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2017 Snooker World Championship Ding Junhui 13-12 defeated Liang Wenbo full game video

2017 Snooker World Championship Ding Junhui 13-12 defeated Liang Wenbo full game video
In the second round of the 2017 Snooker World Championships, Ding Junhui and Liang Wenbo’s match, Liang Wenbo caught up in the first stage 2-6 behind, and has been fighting until the final.In the tiebreaker, Ding Junhui calmly scored 70 points in a single shot to win the quarterfinals. The next round will be against the Rockets O’Sullivan.The following is the snooker world championship Ding Junhui 13-12 victory over Liang Wenbo’s complete game video: game video Ding Junhui 13-12 victory over Liang Wenbo’s complete game video: click to watch the game. Ding Junhui leads 6-2 in the first stage and Liang Wenbo in the second stageState brave one shot 130 and four shots 50+ counterattack Ding Junhui a 5-3, pulled the score to 7-9 only two games behind Ding Junhui entered the third stage.  In the seventeenth inning and the first inning of the third stage, Ding Junhui made a beautiful snooker. Liang Wenbo got the second chance and revealed the opportunity at the same time, but Ding Junhui did not score the red ball and instead gave the opportunity back to Liang Wenbo.Liang Wenbo scored a single shot with 38 points and went to defense. Then Liang Wenbo made another mistake with a sharp bench to get 14 points. However, Liang Wenbo has already led 52:8 and the situation is quite complicated.Liang Wenbo won the mobile phone meeting and scored a single shot 58 points to clear the table to win the game, 8-9 only 1 game behind Ding Junhui.  In the eighteenth inning, Ding Junhui originally planned to play a defensive shot. The red ball not only missed the white ball but also plunged into the red ball pile.Liang Wenbo started with a single shot to win 98 points, Liang Wenbo won the game to 9-9 in two consecutive games.  In the nineteenth inning, Liang Wenbo started the game with a very difficult far-red ball. After a single shot of 61 points, the k-ball effect was poor and he turned to the defense.Ding Junhui later had a mobile phone meeting, but because of the last red ball stickers library must be transferred to the defense.In the end, Liang Wenbo scored a 81-59 overtime goal to win the game.Liang Wenbo overtake the score 10-9, leading for the first time.  In the 20th inning, Ding Junhui scored a defensive red ball in the middle of the bag to start, and turned into the defense after 37 points in a single shot.In the defensive battle afterwards, Ding Junhui had an absolute advantage and eventually won the mobile phone meeting, but later used the pole to hit the cue ball, but fortunately, there was no chance.Ding Junhui quickly started again, and finally scored a super-pointer 71:5 and finally won a game, rewriting the score to 10-10.  In the 21st inning, Ding Junhui made a defensive mistake, Liang Wenbo started and quickly scored a single shot with 85 points to win this inning, 11-10 lead Ding Junhui again.  In the 22nd inning, Ding Junhui started with a red ball and hit 147.After scoring 10 red and 10 black, Ding Junhui’s k-ball effect was not ideal. When he walked black, the red ball failed to score and the white ball fell into the bag. Liang Wenbo didn’t get up.The score came to 11-11 draw.  In the 23rd inning, Ding Junhui scored a red ball from the far end and was unlucky. The white ball hit the blue ball and there was no colored ball to play.Ding Junhui forcibly attacked the basketball goal but failed, Liang Wenbo got the cue ball out of control after 45 minutes, forcibly thin the big angle red ball in the bag.Ding Junhui started with 32 points and made a mistake. Liang Wenbo scored 50 points with a single shot to reach the match point 12-11.  In the twenty-fourth inning, Ding Junhui started with a single shot and scored 132 points. 12-12 strongly dragged the game into the tiebreaker.  In the decisive game, Liang Wenbo started with a combined ball. When the red ball was put on a 16-point racket, the cue ball flew directly and hit the red ball pile. Fortunately, the ball was not revealed.Afterwards, Liang Wenbo took the risk of forcibly attacking the combined ball to no avail, Ding Junhui started with a single shot 70 points to form a super score to win the tiebreaker.  At the end of the game, Ding Junhui won the tiebreaker, and finally defeated Liang Wenbo 13-12. In the quarter-finals, he will play against O’Sullivan.Further reading: 2017 Snooker World Championship live video address Snooker World Championship Online Watch

Chen Guangming Ruiyuan declares the second public offering-3 years and 20 years veteran Zhao Feng will manage

Chen Guangming Ruiyuan declares the second public offering: 3 years and 20 years veteran Zhao Feng will manage
Original title: Chen Guangming’s Ruiyuan Fund declares its second public offering: the second public offering of a three-year holding fund “fund leader” Chen Guangming’s subsidiary Ruiyuan Fund Management Co., Ltd. (“Ruiyuan Fund”)finally come!  SFC product declaration information According to the website information of the SFC meeting, on December 12, Ruiyuan Fund reported a product application application registration material called Ruiyuan Balanced Value Three-Year Holding Securities Investment Fund, and the SFCAccepting the material on the same day, this means that the launch of Ruiyuan Fund’s second public offering fund product will officially begin the “countdown”.  Since October this year, the CSRC has launched a reform of the registration mechanism for public fund products, which has significantly improved the registration efficiency. The four major conventional products of active equity, passive equity, hybrid, and bonds are subject to rapid registration procedures, and the registration period does not exceed 10 days., 20 days, 30 days, more than 2/3 longer than the original registration cycle.  Soon afterwards, the Hua’an Quality Living Hybrid Fund declared by Hua’an Fund had the fastest approval rate of public funds in the past three years. It took only 5 working days for the product to receive materials from the CSRC and obtain approval.  ”Recently, the approval of equity products has been substantially accelerated, and product approvals have been obtained for the accelerated product within 5 working days.” A fund official predicts that if there is no accident, Ruiyuan Fund’s new product is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.Get product approval.  In March 2019, Ruiyuan Fund established Ruiyuan Growth Value Mixed Fund, the first public fund product affiliated, and Zhu Pengbo, deputy general manager of the company, partnered with Zhu Ye as 四川逍遥网 the fund manager.In November 2019, the fund added Chen Kunyuan as a fund manager.The public fundraising “single seedling” of this Ruiyuan fund has been robbed by the market on both the first day of issuance and the day when the large purchase limit was released, which shows the attractiveness of the market.  At present, apart from the product name reported by Ruiyuan Fund, no more information has been disclosed. However, some people have speculated that the proposed fund manager of this product may be the “veteran level” of low-key joining Ruiyuan Fund in early November.Fund manager Zhao Feng.  Public information shows that Zhao Feng has 20 years of experience in the A-share market, a bachelor’s degree in economics from Renmin University of China and a master’s degree from Columbia University. He entered the public fundraising industry in 1999 and has been an analyst at Penghua Fund.The fund manager is an earlier domestic fund manager; in 2005, he joined the Bank of Communications and Rhodes Fund as the fund manager, deputy director of investment, and director of special account investment.  In 2014, Zhao Feng resigned to start a private equity career. He co-founded a private equity fund, Shanghai Xingju Investment Management Co., Ltd. (“Xingju Investment”), with the former vice president of Xingquan Fund Wang Xiaoming and Zhang Huiping, the former fund manager of Xingquan Herun.Director, investment manager, Zhao Feng is also one of the company’s partners.In November 2019, Zhao Feng, 46, returned to the public fund industry again after five years in the private equity fund industry.  Wind statistics show that Zhao Feng’s 2006 annual performance return of 135 selected by Bank of Communications during the management period.29%, ranked in the top 30 of the industry’s public offering funds, and actually outperformed the benchmark for performance comparison.Zhao Feng acted as a private equity fund manager, and the performance of Xingju Wealth No. 1 managed during the period was also at the forefront of similar funds.

Dongfang Yuhong (002271): Double verification of growth and quality improvement

Dongfang Yuhong (002271): Double verification of growth and quality improvement

This report reads: The three quarterly reports released by the company have exceeded market expectations in terms of growth and quality improvement. We believe that the overall rise of Oriental Yuhong Furnishing House and Home Furnishing Company is the best quality in the building materials category track, maintaining 杭州夜网论坛 the “overweight” level.

Investment Highlights: Maintain “Overweight” rating.

Realized operating income of 128.

9.5 billion, an increase of 38.

64%; net profit attributable to mother 15.

6.6 billion, an increase of 40 in ten years.

55%; EPS 1.

05 yuan, slightly exceeding market expectations.

We maintain EPS 1 for 2019-2021.

37, 1.

74, 2.

17 yuan, maintaining a target price of 27.

87 yuan.

Revenue continued to grow rapidly, the track changed, and Yuhong’s advantages gradually emerged.

Yuhong Q3 achieved revenue of 49.

8.7 billion, a multi-year growth of 35 under a high base.

23%, further confirming the certainty of continued growth.

The demand structure judges that the real estate side and the infrastructure side should maintain a high growth rate at the same time, while the real estate side penetrates in hardcover houses, the downstream 杭州桑拿网 concentration has increased, and the growth of non-standard products has driven the slender growth rate.

At present, the rapid penetration of refined decoration in third- and fourth-tier cities has just begun. Real estate investment has maintained high performance, and the steady growth momentum of infrastructure and municipal administration is also strong, which is sufficient to support the continued growth of waterproof revenue.

19Q3 company gross margin was 36.

27%, affected by the rising oil prices in Q3, down 1 MoM.

4 averages, rising slightly each year.

Taking into account that the gross profit margin in 2018Q4 is only 30.

71%, under the current stable replacement of oil prices, it is expected that there will be less pressure on the reduction of gross profit margin from the fourth quarter of 2019 to the first quarter of 2020.

Performance margin disturbance in the third quarter.

The company’s Q3 operating net cash flow was -8.

900 million, we observe that cash paid in Q3 for other operating activities is 14.

400 million (we supplement most of the performance bond) is actually a disturbance to the company’s operating net cash flow. If we remove this effect, the actual operating net cash situation will even increase significantly this year.

In the third quarter of 2019, accounts receivable and bills receivable increased by 8 from Q2.

From 6.5 billion to 8.1 billion, we believe this is a normal operating response. At the end of the year, cash flow and accounts receivable have improved significantly.

Risk Warning: Macroeconomic Downturn, Raw Material Costs Increase

Zhonggong Education (002607): The growth of leading stocks in 19H1 results increased by 100% to 135%

Zhonggong Education (002607): The growth of leading stocks in 19H1 results increased by 100% to 135%

Brief evaluation of performance On July 5, 2019, China Education Education announced a performance forecast, and it is expected to realize net profit attributable to mothers in the first half of 20194.

25 ppm-5.

00 million US dollars, an annual increase of 100% to 135%, the second quarter of 2019 is expected to achieve net profit attributable to mother.

19 ppm-3.

0.94 million yuan, an increase of 21% -49% in ten years.

Performance has expected growth, and net profit attributable to mothers was achieved in the first half of 20182.

12 ‰, accounting for 18% of the highest net profit, of which Q1 / Q2 respectively account for -5% / + 23% of the initial net profit attributable to the mother.

2019Q1 achieved a turnaround, and 2019Q2 still maintained rapid growth.

Analysis of the five aspects of the long-term growth of public education-① The track where public education is located is a “fuzzy and important” training field. The Matthew effect is very obvious. The public education industry will only become stronger and stronger.In the case of not much marketing expenses, it ranks high in some searches, which can reflect this sideways.

②Industrialization operation, large backstage and small front desk, significant advantages in the management system, increased profit margins under the effect of scale, and the public education in 2019Q1 turned losses into profits, costs and expenses have improved significantly, and gross profit margin in 2019Q1 decreased by +3.

0pct, net interest rate +14 per second.

5pct, the sales expense rate is -5 years.

9pct, the management expense rate is ten years -6.

0pct, R & D expense rate is ten years -2.

7pct, 2018 net margin increased by 5.

5 points, profitability has been continuously strengthened.

③ Horizontal expansion. Except for civil servant recruitment training, public institution recruitment training, teacher recruitment and teacher qualification certificate training, other 北京夜生活网 businesses, such as the postgraduate research business, are expected to double this year.

④ Initially cover low-tier cities, with extensive and in-depth demand and strong sinking ability. At present, outlets have covered 300+ prefecture-level cities with a coverage rate of over 95%. County-level cities are the main direction for channel expansion in the future.

⑤ The main source of demand for public education is the improvement of the participation rate-with the repeated content of the exams and fierce competition, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the participation rate of the track.

The number of one-time recruits for civil servants in 2019 has declined, and it has not caused a reduction in the number of participants. It will only make people feel that “the content of gold is higher”, and the theater 天津夜网 effect will help increase the potential for participation.

Investment recommendations We expect the company to achieve revenue 89/19.


500 million, a ten-year growth rate of 43% / 27%, net profit attributable to the mother16.


5 ‰, a year-on-year growth rate of 39% / 34%, corresponding to P / E of 51/38 times, leading advantages continue to highlight, maintain the buy rating, raise the target price to 15.

5 yuan.

Risks indicate policy risks; the increase in participation rate may be lower than expected; risks such as replacement of enrollment.

Anjing Food (603345): Catering channels continue to expand production capacity

Anjing Food (603345): Catering channels continue 杭州桑拿网 to expand production capacity

Event: Yasui Food released its 2018 annual report: operating income was 42.

$ 5.9 billion, an increase of 22 per year.

25%; realize net profit attributable to mother 2.

700 million, an annual increase of 33.


In the fourth quarter, it achieved revenue of 13.

1.9 billion, an annual increase of 26.

11%; net profit attributable to mother is 0.

$ 7.4 billion, an increase of 16 per year.

55%, achieving EPS1.

25 yuan.

The company also announced a dividend plan, which is planned to be 3 for every 10 shares.

RMB 76 cash bonus (including tax).

  Key points of investment: Catering power, strong areas continue to increase.

  In terms of different products, the revenue of hot pot products was 27.

62 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.

36%, a decrease of 6 compared to 2017.

39%, mainly because the company is optimistic 苏州桑拿网 about the development of the catering industry in the future. It will upgrade other product categories including Qianye Tofu, egg dumplings, tempura fish and shrimp into alternative products, and realize revenue in 18 years.

9.5 billion.

The other two categories of frozen frozen surimi products and frozen meat products benefited from the expansion of production capacity to achieve revenue of 15%.

67 ppm and 11.

95 ppm, an increase of 21 in ten years.

29% and 20.


The noodle products are subdivided into high-end food and beverage products while the capacity of the Wuxi base is being released, achieving revenue of 10.

98 ppm, an increase of 18 in ten years.


Under the new product structure adjustment, the company has formed hot pot products (accounting for 64.

85%), noodle products (proportion 25.

79%) and refractive index products (9.

28%) Three-legged product layout.

In terms of regions, East China has completed 22 on the basis of a high base as a core region.

High growth rate of 49%; Central / Southwestern China also maintained a rapid growth trend, respectively 33.

51% / 22%; North China / Northeast / Northwest growth rates were 18 respectively.

52% / 18.

88% / 19.

8%, each region has maintained steady growth based on capacity expansion.

  Raising prices eased pressure on costs, and capacity expansion continued.  The company’s gross profit margin in 18 years was unchanged from 17 years, which was 26.

51%, affected by African swine fever in the second half of the year, the company adopted imported pork substitutes, the cost went up. In October and December of 18, the company raised the price of its products to hedge the cost, covering part of the cost.

On the expense side, under the company’s scale effect, the 18-year sales expense ratio and management expense ratio decreased by 0.

64% and 1.

57%; and the financial expense ratio due to new capacity and loans issued by convertible bonds increased by 0 every year.

3% to 0.


Benefiting from the decline in the expense ratio during the period, the company’s 18-year net profit margin increased by 0 compared with the 17-year extension.

54% to 6.

35%, profitability has improved.

  The company has started the nationwide production capacity distribution since 2011. Currently, it has production bases in Xiamen, Taizhou, Wuxi, Liaoning, Sichuan and Central China.

In 2018, after the new capacity of Xiamen, Wuxi and Liaoning was put into production, the output was gradually realized4.

3. Maximum production capacity reached 116%.

It is expected that the production capacity of Sichuan Plant 2 in 19 years and the second phase of Taizhou and Liaoning will gradually increase the production capacity by about 7 by increasing equipment and technological transformation.

The annual release of production capacity guarantees the reduction of expenses and costs under the effect of scale.

  Earnings forecasts and investment advice.

  We are optimistic about the company’s later capacity expansion and expected product contribution performance. We estimate that the revenue for 2019-202 will be 51.



7.7 billion, +21.

39% / 21.

48% / 19.

05%; net profit attributable to mothers is 3.



1.1 billion, +22 per year.

89% / 23.

3% / 24.

88%, EPS is 1.



37, corresponding to PE is 26/21/17 times.

Maintain the “Recommended” level.

  Risks suggest that new product launches and capacity releases are less than expected, and food safety issues.

Tianqi Lithium (002466) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Comment on the continued downward cost advantage of lithium prices to support the company’s profitability

Tianqi Lithium (002466) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Comment on the continued downward cost advantage of lithium prices to support the company’s profitability

Company dynamics The company released its 2018 annual report.

In 2018, the company achieved operating income of 62.

4.4 billion, an increase of 14 every year.

16%; realized net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company of US $ 2.2 billion, an increase of 2 per year.


Matter comments The continued decline in lithium prices has dragged down the company’s profitability.In 2018, the company’s lithium compounds 深圳桑拿网 and derivatives-related products converted 37,656 tons, an increase of 16.

25%; realized operating income of 40.

4.1 billion, an increase of 9 per year.

33%, business gross margin 65.

25%, down 4 each year.

16 averages.

As of the end of 2018, the market price of battery-level lithium carbonate was at 7.

Near 90,000 / ton, a 50% decrease from the peak of 160,000 / ton at the beginning of 18 years.

The main considerations are: a large number of newly-built lithium carbonate projects began to release their capacity in early 2018, coupled with the expansion of production capacity by large foreign traders, the supply-demand relationship in the internal lithium carbonate market reversed, from a fundamental shortage of supply to a phased excess, leading to price changes fromOutstanding high slip.

At least, the demand for the downstream new energy vehicle market in 18 years turned to ternary batteries, and the demand for lithium iron phosphate transition materials was weak, and the price of lithium carbonate was increasingly under pressure.

The international layout is accelerating, and the company has obvious cost advantages. While promoting the company’s endogenous growth, the company continues to carry out an outbound M & A layout around strategic goals.

In 2018, the company successfully purchased SQM 23.

77% equity, becoming its second largest shareholder.

According to the Roskill report, SQM is the world’s largest producer of lithium chemical products.

The transaction will further strengthen the company’s industry scope and generate sustainable, stable and sustainable long-term financial returns.

The company-controlled Thalesson currently has the largest and best-quality spodumene mine in the world, Greenbush, Western Australia.

The company achieved full self-sufficiency of lithium concentrate through its holding of Thaleson.

Due to its mature operation for many years, the Green Bush mine has the lowest lithium concentrate production and operation cost in the industry, which is located at about 120 US dollars / ton, and the remaining Australian concentrate production and operation costs are around 200-300 US dollars / ton.

Earnings forecast and estimation We expect the company’s operating income in 2019, 2020 and 2021 to be 74.

67, 89.

72 and 102.

8.5 billion yuan, with growth rates of 19.

58%, 20.

15% and 14.

63%; net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company is 2.

09 billion, 2.

4.4 billion and 2.

8.5 billion yuan, with growth rates of -4.

90%, 16.

48% and 16.

76%; Fully diluted earnings per share were 1.

83, 2.
13 and 2.
49 yuan, corresponding to 18 for PE.

81, 2.

13 and 2.

49 times.

In our judgment, in the short term, we may benefit from the rush-load effect of downstream new energy vehicles to compensate for the downhill transition, and the cost of lithium iron phosphate will gradually increase, and the price of the company’s lithium carbonate products may stop falling and stabilize.

But in the medium term, the lithium carbonate market is still in an oversupply pattern, and lithium prices may continue to fall.

Covered for the first time, giving the company a “cautious overweight” rating.

Risks suggest that downstream demand growth is slower than expected, the price of lithium-related products has fallen more than expected, and the company’s capacity release has fallen short of expectations.

Learn to say goodbye before love

Learn to say “goodbye” before love

The first lesson in love is to “get together and get together”.
  True love is not about possession, but about giving each other happiness.
  ”Love is like having a high fever, and when it comes and goes, it is not controlled by the will.
Really, even with deep hatred, can be light and light!
  Not to mention, lovers who once loved each other.
  Man, woman, what a strange animal!
When in love, love is like paint, and it is difficult to separate. When in hate, it is against the eyes and hate it!
  There was a woman in Kansas in the United States who clashed with her boyfriend for some reason. They had a big fight in the apartment!
After the conflict, the boyfriend wanted to return to his old age, and kissed his girlfriend tenderly. After all, the quarrel and the quarrel, the two still had feelings; but the woman was still angry, angry, and unwilling to reconcile so quickly,When her boyfriend kissed her, she bit her tongue out hard and hard!
  Do you know?
The boyfriend’s tongue was bitten and fell off. The boyfriend screamed in pain and was full of blood. He was anxious to find the tongue on the ground!
In pain, the boyfriend angrily pushed his girlfriend to the ground and beat her!
  When the police arrived at the scene after receiving the report, they rushed the man with the picked up tongue to the hospital for treatment.
However, my tongue was bitten by my girlfriend, and even if I could “take it back”, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t speak as brightly as before, and I might not be as fluent as before when I quarrel again!
  Later, the police arrested the couple together. The man was charged with “domestic violence” and the woman was charged with “grave assault”!
Alas, hate is born from love.
  In New York City, there are also many strange “men and women love ending events”.
  At about three o’clock in the morning, a 51-year-old man named Roosevelt couldn’t find his girlfriend Anna, so he searched in restaurants and bars on the street.
Later, Huang Tian finally bears the hard work, this man really found Anna in the bar.
  But Anna, a “hundred-year-old, 40-year-old” girlfriend, was talking and laughing with another man in the bar at the time, and she looked very intimate. Of course, in Roosevelt’s eyes, it was very unpleasant, soBurning in jealousy, he rushed into the bar immediately and had a big argument with Anna. The two had a serious pull and quarrel.
  Later, Roosevelt was so angry that he waved two or three punches and knocked out two of Anna’s incisors, causing Anna to be covered with blood and looking for incisors on the ground!
Then, Anna, who weighed 100 kilograms, was not a fuel-saving lamp, and immediately launched an attack!
  How did she fight back?
Such a fat woman pushed Roosevelt to the ground as soon as she shot; she pressed a hundred kilograms of fat on her boyfriend’s body, and then used her “twelfth thick heels” on her boyfriendHit his head and body desperately!
After anger and a wild beating, the flesh finally lost to high heels, but her boyfriend was beaten to death by sharp heels and killed!
  Afterwards, Anna was arrested by the police and she was charged with “homicide” and “holding a criminal weapon-high heels”.
  Alas, how easy it is to have good relationships!
How dare we tell us to bite off their tongues?
No matter how the relationship breaks down, there is no need to bite off their tongue or cut off their lives!
  Besides, it is such a “difficult move” to take off your high heels to beat others or even kill them alive!
But why should people be so fierce and unrelenting?
Alas, people are crazy!
I lose my mind!
Therefore, my wife recently helped me buy two pairs of “lanew soft-soled leather shoes” and told me to wear less “hard-soled leather shoes”. I was probably afraid that I would be crazy for a while and took off the hard leather shoes to beat people!

  Beyond your own handouts Some local governments in the United Kingdom have recently introduced a new measure of “celebrity gum sticks” in order to clean the city and improve the habit of spitting gum. They have made photos of some unpopular people into largePaste board, let people put the gum residue after eating.

However, after setting up the “Celebrity Gumball Board”, if people still spit chewing gum anywhere, they will be severely punished.

  Later, in some areas, some people posted pictures of President Bush and Ferguson of the British professional football team on the boards; because many British people do n’t like President Bush, and they do n’t like to chew gum on the pitch.Ferguson.
  Sometimes we do n’t like some people, so we scold them behind, for example: scolding a teacher, scolding a boss, scolding an official, scolding the president to get angry, some people even post their photos on the wall to “shoot darts” toHit their heads, their faces come out of breath.

And when the lovers are together, if they want to break up, they must be more careful about the “lover watching the sword”, step into one of them and do not want to break up, and fight fiercely, out of control, or devastatingly.

  In fact, the first lesson of love is that both men and women have a consensus-“Good together, good to loose.”

It ‘s really a question of emotion. It ‘s not taught in the textbooks, and it ‘s not tested in the exams. However, “emotion management” and “conflict management” in real life are compulsory lessons that we have to learn by ourselves!

  In the workplace and in life, everyone will encounter unsatisfactory things, but we all have to learn-“Don’t oppose each other, talk!

People stand in opposition, covering their ears, they cannot hear what the other party is thinking; but as long as they open their ears, listen to the voice of the other side, and understand the other’s mood, misunderstandings and conflicts will be reduced.

  Maybe, both men and women have “destined”, but it’s a good ending to get together and break up!

  Sometimes think about it, “Let ‘s let go of bad words, leave room for others, and leave room for others.” Is n’t it a beautiful life?

Really, even with deep hatred, it can be light and light!

Not to mention, it was lovers who once loved each other.

Therefore, true love is not about possession, but about making each other happy!

But this is really not easy!

  French writer Stendhal said in “On Love”: “Love is like a high fever. It comes and goes without the control of the will.

“We still have to learn to love, to know how to love, and to be a happy person; when the waves of love are over, we should not hinder friendship, break up rationally, and say” goodbye “lightly!

Body ballet spins like a swan

Body ballet spins like a swan

Put on ballet shoes and tiptoe freely on the stage.

When the body is about to fall, the “prince” suddenly appears to lightly waist up and hold you up . The dream of the theater is not so easy to realize, but combining the art of ballet with daily fitness, it has the elegance of ballet and is easy to learnAs a result, physical ballet “flyed” into major fitness venues.

  Physical ballet combines the advantages of yoga, ballet, modern dance and other sports methods to make people more slender after training.

  ■ Nouns Explaining Body Ballet As the name suggests, Body Ballet is the basic element inheriting Ballet. It strives to simply and effectively decompose ballet movements, and incorporates several characteristics of Ballet, such as openness, tightness, and straightness into the routine of body training rules., Focus on the shape of the human body.

  Although the intensity of the action is not great, it can exercise the internal muscles of the body, thereby shaping a straight and beautiful body.

  Under the slow password, more than a dozen ladies in ballet suits, in a soothing music, have one leg tiptoe, and the other leg slowly lifted back to slide out a beautiful arc,Finally settled in midair, like a swan flying wings.

This is not the practice of baseball scholars in the classroom, but actually a group of ordinary scholars learning physical ballet.

  According to Jade Bird’s professional coach Li Mei listening to the introduction, physical ballet training is generally divided into four parts: warm-up, basic skills (handlebar training part), ground (exercise the softness of legs, waist and other parts), and finally the combination of body rhythm and dance.
The body ballet has too many shoulder and arm movements, which is especially suitable for office white collars to relax and strain shoulders.

  Physical ballet requirements for physical conditions allow, as long as there is no joint and bone pain, you can participate.

During the training process, physical ballet does not require that the legs are kicked straight, the feet are lifted high, and the ballet is standardized and easy to learn.

  There are many techniques for detailed movements. According to Li Mei, a birdie coach, there are many techniques for body ballet movements. Ground quality training includes sitting on the ground to do hook and instep, supine leg suction, etc .; handle training includes single-leg squatting and small elastic legs, compressionFront legs, side legs, etc .; training is divided into hand position and foot position training, such as arm wave-shaped dancing, feet round and other actions.

  DEERIERE should be stable while practicing. DEERIERE is a ballet vocabulary, which refers to the action of lifting legs and squeezing backwards.

Support your body with your knees and hands, and perform telescopic exercises on your legs to exercise your abdominal muscles, back muscles, and thigh muscles, as well as raise your hips.

  Note: Keep your body steady and do not bend your elbows when you practice.

  Abdominal exercises pelvic do not shake the most important thing in ballet gymnastics is to train the abdominal muscles for the purpose of abdominal muscle exercises.

Gut and abdominal muscles are the muscles that control the pelvic forward and support the lumbar spine.

By exercising the intestinal and abdominal muscles, you can adjust your standing posture and make your abdominal breathing smoother.

  Lie on your back with your knees bent.

Raise one leg to the position you think is easy, count 4 times in your heart, then lower, and count 4 times in your heart.

Next, raise your legs at the same time, keep the silent number from 1 to 8, and then lower.

  Note: Do not shake the pelvis when lifting one leg and lifting both legs at the same time.

  Practice abdominal breathing, relax and sit on the mat, relax your feet naturally, start leaning forward from your sternum downward depression, lower your chest with your chest down, inhale only with your nose, and lift your abdomen.

Feel the diaphragm is lowered and the exhalation is short, divided into two.

Relax your shoulders and feel the chest open back.

After two short breaths, change to one long breath.

  After exhaling, the upper body relaxes and naturally leans forward.

The above is a complete process, repeating 4 groups in this way.

Five minutes as a group, do step by step, and do not lift your shoulders.

  Special reminder: learning form ballet should be carried out under the guidance of a professional teacher.

If you can’t complete it according to certain action essentials, you can’t even achieve the purpose of weight loss, and even local muscle thickening will occur.

  ■ Weapons and equipment ● Ballet skirt: As long as it is tights.

But wearing a professional ballet skirt has a more swan-like feel.

  ● Ballet shoes: Beginners are more vulnerable to injuries due to lack of physical flexibility and mastery of movement essentials, so they can only buy flat shoes.

  After training to a certain level, you can buy shoes with heels under the guidance of the coach.

Ballet skirts cost about 250 yuan and ballet shoes cost about 50 yuan.

  The store of Beijing Dance Academy and the store of Central Ballet are very good.

  ■ Players said that they like the feeling of tightness in their entire body. Yang Ye (38 years old, a civil servant) used to have loose muscles and a wide back. I often had to entertain socially. The original shape made me very upset.Under the introduction of a friend, I studied physical ballet.

During each exercise, the muscles of the whole body are tightened inward like contracted springs, unconsciously thinking that their entire body is contracting inward.

After 8 months, my muscles became firmer, especially my back became more beautiful because of “shrinking”.

  Tight but relaxed Wu Ying (29 years old, financial work) Because she is very busy at work, she can only take time to practice every week.

Stretching my body in beautiful music makes me feel that although my whole body is tight, my emotions pass the music and slowly relax.

After a hard day’s work, the physiology of fatigue is rested.

14-year-old boy obsessed with online games every night struggle

14-year-old boy obsessed with online games every night “struggle”

The 14-year-old boy army (pseudonym) stays up late every day playing online games. It was during his growing up that he had grown less than 1 cm in height in a year.
Yesterday, the anxious army mother took him to the pediatric department of the Second People’s Hospital of the province.
The head of the department, Xue Yinan, the chief physician, said after inspection that this is because staying up late inhibits growth hormone secretion and seriously affects height.
  According to Jun Jun’s mother, for more than a year, Jun Jun has become a fan of online games and stays up almost every day.
For more than a year, his height has not increased by 1 cm, and currently it is only 1.
54 meters, about 10 cm shorter than children of the same age, weighs more than 10 kg lighter than their peers, and has poor immunity, with two colds in three days.
  Xue Yinan said that growth hormone plays a leading role in the growth of the human body, and the peak time of growth hormone secretion is at night, and its secretion is three times that of daytime.
Staying up late keeps the brain in a state of excitement for a long time, which will affect the normal secretion of growth hormone on the day, which will affect height. Especially in the developing stage, staying up all night will affect height.
Take boys at the age of 12-14 years as an example. In the 3 years of puberty, they usually grow 25-30 cm tall, and they can grow nearly 10 cm every year.
If sleep is often not guaranteed, it will directly affect the growth rate of this period of time.
  The doctor reminded many parents that their children sleep less at night and sleep more during the day, as long as the total sleep time is enough. This is actually a misunderstanding.
Because the growth hormone that promotes children’s development mainly reaches the peak secretion period from 10 pm to 1 am, its secretion can account for 1/2 to 3/4 of the secretion throughout the day.
During this period of time, if the child sleeps late or stays a long time, he misses the period of strong growth hormone secretion, while the amount of growth hormone secretion is relatively small during the day.
In addition, watching irritating movies and TV shows before going to bed will make the brain over-excited, and eating before going to bed will increase blood sugar levels, which will inhibit growth hormone secretion and should be avoided as much as possible.

The more clever nutrition recipes kids eat

The more clever nutrition recipes kids eat

Common foods that are beneficial to children’s brain development in daily life are: fish: one of the first choice foods to promote intellectual development.

The fish head contains very rich lecithin, which is an important source of neurotransmitters in the human brain. It can enhance human memory, thinking and analysis ability, and can control the degradation of brain cells and delay aging.

Fish meat is also an excellent source of high-quality protein and calcium. In particular, it contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids-3 fatty acids, which is particularly important for the normal development of the brain and eyes.

  Children’s milk: Taurine contained in children’s milk has a good effect on the development of children’s brain, neurasthenia, and perfect visual function. The absorption of calcium is a nutrient that enhances children’s growth and development.

Drinking professional children’s milk can help with good and excess nutrition, improve brain tissue growth, and improve brain structure.

  Eggs: protein protein, lecithin, vitamins.

Such as eggs rich in protein, lecithin, vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., are irreplaceable substances in brain metabolism.

In addition, the acetylcholine contained in eggs is necessary for the brain to complete memory.

  Animal livers and kidneys: They are rich in high-quality proteins and glycolipids, and contain large amounts of choline and iron.

Iron is an important part of red blood cells.

Animals often eat liver, kidney, and iron in the body. Red blood cells can carry too much oxygen to the brain, effectively improving the efficiency of the brain.

  Soy and soy products: Contains about 40% high-quality protein, can be broken down with eggs and milk, and also contains a large amount of lecithin, calcium, iron, vitamins B1, B2, etc., is an ideal brain food.

  Millet: It is rich in protein, trace amounts, calcium, iron, vitamin B2 and other nutrients, and is known as the “brain-staple food”.

  Hard fruit foods: improve brain nutritional supply, such as peanuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, sesame, pine nuts, hazelnuts, etc. contain large amounts of protein, unsaturated fatty acids, lecithin, inorganic salts and vitamins, regular consumption is very good for improving brain nutritional supplementspotential.
  Staple food: Fresh milk pastry Ingredients: 50 grams of milk, 200 grams of flour, 1 egg, and vegetable oil.

  Method: 1. Pour the eggs into the flour, mix well, and then slowly pour in fresh milk to make a thin paste; 2. Add an appropriate amount of vegetable oil to a preheated pan, pour a tablespoon into it, and spread into quiches.
  ★ Alkaline iron, phosphorus, etc. in egg milk, calcium supplement, brain health.

  Walnut lean meat purple rice porridge ingredients: purple rice, walnuts, lean meat, water.

  Practices: 1. Wash the purple rice and walnuts; 2. Boil the water and place the purple rice, walnuts and lean meat; 3, turn to low heat after the porridge is opened, and make it into a porridge.

Season with some salt.

  ★ Walnuts are rich in protein, only trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc, especially the unsaturated fatty acids they contain are very beneficial to children’s brain development.

  Ingredients for Peanut Ribs Soup Rice: 3 tablespoons of rice, about 1 cup of Peanut Ribs Soup (with the oil removed from the soup noodles), and a moderate amount of water.

  Method: 1. Take 2 pieces of pork ribs that have been cooked, remove the lean meat and cut them to very fine; 2. If you have papaya in the same pot, you can also love the sticky papaya in the pot and cut into small pieces, as long as 2 tablespoons.Enough; 3, Wash the rice, add water soaked in rice noodles for 1 hour; 4, put the peanut rib soup in a small pot and boil it, put down the rice and soaked water, boil it, and slowly cook it into a thick paste.Rice, add chopped pork ribs and papaya, stir well, add seasoning with very little hungry salt, serve.

  ★ After the food is heated in the water for a short time, the nutrients are dissolved in the water and easily absorbed by the body.

Lecithin and brain phospholipids in peanuts can enhance the development of brain cells. It is beneficial to eat peanuts often.

  Concentration: Stir-fried green pepper liver raw materials: 200 grams of pork liver, 50 grams of green peppers, 300 grams of vegetable oil, sesame oil, soy sauce, refined salt, vinegar, cooking wine, sugar, starch, shallots, and ginger.

  Practice: 1. Wash and cut pig liver into 0.

About 7 centimeters of silk, green peppers are also cut into shreds; 2. Put pork liver shreds in a bowl, add 10 grams of starch and scratch well, and then slide into 40 or 50% hot oil to remove and drain; 3.Pour the oil out of the pan, leave a small amount of oil, add the green onions, and slightly fried ginger, add the green pepper shreds, add cooking wine, soy sauce, white sugar, refined salt and water, boil with water starch, boil the pork liver, and vinegar, Sesame oil is ready to serve.

  ★ It is rich in iron, protein and vitamin A, B12, which is beneficial to the development of the brain. It is effective for children who have blood and iron deficiency anemia, and normal children have the effect of preventing anemia.

  Corn fish fillet raw materials: 225 grams of boneless seafood fish meat, half a can of corn puree, two slices of ginger, 2 tablespoons of cooked carrots and finely sliced, salt, raw flour, oil, soup, sugar each amount.

  Method: 1. Wash the fish, dry it with water, cut into thick pieces, add marinade and mix well. Arrange on a plate, put 2 slices of ginger and steam for 8 minutes until cooked. Remove the ginger. 2. Heat the pan and add oil.1 tablespoon, put the corn millet, carrots and seasoning, boil, stir-fry, drizzle over the fish, and serve with rice or spaghetti.

  ★ Protein, minerals and vitamins for growth and cell repair can enhance and improve memory.

  Milk Raspberry Tomato Ingredients: 500 grams of tomatoes, 100 grams of tofu, 50 grams of canned fresh mushrooms, 150 grams of milk for future children, 50 grams of soybean sprouts, refined salt, ginger juice, starch, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, a small amount of cooked peanut oil.

  Practices: 1. Now wash and peel the tomatoes, make a round mouth at the front end, dig out the seed scoop with a small spoon, place the hole down to control the water in the dish; 2. wipe the tofu in the sieve and filter it into the bowl.Add refined salt, ginger juice, monosodium glutamate, fresh milk, mix well; 3, cut fresh mushrooms into rice grains and put in another bowl, mix 3/4 tofu into a filling; 4, pass the tomatoes through, sprinkle the hole upAdd a small amount of dry starch, fill in the tofu stuffing, then add the even tofu and use a knife to flatten it out, so finish one by one, put it in the plate, steam it out of the basket for 4 minutes, and put it out on the medium heat.Fresh soup, milk, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, dilute the thicken with wet starch, drizzle in sesame oil and cooked peanut oil and pour on the tomatoes.

  ★ This dish is red and white, bright in color, tender and smooth, rich in nutrients, rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carrots, vitamins and other nutrients.