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Blood lipids are a bit high, do you eat some oil?

Blood lipids are a bit high, do you eat some oil?

Not long ago, the physical examination revealed that the blood lipids were a little bit high. The doctor told me to pay attention to daily diet and strengthen exercise.

I want to ask, how to eat healthy oil is healthier?

It is generally preferred to consume vegetable oil in patients with hyperlipidemia and coronary heart disease.

Vegetable oils fall into three categories: the first category: saturated oils such as coconut oil, palm oil, and high levels of saturated fatty acids in these oils, which are often elevated in blood cholesterol levels.

This type of oil should be reduced in the diet.

The second category: monounsaturated oils include peanut oil, rapeseed oil and olive oil. These oils have higher levels of monounsaturated fatty acids and they do not change blood cholesterol levels.

The third category: polyunsaturated oils such as soybean oil, corn oil, sesame oil, cottonseed oil, safflower oil and sunflower oil, these oils have higher polyunsaturated fat content, which can lower blood cholesterol levels.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids are mainly of the two types of omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids.

Most omega-6 fatty acids are linoleic acid found in such vegetable oils as described above.

Therefore, patients with hyperlipidemia and coronary heart disease should be supplemented with vegetable oils that replace polyunsaturated fatty acids.

“That is to resurrect in this way.,I will let you clone you.,Then pass the female seal,Seal your current body along with the soul to the body”

This method and the difference are almost no difference.,And also reserve quite large Chakra。
“That second?”I loved some frowning.,Obviously he doesn’t like this way.。
“Second,Complete resurrection,This current condition is still not reached,And it takes a long time,Not necessarily”Spring is shaking his head。
This method is to go back to the eye,Don’t say that now, Quanyi can’t grab it.。
Just grab it, I don’t dare to use the reincarnation.,His body board,Use it once or not cool。
But use twice, absolutely cool。 “I don’t care this.,It is already very good to live again.”Smile。
“In the first kind, I also give up,Second, I can wait”I love。
Spring shakes,Who wants to be in this state?,He is also。
“Ok,A lot of your body preserved,When I have the ability, I will help you resurrect.”Spring said。
Body’s words,Rehabilitation is much smaller,He should be able to stick to。
But everything must be waiting for him to get an eye.,But this is not a simple thing.。
He is coming to help them come back later.,The water is also bringing some foods.,This is the task he handed over to the water。
At night, they still celebrate some,First, the formal establishment of the Sky Parliament,The second is to find a new base。
Unfortunately, they can’t eat things at all.,This painful spring also experienced。
Chapter 27 joint
A secret http://www.jiuxiyangsheng.cntest base of the big snake pill。
Here is a large amount of culture tank,Green liquid in the culture tank,And all of which have a embryonic infant.。
A pipe is connecting to them。
These babies curled up,Sometimes it’s moving slightly.,Obviously they are life。
One person stands in these cultural troughs,Holding a folder,What is the record?。
I only see his shape.,Wearing white middle sleeves,Out of the bandage package,Writing。
His face is quite young,But the eyes are indifferent,Only when he lifted his head to see these cultures,There will be a touch of heat in his eyes.。
Footsteps sound。
“letter,How is the case of a test body?”A cold voice sounded。
“Very good situation,Big snake pill”This youth turned to the big snake pills come in.。
“Yes,But if you fail, if you fail.,But it will be punished.”The big snake pill laughs。
But this kind of smile makes this name called letter.。
“No failure,These clones are manufactured from the cells on Unechebra.,Essentially not much difference with him”Let me say。
“Copying the test of the eyes, I don’ t have done it.,But it is just some of them.,There is no ability to spend at all,Why are you so confident that your experiment will succeed?”Big Snake Pill。

“So, I’m more than Lin Lin.。”Li Yu god laughed。

“Unfair,What is wrong?。”Lin Feng heard the words。
“Is such that,Some people in the Po people today inform me,I want to give the business forces of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce to withdraw from Malaysia.。”Li Yu god laughed。
“Exit Malaysia?”Lin Feng sorrows:“Is there any reason??Still your country’s government is not satisfied with our investment?”
“neither,Is unilateral reason,After all, the Chamber of Commerce has signed a contract with our governments.。”Li Yu god laughed:“No one does not have the right to tear contract。”
“That’s good。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“How about this,I sent people to Malaysia to handle this matter.,Talk together。”
“it is good,So much the better。”Li Yu god laughed。
“Is there a time limit??”Lin Feng asked。
“They say that today must be withdrawn。”Li Yu Shen explained。
“Today, you must take it.?rest assured,Our business will send some heavyweight characters to Malcassia to deal with this matter.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Maybe I will rush.。”
“Ha ha,That’s better.。”Li Yu Shen Wen Haha smiled:“All right,Then I don’t want to stir my loneliness.。”
“You’re welcome,Li Shu。”Lin Feng smiled and said,I immediately hang up the phone。
Zhongzhou City,On the moon, Lin Feng sitting on the sofa,Calling the phone in your hand,He has a cold intention,Braiseon,I am trying to find you.,You just move my overseas sites。
“Southeast Asia has an accident?”Tiyin Yao’s figure came over and asked。
“Some things,The people who came to the gods came to warn us.,We want our Chamber of Commerce to exit Malaysia。”Lin Feng Road:“how is this possible?Malaysia brings us every year80Gold’s income,Ten years800Kingshi,Can even achieve1000Kingshi。”
He is now worried about money,Owe flying fairy10Wanjinshi,Although I have taken some from the side of the cold.,Then I got up.7Wanjinshi,But it is still poor3Wanjinshi,And not counting interest。
Some potential interest calculation methods between major forces,Ten years,Must3Wanjin Division interest,So now the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce truly arrears at least the fairy Pavilion.6Wanjinshi。
Time,Must complete,He doesn’t want to let the second brother Zhang Shaze is difficult,After all, the flying fairy is not a person of Zhang Shazhu.,Zhang Shaoze is only a representative of a group of people.。
“Morning and evening,At the beginning, no one believes in Mamah’s consumption capacity.,And the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce,Earn a lot of dollar bills,Can they not be hot??”Tang Yin Yao Road:“And they have a ambition on the land there.!”
“what?They want?”Lin Feng heard the words:“Gradually control the island?”
“good,They want to change the increasing moment to their lake,That group is very fanatical。”Tiyin Yao explained:“Their population is too much.,This competition is more than economic interests,There is also living space。”
Lin Feng wronned and frowned:“It seems really to do it.,Our Qinglong Chamber of Commerce is the first commercial forces in overseas.,If it is scared by a sentence?How do our Qinglong Chamberarin??Will other countries and local organizations work with us??Even cooperation,It is also a big opening of the lion。”
“And Malaysia’s geographical location is very important,It is a springboard that our Chamber of Commerce enters Southeast Asia.,Never lose。”
“Yes,No matter where it is convenient,Can’t let,You personally take people?Or let others handle?”Tao Yin Yao is confused。
“I will call Gannos first.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“I am thinking about him to talk about it.。”Lin Feng directly picked up the phone。
Then I dialed Gannos’s phone,The voice of Gannos is coming between the phone.:“Forest president,How can I have time to call me today??”
“Ha ha,Gannos is old。”Lin Feng haha smiled:“That is, I miss Gannos.。”
“Forest president,Have time coming to have a cup of tea?”Gannos long laughs。
“No problem at all,correct,Today’s people’s people suddenly inform my industry’s industries to exit Malaysia.,I don’t know if it is elders you mean or he himself.?”Lin Feng asked。
“Oh,This thing is not to manage me.。”Gannos smiles:“However, I think the company in my mother’s gods enters Malaysia’s interests in the interest of our wife.。”
“it is good,it is good,I heard you this sentence.,Very satisfied。”Lin Feng heard the words and smiled:“I don’t know if I can have time to go to Malcisia.,By the way, I invite the elder to drink tea.?”
“I have recently practiced this,Business little things,Why do you have a tutane??”Gannos laughs:“Of course, my people have impulsive people.,Gonglin President。”
“rest assured,I certainly don’t mind。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Since the old age is going,let it go,However, a friend who has a hell suddenly wants to sell it to me.。”
“what?Nirvana?”Gannoz loses losses:“Forest president,You don’t talk about it here.。”
“That may be a friend of hell, let’s go wrong.,I can’t remember it.。”Lin Feng suddenly:“The rumors of this Nirvana were fell from Gannos.,Not sure whether it is true,But I think this is a fake.,How can Gantanos always lose this important scripture?。”

Blue Xin laughs:“Lu Hao Cheng,It is no longer a child now.,Your meat is meat.?”

Lu Haocheng is not willing,Some tone is quite spoiled:“Blue,You are like this to call me.。”He likes her to call her Haojiao brother.,that time,Every time I heard her call yourself.,He will not help but make a smile in his mouth.。
“do not want,I think you are very good.。”Blue Xin’s red face is full of rejection,“and,I don’t remember the things when I was young.。”
Lu Haocheng, Zhang Junyi to an incredible face,A black eyes are like a gemstone,High nose,Perfect thin lips,Gentle is full of gentleness at this moment.:“Blue,do not you remember,I can tell you。but,Tell you the truth,I am more relaxed now.,Blue,Really thank you,Let me insist on these years。”
Blue Xinyi,Look deep,she says:“Lu Hao Cheng,this is not your fault,Don’t always do this,these years,You also have a painful,These,It’s enough to make up for everything.。Although I don’t remember the childhood.,At that time, I had to follow you.,this is not your fault,If you really want to be wrong,That can only talk about what to make。”
“Do not!”Lu Haozheng shook his head,“Blue,you do not know,You have more important in my heart.。”She doesn’t understand her importance in his heart.,I lost her.,There is only one person left in his world.,That kind of lonely taste,It’s not as good as death.。
Helpless,He wants to think like this,She has no way。
“but”Blue Xin doesn’t know how to open。
Lu Haocheng wants to be tight,Handsome up a touch of tension:“Blue,What?”
Blue Xin looks at his nervous look,I have a painful pain.,This time,He is really good for himself.。
But she still wants to make things clear.:“Lu Hao Cheng,I am now the mother of three children.,You are so good,so”
“so,Blue,Do you want to refuse me??”Lu Haocheng interrupted her words,That pair of deep deep tanned blacks,The end of the eye is vividly。
Blue Xindao:“I don’t want to refuse,But I”
“Blue,Do not you trust me?”Lu Haocheng interrupted her again,Looks with her look at her。
Blue Xin’s eyes slightly,Ask:“Do you want me to believe what you??”
“you”Lu Haozheng,This gimmick doesn’t understand.?
“Ha ha”Blue Xin saw him angry,I laughed in an instant.。
“Lu Hao Cheng,Why do you want to wait for me??”She asked。
actually,Know that person is yourself,She suddenly felt good happiness,It turned out in this world,There are so many people who are holding belly for themselves.。
She has always envied each other,The person who is envious of her is myself.。
Lu Haozheng extended his long finger,Gently touch her white forehead,Laugh:“fool,You don’t have any memories now,I don’t know what you did when you were young.?I am very lonely when I was a child.。Regularly be bullied by Lu Haokai,Every time you see Lu Haokai to bully me.,You will go to the smell of Lu Hao Cheng。Leading Qin Ning also very much don’t like you。
At that time, if I and my father were not at home.,You can only play in my yard.。Only when I am at home or my father is at home,You will go to the living room。You,It is a very important existence for me.,You said that I am waiting for you to wait?
In order to wait for you to come back,I am defeated as jade,I work hard every day.,I also bought your favorite sun house villa.,Is waiting for you to come back,Then we have a happy day together”Lu Haocheng said that all said that all said.。
He really can’t lose her anymore.。
Lan Xin looked quietly at him.,Just stick to the same,For the general people,It is difficult to stick to it。
And he has always insisted all,Just waiting for her back,Blue Xin said that it is not moved.。
She laughed:“Lu Hao Cheng,What if I get married??Are you not white in these years??”
Lu Haocheng listened to this,The good eyebrows pick up,Smirked smile:“Blue,I know that God must wait for me.,I am waiting for you for so long.,I know that you will return to my side.,Do you see that you are not back now??”
Blue Xin looks,Suddenly say:“But I have three children.。”
No matter what people want to marry her,Must be truthfully treating her three children,Otherwise she would rather not marry。
Say this problem,Lu Hao Cheng really wants to tell her.,The man in seven years ago is actually him。
But it seems that it is not suitable for saying it.。

Wang flows dark judgment,Time I don’t know how to be 8:30,Zhao Zhiqi quantity,Time,I will call the Wang in on time.。

“Total Wang,I am at the door.,Where are you?”
“I am in the store,Enter the left side of the window。”Wang flows back,I looked at the door.,At a glance, I saw a suit who was in the door.,In the heart,Eight achievements are him。
The other party is also in this side.,Seeing the king of the king slightly smile,Hanging the phone is going straight。
The king also welcomed it.,At the same time, the momentum is expected.,Thirty years old,Standard suit dress,High school, etc.,People are slim,Face and good,Face wearing a counters,Looking at a bit of cultural binabering。
“Zhao Kezhi is,I am a king。”
“Call me like this,No need to see so,Hometown can go out of Wang Hao, such a business world,I have already admired for a long time.,I finally saw myself today.。”Zhao Zhihe and a good smile,Hold a handshake。
In a word, I took the relationship between the two.,It is not enough to send·change·The person who is mixed by the committee……Wang Flow,At the same time, from kindness,road:
“Then I am welcome.,Is it a South Chinese??”
Zhao Zhi nodded,Laugh:“Has Yan chess did not mention you??”
“no,Just say that you are a good friend.,Others are not too thin,Sit first,Don’t stand。”Wang traffic conversation。
Zhao Zhihe went to the seat,Sidecar:“I grew up from Xiao Yan.,primary school、junior high school、High school is on a piece,After the university,Although it is not often seen in these years,But it is indeed good friend。”
The king is installing a look,The waiter comes in the right time,Wang traffic:“Look at menu,Want to eat something casual。”
“Then I will not be polite with you.,I haven’t dinked it yet.,I am also very hungry.。”Zhao Zhi also smiled,Pick up the menu,Skilled point:
“I want a butter bread、A French Dairy Cow Mushroom Frisbee Soup,t-Bone cattle,Seven points……”
It’s really welcome to say that you are welcome.,A blink of an eye, I got a seven eight。
The king did not have dinner,Follow a steak,A salad and dessert,Finally, I have to have a bottle of wine.。
The opposite Zhao Zhi is also finished.,Menu to return to the waiter,Then suddenly open the door:“Be old township,There is also Yan Qi,We are not outside people.,Wang is looking for if there is anything to say,Don’t see。”
NS361chapter difficulty
Topping is too fast,Wang Li has stunned for a moment.,Laugh:“Row,Then I said straight.,Today, I’m looking for you is something, I want to help.。
Recently, I have a trouble.,Need some point of relationship in the police system,But I just came to Beijing,Nothing here,I don’t know if you can help me with you.?”
Zhao Zhiwei blinks,Confirmation:“You find me,For this matter?”
Wang traffic point:“Correct,Do it??”
Zhao Zhi is relaxed,I guessed before coming.,Suddenly find a door,The king is probably,And he can help,Nothing is to help dredge project,After all, this is the right of his author.。
Originally, it is still difficult,Don’t help,After all, it is the introduction of Wen Yan.,And they are also small,Not very good in the face。
Can you help?,He is just a deputy department,Limited voice,I really don’t necessarily help.。
Come now,It’s a half-day, please ask him to help take a bridge.,This can be more simple.。
“no problem,Just I have a friend working in the police station.,You can introduce you to know,But my position is not high.,The friends who recognize it are basically like me.,The position is also limited,Not necessarily meet your requirements。”
There is no strong……Wang traffic face,road:“It’s ok,Have a person who can speak。”
Zhao Zhi nodded:“Then I will help you now.,Just give birth to a meal, nothing,If he has time,Directly see how to see?”
Wang Zhiden:“sure,I’m OK。”
Zhao Zhi Tong Lei,I heard the phone directly,I got up and played the phone.,After a moment, laughing,road:
“Proper,My friend is just a little time,Can come out,9:30 in the evening,Xicheng Branch opposite cafes,After you will finish your dinner directly,Just caught up and。”
“Xicheng Branch?”Wang traffic blinks:“Does your friend work in the Xicheng branch??”
“Correct,what happened?”Zhao Zhi is unclear, so。
“fine,Just ask。”Wang traffic does not move the sound smile,At the same time:Song Chengzhi’s case is represented by Xicheng Branch,Now, ask Zhao Zhi to help the line, but also to Xicheng Branch.,This is really crazy.。

Originally, Zhao Yin’s appearance has disrupted his own plan.,Where is he now have a heart to talk to a high-rise?。

“Big brother,Forces,岂?You have to be trapped in me.!
My greatery is so big that I have lost the big festival.,How do I raise a person in the future??
As for the 高 归 彦,Self-funded family regulations to punish him,Don’t need big brothers to invoice this idle heart。”
“To shut up!I’m finished.!I can’t let you go.!”
Gao Bao,The rude interrupted the highness。
“Then I will definitely,No longer eating today,Until you let me go out。”
Gong Gong is temper.,Not out,If you don’t do it, you will starve.。
“up to you,I will go to Deng County early tomorrow morning.,Over the time, no one is used to you.。I am delicious to drink it.,Love does not eat。”
Gao Baoyi snorted,Turn away,The two did not say a few words, they did not come.。
Gao Bao,Gao Changqi Self-laughing:“Big brother,I know this is good for me.,But some things are my responsibility.,I can’t escape,Ugh!”
“Will you go so early??It’s going to find me.?”
Shanle gamro’s sleepy eyes,Skilled to the outside,Reachailed,And Gao Bo Yi has been worn out to go out.。
Last night, Gao Biyi just hugged his quiet sleep.,Not like a crazy lingering as before。Shanleo slightly disappointed,Also found that the other party has a very serious。
“I am going to Deng County,With the army。You are in peace of mind to regulate your body in Xiangyang.。Do not worry about me。”
NS505chapter Acknowledgment
Shanleo is named in the state of Fuyang,Hidden。
I am coming to the city, no one can manage her.。After all, Mrs. Cai’s mouth,The daughter who wants to fight with Gao Boyi has spread out of Wang Linjun.。
Who dares to find solo gongo’s trouble?
Although she is really leisure,The body is also good every day.,But this does not mean that the soldiers under Wang Linzhao are also very leisure.。
At present, the two sides of North Qi North Zhou temporarily accumulate strength.,However, the situation has been nervous to explode!
Single gamro is not waiting to go to the Han River to see the snow,I found Wang Linjun’s warship,Patrol around the river,Intercepting the vessel,Every ship must board the ship。
It can be said that the mountain rain is coming to the building。
Not only that,The frequency of the soldiers in the city has also increased.,Those faces on the face are very good。
Even if you don’t fight,The war is almost already on the string,Everyone has psychological expectations.。
Last night, Gao Bao, came back late.,Holding her and sleeping,Some words solitary gamron is not asking。Today, the other party is too early.,She wants to ask but I have not asked export.。What is the opposite?,Feeling that there is a bad thing to happen。
Xiangyang this place in the mountain clear show,Very good scenery,Solitaryo is still quite like this city。
I think that this will soon face forks.,She has a kind of weakness that can’t be said.。
A woman,She can’t do anything,Only people like Gao Boyi,It is a key figure that affects the overall situation.。This is called“Meat”。
Solitaryo sometimes doubts that Jiang Mountain is not the same as conquering women,As long as you sleep,It’s hard to escape your palm of each other.。Men in order to fight for these,Countless heroes。
Just like yourself,Sleeping by Gao Bo once twice and even countless times,It seems that this distortion relationship seems to,I sometimes feel very happy。
For example, when you want to think that Gao Biyi has a few women.。
But if Jiangshan is easy to control,Why is there so many people??Don’t you turn your car??
When you think about it.,Shanleo looked at an old board,Like a wood man, the bamboo rock is rushing into the yard.。
He looked at himself.,Then I don’t say anything in the silence.。
“You are angry?”
This is not like Yang Shuo.,But it is more like Gao Baoyi.。
Gao Biyi makes this guy to kill,His no matter what person,Who kills who kills?。
When Shanloo has decided not to leave Fuyang,I don’t care about her where you don’t ask her.,Just secretly protected。

Beijing suburbs railway city sub -central center line will extend to Beijing area

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, March 3 (Chi Mengrui) On March 3rd, at the press conference of the "Development Plan for Major Infrastructure in the" Fourteenth Five -Year "period in Beijing", deputy director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission came to the present introduction Promoting the high -quality development of infrastructure is effective, and the "Plan" will arrange a total of 20 tasks for 5 aspects. Among them, in terms of accelerating the development of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei infrastructure integrated, it has gradually promoted the extension of the suburban railway city sub -cities and center lines. In the present introduction, the transportation channel in the transportation system is integrated with the transfer hub. By arranging rapid public transportation methods such as rail transit, the rapid connection between the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei region, the central city, and the new city of the plain. The hub provides a strong guarantee for the interchange between different transportation methods, the implementation of the Beijing -Hong Kong -Taiwan high -speed rail (Fengxiong shopping section) project, accelerating the construction of intercity railways such as the intercity of Beijing and Tang Dynasty. Extending services around Beijing, comprehensive transportation hubs such as urban sub -center and Beijing Fengtai Station, and further consolidating and promoting "Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei on the orbit". In terms of ecological collaborative governance, the ecological restoration of the Yongding River Basin is continuously promoted, 10,000 acres of forestry areas are added, the quality is accurately increased by 80,000 acres. At the same time, the ecological restoration mechanism for ecological restoration in the Yongding River Basin is established to promote regional coordinated development and sharing together.

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First Observation | The ideological and political courses in General Secretary Xi Jinping

  General Secretary Xi Jinping walked into this "red university", observed the "classroom" of ideological politics, and affirmed the school’s own advantages, continuously promoting the reform and innovation of ideological and political lessons, and building high -precision and political courses. An anchoring a key- "To do a good ideological and political lesson is to carry out Marxist theoretical education and use socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era"; pass a signal- "Implement the fundamental task Red genes make the belief of listening to the party and the belief of the party to become the conscious pursuit of the teachers and students. " Firmly grasped the fundamental task of Lideshu people and consolidated the cornerstone of the soul of Marxist theory education. General Secretary Xi Jinping clarified the basic outline for the ideological and political courses.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the teaching innovation of ideological and political lessons. In 2019, at the school’s ideological and political theory class teacher forum, the General Secretary proposed to use modern information technology and other means to build smart classrooms such as "worthy of affirmation and encouragement".

The "Smart Class of Politics and Politics Class" at Renmin University in person this time personally felt deeper.

  At the two conferences of the country in 2021, he vividly said, "We must use this ‘Dasheng Political Class’" "We must use a file to read there, there is no life or dry, no one loves to listen, I also don’t like it, I also don’t like it. I also don’t like to listen. I do n’t like to listen. "At the school’s ideological and political theoretical teacher forum, he bluntly said that if the monk hit a day for a day, according to the disciplinary science and the errand, the" class rate "and" head rate "are bound to be greatly reduced. In this investigation, General Secretary Xi Jinping in order to run the ideological and political lessons, and further set the pulse: the essence of ideological and political lessons is to make sense. We must pay attention to the methods and methods. To understand the heart, to communicate the mind, enlighten wisdom, and stimulate the fighting spirit; youth’s ideological and political education is a continuation process. It is necessary to carry out ideological and political education in different stages of adolescent growth.

  Produced: Zhao Cheng Planning: Huo Xiaoguang Main Pen: Huang Yan coordinated: Zhang Xiaosong, Wang Xuan, Bai Jie vision | Editor: Wu Jingjing, Wang Qiuyun Xinhua News Agency produced Xinhua News Agency’s first studio produced website editor: Wang Han.

But in the human eye of this fine refiner,Another way of another。

Why have many materials can only purify 50%、60%?
Why have some materials purified 70%,It is called a small best product。
The reason,It is a lot of materials,Do not completely purify。
Once you continue to go deep into,So material nature texture,Will be damaged。
Summer purified jade semen drops,I am afraid that I have arrived.!
certainly,He can do this,Not only the reason for pure surgery。
There is also the factor of the original fire。
Yafu has also been secretly speculated.,Summer black heart fire,What kind of quality has been achieved?。
Generally,Trunker’s heart intensity,From high to low,All、land、mysterious、yellow、To grade。
Yafu’s heart is already cultivated to the metaphysical high level,So she can be in the refineries in Dong’an Xing,Be the palm。
But she knows,Your heart is compared with the summer of this group of black flames,Not comparable at all。
“At least a ground heart fire!”
This is her judgment。
Interrogate,Jiuji jade fused together,Constant deformation。
finally,A round ball。
Ball molding,Still slowly rotating in black flame。
Thereon,Constantly there is brilliant flash。
Yafu immediately looks。
Because she knows,At this moment, the summer is moving in the round ball.。
I don’t know how long,A bright ray transponders on a round ball,That is like breathing,Hurricane。
Be formed?
Yafu eyes bright。
But very quickly,She did not stop in the summer。
Contrary,Summer looks more and more downs,Even a tension and caution。
this……what happened?
Yafu has some doubts,But I don’t dare to disturb,I don’t dare to explore my mind.。
Take her experience,The party should be successful.。
at this time。
Ball again,And transpond to a rhyme that cannot be described。
It seems to be alive this moment.。
“It should be it this time.。”
Yafu reveals the color of the expectation。
However, she saw,Summer still does not stop。
A moment,Spoon again flashing,Ling rhyme。