“They both pointed their guns at each other,Xu Tian spoke,It seems to be complimenting Louis XI’s elaborate style of play in order to seduce the Firebirds snipers,At the same time, he also wanted to seeFive-seveNThe power of……”

“too frightening,7HPLouis XI can be shot with just one http://www.chuauto.cn more shotGAME OVER,But if he successfully kills Xu Tian,Will be done‘5kill’Reversal!”
“Louis XI did not speak,But shot Xu Tian directly,Hit Xu Tian at least three shots in an instant!”
“Xu Tian wears body armor and helmet,Although he suffered a lot of damage,But did not affect his useM4A1The assault rifle fought back frantically in the direction of Louis XI!”
“Tutu tutu!Tutu tutu!”
“The space is too small,Such a short distance,Both have a chance to win!”
“System notice,GhostThe team was wiped out!The Red Firebirds achieved the final victory!”
“Win!!!Xu Tian won the final victory!Let’s congratulate Team Firebirds!Bird Of Fire,Young phoenix spreads its wings,Must soar in the sky!”
“at the same time,All members of the Firebird team where player Xu Tian belongs will be qualified for the trial training of the top team of the professional league tournament!Let us wish them a better road tomorrow!Believe that soon,We can see this group of young people active in the top court!”
Xu Tian on the sofa seemed to have a sleep,Woke up awkwardly,Question and answer:“is it?I haven’t seen this interesting person online since then,‘LY11’This oneIDPermanently sealed by the Ghost Team,No Louis XI has ever participated in any competition……”
Xu Tian checked the contents of the envelope,This is almost consistent with the information in his previous investigation,Nothing new。
“Data One:Glory Gun Southeast Asia Server,GameID:Ghost.LY11,Average kills per game1.89,Average number of deaths per game0.59,Comprehensive glory value8.71,Altogether only18Game record,before17Pistols used in the field,Never used a sniper rifle,Especially good atFive-seveN。”
“This also explains why he changed his gun in the end,This should be his most confident way……How did he play in just a dozen games,Have such a deep understanding of games,Arranged such a weird tactic?Could it be that he has other accounts?Glory Gun is bound to ID card,There can only be one account in the same region……”
“Data two:2019yearWSTGAfter the Grand Prix finals,Ghost.LY11Become online‘Pistol god’,But it’s ridiculous,Many people still think that if he didn’t change his sniper rifle,And set up an ambush,There is a chance to complete the counterattack。”
“Netizens did not http://www.0730cn.cn see his determination at that time!If he shoots four shots in one place and takes away all my teammates,I can’t figure out his position yet,Then I don’t have to play professionally……”
“Data Three:Ghost.LY11Internet address is encrypted,Countless hackers want to reveal his true identity,But nothing。”
“This is the mysterious place of ghosts。”
“Data Four:Through investigationGhostTeam,Its members are mostly European passers-by,Belongs to a folk shooting hobby club,Frequent staff changes,Strong liquidity,apart fromGhost.LY11Used time online,No further clues。”