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Semi-lying posture during the highest incidence of lumbar disc herniation in autumn

Semi-lying posture during the highest incidence of lumbar disc herniation in autumn


Mr. Chen, a 30-year-old editor, is a copywriter. He works at the desk for eight or nine hours a day. He is used to resting on the table at noon. He does n’t want to move when he comes home at night. He leans on the sofa and plays with the computer.It was all night.

Not long ago, he suddenly had severe back pain, and went to the orthopedic clinic for a fractured lumbar disc herniation.

Autumn is a period of high incidence of orthopedic diseases, especially lumbar disc herniation.

Because of the cold wind and dampness in the autumn and winter, invasion of the human body can easily cause blood vessels to be poor, causing pain in the patient’s part.

Too many people will experience symptoms such as numbness of the lower limbs, fractures, pain, and fatigue. These symptoms are called “biosis” by Chinese medicine.

Between the lumbar vertebrae is a “spring sheet” called an intervertebral disc. It is soft and is surrounded by a fibrous ring, which can bend the spine.

If the distal end is in an incorrect posture and is often compressed or stretched, the fiber loops outside the “spring sheet” may rupture, and the contents inside will bulge, hit the nerves, cause pain in the waist and legs, and numbness, that is,Lumbar disc herniation.
It is often said that sitting down and resting is considered a kind of rest, but it is an exception for the lumbar spine.

When a person is lying flat, the pressure on the lumbar intervertebral disc is the smallest; when standing, the weight of the head, torso, and upper limbs is finally transmitted to the arch of the foot; when the forward leaning position, the weight of the head, torso, and upper limbs is concentrated on the lumbar spine, onlyThis is a solitary support point, at which time the lumbar disc is under the greatest pressure.

Therefore, long-term desk work or incorrect sitting posture can easily cause soreness and pain in the waist muscles.

Nowadays, the most pleasant thing for young people’s job opportunities after work is to play with a mobile phone and read a book on a semi-bed or sofa.

However, in the semi-recumbent position, the lumbar vertebra will lack the sufficient support, resulting in the distortion of the twisted arc, which will increase the gravity of the disc and cause the disc to protrude.

The lumbar vertebra has a normal physiological curvature. Under normal circumstances, the stress points of the lumbar vertebra are generally at the waist 4, 5, and 1 position.

In the semi-recumbent position, the back waist is suspended, the lumbar spine is in a folded state, and there is no support. The weight of the upper body is fully pressed to the lumbar spine.

In the shortest time, the muscles and ligaments in the lower back will support the lumbar spine, but the muscles and ligaments in the semi-recumbent position are in a changed state and lose the fixed function of reduction.Intervertebral disc bulging.

Spinal diseases are mostly caused by the accumulation of bad habits that have been inadvertent for many years. The following situations should be avoided: First, bending down to move heavy objects, causing the lumbar spine to be “injured.”

The correct posture is to squat down to hold the item and then gradually expand.

The second is to lie in the sofa and lean on it, which is the so-called “sofa potato”, which easily deforms the lumbar spine.

Three is sedentary.

People at old gatherings and those who need to work at their desks should stand up and walk for an hour or two.

When sitting, the line of gravity between the head and the lumbar spine should be perpendicular to the ground, and the waist should be supported.

A good cushion should protrude in the middle, have an arc transition from top to bottom, and have a certain hardness.

When there is no cushion, the seat should be filled with the hips to make the lumbar spine resistant.


Why do people love distractions until middle age

Why do people love distractions until middle age

As the number of working years increases, more and more office workers find higher levels of discomfort and are easily distracted.

Da Liu, a copywriter in an office building, found that he had done something in the past six months. He often had to split up a few paragraphs. After a while the phone rang and someone sent a message on MSN. After a while, the leader asked you to give a few words. The result is oftenDoing several things at the same time, exhausted after work one day.

He couldn’t help sighing: People are old, and their strength is not enough.

So why do middle-aged people love distractions?

Is this unique to middle-aged people?

  From an anatomical perspective, American scholars have found that middle-aged people are more likely to be distracted by distracting information from the office.

The reason is that when people reach middle age, using the brain will change accordingly due to the influence of age.

In other words, the ability of the human brain to eliminate irrelevant interference information decreases with age.

Some researchers have compared the brains of young, middle-aged and elderly people and found that the degree of damage to the brain circuit used to maintain a normal range of attention is proportional to age.

In fact, there are two key areas of the brain that control attention, and these two areas allow people to clearly separate the object of attention from the background.

  Under normal circumstances, when the attention is highly concentrated, the neural activity of the prefrontal cortex becomes very active, while the activities in the relevant brain regions of the middle and frontal lobe (monitoring background activity) become inhibited;In the distance state, the activities of these two brain regions are exactly reversed.

  But research has also shown that this pattern of active activity of the two brain regions gradually becomes chaotic from the age of 40.

This is exactly the anatomical mechanism that makes older people more distracted.

  However, for young people living in modern times, perhaps there is no need to worry.

Because many scholars are also working hard to prove that people who can perform multiple tasks at work can improve communication and performance, instead of distracting, lethargy, or forgetfulness.

Based on this assumption, a famous American scholar believes that modern young people may still have the ability to deal with disturbances and prevent distractions when they are old, because when they are young, their brains already have high-tech information.The discipline of the media, as it exists in a variety of interference information, can still guarantee the ability to pay attention.

This adaptation phenomenon also makes sense physiologically and psychologically.

  So white-collar workers in the office building, maybe you answer the phone every day, send and receive e-mail, flashing MSN is helping you to improve the age adaptability of attention.

Whitening vegetables help you kick away the nasty pigments

Whitening vegetables help you kick away the nasty pigments

When it comes to beauty, the first thing many people think of is going to a beauty salon.

In fact, as long as you eat vegetables often, you can still make your skin radiant, and its effect is no less than that of going to a beauty salon!

According to research by nutritionists, the following foods are the beauty experts-peas: “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that peas have the effect of “removing black and dim and making the face shiny”.

Modern research has even found that peas are rich in provitamin A, which can be converted into vitamin A in the body, transforming the effect of moisturizing the skin.

  White radish: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that white radish can “favor the five internal organs and make people feel clean and white.”

White radish has this function because it is rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which can inhibit melanin synthesis, prevent slight oxidation, and prevent lipofuscin deposition.

Therefore, regular consumption of white radish can make the skin white and delicate.

  Carrots: Carrots are known as “skin foods” and can moisturize the skin.

In addition, carrots are rich in pectin, which can be combined with mercury to replace harmful components in the human body, and the skin looks more delicate and rosy.

  Asparagus: Asparagus selenium can fight aging and prevent various diseases related to slight over-oxidation, making the skin white and tender.

  Sweet potato: Sweet potato contains a lot of mucin, and vitamin C is also very rich. The original vitamin A content is close to that of carrots.

Eating sweet potatoes can reduce cholesterol, reduce subcutaneous faeces, supplement deficiency, strengthen spleen and stomach, and improve kidney yang, thereby helping skin care and beauty.

  Mushrooms: Mushrooms are rich in nutrients, intake of protein and vitamins, trace amounts are low, and cholesterol-free.

Eating estrogen secreted by mushroom nutrition is more vigorous, which can prevent aging and anti-aging, and make the skin beautiful.

  Sprouts: Sprouts can prevent freckles, dark spots and whiten the skin.

  Loofah: Loofah can lubricate the skin and prevent wrinkles on the skin.

  Cucumber: Cucumber contains a large amount of vitamins and free amino acids, as well as rich fruit acids. It can clean and whiten skin, eliminate sunburn and freckles, and relieve skin allergies.

  Winter melon: Winter melon contains trace elements zinc and magnesium.

Zinc can promote the growth and development of the human body, magnesium can make people full of energy, rosy complexion, and white skin.

Honeysuckle indispensable for clearing heat and detoxifying

Honeysuckle indispensable for clearing heat and detoxifying

Click to buy honeysuckle flower, also known as double flower, honeysuckle flower, coriander flower, Erbao flower, is a vine plant that can be potted.

In the spring and summer flowering time, two small white flowers were born from the axils of the leaves. After blooming for a week, the flower color changed from white to yellow, and the white and yellow contrasted with each other. It was pleasing to the eye, its faint fragrance and refreshing, can beautify and green the environment, it is a veryGood ornamental plants.

  At the same time, honeysuckle is a chronic ancient and commonly used medicine. Its original plant is honeysuckle, and its medicinal parts are mainly flower buds and first blooms. Its cane is also medicinal (for honeysuckle vine).

Honeysuckle began to appear in the “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” and is classified as top grade. It is cold and sweet, has functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, and evacuating wind-heat. It is often used clinically to treat respiratory infections, influenza, tonsillitis, acute mastitis, and lobar pneumonia, Bacterial diseases, crest abscesses, erysipelas, trauma infections and uterine erosions.

Modern research has proven that honeysuckle has a recognized antibacterial effect against streptococcus, staphylococcus, pneumococcus, pertussis, meningococcus, etc.

According to statistics, honeysuckle is used in one-third of the traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions in the country. In 2003, honeysuckle was also used in the prescription of Chinese medicine against SARS.

  Shandong and Henan are the main cultivation areas of honeysuckle.

The honeysuckle produced in Pingyi, Shandong, Fei County is called “Dongyinhua”, the dense county in Henan, Gong County, and Rongyang is called “Dense Silver Flower”.

“Dense Silver Flower” is of high quality and is well-known both at home and abroad.

  There are many prescriptions that contain honeysuckle. Here are some simple and effective small prescriptions and usages that can be used in daily life for your reference.

  Making tea: 1.

Honeysuckle tea: 20 grams of honeysuckle, Jianshui instead of tea or tea, to treat sore throat and prevent upper respiratory infections.


Three flower tea: honeysuckle, chrysanthemum 10 grams each, jasmine 3 grams, add boiling water to make tea.

Can clear heat and detoxify, treat headache, thirst, sore throat.

This tea decoction, external washing, also treats dermatitis.


Three-flower sea tea: 4 grams of chrysanthemum, 3 grams of honeysuckle, 3 grams of camellia, 3 capsules of fat sea, 10 grams of rock sugar, brewed in boiling water for 5 minutes, drink, 1 dose a day, even drink for 3 days, can clear heat and detoxify, and relieve throatSoothes throat, treats influenza, dry throat and pain.


Honeysuckle mint tea: honeysuckle and mint 10 grams each, brew with boiling water, cover with stuffy 15 minutes, add an appropriate amount of honey and drink.

In summer, it is used for clearing heat and clearing heat and clearing cripples.


Golden licorice tea: 15 grams of honeysuckle, 3 grams of raw licorice, blended with boiling water tea, used in summer to prevent heatstroke, reduce heat and quench thirst.

This tea decoction gargle can also treat sore throat and oral ulcers.


Honeysuckle rhubarb tea: 10 grams of honeysuckle and 3 grams of rhubarb, combined with tea, and flavored with an appropriate amount of honey, has the effect of clearing heat and purging water, moisturizing intestines and laxative, and is used to treat habitual constipation.


Honeysuckle drink: Honeysuckle, hawthorn in the right amount, brew with boiling water, substitute tea.

For appetizers, digestion.

  Decoction (decoction): 1.

Treatment of hot and toxic bloated wounds: 20 grams of honeysuckle, wild chrysanthemum, dandelion, safflower, 15 grams each of purple sunflower seeds. After decoction, add appropriate amount of wine and mix with medicine residue to apply to the affected area.

(Five flavor disinfection drink from “Yizong Jinjian”) 2.

Prevention of meningoencephalitis, Japanese encephalitis: Honeysuckle, Forsythia, Daqingye, Reed Root, Licorice 9g each, decoction, 1 dose daily, 3 servings?
5 days.


Treatment of mumps: honeysuckle, dandelion 25 grams each, licorice 15 grams, 1 dose daily, decoction.


Large leaf pneumonia: 100 grams of honeysuckle, 50 grams of forsythia, 50 grams of habitat, 30 grams each of Ophiopogon, Asparagus and Scrophulariae, 1 dose daily, decoction, 3?
5 days is a course of treatment.
  5. Urinary and urinary tract infections: 15 grams of honeysuckle, plantain, echinacea, and motherwort, 30 grams each, 1 dose daily, decoction.


Treatment of heat and diarrhea: Honeysuckle 20 grams, roasted ground, sugar or honey.


Treatment of acute bacillary dysentery: 300 grams of honeysuckle, 90 grams of Coptis chinensis and 90 grams of Cotinus coggygria, decoction with water, take 1000 ml of medicine solution, take 30 ml each time, 4 times daily.

  Medicated Diet: 1.

Honeysuckle lotus seed soup: Honeysuckle 30 grams, lotus seed (without core) 50 grams.

Boil the honeysuckle and remove the residue to cook the lotus seeds.

Add some rock sugar when eating.

Can clear heat and detoxify, spleen and relieve diarrhea.

Any diarrhea, dysentery caused by heat and internal disturbances in the large intestine, irritated and severely mixed with fever, burning nose, and upset, can be eaten.


Honeysuckle: Honeysuckle, honey, 30 grams each.

Honeysuckle with decoction, slag removal, and honey-made beverages have a good effect on preventing flu and treating lung cough.


Double flower drink: silver flower, chrysanthemum, hawthorn each 50 grams, honey 500 grams.

Fry honeysuckle, chrysanthemum and hawthorn into a thick sauce and add honey.

It is not only a refreshing drink in summer, but also a health drink for the symptoms of body heat, thirst, dizziness, sore throat, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, and suppurative infection.


Silver flower dandelion porridge: honeysuckle 30 g, dandelion 60 g, previous rice 100 g.

Boil honeysuckle and dandelion in water, remove the dregs and extract the juice.

Suffering from acute mastitis.


Red honeysuckle eggs: 1 egg, beat into a bowl.

Add 15ml of honeysuckle, add 200ml of water, boil for 5 minutes, remove the residue and extract the juice.

Very convenient to take at the beginning of wind-heat cough.

  Others: Detoxification: take appropriate amount of honeysuckle stems, leaves and flowers, wash them with cold water, chew them down, and detoxify mushrooms and mercury.

  Honeysuckle is not for everyone and can be used every day.

Honeysuckle is cold in nature, not suitable for long-term continuous, only suitable for temporary temporary in hot summer.

In particular, it is necessary to remind that those with weak spleen and stomach or weak qi and women with menstrual interference cannot place them.