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Bai Ai saw the student badge worn by Fuming,Not surprised“Congratulations,Promoted to student”

Fuming waved his hand“Nothing to congratulate”
“Wouldn’t you just ask me to congratulate you on being promoted to a student?”Bai Ai stared at Fuming and asked。
“I’m not so boring yet,I have a party for you, I hope you can attend,It’s also a celebration of my coming back alive from the so-called dead abyss”
White head down in thought,He is cold,Don’t like to be with others“Ok,time and location”(Really fragrant)
Fuming told him and then turned and left。
“How could this little beast come back alive,what!!!!”Sun Yuan’s roar echoed in the room,With a grim face, he is like a beast at the moment。
But after the anger,He started to worry again“I don’t know if the person who chased him died.,In case you leak the secret to that little beast,I ruined myself!”
Sun Yuan’s face is cloudy,I felt even more tormented inside,Always thinking about whether to ask the situation,The hand is one finger away from the communicator and suddenly stops,Sun Yuan struggled inside,Forget it。
“hold on,If there is no news tomorrow,I just asked!”Sun Yuan leaned on the chair,A name displayed on the communicator‘Yun Kongming!’
After taking a shower, I came to Qingling’s small courtyard,Li Le and Murong Qingling are playing meat and wine。
“I’m coming”Yelled,Li Le saw Fuming rushed over and gave Fuming a bear hug“Hey Hey hey,I am strangled to death”Yelling with tongue out。
“I heard you fell into the abyss,I just wanna go,But Sister Qingling advised me not to go,Just shut me up,But you can come back”Li Le wiped a tear and said。

“This map is relatively empty,‘Big pineapple’This kind of melee weapon does not have a lot of room to play。”Shunzi told Lu Yi his understanding。

“If it’s Mr. Feng’s‘Big pineapple’What?”Lu Yi asked softly。
“what?President Feng right‘Big pineapple’Of course, the degree of use and proficiency of,But I haven’t seen someone like him……”Shunzi replied。
“Ok,well。I understand……”
Lu Yi said,willM249The required bullets are packed into the backpack。
When he lifted“Big pineapple”The moment,Recalling my records in my notebook,Including the character of Feng Xichuan、Analysis of technical characteristics and tactical options,By establishing a three-dimensional system“Ermapingchuan”Character model,Lu Yi tried to imitate a use“Big pineapple”The game logic of the master。
The far end of the desert,Almost the twilight direction connecting the skyline,Along with the yellow ocean, rolling waves,A red off-road vehicle appeared,Driving on the rolling sand ridges of dunes and valleys,A team of people in the car is fully armed,The goal is to detonate a military fortress marked with a clear sign on the map。
“Long Shao?Where to celebrate after the game?”Asked the banana who drove。
“Winning this trash team also needs to be celebrated?!Is your head broken??of course,I will not treat my brothers badly,In order to wish to enter the next round,Everyone’s spending today at Longteng Century International Hotel,Including eating、live、massage、Convalescence……I pay it all!”Long Xiyue promised with a smile。
“Oh!Oh!Long Shao!Is Long Shao!”Several members of the Oscar team cheered。
“Follow me,Naturally delicious and spicy,but,You guys have to fight hard,Don’t pit me,If you can’t win the college student professional league tickets……I will throw you one by one into the recycling bin,Reengineering……”
Long Xiyue’s words made the other team members shudder,Even the pineapple as the captain,I also know that the Oscar team now,I didn’t join when I was in high spirits,A team fighting for the honor of the Golden Legion,It’s a selfish team controlled by dragon fruit。Captain’s name,It’s just a display of nothing,After all, who can bring benefits to the team,Who is the king of this team。
“Long Shao!Someone seems to be found in the direction of the fortress ahead!”A telescope given by Scout Sweet Orange with his initial professional talent,First discovered the enemy。
“Who?Is it that Anna baby??See a woman playing games,It makes me feel bad!Very uncomfortable!unbearable!”Pitaya uses one“pain”Emoji。

But Yushu Ruyi should be true,Just he has some curious ginger too until there is no human movement.。

“Xiao Li,Do you have a house rent in your village??
Maybe you have to stay here at least one month.。”
Although this is a fake,But there are still many things in the inside, it is still very important.。
“Have,What is Jiang’s grandfather wants to rent??”
“Haha is just good,I am not so much attention to this.。”
One heard this,Li Hui is also laughing.。
“Hey-hey,You said so.,That must give you a few good,How many people are you?,I am going to give you a look.。”
I immediately went to find someone directly to pick up.。
More than a dozen people,He directly found a harmony close to the foot of the mountain.,The whole alley is ready to live for Ginger.。
One of the most intermediates is a big jujube tree.,It is a sweet flower in front of the door.,Although it is not a season of flowering results,But the tender and tender spring bud gives people an inexplicable feeling.。
Several otherstings are the same,The phoenix tree in front of the door, even there is already one person.。
Although there is no sedage tree in the hospital,But the spring flowers are also climbing the wall.。
Everything is fine,Li Hui Hui also found someone to packed the yard with the house.。
After packing it,Li Hui is going to find Jiang Taiyi,Then I took Jiang Taichen.。
Just a look,Jiang Taiyi already likes this house.,Even he has a little missing your childhood.。
Tallhouse building in big city now,Where is the appearance of a living,Even if you raise a few pots,A few pots,How can I better than the number of participants here?,There is also high jujube tree,Spring flowers that have already bloomed from the wall or even have bloom。
These are all in the city.。
In those high buildings in the city,He has a kind of living is a toolman’s feeling.。
So much,He is also hilarious,He is doing this like this,The people who really live in the city,Isn’t it even more。
“Xiao Li,How much is this row for a year??”
for free,I am free to stay for free.。”
Li Hui, listening to ginger, he listened.,It’s also stunned.。
“Haha Yixian,This house is not yours,And people living here are a bitter life.,Staying in the house, don’t give people money?
Why can’t I say it??”
“Hey-hey,Grandfather,These are my house,No need to give money。”
Are yours?”
Seeing Jiang Tanyi’s doubtful look,Li Hui also explained the previous things.。
I heard Li Hui’s explanation,Ginger is a smile:“You are forced to accept it.,But rent is still to give,This row is eight households.?”
“Um,Every household has five houses。”
“That line,One year room rent 100,000 pieces,It is owed to you.。”
Li Hui, listen to this,Hurry:“Don’t want money,If you want to pay with Jiang Grandpa,Then what kind of person I have??”
“Hahahana,The one I live in, you don’t want money.,You must have someone else,10,000 pieces per person,I will give you it.。”
Li Hui Fengqi also wants to stick to it.,But Jiang Taicheng said so.,He can only accept。
But a family of 10,000,He feels that the price is reasonable。

At this moment,The small road across the river,dusty,A while,A green jeep stopped,Ouyang Hong and the two men got out of the car。

“They are coming”Zhao Hong told Xia Jian。
Xia Jian stood up,I patted Chen Kei on his ass,Greeted immediately,Two men,One is Director Guo,The other is his assistant。
“Guo Ju,Look at it,Make you bumpy all the way,Very embarrassed”Xia Jian said,Stretched his hand over。
Guo Ming smiled and said:“Can i not come?Mayor Ouyang,I have been in my office since yesterday afternoon,Call my home at five o’clock this morning,I was almost driven crazy by her”Guo Ming said with a smile and walked towards the source of the stream。
Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“You ask someone to bring the equipment from the car over”
Xia Jian hasn’t spoken yet,Chen Erniu led the two young men to run over。
“Worked hard,Thank you from Xiping Village“Xia Jian was joking with Ouyang Hong,Two people in tandem,Talking and laughing,This made Zhao Hong in the distance see,Unhappy。
Guo Ming looked at the stream flowing from the foot of the mountain,To the description on the data,Ha ha smiled:“Good water,Really good water!Dig from here,Out of this grave,On the edge of the grave,Build a reservoir,Once the tube is connected,This water is there,Real tap water,Just take advantage of the trend,The pressure is absolutely sufficient“
Big guy,Happy almost jumping。Guo Ming is a doer,Let the assistant take the instrument to measure immediately,He is drawing a lime line,Let everyone do it。
Less than two hours,Where to open the channel,Where to install the water pipe,How much material,What are the materials,Guo Ming’s list and drawings,Xia Jian, someone who doesn’t understand,You can understand at a glance。
Give Xia Sanhu a warning,Xia Sanhu took a few young people to buy materials on the market。Guo Ming wiped the sweat from his forehead,Point two to help,And went back,He is the chief after all,It’s impossible for Xiping Village,Delay his other work。
When Guo Ming is leaving,Ouyang Hong thank you again and again,And persuaded Guo Ming to drive slowly,Guo Ming looked happy,I can see that he can come to Xiping Village this time,Mostly for Ouyang Hong’s face。
Just when everyone was about to dig,Xia Sanye, accompanied by Xia Zecheng and a few elderly people,Walk up with three shakes,Behind them,I also followed a middle-aged man with glasses。
“Yo!Huang Daxian is also invited“Chen Erniu said to Xia Jian in surprise。
This Huang Taixian,It is said that we know astronomy and geography,Feng Shui Yin and Yang he knows everything,Xia Jian had heard of this man’s reputation when he was a colonel,The last two years,Some people say he went to Nanhai to practice,Is he back from practice?。
Wong Taixian walked and watched,Talking while watching,Suddenly he stopped,I looked up for a while,Turn around and say to Xia Sanye:“San Ye!This is the geomantic treasure of your Xia family,Xichuan River,All the dragon veins can be in this place“
Xia Jianyi listen,its not right!Go on like this,This graveyard may not be dug。

“Father-in-law!”Some panic。

After all, she just thought that she was going to be with her brother.、Leave with hollow dishes,I’m hit by my father.……
But the radius, she also thinks,Now you should not be yourself.?
“Fang,How is this going?”Wan Zhen Mountain should try to put a majesty look。
Wukan lying on the ground,At this time, I quickly said.:“Master!The disciples are the courtesy of people to the brothers and teachers.,Knowing that the brother is not,This is only。”
“You said!Dictionary is you……”Yan Fang saw his pollutant,Even if you want to explain。
And Di Yun drunk directly:“Wan Zhen Mountain!My master is not killed by you.?”
“You are……OK!I am so such as you.,You are still in touch with this lace.……”Wan Zhen Mountain does not answer,Rating straight with rhythm。
Yan Fang really eats this set,After all, she is more like a small lady of ordinary people.,I listen to my father-in-law.,It’s rhythm right away.。
“You have to say nonsense,Your father and son are framed in me.……”Di Yun actually took rhythm,I started to pull up again.。
Chu Deirens really can’t see the same plot of this brain residue,Come out:“Wan Zhen Mountain,Who will you put it in the wall?,In this case, the dissent?”
“Who is a ghost??”Want Zhen Mountain,Sink。
I saw the direction of the moonlight,A white feathers floated,Then a little blurry,Chu Deirers appear in the fall,As if feathers、Chu Deirens appeared in the air。
It is the Summan master mastered“Treasure”Later,Some of them“Small application”。
From the number of contributed fusion disabilities,“Treasure”Can be ranked in front of all Kung Fu,However, there is almost no growth in terms of war.。
Can’t say useless……
One in terms of concealed operations,“Treasure”Very strong,After all, it is integrated.《Turtle》、《Magic sword》Besides《Jiuyin Zhenjing》Including the crackuch in the bulk skill……
Even Chu Deirers and Pity Star tried,In the case of not distinguishing,Pity Star sitting in the room,If the Chu deer is going to sneak,Go to the door,Pity will discover,Not only is quiet,But use the surrounding sound and light.,Combined with psychology hidden。
Chu Detent、Or killer,It is definitely a nightmare for others.!
This is the first time,Cooperate with the sound attack, it is called the gods……
But the defect cannot be used in front of the master.,Otherwise it is now,If the pity is present,I will see that the Chu Deirers will throw a feather with a hidden instrument.,After that, he will take the tree around the trees.、Wall shadow,Special swords from the magic sword,Put your own white feather,Some on the side“Wretched”Latent to the location,Again!
At the middle of the house,Natural no one can see——Di Yun’s martial arts,If it is a heart、And there is corresponding“see through”Skill,Some hope to see the hopes。
See this like a ghost……Cough,This gods will appear,Wan Zhen Mountain is in the heart:“you、You are……”
“Wan Zhen Mountain, Wan Zhen Mountain,I thought that if you have a cautious person.,I heard that I have gone with Di’s brother.,Just escape from。”Chu Deiren lickly looked at Wan Zhen Mountain,But I found out the latter.。
This guy doesn’t know at all.?
“Original、It turned out to be Chu Chuzi……Chu Chuzi Snow Valley, aid, Nanyuan’s four heroes,Wan Mou is also very admired,Just I don’t know what to do with this thief.?”Wan Zhen Mountain has already thought,The rumor is too old in the snow valley,I have come out with a young young man surnamed Di.,The young man seems to be misunderstood in the beginning.。
However, he did not want to think about Di Yun before.,I have forgotten this to be accidentally framed.“Farmer”。
And Wan Zhen Mountain is in the rivers and lakes,Also don’t care,Now,It is still not known that the nearest affair is,Otherwise it will not be called“Chu Chuzi”。
“Obscene?You really don’t see the pink,do not worry,The little pink is driven away,I have helped you find it back.,Talk about it, let’s talk about it.,How did your grandfather?,Why is it because of the soul,I am driven away by you!”
“Chu Chu Chi Mingjian!”Wan Zhen Mountain said,The face is awkward,Just a step forward。
But just next moment,When he worshiped down,Behind the green poisonous arrow——Dictionary is the buffet of the carrier……
Underneath,Even if it is a first-class master,This distance,Nothing without a trick,And look at this color,Sold above!

“People herding cows all day long thinking about how to expand their herd,Put a few more cows to save more money to marry a wife,look at you,No pursuit,Isn’t this a waste of my knowledge?!”Mr. Koi said unceremoniously。

First288chapter Bewitching the Dragon?
Zhu Minglang is like a pupil in a private school,Keep nodding,Listen to the teachings of Mr. Koi。
But Mr. Koi looked suspiciously at Zhu Minglang,Questioned suddenly:“Have I said this to you many times??”
“No,This is the first time Mr. Koi told me。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Youngling、Young dragon、Chu Long these,Judge yourself,After all, the matter of Hualong,Have a little luck。But some dragons,I think it can be specified for you,If you encounter,Capture as much as possible,And tame it。”Mr. Koi said。
Generally refers to the contest between the dragon herder and the wild dragon。
Not all dragons,Are raised from childhood,There are also some wild dragons,They will finally choose to sign a spiritual contract with the Dragon Shepherd。
But the adult wild dragon,Mature,They are proud,And from the bottom of my heart, I feel that human beings are a group of lower life,It is much more difficult to reach a spiritual agreement with them than to choose a young spirit and a young dragon。
In short,It is impossible for a novice dragon shepherd to capture wild dragons and tame them。
I wish Minglang should be a newbie,Calculated from the length of employment。
So taming wild dragons is a difficult task……
He just can’t!
“Mr. Koi,What good recommendation do you have??”I wish Minglang humbly ask for advice。
Zhu Minglang hasn’t gone deep yet,Just standing on the top of a mountain with a wider view,Observing the movement in the stone village。

Fat Shen twisted his neck,Reached out and took a piece of paper from the table and stuffed it in Li Tianchou’s hand,“last chance,Write down the hurt motives honestly,That’s it for today。otherwise,Ha ha。”He turned to look at the two defense team members,Laughed exaggeratedly。

“Boring,Officer Shen?Is this the police station of the Public Security Bureau run by your home??”Li Tianchou sneered,He crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it on the ground。
“Kind of!”Fatty Shen gave a thumbs up,Turning his head and rushing behind the two people shouted,“Work。”
The two strong men couldn’t help but say,He stepped forward and twisted Li Tianchou’s hand back,Li Tianchou did not resist,He knows that at this time, if he hurts others, he will be charged,There is only forbearance at this moment。
Fatty Shen took out a colloidal baton from under the belly of the table,Deliberately made two gestures in his hands,The face of a smiling tiger suddenly became a lot evil。He has exercised three times in a row this night,The two tower-like men could not help but scream,Besides, you are such a small body,I want to see how long you can hold it。
But what happened next was completely unexpected to Officer Shen,Yellow pages,Shaoxing on the chest and back has been done for twenty years,This stunned green didn’t say a word,I’m a little out of breath。This Nima can really resist,Although he heard that this young man is good at fighting,But I didn’t expect that this person’s resistance to fight is not a legend。
Fatty Shen threw the baton on the table,I light a cigarette and take a breath,I’m a little upset after only half smoking,Throw away cigarette butts,Pointing at a big man,“This time you come,Paralyzed,I don’t believe it。”
So and so,Three people take turns in a clubbing,Li Tianchou’s face is sallow,Cold sweat,Strong fishy smell in the mouth,Some can’t hold it,But still didn’t say a word。
“Nima forced,Come again。”Seeing Li Tianchou’s fierceness,Fat Shen won’t fight,This is clearly beyond his scope,People are also a little crazy right now,He gritted his teeth and picked up the baton。
“Lao Shen,about there,Relax,Don’t make life。”A joint defense team couldn’t stand it,Whispered。
Fatty Shen is not stunned,Naturally know the stakes,It’s just the attitude of Li Tianchou、The momentum is faint。He threw away the baton in his hand,“Go and bring me those two lights,Take a good picture of this kid。”Finished,I left the room without looking back。
So two large light bulbs of more than 1,000 watts illuminate Li Tianchou’s face from left to right.,Strong light、High temperature,It’s much more powerful than the Yuba used in winter。In this hot early summer,Is even more unbearable。
Li Tianchou’s hands have been handcuffed,People are also in the corner,Can’t dodge,Can only resist。This sin is not something ordinary people can bear。At this moment his mind is still very clear,Suddenly realized that Fatty Shen must have been instigated by someone,It’s largely related to Brother Bin or the people behind Brother Bin。
But Li Tianchou does not regret it,This shows that the other party can’t sit still,After using the three indiscriminate methods almost,People should jump out。I don’t know what happened to the other workers,This is what he worries most。
Toss like this for a long time,Until the latter half of the night, the two defense team members lost their energy,The sleepy one can’t stand it anymore,Just stopped。
The next morning。Fatty Shen comes to work,Two panda eyes annoyed him,I thought it was a matter of hand to clean up a few mud legs,But Li Tianchou gave him a complete sense of frustration。Smiling Tiger can’t figure out how this shameless young migrant worker could be so difficult。
Although Fatty Shen has a few confessions from migrant workers,But not enough to take Li Tianchou directly,Get at most a security detention,Criminal case is not enough,It seems that we have to find another way。
And the president Hua who came to ask someone yesterday also gave him an invisible pressure,This woman is not easy,Will not give up easily。Time is tight,It’s better to let a few migrant workers go back,Can also be perfunctory,Procrastinate。
Had a meeting in the morning,Fatty Shen, the acting director, emphatically reported the case,Be prepared for public opinion first。After the meeting, he ran to the small black room on the second floor and tossed Li Tianchou again.,But still no results,This makes him very angry。

Zhao Luo and Cen Cheng are not familiar,Only in contact with real estate activities,Don’t understand her experience,So casually asked,“What business does your boss do,See if we have a chance to cooperate。”

“small business,Is a photo studio,You can take children’s photos and wedding photos。”Cen Cheng answered honestly。
“is it?”Zhao Luo instantly thought of Xia Shuyue,I saw Xia Shuyue a long time ago,She also opened a photo studio。
“Ok,Is a small boss,Compared with the person you do tens of millions of business,Her business is too small,You might look down on。”Cen Cheng smiled with his head tilted。
“Knowing is also a friend。”Zhao Luo also laughed。
“You want to know her,Impossible in the short term,She went to have a baby。”Cen Cheng is a little thirsty,Pour water by yourself。
“Give birth?”Zhao Luo asked in surprise,“Your boss is a woman?”
“Correct。”Cen Cheng took a sip of water,Looking at Zhao Luo,I feel a little strange,This year,There are many female bosses,Is there anything surprising?
“What business does her husband do?”Zhao Luo thought about it,Xia Shuyue should have a baby during this time。
“do not know,Haven’t met her husband,She seems not married。”Cen Cheng shook his head indifferently。
“not married,Have a baby?”Zhao Luo asked again。
Cen Cheng laughed at this question,“Manager Zhao,I know you went to a university in the provincial capital,how,Your college students in the new era are so conservative?Not married,Can’t you have children??”
Zhao Luo noticed that he was gaffe,Hurriedly smiled and looked out the window,“That’s not,Not surprisingly,People who give birth out of wedlock are rare after all,correct,What’s your boss’s name,Maybe I know。”

Xia Jian can’t sit still this time。He stood up,Look again at Hu Huiru, this beautiful woman。He laughed and said:“What do you mean?I wanted to do this a long time ago?”

“That’s not?These projects in Pingdu。Like your Xia Jian’s child,How can you let go。Of course,You are the most suitable candidate”Hu Huiru said this,Looking at Xia Jian with two eyes。
Xia Jian’s heart began to struggle。he thinks,He and a woman like Hu Huiru,Will never be friends。He just said that,He just wants to play emotional cards,It is difficult for Hu Huiru to agree to cooperate with them。I didn’t expect people to be more powerful than him。
I want to,Hu Huiru always wanted to dig Xia Jian to their Dongsheng Group。But Xia Jian just didn’t agree,Unexpectedly, the pit that Hu Huiru dug for him remained,She wants him to jump in。
How to do it?Don’t agree!This cooperation must be over,If you agree,Xia Jian was still led by Hu Huiru。
“Hey!What do you mean?Something like you,I can promise you。Let you come to our group as a consultant,Scared you like this?I do not know,Are you afraid of Dongsheng Group?Still afraid of me, Hu Huiru?”Hu Huiru raised her brow,Said a little unhappy。
Xia Jian was so excited by Hu Huiru,He couldn’t help saying:“I am not afraid of anything。I promise you this,But i don’t want your salary,But I must be absolutely free”
“Get paid for doing things,This is not my order。Also since you promised me,Then it has to look like。So i think about it,If you only appear as a consultant,Certainly not convinced。So you have to hold another title of vice president of the group”Hu Huiru said the truth,Justified。
It seems that she has already made this calculation。Xia Jian frowned,He hides,Still haven’t escaped Hu Huiru’s design。He has to admire this woman’s scheming。
Xia Jian walked to the glass window,He is standing on the office building of Dongsheng Group,I can’t calm down for a long time。I want to,The office building of their startup group,Never worse than here。
Think of these things,Xia Jian’s heart is a little confused。He promised Old Xiao,He has to take care of Xiao Xiao,But also to re-establish the entrepreneurial group。
At this juncture,He Xia Jian can’t blindly save face,He has to give up some of his own interests,It doesn’t matter what you face。
Think through,Xia Jian just said with a smile:“it is good!President Hu,I promise you。But my vice president,Come and go free,Only managed by you, Mr. Hu”
“it is good!My Hu Huiru is waiting for your words。You let the contract be done,We’ll sign here tomorrow,The best signatory is Xiao Xiao!”Hu Huiru heard that Xia Jian agreed,Laughed happily。
Xia Jianma takes out his mobile phone,Called Xiao Xiao。Tell her he has already talked about it,Let her lead someone to make a contract,And come to the provincial capital tomorrow to sign。

The giant eagle feels Yuege’s sword breaking through his armed color,Pierce his feathers,this moment,He screamed loudly。

but,The sword is already present,He doesn’t have the ability to teleport,I can only feel the sharp point of the knife slowly pierce his neck。
After Leo Yuesong pierced into the body of the giant eagle, he used force,Gantt immediately separated the body。
And the huge eagle body also fell instantly,Into a human form。
Leo panted heavily,The body depends on Yuege’s support so that it hasn’t fallen。
Seeing Leo successfully beheaded the opponent,Green Bull rushed up to help Leo。
Those little brothers are not stupid,All rushed to help Leo。
Someone wiped the blood on Leo,The doctor will stop the bleeding of Leo again,Cure。
About half an hour later,Leo tied a bandage around him。
And Leo basically has no problem after eating and drinking。
“It’s getting dark!”Leo looked at the sky,Then slammed,All the bandages on my body shattered。
“Green Bull,go,Can’t stop exercising!”
Leo greeted,Led the green bull to the sea。
First51chapter Strength growth
One man one cow,At the moment in the deep sea。