Month: March 2001

European Packed up,Three people immediately followed the past。

Car,Lu Haocheng opened the car,Ou Jingli directs the direction,Lin Ye commander,Three people work very tacit。
at this time,Lin Ye often thinks that Su Shengming came,I have to be such a thing before.,Lu Haoheng and Ou Jingzi Town Office Command,He and the scenery cooperate with each other,I can solve things soon.。
European,Looking at the look and a sharp and sharp Lu Hao Cheng,If you think about it for a while,I finally wanted one thing.。
He bowed,Continue to lock the route of the black sedan,Just the mandibular is much tight than just。
She does this,very dangerous,It is very effective。
Ou Jing, I have to sigh,If a woman is smart,Men is really not their opponents。
Ning Feifei is a,Blue Xin is a,They are all gorgeous women。
Ou Jingzhen guess,Nothing to say to Luhao,With his understanding of Blue Xin,She just didn’t want to hide behind the body for a lifetime.,I also want to learn to protect myself.。
“Ah Cheng,Alarm。”Oujing suddenly sounded。
Lu Haocheng does not agree:“If we call,Blueprint……”Lu Haocheng suddenly wants to say。
“President,The lady let the ink check some of the things of Li Shuya,Confidential to me,I don’t know what the lady wants to know.,I and Mo Qi are respectively,Ink seven will not tell me,What is the lady let him check??”
Lu Haocheng suddenly remembered Qing Dynasty。
Ou Jing, this alarm,I woke up in an instant.。
From knowing the things of Lijia,After three children were sent away,She is always very important。
He always thought she was thinking about her child and her father.,There is no more thinking。
Think now,Starting from Lejia Banquet,She seems to be planning everything。
“Damn!”Lu Hao Cheng took the steering wheel。
Station instantaneous serpentine,Wheels rubbed the terrible sound。
Lin Ye is scared to hurry the door,Can’t read the wing of Lu Hao Cheng,“You are dead,Don’t bring me,My wife is still raising others.,You gave me a small life.,Also give me a message。”
Lin Ye knows that Lu Haocheng is serious about it.。
But he has some doubts,Ou Jing is not to let him alarm??He suddenly made what it was crazy.。
certainly,He will never ask Europe,He will not tell yourself。
He heard the voice of Lu Haocheng’s anger.:“Lin Ye,Call the police。”
“Oh……”Lin Ye stunned,Take out the mobile phone fast alarm。
Ou Jing knows that he wants to pass,I am not saying anything.?
Everyone has a secret,Blue Xin has its own consideration。
Ou Jing, watching the computer silently,Route,Surprising in the car,Lin Ye’s most hate such an atmosphere,At this time, he did not dare to say this.。
Lu Hao Cheng’s face is too ugly。
Besides,He is a fog,Isn’t it alarm??Lu Hao achievements like killing。

Oki is a son of Ji Xi Xiu,Psychological quality is strong。

“He has been in the capital,What can’t I do??”Zuo Luo is finally out of sound,Maybe it is too depressed,The voice is a bit sinking,“He always knows that he will divideoga。”
“what?”Jiang Hong did not listen to it,“You said that you can learn from yourself.oga?”
Is it a coming?oga,Only fumes to differentiate intoalphaLook?What genetic test report is all fake?
“Is the Ji Xiu deliberately,Is it good to fight??”Jiang Hong touched his head carefully guess。
“Ji Xiu is not such a person。”
Zuo Luo fifteen years old,Ignore the difregulation period and transition period,Directly came to the end,But she remembers the earliest time to make ahead.。
Zuo Luo stared at the date below that report,The time of the generation of the Difference is only a few months later than she.。
“I am letting them continue to check。”Jianghong Road,He completely can’t understand。
“Need not。”Zuo Luohi refused,“something,I personally ask。”
Jiang Hong now a fog,He looked at Zuo Luo’s look,I always feel that she already knows what?。
But this is too strange.,If all reports are true,How to get it from a good endalphaSudden differentiationoga。
“You have to ask more?”Jianghong I hesitate to hesitate,“You just haven’t long been together.,Still don’t quarrel。”
Looking at the couple showing off,Acid is acid,But Jiang Hong still hopes that two people are together.。
“What to say?”Zuo Luo got up,“I will ask Ji Xiuxiu。”
He has always been very strange about his attitude.。
NS 85 chapter(Noteamin reverse.)
Zuo Luo changed his clean clothes to I, Not going to find Jiuxi immediately,Before, I said that I have to go back to the school on the afternoon.,She only doesn’t know anything.。
by the time,Oki is already waiting for her., When I heard the voice, I came out from the inside.。
Zuo Luo looked at the people standing at the gate through the front car glass, He faces yourself, Although I didn’t see her, But the eyebrows are tail with shallow smiles.。
Just pick him, So happy?
Zuo Luo Park,Finger unconsciously clenched steering wheel,But the next second is released, Open the door toward him:“Waited for a long time?”
Yishen shook his head:“I have heard the sound of your car.。”
Zuo Luo car’s engine sound is really better than ordinary cars., But if not always paying attention to the outside world, It is also easy to ignore。
Some things have been noted,It seems more and more clear。
Zuo Luo saw him only took a backpack,Ask:“Let’s go to school,Things pack up?”
“All right。”Oki’s line of sight falls in her and with moisture hair,“What did you do today??”
Zuo Luoyuan reached out and took him to the side of the driver’s seat.:“I tried the test gun with Jiang Hong to train.。”
Look at him after sitting, Zuo Luo will go to the other side,Her heart has too much what I want to ask.,In the end, it is just a moment of coming at the idea., Remove。
She opened the door, Sitting on the driver’s seat, Turning the gobby:“We will train together next week。”
“good。”Seeing that she leaned over to help her own belt,Micro-head proximity is on Zuo Luoyu lips, A pair of beautiful eye straps on curved curvature,Very happy look。
ogaThis pair, No matter whatalphaBe extremely affixed。Zuo Luo is no exception,I also brought a little smile in my eyes.。