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Tips for adolescent boys fighting acne

Tips for adolescent boys fighting “acne”

How to effectively remove acne in adolescent boys. Tips 1. Wash your face properly. Many people are afraid that washing their face will wash away the precious sebum film.
In fact, the oil on your face is constantly secreted, so you don’t have to worry about washing it away.
If you wash your face properly, you can remove excess oil and keep your skin smooth and clean.
  My recommended washing method is: touch the nose, and you can wash it when it comes out. It doesn’t matter if you wash it ten to dozens of times a day.
But it should be simply washed, that is, after washing with cold water to make the skin moist, rub the face wash or soap on the palms and rub it into a foam, then gently wipe it to the place where acne or acne is likely to form.Rinse off quickly with cold water.
  Remember not to massage your face excessively or wash your face with warm water. The choice of soap or facial cleanser is neutral and mild.
If you have peeled a little, you can reduce the number of times you wash your face.
This keeps you fresh and comfortable.
Of course, sometimes it ‘s not only on the face, but also on the chest and back. You can take a shower twice a day, and it will definitely improve with soap, but remember that the temperature of the water should not be too high because the temperature will stimulate the secretion of oil.
  秘诀二、不要挤压青春痘  把青春痘里的脓汁或白色油脂颗粒挤出来,感觉上青春痘好像会消得比较快,但是此举却会造成一连串伤害,包括凹洞、黑斑、容易Blushing, blood vessels dilated to form bloodshot threads, and acne always appeared in the same place.
In fact, as long as you wait for two or three weeks for the pellets to dry and compact and fall out naturally during cleaning, you don’t have to worry about when it is best to squeeze, and it will not leave a scar.
  Tip three, don’t steam your face. Young boys are prone to blushing, which means they tend to flush the whole face because of tension, stuffiness, and boredom.
Steaming the face and warming the skin will make this situation more obvious and accelerate the secretion of oil, which is more likely to form acne.
  Tip 4. Appropriate toiletry products are usually dry around the eye sockets, so you do n’t even need to use cleansers when washing your face, just rinse with cold water.
After washing your face, apply some maintenance lotion near your eyelids.
However, in areas that are prone to acne, you should not even rub the lotion and keep it as dry as possible.
Therefore, the maintenance of the face is not the same everywhere, but it depends on the need.
  Tip Five: Don’t bask in the sun. When acne grows too severe, it will leave pigmentation spots.
After exposure to the sun, the ultraviolet light will add the traces of dark pigment spots. As a result, the entire face looks either red or black, and the color is inconsistent everywhere.
With the increase of age, the probability of dark spots also greatly increases, and it is necessary to prevent sun. The sun protection method is still suitable with umbrellas, hats and various covers.
This is because sunscreen lotions and creams may promote acne.
  Tip 6. Get enough sleep. If you do n’t sleep well, oil will be secreted more, so acne will grow more, and your face will be gray.
So don’t stay up all night, sleep is absolutely enough.
  Tip 7. Relax your mood. Tension and irritability will also increase the secretion of oil, so unhappy mood is like falling into the rock. Acne will grow more.
  Tip 8. Eat a balanced diet. Since there is no clear evidence that chocolate and peanuts will make you grow more pimples, why not enjoy some delicious food?
To make your skin bright, clean, and healthy, you need a variety of nutrients to help you. It is indispensable, and you don’t need to pay particular attention to certain things.
However, if you eat a diet that makes your face hot and red, such as hot peppers and hot soup, you still need to avoid it.
  Tip 9. Use drugs to help you. In response to the needs of patients, there are many external medicines available on the market for treating acne swelling, most of which are safe and effective.
However, it is impossible to achieve immediate results, and it usually takes two to three months when used correctly.
  When external medicine is used, it will become more serious in the early stage. Even the skin will be red and peeling due to the adaptive relationship, such as a topical ointment of vitamin A acid.Symptoms have also improved, and some topical medications work well, but they may be allergic, so if they become red and itchy after use, you should stop taking the medication first and consult your doctor with the medication.
  秘诀十、请教医师  如果以上的建议你确实都做了,却依然无法改善,或者你对本文有不甚了解之处,或者你不敢随便买药来擦,或者你希望有人能依照你的皮肤Give you the right advice, then you should see a dermatologist.

Semi-lying posture during the highest incidence of lumbar disc herniation in autumn

Semi-lying posture during the highest incidence of lumbar disc herniation in autumn


Mr. Chen, a 30-year-old editor, is a copywriter. He works at the desk for eight or nine hours a day. He is used to resting on the table at noon. He does n’t want to move when he comes home at night. He leans on the sofa and plays with the computer.It was all night.

Not long ago, he suddenly had severe back pain, and went to the orthopedic clinic for a fractured lumbar disc herniation.

Autumn is a period of high incidence of orthopedic diseases, especially lumbar disc herniation.

Because of the cold wind and dampness in the autumn and winter, invasion of the human body can easily cause blood vessels to be poor, causing pain in the patient’s part.

Too many people will experience symptoms such as numbness of the lower limbs, fractures, pain, and fatigue. These symptoms are called “biosis” by Chinese medicine.

Between the lumbar vertebrae is a “spring sheet” called an intervertebral disc. It is soft and is surrounded by a fibrous ring, which can bend the spine.

If the distal end is in an incorrect posture and is often compressed or stretched, the fiber loops outside the “spring sheet” may rupture, and the contents inside will bulge, hit the nerves, cause pain in the waist and legs, and numbness, that is,Lumbar disc herniation.
It is often said that sitting down and resting is considered a kind of rest, but it is an exception for the lumbar spine.

When a person is lying flat, the pressure on the lumbar intervertebral disc is the smallest; when standing, the weight of the head, torso, and upper limbs is finally transmitted to the arch of the foot; when the forward leaning position, the weight of the head, torso, and upper limbs is concentrated on the lumbar spine, onlyThis is a solitary support point, at which time the lumbar disc is under the greatest pressure.

Therefore, long-term desk work or incorrect sitting posture can easily cause soreness and pain in the waist muscles.

Nowadays, the most pleasant thing for young people’s job opportunities after work is to play with a mobile phone and read a book on a semi-bed or sofa.

However, in the semi-recumbent position, the lumbar vertebra will lack the sufficient support, resulting in the distortion of the twisted arc, which will increase the gravity of the disc and cause the disc to protrude.

The lumbar vertebra has a normal physiological curvature. Under normal circumstances, the stress points of the lumbar vertebra are generally at the waist 4, 5, and 1 position.

In the semi-recumbent position, the back waist is suspended, the lumbar spine is in a folded state, and there is no support. The weight of the upper body is fully pressed to the lumbar spine.

In the shortest time, the muscles and ligaments in the lower back will support the lumbar spine, but the muscles and ligaments in the semi-recumbent position are in a changed state and lose the fixed function of reduction.Intervertebral disc bulging.

Spinal diseases are mostly caused by the accumulation of bad habits that have been inadvertent for many years. The following situations should be avoided: First, bending down to move heavy objects, causing the lumbar spine to be “injured.”

The correct posture is to squat down to hold the item and then gradually expand.

The second is to lie in the sofa and lean on it, which is the so-called “sofa potato”, which easily deforms the lumbar spine.

Three is sedentary.

People at old gatherings and those who need to work at their desks should stand up and walk for an hour or two.

When sitting, the line of gravity between the head and the lumbar spine should be perpendicular to the ground, and the waist should be supported.

A good cushion should protrude in the middle, have an arc transition from top to bottom, and have a certain hardness.

When there is no cushion, the seat should be filled with the hips to make the lumbar spine resistant.


Insomnia medication

Insomnia medication

Choose a moderate amount of food that is good for nerve function.

Such as river fish, marine fish, oyster, shrimp, loach, pork liver, pork loin, walnut, peanut, apple, mushroom, pea, broad bean, milk, etc.

  Dietary self-treatment (1) 30 grams of lotus seed meat (without belt core), 5 grams of longan meat, burned dim sum or porridge.

  (2) 1 pig heart, 10 jujubes, seasoning and cooking.

  (3) 2 egg yolks, 6 grams of Chuan Lian, 10 grams of Scutellaria baicalensis, 12 grams of Paeonia lactiflora, 30 grams of habitat, 10 grams of Ejiao (other), 1 post daily, decoction twice.

  (4) 30 grams of red dates (torn), 60 grams of Huai wheat, 10 grams of licorice, decoction twice, 1 post a day.

  (5) 8 green onions, 15 jujubes, and 5 grams of sugar.

Boil 2 bowls with water to make 1 bowl. Take 1 serving before bedtime.

This prescription is used to treat neurasthenia and insomnia.

Before going to bed, use hot water to iron your feet, soak for more time, cool the water and then heat the water.

Taking this recipe at the same time, the effect is better.

  (6) 150 grams of green onions (taken white) chopped and placed in a small plate, put the small plate next to the pillow before going to bed, you can safely dream.

This prescription is used to treat neurasthenia and insomnia, and has the effect of calming and reassuring.

  (7) 7 white onions and 20 jujubes.

Add decoction.

This prescription can cure sleepiness and boredom, and can’t sleep.

  And honey, drink a small glass of white wine before bedtime, fried dates

What about the best men?

Women must see

What about the best men?

Women must see

The year-old marriage between Yang Zhenning and Weng Fan caused great repercussions in society because of the age difference of 54 years.

  I think that on similar issues, people used to think and judge too much from the man ‘s point of view, but ignored the inquiry from the woman ‘s point of view-why these women do not seem to fit with themselves in traditional termsLined men get married?

The answer is because these men have attracted them. In their eyes, these men are the finest and best men!

  Of course, men like Nobel Prize winner Yang Zhenning and world media king Murdoch are rare, and there are too few in the world after all.

They live in a unique society different from ordinary people, and cannot be easily reached by ordinary people.

So, in our ordinary lives, what kind of man can be regarded as the best man?

  I remember reading a French novel as a child.

It is about a middle-aged man with a dog, who often appears on the beaches of some famous tourist attractions.

This attracted the women who came here on vacation to speculate on the life of the middle-aged man.

As a result, the mysterious person became the best man on the beach.

After reading it, I had no idea but just felt that the French women were nervous.

  When I was an adult, I heard the “sacrifice” of my girlfriends around me and earnestly received the “Boudoir Sutra” sincerely. Then I realized that in the world of our ordinary people, “Modern Needy Men” recognized by many womenIt is similar to the man in that novel-“about forty years old, divorced, no children, and a dog.”

  The reason for this is as follows: Forty-year-old men have reached a forty-year-old, and their careers have generally been relatively stable, and they also have a certain economic foundation.

Forty-year-old men have already had enough social experience and mature.

Although starting a business with someone you love is also a happiness for some women, for most women, a stable career, basic economic foundation, rich social experience and maturity are more worthy of dependence.

  On the surface, women no matter how independent they are, there are many “strong women”, but there is a “little woman” side deep inside, and they all hope that a man can bear it.

This kind of reliability is not necessarily completely material, but more often spiritual and emotional.

Forty-year-old men tend to make “little women” feel more practical, more reliable, and more willing to entrust their “lifetime”-even if it is not a lifetime of white-headedness-to him.

Divorced First of all, most divorced men have already had family life experience.

So after you marry him, you no longer need to teach him family chores such as salt and vinegar.

If you are lucky, he will do the laundry for you, and the “quality of service” is definitely higher than the housekeeping or nanny!

  Of course, because he has learned the lessons of marriage failure, in order to avoid “repeated repetition”, he will carefully care for the relationship between the two.

You just make a “little sex”, commit a “menstrual mania” or something, he will not care about you too much, he will always tolerate you generously.

This is a superfluous woman, a privilege to expect from her own man.

If there is no child, if the man remarries you with the child born to his ex-wife, you must be the child’s stepmother.

  In the current economy and society, corporate mergers and reorganization of resources have become familiar fashion terms.

In terms of marriage and family, although “family reorganization” cannot be described as a new fashion, the way this family module is constructed has no longer had the kind of profound psychological rebound in the past.

  In this way, I still can’t survive the stepmother.

No matter how hard you try to “move affection, understand reason,” but still cannot keep up with the times.

The vicious shadow of the queen mother always lingers.

Perhaps Western fairy tales such as “Snow White” in childhood were seen too much, and Chinese folkloric tunes such as “Little Cabbage” were heard too much as a teenager, and the “poisoning” was too deep to extricate themselves.

  Here I boldly use my little man’s heart to spend the belly of the world’s women and place the world’s women, like me, very few people are willing to give others as stepmothers.

  Whether a dog has a pet is actually a litmus test for a single man. You must not underestimate this.

  First of all, a man can carefully breed pets, showing that he is caring; that he is not too self, and in his life, he can tolerate others.

First, explain his sense of responsibility.

No matter what this man does, no matter where he goes, there must always be a thought in his heart that he can’t get rid of, always taking into account the pet he is raising.This concern and concern is a sense of responsibility, a basic quality that a woman asks a man to deserve.

  Finally, raising a pet also shows that the man is not autistic, does not like loneliness, and hopes to have a companion.

If you want to work hard for such a man and get him accounted, I believe your efforts will not be unresponsive.

  So why do you have to keep a dog instead of any other pet?

Cat breeding is a bit embarrassing because cat breeding is too fat.

Only dogs seem to be more suitable for men.

  These standards mentioned above sound a bit ruthless reality or utilitarian.

But I believe that the women who can recognize these standards cannot be romantic little girls, but mature women who have experienced the vicissitudes of the emotions and are more practical.

These standards may be based on their countless lessons of failed romantic pursuits.

Therefore, whether these standards are correct or not, they have at least some empirical value.

In fact, the answer to what is called “the best man” must be richness and diversity.

Have you ever seriously thought that the “need man” in your own mind is a kind of child?

Baby Little Fingers Puzzle Game

Baby Little Fingers Puzzle Game

Looking at the one-year-old baby at home has been able to crawl everywhere, to move forward, to run crookedly, are you excited, but you must ignore another important skill of your baby-the ability of fingers.

You know, finger movements can stimulate your baby’s brain development!

  Experts believe that the hand is an important organ for babies to recognize objects, and it is also the main organ for tactile sensation. Moving the fingers to stimulate the brain can enhance the vitality of the brain far more than rote memorization, thereby delaying the aging of brain cells.

Therefore, the more complicated, delicate, and adept the movements of hands, especially the movements of fingers, are, the more neural connections can be established in the cerebral cortex, and the brain becomes smarter.

Therefore, training children’s hand skills is very important for developing intelligence.

We have selected 6 finger games for babies of different ages, let your little hands move quickly!

  12-15 months: Grasping hands: When parents touch the baby, they can help him stretch out, bend his fingers, and turn him into “grasping hands”. When the child understands what you mean, he willCome on with your own hands.

Then you say “grab your hand” to him, and he can’t wait to show you his skills.

  Purpose: This little action is to exercise the flexibility of the baby’s fingers, while also mobilizing the baby’s awareness of playing hands.

Expert tips: In addition to touching, you can often supplement the child’s hand skin with powerful stimuli, such as alternately extending your hands into cold and hot water (the temperature should be appropriate); or let the child more contact with some items of different nature, such as playingSand, play with stones, play with puppets, etc.

In this way, you can exercise the nerve reflex of your child’s hand and promote the development of the brain.

  Pinch the ball: just need an empty bowl and some small toys (such as: small round beads, small squares, etc.), you can help your baby practice the ability of thumb and index finger coordination.

Ask your baby to pick up these little things one by one and put them in a bowl.

At first, he may only use his entire hand to grasp. At this time, you can help him use the thumb and forefinger to pinch. Slowly, he can grasp it by himself, and the finger movement will change from rough to detailed.

  Purpose: Exercise the fine coordination between your baby’s thumb and forefinger. After a successful baby, the baby will greatly increase the self-confidence of using the finger, and prepare for more detailed movements in the future.

  Expert Tip: Maybe you are used to feeding food directly into your baby’s mouth, or preventing him from reaching out and eating, and these actions just ruin your child’s chance to exercise his fingers.

Mom and dad should encourage the child and provide him with adequate preparations, find some of his favorite finger foods, or some soft silicone toys (about 4 cm in diameter), etc., and let the baby take it.

Once he learns to control his fingers, he will constantly show off and become the game and enjoy it.

  15-18 months: wear a string: prepare a thread and some toys with holes, and let the baby thread these toys one by one.

It looks like a simple game, but it is a big challenge for babies!

(The hole of the toy should not be too large, it would not be fun if the small hand can reach it!

) Purpose: Train your baby to complete a task with both hands. This game is very helpful for developing physical coordination.

  Expert Tips: Don’t make the toys too small for your child. Always be careful not to let your child swallow the toys.

Before the baby does, parents should give him a demonstration first. If he always fails, you can teach him by hand until he can complete it by himself.

We must pay attention to protect the child’s self-confidence and let him experience the fun of finger games.

  Set of cups: find several cups of different sizes, and put the cups together in order of size. First let the baby take out the small cups one by one from the big cup, and then take out the big cups one by one.Repeat this several times on the cup.

  Purpose: Two little hands cooperate to hold the cup and put the cup. While exercising the little hand, the baby also learns the difference between big and small.

Expert Tip: It is best not to change the glass of the cup, so as not to break and scratch the baby.

You can also choose cups of different colors to let your baby put the same color together, so that he will play more fun.

  More than 18 months: Stacking blocks: All you have to do is put various blocks in front of your baby. His excited look may make you feel like yourself: the future architect is right in front of you.

Let the baby pile up from the most basic two or three layers, and gradually add blocks to him after he learns, and finally he will show his “become” in front of you.

  Purpose: From the development of mechanical action to active thinking and exert creativity.

Let your baby learn to reflect the brain’s consciousness on his fingers and make what he wants.

  Expert Tip: Adjust more to provide children with different shapes and different sizes of blocks to make it easier for them to build their own “buildings”. You can even replace the blocks with cardboard boxes and cartons and other things that children can

  Eat on your own: Prepare a spoon for your baby, because it’s time to eat on his own.

Do n’t think that the baby is just waiting for the “little slacker” you feed. It is already a great thing for him to be able to move the body in the direction of food correctly, so once you find that your baby starts to pay attention to food, youA spoon is ready for him.

It doesn’t matter if he can’t put the food in his mouth accurately, as long as he is given the opportunity to practice, his little hands will become more and more dexterous.

     Purpose: At this time, the baby starts to hook the body with the surrounding targets. He will learn how to use a spoon to accurately place food in his mouth. In the near future, he will turn the spoon by hand to let the contents inside.Not a drop.   Expert Tips: Because they are unskilled, babies may make themselves dirty, and even have more food on their clothes than they eat in their mouths.

But he is still very happy eating, so no matter how bad he eats, parents should encourage him when he eats food, praise him, and give him confidence.

In the future, he will have a lot of time to learn etiquette that should be paid attention to when eating, so parents need not worry too much.

  TIPS: Is he “left-handed”?

  Does your baby always symbolize grabbing things with his left hand, maybe he will be left-handed.

Professor Johnson of the University of Texas in the United States believes: “It is not until the age of four or five that a child is ‘left-handed’.

One-year-old babies’ increased use of left or right hands is only a sign of a development trend and cannot explain their final orientation.

Which hand is more accessible to what he wants, and which hand to choose is completely unconscious.

  Tip: Keep your hands clean.

After the baby’s little hand has been “touched” for a day, the first thing to do is to wash it clean, so that the baby develops a good habit of hygiene, and does not allow bacteria to harm the baby’s health.

Mom and Dad must lead by example.

  Children who love hands.

Some babies eat their hands because of physical needs, and this phenomenon will naturally disappear with age, so do n’t worry too much. Some babies are afraid of failure. At this time, you should accompany the baby and encourage him to try more.Treating hands as a pastime should keep his hands empty for such a baby and have something to do.

  Pay attention to toy safety.

When choosing a toy for your child, it should not be too small. Generally, the diameter of the toy should be about four centimeters to prevent the baby from swallowing the toy. Mom and dad should always pay attention to it to avoid danger when playing.

  Training must be gradual.

Choose a game practice that suits your baby’s age. When the baby succeeds, encourage him more. When he fails, create more practice opportunities for him until he succeeds.

Tea and rice: delicious traditional food with long flowing water

Tea and rice: delicious traditional food with long flowing water

Yesterday, there was a tea friend, Mr. Private Message, saying, “What is tea and rice?

What is the role?

“Maybe many tea friends don’t know about tea, but in fact this traditional food has been around for a long time.

However, you have to say that you are famous in the “Dream of Red Mansions”, the bowl that Jia Baoyu ate: “The Dream of Red Mansions” forty-ninth back: “Baoyu can’t wait, just take a cup of rice with tea, and he is busy with pheasants.The throat is gone.

“This time, Mr. will tell you about tea and rice.”

What is tea and rice?

Tea-baked rice is made with tea, but usually with some accessories, such as salt, prunes, seaweed and so on.

When did the tea-baked rice originate?

“Chinese cooking Daquan · Gu Shizhen selected” contains: “Emperor Dong Xiaowan is good at cooking, indifferent, no good for the material of sweet and fat, every time to eat, with a small pot of tea, Wentao rice.

This is the food custom of the ancient Nanjing people, which was already in the Six Dynasties.

“So we can only know that tea has been around for a long time, but you have to say that when you are specific, this gentleman can’t answer you.”

Is tea and rice delicious?

Tea and rice is not good, everyone has a grade, this taste has to try it yourself.

However, the gentleman feels good, and the deliciousness of tea and rice is to add various ingredients.

When I was eating, I added sour and dried mustard and plum dried candied fruit, each with its own flavor, not only the taste of the ingredients but also the fragrance of tea – you can imagine.

In fact, the key to the taste of tea and rice is tea soup.

The tea soup should not be too thick, so it will cover the taste of the rice, and it should not be too light. If it is too light, it will not taste the tea.

And when the tea is used to make rice, it is also stressful. It just doesn’t work, and it doesn’t work long.

Too early taste is not right, too late, this water stain will be too much.

Some people asked, sir, why don’t you say how you did it?

It’s not that Mr. is a private person. It’s a person’s taste. Mr.’s is not necessarily for you.

If you have the heart and want to try this traditional food, you may wish to try it yourself.


What is the role of tea and rice?

Simply put, it is a diet, a fresh breath, a greasy, can help digestion.

Then I heard that I can prevent cardiovascular disease and stroke, but I haven’t researched it yet, so I think the tea friends will be a good thing.

Ok, this time, the tea and rice is here.

If you still want to listen to other things related to tea, remember to pay attention and feel that the article is good, you can also like to share it with friends to understand.

[If you are a tea-lover who loves tea, can you pay attention to my public number, and learn more about tea?
All kinds of gifts are not guaranteed!

】Companion with tea every day, I gradually found that I don’t taste tea, I don’t know tea, I don’t know what tea ceremony, I don’t have the experience of learning the wind under the two arms, and I have a bad taste with tea friends. I only know how to burn water.Open, find a tea that you think is okay, so that it tastes good for your own drink.

Drinking tea is actually as simple as that.

Autumn grape vines

Autumn grape vines

Autumn is here, it is the season when grapes are listed in large quantities. As one of the world’s four major fruits (apples, grapes, citrus and bananas), the grapes are not only nutritious, sweet and sour, but also eaten in the early autumn to help the body detoxify and relieve internal heat.

  TCM health expert, Professor Yang Li of Xiyuan Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences said that Chinese medicine believes that grapes can benefit Qi and blood, thirst, spleen and diuresis.

After experiencing a heat-increasing summer, the human body gathers toxins in the body, and the internal heat is heavy, the body is sleepy, and the grapes have a good effect on urination. In the early autumn, eating more, can help the body to discharge toxins and eliminate internal heat.

  Red, white, green and purple, the colors of the grapes on the market are different. Professor Yang Li said that in addition to the nutrients shared by the grapes, the grapes of different colors have nutritional weight.

  Red grapes contain reverse enzymes, which can soften blood vessels, promote blood circulation and prevent blood clots, and prevent cardiovascular disease patients from eating more.

The reverse enzyme is most abundant in the red grape skin, and it is best to eat it together with the skin.

White grape has the effect of replenishing the lungs and moistening the lungs. It is very suitable for coughing and suffering from people with respiratory diseases.

Green grapes are more focused on detoxification.

Purple grapes are available for anthocyanins and can be used for beauty and anti-aging.

Black grapes nourish Yin and nourish the kidneys, and the effect of black hair is more prominent.

  ”Eating grapes does not spit grape skin”, from a nutritional point of view, this jingle should be changed to “eat grapes without spitting skin and seeds”, grape skin and grape seeds gather most of the nutrients in the grapes, it is best to eat grapesEat.
If you feel that the taste is not very good, you can mix the grapes with the juice of the belt.

But to remind you that the grapes are cold, and people with stomach cold should not eat too much at a time.

Top 10 most common fitness errors, see how many of you hit

Top 10 most common fitness errors, see how many of you hit

The purpose of fitness is to “strengthen the body”, but because some people lack sufficient understanding of sports, exercise methods, and their own conditions, they insist on wrong exercise habits and movements for a long time.

The main mistakes people have in exercise are: Mistake 1: I think morning training is best.

Many people like to exercise in the morning, thinking that the air is fresh in the morning, but it is not.

Air pollution is most severe in the morning.

In addition, human blood has a high viscosity in the morning and is prone to form blood clots.

In fact, heartbeat at dusk, blood pressure is the most stable, more suitable for fitness.

  Mistake two: Perspective warm-up.

Preparation is an essential step in fitness.

Warming up before activities can increase physical excitement, make muscles sticky, increase joint complications, and avoid sports injuries.

  Mistake No. 3: Exercise with illness.

This is the most dangerous.

If you feel unwell, you should pause or reduce your exercise, otherwise you will aggravate your illness and cause irreversible consequences.

Especially the elderly, their own immunity is poor, when the body is in an abnormal state, we must stop fitness activities.

  Mistake # 4: Fasting.

Many people (especially in the morning) like fasting exercises, which is very wrong.

Exercise requires energy, producing energy and energy can cause dizziness, rapid heartbeat, cold sweats and other problems. Sudden death may occur.

  Mistake No. 5: At least as much exercise as possible.

Excessive exercise can lead to excessive fatigue, soreness and other discomforts, and even cause tendons and muscle strains.

The correct exercise method is: start with a small amount of exercise, and gradually increase the amount of exercise.

  Mistake 6: Blind exercise.

Exercise is both toxic and risky.

The frail people must do medical evaluation before choosing sports, and choose suitable items.

During the campaign, medical supervision should be strengthened to ensure safety.

  Mistake 7: Drink plenty of water during exercise.

Thirst is common during exercise, but avoid drinking plenty of water.

The correct method is to slowly swallow the small mouth, and should not be too much water each time, it can alleviate thirst symptoms.

After 1 hour of exercise, make up for the lack of water in the body.

  Mistake 8: Sudden stop after screw movement.

During a day of exercise, the heart beats faster, muscles and capillaries dilate, and blood flow accelerates.

If you suddenly stop to rest, the muscle contraction stops, and the blood in the muscles cannot flow back to the heart smoothly, which will cause lower blood pressure and temporary reduction in the brain.

  Mistake # 9: Don’t do finishing after exercise.

The body will be very excited after exercise. If you wait to relax naturally, the speed will be slower.

Doing tidying activities can help the body gradually relieve and stress and avoid discomfort such as muscle soreness.

  Mistake 10: Eat immediately after exercise and take a shower.

Eating or taking a bath immediately can increase the burden on the body and cause total damage.

How does a woman’s lack of blood recuperate?

How does a woman’s lack of blood recuperate?

Women’s bodies are yin, often with insufficient blood and energy, and weakness, especially during the menstrual period. Here are some methods for women to nourish qi and blood.


Foods that eat more vitamins have found that insufficient vitamin intake, especially vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 deficiency, is prone to excitement, headache, irritability, and irritability.

  Properly supplementing a certain amount of vitamins in the estimation is beneficial to women’s mental regulation.

  Recommendation: Choose whole grain bread, cereals, tortillas and other cereals. Fruits and vegetables such as orange, apple, strawberry, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage and tomato also contain a lot of vitamins.


Eat more calcium foods. Calcium can inhibit brain nerve excitement. When there is no excess calcium in the brain, it will be emotionally disturbed and prone to excitement.

Foods that absorb calcium make people’s emotions easier to maintain. At the same time, calcium can strengthen teeth and bones and prevent osteoporosis.

  The main sources of calcium foods are milk, bone soup, various legumes and soy products.

  Special attention is paid to the fact that soy contains isoflavones, which is a substance similar to estrogen. In addition to calcium supplementation, it can supplement the deficiency of female estrogen.

  Suggestion: Drink 500 ml of soy milk or eat more than 100 grams of soy products every day, which has a good regulating effect on the endocrine system.


Eat more iron foods. Some women do not like meat and fresh vegetables, and they love candy and pastries. This partial eating habit results in insufficient iron intake, which makes women emotionally irritable.

  Suggestion: You should eat some iron-rich animal protein foods, such as lean beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and duck seafood.


From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, we should adjust women’s pre-menopausal and menopausal bad mood, and start with Shugan Jianpi and Qi.

  The daily foods that can relieve liver and spleen qi are: roses, which have sparse liver and qi, and have the effect of calming and reassuring. Putting a few roses when transforming tea is not only smooth, but also pleasing to the eye. Women who do not drink tea canSoak the rose flower alone, or insert the fragrant rose flower in the vase in the living room. Breathing the floral fragrance can also calm down and calm the mind; fennel, the fruit is used for medicinal purposes, the name is cumin, the young leaves are edible, and the seeds and leaves are available.Shunqi action, using leaves to make vegetable stuffing or stir-fry food, can be used for the effect of Shunqi Jianwei analgesic and analgesic; citrus fruit, not only has a sweet taste, but also has the effect of widening the qi, besides the flesh, Tangluo has a certain medicineWith value, Tangluo Beverage can relieve phlegm and clear stagnation.

  Lotus root, which can ventilate, can also strengthen the spleen and stomach, soothe the nerves and relax the mind, is also a good product of qi, which is best cooked with water or boiled congee; radish, which is longer than qi and stomach, clears heat and eliminates phlegm, is effective with green radishBest, followed by red-skinned and white-hearted women. For women with a cold stomach, you can add stewed radish soup with ribs, beef, etc .; Hawthorn is good at qi and blood, dissolves food and eliminates fat, but also loses weight and loses fat., Cooked, soaked in water, all kinds of food usage are effective, but eat in moderation, women with too much acid use with caution.

Where does the kiss fall?

Where does the kiss fall?

Almost all of us at the age of marriage have “kiss” experience. Do you know different kiss methods, what does it mean?

  Please choose the following answers: 1 forehead 2 eyes 3 nose 4 cheeks 5 ears 6 mouth 7 neck 8 shoulders 9 arms 10 back of the hand 11 palms of the hands 12 feet and feet 13 feet of the feet 14 hair 15 gifts Results: 1 like kissing the forehead is a positive life-creatorpeople.

  His nature favors peace, empathy for others, and the need for others to respect themselves.

He has a rational personality, is very intelligent, has a spirit of fraternity, can display his talents, has good interpersonal relationships, maintains good relationships with family and friends, gives people tender and considerate feelings, and loves nothing.

2 People who like kissing eyes are in need of love.

  He can sacrifice for love and pursue his lover at all costs. His love is wild and this hot expression, because he needs his lover to surrender to his passion. He even kisses his eyes and wants to kiss the sexiestStrip, including genitals.

Watch out for his love!

Maybe you just want to use you to achieve a certain life goal.

3 Those who like to kiss the nose are people who like to have sex.

  His love must also have friendship, emphasis on affection, morale, desire for love, love to have sex, but don’t care about having a lot of realistic sexual relations, like dual personality, sometimes wanting love and sometimes wanting to leave.

It is very playful and has a floating character, so it is not easy to establish a good career foundation. It is recommended not to change jobs easily.


People who like to kiss their cheeks for peace.

  He is a person who knows friendship and can share the best of everything with his friends. He does not care about being bullied, easy to forgive others, and good people who do not cherish revenge.

It can maintain a long-lasting relationship of love and deep emotions. If you can hold each other’s hand and kiss his cheek at the same time, it means that the relationship can last.

It is recommended to be careful about feeling deceived.

5 People who like to kiss their ears are empathetic.

  He can guess other people’s minds and understand the pain of others. He can be a very considerate person, and he can also play tricks on others. When he is an eager person, he will use others to achieve his purpose.

Emotionally freely, dare to love and hate, do not care about emotion and courage to express themselves.

Kissing the ear is his call for sex.

6 like to kiss the mouth is a person with love only.

  When he kissed his mouth, he expressed his respect for the body, hoping to have a single love, and only liked to kiss his mouth, showing polite feelings, and respecting each other as a gentle lover.

There are many self-confidences and strong moral values, often exaggerating certain topics for their self-confidence, and easy to feel sorry for spouse for an affair.

7 like to kiss the neck is not the only person in love.

  He can’t talk about long-lasting love.

His enthusiasm comes quickly and goes fast. He needs sex to match love. Even if his enthusiasm cools down, he still needs the other party to still love him and wait for his return.

He is not a hard-working person, does not care about the hard work of men holding children, and is willing to have the ability of women, or women to send men does not matter.

No ambitions in life, but lascivious.

8 People who like to kiss their shoulders are invincible.

  Those who need to be comforted when they are weak, have a gentle personality with a shy introvert.

Likes euphemism to ask others, unable to express emotions directly to express inner desires and needs.

It is easy to fall into the trap of others. When others are more active in pursuit, he is easily caught in the vortex of emotions and cannot extricate himself. Be careful to look at the bad lover.

9 like to kiss the arm is a person with strong resilience.

  Good at finding opportunities in life, knowing how to test the needs of others, and being good at controlling opportunities to gain opportunities. He is not a winning type of wisdom, but has a good ability performance, knows how to learn and cope with understanding skills, and will try to please you.Be careful that he breaks your heart when he turns to others.

10 like to kiss the back of the hand is a typical love Saint.

  A person who knows how to master the feelings of men and women, creates a gentle and intimate atmosphere and emotions, knows how to wait for opportunities, and grasps opportunities to progress the feelings of men and women. Although he is a sage-like person, the biggest characteristic of his personality is ambition, which is oftenCareer, money, a person with a strong desire for power, love is only his life embellishment, he is lascivious than the person who kisses the arm and is more empathetic than the person who does not kiss the arm.

11 like to kiss the palm of his hand, he is a person who needs love.

  He longs for the true relative of his lover. His sex must have a strong feeling and a good emotional relationship. Therefore, he is a lover who knows how to enjoy and enjoy sex. He is usually very humorous, has high taste, is elegant, and has a strong sense of wisdom.character.He usually has quality love opportunities, and surprises and gains when he is in love.

12 People who like to kiss their feet and toes are naturally humble.

  Like to respect each other’s feelings, and pamper each other’s most important people in their lives.

He doesn’t like or express his feelings easily, and he tends to make a living to meet the needs of others, and his sexual life is mainly to please the other party.

He needs a proactive and powerful person to succeed; he is often a powerful assistant, but he is not suitable for a powerful lover and becomes a victim.

13 like to kiss someone who has sexual quirks.

  He often likes to kiss his feet, indicating that sexual desire is stronger than ordinary people, so there are different ways of making love. He usually only likes certain typical sexual partners, such as especially thin and weak personality, or strong and obese, of course, it may also be funny, in shortHe is someone who uses different sexual partners for the sake of sex.

14 Love to kiss hair is gentle and passionate.

  It is his nature to give affection to others. Pursuing a perfect life and living with a beloved partner are his greatest wishes. This kind of action often appears in parents to children.In terms of gender relations, he is jealous, jealous, possessive and possesses a strong desire to possess frustration and sacrifice in love.

15 people who like to kiss gifts are not love-only.

  His emotion is more materialistic, so he will like to kiss the gift. Therefore, he is always half-hearted and does not know whether he has chosen the right lover. Although he likes various intimate actions, he often holds the lover’s hand becauseHe longed for his lover to give him more unexpected surprises.

His enthusiasm makes his lover think he needs more emotional guarantee or love, in fact, he is just someone who is not easy to be emotionally focused.