Month: December 2019

How to do a finger massage, these steps must be remembered

How to do a finger massage, these steps must be remembered

Slightly left hand, palms open downwards, fingers naturally apart and straight, right-handed food 氽 氽 氽 氽 氽 与 与 与 与 与 与 氽 氽 氽 氽 氽 氽 氽 氽 氽 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右Once, the trick is to quickly wipe 10 rounds with 5 seconds.

Use your right index finger and thumb to hold the tip of your left middle finger, then gently swing the first joint back and forth 20 times to the middle finger and breathe.

The finger tries to open, and there is a gap between them. The second joint of the left middle finger is also sandwiched between the thumb and the index finger, and gently shaken to the left and right sides of the middle finger 20 times.

 Also use the thumb and forefinger of your right hand to clamp the position of the left fingernail on both sides of the nail, and rotate the middle finger from the downward direction, then turn 20 turns in the opposite direction.

The left finger on the top, with the right thumb and the second key of the index finger to clamp the middle finger root, gently pull the middle finger massage in the direction of the fingertip, so that the middle finger is fully sunken.

 Reverse the palm of your hand, open your fingers, use the right thumb and the second joint of the index finger to hold the second key of the left middle finger, gently press down, and the attention should be moderated to avoid spraining your fingers.

Urban fitness family does not enter the five major misunderstandings

Urban “fitness family” does not enter the five major misunderstandings

Due to the emphasis on health, more and more people maintain their fitness habits.
In fact, a considerable number of people’s fitness is still relatively blind.
For health, fitness is necessary, and scientific fitness is more important.
Recently, relevant experts pointed out the five major misunderstandings in the fitness process, and hope to help you who love fitness.
  Treadmills have less pressure on the knees Some people think that exercising on a treadmill is less stressful than exercising on asphalt and sidewalks.
Todd, a clinical medical expert at New York University Medical Center, said: “The weight of the body will exert pressure on the joints.
No matter where you run, the pressure is the same.
The best way to reduce knee pressure is to change the form of exercise.
If you combine running with other cardio exercises, such as exercising on an elliptical or exercise bike, the impact on your knees will decrease and your life will increase.
  Swimming is the best way to lose weight Swimming can increase lung capacity, make muscle shape symmetrical, and even reduce stress.
But experts say that unless you swim for hours every day, it doesn’t help you lose weight.
The buoyancy in the water supports the body, and the exerciser does not need to pay too much power.
Moreover, the bodybuilders coming out of the water are hungry, and it is difficult to stick to the original diet plan.
  Yoga relieves all back pains Practicing yoga helps relieve back pain, but it doesn’t work for all types of pain.
If the pain in the back is related to the muscles, stretching exercises and some postures in yoga can help.
It also strengthens the core muscle group, thereby reducing the pain in the back.
  But if the back pain is caused by lumbar disc herniation, yoga will not do anything, and it will even make you feel more painful.
If your back is sore, be sure to consult your doctor before starting your workout.
  No burning without sweating Sweating is not an indicator of exhaustive exercise. It is just the way the body cools itself.
In the absence of sweat, you can burn a lot of calories, and you can achieve this effect by walking quickly or by some lighter strength training.
  If you feel good, you will not exercise too much. This is a mistake that people often make during the fitness process. The consequences of excessive exercise will not appear until after a while, but it is not felt at the time.
  When you have not exercised for a period of time and then exercise again, you should not return to the original training level quickly and quickly.
Even if you didn’t feel uncomfortable at the time, it still caused incalculable serious consequences and even prevented you from participating in the sport.

3 ways to prevent knee injury

3 ways to prevent knee injury

The most common injury to basketball is the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament.

Athletes twisting, jumping, landing, turning or slamming may cause sprains or even breaks in the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee.

  Once the cruciate ligament is injured, it often takes several months of surgical treatment to heal.

Therefore, the US “Health Day” website pointed out that basketball amateurs should learn to protect their own practices.

  Knee injuries are often caused by insufficient muscle strength in the back of the thigh.

Here are a few tips to help you exercise your back muscles and prevent fractures.

  The first trick: lifting the thighs.

Vertically vertical, lift the left thigh, the companion hand supports the thigh and press down to provide resistance, but do not use excessive force, still have to ensure that the thigh is raised to the horizontal position.

Change legs after repeating three or four times.

  The second measure: strength activities legs.

Kneeling on the ground, legs close together, right foot on the left heel.

Press your left foot against your thigh and use your right foot in the opposite direction to block the movement of your left foot.

Change the foot after repeating three or four times.

This action can simultaneously exercise the posterior muscles of the tibia thigh and the lateral muscles of the other thigh.

  The third measure: try to land on the forefoot as you jump to the ground, aiming at the slight bend.

When you touch the ground, your knees and hips are slightly bent, just like sitting in a chair instead of standing upright.