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Consolidating information technology infrastructure maintenance financial network security

  People’s Daily Online Chongqing October 12, October 11th to 17th, 2021 National Network Security Promotion Week is unified nationwide.

Recently, the "2021 Chongqing Financial Industry Network Safety Competition" hosted by the People’s Bank Chongqing Business Management Department is held, which is designed to strengthen the network security management of Chongqing financial institutions and improve the level of security.

After fierce competition, the Bank of Communications Chongqing Branch (hereinafter referred to as "Bank of Communications Chongqing Branch") won the third prize of network security competition.

  In recent years, with the development of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, block chain, artificial intelligence, the integration between finance and technology, and the opportunities and challenges of bank information and network security. Communication Chongqing Branch always adheres to the concept of safety production, through improving the scientific and technological management mechanism, innovation management means, strengthening customer information management, continuously improving the implementation of information security and management efficiency, providing customers with high quality, safe financial services.

  According to reports, during the 2021 National Network Security Promotion Week, the transfer of Chongqing Branch will carry out a variety of form and rich publicity activities. Under the line, the branch of Chongqing has highlighted the focus of "an old one less".

In response to the elderly, the bank enters the community, entering the rural, entering the old age, etc. Actively carry out special activities of "sending financial knowledge into the campus", popularize financial knowledge through special lectures, knowledge contest, distribution of publicity materials, and guide young consumers such as young students to establish responsible lending awareness, prevent illegal borrowing such as loan loans.

  Online, Bank of Communications Chongqing Branch is a vector, audio, video, e-book, etc. , Illegal financial advertisements, illegal fund-raising, false currency trading speculation financial traps and other common illegal financial activities, through "two micro shake", website, television, broadcasting channels to carry out all-day, open publicity activities, guiding financial consumers Enhance risk prevention and ability. The relevant person in charge of the Chongqing Branch of the Bank of Communications said the bank has always attached great importance to financial network security and informationization, facing the new situation of economic development, continuously raising awareness, enhancing responsibility, mission, to "hold systemic financial risks" The bottom line, to ensure the efficient operation of the financial information infrastructure, solidly promote the network security guarantee of the grassroots people’s banking, and continuously enhance the financial industry network security, actively do new era financial network security work, and ensure that the financial system is not Major network security incidents occur. In addition, the Chongqing Branch of the Bank of Communications has done a lot of work in network security informationization, investing in a series of important information systems, promoting distributed, cloud computing, "double live", etc., and the network system is constantly improving. The network security capacity is significantly improved.

With the continuous advancement of information construction, the information infrastructure of financial system is significantly strengthened, and the level of technology support business is continuously improved. The application system is continuously optimized, and the financial information security system is constantly improving. Next, the branch of the Communications Chongqing will continue to enhance the information technology risk management ability, play the professional advantages of banks in internal control and compliance management, further strengthen information system management, daily operation and perspective management Improve the monitoring mechanism of information technology risks, effectively identify, preventive, early warning, and disposal risk hidden dangers to ensure information and data security. (Hu Hong, Zhang Rui) (Editor: Cover Pure, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Arukorqin flag: highlights "learning, declaration, office" to promote party history learning education

Since the development of party history, the Aruskor is firmly grasped in the direction of the target, highlighting the word "learning" first, "Xuan" word, "office", the word history, the various parties, party history, education, education, deployment, promotion, efforts, learning The initiative is pragmatic, the overall atmosphere is strong, and the practice activities are solid, and it has achieved phased results.

"Learn" word is the first, learn the form of learning, July 1, Audolkor Heavenly Shankou Town Multi-function meeting room, the staff of the town came here, full of excited mood, watch the celebration of the present broadcast.

Li Yaodong, deputy secretary of the town, said, listening to the general secretary speech, feel the strength of the truth, inspiring people, revealing, the red gene is passed down, as the grassroots cadre, will keep in mind the call to the whole party, improve the consciousness of political ideology And practical work ability, more diligent work, do not have a time, no time, no load.

Aqi has held the leading group work, party history education, and the whole flag celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. 8 times, the flag-level tour guidance team launched the party committee (Party group) Listening to listening, layers of conductive pressure, which has strongly promoted the in-depth development of party history learning education. During "July 1" period, Party members and cadres at all levels will be organized "celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party" "National ‘Two Youyi First’ Commendation Conference" "National Excellent County Party Secretary" and celebration The 100th Anniversary Conference of the Communist Party of China, listening to the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and feel the brilliance of the party and great achievements. The party organizations of the whole flag have widely used the "red position" in the flag. The preparatory party members will be sworn, and the official party members will revisit the party’s vows, sing red songs, "in the first time to the party white", etc., carry out 1206, Further education guides the whole flag, the majority of party members are unswervingly listening to party Chinese, and I feel the party, and I will follow the party. "Xuan" word, the form is rich and colorful on July 15, more than 20 Mongolian people say that the singing artist is sitting in the Mongolian bag, lasing the horse’s headband, praises the Chinese Communist Party, praise the new era of socialism, form The new, the words are beautiful, and the performance is coming out of time. In order to promote the education of party history, do a good job, grasp the "four history" publicity and education, create a strong atmosphere of "people talking about party, everywhere is a classroom", Aqi has built a characteristic preaching team "Red Horse", Carefully planned the "four history" preaching content, focusing on building a collection of "speaking, playing, singing, and saying", sending the soil, the dew, the "grounding gas" preaching content to the grassroots party member cadres The masses of the masses. "Online + Line" The same screen resonance, textured publicity education cover network, providing theoretical support for the majority of party members of the majority of party members, real things, do things, and new bureaus ".

Aqi is dominated by party history, run through "four history", has established a flag-level "grassland learning light cavalry" to preach the small packet, "Advanced" propaganda group, "Party Branch Secretary", "Red Hol 沁" 12 teams such as the special pretending team, carry out the "seven-in" presentation of party history education 312. Organize Party Organizations, Party members, leading cadres, excellent Communists, and old party members, and produce 56 "Boutique Party Courses". "Red Hulkin" special presence, the team rehearsed to complete the treasure, Ulgger, the return, and the Beijing opera track. All kinds of proclaims realize the same frequency resonance underline line, and the line is in real way, and the online lecture hall "is opened, and the WeChat group has been forwarded to further expand the learning area and the spread space. During publicity, during the "July 1" period, the inside the media propaganda as a grasp of the "Struggling Broad Years of the New Journey", and opened 6 people related to the party’s 100-year-related special column, and more than 500 reports of relevant reports. The Joint Practice Magazine interviewed the hundred-year-old party members, and the production launched the "100 and 72" "Grandpa is a" post-torrent "" 00 "" 100 years "and other works. Innovation launches the new media column "Let’s talk about the heart" series short video 4, client, WeChat public number, WeChat video number and shake account synchronous push more than 50 people celebrate the party short video, all net broadcasts exceed 1 million .

"People’s Life Helping", the official account is a special live broadcast 11, with a total time for more than 30 hours, let the majority of party members and cadres and the masses have a better revision of the party’s history, and cherish the difficult happiness of today. "Office" is effective, and everything is vivid and warm, and the Town is a town of Aqi animal husbandry. The size of the livestock remains above 170,000, and the prevention and control of livestock diseases is large.

To this end, the government of the town party committee combines the practice of "I do practical things for the masses", investing in 10,000 yuan, built the first "Livestock Hospital Department" in the city in the town animal health supervision station and put it into use.

"Livestock Hospital" integrates diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, 10 veterinary disease prevention and control and consultation services cover four farming companies in the town, 169 farmers and 1100 farmers, farmers can make an appointment online, telephone Appointment, online video clinics, hospitalization and other ways, targeted professional diagnosis and treatment of livestock diseases.

At present, more than 100 kinds of livestock have been treated only, and the loss of livestock diseases has been effectively reduced, which lays a solid foundation for the scientific and health development of the aquaculture industry. Aqi deepened the "four activities" to do practical things, will create a national civilized city, party organization joint construction activities, etc., in the specific practice of "I do practical things for the people", deepen the "three questions", " Puzzle, based on the position of the position, "contribute to the people, the position of the problem, the position is the position" and condolence activities, the county-level leading cadres took the lead, and the major leaders of the party committees (Party group) were established to establish a research group, through the collective discussions, Visits and other means investigating research 715, collecting 3959 issues and comments.

Established "Party Member Pioneer", organized party members, "Party emblems, bright identities, do practical things, tree image" and party members commitment to Presursement, and 541 party committees (Party) secretary and team members found 610 people’s practical items, 5000, 5000 Many organs of enterprises and institutions of institutions claimed more than 2,800 real things.

Establishing 239 party members, 239 party members’ responsibility areas, more than 4,000 farmers and herdsmen face-to-face help the masses to solve more than 1,500 practical difficulties. The establishment of 328 party volunteer service teams, organized more than 800 scenes of the theme practice activities of "I do practical things for the masses".

Party organizations at all levels visited 731 people, and issued condolences to Jinwan, and practically sent the party’s care and warmth to the hearts of the party members.

Aqi also focused on "five efforts" to do practical things.

Under the upper rate of the county-level leaders, take the lead in depth in-depth contact points, take the lead in recognizing people’s livelihood, leading research deployment, guiding and helping grassroots to solve practical problems, and claim 107 people, and solve 89 pieces.

All flags are required around the "five focuses" requirements, collect 415 "five aspects" issues, and lead 415 people’s livelihoods, 338 policy initiatives, and launched the people’s people’s people. 335, 238 project projects directly benefit, solved 555 contradictions and disputes that harm the interests of the masses, and solved 1578 problems reflected by the masses. At the same time, relying on the media center, the party group service center, the government service center, the new era Civilization Practice Center, constructed the "Through the four centers, for the people’s practical practical" work, forming problems collection, shunt operation, and handling feedback The linkage mechanism, built a platform to receive the masses, solve the problem platform and provide volunteer service platform, and further smoothly solve the channel of "a hurry" problem.

Up to now, there are 110 people in disrespects, and the coordination is resolved and given to 96 pieces. The masses satisfaction is significantly improved.

(Zhang Xiangxi) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Beijing’s first "green branch" settled in the city departure center

Original title: Beijing’s first "green branch" settled in the city deputy center (Reporter Sun Yunke) Recently, Beijing Bank Tongzhou Green Branch was officially approved, and became the first branch named by "green" in Beijing. The branch will use green loans as company business characteristics, and fully support businesses and projects involving green loans, focus on public utilities such as environmental governance, renewable energy environmental protection, and help urban center ecological environment construction, promote urban center Green finance development. Beijing Bank Tongzhou Green Branch is located on No. 22 Tongzhou District Station Road, which is exclusive to the green financial integrated service outlet.

Beijing Bank City Deputy Center Branch will set up a green financial credit factory, optimize resource allocation, and provide full processes to quickly apply for green channels, improve the green loan approval process, and support the development of green branch.

  As the first green branch in Beijing, Beijing Bank Tongzhou Green Branch will adhere to the green financial service concept, provide customers with "one-stop" green financial service, integrate "green finance, social responsibility" into the overall business, promote Energy efficiency and environment friendly products, implement green consumption concept.

On the other hand, the branch will drive the city’s deputy center to carry out green financial reform and innovation, form a multi-level, diversified green financial organization system and product system, better serve the green industry, and support the green project landing.

  "The establishment of the first green branch is not only another attempt of Beijing Bank’s transformation and service improvement. It also contributes to highlighting the green development characteristics of the city’s deputy center, promoting the company’s green transformation and upgrading, and build low-carbon efficient green cities.

"The relevant person in charge of Beijing Bank City Deputy Center Branch said. In recent years, urban center has actively cultivated and developed and developing a green economy. By building an efficient green financial service system, high quality cultivation green financial market entities, promoting financial institutions to innovate green financial products and Service, give "two districts" green low-carbon development new movements.

  In 2021, the Beijing Bank Head Office established the Green Financial Work Leading Group to form a green financial full-time team to formulate a green financial five-year action plan.

In this context, Beijing Bank City Deputy Center Branch vigorously promoted the construction of the city’s deputy center "two districts" construction and green international financial center construction, and strive to create a green financial innovation demonstration zone.

As of June 2021, the branch supports the city’s deputy center of water environmental management project, the comprehensive management of water environment, the construction of a diversified urban river, and further exert an important role in flood control, drainage, ecological, leisure and other aspects. . At the same time, in the process of building a global studio, in order to protect flood control, purification into the river sewage, improve the river water environment, this sub-behavioral management project provides credit support, and is expected to this year Expand the scale of credit, support the construction of flood control engineering, landscape greening projects and intercept line projects. Next, Beijing Bank City Deputy Center Branch will continue to innovate financial services models, continue to promote the green adjustment of investment and financing structures, increase credit support for ecological environment, energy-saving and environmental protection, green transportation and other green economy, focus on green finance, assist The green development potential energy in pushing the urban center is constantly enhanced.

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Digital communication, let the car and the goods run faster and more accurate

"As of 10:00 am, the platform carries a vehicle to 538 vehicles, which increased by 56 times yesterday!" Into the city’s first online freight platform company – Zhengyi Tong Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., a nervous and orderly breath In front of a computer screen, a few young faces look at the information on each freight vehicle on the display.

"There are more than 1,100 trucks in the platform, as long as they are transporting goods, the vehicle’s operational trajectory is clear." General Manager of the company introduces that the dispatching method of traditional freight is not only time-consuming, but also often faces high-vehicle empty load rate. The settlement is difficult to settle.

In this regard, the company launched a network freight platform, through the Internet, digital means, the accurate matching and docking of people, cars, goods between freight supplies, realizing online supervision from picking orders to freight settlement, online payment; At the same time, the logistics transaction data and the provincial monitoring platform are implemented, the freight invoice and the real-time issuance of the furcase, and ensure the compliance of the transport process.

"Not only guarantees the safety and compliance of the company’s freight business, but also guarantees the rights and real-time settlement of individual vehicles.

"Since the launch of the platform in September this year, Zheng Yitong’s turnover has continued to rise and has a rapid rise. It has exceeded 40 million yuan in less than 3 months. It is expected to exceed 50 million yuan at the end of the year, and the tax is more than 490 million yuan.

The rapid development of this network freight platform company is benefited from the timely introduction of the relevant favorable policies in Jincheng.

On August 4th this year, "Some measures to support Internet logistics platform enterprises (Trial)" have officially introduced, a package of finance, tax preferential policies include: The provincial and county tax incremental part is returned to the form of award, complete the ladder turnover After the fund reward; platform companies can use their own VAT special invoice system, according to 3% of the levy, the platform member can open VAT special invoices, payment and supply enterprises to value-added tax on tariffs, reduce tax costs . "By calculating, if the platform company completed 6 billion yuan in turnover three years, the tax will be 600 million yuan, and the cost is 1.7 million yuan.

Such fiscal tax rewards are the largest in the province, and there is also a big comparative advantage in the country. "Shu Zhijin said," With the support of government preferential policies, our confidence and determination is more enough.

"The release of policy dividends attracted the attention of well-known enterprises in the province.

On September 11th, the Jincheng Economic and Technological Development Zone and the flagship enterprise in the region of our province – Shanxi Xingrong Supply Chain Co., Ltd. officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

According to the agreement, the company will invest 55 million yuan in Jincheng City, building local network freight platform – Jin Yuyun Technology Co., Ltd., build a full supply chain logistics service system.

As a national 4A logistics company and the only national pendant pilot enterprise in our province, in recent years, Xingrong supply chain has developed a new network freight platform and big data operation platform, and constructs "Internet of Things +" modern logistics service system. . "From the contract to the contract, then to the implementation of the land, there is less than 20 days, the efficient service of the development zone has strengthened the confidence of our investment development. Guo Ji Tao, general manager of Jin Yuyun Technology Co., Ltd., said that the policy of driving the city Support, the company will attract more transport enterprises to network freight platform through industrial data and network platform, and boost local logistics industries, and transform upgrades.

Next, Jin Yuyun Technology will also rely on Xingrong’s full supply chain logistics service system, through the integration of station, line, trailer and other resources, to create regional hanging transportation networks in Jincheng City to reduce the airborne rate of vehicles, Reduce the level of fuel consumption of unit goods, and then expand the radiation range of enterprises, build a network-type LTL transport system, and improve the level of green logistics.

With the full speed of online freight business, by the end of 2022, Jin Yun Technology can integrate 500,000 supply enterprises and goods owners, 300,000 large and medium-sized trucks, and build a large local network freight platform for safe and efficient operation. "It is expected that our main business revenue will achieve 300 million yuan, the annual comprehensive tax burden is 10%, and the overall freight cost can be reduced by 100 million yuan." Guo Ji Tao said.

"Digital empowerment, let the car, the goods run faster and more accurate. Zhang Hai Fang, Party Secretary of the Jincheng City Transportation Bureau, said, the next step, the city transportation system will implement in-depth implementation of the 12th Party Congress, the city eight The spirit of the party context, continuously optimize the construction of online freight platform, and create a good ecology of digital freight, comprehensively enhance the network, digitized, intelligent levels of logistics industry, and promote the construction of high quality development to contribute to Xinjin City. [Edit: Peng Xin].

Always put the masses to warmly and accelerate the promotion of the province’s villagers’ housing disaster recovery

Original title: Always put the masses in the heart, accelerate the advancement of the province’s villagers ‘housing, recovery and reconstruction, the Dahe Net News (Gaoling, Henan Daily, Gaoling), on September 6, the provincial government held the province’s villagers’ housing disaster recovery reconstruction and reconstruction work TV conference Listening to the information on the relevant department of the provincial departments, arrange deployment of the province’s villagers’ housing disaster recovery.

  The Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the executive deputy governor Zhou Wei attended the meeting and speaking.

He pointed out that villagers’ housing resumption is the most concerned, most expectation, most direct and most realistic interest problem after the disaster reconstruction.

The relevant departments of all over the world should learn to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the important instructions of flood control and disaster relief, and conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council’s decision-making deployment and the provincial party committee, the provincial government work arrangement, and accelerate the recovery of villagers’ housing resumption, and ensure that the victims live in peace of mind as soon as possible. House, warm heart room.

  Zhou Wei emphasized that the special planning of the villager’s housing disaster recovery should be intended to be integrated, pragmatic, highlighting the inner style, effectively built warm, practical, low-carbon new home. The reconstruction method should be based on the local conditions, scientific and reasonable, fully use the "four discussion two disclosure" working methods, pay attention to classification, and combine the dispersion and concentrated placement. Project implementation should speed up progress, strict management, and complete construction tasks on time to ensure the quality of engineering and people’s inspection.

The use of funds should strengthen supervision, safe and effective, ensuring that every penny is used on the "blade".

Work promotion should be carefully organized, careful and meticulous, and the main responsibility, all relevant departments must perform their duties, close cooperation, and work together, practical work, and strive to make an excellent answer to the party and people .

  Vice Governor of Wu Guo Ding, presided over the meeting.

Deputy Governor Liu Yuli made a specific arrangement for the residential reconstruction work of the province’s villagers.

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Passion Oasis Leisure Zhongwei – Ningxia Channel – People’s Network

Since the Self-Japanese Level Team Education, the Zhongwei City Legal Aid Center has proposed a series of convenience services. Through the establishment of the establishment, it is necessary to help, participate in the understanding of the Chinese and visits, and optimize the processes, improve the quality of handling, and carry out the rule of law.Wait, earnestly promote people’s practical things, help people’s solutions, and solidly promote party history education and political and legal team education rectification and deepening, so that learning results are effective as "I do practical things for the masses".

Form a preaching team and played "first track".

Zhongwei City formulates the "Municipal Party History Learning Education Presentation Program", selection of 124 political and firm, solid party members, forming the city, county (district) two-level party history, education, education group, in-depth development,Interactive preaching publicity.Combined with the characteristics of the industry, forming young backbone preaching groups, scarf propaganda groups, lawyers preaching group, "five old" propaganda groups, and deepen the results of the party history.

China Bouw Sixth Bureau 4th Project Management Forum succesvol vastgehouden

De evenementensite.

China Bouw Sixth Bureau voor de kaart van de dagelijkse Nianjin van de People, Dag vóór 10 december, China Construction Sixth Project Management Forum werd gehouden in het centrum van Tianjin Zhongjian met het thema "Effici?nte perfecte perfectie", en meer dan 5.000 veldbouwers ter plaatse en online methoden, in termen van lean constructie, groene constructie, EPC-management, projectplanning, kwaliteitsbeveiliging, technologische innovatie, wetenschap en technologie empowerment, enz., Lanceerde een warme brainstorm.

Zhang Aimin, Voorzitter, Voorzitter Zhang Aimin, de Voorzitter van het Partijcommissie, General Manager Guo Jianjun, Directeur van het Partijcommissie, Wang Jianghai, Financieel Director Zhang Yong, Deputy General Manager Huang Zhilin, Deputy General Manager Gong Hao, Deputy General Manager , Algemeen ingenieur Ying-presentatieforum. Zhang Aimin zei in het forum dat het thema van "Effici?nte Bouw Perfecte Perfectie" sterk wordt voldaan aan de connotatie van het strategische initiatief "166" van China. Door uitwisseling van uitwisselingen, verdere cohesieconseentie, is de hoogwaardige ontwikkelingsbetreffende .

De hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van ondernemingen, prestaties van hoge kwaliteit, men is om goed aandacht te besteden aan pijn, het basisbeheer versterken. Lokaliseer nauwkeurig de managementtaken op het ontwerp van de bovenste verdieping; hecht sterk belang aan het werkplanning van het project en let op de geplande diepte; hecht hoog belang aan het kritieke knooppuntgreep, kammen van de boven- en neerwaartse werkzaamheden in belangrijk werk. De tweede is om goed op te letten op "vijf constructies" om prestaties van hoge kwaliteit te bevorderen.

Het vasthouden van de ontwikkeling door de voordelen te grijpen, de voordelen vast te begrijpen om het project te begrijpen, de grote verbetering en grote variatie, sleutel in het project, de kern in de uitvoering te realiseren, en het tempo van de ontwikkeling van de industrie, de geest van ambachtslieden, de " Vijf constructies "implementeren landing.

De derde is om goed aandacht te besteden aan de implementatie van belangrijke politieke verantwoordelijkheden, zoals veilige en milieubescherming.

Moet in gedachten worden gehouden in het land en handelen als een centrale onderneming, met een hoge mate van politieke verantwoordelijkheid en missie, en goed werk doen in de veiligheid, milieubescherming en migrerende werknemers, en een goed werk doen in de preventie en controle van epidemische preventie en controle. Guo Jianjun wees in het hoofdverslag van het forum dat de totale outputwaarde van de bouwsector gestaag is toegenomen, en het concept van Lean Construction is diep geworteld. Hij legde de "vijf persistentie" van de volgende stap in het bedrijf: ten eerste, we moeten ons houden aan het feestgebouw als "root soul", sterk bouwen "vier fort"; ten tweede, we moeten ons houden aan "dikke moraal" als de Gids, opzetten van integriteitsmerk; derde is om zich te houden aan "minhang" als de hoeksteen, de prestaties versterken; vierde, het is noodzakelijk om zich te houden aan "innovatie" als de leiding, consolideren van het prestatievoordeel; de vijfde moet zich houden aan de " Symbiotisch "Cre?er als een doel een lote gemeenschap.

In deze sessie zijn 19 gasten uit de Chinese bouwvloeistof en externe eenheden ge?valueerd door Project Target Responsibility, beoordeling van Lean Construction Results, "Twee toonaangevende" resultaten, "Five Construction" System Research, EPC Project Progress Management, Project Implementation Planning, "Symbiotic Culture", snelle bouwtoepassing, Smart Construction Site Platform, AI Empowering Construction Scenario, groene constructie en andere onderwerpen gelanceerd delen van communicatie. Onder hen onderzoekt de applicatie de toepassing van de AI-robots in verschillende bouwscenario’s en toont nieuwe doorbraak in kunstmatige intelligentietechnologie in het bouwgebied. Deze sessie wordt gehost door het China Construction Sixth Bureau, China Bouw onroerend goed bedrijf en Zhongjian City Construction Company. Op het forum vrijgegeven officieel de "China Construction Sixth Green Construction Guidance Manual" en "China Construction Sixth Green Construction Implementatieplan", en volledig bepleit het Construction Concept van groen en milieuvriendelijk, toonde de hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van de bouwsector met de Concept van groene milieubescherming en magere constructie. (Editor: Tao Jian, Cui Xinyao) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

The full portrait of the "Five Dynasties," Guangdong Team Gaolin Lock Medal

  Xinhua News Agency, September 14 (Reporter Tan Chang), the fifth time to participate in the National Games, Gao Linzhi, defeated the Anhui team Wang Long, and promoted the Xi’an National Games boxing man 57 kg class four strong, locked medals.

  Previously, the National Games, Gao Linzhi won a golden silver and two copper, which is the 56kg champion of the last National Games. In the game, the Red Ceree Athlete Gao Lin Zhi immediately fidelized, put punching, frequently hit the opponent, win 5: 0 with a total score.

  After the game, Gao Linzhi showed the old will, three active and opponents hugged, and waiting for the blue angle, tied the rope, and escort the opponent.

  Gao Lin Zhi said before talking about the Five War National Games, the initiality, ideals and goals made him persistence, this persistent mentality has gradually become a deeper boxing.

  The Guizhou team Lu Ping, Sichuan team Qian Eggs and Shaanxi team are also promoted to the five7 kilograms of four.

  On the same day, the Hebei team returned from the Youri Olympic Games 5: 0 defeated the Guangxi team Fu Tingting, and promoted the women’s 51 kg.

She said after the game will strive to defend success.

Strive to write a comprehensive construction of socialist modern national Fujian

  Fujian is an important pregnant place and practice of socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping.General Secretary Xi Jinping has created a series of important ideas and major practices in Fujian.Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has made important instructions for Fujian Development.

In the "14th Five-Year Plan" start, the new journey of socialist modernization in a comprehensive construction of the new journey, General Secretary Xi Jinping once again visited Fujian in March, issued an important speech, and further specified the direction of Fujian Development. General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions for Fujian work, in the past, the goals advance with the times, and demanded in deepening, the overall computation of Fujian Development, the general program, the total blueprint. We must conduct comprehensive, accurate, systematically learn and implement, and ensure that all decision-making of the Party Central Committee in Fujian landing roots, flowering results.

  Fuling into the "14th Five-Year Plan", open the new journey, we will make greater progress on the "General Secretary" Total Secretary of Taining, "Advance the Construction Modernization Economic System," in the service and integration of new development patterns In the exploration of the two-strait integration development of the strait, there is a big step in the new goal of creating a bigger breakthrough in high quality life, surrounding the construction "mechanism, the industry is excellent, the people are rich, ecological beauty" new Fujian Hongwei blueprint, strive to gradually become a beautiful reality, struggling to write a comprehensive construction of socialist modern national Fujian. Adhere to the concept of new development, promote high quality development in all directions.

Complete, accurate, comprehensively implement the concept of new development, in solid "six stable" work, fully implement the "six guarantees" task, accelerate the construction of a modern economy system.

Highlight scientific and technological innovation fundamental drivers, excellent platforms, strong subjects, gather talents, and live mechanisms, strive to invest more than 18% in the province in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, and scientific and technological progress contribution rates are more than 60%.

Cightize the key support of the industrial development, deepen the construction of digital Fujian, speed up digital industrialization, industry digitalization, and strive to increase by more than 15% of the added value of digital economic growth in 2022, accounting for more than 50% of the production value of the province; Be a strong sea Fujian, speed up Fuzhou, Xiamen National Marine Economic Development Demonstration Zone construction; standardize the development platform economy, and vigorously promote the development of bioeconomics and headquarters economies.

  Adhere to the service and integrate into the new development pattern, promote deeper reforms, and have higher levels.

Put Fujian’s development in the national overall overall situation to plan, based on the level of location and provincial characteristics, find the status, positioning and acting of the new development pattern.

Combining "venting service" reform and digital Fujian construction, strengthen the digital communication, optimize the business environment, so that the enterprise is more convenient. Deepen the construction of the economic zone, the self-trade test area, Haishi core area, Xiamen Bedroom BRIC, to create a comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network, implementing the introduction of overseas Chinese and 智An important node for international dual cycles, important channels.

Coupled in exploring the development of the development of the strait two sides of the strait, highlighting the promotion of the promotion, promoting the promotion of the development demonstration zone between the two sides of the strait, and promotes the first trial of the Taiwan Strait, and promotes the truth of the Taiwan Strait. Deepening the benefits of Hui Lizhen, promoting the spirit of the soul, and strive to build Fujian into the first home of the Taiwan community. Adhere to the eco-provincial strategy to create a high-quality ecological environment.

Keep in mind that "Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan" concept, unswervingly walking ecological priority, green development path. In-depth prevention and control of the war, vigorously promote the experience of Mulanxi Governance, Changting Soil Loss, Implementing Blue Sky, Bishui, Bihai, and Pure Land Project, striving to "Tuan 14th" period’s forest coverage in the province continued to maintain a national leader. Deepen the construction of the national ecological civilization test area and continue to launch a group of institutional innovation results.

Turn carbon Dhame, carbon into the eco-construction layout, and increase the growth of decontamination and carbon coordination as a total starting point of the promotion of economic and social development, focus on green industries, green energy, green transportation, etc., strive to put carbon Emissions are lowered; focus on forestry and marine carbon exchange resources, improve the carbon discharge capacity, so that Qingshan green water will always be proud of Fujian.

  Adhere to the people-oriented, create high quality life.

Continue to protect and improve people’s livelihood, better meet the needs of the people’s life, promote common prosperity.

Thousands of bass increase the income of residents and strive to increase the per capita disposable income of the province in the 14th Five-Year Plan period an average annual increase of more than 7%.

Accelerate the development of people’s livelihoods such as education, medical and health, social security, etc., so that the achievements of reform and development will better benefit people.

Do a good job in the forty-fourth World Heritage Conference, protect historical cultural relics, inherit historical veins. Exploring the road of rural revitalization with Fujian characteristics, vigorously developing specialty modern agriculture, building a beautiful countryside of Yiji Yeye.

If you are afraid, scientifically accurately do new crown epidemic prevention and control, do a good job in safe production, build a higher level of peace and Fujian, and continuously enhance the people’s sense, happiness, sense of security.

  Adhere to the comprehensiveness of the party, with high quality party building guarantee high quality development. Keep in mind that "the party’s construction is also unable to relax" important requirements, and we will strictly govern the party.

Fujian is the revolutionary old area.

These thick historical resources must be used, do a good job in learning education, tightly "learning history,", guide party members and cadres to inherit the red gene, continuously improve political judgment, political understanding, political execution.

Do a good job in the job, and do a good team, change the atmosphere, do the acceleration.

Strengthen grassroots organization construction, build grassroots party organizations into strong battle fort. In order to promote the party-style and clean government construction and anti-corruption struggle in the road, it is constantly increasing to rot, can’t rot, do not want to rot, so that Fujian’s political ecology is like "Shanqing Water Show" like natural ecology.

  Coordination of this issue: Jiang Shengyang Cao Shuwen Yan, Typographical Design: Shen Yizhen.

Patients in Heilongjiang Province will be directly settled in all designated hospitals.

People’s Network Harbin August 11 (Su Jinggang) from the news of the Heilongjiang Provincial Medical Protection Bureau, Heilongjiang Province accelerates the coverage of the medical institution, simplifies the reimbursement process, shorten the reimbursement time limit, and effectively reducing the medical pressure and economic burden of patients.

Up to now, the designated hospital in Heilongjiang Province is incorporated into a different medical platform has reached nearly a thousand households.

It is understood that in order to solve problems such as medical treatment in different places in the province, the reimbursement process is complex, the intensive time, etc. On the basis of all levels of fixed-point hospitals, all-in-one medical platform, July 2020, "Notice on Doing a Good Justice Work in Treatment of Medical Medical Medical Costs in 2020, requiring to accelerate the coverage of fixed-point medical institutions.

According to the regulations, the eligible public and social office designated medical institutions will be included in the different medical platform, enjoy the same medical insurance policy, management and service, ensuring that before 2020, the eligible differential patients are directly settled in the Heilongjiang Province.

"With all the intersection of the deputy hospital, it will be the same as the local personnel, not subject to the designation of the local staff, not limited to the level of the designated hospital.

"The Provincial Medical Saving Bureau of the Provincial Medical Saving Bureau said on the person in charge of the medical department, Wang Huan, the person in charge of the Ministry, according to the policy of" filing to the co-ordination area ", that is, when the off-site personnel will apply for the medical place, doing the medical space, it can be held in the medical site. Cards. First, the case, the selected point, card medical treatment, the Provincial Medical Protection Bureau also launched the "one filing, half-year effective" new initiatives, the insured personnel After the referral of the referral, I can do medical treatment in half a year, during the year It is also possible to take medicine normally in the insured.

Next, the Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau will incorporate the kidney dialysis personnel in the different places, in the category of direct settlement, and the city is being organized through the "different site medical record" WeChat small procedures to make a medical record, truly do not see Zero errands.

(Editor: Wang Sidi, Wang Yan).