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Even though the long sword in his other hand is attacking Chen Xiu fiercely,But all the offense,Were all resolved by Chen Xiu with a small sword,In his feeling,Chen Xiu is like an ancient well,Unfathomable,Can’t find the end。

suddenly,Chen Xiu grabbed his left hand and flicked it。
“what——”Under Chen Xiu,Bai Qinglin suddenly felt an irresistible force,Rushing like mountains,He only had time to yell,The body can’t help but rise into the air。
Chen Xiu cuts out with a sword,At this time, Bai Qinglin has no leverage in the air,There is no room for dodge,Chen Xiu is confident,This sword can kill the opponent。
Bai Qinglin’s best is not swordsmanship、Not fist,But light work,Raise a sigh of anger in the crisis,Arms shaking,I don’t even need to borrow,Followed and went up again,Kankan escaped the Promise Slash from Chen Xiu,Floating on the ground。
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1156 Shocked
Bai Qinglin fell to the ground,I didn’t find it when I just competed with Chen Xiu.,At this time, I saw that the long sword in my hand was cut out by Chen Xiu’s little sword.,The sword body suddenly broke into ten pieces,Can’t help but sigh:“Good sharp sword!”
Staring at it, I saw that the small sword in Chen Xiu’s hand looked unremarkable,There is no sharp weapon,My heart trembled:“Is this……Flying sword!”
“you……Who are you!”
Chen Xiu saw the other party avoiding his Wuji Slash with a brilliant light effort,I also admire,But said funny:“You attack me,He asked me who I am,I want to know who you are!”
Bai Qinglin also recovered from the shock,Sneered:“I don’t care which great god’s nephew you are,You swayed the market by giving Feijian cultivation so low,I won’t grab you,I’m sorry for my conscience!”
With a sound“Up”Word fall,Bai Qinglin stepped out suddenly,The figure floats close to Chen Xiu like a light smoke,Hit more than ten palms in a row。
Chen Xiu didn’t expect Bai Qinglin’s speed to be so fast.,The little sword in his hand just performed a move,Bai Qinglin’s hand knife is about to be cut on his shoulder,Wipe your feet,Dodge the past with the new body method that you just understood。
Bai Qinglin missed a hit,Body shape is even more erratic,No matter how, it flashed to Chen Xiu’s left side and slashed again,Let Chen Xiu be embarrassed and evade again with a new understanding。
Although the light exercise is only an auxiliary martial skill,But practiced,Advance can attack,Retreat can defend,Miss a hit,Travel a thousand miles。

While saying:“child,Of course mom believes。

The old family in our country said,There is a god,Of course I believe。”
“mom,The god I’m talking about is not that god!”
Chen Xiu quickly said what had happened to him。
of course,So as not to frighten mother,He has done all those dangerous things。
“so,The world we know now is not all。
In addition to what we currently know,There are cultivators……They are just like the gods in the legend……” Chen Xiu said everything slowly,I saw my mother and Chen Han were silent,Staring at myself。
Mother Liu Jifen suddenly patted the dishes on the table,Shouted at Chen Han:“fast……Call your dad quickly,That your brother is sick,Let him come back soon!”
“……” Sure enough, it was considered a neurosis,Although I was mentally prepared,Chen Xiu was still speechless for a while,Hurry up:“mom,I’m really not crazy,You have to believe me!”
“mom,My brother is not a mental illness,He speaks so organized,Not like a madman at all!”
Chen Xiu was relieved,Sure enough, my sister knows herself。
Just listen to Chen Han continuing:“I know,My brother liked writing when he was in junior high school,This must be the fantasy story my brother thought about when he went to travel。
Chen Xiu hit the dinner table directly,I really look down on her,This sister seems to be in love。
“You said your brother is not sick,You see he hit the table with his forehead,you……Call your little uncle soon,Let him catch your brother,Let him self-harm。
My poor boy……What’s going oniSouth Tourism……watch movie,Said that the place where the most people have been,Isn’t your brother being poisoned?……” “……” Say you have good imagination,I don’t think my mother can make up my brain better than myself,Chen Xiu was crying without tears,Hurry up and say:“mom、Chen Han,I’m really not mad……” “Mom knows……all know,You must have been poisoned by someone, right。

She swept the nervous look in all people,Laugh:“what happened?Why do you look at me like this?。”

Lu Haozheng asked nervously:“Blue,Is it tasty?”
Blue Xin is watching him slightly,“still alright。”
Everyone:“……”Just watching her time,Obviously very good,How is it not bad??
“hehe……”Lu Hao Cheng smiled,“Blue,This is my first time to kitchen,You feel,I am already very satisfied.。”
“Help,Really changed a person,Lu Hao Cheng,Old people see you like this,I am afraid that I will doubt that you are Lu Hao Cheng.。”Le Yu。
In the face of others, there is a quiet and indifferent,Blue baby,Just like people from the water,Judging two people。
Lu Haocheng did not see her ,Unhappy answer,“How do you see me?,I do not care。”As long as the blue blue feels happiness,He is satisfied。
NS858chapter:elder brother,Do you have money
Le Yu smiles,Looking at Mu Qing,“Mu,You have raised a good son。”
Mu Qing looked at the son,Laugh:“Gather,You are all good children。”
“Ha ha”Yi Tianqi smiles,“Qingqing,You said this.,No one is guilty。”
Mu Qing looked at him,Sincerely speaking sincerity:“I said it is true.,These good children are good children。”
Just because of the reason,Xi Xi’s child is not too much.,The company is also very busy.,Hurt the heart of the child,She has always been very interesting in her heart.。
these years,Their brothers have always accompany them around them.,She is grateful and happy。
Now,She only hopes that these kind children can find their happiness.。
“Uh-huh!It is said that good people have good news.,You are a good child.,Will be happy in the future。”
Yi Tianqi looks at them,A family of people today,Eating is also hot in trouble,Watching TV, noisy,When you read the book, you can quietly,This day is both fun and happiness。
“dad,First of all, you have to be happy.,We can happiness。”
Blue Xin laughs at their husband and wife,Since mother married to Dad,There are more smiles on your face.,These months,I finally didn’t see my mother and shed my mother alone.。
Mu Qing reached out and knead her head,A pet:“Silly girl,Now all the misunderstandings between you and A Cheng have solved,A Cheng and Sisi are better than it.,Your father loves me again.,Now I am now,Happiness than at any time。
I am very happy with your father.,Now we have to look at your happiness.。”
“Mother,I will definitely find a good man.,Marry yourself,Will you worry about you。”
Lu Si is also laughing aside。
Such home,How good,Can let her feel affection and love。
Yi Tianqi smiled,Laugh, love,“Think,I saw that Lei, who sent you back, was quite good.,He is the richest country in Hainan,Almost all ages,It is also good for people.。”
Constims,Facial face,“Yi Dad,People still a young boy,I am a woman who is married away.,Also with a son,How can people see me??”
I haven’t thought about this.,Last a drunk,Let him send himself back,She has always been very interesting in her heart.,I would like to ask him to eat a meal.,Thank you for,Under what he has already returned to Hainan.。
Mu Qing glanced at her,“Then I also take two of you two towers.,Your dad has never been disappointing me.,There is no disappointment of your brothers and brothers.。”
Constims,Eyebrows look at my mother,“Mother,This is different,We are all adults.,Flying or a child。”
Mu Qing looked at it,road:“okay,Don’t say these words in front of children.,This kind of thing is not anyone to say,Depending on your two。”
Lu Si was smiling and nodded.:“Mother,I know,Yet?
I can see it on the eye.。”
Mu Qing low eating,Side:“You are too picky,Finally, I picked a cake.,And you have been biased in the second generation,I always feel that people are old people.,Not working hard enough,you are wrong,The current rich second generation is also very hard,You look at the child,Landscape,Scene,Which is not from going to work?。”
“Mother,Will those people and the child mens??

Before everyone is surprised,Giant python swings its tail,Don’t look at its huge size,The action is unusually quick,Without waiting for everyone to react,Suddenly, three more masters were swept by the tail of the snake,Directly flew into the air。

Shenlong’s tail is just like that! Under the huge attack power of the giant python,What body protector Zhenqi is now a paper armor,The moment the three of them were swept by a snake’s tail,The bones of the whole body are already broken,Fate。
Their bodies were thrown into the air,Giant python opened his mouth,Just quietly waiting for their bodies to fall into their mouths。
“it……It’s terrible,It’s not human!”
“waste,It is not human,It’s a snake!”
“I……I mean,It’s not a snake……It’s a fine snake spirit!”
“It has to be a snake if it becomes a fine snake!”
The person next to see that they are still carrying the bar at this time,Can’t help but shout:“At this time, I still care if it is a snake,This thing is not something we can deal with,Run quickly!”
He shouted,Everyone wakes up like a dream,One after another, they started to rush towards the valley outside。
The python is chasing all the way from behind,As long as there is a master who runs slightly slower,It’s a bite,Occasionally one or two people who have the ability to resist at most。
There are only two tricks at most,There is absolutely no chance of making the third move, it is already a snack for the giant python。
Watching hundreds of people being driven away by giant pythons,But in the blink of an eye,Has been swallowed by more than ten masters,Chen Xiu can’t help being secretly strange:“Where are the ancestors of the eight great families?,Why don’t you make a move at this time?,Did they just watch their masters become food for boa constrictors??”
When Chen Xiu was confused,I saw seven figures in the darkness bypassing the python,Moving at a rapid speed towards the bottom of the valley。
Chen Xiu immediately recognized that the man in front was the man in red who injured the wolf king with a nine-ring sword last night.,And the people behind him are naturally six of the ancestors of the eight great families。
He understood it all at once,I can’t help shaking:“All say the rich are ruthless,Today is the reality version。

Leo looked at some anthropomorphic phone bugs,Stared again,Then patted the head of the phone。

It hurts!
The phone worm shrank his head,Calmly spread the word again。
“Marshal of the Warring States Period,Where do you start?You know what Leo is like,Never proactively cause trouble,The only big thing in my mind is the capture of pirates!Did you know that I killed thousands of pirates with one blow the other day??Correct,Don’t praise me this is what I should do!”
“I praise your sister,Caused me such a big thing,Still count on me to praise you?What you think is beauty,If it’s not for the sake of killing a lot of pirates before you,I want you to look good!”
The Warring States continued to curse,Leo listens honestly。
Leo kept staring at the phone bug,Phone worm dare not presumptuous,So Sengoku’s curse is not so bad,It won’t make you angry if you scold it。
Although I can’t solve the person who scolded me,But I can threaten my phone worm。
Scolded for a while,The Warring States period just hummed and said:“Talk about it,What are you going to do now?”
“Follow the marshal’s orders,Obeying orders is the bounden duty of the navy!”
“Ha ha,That’s not what Wu Lao Xing said just now,They said you scolded him,Is it real?”
“Absolutely not,I, Leo, admired the five old stars since childhood,How could I scold Wu Lao Xing,This is definitely slander!”
Warring States hummed twice,Leo did this thing smartly,From the beginning to the end, I didn’t admit that the phone was five old stars,If you scold like this, you will scold。
“You really plan to listen to my orders?”The Warring States suddenly said。

“What’s the use of this thing?Can cause damage to the Dragon?”

Leo smiled:“of course can,Strong people like you don’t feel strong enough,But the strength of those Tianlong people is very average,After eating this food, the pleasure will last for a long time,The most important thing is that this thing is addictive!”
Hancock curled his lips in disdain:“so what,Those dragons do nothing all day long,Even if you are addicted!”
“no no,This thing looks like a good thing,But this is actually a poison,A poison that can cause permanent damage to nerves!”Leo continues to explain。
This thing is the same as the contraband in the previous life,All addicted,But the destructive power of this thing is much stronger。
May be because the world itself is very strong,The effect of this thing is also exceptionally strong。
For ordinary people,This little white dumpling can make people excited all day,Seems to become a god。
And there will be no debilitating side effects,The body will not feel any discomfort afterwards。
but,This thing is still addictive,Because it’s so hilarious to use。
“Hancock, you don’t know,When I found this thing on that island,The monsters around have powerful bodies,But one by one has no IQ at all!”
“If i guess right,This food will have a great impact on the nerves after eating,And can be inherited,Otherwise, it is impossible for those small monsters to look like dementia!”
Heard Leo’s words,Hancock’s spirit is restored again。
“What you said is true?This thing can turn people into fools?And can be inherited?”

Ji Yunfeng changes the pictures on the screen from time to time,Talk to the participants。

He has a clear mind,New ideas,Zhang Wenya nodded while listening to him,Can see,She very much agrees with his design。
After Ji Yunfeng explained his design plan,Zhang Wenya let people present their opinions。
The first speaker is Ma Wenyuan,Yushi can feel,When Ma Wenyuan spoke,Mother kept looking at her intentionally or unintentionally,Seems to want to hear her opinion too。
and so,After Ma Wenyuan finished his speech,Yu Shi also humbled his thoughts:“Season manager,The first thing to be sure is,Your design is wonderful,Yunshuijian、Chen Xilin、Wenchang Pavilion、The names and shapes of the four landscapes of Pinnacle Terrace are good,Reminds me of the classical gardens in Suzhou。The four landscapes are distributed in the four directions of the residential area,Residents can enjoy flowers、Playing in the water and doing some fitness activities,Very thoughtful。Just a little,Season manager,I wonder if we can design a luminous runway winding through the entire residential area,such,It can take over the various areas well,And better meet the needs of community residents。but,The runway cannot overlap the other four landscapes,Avoid mutual influence……”
This is the first time that Yu Shi has been in front of his mother and company executives,Speak at important meetings。Her debut gave her mother Zhang Wenya a great shock。
The executives of the company sitting there also whispered,It seems,The daughter of Hengneng founder Han Honglang really did not disappoint。
Zhang Wenya took the lead in agreeing to her daughter’s proposal,Ma Wenyuan and other company executives who participated in the meeting all agreed。
Reasonable advice to Party A,Ji Yunfeng naturally adopted,Immediately indicated that the design will be modified as required。
The meeting continues,After some discussion,The design plan is finalized。Next,Just need Yunfeng design to improve as required。
After the meeting,Zhang Wenya personally sent Ji Yunfeng out,Yushi and Ma Wenyuan followed them。
Ji Yunfeng always feels that Yushi and Zhang Wenya look very similar,Especially a pair of eyes,Equally clear,Smart,Shining with wisdom。
Got in the car,Ji Yunfeng is still thinking,Han Honglang、Korean Poems Surnamed Han,Will they be father and daughter?If you are a father and daughter, you can explain it,Otherwise, why don’t the host do Korean poems?,I want to be a small employee in the design department of Hengneng Real Estate?It is not impossible for the chairman’s daughter to train at the grassroots level。

Liu Zimin asked about Feng Xiaowei’s injury quickly,A few words of greeting,Then turned and left。This young man has a very good brain。What to listen to,What should not be heard,He has a big idea。

Feng Xiaowei saw Liu Zimin was gone,He put the plastic bag in his hand on Xia Jian’s desk and said:“A new breakfast shop opened on the street,His buns are so delicious,I brought you two”
Feng Xiaowei said,Turn around and go,Xia Jian couldn’t even say a word of thanks。Seeing her in a straight military uniform slowly disappearing into my sight,Xia Jian’s heart suddenly filled with an unnamed touch。
Human hearts are grown in flesh,Xia Jian is no exception。Eating hot buns,He suddenly remembered Zhao Hong。Zhao Hong used to take care of her daily life。 Zhao Hong is gone now,Xia Jian now knows the importance of a woman next to a man。
Meeting in the afternoon,He has to prepare some materials。If you have a computer,This is much easier to handle。But the reality is that there is no internet,His laptop is in the car。But Xia Jian didn’t want to get it。Because he did,A little showy ingredient in it。
He doesn’t want to be the enemy of the public。Xia Jian was thinking about this,Took out the pen,Start writing materials for the meeting。Since it’s the township’s cadre meeting,The content of this meeting must be comprehensive。Some people live far away,It’s not easy to come to the village。So he has to rectify the content of this meeting。
Liu Zimin came to find Xia Jian,He saw Xia Jian sorting out the village materials by himself,He quietly retreated。
Xia Jian worked in Pingyang Town for a while,So he is very familiar with this process。It’s not noon,Several large pages of meeting content have been written。When Liu Zimin came to see him open the water,Seeing Xia Jian’s speed so fast。
He couldn’t help but smiled and asked:“Chief Xia is a secretary, right?!The writing skills are so strong”
“me!Didn’t even graduate from high school,I can’t even talk about this secretarial。This is a draft,Some places you don’t understand come over and ask me。You’d better arrange the content of this meeting in advance”Xia Jian said,And handed over the draft。
This is so happy that Liu Zimin,He took the draft that Xia Jian gave him,Run away。
First1871chapter Forced position
Ma Yan recovered quickly。This makes those who are worried very happy,But one of her decisions,Makes everyone very puzzled。That is,She is determined to resign as the head of Xiping Village。
This makes Tong Jie’s head bigger,She really doesn’t know what happened to Ma Yan?Did she get hurt this time,Related to her being the head of Xiping Village?But the police have not solved the case so far。
Tong Jie knows clearly,Xia Jian is the only one who can persuade,But the burden on Xia Jian’s shoulders is so heavy,She really can’t bear to call him again。But Xia Jian couldn’t show up,Ma Yan won’t listen to anyone。
Just when Tong Jie was worried about this,Secretary Lu knocked on the door and walked in。He glanced at Tong Jie,Then lowered his voice and said:“Party members in Xiping Village voluntarily organized a party member study meeting,They are at this meeting,Provisionally passed a vote,Is to let Song Fang temporarily serve as the head of Xiping Village”
“What a mess。Who gave them such a big right,Who organized this meeting?”Tong Jie listened to the fire,I couldn’t help but yelled loudly。

Full of anti-toxic properties,As if to have a curse,Erodes the user’s soul,Full of mysterious charm and infinite temptation to desire,It seems that once you put it on,An extraordinary vision will happen。

“In real life,No one should have something that looks so disgusting to wear……But in the game,It is a powerful piece of equipment with abnormal attributes and tactical significance。”Red eyes thought in my heart。
at this time,Facing the impending poison circle behind,Red eye will again“Rocky’s Mask”Put on,Hands open,As if hugging,So that the green smoke filled the sky over my body。
Red eye watchingHPDrop speed,Basically every second-2.5HPThe speed is decreasing……
Redeye almost forgot that she was out of medicine,Just to take the mask,Only 34 blood left when running poison,Still dare not stay too much in the drug circle。
“Thump thump——”
Red Eye jumped onto the off-road vehicle beside him at the fastest speed,Started the engine,Boom the throttle,It started again to chase the safety boundary ahead。
When he enters the safe zone again,The blood volume is fixed at12.5HP。
“If there is no mask,Really dead in the poison ring,Really a good outfit!I love it so much!”Red Eye shouted to the oncoming wind in the car。
When the red eye thought of the opener last week,The attributes of the mask have not been urgently weakened by the official,Can reduce the poison attribute damage by 90%。
It means that the player wearing the mask only drops every second in the virus circle1HP,If the medicine is sufficient,There can even be perpetual movement in the poison circle,It’s really an extremely unbalanced piece of equipment,Xu Tian is not wrong to lose to it……
The Fool’s company just saw its overpower,Only Ling Chi,The attributes have been greatly weakened and adjusted。
Although it’s not that powerful now,But it is still a treasure that players want to fight for in a game。
Fortunately it is the only item,Otherwise there will be a final moment in the game,When the poison circle is reduced,There is also an embarrassing scene of a group of people playing and playing inside……
“Tian Shao,where are you?I am ready。”Red Eye Asks Xiang Xu Tian。
“Come to church,CSee you!”Xu Tian replied。
When the red eye drove out of the dense forest,I heard the bell from the church not far away。

Dean anxious。

Fang Yu hung up。
Let Zhang Yue complete the procedure and notify herself,Then take a taxi back to the hospital!
This time,What’s the matter again?
First99chapter You don’t trust me!
“You doctors,Can it work?……My son has been in the operating room for a long time!”
Emergency room。
The patient’s family is making trouble!
Fang Yu arrived in a hurry,But was pulled aside by the dean。
“The patient was delivered at noon……There is a cyst at the back of the neck!I heard from Doctor Qiu,You don’t recommend surgery……But it’s not enough for the patient’s family!
right now,In operation!”
Dean Chang sighed lightly。
Fang Yu hesitated。
If so,That must be Tucker。