upgrades in collaborative applications, mobile applications, data centers, etc., and multi-time attendance, Bank-enterprise direct connection, system-related secrets, expense control and other aspects of upgrading and expanding applications.

(3) Continuous upgrade and optimization of the intelligent system: The company continues to 北京SPA会所 improve the technical architecture of the development system, adheres to the open technology platform for collaborative office with components and APIs as its core, and the intelligent system is continuously upgraded and optimized.

The multi-level marketing system continues to expand, which is conducive to the steady growth of OA software revenue. For E-cology products, the company has established more than 300 service teams in nine regions across the country to provide localized services; for e-office products, the company’s first-tier citiesDevelopment partners and business partners, set up a dedicated team responsible for product support and sales support by region; for mobile office cloud OA-eteams products based on the SAAS cloud architecture, the company recruited online sales and regional sales teams.

The company’s multi-level marketing service system is constantly growing, which is conducive to the steady growth of OA office software revenue.

Investment suggestions R & D breakthroughs have made breakthroughs, and we are optimistic about the continued growth of the company’s business in the future.

The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 1.

00, 1.

31, 1.

65 yuan, maintain the “recommended” level.

Risk warning: Business progress is less than expected, R & D progress is less than expected, and industry competition is intensifying

The United States’ foreign shareholding ratio hits a new high. Who will be the next buy hot stock

The United States’ foreign shareholding ratio hits a new high. Who will be the next “buy hot stock”
Come to Sina University of Finance and listen to Peng Daofu’s “Five Lectures on Super Long and In-depth Analysis of Leading Tactics” to reveal the best stock investment strategy for retail investors! Authoritative, in-depth, and practical financial information is here. Midea Group ‘s foreign shareholding ratio is at a new high, only 0 from the 28% “purchase limit line”.2 averages.  On January 13, the information disclosed on the official website of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, as of January 10, foreign investors through QFII, RQFII, Midea Group shares held by Shenzhen Stock Connect accounted for the company’s total share capital.80%, a record high, further approaching the 28% “purchase limit line”.In addition, the foreign shareholding ratio tested by China Test also exceeded the 26% forecast line, reaching 26.19%.  As of this morning’s close, Midea Group reported at 60 yuan for the first time, approaching a level 60.Historical high of 8 yuan per pair.  Data source: These stocks of Wind have been bought and sold since 2019. Two stocks have reached the 28% upper limit stipulated in the Securities Exchange Implementation Rules for Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors and RMB Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors.It is a group of Han’s Laser and Midea.  Data source: Before this, Wind ‘s closed Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect trading channel dates back to 2015. Shanghai Airport ‘s Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect purchase channel was temporarily closed due to its overseas holdings of more than 28%.The first stock to temporarily suspend buying due to its overseas holdings exceeding the red line.  Data source: Wind According to the relevant regulations of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the shareholding ratio of all foreign investors in the A shares of a delisted listed company shall not exceed 30% of the total shares of the listed company.  The Hong Kong Stock Exchange also has corresponding regulations: when foreign investors hold more than 28% of shares, they will suspend acceptance of buying until the total shareholding ratio drops below 26%; at the same time, if they exceed 30%, they will be forced to start sellingProcedure, according to the principle of “buy first, sell first” will sell more than part.  In addition, if a stock reaches the limit of 28% of foreign shares, there is no longer room for foreign investment, which violates the principle of “investable”.Relevant targets will be removed from the index system by MSCI, FTSE Russell and other international index compiling companies.Once it is removed, it needs to be observed and replaced at least (for example, MSCI needs to observe for 12 months) before considering whether to re-substitute the replacement.  How to go sustainable after buying explosion?  After reaching the upper limit of the 28% foreign shareholding ratio, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange only accepts selling orders but not buying orders. Investors cannot help worrying about whether this will affect performance?  Judging from previous cases, a buying explosion does not necessarily mean that the skyrocketing or profitable funds leave the market leading to a slump.After all, individual stock trends need to return to company fundamentals.  On March 5, 2019, Han’s Laser issued an announcement saying that due to the total overseas shareholding ratio of more than 28%, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect will suspend accepting buying of the stock from March 5, 2019, and the selling order will still be blocked.accept.The following month, Han’s Laser continued to briefly re-establish a new stage high.  Surprisingly, Han’s laser performance suddenly changed its face only six months later.On the evening of July 12, 2019, Han’s Laser released the 2019 semi-annual results preview,天津夜网 which shows that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies can replace 60% to 65%.  Subsequently, Han’s laser aging declined all the way, with a 20% decline over four trading days, and its market value evaporated by about 8 billion.The proportion of Han’s lasers held by foreign owners has dropped sharply. Data shows that on July 15, 2019, Han’s Lasers were sold at least 5 million shares by QFII, RQFII, and Shenzhen Stock Connect investors, accounting for 0 of the company’s total share capital.46%.  However, from the perspective of consecutive cycles, the forward trend of each stock still needs to return to the company’s fundamentals.  Shanghai Airport issued an announcement on May 19, 2015, reminding that the total foreign shareholding ratio reached a warning line of 28%.From 2015 to June 2018, the foreign 南京夜网 shareholding ratio of Shanghai Airport has hovered above the 26% forecast line for a long time.  From the general trend point of view, since May 19, 2015, Shanghai Airport has gradually increased by 195%, far outperforming the broader market.  In addition to the United States, Northbound funds also bought these first days of 2020, and Northbound funds clearly bought 101.47 trillion US dollars, a total of 343 net inflows for the seven trading days ended January 10.02 billion.  From the perspective of public trading information, Northbound Capital has begun to deploy A-share cyclic assets since the new year.  One of the most iconic is China Construction, a leader in the construction industry.From January 2nd to 10th, China’s building construction expanded by 5 degrees.16%.  During this period, the number of shares held by Northbound Capital increased from 8.6.6 billion shares increased to 10.9.9 billion shares, an increase of 27%; holding the stock market value from 48.6.6 billion to 64.8.3 billion yuan, an increase of 33%.The public transaction information from January 2 to 10 shows that the shareholding ratio of northbound funds of many cyclical stocks such as Jinshi Resources, Bio-Chem, Hailier, and Suzhou Longjie increased significantly.  In addition, Tianqi Lithium Industry related to new energy, Ganfeng Lithium Industry, Tongwei Shares related to the photovoltaic industry, Jidong Cement related to infrastructure construction, and Zhongnan Construction have all received sufficient capital to increase their positions since the New Year.  Although the progress in the expansion of A-shares by major index companies has temporarily come to an end, they have been excessive and continuously re-inserted into the market.Guosheng Securities analysis believes that the reason for the sustained growth of foreign investment in the near future is the easing of external disturbances and the recovery of risk appetite to accelerate the expansion of transnational emerging markets.