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“did you see that,This is the invitation!Want to go in?I want to go in and call Fu Ye,I will take you in to meet the world。”

Chen Xiu glanced at Xue Fu disdainfully and said with a sneer:“Not just an invitation,What a shit,Li Kui’an is in the game now,You are not afraid that he will confess you。”
“you……I’m innocent,he……What can he do!”
“clean?Don’t think that you colluded with Li Kui’an before, I can’t see it。”Chen Xiu sneered:“Even if Li Kui’an doesn’t recruit you,,If I go and stab Wang Fusheng about your conspiracy with Li Kuian,You said he would let you go。”
“you dare?!”
Can open a pawn shop in Ansan City,How could Wang Fusheng not have some underworld background?,If you let him know that you are stealing his money,Don’t break your hands or feet yet。
“I dare not。”
Seeing Xue Fu scared,Chen Xiu is even more convinced that Xue Fu is the kind of cheap mouth,Actually, there is no powerful method,Otherwise, Wang Fusheng will make him furious。
“I kill you!”
Xue Fu raised his fist and pounced on Chen Xiu,The security guard was suddenly in the middle,Push him away。
“Today is Mr. Han’s place,You have to dare to make trouble here,I blasted it out regardless of whether you have an invitation or not。”
I heard Mr. Han’s name,Xue Fu fell silent all of a sudden,Stepped back and pointed at Chen Xiu, threateningly said:“Kid,Planted out!”
For this Xue Fu,Chen Xiu really doesn’t care about it,I guess I can knock him down with one punch。
But here in the crowd,There are many celebrities,These people are likely to be their own customers in the future。
It’s a drop in price if you do it yourself。
Chen Xiu threw his cigarette butt on the ground,Stepped out,Staring at Xue Fu and said:“stupidX。”

Under the power of the crushing class,Wind Beast Mountain Master successively displayed several life-saving methods。

A cloud of shining thunder,A leaf formed by intertwining golden silk threads,A dark rock dagger exploded one after another。
These ones,They are all treasures similar to the one-time talisman of the Three Realms,Treasures of the Three Realms,It is comparable to the attacks of three masters beyond the pinnacle of the world。
As for Taoist talisman treasures?That was not obtained by the top world realm of Wind Beast Mountain Lord。
One shot。
Thunder clouds were blown up frontally,Although Qiansi Jinye is heavily bound,Turned into countless threads,But still failed to stop。
The last explosion of the rock dagger,Turn into a black shadow to kill,Li Ming was forced to wave a gun。
But even so,It’s just that the wind beast mountain lord’s lingering breath time。
After a breath,Li Ming dropped the Chaos Gun that was broken in the collision,A palm pierced the chest of the wind beast mountain master。
If he is the world god,Have superb body protection supernatural powers,May be able to support it。
But just the wind beast mountain lord of the Chaos Fairy,With the power in Li Ming’s hand, he spit out,Directly crushed the chaotic golden core in his body。
Golden Core Broken,Even the chaotic fairy has only one way to die!
First1chapter Uproar
Great Wasteland,Eternal world。
Compared to the rather gentle and peaceful Tianqiong Eternal Realm,It’s bloody and brutal here。
fighting、Kill,Except for the nine big cities,Savage land everywhere。
But under such tempering,But he is the leader of the eternal world–The great desolate god and his subordinates are extremely powerful。

brothers,Don’t forget,You are also a shareholder of the company,The two of them are your employees again,This is the best。

Let them sign our company’s internet celebrity contract。”
Chen Xiu understands now,Still can’t help but complain:“Silly brother,You are also a big brother、The boss of an entertainment company,How to scout、Grab all the paparazzi work
173 Speak by ability
Fang Qiong and Zhang Yun also knew that their appearance was the cause,Naturally no objection,It turned out that Song Shihe who helped Chen Xiu fight was kicked out of the warehouse.。
Repairing the huanghuali cabinet is a carpentry job,But it’s more sophisticated than the average carpenter,From craftsman to artistic level。
Chen Xiu’s big Huanghuali cabinet was originally made by a master in the Daoguang period,Flower from above、The dragon and phoenix ornamentation is carved to life,There is a vivid paper texture。
Chen Xiu imitated、I have studied carving for a while,It is not a big problem to be able to make the appearance exactly the same,But the gods always feel that something is lacking,So for the past few days, he is still practicing with ordinary wood,I dare not use real huanghuali wood for sculpture。
174 Go home
See Chen Xiu back,Mother Chen organized a table full of ten bowls,Like a banquet,Chen Xiu’s belly swells up after eating。
The family talked and laughed at the dinner table,Chen Xiu took the opportunity to learn something about Chen Han at school,After the beginning of school,No one dares to find fault with her on purpose,From her conversation, she found that she is now fully integrated into the life of the city;
Different from Chen Han’s high spirits,Father Chen and Mother Chen looked erratic in their eyes,Obviously something。
After dinner,Chen Han and Chen mother went to the kitchen to wash the dishes,Father and son went to the balcony to smoke。
“dad,Did something happen,I see you and mom are both upset。”

“Damn!This matter!I’m looking for you to quit this job。You said I have a lot of things on hand,Really a bit busy”What Hu Huiru said,Xia Jian then remembered that he hadn’t passed for a long time.,So he quickly found an excuse for himself。

Hu Huiru sneered on the phone:“Don’t think about it,I won’t let you quit your job。You come over now!I’m waiting for you in Donglin Building。Don’t say you are not in Pingdu,I saw your car just now”
“Ok!See you later,I’m coming to you for something”Xia Jian said,Hung up。
Spring is finally here,The leaves in the streets and lanes of Pingdu are green,Even the birds suddenly grew。Walking in the bright sunshine,Give people a kind of unspeakable comfort。
Xia Jian parked the car on the roadside of Donglin Building,Then walked in quickly。An elevator,The clerk at the front desk greeted me,Led him into Hu Huiru’s office。
When Xia Jian went in,Hu Huiru happened to be talking about Lu Xiuli。When they saw Xia Jian came,Stop immediately。Hu Huiru smiled at Xia Jian:“President Xia!You are really busy!Don’t care about us at all”
“Consultant??Just ask,Don’t ask”Xia Jian was joking,Ass twist,So he sat on the sofa very generously。
Lu Xiuli smiled at Xia Jian:“President Xia!Are you not in Pingdu during this time??”
“Hey!Are you spying on me?What is the intention?”Xia Jian laughed。
Lu Xiuli said shyly:“Don’t make jokes about me as an old man,What can i have for you,Even if there is,I can only bury it deep in my heart,Dare to say it。Otherwise, people will call me scornful”
Words from Lu Xiuli,Made everyone laugh。In a while,Lu Xiuli asked the secretary to make three cups of tea and bring them over。
“Where did you go the other day?”Hu Huiru came over,Sat gently beside Xia Jian。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Why did i move a little,You know。Isn’t it true that someone is watching me?!”

“Red sister,For a long time,You are more beautiful.!”

“老弟,This is still a blessing,If you stay in the village for so long?,I don’t necessarily have this state today.。”
Jin Xijie sees,It is also a laugh:“Red sister,You haven’t returned to the overall situation for a long time.,Don’t you be afraid of the team?!”
“Have you,What I am afraid?,And I am not over.?
After I finished this year, I quit the position.,Then you choose a boss yourself.,And telling the truth,I am very optimistic about you.。”
When I said this,Wanhong eye wave flow,Jinde Jie is also a heartbeat acceleration。
But he knows the woman in front of him.,Can you be confused by a representation?。
Otherwise, die, don’t know how to die.。
“Hey-hey,I don’t have the ability.,I followed Li boss.,As for things there,To be honest, I don’t want to do it.,But I can’t get it now.。”
I heard Jin Xijie’s words.,Wanthong is also a bit emotion。
“alright,I am not happy with your own business.,But there is a number in my heart.。”
Li Hui Feng let Jin Xijie help me to welcome it.。
Entered the house,Jin Xijie is also introduced to Zhang.,Then I want to talk to Wanli。
With the arrival of the red,Others are also coming。
I saw Li Mei and Lu Changsheng again.,Li Hui also ridiculous。
“Meijie and Lu big brother are now more and more beautiful.,What secret is there??”
“Lee brother,Secret is that you miss a girlfriend.,Gigbling”“Nister,You said this,Is it a person who lacks my girlfriend??
You and Dado moist this day.,When you hold a wedding??”
Lu Chang lived this,It is also a laugh:“After we open,Then hold it stabilize。”
Li Hui Hui chat with two people.,I sent two people to the house.。
Yang Tie,Yang Li and Feng come together,After all, Feng Bed and Yang Tie are technical personnel.,And the two people are also often explored in some different fields.。
As for Yang Li,That is the executor or the leader,Technical aspect he doesn’t have to ask,Because I asked him, I don’t understand.。
But what should I do?,But it is what he said.。
Before the three people, they were also curious about this time.,I thought about it for a long time.,Yang Tie said the idea in his heart.。
I heard that Yang I said that Li Hui Hui should be the right to recover.,Yang Li and Feng have no opinions。
After all, he said to Yang Li.,Li Hui Feng is the savior of their family.,And your own daughter is still Li Hui to help send out abroad.。
Feng You don’t have to say,If you don’t have Li Rong, his team is scattered.。
Three people’s arrival,Li Hui is very enthusiastic to let three people enter house。
After introducing a circle,Zhang Duo is decisive to the Yang Tie。
Seeing everyone is looking for a familiar person.,Li Hui Feng more validated those words that Han Shanshan said。
Regardless of the family or individual, only the industry is bigger,There is inevitable a small group,There are small groups that are not terrible,The terrible is that the small group thinks to dig your own industries instead of thinking of growing up.。
With the arrival of Yang Tie,Ye Shuangzhou and Ye Double are also very coming.。
Ye Shuangzhou and Ye Double Double Double Division have been negative for a long time,I feel that Li Fah is not simple.。
Reason,Ye Shuangzhou is not wanting,But afraid of the leaves,So。
Li Hui Feng this meeting,He feels that the big probability is to integrate the industry’s industry and rights.。
Ye Shuangzhou and Ye Shuang have just arrived,Zhao Xiaoling and Zhao Xiaoli also Zhao Xiaoshan also came together.。
Sister and brothers are all formal.。
However, the gas field of the three sisters is quite strong.。

Fatty’s two small eyes scanned Wang Lin once,Smiled slightly:“Or sister sensible,it is good!Where do we go to drink,Have a great drink“

The fat man said,The big hand fat as a bear’s paw went to pull Wanglin,Wang Lin’s quick move,Said sharply:“Drink right here,Please leave without drinking!“
“is it?If i don’t leave?“The fat man’s face showed a fierce light。
Xia Jian can’t sit still anymore,Five women and one man,Things have reached this point,He doesn’t speak anymore,He’s really not a man anymore。
Xia Jian stood up,Pulled Wang Lin behind him,Then smiled and said:“Brother Qiang, right?!I want to drink with you,She is a woman,What wine would you drink“
“go away,Don’t you just give me flowers,What?Still want heroes to save beauty,Just by your body,Still have to come out“The fat man said,Left hand swipe,Chao Xiajian dumped it。
His hand just now,Xia Jian saw it early,Know that his arms are strong,If you bump,He might be like Manager Wang just now,Pushed back by this guy,He doesn’t want this guy to succeed。
The expert reaches out,I know if there is,I saw Xia Jian stretch out his right hand,When I first touched the fat man’s arm,Xun Chaowai area,This trick is what Old Xiao taught him。
Just listen“Ouch“Bang,The fat man’s left arm just hit the belly of his attendant,Although who is strong,Because there is no defense,I was almost pushed back by the fat man。
Fatty is dumbfounded now,He watched Xia Jian for more than ten seconds,Then he smiled and said:“Your kid is hidden,well!I remember you“
Fatty finished,Throw away。Which Manager Wang hurriedly walked to Xia Jian’s side,Speak softly:“You guys go!This person can’t afford“
The less trouble, the better,Xia Jian understood this in his heart,He is attached to Wang Lin’s ear,Said a few words softly,Wang Lin immediately understood what he meant,Smiled to everyone:“All right!Let’s go to my house to play,It’s late”
“Hey!Really disappointed”Alice seems to have not played enough,Although she said that,But people have stood up。
Chen Xia motioned to Dong Na,One on each side,Holding on to Ruth,Follow Xia Jian out of the port of style。Happy times always pass quickly,Xia Jianyi looked at his watch,It’s almost one o’clock,Maybe tomorrow is the reason for the day off,It’s all here,There are still many people in the bar。
six people,Two people are required to go back,When Xia Jian was thinking about this problem,Alice grabbed him and said:“The night view by the river is pretty,Let’s walk together,Sober up Ruth,What do you say?”
This woman seems not crazy enough,If you say no,This might be a bit too demeaning,Xia Jian hesitated,Teeth bite:“Ok!But we have to go back soon”

Andf suddenly heard the voice of the report,It’s also a hop.。

What’s more, he is headed by each other。
Although he is powerful,Can even block bullets,But it is not equal to defending him without preparation.。
The most crucial thing is,I just had an instant,He also felt the threat of life。
“What is wrong?。”
“There is a person who has rushed over there.,And it’s already coming.,high speed。”
Andf heard this,Eye is also cold。
Originally, he just wants to kidnap a hostage.,Moreover, the other person killed the other party and there was no choice but。
But after caught,The opponent’s hard gas is also a surprise he is unprecedented.。
He never thought that someone can resist all his torture.。
I can even say that there is no hope for the top of the blood outside.。
He made it out of humanity,Nothing is to use the value of the last one to use the value,Then put the other party’s small team。
Never thought that the other party actually only one person rushed over。
“Row,I see,But a person,You can use the chaotic gun to die directly.,What I want is that they have to give me death.,Grab my new addiction drug,I still want to run out this jungle.,Simply idle。”
“Chief,I know what you mean.,But the person we have no way to lock。”
Andf frown,Is it still locked with a chaotic gun??
“what happened?
So many people can’t locked?”
“Yes,The other party is too fast。”
Voice is just,The outside is a gun sound,More gunshots,Then he rushed out。
The first time that just rushed out,He stunned。
Other person,Actually, it has been destroyed by his main force.。
“stop,Don’t stop,You may let him see the king.。”
Andef first took the pistol in the top of the top。
Li Huihe heard this,It’s also stunned.。
He didn’t think that the other party would be so despicted.,But thinking of these people,It seems that these people do not despicable。
“You put him.,Otherwise I will revenge him today.,Let this there is no living port。”
Li Hui said that this is full of。
Andf suddenly laughed。
“Dead to the head and dare to wear us?
Kill me!”
One hundred and sixty-five chapters Kill
With the voice of Andf, the voice of this,Other small packets hidden in the dark,Directly start。
Andf is also the end of the 5th.。
How did Li speaks from the wind? Andef actually doesn’t say this.。
Think of the time to train with the fiveth,Although the time is not long,But each other is emotional.。
He remembers the No. 5 is Luzhou.,Perseverality,Be a bold,And it is also a matter of gentleness.。
Li Hui Feng also knows,The reason why the No. 5 is arrested,It is to cover your own brothers to send intelligence.,But I didn’t expect to be such a result.。
Look at the No. 5, which is already unrecognized,Li Hui also is also a long-awaited。

(explain,Fuming at this moment has changed his face)

Wang Zhenming walked slowly to the forge, looked towards Fuming and said:“Who gave you the courage,People who dare to beat my Wang family!”
Fuming and shrugged:“This one。。。Guess what!”
Provocative words,Thoroughly stimulated Wang Zhenming,The stuffiness that has been backlogged these days has completely erupted,Violent surge of energy。
Logically,Like doing something,The patriarch won’t do it,But the sulking he has suffered recently makes him desperately in need of someone to vent!
“Damn you!”
Watching Wang Zhenming approaching step by step,Put energy out of your body,No fear in the eyes!
“Wang Zhenming,what do you want!”
Morfin walked out with Mo Qing,Blocked in front of Fuming,The eyes looking at Wang Zhenming are full of coldness。
Wang Zhenming stopped,Looking at Morfin standing in front of Fuming,A little drumming in my heart,Looking at Morfin and said:“Master Morfin,This is the grudge between me and the kid behind you,Hope you don’t interfere!”
Morfin snorted,Body energy surge“he,I saved,You can leave!”

“Hands on,Can’t wait any longer!”At this moment,Chess master Gu Feijun is a little panicked,He hurriedly said to the dragon shepherd on the chessboard。

Shenmu Qingshenglong will stand a little longer in this battlefield,Will allow the power of the green forest to invade everything around……
This is Shenmu Qingshenglong’s Shenmu talent,No matter how barren the earth is,No matter how bad the surroundings are,Its natural law,Will transform the area into a thriving scene。
So even if not in the dense jungle,Shenmu Qingshenglong can use its powerful method to drive all things!
Gu Feijun saw that their group was being trapped by a dense forest that continued to grow,But a little anxious。
Bull Yanlong!
That is a red wild dragon full of hot flames all over,It has a pair of exaggerated soaring horns,The physique is not inferior to the predator in the ancient dragon。
Arrogant and wild,Flame Possession,Makes this bull and flame dragon look more unstoppable!
It crashed into the Shenmu Qingshenglong,It’s just a huge tumbling ball of fire。
Shenmu Qingshenglong did not retreat,It still stands in the rhizome area like the python nest,The cyan pupils dilated,Its driving method is stronger than in the past,I saw one of the very fast growing seeds,Is pulling up at a faster rate,Turned into a tall silver fir!
Yinshan is on the tumbling path of the bull Yanlong,Suddenly Yinshan came alive,Its branches become wood palms after another,They hugged this bull Yanlong one after another!
Silver fir magic power is infinite,He actually blocked the attack of the Bull Yanlong,And its bark、Branches、The blades are not afraid of flames,Let this bully Yanlong spit out the tongue of fire,The Silver Cedar Demon Guard did not appear to be ignited。

“dad!Aren’t you arrogant?If Xia Jian can take the kids to work,,Then the four of you will be unemployed?What can you do?”

Ma Yan smiled,Deliberately teasing dad。
Ma Dongshan,His face immediately became gloomy,He said angrily:“What do you mean Ma Yan,Do you think your parents are too old to eat idle meals??”
“Oops dad!Ma Yan didn’t mean that。Is such that,Everyone listened to me and agreed with Ma Yan’s reason for going to work。If you think I’m right,I agreed to Ma Yan to go to work。If you think what I said is unreasonable,Can Ma Yan stop going??”
Xia Zecheng saw his son so embarrassed,He immediately raised his hand and said:“Let’s listen to Xia Jian first,Do not agree with us by show of hands”
With dad’s support,Xia Jian now has the right to speak。He smiled and said:“Ma Yan is a cultured,Enterprising woman。Xiping Village can have today,This is inseparable from Ma Yan’s leadership。In addition,Ma Yan gave birth to a child, but we took time off。You have to be credible!If Ma Yan doesn’t go to work, wouldn’t we offend the entire Xiping village?”
“What you say is better than singing。For Xiping Village,Don’t care about the child?”
Sun Yuejuan couldn’t help shouting。
Watching my old lady react so strongly,Xia Jian smiled and said:“mom!Who said I don’t care about the child。Ma Yan works at the village committee of Xiping Village,I’m on a nine-to-five class。In addition to**When feeding,Push this cart,Not only can children and adults exercise,The baby’s feeding problem is not solved”
“this is okay,Isn’t it impossible for us to send the child over”
Xia Zecheng glanced at his wife,Then smiled and said。
Ma Yan’s mother glared and roared:“What if it rains or Ma Yan goes out for a meeting??”
“mom!If it rains,I will come back regularly to feed the baby。And I promise,During my breastfeeding period,I will never go to meetings,Will never leave Xiping Village。I won’t even go to the farm。The farthest place for me is the village committee,It should be fine now!”
Ma Yan tried her best to assure everyone。