I’m almost busy,It’s lunch time!

When they want to take turns back to eat,Pan Yulin came over with the insulation box。
“mom……How did you come?”
Fang Yu walked over,Caught the insulation box。
“I’m not seeing you not coming back……Seems a little busy today?”
Pan Yulin Tucaodao。
“is a bit……Might be better this afternoon!”Fang Deyun said。
“I asked my son!”
Pan Yulin gave Fang Deyun a blank look,Displeased。
Fang Deyun didn’t ask himself to be boring,Eat by yourself。
“Hello auntie!”
Just when Fang Yu was eating,Shu Ling came over。
“you are?”
Pan Yulin saw the fresh and pleasant Shu Ling,Confused。
At the same time he glanced at his son in confusion。
When is there another girl?
Fang Yu looked helpless。