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The glory process and great spirit of a hundred years of struggle

"Mao Zedong Deng Xiaoping Jiang Zemin Hu Jintao’s abstract" Main Speaker: The Second Research Department of the Central Party History and Literature Research Institute, deputy director, first-class inspector Lu Jie: · "Summary" reflects all the Chinese Communist Party for the people Everything rely on the people, always maintain the flesh and blood of the party with the people, it can be said that the party’s 100-year history is a constant practice of practicing the party’s mission.

· Continuous summary of historical experience, use the party’s historical education party members and condense the people, is the fine tradition of the Communist Party of China.

· Our party’s history is a history that constantly promoting Marxism China, is a history of continuously promoting theoretical innovation, conducting theoretical creation.

This point of mind is the Q & A: 1. What is the outstanding features of "Display"? A: The editing of the "Excerpt" has several highlights: First, the selection of fine series, when choosing four leaders about the classic discussion of party history, there is no missing important content and discussion, select the statement; Initial selection of the content of the current party history education; three is to explore some new literature and discussion for the party’s leading cadres to conduct party history education, some disclosure is the first publication.

2. What are the main contents of "Display Summing"? A: "Displaying" The four leaders before the 18th National Congress of the Party’s historical discussion of the Chinese Communist Party, profoundly explained the brilliant history, theoretical results, valuable experience and great spirit of the party in various historical periods. The category of the selection document has a speech, report, conversation, letters, etc., a total of 141 paragraphs, all the books. From the time span of the entire book, the opening ceremony is 1925, and the scroll articles are in 2012, and the time is over 87 years. 3. "Due to the abstract" How to learn? A: Read this "discussion" Celebrate the speech at the 100th Anniversary Conference of the Communist Party of China.

Only in this way, I can do the General Secretary Xi Jinping. The journey is more determined, more consciously remembers the initial mission, and create a better future. "

The purple dragon man was also surprised。

He looked at Zhu Xuehen,Looked at the man standing on the painting boat again……
How come there are people that the Lord knows here??
“Neither dead,Go back and report peace。”The Taoist girl with haircut has many words,But in the end he still said to Zhu Minglang lightly。
Report peace。
I wish Minglang too!
Didn’t he find the way back?!
“Aunt Xuehen,Can be seen on the thin face of my nephew,Let the war stop,I heard that six cities have been slaughtered,It’s nothing more than people,Why be so cruel?”Zhu Minglang said。
“The war has nothing to do with me。You have to intervene,Why don’t you talk to the lord by yourself……Oh,There are rumors that you lost Shenfan,Unbearable,Jumped into the abyss and committed suicide。The rumor is half right。”Zhu Xuehen said coldly。
“I am now the Dragon Shepherd。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Mu Long Shi???”Zhu Xuehen suddenly chuckled,This smile is kind of mocking。
The purple dragon man on the side was confused。
What’s wrong with Master Mu Long……
The Lord looked down on the Dragon Shepherd??

“You wash first,Lie down on my bed for a while,Meal will be ready soon”Murong Sisi is talking about people,Took something and went out with,It seems that she made herself a small kitchen on the second floor。

Xia Jian didn’t regard himself as an outsider,He washed his face,And fell on Mu Yi Sisi’s bed。Girls’ beds are generally cleaned up。But Murong Sisi was sleeping just now,He called down,So her bed is a bit messy。
Xia Jian took a look,Too lazy to clean up,Lay directly on the quilt。This driving is actually very hard work。A driver used to drive him,He doesn’t think,This time he drove from Bucheon to Pingdu in one breath,Really tired。Xia Jianyi lay down,Fell asleep。
He slept so soundly this time,When he opens his eyes,Found that the room was dark with lights,Feel like night。Xia Jian stood up,Then I found out that he was lying next to him。
At this moment,The man lying beside him also sat up,It turned out to be Murong Sisi。She reached out to turn on the light in the room,Then asked with a yawn:“Are you awake?”
“What time is it now?Why don’t you call me?”Xia Jian complained softly。
Murong Sisi got out of bed,Stretched and said:“You sleep too soundly,I’ll call you after making the noodles,But you turned over,Not get up at all。I want to forget,Let you sleep well first“
According to Murong Tian Sisi,Xia Jian just felt hungry and screamed。Murong Sisi smiled at Xia Jian:“Fortunately, I made you cold cucumber noodles,You can eat now“
Summer build horse jump out of bed,Walked out the door。On the coffee table in Murong Sisi’s office,Put a bowl of cold noodles,Covered it with a transparent glass cover。
Xia Jian said nothing,I took off the glass cover myself,Eat cold noodles,He is really hungry,Three or two bites and a bowl of noodles are all done。Murong Sisi, who looked aside, smiled。
“Hey!How is the taste?“Murong Sisi asked with a smile。
Xia Jian smiled embarrassedly:“Eat too fast,I really don’t know what it smells like,Any more?I’m sure to taste another bowl“
“Definitely more,I knew it,You can’t get enough of a bowl“Murong Sisi smiled and went back to the kitchen,She brought another bowl of noodles。And also took out two bottles of beer from under the table。
Xia Jian has a look,This suits his appetite,Eating cold noodles and drinking beer is indeed her favorite。Murong Sisi found two cups,Pour her and Xia Jian separately,Then he raised his glass and said with a smile:“welcome back!“
Xia Jian was taken aback,He asked with a smile:“What do you mean?“
“Mr. Guo has told us all about you,It’s nothing,The boss is wherever you go。Not to mention the venture group in Bucheon,How inconvenient for you to run around,You almost don’t know me“Murong Sisi said with a smile。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“OK then!Since you know that I am not the boss of the startup group,Then stop calling Mr. Xia,Just call me Lao Xia“
“cut!You are seven or eighty,Still old summer。My name is Xia Ge,So affectionate,dont you agree?“Murong Sisi said,Secretly glanced at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Then I have to go after eating,There is no reason for brother and sister to sleep together”

“what!Good job,Be careful!”Tianmen Road people greetings,No longer hesitate。

In the end, Chu Deirers used the enemy five,And every person in the enemy,It must be a sword method of the other party!
More shocked is,No matter how strong,Still inner force, many fixed,When the sword trick and the Chu Demin Game,On the sword,Almost is a strong enemy……
Chapter 717 Anti-shock
Chu deer has“Solitary sword”Hide,Even if the sword method is limited in the corresponding five-bedroom sword,There is also a lot of money to break the five-school head.,even……There is more than a power to calculate five people’s internal strength,Control yourself does not pressure people!
In five people,Only the internal strength of the left cold,Can fight with Chu Deirers,Even if you can’t call it?,It’s just a little bit——After all, the Chu Deirers are not good for internal strength.。
Even after moving the foundation,I have not recovered the peak now.。
Feng Zenai,I saw the six people battle,Weapon strike、Sword,Endless。
At this time, I see the Chu Deirers for five enemy.,Outstanding,Group of people……
Originally, I was left for Zen.,After preparing,、Located the taking of scattering against the sound,Whether you have a small Torger,It is silent at this time.。
Some famous rivers and lakes,At this time, the sorry begins to leave the post.,Similar to the stream of Qingliang Temple,It is also the number of people,Be silently。
Only see Six people this battle,Undoubtedly a Chu Deee……
Just when you really want to break,Although it is not difficult for Chu Deirers.,Even not mentioned outside the Wuxue Sword,Only use more power,Not out,The four of the left cold Zen must be lost。
But the trick is controlled by the inner force and the other side.,And only use the five-bedroom sword method corresponding to others,It is not so easy to win.……
after all“Solitary sword”In one“break”Character,Ashamed the imitation force、That kind,It’s easy to break the other’s swords.,But after breaking,Total to be able to win!
It seems that five people are fed one by one.,I have to be broken by Chu Deirers without two.,However, because there are some people’s policy,As long as you return it, you can fix it.。
Left cold is the most depressed,Now he is very suspicious,Chu Deirers are deliberately!
Obvious yourself,Already a crown five-school,But by the Chu Demen,It’s like I am not much better than other four pauses.。
Instead, Lin Ping is taken by Chu Deirers.“Play”,Look very bright——And it is indeed the secondary,Lin Ping also has to exceed other four people!
Great、Heaven、Singge three people are clear,Chu Deirers are already“play”,The reason why,Not because of the heart of winning,I want to see some of my own exquisite priests.……
It is indeed as the Chu Deirers said,Many of them,It has been lost in this door.!
However, five people intend to attack,Chu Deirers are difficult to win,at last……
Chu Deirers have taken a little,Put out“Wuyue Real Solution”Some of the mystery,Keep everyone to recognize“This should be the Wuyue Sword”Degree,This first picked down the sword in the left of the left.——Be right,Chu Deirers are deliberately。
If you really want to share the win,How can I turn around the first out of the left?,However, at this time he was stabbed,The first of the Shan Sword……
But just do this in Chu Deirers.,When you break other people’s swordsmanship,Suddenly a cold came from behind!
“Be careful……”
Before,It is Lin Ping to see that the left cold is not face.,Actually after the sword,Also palm“Sneak attack”Time,Temporation,After,But the reminder of the left cold Zen himself。
This is not so much“Sneak attack”,It seems that it is really reminding Chu Deirers to be careful.,But……
He said that the forefront of the export is slow.,Dictionary is not ready to give the Chu Deirent Reaction!
I saw the left cold Zen,Directly printed in Chu Tai Siy,Moemu people obey,I have also been angry.,However,The color of the face is not the churi of the palm.,But the left cold Zen。
Left cold zen this cold weather,Not the Kung Fu,It is he, don’t know where to come.,Repaired cold ice,It is a cold,The strength is not yin soft、Instead,So I was used by him.,Due to a set of open ahead、Sweeping the world“Cold ice”。
One is this martial arts,Not so easy to succeed,Two……Sucked,It is also the forces of the other party who can’t stand this overbearing.!
So I was dedicated to the bottom card to deal with me.。
I am afraid that I am in the east ten years ago.,Zuo Coenz this self-sufficiency with me“Hero”,I have always been looking forward to the one-day.、Successful……Beat itself!
But now I am playing on Chu Tai.,Next moment, it is the left and cold zen’s face.,Chu Deirers maintain the qualifications of the original thorn,Moving、All-relying on the vest,However, the left cold is still supported,I was shocking by Chu Deirers.。
I saw that the left cold is shocked more than ten steps.,And only the last three steps are retreating。
Front 10 steps,It’s all flying.,Believer,Retrieve a few steps,The flagpole hung after the burner, the flag of the black dragon pattern,This is reluctant to stand、Not fallen。
But it can’t go in three times.,Vomit,Felt,Obviously, it is hot in the cold.!

Because now,He doesn’t know,How should I answer Ye Xuan?。

But what about Ye Xuan,I didn’t continue to struggle with him at all。
And looking at these,Ye Xuan said:“Did Xia Chao send you to attack me first??”
“Ok,Since you don’t say,Actually, it doesn’t matter much。”
Ye Xuan finished,The leader looked at Ye Xuan,I am very angry。
And now,In fact, there is no need to continue to struggle with Ye Xuan。
So next,The leader waved his hand even more,Motion to the people around you。
“What are you doing,Hurry up!”
Finished,The people around see here,Just swarm up。
In the blink of an eye,These people have quickly appeared in front of you。
Just after arriving so quickly,Is here,Ye Xuan smiled slightly。
“Whoops,This is also ok,Then,You can come out too。”
Ye Xuan finished,not far away,A large group of bodyguards,Rushed out。
When I saw these bodyguards,Even stupid,I know what’s going on。
“Oh no,We are totally teased。”
“hateful,Damn bastard,This account,We must do a good job with you。”
“That’s right,What are we still doing here,Do it directly。”
slowly,With these people,I didn’t forget to say here。
Finished,These people rushed up。

“To shut up,How old you are,What can you do without reading!”

Chen Han’s scolding of Chen Xiu was still stubborn:“I’m right!”
“Children are right or wrong!You should not just look at things from the surface。”
“I was a kid,I see right or wrong!”
“you……You kid,Why don’t you understand!”
Chen Xiu is so angry。
“I know,But I don’t know why you adults are simple and complicated!Anyway, if the school punished me for beating me,I would rather not read!”
The principal was anxious when he heard it,Chen Han is the top three students in every exam in their school,The school also has its own pressure for further studies,Can’t send my good students to other schools。
“Student Chen Han,Don’t worry,The punishment is easy to say,Discussed……” Chen Xiu, who was planning to teach Chen Han a few times, was suddenly swallowed by the principal’s words.,My heart is black:“You are also the principal of a prestigious school anyway,Can’t be reserved,Stick to the principle!”
This farce of seeing the parents ended up as if nothing happened,Chen Han has not been recorded,Not even a little too much。
But Chen Han was still depressed when he came out of school,Said he still didn’t want to study。
hand machine station:
1076 Reasons not to read


The sound of a series of swords and guns clashing vigorously sounded。
Chen Xiu was already hurt,Force shot,The meridians all over the body are like bursting water pipes,The power of Promise Slash is not half as powerful as usual。
Can’t resist Wei’s flame gun,The whole person is like a kite with a broken thread,Fly out,Another blood spurted out。
Wei Kai saw Liu Yibai on the side and wanted to stop him again,Hurry up:“This kid is not slippery,He must be cut off,You have a chance to catch him alive!”
Liu Yibai thought about it,Anyway, I only need to keep Chen Xiu’s mouth,To force him to surrender the trick“Overcome strength with softness”Is enough。
Seeing Liu Yibai no longer opposed to pushing aside,Wei Kai came forward with a short gun,Chen Xiu thought:“It’s really over this time!”
Wei Kai approached step by step,Chen Xiu kicked the ground back,Doing the last struggle。
“Raging prairie fire!”
Wei’s short shot pointed at Chen Xiu’s hands and feet,To cut off his hands and feet。
A voice suddenly sounded,With the sound,Is a fireball that emerges from nothingness,Chao Wei Kai’s head seems to be slow but fast。
This fireball burns the surrounding air,Wei Kai suddenly seemed to be roasted into the stove,Body heat!
Wei used his own flame gun to play with fire.,But playing close to the opponent’s infuriating fireball is like a physical fireball,He can’t do it naturally,
The short gun in his hand suddenly turned into dozens of gun shadows,Stab at that fireball。

Wang Youcai nodded,Said with a serious face:“Don’t worry,from now on,I am your son,I will take care of you”Wang Youcai is not stupid,He really found a money tree。

First2219chapter Dream of getting rich
Smart people never lack opportunities。Wang Youcai forcibly pulled Doctor Lu off the bed,Took him to the bathhouse at the entrance of the alley。After getting the old man in,Wang Youcai took the time to go to the Baihua supermarket not far away,He bought some new clothes for the old man from the inside out。
Put on new clothes,Then he went to cut his hair。Doctor Lu suddenly became another person,Let Wang Youcai stay here。
This is really what people want to wear,Saddle。The changed Doctor Lu was immediately full of confidence,He put his hands back,Stroke up when walking。
Wang Youcai, don’t look at him laughing and joking,But he is quite a scheming person。Since he has already spent money,Then he must spend it to the end。He immediately bought two new thick quilts,All the supplies on the bed are also ready.。
Doctor Lu looked at his new bed,Eyes full of tears。He choked a little bit:“My son is in his 30s this year,He has never treated me this way,I didn’t expect your kid to be so kind。Rest assured,My old Lu won’t let you down”
Lao Lu Yue is like this,Wang Youcai is getting stronger,He called Wu Wu to bring more than ten horses。As soon as these people arrive,Xia Jian arranged work for Wu Wu。
Two or three hours later,Dr. Lu’s house has changed。Because the electricity bill was paid,So the light is on。Wang Youcai asked Wu Wu to buy paint back,Let his subordinates brush all of Dr. Lu’s hall。He also bought a big iron furnace for Doctor Lu,Then he sent someone to buy coal back。
Fire in the house,It gives people an indescribable sense of warmth。Doctor Lu sitting by the fire,His eyes closed tightly,Thinking about something without saying a word。
Wang Youcai didn’t bother to care about him,Busily criticizing these more than ten people to work。Lost it,Tidy up。I was busy until nine o’clock in the evening,Doctor Lu’s house has completely changed。
After finishing the work, Wang Youcai invited everyone to have a light meal in the alley.。Boss Wang treats,These people are naturally very happy。Everyone also drank a few glasses of small wine,After the incident, Wang Youcai took Wu Wu down by himself。
“Wang Ge!Why are you so good to this bad old man?”Wu Wu asked a little puzzled。
Wang Youcai glanced at Doctor Lu, who was sitting by the fire with his eyes closed and rested.,He lowered his voice and said to Wu Wu:“remember!You have to take care of him every other day,Take care of him,I have a reward for you”
Wu Wu looked puzzled,But Wang Youcai arranged for him like this,He can’t help but listen。So he nodded silently,No more questions。
Wang Youcai winked at Wu Wu,Took him to Dr. Lu’s side,Then whispered:“Doctor Lu!This is Xiaowu。He will take care of your daily life,what do you need,Just tell him,No need to be polite”
Doctor Lu is really not polite this time,He opened his eyes and nodded and said:“no problem,Since you have already decided,Then pay more,Call me the phone,It’s easier for everyone to connect”
“OK!This is easy to handle”Wang Youcai didn’t even think about it,And he agreed。


First175chapter Big fall
once Upon a time,Pu Hanrong is also very proud,I think that except for the chief disciple of Zi Zonglin like Huo Shangjun,There are few people in this emperor who can compete with him。
This time coming to the big power competition,With his monarch strength,Dealing with those disciples of other forces is simply abusive。
Who ever thought of himself in the eyes of others,It’s not worth mentioning。
I took the initiative to hand over the brocade boxes I collected,Pu Hanrong also chose to quit。
There are not many people on the tomb of the Ninth Army for a time,What’s left are just some broken stone statues。
As for the colossal generals who can move by themselves,Most of their institutions have been destroyed by Zhu Minglang’s shocking swords。
No one dares to compete with Zhu Minglang anymore。
All the spiritual resources here,All belong to Zhu Minglang。
“Son,Here is the Quan Jin He, the seat of the four city-states of the Zulong City State in Sichuan and Dadi。”Qin Yang found a purple brocade box,Said to Zhu Minglang。
Zhu Minglang took it,Took a look,Black and white,Write clearly,And there is also the seal of Ji Ting Dynasty,With this document,The Zulong City State will no longer be a land without a master!
A long sigh of relief。
Fortunately there is a sword spirit dragon,Otherwise it is really difficult to stand out in this competition。
Let the sword spirit dragon return to the spiritual realm,Zhu Minglang gave this document to Nan Lingsha,Said to her:“Order in Lichuan will soon be established,The rest depends on Yunzi’s grasp of the war。”
Nan Lingsha nodded,Tao:“She will not fail。”

Not far out,Li Tianzhen made a circle and rushed back,Shout on the horn,“Run away,Earthquake!”

Went around several circles in a row,This move was seen by many soldiers and commanders as a provocation,Extremely arrogant,Lao Dai’s face is pale,Give an order,The vehicles that caught fire first all rushed towards Li Tianzhen viciously。
The old man was tied to his seat by a rope made by Li Tianzhen’s vitality.,People quickly calmed down from the initial panic,After all, it’s an old guy who has gone through countless storms,Trying to break free,Observe carefully,Li Tianzhen’s crazy behavior is quite funny,In fact, there is nothing aggressive or harmful,The possibility of pranking is unlikely,He seems really anxious,Is there really an earthquake??
There are many legends about this young supernatural player,The old man had heard a detailed introduction before coming,Not long in the Guoan system,But there are many legends,The most controversial is the southern Yunnan operation a few years ago,Make a fuss in the sky on a one-third acre of a foreign family,Made a contribution,Also made a mistake,Since then, he has faded out of the first-line field team,I heard that I’m a Taoist priest。
It’s been silent for not long,A series of recent events happened,From Eastern Guangdong to Shanghai,From Shanghai to Guangdong,And then in the mountains of southwestern Jiangxi,Mummy case and mutated creatures make people discolored,This son seems to have transformed into a contradiction,Both abilities,And actively participate in rounding up mutant creatures,Has helped former comrades in arms,And I don’t know much about the murders,Also hijacked and threatened the commanders of the participating troops several times,I did it two or three times just to escape,Many rumors with spiritual and mythological colors infinitely exaggerate this person’s abilities,Let the decision-makers of relevant departments have to pay attention。
“Young man,Are you sure there will be an earthquake?”
“It’s true!”
“Where does the information come from?What do you base on?When will it happen?”
“can not say it clearly,Possible at any time。”Li Tianzhen honked his horn frantically,A very skilled driver car,After another round,Dare not delay,One kick to the end,The jeep drove away madly,Behind is the various military vehicles of Wuyang Wuyang。
I’m leaving the valley not far in front,A few more miles is the mountain pass,Suddenly there was a rhythmic vibration,First, feel the body rush forward continuously,Immediately afterwards, the car was jumping up and down,It’s definitely not the kind of bumps in the rush,Then it was very deep、The rumbling sound of shaking eardrums came,Extremely unusual,Even the roar of the engine engine sound is difficult to cover up。
“earthquake!”The old man changed color,Hurriedly turned his head to check,Dusty behind,A large number of vehicles followed,No matter how far away you can see it because of the shelter of the rocks。
Li Tianzhen said nothing,Just drive forward crazy,Bang,The car was actually bounced into the air,Then he fell heavily to the ground with a loud sound,Self-destructing mechanism activated,Sinking underground palace,The outer formation collapsed more violently than expected,The thick smoke and dust rises into the air like a huge water column,Up to tens of feet,countless‘Water column’Connect into one piece,Form a very spectacular curtain wall,Extends to the distance。