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2021 China Red Tourism Promotion Union Annual Meeting Representative Watch "Yimeng Four Seasons

Zhonghong Net Shandong Linyi, October 16th, 2021 (Zheng Shuping) October 14th to 16th, 2021 China Red Tourism Promotion Alliance Annual Meeting and "Following the Communist Party" activities held in Weinan County, Shandong Province, Shandong Province The activities are guided by the Cultural and Tourism Resources Development Division, Shandong Provincial Culture and Tourism Hall, China Red Tourism Promotion Alliance Secretariat, the CPC Linyi Municipal Party Committee, Linyi City People’s Government, Linyi City Culture and Tourism Bureau, China Communist Party Committee, Yishi Coordination of Nanxian People’s Government.

Representatives of China’s Red Tourism Promotion Alliance members, well-known red tourist experts, corporate representatives, Shandong red tourism key units, media reporters and other nearly 100 people participate in activities. Weinan County introduced "vigorously promoting the spirit of Yimeng spirit, uses a lot of red resources to help the revolutionary old area with red tourism", and visited the tourist area of ??Weinan Red House in Weinan, and watched the scenic spot. The large-scale immersion literature epic drandon "Yimeng Four Seasons – Red Dragon" Mountain Village Theater and "Follow the Communist Party" "Women’s Rescue" "Women’s Conference", "Military Connect", the story is immersed in the opening of the interactive exhibition. The audience is very touching the plot, novel expression form, activated education method deeply attractive, and the scene will sound warm applause from time to time, and many people move down tears. "Yimeng Fourth Season" is investing in Shandong Yimeng Red Culture Industry Co., Ltd., Shandong Yimeng Red Culture Industry Co., Ltd. Become a "Taishan Industry Leading Talent" project.

"Yimeng Four Seasons" to promote "Yimeng spirit", inherit the concept of Yimeng culture, with "ordinary people, national hero" Yimenghong as the main line, integrating political, artistic and mass sex, to create a new highlight of the red culture, Inherit the red gene.

"Yimeng Four Seasons" is a cultural and tourism integration, and the project of model innovation is composed of "Hongzhu" "Wen", "The Female" "Tiandi" four works.

The first work "Yimeng Four Seasons · Red" is composed of two parts: "The Women’s Rescue" "The Women’s Rescue" "The Women ‘s Rescue" "The Women’s Rescue" "The Women’s Rescue" "The Women Rescue" "The Women’s Rescue" After more than three years of creative team, the first work was first realized in the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, and a gift was given to the 100th birthday of the party. So far, there are more than 10 people in the mountain village, nearly 10,000 people, and the story of the story is immersed by interactive, more than 500 people, more than 50,000 visitors.

Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Medical Health Collaborative Development All 485

Original title: Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Medical Health Collaborative Development, the benefit of the people prepares the winter, the medical staff, the medical staff in the helicopter ceiling of the Chongli District of the North Hospital, the disease is transported. Wu Hall Senji reporter Yang Xunjun to support Xiongan "turnkey" new hospital to do medical support work; organize 5 municipal medical and health units such as Xuanwu Hospital to help the Helifang Anxin District; 16 medical institutions in Beijing Hospital The results of the clinical test results of the medical institution in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region have reached 485 medical institutions … The capital medical and health system has solidly promoted the three-way medical and health synergy, innovation system mechanisms, and achieved phase results.

  Xiongan New District launched, Beijing supported the "Transfer Key" new hospital project in Xiongan New District, Hebei Province.

At the end of this year, the hospital will realize the debut of the facade, and become the first three-family hospital in Xiongan New District. According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Health Committee, in 2018, the Beijing-Porsche Health and Health and Health and Health Committee and the Xiongan New District Management Committee signed a cooperation framework agreement to promote the "Building a Gang" work task.

At present, five Beijing Municipal Beijing Medical and Health Units, which continuously organizes Xuanwu Hospital, Maternity Hospital, Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, and Municipal Health Health Supervision, deepening the support for the intersection of the Xiongan New District, focusing on local neurology, Seven of neurosurgery, gynecology, obstetric, children’s preservation, etc., helping to improve the level of diagnosis and treatment and the level of public health services.

  Among them, Xuanwu Hospital helped accommodate the only stroke treatment center covered by Xiong’an San County. Beijing Maternity Hospital helps Chengcheng County Maternal and Child Health Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology and Neonatology become the key specialist of Xiongan New District, and obtains a history of hospital development. The Chinese Medicine Hospital cooperates with the Town County Chinese Medicine Hospital to highlight the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine. Beijing High Quality Planning Construction City Deputy Center Medical and Health Service System, actively supports the integration development of Tongzhou District and Beizhou County, promoting high-quality medical resources to the north county, promote the improvement of medical and health service capacity in the surrounding area.

At present, there have been 16 centralized hospitals, aviation hospitals, Anzhen hospitals, and the municipal hospitals, and the Northern San County medical institutions have signed an agreement and continue to promote cooperation, focusing on indigestion, respiratory and severe medicine. Science, neurology, neurosurgery, cardinal medicine, Chinese medicine department, etc. 18. With the help of Beijing, Hebei Yanda Hospital has become a three-level comprehensive hospital, and establish a remote radiographic diagnosis and remote pathophical diagnostic platform to promote more patients. At the same time, it continues to do support for the support of other people from Zhangjiakou, etc.. The Jishuitan Hospital assisted Zhangjiakou City Second Hospital to undertake a number of large domestic and international major sports events, and established a special medical insurance treatment team. Continue to do a good job in Children’s Hospital for the host of Baoding Children’s Hospital, and subserve the overall stem cell transplantation department of the National Children’s Medical Center. On June 25, 2021, the National Children’s Medical Center Stem Cell Transplantation was officially opened.

  The three-way medical and health policies are also continuously promoted.

At present, the three-way medical institution’s clinical test results have a total of 485 medical institutions (262 in Beijing, 67 Tianjin, 156 Hebei); 3 land medical institution medical imaging examination information sharing results institutions reached 239 (59 Beijing, There are 50 Tianjin, 130 Hebei Provinces), which strongly enhances the level of medical services in three places.

  According to statistics, the Sanhua Health Department has accumulated more than 20 cooperation framework agreements, continuously promoting collaboration between disease prevention and control, health emergency, maternal and child health, elderly health, mental health, etc., promoting the three-way health and health care Coordinated development. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

2021, Hunan cuisine released 13 award-winning dishes on-site cooking

2021 Annual Awards in Hunan.

Reviewing unit for map People’s Network Changsha November 12 electric spicy cabbage beef, red-burning cinnamon, rural blood duck … November 11th, 2021 Xiangcui Global Conference and "Hunan Cuisine" small procedure launching ceremony held in Changsha .

The event site, Xiang Thai Kao Yaoquan, Xu Ju Yun announced that seven prourse dishes became the 2021stion, and 6 dishes became a 2021 classic Hunan.

This year, the world’s global release of the gathering of the food, focusing on the Hunan vegetable industry, exploring the excellent products of Hunan cuisine, enhances the influence of Hunan cuisine products, the wind direction of Hunan cuisine innovation; based on big data, through real, professional, authority evaluation system, Cultivate a batch of popular names and hunger, establish a group of well-known brands that have been highly respected, intended to fully show the boom and vitality of Hunan cuisine, leading all Hunan vegetables, and returns to the product.

Today, Hunan dishes have more than 4,000 dishes, more than 300 famous dishes, become a big cuisine that is comparable to Chuancai cuisine. In the "2020 Chinese Catering Brand White Paper" mentioned that Hunan cuisine has jumped into the most exclusive dinner of the most popular eyeball in 2020, with the strongest expansion capability.

The booming of the Hunan cuisine industry, the inheritance and innovation of Hunan dishes, is needed to show.

After statistical analysis of the Hunan’s overall catering market in Hunan Province, from the sales volume, technical index, epidemic trend, praise rate and other aspects, a total of seven roads 2021 Xiangcub, and six 2021 classic Hunan cuisine. The chef from the major catering companies exhibits a hand, and there are 13 award-winning works at the scene, and in the face of T-Xi Shi.

After the show, Wei Zheng, Vice President of Hunan Province Catering Industry Association, Vice President and Secretary General, Secretary-General of Hunan Province, awarded the awards of the 2021 Hunan Cuisine Winners. 2021 Classic Hunan Cuisine was issued by Director of Changsha City Internal Trade Industry Management Office. Under the witness of many guests, the "Hunan Cuisine" applet officially launched the line.

Liu Ke, a "Hunan Cuisine" magazine, Hunan Cuisine, Executive, Liu Ke, said that a small procedure for serving the Hunan Cuisine is intended to provide a more convenient and comprehensive information exchange platform for Hunan vegetables, and create a better development environment for Hunan cuisine. .

(Deng Yacheng) (Editor: Li Shujing, Tang Li Wei) Sharing let more people see client download.

Bohai Bank – – Vigorously Developed Green Financial Bohai Bank to receive "2021 financial services small and medium-sized and medium-sized enterprises" "2021 ‘green carbon pioneer’" two awards

Bohai News Vigorously Developed Green Financial Bohai Bank to the "2021 Financial Services SM and Small and Medium Enterprise Excellent Case" "2021 ‘Green Carbon Pioneer’" two awards 2021-09-22, in the Shanghai Newspaper Group, hosted "China Banking Green Financial Development Report" Conference and "Green Employment Sustainable Development" Banking Green Financial Forum, Bohai Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Bohai Bank") With its positive layout in the green financial field I have been awarded 2021 "Green Carbon Pioneer" First Trial Award – the most explored bank in the year.

This is the 9th China SME Investment Finance Trade Association, which is jointly hosted by the China SME Association, China Banking Association, and China Futures Association and 2021 "Small Business Dream" Summit. "2021 After the Financial Services Small and Medium Enterprise Excellent Cases "Award, another industry heavyweight award won in the green financial field.

  Continuously won two heavyweight awards in a week, not only reflecting the green finance of Bohai Bank’s encryption layout, not only the prospective strategic planning of the Bohai Bank, but also exhibits an authoritative expert in the industry to develop green finance, practice social responsibility, but The financial "live water" helps the "double carbon" target realization actively recognition. The green financial brush painting sustainable development Blueprint With the transformation of China’s economic development, "double carbon" target "carbon-up, carbon neutralization" has been included in the overall layout of ecological civilization, and the "14th Five-Year Plan" It will accelerate the promotion of green low-carbon development.

In this context, the clean energy industry represented by the photovoltaic industry has good economic benefits and environmental benefits, and has been strongly supported by the state. Since 2020, the state has issued a series of policies around the photovoltaic industry around the control scale, standard construction, and standardization, and promoting high quality development of the industry. As the youngest national shares, Bohai Bank always maintains sensitivity and prospective in the green financial direction.

In line with the development trend of the industry, the Bohai Bank continues to increase the research on the clean energy industry such as photovoltaic, and adjust the credit resource allocation, and focus on supporting carbon emission reduction investment and finance activities, and improving more financial resources to the green low carbon industry.

  Since 2018, Bohai Bank selection out the photovoltaic industry representative enterprises by enterprises through enterprises, and uses only one month to help the project total investment of 6 billion yuan. The second largest production Base – Tianjin Aoxao Solar Technology Co., Ltd. successfully settled in Tianjin Beichen District.

  On this basis, the Bohai Bank continues to work with Ericxu Group, on the basis of risk control, through project loans, open bank acceptance bills, and letter of business model, provide integrated financial services, support enterprise development . As of the end of 2020, Bohai Bank’s financing of Tianjin Aoxu Phase I project is 100 million yuan, and the balance of credit business is 4.3 million yuan, which has become an important financial partner in Tianjin. However, the Bohai Bank always attaches great importance to and adheres to the concept of green financial development, will development, support green financial list as the focus of the whole line strategic planning.

The 2021 interim results released before, in the first half of 2021, the Bohai Bank continued to increase energy-saving and emission reduction, circular economy, clean energy and other energy-saving and environmental protection enterprises and project credit support, fully promote the development of green credit business: as of At the end of the reporting period, the full green credit forever, which increased by the last year; successfully issued the first single green debt financing tool for independent undertakations.

  Recently, the first "Bohai Bank Cup Global Youth Sustainable Development and ESG Investment Contest" has officially started and launched the simulation transaction. The idea of ??the game will be more intuitive and vivid by the concept of green financial / green investment. The way to pass to the young generation, aimed to guide youth generation and practice sustainable development and ESG investment concept, helping my country’s "double carbon" goals. It is understood that in the 2021 service, Li Quan, the Chairman of the Bohai Bank, was clearly stated in the interview with reporters, in the "four-five" planning of the Bohai Bank this year, green finance has been an improvement company An important part of governance is included in our future development strategic plan.

In the future, the Bohai Bank will continue to improve the green financial organization structure, promote asset structure adjustment, actively explore the construction of financial science and technology innovation platform, optimize the construction of green financial products innovation, resource allocation, incentive constraint, assessment evaluation, etc., strengthen climate-related information disclosure requirements, Enhance the capacity of financial services entities.

Baodang werd de eerste inkomsten van meer dan 100 miljard yuan in de autonome regio.

  Op 8 november kwam de Bao Steel Group naar Inspirement: Vanaf het einde van oktober realiseerde Baoshan het bedrijfsresultaten van 106 miljard yuan, en bereikte meer dan 8,6 miljard yuan van winst en cre?erde het beste niveau in dezelfde periode van geschiedenis, en werd de eerste in de autonome regio in de innerlijke Mongoli?. Het gezin is meer dan 100 miljard yuan.

  Het realiseren van de inkomsten van meer dan 100 miljard yuan, het is het doel van de strijd voor Bao-bende, is de geest van het nieuwe tijdperk, "Qi Xin Zhijian Construction Package Steel", overwinning om de levendige praktijk te bereiken van "opening van een nieuw bureau", Het markeren van de nieuwe reis van het pakketstaal in hoogwaardige ontwikkeling De nieuwe mijlpaal is vastgesteld, waarbij de oudste zoon van de autonome regio is gemarkeerd en het nieuwe startpunt van de ontwikkeling "14e vijfjaren".

  Realiseer de inkomsten van meer dan 100 miljard yuan, dankzij het kenmerk van Bao Steel, onbereiden met ecologische prioriteit, groene ontwikkelingsgericht hoogwaardig ontwikkelingspad, "zeldzame aardkaart" en "resourcekaart", implementatie "groen, gedigitaliseerd , intelligente "transformatie, upgrade, versnellende producttechnologie Innovatie, institutionele innovatie, management betekent innovatie, bedrijfsmodel Innovatie, werknemer onafhankelijke innovatie, party bouwmethode innovatie, uitstekend om sterk staal, zeldzame aarde twee belangrijke industrie, middelen en uitgebreid gebruik te doen, Logistiek, kolencoke, energiebesparende en milieubescherming, apparatuur en moderne service-industrie Vijf opkomende industrie?n, schilderen en implementeren van binnenlandse eersteklas ondernemingen, cre?ren een nieuwe situatie van moderne nieuwe pakketstaalconstructie, "14e vijf jaar" -strategie. Het realiseren van de inkomsten overschrijdt meer dan 100 miljard yuan, dankzij Baodang om hervorming en innovatie te plaatsen, het management te versterken als een eeuwig thema, stevig emancipaat ideologie, hervorming en innovatie, Lean Management.

Bao Steel To The Standard China Baowu en andere eersteklas ondernemingen, voltooide het doel van het driejarige actieplan voor de National Enterprise Hervorming in het plan, gericht op de sterkte van het korte bord, het vasthouden van de markt blijft goede kansen , actief het energieverbruik aanpassen "Dubbele Controle" -vereisten, diepgaande implementatie van productie-upgradeprojecten, streven naar het overwinnen van zeldzame aardingsstaal, zeldzame aardfunctiematerialen en toepassingsmachines, effectief verbeteren van de winstgevendheid van ondernemingen, versnellen de ontwikkeling van hoog Kwaliteitsvorming van ondernemingen. Het realiseren van de inkomsten van meer dan 100 miljard yuan, vanwege het diepe begrip van de ecologische prioriteit en groene ontwikkeling. Bao staal streeft ernaar om pioniers en leiders met koolstofarme ontwikkeling te maken, in de derde nationale staalindustrie, de eerste in de innerlijke Mongoli? heeft "carbon-carbon metal" -doelen vrijgegeven.

In de afgelopen jaren heeft JUAN bijna 10 miljard yuan ge?nvesteerd in energiebesparende en milieuvriendelijke en carbon-carbon-faciliteiten, een groot aantal ultra-lage emissie-nieuwe projecten zijn in gebruik genomen en de plant en de omliggende omgevingen zijn verder verbeterd. Realiseer de omzet die 100 miljard yuan overschrijdt, dankzij de leidende zakken en spirituele kracht van het onderwijs van de partijgeschiedenis.

Bao staal graaft "ongezond om een ??pakketstaal te bouwen" rode bronnen, onderwijs leidt alle party-leden en kaders om het "vierbewustzijn" te verbeteren, "vier vertrouwen" te versterken, om "twee onderhoud" te bereiken, alle doos stalen mensen om door te gaan om een ??nieuw tijdperk te wordgen ideaal geloof.

Het Partijcommissie van het BAODAO-staal heeft krachtig de praktijk uit van "Ik doe praktische dingen voor de massa’s", focus op het oplossen van het probleem van werknemers, het delen van het ontwikkelingsdividend van het bedrijf en stimuleert het werk van de meerderheid van kaders en werknemers enorm stimuleert het werk van de meerderheid van kaders en werknemers . Ondernemerschap. Baodang betaalde een antwoord op hoog niveau op het feest en de mensen.

(Reporter LU Xue First) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu ZE) Delen Laat meer mensen aanbeveling lezen.

7 flights in 10 days, 38 nuclei are positive! To Guangzhou

In March, the Civil Aviation Authority issued 5 fused instructions within 10 days, involving 7 flights, including EK362 flights from Dubai to Guangzhou, which were fused twice.

Health Times reporters found that most of the fused flights were mostly in the Middle East country, of which the airlines in the UAE have the most frequently, the most arrived is Guangzhou. The flight of UAE Airlines is only 7 days before and after the flight, and the EK362 flight of the Emirates Airlines has been detected by passenger nucleic acid and is suspended for 4 weeks. February 20th flight (Dubai to Guangzhou) nucleic acid detection of positive passengers, March 2 Civil Aviation Authority issued a blow directive, fused the EK362 flight, from March 8 (flight entry date), suspend The flight is running 2 weeks.

7 days later, February 27th flight (Dubai to Guangzhou) nucleic acid detection positive passengers, March 10, the Civil Aviation Authority re-issued a fused directive, fuse measures for EK362 flights, from March 22 (flight entry date Starting, continue to suspend the flight 2 weeks. In addition, January 1st, Emirates Etihad Airlines EY862 flight (Abu Dhabi to Shanghai) nucleic acid detection positive passengers, and the Civil Aviation Authority issued a blow command. Given the EY818 flight (Abu Dhabi to Beijing, the first entry point for Chengdu) is an EY862 flight in the EY862 flight, from March 22 (flight entry date), two classes are fused, suspend EY862 flight operation 2 weeks, cancel EY818 flights.

Melting flights to Guangzhou in Guangzhou, 3 flights are to Guangzhou. Ek362 flights from the nucleic acid positive passengers were detected twice, which were 11 cases of nucleic acid positive passengers twice. In addition, 5 cases of Iraqi Airlines IA473 (Baghdad to Guangzhou) nucleic acid were detected by Iraqi Airlines IA473. On March 5, the Civil Aviation Authority issued a fused directive. Since March 15 (flight entry date), the flight is suspended for 2 weeks. Saudi Arabia Airlines, Saudi Arabia, February 25 (Riyadi to Guangzhou) Nucleic Acid Detection Positive Passengers.

On March 9, the Civil Aviation Authority issued a blow directive, from March 15 (flight entry date), 2 weeks of operation. (Editor: Jiao Long, Zhou Yuting).

Science Sports can guarantee health and safety

Recently, the two friends around the author were hurt because of the exercise. One is when practicing yoga, sprained the waist, and the other is running, the knee suddenly feels abnormal pain. Movement, do not blindly imitate.

Some "sports video" on the network is very hot, and there are many fans blindly imitated. However, everyone’s body flexibility is different. Plus the specific environment when exercising, some seemingly exercise movements, some netizens have imitated accidental injuries, and even exercise accidents. Sports, you have to gradually enter.

Some common sports, such as walking, running, but some people feel the body discomfort, even accidental accidents, this is actually related to exercise. Some people who have little exercise, after participating in exercise, pay attention to the level of exercise and time. We often say that it is not a big fat man in a mouth, in fact, sports must be followed by step-by-step principles.

For the health of the health, I hope to improve the quality of life through fitness exercise, in advance to the doctor, choose the way to exercise, scientifically moderately move, more valuable and practical.

Shannan Qiongjie County Children’s Intelligence Expand Center

  Recently, the Juqi County Children’s Intelligence Expands Center, the ninth batch of 10.1 million yuan, the ninth batch of Trench teams in Fuyang City, Hubei Province, officially delivered.

It is reported that the newly completed children’s intellectual expansion center infrastructure is complete, and the comprehensive function is complete. The school teachers and students provide high quality, convenient hardware for the school to expand the "second class" for the school. Base.

  Qiong ‘s complete elementary school is located in Qiongjie County, Shannan City. The school is a newly built primary school on the basis of the primary and Qiongjie Town Primary School and the Primary School, and is currently 596 students. Over the years, the ninth batch of Tibetan Treasures in Fuyang has been investing 35.1 million yuan. It gradually built a multimedia recording room, campus safety monitoring network, campus broadcast platform, intelligent teaching system, heating supply system, etc. Improve the students ‘learning and living environment, enhance the management level of the school, enrich the students’ cultural life. In order to create a "second class" brand in Qiongjie County, the "Second Class" brand, the ninth batch of Trench team in Fuyang City surrounded "Wuxi, Jianzhi, Yumei, Knowledge" goal, Actively innovate the new model of quality education, organize the first primary and secondary school students’ science and technology festival, and the song competition. A series of extracurricular activities organized by the Tibetan Teachers Team and the "Genzang" obligations, not only active the campus atmosphere, but also learned the party history for Qiong ‘s children, and learned that the world provides a new window.

  The ninth batch of Tibet Treasures in Fuyang City firmly seized the key points and weaknesses of education, and constantly explored the new model of the two places.

In August 2020, the 35th Middle School in Fuyang City and Qiongjie County Middle School realized joint schools. The two schools have carried out remote online teaching, jointly thinking, online party members and other activities. At the same time, the reporter learned that the "Qihua Bookstore", which is a "Qihua Bookstore", which is the establishment of Social Love Entrepreneurs, the ninth batch of Tibetan team, is also officially opened on August 30, and the book house has popularity, education and society. There are more than 2,000 kinds of books such as science, natural science, and children’s books. The completion of small book house will greatly open the children to understand the world, understand the society, and understand the field of nature.

(Editor: Chen Mengmeng).

The first Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival will hold 47 games

The first Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival Saturday opened this newspaper (Reporter Qin Dongying) Introduced the press conference held yesterday morning, the opening ceremony of the first Changda Triangle Sports Festival will be held on Saturday.

The Long Triangle Sports Festival is a new national fitness brand event jointly organized by the three provinces in the Yangtze River Triangle. The first year was hosted by Shanghai.

Basketball, road running, roller skating, bicycle 4 events have become a formal project, rugby, martial arts, darts, skipping, etc. 8 events have become a promotion project.

According to statistics, the sports festival will hold 47 games, including 28 official projects, 19 promotion projects, 10 cities in Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Hefei, etc., the total number of participants exceeds 8,000 people. Gu Jinsong, Director of the Municipal Sports Bureau Group, said that through the holding of the Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival, it will build a cross-regional national fitness event platform. It is Shanghai actively create "fitness everywhere, every day wants fitness, everyone will fit body" city environment Important measures.

(Source: Liberation Daily) (Responsible: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Share more people to see.

Some urban administrative director appeared at 100%, Wuhan released the administrative case of the city’s court administrative case.

Changjiang Daily Dawu Client November 8th News "People" case acceptance and concluding situation? What are the outstanding problems? On November 8, the Wuhan Middle School Judicial Bureau held a press conference that announced the "Judicial Review Report of the Administrative Case of the City of the Municipal Court" (hereinafter referred to as "Report").

This year, the person in charge of the administrative organ was significantly improved, and the executive head of some urban areas was 100%. The Press Conference on the Administrative Trision Judicial Review Report.

The Yangtze River Daily reporter Yan Shanshan photo "Report" from the preservation of administrative trial work, the basic situation of judicial review, the existence of administrative law enforcement, and the proposal to promote the construction of the rule of law government is launched.

Data show that in 2020, the organic affected by the epidemic has declined in the next year. Since the gradual recovery of trials in April, the two-level courts have accepted 5,179 administrative cases, downloaded uploaded uploads. Although the number of cases decline, the trial quality is rampant.

The city’s two courts have undergone 4,620 administrative cases last year, and the correction rate is reached. Although the administrative litigation case covers multiple administrative sectors, it is relatively concentrated in urban construction, public security, social security, real estate registration, etc., and directly involves the majority of people, property rights.

The above types account for more than 50% in an approval case, accounting for the ratio of the second trial new reception case.

At the same time, the responsible person of the administrative organ preached in court should be fully promoted, and the head of the administrative organs increased significantly. In 2020, the heads of the whole city attended the court, including Jiangxia District, the open (Hannan) area, and the head of the East Lake Scenic Area took the trip to 100%. The "Report" pointed out that in 2020, the administrative law rate of the administrative lawsuit case of the two-level court of Wuhan is%, far below the overall loss rate of the administrative organ of the province. In a certain sense, it will illustrate the government departments at all levels of the Han Dynasty and the overall administrative response capacity in the province, and the rule of law is remarkable.

At the same time, it should also be seen that there are many problems in the administrative law enforcement and respiration activities, such as the administrative organs to circumvent risks, ignoring their duties, and insufficient administrative awareness according to law, standardizing law enforcement procedures, etc. As far as the issues in the administrative law enforcement, the "Report" proposed recommendations to promote the construction of the rule of law, to strengthen the source governance, communicate and coordinate the complaint, through the introduction of social forces and government synergy, give full play to grassroots government, community , Professional mediation institutions and other joint resolution, and build a multi-resolution dispute pattern shared by coincidence. (Changjiang Daily reporter Yan Shanshan correspondent Song Shuang Guo Yu Wang Tian).