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“Then you will make the money come to Donghua Bank.。”Qi Rui said that the yellow chassis left。

Yuan San hit last time, I have got a hurt for a little.,He knows that you want to buy opium from Donghua Ocean.,He has already made a good abacus.。
Because Wang Tianwu is lying in the hospital,There is nothing on the surface of this side.,Back to the villa Gu Junru immediately report:“curator,Call at home,The military Shanghai station and the jellyfish killer group have recently been in the Long Pool Mansion,Just at last night,Miss Huizi was killed by people.!”
Rui sharp asked:“Telegram?”
Gu Jun is the receiver,Because her work performance is very good,Hurry to her password,Let her also translate the general text,Because Wang Tianmu can now be self-careful,She returned to the villa to continue to be responsible for their own work。
Qi Rui said that the telegram is very sad.:“Miss Huizi!I will definitely revenge you.!”
Hankui Huizi has been removed with Pool Tiecheng and Hurricane Action,Containment with more than 20 waves and traitors,There were more than one hundred people in the pool.,There are only more than 70 people left now.,The people who have received the list of Zhejiang Zheng Yao first have been removed in addition to Iraq and Xianren.。
“curator,Do we want to hurry back?”Tang Rui asked,
“Need to go back,But what there is still finished。”Qi Rui said to Gu Jun:“Release home now,Tell Yi and Xian people let them temporarily obey the command of the special class,I will report to the Wine Well.。”
“Don’t we go back??”Tang Rui asked,
“I arranged this side and went back.。”
After Gu Junru has finished the newspaper,Rui Guan Gao Telemia,Let the wine well, beneficial, take care of the manager,Say yourself go back as soon as possible。
Zheng Yao, how to design kill, Hanxi Huizi, I don’t know,Six brothers believe that this is definitely a perfect ambush。
Be on the night,Hospital was attacked by four military killers,They are the failure of the ward of guns who have a hard king,Two of them were killed on the spot,Two serious injuries suicide。
This time, I didn’t leave a living port.,In order to make Wang Tianmu to get the trust of the devil,Dai boss is also really reluctant。
Three days later,A drug factory ruins near Haiguang Temple,Qi Rui surveyed the scene to Mao Chuanxiu and said:“Mao Chuanjun,The aircraft should be a combustion,And they specialize in picking up the wind.,It is difficult to extinguish once the fire is,And the fire covers all traces,I didn’t find anything.。”
“Long pool,Just get the message,Last night, the two drug factories in the city were burned by people.,There are two other situations outside the city.,This time there is also a Japanese-funded factory。”Mao Chuanxiu and said,
Rui Rui is a long saying:“Mao Chuanjun,Not me not to help you,Look at this ruins,What is your feelings to have any clues?。”
“I still feel that I have a common party.。”
“I just listened to you and said that two drugs have died more than a dozen people.?”
“The body is burnt together,According to the autopsy, they are all killed after being killed.。”
“Kill?Does anyone hear the gunshot??”Qi Rui,
The goods from Zhuang Xiaoman have been received.,According to the indication of the embroidery,Shen Xilin gave the part of the weapons from it to the military team,Among them, there is no effort to modify it.1935pistol,These guns are all with silencer。
“No one heard the gunshot。”Mao Chuanxiu and shook his head,
“No one heard the gunshots, Mao Chuanjun, why is definitely a common party??”
“Not what they can??”
“Do you know what the dead is shot??”
“Mont Blanhen University Power Pistol,This kind of gun seems to have only the special agent of the military bureau.?Is there such a gun in the guerrilla between the earth??”
“Can you be strange if it is a long spring??”
“Why do you mean that these powerful characters don’t assassinate Wang Tianwood??”
“Yup,Does the assassination Wang Tianmu is not the primary task of the military Tianjin station??”
“Mao Chuanjun said that it is very reasonable.,But there is a Brony pistol with a silencer??”Rui Rui is now let Mao Chuan Xiuhe and the special class class more and more prominent。
“Long pool,This kind of gun can buy in black market,It’s not a lot of earth road.,But not absolutely no。”
“Then let’s take a check from the black market.!”
NS405chapter Shen Xixin, crying
The smuggling gun to check the black market is unable to manage it.,He just returned to the villa, I saw that Yuan San took gifts in the gate.。
“Yuan Sang,How did you come?”

Young shirtless,With a white undershirt on his shoulders,Wearing big pants,Flip-flops,There is also a safety helmet commonly found on the construction site on the waistband,A full outfit of migrant workers,The off-road vehicle just came back from outside,It might be five or six minutes,Young people are here。

at this time,He has drunk soy milk,Three fried dough sticks have been eating for a long time,But still can’t determine which building the people on the off-road vehicle went to。The house here is too messy,The laneway entrance is two five-story buildings,Behind is a large bungalow,There are also a variety of privately built two-story small buildings,Densely packed,Inch of earth。
The young man is Gu Jian,He followed the off-road vehicle all the way,I was harassed by the opponent when I entered the fork in the double building,Wasted time,When he finds the off-road vehicle again,No one in the car long ago。
After Gu Jian’s group was tricked by Li Tianzheng in the development zone,But the atmosphere,Intend to contact local counterparts,Look for clues again,Even if you dig three feet, you must find Li Tianzhi again,But at this moment,Gu Jian received the news from the instructor,Order him to abandon the task,The group withdrew to Fukuyama on standby,And he changed to track and protect Shen Yingjie。
Then the instructor sent Shen Yingjie’s coordinates,Gu Jian’s plan to be ashamed is reimbursed.,Very frustrated to send my colleagues away,Gu Jian built a Yamaha motorcycle,Rushed out of the city。
Unfortunately, it’s still a step too late,Seeing Gu Jian getting closer and closer to Shen Yingjie,The other party’s signal suddenly disappeared,And there was a traffic accident ahead,Gu Jian slows down,Observe carefully the blocked vehicles near the accident,I hope to find Shen Yingjie in it。
I thought it would take a lot of effort,But I didn’t expect someone shouting not far in front‘Fight!’,Then an off-road vehicle suddenly turned around frantically,And then go retrograde quickly,Gu Jian didn’t see Shen Yingjie being assassinated,But when the car rushed past him,He returned the future and closed the car window through the back,I saw Shen Yingjie lying sideways on the back seat。
Although the opponent’s speed is fast,But Gu Jian, who has developed a pair of eagle eyes, is sure that he will not be wrong,He even saw a young man sitting in the back row facing the viciousness。
it depends,Shen Yingjie must have been hijacked,Gu Jian said nothing,Turn the front of the car to keep up,But not long after,He saw another white pickup in the inverted mirror,Are rushing up quickly。
Gu Jian immediately realized that the other party had more than one car,And associates,Thus,He seems to be exposed,I followed too tightly,I didn’t expect the other party to be so cautious,Flanking,His situation was immediately troublesome。
He tried to slow down,Test each other,I didn’t expect to almost take Xiaoming in,The white pickup suddenly accelerates,I hit the motorcycle butt straight up,Fortunately, Gu Arrow is skilled,And also made some preparations in advance,Otherwise it will really break the bones。
Gu Jian can’t help it,Speed up again,Following the Toyota SUV in front,Retrograde is very dangerous on the road,Not only have to deal with opponents,Also always pay attention to oncoming traffic,He is already in danger。
Just persisted for a while,Gu Jian had to be in a gap in the isolation zone,Turned to the opposite lane,Two cars seem to be in a hurry,Didn’t pay attention to Gu Jian anymore,Whizzing away one after another。
On the normal road,There is no danger,Gu Jian simply let go of the chase,It didn’t take long to see two cars still racing on the retrograde road,This time he dare not bite so tightly,Adjust vehicle speed,Far away,But even so,He knows,The other party must know it’s still behind。
Soon to enter the western suburbs of eastern Guangdong,Two cars rushed to the fork on the right,Gu Jian looked up and paid attention to the direction of the industrial park and the two buildings,In slow motion,Although it is too late to inform the instructor,But he has already sent a call signal to his team members through his watch,They have location sharing across the group,Brothers can easily rush to respond according to location guidance。
No worries,Gu Jian accelerates again,Hurricane all the way,I saw each other from a distance,But unexpectedly, the white pickup was missing,The black off-road vehicle is turning right at the T-junction,This T-junction has a wide view,The left leads to the industrial park,The right leads to the double building,There is a row of vehicles waiting for traffic lights on both sides of the intersection,Just didn’t see the white pickup。

“Different ideas,What is right or wrong!”

“Look at this world,The realm of kendo but Zhu Xuehen,No one can compare with you……”Zhu Minglang raised his hand slowly。
Clear night sky,Moonlight,A hot sword is burning,That scorching crimson,I want to light up the night of the entire palace,The indigo silver star and moon,Was also dyed bright red!!
palm,Flames are throbbing,The tail of the fire pattern is like a dragon like a dragon,Wrapped around Zhu Minglang’s long arm,And quickly penetrated into his blood vessels、Meridian、Among the bones,Let Zhu Minglang’s whole body be like a piece of forged iron,Fiery red,Every inch of muscle and bone exploded with blazing power,Like gods and demons awakening in the mortal womb!
“Firescar——Jian Xing!”
The flame of heart that can’t be extinguished for thousands of years,As long as it’s still being lifted,Waving to the fateful enemy,This extinguisher will burn again on the rusty sword,Brilliant again!
The imposing waterfall,Cold and magnificent,But Wen Ling’s concubine’s momentum at the moment can’t suppress the flames of Zhu Minglang’s body,Her face was flushed with reflection,There is even more incredible color in the eyes!
Zhu Minglang’s body,Obviously there is no sword cultivation level。
Why at this moment……
powerful,Wild,Like a mountain of flames,It made this entire palace seem to have fallen into a cave of flames swept by the heat wave。
“Isn’t the head Wen obsessed with the sword technique of Yaoshan Jianzong??”Zhu Minglang holding a fire-scarred sword,Blazing,Dancing lightly,Flame as sky, red lotus and blood!
“Humph,Even if you can use twelve swords,How can you get me!”Concubine Wen Ling already holds a sword in her hand,This sword is like jade,Clean and gorgeous,The moon at night is white,Maple red when it meets the flames!
“The first twelve swords,I can’t even touch one of Wen’s hair,But this last five swords,Once cut off the ground vein,Let a piece of land fall,I don’t know how many swords Master Wen can bear!”Zhu Minglang’s momentum suddenly burst。
Zhu Minglang at the moment is a volcano,The lava inside burst the entire volcanic dome,Hot solution swept with cuttings,Such a terrifying power,If you want to vent,This palace and princess palace will instantly turn to ashes。
just,Zhu Minglang has already reached the state where he can control these auras at will,He rushed this force towards Concubine Wen Ling,The whole room didn’t even shake the glass,But Concubine Wen Ling was in a terrible disaster,The sky has fallen,I can’t stand still at all!
“Skyfall Sword Technique……”
No front twelve swords,Zhu Minglang starts directly from the fourteenth sword,The huge palace、Luxury Princess Palace,Silent,Not even the wind has changed,But when the sword of Zhu Minglang falls,Wen Lingfei’s face has changed。
She lifts the sword,Tap again on the eaves of the bedroom,The whole person soars above the night like a nightingale,I quickly got rid of Zhu Minglang’s momentum……

She can’t give up her husband!

“First of all,Let’s find out if your husband has offended someone……Secondly,Let’s fix it again!”
Fang Yu proposed。
Woman nodding。
then,Fang Yu goes to lunch first。
in the afternoon,That person will come here。
So Fang Yu has eaten,Back here。
Via chat,Fang Yu knows the woman’s name,Aso。
Aso happens to be this year30year old。
Her husband is the same age as her,Just married for a year。
Something like this happened。
See Aso crying,Fang Yu’s face is deep。
“Wait,Just tell that person that I am your brother……I want to test him!”
“understand!If I had a brother like you……Then my husband doesn’t have to be like this!”
Aso sigh。
“I’m already taking care of this……I just understand the underlying reason。and,I am about this disease,Not sure yet,Best catch him,I can better treat the symptoms!”
Fang Yu comforted Asu’s situation。
Beckon her not to think too much!

“President Xia!Don’t be angry,I came down and immediately rectified the security team,This kind of thing will never happen again”Xia Ying’s voice just fell,The phone rang。She took a look,A little embarrassing no answer。

Xia Jian grabbed Xia Ying’s phone and took a look,Seeing this call is from Heiwa,He basically understands what is going on。Xia Jian thought for a while,So I connected the phone。
“Manager Xia!Didn’t I tell you?Zhang Dongping has a small problem,Let you take care of me,Why did you take off his clothes?。Moreover,Even if he resigned,Do you want me to agree??dont you agree“Heiwa said with a smile on the phone。
It seems that this Zhang Dongping was the one brought in by the black baby,So this person doesn’t even see anyone in his eyes,Even if Xia Ying took off his security uniform,,He will also find Heiwa this umbrella。
Xia Jian asked on the phone:“This person was arranged by you?Do you think it is qualified to be a security guard?“Xia Jian’s voice is not loud,But very cold。
The Heiwa on either side of the phone was suddenly dumb,After a while:“Sorry Mr. Xia,I didn’t expect you to handle this,I am too selfish“
“Listen well,Immediately rectify all the security teams for me,I found someone like Zhang Dongping,No matter whose relatives,Clear it all out for me。and also,You must give me a reasonable explanation“Xia Jian said very harshly。
Heiwa said repeatedly:“Good manager Xia!I do as you say“
Hang up the phone,Xia Jian gave Xia Ying the phone,He asked coldly:“How long has this person been here?Isn’t it always foolish??You didn’t notice?I still said I didn’t dare to deal with it?“
Xia Ying smiled and said:“He has only been here for over a month,I was pretty good when I first arrived,After being promoted to deputy captain,People change。Of course,Where did the security personnel appointment be decided by Mr. Chen“
“Too shameless“Xia Jian is still angry,He couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief。
Zhang Sangui laughed and said:“I almost punched that guy just now,But when I think of you,I just endured it。There is a problem with this person’s quality,Clear out early,Good to everyone“
Xia Jian didn’t speak anymore,But went directly to the management office,Xia Ying was a little nervous and teased him,She never expected,Every time Xia Jian comes,Will run into something like this,This made her somewhat embarrassed。
“Manager Xia!What we do here is the service industry,So the quality of personnel must be first-class。I come once in such a long time,You can encounter something like this even with a meal。I don’t dare to think about it anymore in your daily work“Xia Jian took over the tea cup from Xia Ying,Speak softly。
Xia Ying nodded and said:“President Xia, rest assured,Only this security guard can’t hold on tight enough,Other teams,Now it can be said that there is no problem“

Donna took Xia Jian to the door,Smiled slightly:“You are welcome”

When Xia Jian returned to the office,Auntie Cleaning has finished cleaning,Overall it looks very clean。After Xia Jian sat down, he called Guo Meili,I didn’t expect Guo Meili to be in her office。
She walked in after a while,Xia Jian glanced at her and asked:“You came early?Why don’t you let someone clean up my office??”Xia Jian’s tone is a little bit irritating。
First1170chapter anger
The atmosphere of the office is a little bit*taste。
Guo Meili glanced at Xia Jian secretly and said:“I just came back from the construction site,Stepped into the office door,Your call comes“
Xia Jian frowned and said:“We temporarily shift the focus of our work here,So all the hardware facilities here must be followed up。In your office,Put a few more tables,Configure on the computer,If Dragon Ball and Guan Tingna need them, let them come here to work“
“Ok!I got it,Let’s arrange this“Where is Guo Meili standing,Like a kid who made a mistake,She kept her head down,I dare not look at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian took a breath,Closed the door gently,Then said to Guo Meili:“Sit down!I have something to tell you“Guo Meili sat on the sofa。
“Wang Yihua went to surrender this morning,She will take all the responsibility to one person,Although this matter has nothing to do with us,But it also sounded the alarm for us,This kind of thing must never happen again“Xia Jian lowered his voice and said。
Guo Meili nodded and said:“Blame me for this,It’s also my carelessness,Didn’t take it to heart。But the 50,000 yuan lost will be deducted from my salary,It’s a lesson for me”

Turn over the sky,Rui Rui arrived to special qualifications,Wang Munchun has come early.,She has cleared the office very hard.,But because the office of the class is locked,She wants to clean and can’t go.。

“Class long!This is a gift for my uncle and my home.,Thank you for receiving me for students.!”Today, Wang Manchun brings the gift to the gift.,Also prepared for a thick gift。
“come in!”
Wang Manchun puts gifts on the desk,Ask:“Class long,Do you have any arrangements today??”
“Wang Manchun,I will start a top secret task from tomorrow.,Maybe a while can you come back?,I will teach you a skill before leaving.,This is the essential skills of advanced agents,I have to practice hard when I am not there.。”
“Yes!Class long!”Wang Manchun does not dare to have a lot of mouth,Anyway, I will definitely come back.。
Rui Rui and taught Wang Munchun unlocking skills to let her practice,Teach her makeup and unlocked skills have been premedited,Because this gimmick should be used in the future.。
Turning about some work of the special lesson to Jikang,Let him temporarily,Then go to find wine Yihui。
“Wine long,Is Yunzi still woken up??”
“Wake up this morning!”
Trough,This woman’s devil is really big,This is not dead,I am happy with the surface.:“That’s great!I will say that the cloud must be!”
“Let her take a break in the hospital.,Long pool,I heard that you have a very special task to do?”
“Yes,I am coming to the wine well class.,Then we must prove three special passages and special actions。”
“I have already prepared for you.,Why do you want three?Who do you want to bring??”
“Don’t ask more than the length of the class.,I don’t know if I have the Prime Minister.。”Surprisingly moved out of the prime minister,I don’t dare to ask her.,Even if you ask Qi Rui。
“understood!I will give you another two sets.,The photo can be posted on it.。”Wine Yiyihui can not dare to delay the task of receiving the Prime Minister,So it is very happy to give the documents.。
“Wine long,Do you take care of you,Be careful to judge the combination and Zheng Yao first,They are not inversely!”
“Long pool!I will seize them to revenge for the clouds.!”
“Help you succeed!”Rui sharp heart snorted:revenge?I am afraid that the six brothers will send you to the mortuary.!
Rui Rui took the document and left the special college class.,After got the contact ID,Qi Rui returned to the small building to Li Xiaonan did a good document,Then leaving her makeup left the small building.。
“Ritual,Do we have to leave Shanghai??”
“Will n’t leave these two days,I will take you to see a few people.,Because I still have tasks need to be completed。”
“Oh!Will this task take me??”
“Your action cannot participate in such actions,With you because we left。”
“Miao knife comrades,I will obey you arranged.。”
NS187chapter All is acquaintance!(Recommend!Ask for a monthly ticket!)
Contact 上 六,Li Xiaoyu, who has been with makeup, goes to the warehouse and they will,There is only Zheng Yao first here.,Tie Tiecheng,Su Wenqian,Song Xiaofan,Song Zi five people。
“Six brother,How’s it going?”Rumor,
“Your intelligence is very accurate,Yumu Wuweiguang printing is the Dongyang Printing Factory,We are preparing to act tonight.。”Zheng Yao said first,

Exploring the abyss is of great significance to others,The temptation is also very big。So far,The search for the abyss is still zero,But this space shows human traces everywhere,From the exit of the platform, the waterproof formation to the grottoes everywhere,Maybe those sandworms were served by the ancients,And until now, no weapons such as weapons have been found、Ancient artifacts like Gongfa。

So for them,Exploring the abyss is imperative。
But Gan Yifan wants exercises and has exercises,There are piles of bamboo slips at the bottom of Dongming Lake,He only learned two bamboo slips,No need to look for other exercises,I got the weapon I wanted that could not be afraid of leaving the fire,So for him,The temptation to explore the abyss is not even as good as a black blade scabbard。
“Voluntarily,If you don’t go, no one will force you。”Xiuxiu ignores him,Ask Xu Wan:“How about you?Not safe on it,You better go down with us。”
Xu Wan shook his head,Did not speak,But firm。
Xiuxiu thought of that string of numbers,Gossip in my heart,Say:“Since neither of you are going,Then go back to the cave to practice,Don’t run around。Wu Heng,You come with me。”
Wu Heng hesitates,“Yifan,You really don’t go?”
Gan Yifan said:“Angkor,Don’t worry about me,nothing,But after you go down, be careful。”
Three ropes hanging down,Man descends from the rope,Find a foothold,Shake the rope,Loosen the upper snap,Continue to find the next foothold,So repeatedly。
Six officers divided into three groups,Cooperate alternately drop,Wu Heng followed Xiuxiu and Daozi,Only a small spot will be left in a short time,Quickly disappeared into the mist under the abyss。
Li Dachuan standing on the edge of the cliff,No action yet。Not far away are two veterans,They have to go down the abyss together。
I don’t know if I’m thinking about it,Two veterans have no drawstring,Ziyun Dao Chang sticks the talisman to the bottom of his feet,Rudaoren took advantage of his carelessness,Daoist Ziyun glared at him,Then the two looked at Li Dachuan together。
“Use foreign objects to pretend to be a ghost,Far better than training yourself。”Li Dachuan suddenly said such a sentence without beginning and ending,Looking back at the young men and women standing on the trail,Jumped down。
“There are thousands of ways,Eclectic,Physical penance is only one,The law of foreign objects is also obtained through penance。Firearms are foreign objects,The sword is a foreign object,Fulu is a foreign object……Everything can be used for me,Why not use it?”
Dao Chang Ziyun said loudly,Fluttering clothes,Floating down on the ancient sword。The demeanor at that moment is more beautiful than Li Dachuan who fell like a cannonball。
“Practice a breath,External training muscles and bones。Fellow practitioners inside and outside like Yin and Yang together,Indispensable。”
The figure of a Taoist is not weaker than that of Ziyun Tao,The foot whisk adds a bit of ethereal,Just what he said,There is something in the words,Xu Wan can’t hear it,Gan Yifan can hear it。
From the fire inside and outside,Gan Yifan’s Lihuo technique is Lihuo Neijing,And what originally fell in the hands of a righteous path is the Lihuo Waijing。

Never limit。

Only you cut off the opponent’s outstretched claw,In order to make the opponent regress。
“I,Leo’s fate,Only in your own hands!”
Even if,Even if you are the Four Emperor Shanks,I will never、Correct、Do not、low、head!
suddenly,Leo roared。
The same impact of will,Burst out of Leo’s body。
There is a big difference in the intensity of the two will shocks,But the impact of Leo still made Shanks and Raleigh not far away feel it。
“Stop Shanks!”Raleigh sighed suddenly。
Shanks also sighed,Then take back the overlord color。
“Although this guy is shameless,But I didn’t expect to be so reluctant to admit defeat!”
Lei Li said helplessly。
“And your overlord,Actually awakened him directly!”
“Really unexpected!”Shanks sighed too,He just wanted to force Leo to lower his head,I didn’t expect to get this result。
Raleigh looks at Leo,A little regret,He thought he should kill Leo just now。
but,Shanks just shot,If he attacked,Shanks would not agree。
Leo’s face is a little gloomy,So suppressed by Shanks,Anyone will feel bad。

Guo Meili laughed loudly:“Really a good mayor who is close to the people!Never bring any entourage,Unlike other leaders。No matter where you go,Have to be picked up by car,Hugged。Lest others don’t know that he is the mayor”

Ouyang Hong smiled lightly,Waved to Guo Meili,Turned and strode away。
Wang Youdao just finished processing some official documents on hand,When I was about to drink a cup of tea,Ouyang Hong knocked on the door and walked in,He smiled and said:“Mayor Ouyang is full of spring breeze,Is there something good to tell me?“
“Venture Group develops hot springs in Qingshan County,This project doesn’t exist in Pingdu,So we can’t find out what’s wrong with them“Ouyang Hong said straightforwardly。
Wang Youdao,Both eyes widened,He said to himself:“Development hot spring?Really has him“
“I just talked with Mr. Guo of Venture Group for a while,What people said is very correct,Our ordinary city is an agricultural city,So the focus of development is still on agriculture,For example, the fruit industry base in Pingyang Town,This is the beginning“Ouyang Hong said with a serious face。
Wang Youdao was just about to say something to Ouyang Hong,Suddenly the phone on the desk rang,He took a look,Picked it up。Just listen to the delicate voice of a woman inside:“Youdao!is it you?“
Hear this voice,Wang Youdao couldn’t help but tremble,This voice to him,So familiar。He pressured his excitement,Asked softly:“How could it be you?“
First0840chapter First love
A woman’s phone,Pingdu Mayor Wang Youdao trembled。
“it’s me,Hu Huiru。Wouldn’t you say that you don’t know me when you become the mayor?!“The woman asked softly on the phone。This voice is really beautiful and charming,Wang Youdao was once fascinated by this charming voice。
Wang Youdao glanced at Ouyang Hong who was waiting to report to him,Lowered his voice and said“how come,Old classmate??I will never forget it in this life!“
Ouyang Hong is not a fool,She turned around immediately,Closed the office door and went out。
Wang Youdao is relieved,He couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief,Heavy from the chair。The woman on the phone smiled and said:“It’s because of your conscience,After get off work at noon,Please go to Donglai PavilionV8Private room。Don’t worry,I am alone,See or leave“
“what?You come to Pingdu?“Wang Youdao asked in surprise。
The woman on the phone smiled and said:“People miss you,Just over,Can’t it??“The woman’s voice is still so beautiful,It looks exactly the same。
“Ok!I’ll see you after get off work“Wang Youdao finished,Hung up the phone。The phone is hung up,But his heart can’t be quiet for a long time。