Month: January 2001

Back to your home,The lawn is not like him in front of Zhaojun.。The passage of things may be like that,Zhao Zhaojun heard that Gao Zhan died in the hand of the horse,On the Rob World,So anger attacking,Pain。

I am killed by people.。
Is it completely innocent??
So deruct foil can completely let your grandfather killed by Zhao Zhaojun.?
also can not。
Why did Ju Zhaojun killed a clear?,But chase traceable,But it is necessary to understand,Gao Zhan’s prohibition team,Why is it hit by a horse?,And finally the whole army is not covered。
more importantly,Why is the HOYT?,Let the high-defense high-profile Jinyang to let Yan Zhaojun come to the life and death!This fact is too suspicious.。So when I suddenly said this.,Wild Rollers have left a heart,Did not write your emotions on your face。
Because he thought of a terrible guess,Can’t say it when I said。
Just a roller gold dinner has not eaten dinner,When thinking in the study,Achi hurriedly came to the study in the study,Hand holding a bamboo tube with snowflakes!
“master,Alang’s letter,100,000 fire!”
Demonstration,Immediately quickly grabbed bamboo tubes in the hands,Disassemble。
“Father,I gradually calmly,Your Majesty will send the world to send high Zhu Jinyang,In fact, in half a road, it is destroyed.。I have arranged,Wenshan can get out,Enron Back Jinyang。
The Queen is to hide the eyes and ears,May be unfavorable to the world,Look at my father to go back one or two。Qi Dang Political Bureau,Father must not be credible to others,Worship。”
Paper falls to the ground,The law of gold has never returned to God for a long time.,That’s in this idiot!
“master,What’s wrong??”
Api is going to see that it is a sick of the old man.。
“I am fine.,You go out.。”
Amusen gold closed eyes,Unable swing hands,I didn’t see the hero of Jin Ge Tiema.。
He now,It seems to be an ordinary old man。
It is quite weak,Some dementia,Even the white hair on the head is more。
a long time later,Mr. 律 金 金 眼,That turbid eyeball has a variety of light flashes。He slowly bowed down,Picking the paper,Put it on the oil lamp to burn ash。
He opened a drawer of the bookcase,Take a letter from inside,This is the letter of his second son’s arms to write from Qi Prefecture.。
The law of the lawnie will see the letter from the prove in provertions ten days.,Slightly frown,Sigh。
“Vision,I am not as good as me.!”
On the fight,Billow is only a first-class level,It’s far more than the alttermium light。
But compare political vision,Amarantma is more than not prove。Sure enough, it’s more than the hour.,Do you have some painful feelings??
The roller is in the letter to tell the old man.,Jinyang Xianbei General Station Team,It is impossible to exist independently,Jinyang has no one here to lead Qi State,Finally, I have to say a good time.。
Because only a high-ranking person can get food from Hebei Family.,Gain,Get enough weight to support the Jinyang Corps!People, Hebei, is not selling fresh polar people.!
If the laws of the Rob are going to speculate,May I want to think about what“Potential stock”Can be utilized。

Her daughter Gao Lihua is only one year old,Parental,I am afraid of living for three days.。

Shanleo is not a fool,I really want this knife.,Gao Bao is dead,The whole country is not a mess,I don’t know how many people who want to die.。
“I come to Fuyang,Negotiable with Wang Lin,In fact, I can’t come to Fuyang City.。You go back to me.。”Gao Bo Yi lightly seizes the solitary hand,The other party is gently struggling.,Finally, I gave up struggle.。
“I do not want to go,Where do you want to go?,It’s very good here.。”
Although Shanleo has not taken out from Gao Baoyi’s hand,But still shake the head calm,The mind is very resolute。
certainly,This is also in high-ali。
He just nodded slightly.,No continuing this topic。
“This Xiangyang City,Live in the future, it is not necessarily safe.,Wang Lin wants to go。”Gao Bao looks at the eyes of Shanleo,Sink。
His expression and expression,Let Shanleo remember that when he was in Chang’an,That wise and stable and charming Gao Baoyi。
The whole person is awkward。
After a moment,She embarrassed her hand from Gao Baoyi’s hands.,Double hands flat,Some embarrassment:“So you come this time,It is to persuade Wang Lin to Huainan.?”
She is in Xiangyang City,You can always hear various messages,Many of them are related to Wang Linjun to Huainan.。Wang Lin’s lady Cai,Also said to Shanleo,After the future, after the city,What should you take care?。
“Yes,Nor。These things say that,Third words and two words are also difficult。”
Gao Baoyi tired swing hand。
“Just drunk,All being put it out?”
Single gongro has a little understanding,Gao Bao Yi’s vigilance,Can’t stop drunk when I am in the city of others.。
If he is so embarrassed,The graphic grass is estimated to be five feet.。
“It’s all done to Wang Lin.,That occasion,How can I talk about things?。One hundred people,There is a hundred ideas,If Wang Lin agrees,Some of him disagree,Pleasant on the wine table,Don’t you?”
really,This is Gao Baoyi.!
Single Acido,Even if you haven’t seen it more than a year,This person is still the same as the previous style.。
Sensitive and deep,Chest。
Single Acid suddenly sighed,many things,It looks full of accidental,In fact, it is inevitable.。I met Gao Boyi,Just like gratitude,Can’t avoid being avoided by the other party。
The only accident is just a child.。
“Siyu is too simple,Not suitable for homing。The emperor of Li’s Queen is unhappy,She almost pays everything,No regrets。East Palace,Sir,Let you choose。
You don’t feel that you are in a name with me.?Then I will support you。”
Gao Bao’s eyes were burning and looked at Shanleo,That God wants to melt people。Shanleo, I feel difficulties in breathing for a while.,Soft is scary。
“I am not suitable。So many people have been hurt now,Still don’t hurt innocent people。You will let me live quietly in Xiangyang City,Well-established,Lihua is also,They can be with you,Marriage is arranged by you。
Don’t force me??”
Shanle gado chest together,It’s hard to stabilize your heart.,Say like this。
Actually,Gao Baoyi said,Although she may not really fight?,But my heart is still very useful。
“Those who can say later,Take this time back to me?。”
Gao Bo Yi took a solitary waist,Kiss her face asked。
“Don’t really don’t work。I can’t go back to Yucheng with you.。”Solitary,It is hugging Gao Bo Yi.。

The referee is wanting to remind it before,But I was hit by my peers.。

“forget it,Let him do this,This chess is now put on TV,Let him significantly show ugly。”
“Don’t this affect his opponent??”
“Can you see it?,His opponent strength is better than him,The mentality is also better,More than half of this chess is he won.。”
This weak 窸窣,This should not be heard by others.,But the sagie is really heard.。
Do not know why,He always hears those very weak sounds。
He can not explain this,He did check,But the doctor gives the answer is that your ear is normal.,Nothing is too sensitive。
He can now hear a smooth breathing of the science,And heartbeat。
Hejian is a TV with TV from the distance.,I can’t help but shout:“Savi!What are you doing?!I am not given yesterday, gave a plan to deal with this layout?,Taken it!”
Ke Lande will use this layout so much,The winning rate is so terrible,I have already attracted other people’s attention.,As a teacher of the nine-paragraph, He Zheng, of course, has worked hard for a week.。
He speculates that this is the number of seats,Since he is more energetic。
But from the first hand,Siu Wu did not follow him.。
The countermeasure of the Hegu is after being hanging angles,Hurry,Let him go directly to this layout。
Reason,This is the most sensible choice!No, don’t get this.!This is like a competitive competition.,Hero who has encountered a really impartban,Don’t let go of the head。
But the saga is still put.,Choose a small flying role after being hanging angle,Let the discipline have completed this layout again。
Immediately, the fire is starting from black chess.,In the first12Hand starts chess pieces,arrive24Hand started a new round,Black and white is like a ghost,Until now。
Corona acts with the fingers that have just been punching,Have to admit that the hammer is still comfortable or comfortable。
Three-headed lion returned to the Luzhou,One of the lions, the face of the head is almost hit.,There is also a bunch of bones in your mouth。
These bones are the chess pieces that are discarded,The words of the meat are too early.,It only grabs the bones,This is the exquisite is full.。
Running is like adjusting the mindset,Re-fall
That was smashing the lion head immediately handed over the main control position.,The second lion head becomes the main output point。
It is going to stop time loss.,I want to find a situation to drag in the situation。
However, the science is not intended to make him so simple.。
63hand,Get started。
Continue to attack first after I finish,73Hand and hanging will move the battlefield to above,Continue to fly cross-stranded power chess!
Finally at the top85Hand moment,Playing the board,The power of the fingertips is again charged.!
This feeling,It is coming again.。
Get up,Cross the entire chessboard,A boxing on the opponent’s face!
debuffSuccessful! Eat bubble surface without seasoning bag,Last half a year
You manage thisdebuff?
Or,You manage this curse attack effect?
Science is scratched,I always feel that this is a little difference with yourself.。
Before he thought this is a very dark skill,Will give the opponent some unfortunate,For example, disease,Such as wound,Therefore, I have never dare to fist.,I am afraid that people who should hurt should not hurt.。
Although there is a terrible thing to eat if you have no conditioning bags in the bubble surface in half a year.,But considering the identity of this buddy,It seems that you don’t need to eat bubble noodles.,This curse can be said to be not painful for him.。
no!I have to play!

Zheng Keperta90After,Near a round,Obviously, it is already a uncle.。

But then,A generation of people have a generation of people,This is not only reflected in life,Also reflected in work,with90After dealing,That is, I am very comfortable。Like the old friends of the old week,Every time I see him,I like to chat with him.,Or a guest,Or smashing short,Let him very annoying,Not still refused,He is not like wishing the double, you are really talking to those uncle.。
Zheng Kee is different。
Day a day,In addition to some of the demon blame,There is no false guest,An attitude of the Laozi, a person outside the work, does not want to dry。
It’s very comfortable。
At this moment,Originally in the 槐 序,Squirmed the tie under our suit,Mild look,Smile:“All right,You two children,Don’t always talk back to others。”
When I left a forehead, I turned several black lines.,He felt that Zheng Kee came back.。
Yin Le is also very:“what happened to him?”
Zhou Zhi shook his head and said。
The doorbell came from outside。
Yin Le went to open the door。
Zheng Kee came to the room with two people.,And them discuss the trip tonight and tomorrow、Details and precautions。
The task of Zhou is very simple,Just go together to meet the big demon,Take a bridge for both parties,Make a introduction,The first meeting of both parties is not so stiff。
This is important to say that it is not important.,No point in deficiencies,But to say small,It is also not seen that there are many celebrities in history, there is a middleman in front of the bridge.,Even if I am now,What cooperation must be in the country that is not intended?,It is often also a middleman.,Sometimes the role of the middleman is extraordinarily,One of the profitables will also pay dividends in other forms。
The team of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will meet him tonight.。
Tomorrow, ten o’clock tomorrow,Formally welcome the demon country,Location is outside the capital city,In ancient times, the demon country is here.,They will appear directly from here。
Then it is a meal。
Two days later, they will visit a famous painting and calligraphy master.,Now that you have not set whether you want to accompany the week.,Should still look at the performance,If the Zhouzhi and the opponent’s master are particularly harmonious,It should be the same as going。
Discuss,Re-three-core confirmation,Subsequently Zheng Ke, a person, rushing away。
The old monster is soft in bed.,think about life。
Yin Le, which is still staying in the room,Doubt:“Are you really idle??Still being crowded by others?So there is nothing to do。”
Yin Le:MMP
Yin Lei smile,http://www.fumiaoplastics.cnAgain:“I am specially applying to accompany you.!I have to go to the demon country tomorrow.!and!only!I!”
Why do you do this?
Zhou Zhiwei,The expression is still flat.:“Oh,Then you have mixed very well.,It seems that you are mixed in a few.。”
“Hard to say。”
“That is eight or nine, not left ten.。”
Yin Le is aiming to him,Narrow oneself:“Where did you promise me a demon king??When is it??”
“A group of people here!”
The group struggled in Zhou Zhili,It seems that I want to stand up,Say your little body is full of this only eyes。
Zhou Zhiyu,Side of a group,While Yin Le:“I don’t believe it,The reason why the group is called a group,Not my name,It is almost all monsters, and she is called a group.,Including the demon foreground old forest clock,Lin Zhong, you have heard of it.?” “Ding Ding famous”
“So the group is an adult is a demon king.!And accompany the demon king for more than two thousand years,Lin Zhong has to give her face,Her ride on the head。”
“You are engaged in me?”Yin Le is,“Let this cat on the table at the time.,Let everyone ask her.,Let the Minister respect for her to feed her cat food.?”
“喵 喵!Human door!”

The most convenient blog post,It’s reasonable,Inspirational to earn scholarship,Make friends with various student cadres,Hibiscus is easy to solve the single problem,Narcissus can open the forum。

“Which restaurant earns the most money?”This is what Lu Yi cares about。
Asked a few restaurants,They are secretive about the salary of their recruited part-time students,In the end, Lu Yi could only choose the most affordable……Yes,The one who is in charge‘Mingli Restaurant’!
Feng Xichuan and Zhao Ping enter“Mingli Restaurant”Time,I found a crowd of people in front of the big screen of the restaurant,Comparable to the World Cup every four years,Or annualNBAAudience,Something unusual must have happened。
“go,Let’s go in and see what these people are doing!”Feng Xichuan Road。
“Uh uh,Good president!”Zhao Ping followed,The two squeezed in。
“Viewers!Players all over the world who love e-sports!Hello everyone!I am your old friend——Severn。Today is3month20day,A special day,Below we will witness together‘Glory Gun’An extraordinary moment of great significance in history。First of all, let us have a distinguished guest——From the Chief Chairman of the Esports Global Council、International‘Fool Company’Zhuge·Mike,Announce this exciting news for us!”
“It turned out to be a live broadcast of the conference!What news can make such a big battle?”Feng Xichuan was very surprised。
“This Zhuge·Is Mike very good?”Zhao Ping asked。
“You don’t even know him?He is the chief designer of the Gun of Glory!A crazy scroll in five years1Billion-dollar super rich,Known as‘The most business-minded in the world’Businessman、‘The world’s most beautiful design concept’Designers and‘Closest to the future’Programmer!”Feng Xichuan, as a hardcore player, naturally knows。
“Countless inspirations in the Gun of Glory come from his wisdom!It can be said,Zhuge·Mike is the founder of modern e-sports shooting games!”A famous crowd on the side followed Feng Xichuan’s words and introduced。
“This person is so awesome?But which country is the name of?”Zhao Ping asked again。
“He is a mixed Chinese and German,You see,He came out!”The onlookers began to boil,Zhao Ping saw Zhuge in the live broadcast·Mike,He looks a bit like a young version of Jobs,Round-frame glasses show rationality and wisdom,Looks the most age40Early years。
“Dear viewers,Users of the Global Glory Gun,Every player who loves games,Hello!Please allow me to use it separately today10Languages of different countries,Introduce to you‘Fool Company’Go through5A brand new game developed over the years,You can call it‘Glory Gun2’,But we prefer to call it‘Battle of Glory’!”
“Battle of Glory???!!!”
The onlookers did not expect Fools to release a new game when the Gun of Glory is in full swing.,I am full of questions and expectations about what kind of game this is.?
I saw the big screen black,Start a promotionCG。
“here is1088Doomsday broadcast……in case……If you can hear this message,please tell me……Has the human catastrophe arrived……”
“A.D.2065year,One namedTP‘The Prophet’Of alien viruses spread wantonly on the earth,We call it‘Prophet Virus’。As a signal for alien civilization to invade the earth,This viral vector spreads through the air,Once inside the body,The brain will be‘Parasite’Gradually swallowed……The memory of the infected person will gradually be lost within a week,We call the infected‘Fool’or‘A Fool’……”
“After full infection,“Fool”Our brains will be occupied by higher-level alien civilizations and consciousness,Become an alien creature under the human appearance——‘Star Traveler’。‘Traveler’Cruel and cold,Dangerous cunning!With high-level intelligence, they use the spread of interstellar civilization as an excuse,Constantly squeezing the resources of the earth……”

finally,Before reaching the end point,He caught his teammates.。

IGEveryone,Stone pillar around the summoner award,Waiting for everyone to arrange the team。
Hand of everyone,Stretched into the trophy carrying countless dreams and sweat。
Start,Some cold feelings。
But at the same time,Palace clever,Holding this trophy in your hand,There is a very wonderful feeling in his heart.。
“Hold a cup,IG!”
Along with Tuan Zeyuan sentence,In the picture,IGEveryone raises the trophy,Stretch。
Golden rain,Again。
Chapter 206 That’s it
In the moment, in the gold rain again,Palace Qing seems to be blocked,Play once again’s ability。
next moment,The audience is like a rider of the hill tsunami.。
Palace Qing’s line of view,The audience under the stage have some already stand up,At this time, I am excited to wavily waving the fist.。
Each of them is very excited.,His face is also slightly red。
And everyone on the pair of palace,The expression on the face will become excited。
And after this,The golden rain in the field,Suddenly big。
Lens conversion,Some things will cover their attention.。
But can’t see clearly,Excited expression on each player。
Sand fish live platform,S8Official live broadcast。
The barrage at this time,It is enough to describe the sky,Side a dialog box to send the barrage,Even a word is unclear。
Can only pass through the big screen,That has already covered the screen of the screen to see the discussion of the audience.。
And the popularity of live broadcasts,Also broke through 100 million。
“Lying trough lying trough lying trough!IGWon the championship,Have a championship!”
“LPLThe first champion!Ah, ah, ah.!I can’t help but I can’t hold it.!”
“I have cried.,real,I cried it on the street.,The people next to it now think I am neuropathy.。”
“My goodness,real,IGWon the championship,I am a little linked.,I me, I really don’t know what to say.”
“Trough!Dengfeng,IG,You have done it!”
“My goodness,I really didn’t think,This year’sLPLCan take a champion。IG,I love you!”
“Wow,I am still awkward.,is this real?Do we really win??”
“front,it is true,IGReally won,We really did it.,LPLThe first champion!”

The Qing Palace slowly went to the front of Rayley,Looking at the wounds of her neck, slow down slowly,The heart is also ate slightly.。

Although there is a past memory,But this situation is true for the first time.。
“You are also a magician?”Qing Palace,Staring at Rayley,“did not expect,I heard that the legend is actually true.。”
“call”Girl slows out a breath,Subsequently, it took a look at the look of a trace of interest in the Qing Dynasty.,“This is the first time I was killed by this attack.,but,You still don’t kill me.。”
“You are a metamorphosis?”Rao is a Qing Palace,It is also a bit unreliable for Ray Li.,Frankly,“If you really want to die,I can satisfy you。”
“Then you do it.。”Rayley’s elegant standing,Interests, look at the Qing Palace,It seems that I am very interesting about how people discuss how to kill themselves.,“Do you want to try?,What kind of way you can use to kill me??”
“Neuropathy。”In the heart of the Qing Dynasty, the sick words of Rayli is slightly cold.,I will not pay this female madman.,Turning over the Sleeping Operating Platform for Elisa。
“Do you want to take her??”Rayili laughed,“Can n’t you?。”
“You have to block me?”Qing Dynasty snort,Completely ignoring Rettille,Run your hand, you have to break the light screen of the layer wrapped on the operating table.,“Or you expect you to stop me if you have the two magicians.”
But,When touching the light screen,The face of the Qing Palace is suddenly changed,He actually can’t break the layer of energy screen.!
Faster,Qing Palace, I feel wrong.。
It looks full of technology,The Qing Palace actually did not feel the slightest temperature and energy fluctuations.,But the light screen is so indestructible.,Even the heat he controls can’t be close to what。
“It’s useless。”Rayili loudly,“Unless you want to destroy the whole grace,Otherwise, you have no way to bring this child here.。”
“What do you mean?”Qing Palace,“what have you done?”
“Legendary Myth Tower!”Rayli’s mouth has hooked a smile smile,“‘Babylrenta’The core plus the existence of the saints,How can it be destroyed by you??Even if you are the super powerful person of the school city,If you have forcibly use the ability to destroy the space ladder,Then, this piece of the urban city is now will be completely destroyed.!”
“From this child to this moment,Babien Tower is no longer reversible。”Rayili said,“You can only wait until the magic launch!”In the second half, she didn’t say it.,Because the angry Qing Palace is smashed with her chin。
“Your bastard!”Qing Palace roar,The hand flashed on a layer of golden rays.,Instantly dramatic flames fiercely wrapped Rayley full body,Rayli once again called again,The whole person almost burned coke,But stop in the Qing Dynasty,The girl opened his eyes again.,Original focus, the skin returns to the white and delicate again。
“What monster is this?!”Qing Palace helpless,Once guessing about Rayley is not dead, it has become a reality,But you have no choice but,The magician on the magic side is really a strange strangeness.。
For the principle of Rayley resurrection,Qing Palace is not clear,In fact, I really want to experiment.,There are other ways in the Qing Dynasty.,For example, completely burn her into ashes,Or the sorry cuts her head,These extreme ways are not tried in the Qing Palace.。But the Qing Palace is not a person who destroys humanity.,It is not that kind of fear with Rayley.,No need to do it now。
Qing Palace is not killing people,But he also belongs to his bottom line inside。
not to mention,Guy with Rayley this evil door,The Qing Palace is afraid of something that he really did, such as cutting her head.,Then her head speaks in her own hand.,The Qing Palace feels that he will do a big nightmare after it.。
“How long have you been blocking?。”Qing Palace,Don’t look at the almost naked Rayli, which is burn it by the resurrection.,Cold and cold,“I don’t know what kind of psychology is in the past, the father of Saudila and today I Lisa.,But if you think that you stop me today, you will succeed.,You will be wrong.。”
“You don’t want to show magic??good,I will let you show。”Qing Palace,Walking outside the space,“Tomorrow is the time when the Ethi Million is open to the outside,The zero point of the day after tomorrow,When the opening ceremony,There is still no 24 hours。”
“I will let you take a look.,How is your plan to break?!”Leave this sentence,The Qing Palace directly got out of the room,Disappeared in the dark。
“How is the plan to break??”Rayli red strip stands in place,Looking at the back of the Qing Palace,Laugh,“Then let’s take a look.,It is the kind of death method just before.,I haven’t tried it before.”
“All right。”Rayli looked at Saudiola who had been dusk in two belongings.,Slight smile,“Let her turn it down.,In one way,Give me a suit。”
“Baffle”Looking at my two subordinates after leaving,Rayley smiles with sleeping Elisa,Gently reach the cheek of the girl,That layer blocks the light screen of the Qing Palace, it seems that there is no general,“Next, you will。”
Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty,Let everyone surprised。
In the hospital of the soul of the soul。
Listed on the hospital,Before Saudila shot in the Qing Palace,Observed rare earth bomb,Results Non-contained,On the top of the upper strip,Directly unfortunately,Is it not Shif and a cracked?,The above estimated that it was half a spot.,This is so,It still mixed a burn,Directly by Xiaomei teacher, the drunk road, the road, the road to the soul of the soul of the soul.。
“Elisa is trapped in Tari。”The color of the Qing Palace is slightly gloomy,“After I go in,Can you bring her out?。”
“I see。”The upper is awkward,If it is a scientific power,It is impossible to the Qing Dynasty.,But now the Qing Palace has not brought an Alissa back.,Obviously, it is not a thing that can be copened.。
“But”Sitting in the Meiqin face next to the Qing Palace with a strong concern,“how should I do it?”
“Collaborate。”At this moment,The door of the ward is slowly opened,The figure of the Soil Gate came in from the door.,It is very serious from the face of sunglasses.。
“Qing Palace,Ash,I have something to say to you.。”
(This chapter is over)

Yang Yin, who couldn’t bear anymore, pulled the trigger,Fired the first shot。

system notification:“Black Wind Mountain Tiger‘Headshot kill’FP.Songzi!”
“hidden,Fast covert!”Feng Xichuan Conductor。
Remaining Flower Legion4people,Spread out immediately,Lu Yi and Shunzi hiding“Spit”Place,Feng Xichuan and Zhao Ping returned to behind the bunker near the arch。
“The enemy is dark,What should we do now?”Zhao Ping asked nervously。
“Divided into two teams,Shunzi and I tried our best to stop the enemy sniper,Captain Feng and Xiao Zhao are responsible for eliminating the enemies behind,Try to protect us!”Lu Yi used his command for the first time。
Although Feng Xichuan is a little puzzled,But still choose to agree,After all, it was an agreement between him and Lu Yi,He usually manages the players,But the field command,Mainly listen to Lu Yi。
Of course,If Feng Xichuan directs it himself,Will inevitably choose to head head-on with the enemy forces,After all, he is used to that style of play。He firmly believes that the first ten minutes of the game,He can dominate the battlefield!
“Ok……I want to see,What kind of medicine does Lu Yi sell in the gourd?……”Feng Xichuan thought。
“Straight,From now on,Listen to my password。”Lu said one-on-one Shunzi。
“Password?”Shunzi doubts,It’s the first time that he has heard that a password is required to play a game。
“My password contains:‘position’versus‘purpose’Two stages,As a sniper,Find hidden spots after completing the password,Wait for the next password!do you understand?”

The king is also a little dignified,See He Jia Yao:“You have participated in over-group,You have experience in this matter,Do you have any good solution??”

He Jia, a little bit:“In fact, it is not difficult to solve,Valuation in various institutions,Calculate the value of shares held by each shareholder,Then divide the company’s valuation after the merger,You can draw the shares that each shareholder should hold in the new company.。
Hold more than3People own the right director,After the shareholders will be elected,Form a board of directors。
These are actually nothing,The most important thing is how to develop a regulations that are conducive to our regulations on the company’s regulations.,For example, one vote veto、Different power, etc.,Do this,The company has entered our control.。”
Winking fringe:“If so, you can naturally best,Can……Ordinance to us,Isn’t it unfavorable to others??They can agree to develop such regulations?”
He Jie smiled:“should be no problem,We are the biggest shareholder,Have the highest vote,And the debts owed by these agencies can now still have yet.,If you can’t solve this,It’s hard to survive.,Now they can only rely on us。
If you don’t agree,Then let’s sell the shares again.,What should I do?。”
Zhou Zhi Xiong said:“that’s true,Today’s initiative is here,They have already got to choose。”
The king also laughed and tone:“Pull in you in,Sure enough, it’s right.,Press you,You both look at it.。”
NS539chapter Not drinking tea is good
Zhou Zhixiong and He Jiayi united,Wang Zhixin、Yang Kaihe Li Xiangtao also launched an integration of the Tianshan Shares such as each taken.。
Other two are good,Delong’s own company,No other shareholders,Wang traffic is a wholly-owned holding,No elbow,I want to integrate up.。
Tianshan Shares is listed companies,A large shareholder,And headquarters is still in Xinjiang,Take your hand, there is a lot of trouble.,For this reason, Yang Kai also deliberately went to Xinjiang.。
Hongxing Hall。
In the box,Wang Zhixin asked Wang Zhi, who was sitting next to:“Does Yang Kai have a message??How is the situation??”
Wang Zhixin smiled:“Just called on the phone in the afternoon,The situation is not bad,Previously affected Deron,Tianshan shares have been implicated,The stock price fell a lot,Also used by Durong, a big fund,It is very unauthoristic now.。
There is nothing to contact us,Newly welcome,Yang Kai has taken over the company successfully,Tianshan’s management is very good,I still hope that we can inject assets into Tianshan.,Then take the housing,Good to help them get out of the predicament。”
Wang traffic laughs,Before decided to acquire Tianshan shares,He is really a shell of Tianshan.,Consideration of Hongxing listed,Although real estate companies have been released in the first two years, the ban is prohibited from launching,But I want to list the difficulty is still very big.。
Not long ago, the central bank just issued a document.,It is said that we must strictly control the funds into the property market.,The difficulty of listed after the housing and enterprises will undoubtedly。
I want to go to the market or go to Hong Kong stocks,Either you canaShares。
Hongxing will definitely be listed in the future,No matter what kind of,First give yourself ready to get the road is always wrong。
“Just a good time,The shell is originally in our considerations.,They speak themselves,It is a lot of things to save us.,When Yang Kai came back, you quoted,See how to do something,If the timing is suitable,Then, the Hongxing is listed.。”
I have said to him before I thought about the king.,Wang Zhixin also knows,Oh, smile:“Row,Waiting for him to come back, I have a good study study.。”
“How is your integration??”Wang flows to ask。
Wang Zhixin smiled:“good,Delong real estate has just been established.,Two projects in the company,There is also a disabled because of the problem of funding.,Integrate simple。
I have already handed it to He Liang.,Let him follow,Another project has still been sold out,I have already arranged to sell the sales department.。”
“Office building?”Wang flows in the heart,Ask:“Where is the location??”
“Fuxingmen financial industry,what happened?”Wang Zhixin is unclear。
“Financial street……It’s really clever.。”
Kid:“I am planning to lay out financial industry,Currently integrated Delong’s financial assets,The new company just lacks office space,Don’t sell the office building first.,Looking back, I ask the old week and Jiayi,Look at what they are satisfied with this building.,If satisfied,This building is handed over to them.。”
“Row,Then I will go back to arrange it.,Let the sales department sell it first。”Wang Zhi Xin also knows,Not more,Cool promise。
Be talking about,Zhou Zhixiong and He Ji suddenly found it。
Two people looking into the door,Kid:“Just right,I have something to find you.。”
Zhou Zhixiong asked:“Ambiguous?”
“Good thing。”

‘Be’A,Basketball is accurately incomparable to the basket。

“what!!!Star is handsome!”
When the girls played, the long scream was emitted.。
Fu Xinghan raised his hand and smoked his hair.,Throw a eyebrows in the direction of the girl,Then go to Ouyang Rui,Lift your arm to Ouyang Rui shoulder,Smile:“Ouyang,What are you doing?!It’s hard to think about it.,You are very interested in the little princess recently?”
“still,How to bully bully,Like a small girl?what do you say that is?Well,What is the little sheep??!”
“People call‘Luo Yunqin’,Not called a small sheep,That is the code of your first hundred and nine girlfriends。”Ouyang Rui waved the arm of Fu Xinghan,Handed a white eye。
I am going to drink water away.,Rest awhile,Ouyang Rui,Very eye-catching, I saw Yunqin’s far away.。
Ouyang Rui immediately lit,Gaunt,Fortuna to Fu Xinghan,road:“Give me the ball quickly!”
Fu Xinghan is unclear, so I hope that Ouyang Rui’s line of sight is.,See Yunqin,Mouth hook,Suddenly understand that Ouyang Rui wants to do something。
Immediately take basketball from the side of the man,Hand to Ouyang Rui。
“promise,Give you!come on,Optimize you!”
Ouyang Rui took basketball,Evil smile,Basketball,Directly threw the past in the direction of Yunqin。
Here,I have walked over the Yunqin of the basketball court.,Sure enough, feel that the wind is coming,Linent,Basketball that is straight-up,Body directly,Directly escaping the basketball。
No resistance,Basketball is farther away,Yunqin Shen face,Straight look straight into the basketball court,Ouyang Rui, a culprit。
Based on the rumor,Can feel,That ball,There will be more pain if you are.,
“Luo Yunqin,You dare not catch the ball?!Do you want to let us go so far??”
Ouyang Rui walks,Tone‘Wicked’。
Everyone around suddenly suddenly,Face each other,From the eyes of the opponent, I have seen it.,And a silk mercy。
they know,Ouyang Rui this is also wanting to tease this unlucky‘Luo Yunqin’NS!
“Yes,Small sheep classmates,You see that we are very tired.,If you can help us pick basketball back,We will thank you very much.。”
Fu Xinghan walked forward,Add a vinegar,Try to add a fire。
“Are you finished??”Yunqin has no expression。
Ouyang Rui light flashed,Some are surprisingly worthy of Yunqin。
This is right.!So only one of the twins have never seen,This person is not the same.?
It seems that the bunny。It’s curious,Little sheep is pressing,What will it be like?!Ouyang Rui’s eyes flash quickly。
Fu Xinghan is completely eye-free,Looking at Yunqin’s scorpion,Faint look forward to。
These two people have to get up,I don’t know what kind of scene will it be??!
Surrounding people around,Also hidden,Where is not the same?。
“Finish,I said that I said it.。”Yunqin continues to open。
“Just that ball,It is your deliberate throwing.?!”
Yunguang,She clearly saw Ouyang Rui took the ball.,I will throw it directly in this direction.!It is simply ignoring the safety of others.!
Yo,The little sheep are really ambusted.?!Prepare to counterattack! Ouyang Ruixing is more,Don’t hide the acknowledgment:“I am deliberately,so what?”
Yun Qin took a breath,Ibelieve the impulse of a punch,road:“Ouyang Rui,You have to be like this,I have been catching me.,Do you tease me??!”
“Yes,I just want to tease you.。how?!”Ouyang Rui smiled and fearless,bad。
“Just because I have died, you have a dress.?!”
“You dare not dare to be a little bit?!”Yunqin disgusting swears。
Ouyang Rui’s face suddenly,heavily clouded,I have to go to the neck of Yunqin。
Yunqin, has been alert,Hide,Immediately raise hands,Blocking directly Ouyang Rui’s palm。
Ouyang Rui looked at the hand he was hit by himself.,Division of scorpion to Yunqin。