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Come in the future! The scientific thinkub group with some airborne Wuxi this innovation summit

Modern Express News (Reporter Xu Mengyun Cai Mengying) How to promote scientific and technological innovation and physical economic depth, is the topic of the school, industry hot discussion, the answer in Wuxi will be announced! On September 28th, 2021 China Wuxi (Huishan) Future Industrial Scientist Innovation Summit and Shanghai Linchong Industrial Research Institute Sanan Branch Opening ceremony will be held in Wuxi, Jiangsu. The summit is the theme of the scientific and long-looking leading the new journey. At that time, many industries, the young talents will gather in Wuxi Huishan and the investment industry. On June 17 this year, the State Council issued a document to upgrade the 13 provincial development zones nationwide as a national economic and technological development zone, and Jiangsu Wuxi Huishan Economic Development Zone is ranked, and is named Wuxi Huishan Economic and Technological Development Zone. In this context, hosted by the Huishan District Committee of the CPC Wuxi City, Wuxi Huishan District People’s Government, Wuxi Huishan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shanghai Linchong Industrial Development Research Institute, Shanghai Interface Finance, Modern Express + · Zaker News Co-organized 2021 China Wuxi (Huishan) Future Industrial Scientist Innovation Summit and Shanghai Linchong Industrial Research Institute Sanan Branch Opening ceremony will be held in Wuxi on September 28. At the same time, this summit will also set up a future industry scientist, and will hold a Shanghai Linchuang Industrial Research Institute Sanan Branch Opening Ceremony.

On-site, Shanghai Interface · Finish Federation will also jointly build future industrial scientists in the Huishan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shanghai Linchuang Industrial Development Research Institute, and conduct future industrial scientists Zhiku Shanghai Linchuang Industrial Development Research Institute Sanan Branch Unveiled Ceremony .

In the main point of view, the big coffeeions leading to the two hospitals, experts and scholars will share their knowledge in new energy, intelligent manufacturing, information technology, new materials, precision medicine and other fields.

On the afternoon, three dated challenges will be held, around the opportunities and challenges facing future technology business, and the company’s credible digital realization path, industry and capital development and other topics are deeply discussed. Domestic and foreign experts scholars conduct a discussion sharing, and the new development of industries.

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4 people, such as Huang Zhuma, etc., were sentenced to 4 to 10 months due to illegal assets

Original title: 4 people, such as Huang Zhifeng, etc. It is noticeable to imprisonment for 4 to 10 months without approved the crime. Among them, Huang Zhifeng was sentenced to prison for 10 months, and Yan Hui was sentenced to 6 months, Yuan Jiawei and Liang Kaiqing were sentenced to 4 months.

These 4 people are suspected of 2020 illegal sets in Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. When the judge sentenced, the defendant knows that the rally did not approve but still participated, it was deliberate and premeditated, and the law, the law, must be judged to reflect the seriousness of the case to reflect the seriousness of the case, to effectively, to avoid other people. The illegal episodes involved 26 defendants, including Li Zhiying, Li Zhuo, He Junren, Huang Zhuma, etc. On February 5, the case was tried by the Judge of the Hong Kong SAR Regional Court, and 24 defendants were tried. The other two defendants Luo Gong Cong, Zhang Nunyang has left Hong Kong, and the court has arrested to two people.

After the trial, 4 people and other four people recognized a "known" and participated in the unbounded group. The remaining 20 defendants of Li Zhiying will be postponed until June 11th. (Editor: Liu Jie, Liu Ye Ting) Sharing let more people see.

Alley varies in the case of the residents

After the transformation, Sichuan Lane (photo on September 30).

The cold dew has just passed, the temperature drop, the sporadic rainfall brings some cool ideas to Guiyang.

In the morning of October 11, I just got a shower, Li Ayi, who lives in the streets of Yunyan District, Yunyan District, is ready to buy dishes. A unit building, the newly paved asphalt pavement is clean, although I just got a rain, but the road surface anti-slip did not splash the mud water, Li Ayi felt very comfortable to this small alley. The Sichuan Lane is located in the jurisdiction of Shaanxi Road Community Neighborhood Committee, Yunyan District, Yunyan District. It is a back street alley near the sprinkler, one with a bustling main road Yan’an East Road, and another with Shaanxi Road, the total length of the streets Rice, width is about 5 meters, and there are 10 32 units in the alley. They are built in the scattered building in the 1990s. At present, more than 1200 residents have lived in more than 4,000 households. "This is the way we will enter every day. It used to be cement pavement. For a long time, some local roads have been cracking, especially rainy days, walking should be careful, don’t pay attention to blinking, splashing Pants are all.

"Li Ayi said that the Sichuan Lane is behind the spraying pool. The alley is turning out is the Malaysia. It used to stop in the alley, messy, the life of the residents and the urban quality image of the Yunyan District has caused a certain impact.

In order to further enhance the quality of urban quality, continue to improve the lives and travel environments of the masses, Yunyan District solidly promotes the practice activities of "I am doing practical things for the masses", combined with the national civilized cities to consolidate improvement work, this year, Yunyan District has jurisded 50 The environments of the back street streets are enhanced, and the Sichuan Alley is one of them.

Shen Dynasty, the secretary of the Party Branch of Shaanxi Road Community Party Branch, the key to the renovation of the back streets should adhere to the people-centered, for this, the street staff, the netbooks have walked into the back street alleys before the renovation. Suggestions. The road needs white change, small square flower bed needs to be cleaned up, the water pipelines need to Qingmao … Based on the collection of comments, the Yunyan District Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, the district and other units combined with the actual design and transformation plan of the road, this year Construction in the entry on July 29. Sichuan Lane pavement asphalt concrete laying square meter; one place in the drainage ditch, install large-diameter pipeline; 527 square meters of granite stone laying granite stone in the ground of the decolving flower pool; Dredging, 3 septic tanks; 2 places of cement, 850 square meters … As of early September, the renovation project of Sichuan Lane back street alley is basically completed, road hardware facilities have been further improved, environmental sanitation is greatly improved .

Not only that, in order to further standardize the order of the alley, the community neighborhood committee cooperates with traffic police departments in the Sichuan Lane to collect the resident opinion collection conference, collect the collection list, consider implementing one-way driving in Sichuan Lane, currently being advanced in process. "The road is white and black, clean and neat, the original chaos and messy small flower beds are also re-transformed, and now it is clear and refreshing. The environment of the small alley at home is better, and we stay more comfortable." Li Ayi and The surrounding residents, the dining small shop owners have a good job.

"Reconstruction of back street alley, old community transformation, etc. Step by step, the street will continue to actively strive for infrastructure renovation projects such as old community renovation, back street alley renovation, and vigorously improve the living environment of the masses, promote "three-way" improvement.

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19 schools in Heilongjiang Province "National Youth Artificial Intelligence Activities"

Recently, China Association Youth Science and Technology Center announced that the list of "National Youth Artificial Intelligence Activities" has been selected as featured units, and Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, Heilongjiang Province, Heilongjiang Province, Fifth Elementary School, Provincial Experimental Middle School, 19 schools in Jixi First Middle School on the list. Among them, the provincial experimental middle school is famous for three consecutive years. In recent years, Heilongjiang Province attaches great importance to the scientific and technological innovation education of primary and secondary school students. All schools have been included in the local conditions, and the scientific and technological innovation education is included in the development plan, and vigorously carry out artificial intelligent science education activities, and carefully build the brand of technology innovation education. Provincial Experimental Middle Schools have launched a rich and technological activity for teachers and students in the whole school. Adhere to the university professor, the old scientist of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to the school, conduct science education for students; leading students to visit the key laboratory of Harbin Institute of Technology, Northeast Agricultural University, Jilin University, open up cognition, stimulating interest; use cold summer vacation, research Learning and vocational experiences, cultivate students’ scientific attitude and the sense of responsibility for society.

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The tenth supervision team of the central government feeds back to Hubei Province, the second batch of political and legal team education rectification and supervision

On November 15th, the National Political and Legal Team Education Central Tenth Supervision Team feedback on the second batch of political and legal team education in Hubei Province.

Before the meeting, the head leading the leadership team of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, the leader of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, and the leading group leader should be reported to the relevant situation.

At the feedback, Jiyuan Ping fed back to the second batch of political and legal education in Hubei Province. Ying Yong and gave a speech.

援 平 pointed out that the Hubei Provincial Party Committee conscientiously implemented the important instructions of General Secretary of Xinping and the Party Central Decision-making deployment, and the political and legal iron army and construction around the to build loyal and clean, let the party assured that the people satisfied with the political organs, leadership agencies, high-level planning , High quality promotes the province’s second batch of political and legal team education rectification powerful and effective. Promote political and legal units to play the footage of the provincial political and legal organs, comprehensively compacted political responsibility, in-depth study education, and the effect of clearing the fluid is resolute, the clues are trying to do, and the tutaneous remediation is solid, and the establishment of the establishment is initially achieved. " Do practical affairs "" solving the problem "activities go deep and has achieved remarkable results.裘 援 平 pointed out that there are still some problems and insufficient education for rectification of the second batch of political and legal teams in Hubei Province. It is mainly reflected in the influence of the evil influence, and the stubborn disease rectification needs to have a good grasp. Key climbing investigation needs to be strong. Several special actions need to continue to force, and the establishment of the establishment of the work needs to be effectively taken. In the next stage, in accordance with the unified deployment of the party, it is fully docked, pragmatic and efficient, accurate, and adheres to the ideological and not relaxed. The strength is not weakened, the standard does not decrease, with "look back" to achieve the realization of the target task, to ensure Hubei The political and legal team education rectification was successfully closed. To continue to strengthen political construction, learn to implement the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China as the current important political task, build a political loyalty ideology root.

Strengthen the absolute leadership of the party’s political and legal work, implementing comprehensive from stricting the party rulers, combined with rectification, continuously grasping ideological construction, style construction, organizing construction, team construction, discipline construction and system construction. To accelerate the case of the case, promote the listing and key case clues, and resolutely remove the horses.

It is necessary to promote the bottom of the stubborn, strengthen the implementation of all aspects of responsibility, and in depth, in depth, in depth, the madness rectification in the judicial field and the style of the organ.

To continue to carry out the practice of "doing practical problems for the masses", "the grassroots solution" practice activities, more better solve the problem of the people and the grassroots "rushed". It is necessary to promote the implementation of the establishment to implement the land, and effectively transform the institutional achievements into work performance, effectively solve the universality, systematic and deep level of education rectification discovery. To do a good job in supervision and rectification, explicitly rectify the time limit, the responsibility is divided into people to ensure that the rectification of the parts is implemented, and the achievement of education and rectification is optimized.

At the beginning of his statement, the central tenth supervision team resolutely implemented the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the Education of Political and Legal Team on the Education of Political and Legal Teams and Party Central Decision Deployment, with a solid and pragmatic style to supervise the Hubei political and legal team education, and strongly promoted The provincial political and legal team education rectifies smooth development and political and legal development. The problem of the feedback from the central supervision team, seeking truth from facts, objective and neutral, cutting, proposed rectification requirements have strong targeted guiding operability. We sincerely accept, resolutely rectify the problem of feedback to the place, check the transferred clues to the position, and implement the proposed rectification requirements.

Be brave, we will take the opportunity of this supervision and feedback to further put the ideology and action to the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the deployment of party central decision-making, enhance the political station, strengthen the subject’s responsibility, and further promote the education of political and legal teams. Developed in depth. It is necessary to adhere to the study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China as a major political task, and further build a political and loyal roots of the fairfunction, always maintain a high degree of the party center of Comrade Xi Jinping with Comrade Xi Jinping.

It is necessary to adhere to higher standards to do a "second half article", with "look back", "reverse" reverse the process of rectification of the target task, strengthen the party’s political construction with higher station, comprehensively, strict the party police, thorough Essence Gong Daoan, Deng Feng, Zhang Jian, completely clear the political "two sides", completely clear the political hidden dangers; check the case clues in cases, and do the parties for the part;痼 痼, continue to solve the outstanding issues that the masses have reflected strong, harm society fairness, affecting law enforcement judicial credibility; to deal with the establishment of the establishment, further blocking the vulnerability, and often treat it. We must adhere to the consolidation of political and legal team education rectification, promote the high-quality development of the province’s political and legal industry, and strengthen the party’s absolute leadership of the political and legal work, continue to deepen the "implementation of the masses" "to the grassroots solution" practice activities, adhere to both hands, two promotion , Build a higher level of Ping An Hubei, the rule of law Hubei, and Huan Hubei, in order to accelerate "building a fulcrum, walk in the forefront, the new article" provides strong rule of law.

Sun Zhijun, deputy director of the Tenth Supervision Group of the Central Committee; Wang Yanling, executive deputy head of the provincial government and law education, and the provincial leaders, Xu Wenhai, the president of the provincial court, the provincial procuratorate, the Provincial Procuratorate, Wang Shou’an participated in the meeting.

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Approaching Winter Olympics Beijing Winter Olympics International Tournament Semi-epidemic prevention and control, event organization, etc.

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 12 (Reporter Ji, Gao Meng, Li Chunyu) Beijing Winter Olympia Party Committee on the 12th of the news blowout held in Shougang Park, the international test commenced since October 5th, the schedule has been too half. At present, epidemic prevention and control, event organizations, etc., and the two cases of foreign sports, new crown virus nucleic acid detection positive cases are effectively disposed.

  According to Yao Hui, the Minister of Management, Beijing Winter Olympics, as of now, speed skating China Open, Asian Dialect Skating Open, Short Travel Skating World Cup, etc. International events and snow cars International training week, curling domestic test The event has been successfully completed. Subsequent test competitions and training weeks will also be held as scheduled as scheduled.

In order to ensure that countries (regions) athletes can successfully arrive in the competition, under the close cooperation, Beijing Winter Olympics committee will participate in athletes in the test competition, with team officials, technical officials and Olympic broadcast service companies, sports show, etc. Various professionals arrange flights. Huang Chun, deputy director of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Office of Beijing Winter Olympics, said that the international test race has been raised to start the nucleic acid detection of two overseas athletes within the closed-loop management.

Among them, on November 4th, a foreign athlete who came to China to participate in the sled International Training Week and Sleigh World Cup was used to detect new crown viruses when entering the customs. After the re-examination was positive, it was diagnosed as a non-symptomous infection.

On November 11th, in the routine detection of nucleic acids per day, a nucleic acid detection was positive in the front of the previous case, and was diagnosed as an invisible infection.

According to the Epidemic Prevention Manual, these two athletes were sent to specialized isolation facilities for isolation monitoring, and their advice implemented a single room in the hotel, alone.

  Can nucleic acid detection positive athletes can continue to participate? Huang Chun responded that after evaluation of the expert team, its adduute uses a separate room, alone, alone, in strict health monitoring and personal protection, two nucleic acid detection daily, can work normally or participate in the competition Waiting for activities.

If the positive athlete is in line with the release, the isolation site is eliminated or the hospital is not a problem, it is not a problem in the closed-loop, allowing the standard to take a follow-up or competition in the closed loop.

  Epidemic control, although closed-loop management is strictly implemented, the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee strives to achieve "there is temperature".

Huang Chun said that there is a cafe, currency exchange, beauty salon, convenience store, etc.

  On November 8th, in Yanqing, a Sleigh International Training Week, a Polish player was injured in training. According to the diagnosis and treatment, it is the leg fracture, and the surgery is carried out in the evening, and the operation is very smooth.

It is reported that the athlete is expected to be discharged on the 12th. For the question of the media question, "Polish athletes were treated for 30 minutes after treatment", Yao Hui responded that the information was incorrect.

"Our medical staff will arrive at the scene in 3 minutes. On the mountain road, we must ensure safety, but also to ensure fast, from starting to rescue to the hospital for more than 30 minutes.

"For the outside world, Beijing’s requirement, if you can meet the requirements of the game, if you produce a lot of artificial snow may affect the local environment and residential water, Zhao Weidong, Minister of Winter Olympics Committee, said that Beijing Winter Olympics snow project competition It is located in Yanqing and Chongli Mountain. There are more natural snowfalls in these two regions. On November 6th, Beijing ushered in the early winter, early snow time is too early, the same day Zhangjiakou also ushered in a wide range of snowfall.

According to the observation, the snowfall in the Yanqing Division and Zhangjiakou Division reached the flour level.

  From the global snow project, in order to protect the quality of the game, the international major events basically use artificial snow. Artificial snow will not affect regional water safety and ecological environment.

  Zhao Weidong said, first, the data of the Beijing Water Affairs Bureau shows that the water volume accounts for the total amount of water in Yanqing District, accounting for 4 ‰ of the local water resources in Yanqing District; after the game, water is required to use water The total amount of the total amount of 6 ‰ of the local water resources volume. Therefore, the Yanqing Division does not have a shortage of water resources. When the Winter Olympics, the water use water will not affect the water safety of Yanqing District.

At the time of the game, Zhangjiakou District demand water accounted for% of the total amount of water in Chongyuan District, accounting for% of water resources in Chongyuan District. The above data indicates that the living water of Zhangjiakou resident will not be affected by the snow.

  Second, through the development of water safety protection, sewage treatment, saving water, etc., and improve the water environment carrying capacity of the sectic area. The ski resort preferred to collect natural precipitation, surface runoff, etc. as artificial snow water.

The artificial snow system uses the world’s most advanced energy-saving artificial snow equipment and intelligent snow system, which can maintain optimal snow efficiency according to the external environment, saving water.

  Editor: Liu Ning, Wu Bowen, Zheng Daojin, Luo Shunjing (internship).

Passing the spirit of the Implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Central Political Bureau of Thirty-fourth collective study

On November 5, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee held a meeting to convey the important speech at the time of studying Xi Jinping at the 34th collective study of the Central Political Bureau, studying our province’s implementation of opinions and reviewed through the implementation of the 12thThe Sub-Party Conference reports the target mission responsibility division of responsibility "" The Decision of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee on Strengthening the Construction of the New Provincial Party Committee "" On Strengthening the Ideological and Political Work of the Party Foreign Intellectual Ideology and the Construction of the Party "Team Construction of the Party".

Lin Wu, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, presided over the meeting.

The meeting pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping issued an important speech published by the Central Political Bureau’s thirty-four collective studies, and the system recalled that the historic achievements of my country’s digital economic development since the 18th National Congress, and profoundly clarified the significance of developing digital economy. A series of key tasks to promote digital economic development in a comprehensive deployment, providing action guidelines for further promoting high quality development of digital economy. The 12th Party Congress of the Provincial Provincial Party Congress puts the development of the digital economy to promote the key tasks and strong start of high quality development, and make a targeted deployment. To study the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, in accordance with the all-round promotion of the goal requirements of high quality development, scientifically grasp the trend and law of digital economic development, find the key field, build "three systems", and speed up the formation of work matrices, High quality development of digital economy to promote high quality development in the province. The meeting emphasized that Shanxi has developed digital economy, there is a prospect, and it is necessary to further increase the promotion, build a policy depression, and the pace of digital industrialization, industry digitalization, and promote the integration of digital economy and physical economy, and cross the three industries developing.

To cultivate the core digital industry, we will play a good government’s leading role and corporate main role, and continue to deepen the research of cooperative innovation of political and autonomous research, promote major project construction, and cultivate a batch of digital industrial fists products and leading enterprises. To build a digital infrastructure, accelerate the new infrastructure represented by 5G, data centers, industrial Internet, attract large communication operators, Internet cloud service providers, etc., build operation and maintenance systems. It is necessary to promote digital integration applications, in the direction of industrial digital transformation, promote the development of digital industries in key points, and pay attention to the use of Internet new technologies to fully, all chain transformations, further expand 5G + application scenarios, and play digital technology Development of magnification, superposition, and multiplication. To release the value of the data element, strengthen supervision norms and modern management, speed up the market-related configuration of data elements, promote high quality aggregation, high-level management and high efficiency circulation, truly let data form products, form industries, and form a comprehensive benefit .

The meeting pointed out that the 12th Party Congress of the Provincial Party Congress proposed a full range of high-quality development target requirements, clarifying various tasks, and the key is to implement it. It is necessary to insist on the pre-lead command, the provincial party committee member and the provincial people, the provincial government, the provincial government association team members are responsible for the task of the administration, the main units are responsible for comrades to be responsible, formulating specific programs, refining work measures, ensuring each The task is implemented.

It is necessary to persist in the system to advance, and promote the "three systems" working matrices of the "six fields" "three systems" in the provincial party committee, seeking truth from facts to study the work matrix that meets the actual working matrix of local units, and implements the "14th Five-Year Plan", Yellow River Basin Ecological Protection and High Quality Development Plan, combining the rise in the high-quality development in the central region, integrating the deployment. It is necessary to adhere to the synergy, each of the responsible units must be unified, unified, and establish a comprehensive and comprehensive, deep integration task convention and collaborative implementation mechanism, grasp the work correlation and policy matching, and form a working force. It is necessary to persist in a long time, maintain the continuity of continuity, deepening the targeted effects of initiatives, and constantly create a new situation in various work.

It is necessary to integrate the tasks into the target responsibility assessment system, strengthen the supervision of inspection, layers, and ensure that the target requirements of all-round promotion of high quality development are implemented, and it is comprehensive. The meeting pointed out that the new Provincial Party Committee of the 12th Party Congress of the Provincial Party Congress shoulder the party’s party centers in the party Central Committee of the Comrade Xi Jinping. Historical Mission in Building Socialist Modern Shanxi Chapter.

It is necessary to force the forging strong and struggled provincial party committee as an important task, highlight the leadership status of political construction, deepen the ideological theory armed, and take the ultra-rate, always contact the masses, firmly pick up the subject’s responsibility, strictly implement the regulatory system, Comprehensively improve the quality of ability, take the lead in emancipating the thoughts, seeking truth from facts, really grasping the trunk, long time is success, always doing the direction, management overall situation, making decisions, implementation, and fully play the core role of the generals in our province, coordinate the core role of the parties. To start from the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, from the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the provincial party committee will be taken.

Party Committee (Party) and the majority of party members and cadres have to take the most full spiritual style and the highest progressive posture, actively engage in the strong practice of promoting high-quality development, with excellent results to pay attention to the party and people.

The meeting pointed out that strengthening the ideological and political work of the new era of party foreign intellectuals and the construction of union representatives, is an important task of our party to consolidate and develop patriotic united front. It is necessary to strengthen ideological and political leadership, learn from the new era of socialist socialism in the new era, and condense the hearts of the new era of the party’s innovation theory, consolidate the joint ideological and political foundation.

It is necessary to strengthen representatives to cultivate, improve non-party representatives to find mechanisms, play an important base role in universities and research institutes, and multi-channel reserve talents, strengthen multi-faceted practice exercise, and strive to build a number of sufficient number, reasonable structure, excellent quality A nonparal representative team. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of platform carriers, and give play to the bridge of the leadership groups such as the party’s foreign intellectuals.

Party Committee (Party Group) at all levels should strengthen organizational leadership, the party committee unified front of the party committee must perform their duties, and have a good job in studying deployment, guiding coordination, supervising inspections, and driving various responsibilities, implementation, and implementation. The meeting also studied other matters.

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Solidly do this winter and spring warm insurance

  Xinhua News Agency, November 16th, the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China, Vice Premier of the State Council, attended the warm-in-law and speaking, attending the TV conference in Beijing on the 16th, and earnestly implemented the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on energy insurance. Implementing the Decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, making further arrangements for further arrangements for this winter and Mingchun warm insurance.

  Han Zheng pointed out that after the relevant part of the joint efforts, the recent power preservation work has achieved stage performance, the coal production capacity is released, the price is gradually returning to rationality, the power supply capacity continues to increase, the supply and demand situation is gradually recovering.

It is necessary to firmly establish a big awareness, complete and accurate and fully implement the new development concept, strengthen overall, highlight key, consolidate the cost of stability, and do a good job in this winter and winter, keep warm, ensure smooth economic and social, Make sure the people warm the winter.

  Han Zheng emphasizes that the supply of electric coal and natural gas supply will continue to increase production capacity, strengthen the supervision of production capacity, strengthen the control of electric coal and natural gas contract, and investigate and deal with the price behavior.

It is necessary to fully solve the problem of being blocked by power generation enterprise units, ensuring that the power generation capacity in winter peak hours is higher than the same period last year. Help coal-electricity and heating enterprises to mitigate stable difficulties, and encourage financial institutions to ensure the rational financing needs of enterprises, and the reform is improved and improved the market formation mechanism of coal and electricity. It is necessary to fully prepare the pre-cold weather, do a good job in the use of electricity gas protection of "coal change" users.

It is necessary to coordinate the safety operation of energy enterprises, power grids and pipe networks, social security, and timely investigate and resolve various risk hazards.

It is highly concerned about the international energy market change, strengthen energy import and export and reserve management, better guidance and stability market expectations.

Coal-electric oil gas transportation mechanism should increase work, and regional management responsibilities must be strictly implemented. The majority of energy companies should actively fulfill social responsibility and work together to keep warm. He Lifeng attended the meeting.

The relevant departments of the central and state organs and the relevant central enterprises are responsible for commends at the main venue, and all provinces (districts, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps are responsible for comrades and relevant departments. Comrade attending the meeting. The National Development and Reform Commission and Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, and Guizhou, the responsible comrades of the people’s government. Editor in charge: Li Hui.

The main change of 330 kV substation power station is successfully transported

At 13:43 on October 18, accompanied by the transformer "嗡" running sound, No. 2 main changed one-time charging success, marking the successful transportation of the 330 kV substation power station expansion project. Gulu 330 kV substation expansion project started construction on March 15, 2021, newly built 1 150,000 kV security main transformer, corresponding reactive compensation device and secondary system engineering, perfect 1 pre-main change And 1 female interval, 4 circuit breakers are installed, and 1 go back to the main line.

Set 2 sets of SVC complete sets on the new primary and low voltage side, and 8 circuit breakers are installed.

According to the country of the project of the national network Qinghai Province, the project leader, the main report of the 330 kV substation is located at the Dawu Township of Maqi County, Guoluo Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, with an order of 3707 meters.

The project is located at low gas pressure, hypoxia, severe cold, wind, strong radiation area, and an oxygen-containing area only 40%. In the face of problems such as harsh environment, short construction period, construction safety, quality control is difficult, etc. Nearly 7 months. The National Network Qinghai Provincial Power Company Construction Company combines the actual engineering practice, in order to ensure the quality, efficiency, completion of the project, in advance, well-planning, strictly deployment, strictly implement the process, standardize, levely, and standardize management. In the construction process, we will fully implement the responsibility to the post to ensure the control of key nodes. Do a good job in real-name system management, strictly implement various safety control measures, and the project is safe and stable. In the peak of construction, according to the target task, the construction of the personnel, the machinery and other resources, the equipment manufacturers fully cooperate, and ensure that the project progress target is achieved.

Each participating party strictly implements environmental protection requirements to create green environmental protection projects.

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The reporter observes: China-non-fate community will provide important assistance to the development of the world’s economic development

China-Africa trade continues to China’s "China-Non-Commercial Port" in 2021, China-African trade overcomes the difficulties, and achieve steady growth under all parties.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, from January to July this year, the Central African trade volume is $ 139.1 billion, an increase of%, reaching the highest bit of historical episode. The Chinese market has continued to improve the African product recognition, from the import of imports from African imports, reaching 59.3 billion US dollars, rubber, cotton, coffee and other agricultural products imports have doubled compared with the same period last year. With the permanent settlement of China – African Economic and Trade Expo, Hunan is the important portal for China’s non-trade. According to the data provided by Changsha Customs, Hunan Province has been import and export billion yuan from Africa from January to August, which increases from the same year from the previous year.

In Hunan Province, the Non-Trade Non, South Africa, Nigeria, and Egypt were the top three trading partners.

From January to August, Hunan Province’s trade volume of South Africa is 100 million yuan, an increase of%, accounting for% in Hunan Province to African trade. Under Changsha Customs Participation and Promotion, African Agricultural Product Acquisition Process is highly improved, and China has realized the first import of China’s dried pepper products, Madagasa lamb, Uganda beef, Kenya meat, Nigerian water products, Gambia peanuts and other products have been completed. Preliminary assessment work; Kenya squid, Tanzanian water products have completed the evaluation of the Yunhua Admission. Accelerate the expansion of non-logistics channels to provide new choices for Hunan – non-trade.

At present, Hunan is accelerating the expansion of non-logistics channels, and is building Xiang Yue’s non-iron sea intermodal channel, Xiangsui non-Jianghai intermodal channel, Hunan and African aerial freight route and Caoyun transportation, Kahai Intermodel channel, the first Langxi The sea transport class will be in mid-September, and the company can choose more logistics channels in non-trade.

The China African Economic and Trade Expo will be opened in Changsha, Hunan, on September 26. According to the official data provided, as of now, there have been 50 Embassy in China, 6 international organizations, 30 provinces and districts and Xinjiang production and construction. Corps, 5 planned monitors, more than 900 central and local enterprises to participate in the exhibition, the total number exceeded 9,700 people, 385 collaborative projects, total amount over 100 million US dollars. Multilateral cooperation sustained to promote various signs of economic potential in the release area show that cooperation and multilateralism are critical to release economic potential, and will bring major opportunities to each other and the whole world, and have a more close economic connection between countries. Common booming road. China is in promoting multilateral economic cooperation, establishing an international economic cooperation platform, including China International Import Expo, China International Service Trade Expo, BRC National Cooperation Mechanism, etc., China-African Economic and Trade Expo opened in Changsha, Hunan. On January 1 this year, the launching ceremony of the African Continental Trade Zone (AFCFTA) was held online, which is also the largest sales area in the establishment of the WTO. 54 self-employed Agreements signed by Africa will increase Africa to respond to future crises, disease eruptions and global economic impact, and assist African economic recovery.

The UNCTAD said that with the popularity of new crown vaccines and the epidemic situation, the previous delayed important project will be reopened, while the Sustainable Investment Protocol of the African Airlines Free Trade Zone Agreement will further improve the investment of investment in the trade zone. force.

The African Continental Trade Zone also hopes that the external direct investment enters Africa. As long as its goods meet the rules of origin, you can enjoy the distribution of self-trade zones. This is also the development of localized management conditions for more enterprises to Africa, and realize multi-party mutual benefit Further, the promotion of African economic recovery and development.

With the establishment of the African World Free Trade Area, more and more Chinese companies entered Africa and participated in the middle and non-cooperation.

The new crown epidemic has a sharp speed up, let "Internet" become the new concept of African people, let "online" become new habits of user behavior, this new ideas and habits will continue to develop, become a post-epidemic era The new normal continues to exist, and it is profoundly affecting the production, life, learning, consumption and entertainment of the African people.

Digital Economics continued to heat up African countries to learn from China’s experience in accordance with the report released by UNCTAD. In 2020, e-commerce achieved vigorous development, and the share of online retail in all retail increased from 16% to 19%.

At present, African countries have entered the critical period of rapid development of digital economy, and the reports released by many international institutions show that by 2025, the digital economy will contribute to the African continent, with a total of 180 billion dollars in China, from 2050, this The numbers will reach $ 712 billion, accounting for% from African GDP.

South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya have included digital economy into national development strategy, and Africa is hugging digital technology with its unique way.

Restricted to the level of technical level and infrastructure, African digital economic development still has a lot of space, and China is in the world leader in e-commerce and digital technology, which can provide good reference and reference for Africa.

# 44 of the world’s top 500-bit Chinese enterprises Huawei business all over 54 African countries, more than four-quarters of African population. The product Huawei Yun products has been launched in more than 220 cloud services and more than 210 solutions, which greatly reduces operational costs for service companies.

Kenya’s "Star" published comment articles pointed out that in recent years, China has helped Africa to achieve leapfrog development in the network information field. China cooperates with South Africa to build Africa’s first 5G independent commercial network, which is officially launched by the Senegal National Data Center, providing funds and technical support, Huawei’s "Future Seed" project contributes to cultivating African local Internet talents.

The Kenyan government has recognized the central status of digital technology in the economic sector, and continuously increases the investment in digital infrastructure, and it is possible to be able to work with Ken. Ethiopia’s largest business website "Esseu Fortune Network" is said that China-Africa cooperation is critical to the global economy in the era of postpartum. The article believes that China and Africa can have more cooperative opportunities under the "One Belt" initiative.

The epidemic has promoted the world’s digital economic development to some extent, and the Africa has a market with 1.3 billion people, and e-commerce is rapidly increased, and China’s advanced experience in this regard can be referred to in African countries. Zimbabwe’s most influential "Pioneer" is said that Zimbabwe will work with China to create an inclusive, open trade environment, and continuously promote China-Africa cooperation, cultivate innovative talents, excavate advanced cooperation forms, and create more employment Opportunities and continuous efforts in the digital economic sector.

On September 6th, "2021-in-one-in-laws" promotion season and "African special live broadcast season" launching ceremony, African Ambassador to China It is said that promoting China-Non-e-commerce cooperation is the content of China-Africa Cooperation "Eighth Actions", which once again reflects that China has a non-African brother. In the context of the epidemic, e-commerce is one of the effective ways to reinvigorate the African economy. Africa wants to learn more through China and continue to strengthen interconnection of all fields. For the global economic, China and Africa, the common efforts to create a more close cooperation, more flexible, and the challenges of challenges will have to establish a model of mutually beneficial cooperation, and contribute to the global economy after the new crown epidemic.

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