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How to eat the big belly

How to “eat” the “big belly”

Generally, the fat accumulated in the abdomen, which is the so-called “big belly”, is relatively stubborn.
Not only does it deduct points for its appearance, but it is also a “type” killer for health.
  So we need to “relieve the abdomen” and reduce the big belly on the belly, we need to “relieve the burden” and reduce the burden on the body.
  Immediately after the thirties, I unknowingly got a big belly, which has become a problem for more and more successful men.
  In fact, your troubles are on par with French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
Not long ago, while Sarkozy was rowing on vacation in the United States, a photo was taken by a Reuters reporter. Sarkozy’s naked upper body and waist fat were clearly visible, which was ridiculed by many media.
  Zhang Lifeng has been a personal fitness trainer for many years. Many company CEOs and state-owned enterprise leaders came to him. As soon as he met and couldn’t talk for three words, he asked: “Look at my stomach, it’s too big to bend down.鞋带都难,您能帮我减减‘负’吗?”People like this account for 70% of the members brought by coach Zhang, and he usually praises them first.
“Because at least he has at least a sense of health, he is always prouder than those who have a stomach every day, feels prestige, and feels ‘official’.
“To reduce belly fat is the most difficult part of losing weight. Without exercise and diet control for more than three months, I don’t want to remove the” hill “on my stomach.
  The longer the belt, the shorter the life.
The abdomen is large and the waist is thick. It has been pointed out by the World Health Organization for a long time. It is the most dangerous factor for hypertension, coronary heart disease, and diabetes.”.
  Obesity is the result of fat accumulation. You eat and drink more, and exercise less. According to the saying, “you get in more and get out less.”
But human obesity is “orderly”. Coach Zhang picked up the pen and drew on the paper and said, “When we feel that our body is getting fat, we usually start with the increase in fat accumulation around the abdomen, then the limbs.The last is the face; when losing weight, the order of fat consumption is reversed, starting from the face, then to the limbs, and finally the abdomen.
“” This is why many people think that the belly is really difficult to reduce, you think, weight loss is already difficult enough, and the last hurdle of weight loss is to reduce belly-naturally it is more difficult.
“Coach Zhang said.
  Therefore, if you really want to reduce your belly, you have to be a little stupid. You do n’t have more than three months (sometimes even half a year) of continuous systematic exercise and scientific and reasonable diet control.Remove.
  Eating steamed eggplant for three months will definitely reduce your belly!
Exercise does not necessarily reduce belly fat.
  Zhang Lifeng recalled many of his students, most of whom were unable to reduce their belly even though they had been exercising for a long time.
Speaking of reasons, coach Zhang was helpless: “I can’t stare at them for 24 hours!
They exercised for an hour with me, consumed 800 ~ 1000 calories, walked out of the gym, went directly to the restaurant to participate in various entertainment, and eat back 1000 calories in a meal . this way of fitness, can reduce weightDoes it work?
So, the basic principle of weight loss is to balance “in” and “out”. No matter how you exercise, if you don’t control your diet, you won’t be able to stop your mouth.
  People who want to reduce their belly fat should reduce their intake of high-sugar foods (candies, drinks, Chinese and Western desserts) and high-fat foods (fried foods, certain meat products), and foods high in fiber, such as corn, Cabbage, bamboo shoots, etc. should eat more.
  Coach Zhang Lifeng especially recommended a “minus belly dish”: steamed eggplant.
  ”Choose two purple-skinned eggplants. After cleaning, cut them into four petals from the middle, remove them and put them on the pot and steam them. Mix them with ginger, garlic, and soy sauce. You can eat them directly.
“Coach Zhang said,” Eggplant contains very little fat and sugar, and is a low-calorie food. It has a significant weight loss effect. Ginger and garlic can be added to lower blood lipids.
People with intestines insist on taking one serving a day, and it will definitely work.

Where does the misunderstanding come from

Where does the misunderstanding come from

One of his wife’s questions: Why can’t he see my needs?

  Patricia, a sex expert who co-authored the book “How to Improve the Quality of Marriage,” points out that if a wife tells a female friend that she is having a bad day today, the friend will put down everything at hand to ask the situation, because women will reject the hearing asA signal for help.

But for men, they like to use the protection they can provide to reduce their own value, so they often consider their wife’s deception as an indication that they are not good enough.

  Of course this does not mean that women can never be disappointed with their partners.

They should learn to say, “Can you help me .?

“Or” I want to . “Skip the repetition and directly express your expectations.

  Wife question two: Why can’t he understand me?

  Deborah, a linguistics professor at Georgetown University, author of “Intimate Dialogue between Men and Women”?

Tanner found that men often reset themselves in a small group by speaking, while women use dialogue to deepen each other’s understanding.

This difference can easily lead to misunderstandings.

Taking an apology as an example, the wife always thinks that if the husband admits something wrong, this matter will be ignored. An apology means “I care about this, I care about you.”

But for men, a request for an apology is tantamount to being humiliated in public, so when a woman asks, why do n’t you apologize?

It sounds to men as harsh as “I’ve caught your handle and I’ll embarrass you”.

  Wife question three: Why didn’t he really listen?

  Does he always feel absent when arguing with her husband?

Then you misunderstood him.

John the Sexologist, an expert on the famous American Red Book,

Gray said that for women, stress can be counterproductive in the central part of the brain that controls emotions, so these instincts can always think nonstop and make themselves feel better.

  But for men, stress triggers a reaction in the central part of the control in the brain, so when you and them cause a problem, he is too focused on discussing how to solve the problem, so that he can’t hear youView.

  Therefore, the husband needs to learn a little: pay attention to what his wife is saying.

This will make you more relaxed, no longer trying to find a solution, and resonate with your wife.

  Wife question 4: Why can’t he understand what I really want to express?

  I’m afraid you won’t be unfamiliar with the following scenario: My wife went home and refused, “My boss is too scary. Today is really the worst day.

“The subtext is: I just want to be disappointed with this bad day.

However, their partner sounded like this: Tell me what to do with my boss.

  The author of the forthcoming “The Secret of a Woman’s Happy Marriage” and an expert on the famous American sex journal “Red Book” proposed that Dr. Hossman explained that in brain imaging studies, there will be more blood flow for womenThrough the parts of the brain that produce and interpret language.

In men’s brains, however, the relationship between the emotional center and the language center is very limited.

  Therefore, women hope that once she can reveal her emotions, her husband can do the same.

Men do not want to share a certain emotion with their wives or communicate useful information through communication.

Spot countermeasures: TCM conditioning

“Spot” countermeasures: TCM conditioning

Experts interviewed: Li Shuping, Liwan District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, attends Dr. Li Shuping. The scope of TCM treatment is generally chloasma, and it is believed that “spleen wetness and kidney deficiency are the cause of the onset of the disease.Caused by maintenance. ”
Therefore, Chinese medicine classifies chloasma into two types: kidney deficiency and liver stasis and spleen deficiency and liver stasis. For these two spots, the following prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine are prescribed:The color is dark and dark, the shape is thin, mostly with waist and knees soft, less menstrual flow, upset and irritable, nocturnal dreams, less red tongue, and thin pulse strings.
  Prescription (Use: Tonifying the kidney, nourishing blood, nourishing the liver and draining the liver) Ligustrum lucidum 20 Echinacea 15 Huaishan 15 Mature land 10 Mangosteen 10 Motherwort 10 Angelica 10 White peony 12 Salvia 12 Chaihu 6 Chuanxiong 6 Pine shell 6 (Unit: g)   2. Spleen Deficiency and Liver Stasis Type: Color spots are distributed on the two palate and the periphery of the mouth. They are full in shape, with abdominal distension, thin stools, dark red tongue, and white greasy fur.
  Prescription (use Shugan Liqi Jianpi Huashi) Chaihu 6 Angelica 10 Angelica 10 Stir-fried pine shell 10 Rose 10 Safflower 10 Atractylodes 10 Yunquan 10 Atractylodes 10 White silkworm 10 Winter melon kernel 15 White aconite 10(Unit: grams) Requirement: Use three bowls of water to brew the herbs for half an hour, then fry for another half an hour.
Generally good recovery can be achieved in half a month.
  Special reminder: In the stage of traditional Chinese medicine, even in the summer, you should drink less pork bone soup. Things that are too greasy are the most likely to cause spleen deficiency. In addition, excessive drinking of beer in the summer will also be detrimental to the liver.

Learn to say goodbye before love

Learn to say “goodbye” before love

The first lesson in love is to “get together and get together”.
  True love is not about possession, but about giving each other happiness.
  ”Love is like having a high fever, and when it comes and goes, it is not controlled by the will.
Really, even with deep hatred, can be light and light!
  Not to mention, lovers who once loved each other.
  Man, woman, what a strange animal!
When in love, love is like paint, and it is difficult to separate. When in hate, it is against the eyes and hate it!
  There was a woman in Kansas in the United States who clashed with her boyfriend for some reason. They had a big fight in the apartment!
After the conflict, the boyfriend wanted to return to his old age, and kissed his girlfriend tenderly. After all, the quarrel and the quarrel, the two still had feelings; but the woman was still angry, angry, and unwilling to reconcile so quickly,When her boyfriend kissed her, she bit her tongue out hard and hard!
  Do you know?
The boyfriend’s tongue was bitten and fell off. The boyfriend screamed in pain and was full of blood. He was anxious to find the tongue on the ground!
In pain, the boyfriend angrily pushed his girlfriend to the ground and beat her!
  When the police arrived at the scene after receiving the report, they rushed the man with the picked up tongue to the hospital for treatment.
However, my tongue was bitten by my girlfriend, and even if I could “take it back”, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t speak as brightly as before, and I might not be as fluent as before when I quarrel again!
  Later, the police arrested the couple together. The man was charged with “domestic violence” and the woman was charged with “grave assault”!
Alas, hate is born from love.
  In New York City, there are also many strange “men and women love ending events”.
  At about three o’clock in the morning, a 51-year-old man named Roosevelt couldn’t find his girlfriend Anna, so he searched in restaurants and bars on the street.
Later, Huang Tian finally bears the hard work, this man really found Anna in the bar.
  But Anna, a “hundred-year-old, 40-year-old” girlfriend, was talking and laughing with another man in the bar at the time, and she looked very intimate. Of course, in Roosevelt’s eyes, it was very unpleasant, soBurning in jealousy, he rushed into the bar immediately and had a big argument with Anna. The two had a serious pull and quarrel.
  Later, Roosevelt was so angry that he waved two or three punches and knocked out two of Anna’s incisors, causing Anna to be covered with blood and looking for incisors on the ground!
Then, Anna, who weighed 100 kilograms, was not a fuel-saving lamp, and immediately launched an attack!
  How did she fight back?
Such a fat woman pushed Roosevelt to the ground as soon as she shot; she pressed a hundred kilograms of fat on her boyfriend’s body, and then used her “twelfth thick heels” on her boyfriendHit his head and body desperately!
After anger and a wild beating, the flesh finally lost to high heels, but her boyfriend was beaten to death by sharp heels and killed!
  Afterwards, Anna was arrested by the police and she was charged with “homicide” and “holding a criminal weapon-high heels”.
  Alas, how easy it is to have good relationships!
How dare we tell us to bite off their tongues?
No matter how the relationship breaks down, there is no need to bite off their tongue or cut off their lives!
  Besides, it is such a “difficult move” to take off your high heels to beat others or even kill them alive!
But why should people be so fierce and unrelenting?
Alas, people are crazy!
I lose my mind!
Therefore, my wife recently helped me buy two pairs of “lanew soft-soled leather shoes” and told me to wear less “hard-soled leather shoes”. I was probably afraid that I would be crazy for a while and took off the hard leather shoes to beat people!

  Beyond your own handouts Some local governments in the United Kingdom have recently introduced a new measure of “celebrity gum sticks” in order to clean the city and improve the habit of spitting gum. They have made photos of some unpopular people into largePaste board, let people put the gum residue after eating.

However, after setting up the “Celebrity Gumball Board”, if people still spit chewing gum anywhere, they will be severely punished.

  Later, in some areas, some people posted pictures of President Bush and Ferguson of the British professional football team on the boards; because many British people do n’t like President Bush, and they do n’t like to chew gum on the pitch.Ferguson.
  Sometimes we do n’t like some people, so we scold them behind, for example: scolding a teacher, scolding a boss, scolding an official, scolding the president to get angry, some people even post their photos on the wall to “shoot darts” toHit their heads, their faces come out of breath.

And when the lovers are together, if they want to break up, they must be more careful about the “lover watching the sword”, step into one of them and do not want to break up, and fight fiercely, out of control, or devastatingly.

  In fact, the first lesson of love is that both men and women have a consensus-“Good together, good to loose.”

It ‘s really a question of emotion. It ‘s not taught in the textbooks, and it ‘s not tested in the exams. However, “emotion management” and “conflict management” in real life are compulsory lessons that we have to learn by ourselves!

  In the workplace and in life, everyone will encounter unsatisfactory things, but we all have to learn-“Don’t oppose each other, talk!

People stand in opposition, covering their ears, they cannot hear what the other party is thinking; but as long as they open their ears, listen to the voice of the other side, and understand the other’s mood, misunderstandings and conflicts will be reduced.

  Maybe, both men and women have “destined”, but it’s a good ending to get together and break up!

  Sometimes think about it, “Let ‘s let go of bad words, leave room for others, and leave room for others.” Is n’t it a beautiful life?

Really, even with deep hatred, it can be light and light!

Not to mention, it was lovers who once loved each other.

Therefore, true love is not about possession, but about making each other happy!

But this is really not easy!

  French writer Stendhal said in “On Love”: “Love is like a high fever. It comes and goes without the control of the will.

“We still have to learn to love, to know how to love, and to be a happy person; when the waves of love are over, we should not hinder friendship, break up rationally, and say” goodbye “lightly!

Yoga does not hurt for 1 minute every day

Yoga does not hurt for 1 minute every day

This iceberg movement can fracture the entire spine and relax the hip muscles.

  1. Keep your upper body straight and sit cross-legged.

  2. Inhale for 3 seconds, straighten straight to the left and right sides at the same time, palm up, lift from the side, and reach the top of the head.

  3. Exhale for 3 seconds, rotate your upper body 90 degrees to the right and hold your breath for 6 seconds.

Then inhale for 3 seconds and turn your upper body back to its original position.

  4. Exhale for 2 seconds, palm down, arms from the top of the head to the sides of the body.

  Note: People with severe heart problems cannot do this.

  Hand-lifting This action can eliminate the stiffness of the shoulders and upper and lower ends.

  1. Merge your feet with your tips, or split your feet half wide. Cross your hands in front of your body and relax your body.

  2. Inhale for 3 seconds, raise your arms upwards, and keep your hands crossed.

Tilt your head back slightly, look up and stop for 6 seconds.

(It is not required to hold your breath).

  3. Expand the radius to the same height as the shoulder, and stop for 6 seconds.

  4. Inhale for 3 seconds to resume the position of crossed hands and stop for 3 seconds.

  5. Exhale for 3 seconds and lower your arm to return to the starting position.

Repeat 5 times.

  Hare This action can stretch the hip muscles and open the spine joints, such as space, instead of the pressure of the spine.

  1. Knees and thighs sit at 90 degrees, with the upper body straight. While inhaling, raise the bar upwards, then bend forward, raise hips, keep arms, head and torso in a straight line until the hands can rest flat.On the ground, his forehead touches the ground.

  2. Raise the forehead slightly after a few seconds and keep it for a few minutes.

  3. Then inhale slowly, straighten your upper body, and return to the starting position.

  The cat fractured posture helps to improve prevention and spinal flexibility.

  1. After kneeling at 90 degrees with the lower legs and thighs, the front bow of the upper body is parallel to the ground, and the hands are vertical enough to be on the ground.

  2. Inhale, raise your head as much as possible, and straighten your spine.

  3. Properly and fully expand the abdomen, absorb sufficient air into the lungs, and hold your breath for 6 seconds.

  4. Exhale, lower your head (not too low), arch your body upwards, fracture the spine, and hold for 6 seconds.

The top ten symptoms of pregnancy need to be carefully identified

The top ten symptoms of pregnancy need to be carefully identified

During pregnancy, many of the same changes occur in the human body, but not all changes are normal pregnancy phenomena. In some cases, it may indicate that there are certain problems in the body of the pregnant woman. In this case, you need to see a doctor in time.

But you also need to learn to distinguish between normal phenomena without putting too much pressure on yourself.

It’s important to know that certain symptoms may require a rush to the hospital for examination, and some are normal pregnancy phenomena.

The following ten symptoms should be carefully identified by expectant mothers.

  First, drip bleeding “Any bleeding during pregnancy, you have to know where the source is,” said Francis Zhang, an obstetrician and gynecologist.

  In the 8th week of pregnancy, speckle-like bleeding is usually a normal complication of implantation in the uterus.

  If you have recently had sex or a cervical infection, bleeding may also be caused by a vaginal tear without harming your normal pregnancy.

  If you have a little bleeding and pain, it may mean you have an ectopic pregnancy.

Bleeding may also indicate that your cervix is getting shorter or more open, a warning of miscarriage or first placenta.

Regardless of what you think might be the cause, you should ask a doctor at this time.

  Second, contractions Many pregnant women who are mothers for the first time worry about contractions of Braxton Hicks. It is not like contractions, but painless and irregular.

  Braxton Hicks contractions can occur during the second trimester, but often in the third trimester.

If you still have dehydration, you may feel it more easily.

  Feeling contractions during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy may also mean that you have a urinary tract infection or a yeast infection.

If your contractions appear painful and regular, you need to see a doctor.

  Third, when the movement of the oxides slows down or stops for 17 to 18 weeks, you will start to notice the movements of the baby in the belly, and you may feel as if you are shaking.

Baby kicking mother’s belly and other actions will gradually strengthen through the duration of pregnancy. About 24 weeks, you may notice that he will be relatively quiet during the day and more active at night.

  If you notice your baby’s movements, try drinking a glass of ice water or orange juice.

Because temperature changes or sudden sugar stimuli can also make your baby move.

Or you can lie in bed for 5 minutes twice a day and count your baby’s exercise count.

If you do less than 5 movements in half an hour, your baby needs attention.

  Fourth, leg pain pregnancy increases the possibility of deep venous thrombosis, it is an important factor that causes blood clots and may be life threatening.

With the increase of progesterone in expectant mothers during pregnancy, the leg veins also expand, and the increase in blood supply causes the blood flow to the legs to slow down.

If you suffer from calf pain, you need to be alert.

  Fifth, depression According to data from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, about 14% to 23% of women suffer from depression during pregnancy.

If you have depression now, you are more likely to have postpartum depression.

Six, swelling About 70% to 80% of women will experience swelling of their feet, legs, face and hands during pregnancy.

If you have high blood pressure or headache at this time, you may have a threatened headache.

  Seven, vaginal secretions increase during pregnancy is normal, but if there is still blood, or if you feel pressure or pain, you need to be vigilant.

During the second trimester, these symptoms may mean that your cervix is opening prematurely, which may cause miscarriage.

  Eight, chills and fever doctors said that any kind of fever accompanied by pain must be treated carefully.

  Depending on the specific painful area, you may have a corresponding kidney infection, Listeria or pneumonia, etc. This disease is very serious during pregnancy.

  Nine, headache Headache is a common disadvantage of expectant mothers during pregnancy, usually caused by rapid changes in hormones and increased blood volume in the body.

Lack of sleep, stress or the reduction of caffeine can make the symptoms worse.

  Although they usually have nothing to worry about, if it occurs during the second or third trimester of pregnancy, it may be a sign of a threatened headache, especially if you have never experienced it before, which indicates that the situation is very serious.

  X. Shortness of breath increases in the absorption of progesterone, your stomach is getting bigger and bigger, you can feel breathless, but it is a completely normal phenomenon, but in rare cases, it may also be pulmonary embolism, heart disease orSymptoms of lung disease need to be confirmed in time.

Have you noticed your baby’s tooth stains?

Have you noticed your baby’s tooth stains?

Do you think that dental stains will only appear in adult’s mouth?

Will those babies with primal teeth have deposits of dental stains?

If you think so, be careful of criticism.

A professional pediatrician at Baby Village will tell you that even small babies can get dental stains, which can cause gingivitis as a result.

  If your baby’s teeth look yellow or orange, it is likely that the teeth are not brushed thoroughly enough, causing the surface of the teeth to become contaminated with food residues and plaque.

At this time, parents can use a soft baby toothbrush to dispense with a little adult toothpaste or a little baking soda and add water. Brush the baby’s teeth carefully to remove these stains.

If this cleaning method still doesn’t work, then you have to take your baby to the dentist. The doctor will use a professional method to remove the stains on the baby.

Although the presence of those stains does not necessarily indicate that the baby has dental caries, if plaque accumulates on the tooth surface, it is likely to cause gingivitis.

If your baby has gingivitis during the period of deciduous teeth, this is definitely not a good thing.

  In addition, one out of about 1,000 babies can easily develop a special black tooth stain.

This tooth stain may be caused by iron in the multivitamins your baby eats.

Regardless of whether your baby is a child of a thousand, you should prevent vigilance.

Brush your baby often, and thoroughly every time you brush, so that you can avoid this phenomenon.

Because once such stains get on the teeth, it will be more difficult to remove.

  Members of parents must also be told that if the baby accidentally falls over and touches his deciduous teeth, the injured deciduous teeth will also change color to produce dark spots, and this black stain cannot be removed.

In addition, if the baby has some chronic disease, he has a high fever repeatedly; or at 0?
At the age of 3, he was exposed to certain drugs or long-term replacement of excessive fluoride, etc. Maybe his deciduous teeth will not be disturbed, but the permanent teeth he grows in the future are likely to be discolored because of this.

Yishou pigeon egg soup

Yishou pigeon egg soup

Osmanthus solar term is also the period with the highest incidence of central cerebrovascular disease and respiratory diseases in one year.

Therefore, patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension should pay attention to keeping warm and preventing cold, rationally adjust their diet, pay attention to early prevention, and establish a scientific health concept and method of health.

The following is recommended for this Xiaohan solar health recipe: Yishou Pigeon Egg Soup: Ingredients: 10 grams each of Chinese wolfberry and Huang Jing, 4 pigeon eggs, and moderate sugar.

  Practice: 1.

Wash and chop the wolfberry and Polygonatum spp. And set aside.


Fill the pot with an appropriate amount of water, add the above ingredients, and break the pigeon eggs one by one after boiling for about 15 minutes. At the same time, add the rock sugar into the pot and cook until cooked.

  Efficacy: nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing qi and blood, moisturizing and nourishing yin.

This type of person is best to wear slippers at home.

This type of person is best to wear slippers at home.

With a height of two or three centimeters, don’t choose a plastic sole to return home from the outside. I can’t wait to get rid of the shoes all day and put on a pair of loose and comfortable slippers.

However, for those who are 70 or 80 years old, loose slippers are likely to cause some accidents.

Why is this so?

This starts with the special design of the slippers.

  Wang Kai, director of the rehabilitation department of Shanghai Jing’an Geriatric Hospital, said that the slippers are loose and the soles are generally longer than the soles of the feet. The old man wears them, and it is difficult to be as secure and heeled as the shoes tied to the feet.

In addition, the slippers are mostly flat and flat, so when wearing slippers, the soles of the feet must be pressed firmly against the soles to walk normally.

  Moreover, flat shoes can increase the pressure on the feet, which can affect blood circulation or cause fatigue in the feet due to nervous tension.

If there is long-term compression and friction, it is also easy to cause skin damage, especially for people with diabetes and diabetes, it is difficult to cure after skin damage.

In order to disperse the pressure on the soles of the feet, it is best to choose a pair of slippers with a heel of 2-3 cm, or simply wear a pair of shoes, because the padded heel can relieve the pressure of the arch, which can protect the body.

When choosing slippers, the elderly should not be too loose or too tight.

  The length is just as good as the plug, not too long.

The material of the sole should also be considered. The friction between the plastic and the ground is small and it is easy to slip, so it is best to choose the bottom of the cloth.

It should be noted that some elderly people with obesity or high blood pressure should choose a pair of shoes.

Petty female beware of 5 mental illnesses

Petty female beware of 5 mental illnesses

Many girls want to live a petty bourgeoisie. Petty bourgeoisie seems to them to be relaxed, enjoyable, leisurely, and entertaining. From this point of view, people who live a petty bourgeoisie should be happy and worry-free, but the reality is not so good.Beware of petty bourgeois girls suffering from 5 deadly mental illnesses.

  1. Ease of death: Except playing mahjong and sleeping, I can’t find other life pleasures, the passbook is basically unchanged, and my head is basically not used.

Because of the long-term “two ears don’t hear things outside the window, and only look at petty bourgeois books”, it leads to short-sightedness. For example, a woman who is raised on the twelfth floor of the deep girl is behind the times and eliminated by the times.Forced to death by strong men.

The ancients said: “Born in sorrow, died in peace.


  2. Depression: Petty bosses are still talented, playing piano, playing violin, and playing with classical poems, so Gu Ying is always in self-pity, “I was born with no use.”

Their mantra is: “They are sad.

One day God will bring them paid, and die in sorrow.

  3, Internet poisoning: online love, online lover, online dating, they want to be familiar.

In my spare time, I went to the chat room to pretend to be innocent, to make troubles in the BBS, and it was very crazy to occupy it, without any seriousness.

  4, heart failure: showing great disinterest in social life, showing great interest in indulgence and enjoyment.

When they see fun, they seem to have exhausted physical energy and need to vent. They go to hotels, mountain climbing, outings, and any opportunity to play, they all report.

To speed the car, to bungee jump, to drive PARTY, to send text messages endlessly . 唉!

In the end, heart disease can’t help but die.

  5. Autism: The word they admire most is “on the road”, so they are looking for it all their lives.

They don’t like stargazing, they are keen on chasing stars, and they want to chase after seeing the best of the opposite sex. What to do after chasing it is not a matter of new human beings.

Their love principle is: only love a little bit, only strangers, only love not to marry.

Petty men think that a good woman is always someone else’s wife. Petty men think that a good woman is always someone else’s wife. Petty women think that a good man in this world is dead, and the rest is either a coward or a satyr.

So the final outcome is two kinds: Either Wang Xiaobo died in sorrow and indignation after yelling, or Zhang Ailing died silently in the American guest house.

Only one thing is the same: they are all too lonely.