otherwise,He alone wolf,But will be lonely,Although these world origins can enhance his strength,But his wife Red Wolf is the most important。

The reason why he desires power,Just want to protect everything he has,But only power,So that he can protect everything he has。
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Seven Accompanied by longevity
“gift?Husband,what is this?Feels so beautiful。”
The Red Wolf looked at the light blue light that suddenly appeared in front of him,Curiously asked,She can perceive,After seeing the light blue light in front of me for the first time,Her heart is very eager to get the light blue light in front of her。
but,She is now,I won’t make trouble like before,Her husband finally came back,And brought her a gift,Seeing her husband’s solemn expression,This gift must be very valuable。
If this is what her husband has gotten by working hard in other worlds,Then she would rather not,Moreover,She lacks nothing now,Eat and drink,Life like this is pretty good。
“This is the origin of the world,The patriarch gave me just now,My current strength has reached its limit,Only break the limit,To become stronger,To see the scenery higher up。”
“And these world origins,Can improve your strength,Decades are too short,I want to live long with you。”
After hearing the question from Mrs. Red Wolf,Said with a smile,No concealment,He longs for longevity,But he also wants his wife to accompany him for a long life。
not to mention,The origin of these worlds is really given to him by the patriarch,If not for the patriarch’s arrival,I’m afraid he at the moment,Can only escape back to the territory of the monster race in embarrassment。
therefore,Big Big Wolf vowed to fulfill his family’s orders,Teach those demon kings,There is also the guy with pig,He wants to beat the pig gang hyena into the one that can’t be sunbathing for months。
He has to go all out to make magic weapons,And the army of millions of puppets,only if,So he won’t let down the kindness of his family grown up。