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“Can i go to the building to see?”Li Tianchou confirmed his guess,There should be no problem with the ingredients,I’m afraid the problem lies in the sauce,Edible salt。

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One Doubt
Old winter melon nodded,No sound,At this moment Er Kun has brought a tank of water over。Li Tianchou patted the old winter melon and went straight to a shed made of bamboo billets not far away,There is the so-called housing on the construction site。
There should be a deaf-mute middle-aged woman in the shed,It’s the mother-in-law of old winter melon,I don’t usually communicate with everyone,In the old winter melon‘Lewdness’Just work,I don’t know where to go at the moment。Li Tianchou wandered around a little bit inside,I saw many seasonings on the broken wooden table next to the pot table。
dirty、There are quite a lot of greasy bottles and cans,One of the transparent round boxes contained translucent white fine particles,Should be salt or sugar,There is also a similar thing in another round jar。Li Tianchou’s lazy resolution,Took out a piece of paper from his pocket and tore it in half,Then pour out the contents of the two jars and pack them separately,I marked it and put it in my pocket。
Out of the shed,The old winter melon is looking over here,God babbling eyes like a thief。Li Tianchou smiled,Walked to him and whispered:“From morning until you cook at lunch,Who has been in the shed?”
The old winter melon was taken aback,Open mouth,I don’t know what Li Tianchou means。
“do not worry,I just ask casually。”Li Tianchou patted the old winter melon on the shoulder,Deliberately looked up at the dazzling sunlight,Muttering,“I’ll talk to Uncle Defa in a while,Can’t tie people up like this。”
“Let me think,Let me think。”Old winter melon swallowed and spit,“When can you see Yan Tou?”
“not sure,He called me to help in a while。”Li Tianchou smirked。
“This morning,My wife and I are here,amount,This is not running。And your master has been here,Standing at the door and shouting hurry up,Like a reminder。and many more,There was a monkey before,Stole me a cucumber。Oh,and also,Look at my memory,Desheng also helped me carry a bucket of water in the morning……”The old winter melon reminisced utterly。
Second Artillery、monkey,Ok,There is Li Desheng,Li Tianchou meditated in his heart,Stand up,“Where is the bucket,You used it all?”
“what,Washing vegetables,It took half a bucket of soup to wash the vegetables。”Old winter melon squeezes his old face,Nodded embarrassedly。The dishes that so many people eat are only washed in half a bucket of water,Bring soup,Really fucking……of。
Li Tianchou ran back to the room without saying anything,I found the red plastic bucket that the old winter melon said,But disappointed that there is no water inside。He is a little unwilling,Squat and tilt the barrel,Okay,Some foundation left,He quickly found an empty Coke bottle in the room,Pour the only little foundation into the bottle and cover it,I also put my pants in my pocket。
“Not right,There is no water in the bucket?”Li Tianchou returns,Squatting next to the old winter melon again。

“That is to resurrect in this way.,I will let you clone you.,Then pass the female seal,Seal your current body along with the soul to the body”

This method and the difference are almost no difference.,And also reserve quite large Chakra。
“That second?”I loved some frowning.,Obviously he doesn’t like this way.。
“Second,Complete resurrection,This current condition is still not reached,And it takes a long time,Not necessarily”Spring is shaking his head。
This method is to go back to the eye,Don’t say that now, Quanyi can’t grab it.。
Just grab it, I don’t dare to use the reincarnation.,His body board,Use it once or not cool。
But use twice, absolutely cool。 “I don’t care this.,It is already very good to live again.”Smile。
“In the first kind, I also give up,Second, I can wait”I love。
Spring shakes,Who wants to be in this state?,He is also。
“Ok,A lot of your body preserved,When I have the ability, I will help you resurrect.”Spring said。
Body’s words,Rehabilitation is much smaller,He should be able to stick to。
But everything must be waiting for him to get an eye.,But this is not a simple thing.。
He is coming to help them come back later.,The water is also bringing some foods.,This is the task he handed over to the water。
At night, they still celebrate some,First, the formal establishment of the Sky Parliament,The second is to find a new base。
Unfortunately, they can’t eat things at all.,This painful spring also experienced。
Chapter 27 joint
A secret http://www.jiuxiyangsheng.cntest base of the big snake pill。
Here is a large amount of culture tank,Green liquid in the culture tank,And all of which have a embryonic infant.。
A pipe is connecting to them。
These babies curled up,Sometimes it’s moving slightly.,Obviously they are life。
One person stands in these cultural troughs,Holding a folder,What is the record?。
I only see his shape.,Wearing white middle sleeves,Out of the bandage package,Writing。
His face is quite young,But the eyes are indifferent,Only when he lifted his head to see these cultures,There will be a touch of heat in his eyes.。
Footsteps sound。
“letter,How is the case of a test body?”A cold voice sounded。
“Very good situation,Big snake pill”This youth turned to the big snake pills come in.。
“Yes,But if you fail, if you fail.,But it will be punished.”The big snake pill laughs。
But this kind of smile makes this name called letter.。
“No failure,These clones are manufactured from the cells on Unechebra.,Essentially not much difference with him”Let me say。
“Copying the test of the eyes, I don’ t have done it.,But it is just some of them.,There is no ability to spend at all,Why are you so confident that your experiment will succeed?”Big Snake Pill。

They came to the grassland of the Barry Kun。

This is a place closer to Tianshan。
Chapter 540 Atmosphere terminator still
Grassland at the foot of Tianshan。
Zhou Sundi,Circuit along the middle of the two grassland,Ride in the direction of Tianshan——槐 序 周 离 离 离 离 自 车,Very convenient。
Small road is dirt road,Some bumps。
It seems that Tianshan ride is really far from it.,Zhouzhi originally thought that only a few kilometers,Because it is really in front of you,But they almost rode more than ten kilometers to the foot of the mountain.。It is not convenient to ride the road again.,Just around,槐 便 便 车 车。
It is really convenient。
Then they start walking。
There is a village in front,Has built a house,Tianshan, the Tianshan behind the village,I still see the snow white mountain.,I can’t see it, I can’t see it.。There is a creek through the village,The small stream has a lot of ice,But still flow,Can you hear the sound of 哗 哗。
I will see the side of the side to see,Explain:“This creek is the snow flowing down from Tianshan,It should be that the afternoon the sun is too large.。”
Zhouzhi pulls out the phone,Standing a photo。
Although it is winter,The scenery is still very good。
槐 序 着 着 方 方 方:“This is the Tianshan I impressive.,Unfortunately, it is winter.,Bullous。I have the most impressive look, it should be spring,Heavenly towering into the cloud,But the monsters all like to live on it.,The foot of the mountain is a green grassland,Look far like a blanket,Grassland on a two small wood house,A group of horses graze。”
“I imagine get。”
“At that time, I had a horse.,I really like the horse.。Sometimes I will ride it out to visit.,Visit everywhere,Anyway, it is a grass everywhere.,It is not afraid of hungry,I am not afraid of being hungry.。Riding it has a place where I can feel it.。Although it is very slow。”
“free。”Turn around。
“Yep!This is this feeling!”槐 连 连,Touching a glimpion,As if I have seen a voice。
“Feel very good。”
“Just good!”
“What horse is your horse??”Zhou。
“I don’t know what horse,Anyway, it is a good horse.,Good endurance,Run it when you want to run。”槐 序,“I have never given it a good material.,I can not afford it,Up to you often take it to find a wild pond to take a shower back,But it has always been with me.,Never have a disease,Always die。”
“Sweat。”Turn around。
“How can it be!”槐 序 序 序 序 序 序 序,I know that I can’t get the blood of the blood.,Not to say this。
“Is that a local horse??”Zhou。
“Nor。”槐,“The horse produced here in the time,Detach and ugly,Endurance,But running is not fast。”
“Then where is your horse??”
It seems that the habit of the old monster is difficult to return.。
The old monster,Vibration:“I am stealing from the thief.,That is not to steal!”
“What is it??”
“Produce、Inspection……”槐 的,Tooth point,Sign with him quickly to add it for yourself。
“Yep!Spirit!”槐 序 说 道 道 道 道,“I just didn’t think of it.!”
“I am speechless.。”
“Look at that horse,It should be Wu Sunma,At that time, we were called Tianma.,It is the best horse outside the blood.。”槐 序 序 序,“I stole the thief head,Put it now, I am afraid it is cheap cheaper than the four circles you open.。”
“How are you so idle??”Zhou is very curious。
“what?Oh,Sometimes I am very busy,Sometimes I am very idle。”序 序 得 又,“Because I am very powerful,Weak monsters don’t need me to shoot,So is very idle。But once the monster that others can’t pack it.,I have to come over,I have to rush away again.,So is very busy,Want to catch a long time,Some monsters are still difficult to deal with。Sometimes I have to run back to the Central Plains。When I am idle, I usually ride a horse.,Anyway, the high emperor far。”

Feng Yan hesitated,But I walked over honestly,Moved a chair and sat directly opposite Wang Youcai。Wang Youcai glanced at Feng Yan,I feel a little uneasy。

“you are right,Bad road conditions,Even said it’s a bit dangerous,But this is Mr. Hu’s arrangement。I won’t listen。She said a woman’s,She can’t worry about being here alone,Let me come and see you,Don’t be bullied by the villagers here”Wang Youcai explained that he was sent by Hu Huiru,But no purpose。
Feng Yan was white and Wang Youcai said:“No shape。But recently I have encountered an annoying thing,So when it gets dark,I hardly go out,I slept on the kang a long time ago”
“Your beauty Feng can still have troubles,Even if I met,you are so pretty,Just sacrifice a little hue,Can solve any problem”Wang Youcai said,Move the chair under the bottom to Feng Yan’s side。
Feng Yan raised her feet in slippers,Kicked over。Wang Youcai stretched out his hand,Caught Feng Yan’s calf。Easy to kick out,But want to take it back,It’s a bit difficult。
“Don’t go too far,This relationship between us had better be broken”Feng Yan said with a serious face。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“I am unmarried,You are not married。Why do we have such a relationship??If Feng Yan married someone,,My Wang Youcai will never come to you again”
“Then you talk about it first,Did Hu Huiru send you to watch me?”In Feng Yan’s words,Has changed the taste。This is a very smart woman,She took the lead,Do things always follow the trend。
Wang Youcai smiled,But one of his hands is not idle。Feng Yan sits honestly,Not too much dodge。For Wang Youcai,She knows the virtue of this man。
“Not surveillance,Just let me come over and check your work。But I found one thing,It’s just that there are less than ten bags of cement”Wang Youcai said,Stretched out the other hand,Picked up Feng Yan。
Feng Yan was stupid,Didn’t wait for her to react,Wang Youcai has placed her horizontally on the big kang。With a click,The room is already dark。
the next day,The sky suddenly changed again。The wind roars,The blown door panel crackled。Thus,Wang Youcai is even more reluctant。It’s a pity that everything in the kang is burned out,Slowly start to get cold。Although he is holding Feng Yan,But this terribly cold weather,It’s still so cold that I can’t sleep。
“You get up and burn the kang。I will make the fire bigger,Otherwise it will freeze to death”Feng Yan hugged Wang Youcai,Whispered in his ear。
I really don’t want to get up,But this kang gets colder the more you sleep。Without any choice,Wang Youcai stood up,He is wearing clothes,While complaining about Feng Yan:“I told you before,It’s better to use an electric blanket”
“What a fart,This is mountain。When it’s cold at midnight,The electric blanket doesn’t work at all,It’s better to be this hot kang”Feng Yan said,Also sat up abruptly。
The dressed Wang Youcai gently opened the door,A cold wind is like a knife,Stabbed in。Wang Youcai gritted his teeth,Stepped out。

NS3348chapter Dongpu City

Night color,One round of meniscus high hanging,Sprinkle the cold and cold。
Summer 伫 山 山,Deep breathing,Feeling God。
Pause a moment,It is also a peak on the left side of the mine.。
It is covered with various pavilions,Far away,Like a garden that covers an active area。
There are also many spiritual counters in this mountain.,Although it also digs,But they have more time practice。
Therefore, the mine owner specially opened this mountain.,Create a quiet place for these strong people。
Previous,Summer came out several times,Specifically explore,This mountain has a Yuanjing exchange office。
A crystal can be exchanged for ten yuan coins。
also,Here is a transfer array that leads to the city.。
He is soon flying this mountain,Enter the garden。
have to say,Here the environment is excellent,Palace,Various architectural carving beams,More to see the lake、spring、Forest、gallery、Xuan is equal to the scenery。
No twists and turns,Summer found exchange office,Excovered one thousand yuan with one hundred yuan。
After an inquiry,Also move towards the hall where the transfer array is。
A white light flashing,His figure disappears in the same place。
Open your eyes again,He has appeared in a strange environment。
Also is a very empty hall。
There is no extra decoration in the temple.,Wall inlaid,Let the whole hall。
Summer eyes sweep,View the direction of the door。
The sky outside is already bright.,The gate of the hall is open,Both sides of the door,Then stand two military soldiers wearing a leather.
And in the hands of everyone,Take a monster。
This is a kind beast like a tiger like a lion.,But it is much more than the usual tiger lion.,Head is angle,獠 獠,It looks quite fierce。
Sink,Walk outside summer。
Two military and soldiers are still chatting,I don’t see him.。
But the two other beasts are standing at the same time.,呲 森 獠 獠,The snoring of snoring。
Summer shape,Some curiosity,Some surprises。
One of the military soldiers,Have a summer,Demand him。
Two different beasts are immediately re-entertained on the ground,Narrow。
Ethereal old ancestor,Endless blood sea world,Many military doors like to domesticate alien,Even a custom。
It seems that。
Mood flash[vertex ]change,He retreated away from this place,Come to the street。
Although the sky is just a bright,But the summer discovered,There is no loneliness on the street.。
on the contrary,Even bustling。
All kinds of shops above the street,Arrangement of aroma,Calling and selling the sound。

“I thought you would go with the third brother”Wang Youfa clutching his scalp,I keep watching Song Fang。

What everyone did not expect is,Song Fang heard Wang Degui say this,Get up and go,Say nothing。Wang Youfa saw his wife is gone,He chased up without saying a word。
Wang Degui let out a sigh of anger,He shook his head and said:“Don’t know if you don’t try,I never thought they would be such a person。All money,Just don’t want parents。What’s the use of raising so many sons?,Not as good as the one from the old Xia family”
“Hey!What is Xia Jian doing now??Why haven’t heard from him for a long time”Wang Youdao is extremely embarrassed,He quickly changed the subject。
But Wang Youcai doesn’t care about him。Wang Degui laughed and said:“You also saw,Since then,Don’t tell me about the division of the family。This yard is all rich,As for whether they can support us,We don’t want to ask for his opinion。This sentence,Live till death”
“Damn!What are you talking about?Just live well。You are here,This home is also a place to stay,Everyone can come back together during the holidays。Your old me alone is enough,Don’t worry about this anymore”Wang Youcai said,So he stood up and walked out。
Wang Youdao chased him to the yard before he caught up with Wang Youcai,He lowered his voice and said:“I have something to talk to you”
“sure!Come to my room!”Wang Youcai said he opened the door of his room。Because he and Yao Chunni are not married yet,So I live separately for now。
After the two brothers sat down,Wang Youdao took a breath and said:“Hu Huiru is very scheming,。Do things with her,You have to pay attention。Don’t be sold by her,You also helped him count the money”
“You seem to have told me this!”Wang Youcai said impatiently。
Wang Youdao sighed and said:“You must always keep this in mind。If she calculates,Then everything is too late”
“I know。She won’t let me participate in her major events,I don’t want to participate these two。Didn’t I open a small clinic now?!Etc. accumulated certain funds and experience,I opened a private hospital in Pingdu。Talk to him Xia Jian”
Wang Youcai said happily。But when it comes to Xia Jian,His brows frowned again。
Wang Youdao,Can’t help laughing:“brothers!You dare to think。Opening a private hospital is not so easy,and also,You and Xia Jian are still fighting?Not listening to my parents,Is your relationship going well now??
“Is there anything I dare not think about,There are in other cities,I’ll be the first in our city。In addition,When did the fight with Lao Xia stop?。He Xia Jian despised our old Wang family,I still don’t look at him!“Wang Youcai is filled with indignation,Speak loudly。
Wang Youdao stood up,He laughed and said:“From now on, you have to be careful。What did you do in Pingdu City did not respond well。Disband if it doesn’t work!It’s better to do your legitimate business”
What Wang Youdao said,Wang Youcai couldn’t help being surprised,It seems that everything he did in Pingdu,His second brother in the provincial capital knows everything。

“So, I’m more than Lin Lin.。”Li Yu god laughed。

“Unfair,What is wrong?。”Lin Feng heard the words。
“Is such that,Some people in the Po people today inform me,I want to give the business forces of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce to withdraw from Malaysia.。”Li Yu god laughed。
“Exit Malaysia?”Lin Feng sorrows:“Is there any reason??Still your country’s government is not satisfied with our investment?”
“neither,Is unilateral reason,After all, the Chamber of Commerce has signed a contract with our governments.。”Li Yu god laughed:“No one does not have the right to tear contract。”
“That’s good。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“How about this,I sent people to Malaysia to handle this matter.,Talk together。”
“it is good,So much the better。”Li Yu god laughed。
“Is there a time limit??”Lin Feng asked。
“They say that today must be withdrawn。”Li Yu Shen explained。
“Today, you must take it.?rest assured,Our business will send some heavyweight characters to Malcassia to deal with this matter.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Maybe I will rush.。”
“Ha ha,That’s better.。”Li Yu Shen Wen Haha smiled:“All right,Then I don’t want to stir my loneliness.。”
“You’re welcome,Li Shu。”Lin Feng smiled and said,I immediately hang up the phone。
Zhongzhou City,On the moon, Lin Feng sitting on the sofa,Calling the phone in your hand,He has a cold intention,Braiseon,I am trying to find you.,You just move my overseas sites。
“Southeast Asia has an accident?”Tiyin Yao’s figure came over and asked。
“Some things,The people who came to the gods came to warn us.,We want our Chamber of Commerce to exit Malaysia。”Lin Feng Road:“how is this possible?Malaysia brings us every year80Gold’s income,Ten years800Kingshi,Can even achieve1000Kingshi。”
He is now worried about money,Owe flying fairy10Wanjinshi,Although I have taken some from the side of the cold.,Then I got up.7Wanjinshi,But it is still poor3Wanjinshi,And not counting interest。
Some potential interest calculation methods between major forces,Ten years,Must3Wanjin Division interest,So now the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce truly arrears at least the fairy Pavilion.6Wanjinshi。
Time,Must complete,He doesn’t want to let the second brother Zhang Shaze is difficult,After all, the flying fairy is not a person of Zhang Shazhu.,Zhang Shaoze is only a representative of a group of people.。
“Morning and evening,At the beginning, no one believes in Mamah’s consumption capacity.,And the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce,Earn a lot of dollar bills,Can they not be hot??”Tang Yin Yao Road:“And they have a ambition on the land there.!”
“what?They want?”Lin Feng heard the words:“Gradually control the island?”
“good,They want to change the increasing moment to their lake,That group is very fanatical。”Tiyin Yao explained:“Their population is too much.,This competition is more than economic interests,There is also living space。”
Lin Feng wronned and frowned:“It seems really to do it.,Our Qinglong Chamber of Commerce is the first commercial forces in overseas.,If it is scared by a sentence?How do our Qinglong Chamberarin??Will other countries and local organizations work with us??Even cooperation,It is also a big opening of the lion。”
“And Malaysia’s geographical location is very important,It is a springboard that our Chamber of Commerce enters Southeast Asia.,Never lose。”
“Yes,No matter where it is convenient,Can’t let,You personally take people?Or let others handle?”Tao Yin Yao is confused。
“I will call Gannos first.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“I am thinking about him to talk about it.。”Lin Feng directly picked up the phone。
Then I dialed Gannos’s phone,The voice of Gannos is coming between the phone.:“Forest president,How can I have time to call me today??”
“Ha ha,Gannos is old。”Lin Feng haha smiled:“That is, I miss Gannos.。”
“Forest president,Have time coming to have a cup of tea?”Gannos long laughs。
“No problem at all,correct,Today’s people’s people suddenly inform my industry’s industries to exit Malaysia.,I don’t know if it is elders you mean or he himself.?”Lin Feng asked。
“Oh,This thing is not to manage me.。”Gannos smiles:“However, I think the company in my mother’s gods enters Malaysia’s interests in the interest of our wife.。”
“it is good,it is good,I heard you this sentence.,Very satisfied。”Lin Feng heard the words and smiled:“I don’t know if I can have time to go to Malcisia.,By the way, I invite the elder to drink tea.?”
“I have recently practiced this,Business little things,Why do you have a tutane??”Gannos laughs:“Of course, my people have impulsive people.,Gonglin President。”
“rest assured,I certainly don’t mind。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Since the old age is going,let it go,However, a friend who has a hell suddenly wants to sell it to me.。”
“what?Nirvana?”Gannoz loses losses:“Forest president,You don’t talk about it here.。”
“That may be a friend of hell, let’s go wrong.,I can’t remember it.。”Lin Feng suddenly:“The rumors of this Nirvana were fell from Gannos.,Not sure whether it is true,But I think this is a fake.,How can Gantanos always lose this important scripture?。”

To get up first,Of course, you have to seize the opportunity,Get a skeletonger armor and adaptive weapon in advance,Conduct training。

“Group Army,I can’t control it.。”Kang Guang rely on the chair,“I only take this batch of military school students.。”
Jia Haizhen appease him:“You are not an instructor of the weapon department,No need with the group army。”
Federal surface calm,In the actual internal miles, you have already started to pick up the waves.,The light is the capital seventeen army and the twenty-six army.。
The materials in the seventeentgers have exceptions,They are all spelled by the life and gamquor.,But the arms of the twenty-sixth Army spoke at the Military Commission.,Think that the federal person,The seventeenth military should submit the material to a slightly weak group army,So everyone can become strong,Can better guard the federation。
“Then Ji Xiu took out a data on the spot.,Showing the 26th Group Army to acquire various discarded robot dogs in private and other small group armies.,Many silver green materials have more。How much is Ji Xi Xiu Twenty-sixth Army?,How much is their seventeen armies?。”Jiang Hong is sitting in the Zuo Luoho bedroom and talking,“I heard that the face is green.。”
Zuo Luoho is not surprising to Xiu Xiu’s own,She only doesn’t quite understand one thing.:“How is the head of the family??”
“Float。”Jianghong Road,“The business behind these years is good.,Reputation,The twenty-six army has also recruited a lot of people.,I feel that I am strong.。”
“What news is there??”Zuo Luozhi asked him。
“Ji’s thing,No progress in the time being,Almost disciplined。”Jianghong Road,“Oh,The Winter Army has already got a skeleton machine.,Ji Xi repair board。”
Left disc two is not a year,The winter army and the seven-seventh army are naturally a competitor.,But I don’t know how to talk about the military committee.,Finally, the group army who took the bones armor actually became a strong winter army.。According to Jiang Hong,Zuo Duhong on the North District border line,There is no video conference on the military committee。
“No Qing Dynasty?”Zuo Luozhi asked him。
Jiang Hong stunned,Not understood:“What is the oyster skeleton machine??They are not the group army。”
“Since the group army has a skeleton machine,Daily army needs to have。”Zuo Luo Finger is on the table,Unhearthed,“Otherwise, how do they clean up the Group Army??”
“……Too。”Jiang Hong used Yu Guangzhen to show Zuo Luohuan,In the past, he felt that her military school will certainly enter the winter army.,Next, Zuo Duhong’s seat,Now how to see her more。
“There is still something to say?”Zuo Luo。
“No。”Jiang Hong,Hesitated for a while,Asked,“After graduating from military school,Which group army will you join??”
Zuo Luo is obliquely:“Which group of people naturally given more benefits,Who is going?。”
Jiang Hong understood the meaning of she hiding behind her.:“You have not sure you want to go to the winter army?”
“I have been graduated.,This matter is not in my consideration。”Zuo Luo,At this time, I didn’t know if he slept.。
“Deceived people,You think I will believe this.?”Jiang Hong,“Oki will definitely go to the seventeenth army。”
Zuo Luo has not returned him,I sent a message to the discipline:【Do you have anyone in your family tomorrow??】
Jiang Hong saw the pair of Zuo Luohuan,I know who she is in and who issued a message.,After all, Zuo Luo is only seen when it is about it.,I will even become gentle.。
Click one’s tongue,Dog couple!
Jiang Hong shook his head to Zuo Luohuan:“Nothing,I will go back to sleep first.,Go out tomorrow Saturday?”
“Can’t。”Zuo Luo saw reply,Looking up and refuse Jianghong,“I sent him home tomorrow.。”
Jianghong:“……I will not have someone else every week.,Do you use you??”
“Tomorrow。”Zuo Luo reveals light screen,Let Jiang Hong’s news from the Ji Yucheng。
【Driver has something,I will not come tomorrow.。】
Zuo Luo is low to the coming of the coming:【I will send you back tomorrow.。】
“Bye-Bye,goodbye。”Jianghong’s fight。
These two people don’t know how to count,What conspiracy is in their eyes, it seems to be invisible.,Now like a fool。
I have something to do?

Nothing,Just come over, congratulations, Qiu Lao Big。”

Say,Jin Xijie directly let people come up with a very beautiful person to participate.。
Jin Xijie saw Qiu Boyu’s first eye,I know that the other party may think together.。
Fortunately, he made two hands.,Otherwise, today may really be killed by Qiu Bo Yu.。
Qiu Bo Yu saw the ginseng sent,It’s also stunned.。
For a time, he is not allowed.。
I don’t understand Jin Xijie, is it going to think together?。
“Thank you,I am so grateful.。”
“Since the gold boss is so polite,I can’t let the golden boss fade and return.,I sent a gold boss,How is Jin Big??”
Qiu Boyu is exported,Jin Xijie is stunned with Nie Yang.。
But the two are very enthusiastic to look at Qiu Boyu.。
“I don’t know which area of Qiu Lao said.?”
“Hey-hey,http://www.jllongda.cnHow about Ye Fengchun’s site?”
This exit,Jin Xijie knows that the other party thinks is the same as him.。
I immediately laughed:“sure,But how do you send??
Will not let me take it??”
“Hey-hey,I definitely have my way to send,And let the golden are too big to get the power,how?”
“Qiu Lao is so polite,Then I also want to help Qiu Lao Big,Just don’t know how to help.!”
Jin Xijie said this,He is in the heart.。
If he helps,Maybe it’s hard to deal with the enemy that is difficult to deal with than the four seas.。
But not help,For now,This Qiu Bo Yu should not be a person who suffers from a loss.。
“The reason for the golden boss is really great.,I am going to engage in sneak attack from behind.,I hope that Jin Bao gave me a few brothers asked me how to support it.?”
The first thousand four hundred and eighty-three chapters
as far as I know,Qiu Lao Da should now have a lot of people.!Will not want my brother as a cannon??”
Jin Xijie has never thought about borrowing people to give each other。
After all,,The other party belongs to the weakest party。
Can be the weakest,He feels that this kind of thing should be a human hand enough.。
Qiu Boyu did not expect Jin Xijie to be so cautious.。
I immediately laughed:“Golden boss,If I have enough people, I will not ask you to borrow people.!The most important thing is that my man is not enough.!”
“do not worry,Never let your brother beads,I will not let your brother as cannon,We are going to engage in sneak attack,Then let your people give the whistle,How about it?”
“Then there is any benefit?!”

“Spell?”Eliza is curious about Yindith,I didn’t react it for a while.。

“a ha ha ha,nothing。”The upper section is overdick,Deadly blocked her mouth,Laughing while,“What she means,Can clearly see the scene in the song?,Just like the same feeling of heart inductance.。”
“Hahaha,It is impossible to be the ability。”Elisa is smiling by the upper words,“After all, I amlevel 0Unforgettable level。”When I said this,Her tone is not too much.,Just smile faint,I can’t see the feelings of the ability to be the lowest level in the city of the school.。
“This way.。”The upper strip is awkward,Laughing laugh,“It’s ok,I am also unable to,This kind of thing is nothing。”
Inbrend, who was killed by him, was twisted with a white eye.。
When you are, you are indeed unable to,But your right hand is good, but it is good to have a magic.。
“Yes,”Eliza laughed,“In fact, I am also annoying this matter.,But now I think,I am still grateful.。”
“grateful?”Some weird asked。
“Because I have the ability,Will definitely dependence。”Eliza said smiling,“in the end,I may not sing at all.。”
“Hey?”In Steicks and the upper strip,This idea seems a bit strange in the two people.。
“My homework is not good.。”Elisa light jumping railings,Such as a beautiful butterfly,“My only expertise is singing,This is also one of my favorite things.。”
The upper and Yintke silk is quiet.,Quietly listening to Elisa’s narrative。
“so,For the song I like,I am willing to do everything.。”Elisa’s face with a bleak smile,“I hope,One day I can stand on a big stage,Sing a lot of people!this,”Speaking of which,Teenage girl,Laugh,“Is my dream now.。”
“so good。”Heard this sentence,Can’t help but praise,Look at the girl’s eyes is also slightly different。
Urban urban place,Everyone pays attention to the ability of the superior city,Can have such Aisa,People who belong to their dreams,It’s really a very difficult thing.。
On the side, I feel that the beautiful girl in front of this,Do not know why,He actually felt that there were some sparkling things on the girl.。
At this moment,The girl’s mobile phone suddenly rang。
Slightly apologize, nodded against the two,Elisa hurriedly went to the side of the phone,Listen,Her face has an surprise color。
“What’s wrong?”When she put down the phone,Looking at her on a rider,“What happened??”
“I have chosen!”The girl is excited to look at the upper and Yintick,“I can officially beaten.!!!”
“Hey?!”When you have a sudden shock,“You can go on TV.?”
“You can go on TV.?”Yindith glance over the eyes,“Can be the same as the magic girl?”
Upper strip、Elisa:
at the same time,In the café in the seventh school district。
The second strawberry cake of the new point is slightly smuggled,One of the next thing,Can you suddenly think of what?,I hurriedly pulled out the phone from my pocket.,After the makeup mode, I went up the screen after I opened the screen.。
Before,Yunchukawa suddenly uses the fantasy network to send him a message,I want to open directly in the Qing Palace,The result suddenly reacted that he is now in the coffee shop and Meiqin.,If you suddenly speak, you speak very strange.,This took out the phone to do something.。
“what’s up?”The Qing Dynasty said。
“Things about space ladders。”Yunchuka’s voice slowly sounded in the deep cerebrality of the Qing Dynasty.,“The person you have let me survey seems to have signs.。”
“Responsible for building and operating universe elevators“Ethillion”s company“Star Rail House”President,Space ladder makers”
“Retili Down Grod。”
(This chapter is over)
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