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If the publicity album on the album just makes her feel amazing,So now when Lin Yoona is really in this villa,Lin Yoona was really attracted by the beauty here。

Chapter 635 apologize
“OK,Put away your saliva,Let’s go quickly!”Xiao Fan said with a smile。
Fortunately, there are only two of them now,If this is what Lin Yuna looks like now,If I was seen by those two people before,Well, I don’t know what that person will be able to say.!
Just when Xiao Fan thought like this,A couple of men and women appeared in the sight of Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan。
Yes,It’s the man and woman who spoke harshly to Lin Yooner outside the villa。
to be frank,When I saw this couple,Xiao Fan’s face has changed slightly,Because he didn’t want the good atmosphere that Lin Yoona and him had so hard to cultivate and was destroyed by those two people again.。
Not to mention Lin Yuna,Because before,She was ridiculed by the couple because she praised the beauty of this place“Soil buns”,but,My expression just now is compared to when I first came to the villa,It can be said that there is no less!
so,Lin Yoona is really a little bit ashamed that the man and woman will come back and provoke!
only,Obviously things are not as bad as Lin Yuna and Xiao Fan imagined。
Because when Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan saw the couple,The couple also noticed Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan。
and,After seeing Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan, the two people,He came directly to the two of them excitedly。
“Mr,thank you,Me and my girlfriend just now,I’m still thinking about where I can see you,Really did not expect,We met again so soon。”After the man came to Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan,He just started talking to Xiao Fan excitedly。
only,It’s their expression of excitement in Xiao Fan’s eyes,That’s more or less unconscious,What is this scenario?

“I said at the beginning,What i learned,Can only show me where you are now,But treatment?Sorry i can’t do anything,”Chen Geng sighed:“The reason why I told you this,Just want to remind you,It’s not too late for treatment,You still have time,If you delay for another year or two……”

What will happen if you delay for another year or two?Chen Geng didn’t say,Can be understood by Chen Geng’s expression, Carpenter,It is estimated that his life potential has fallen avalanche、Until it collapses completely。
“I……I……I don’t want to die……”Carpenter clung to Chen Geng’s hand in a gaffe:“Mr. Fernandez,Please,Please help me……”
“I said that,It’s not too late for you to see the doctor,”Chen Geng sighed again:“Really,Your current situation,I guess western medicine can help you heal。”
What is called“It can be cured?”,What do you mean,Even western medicine has a high chance of not being able to cure me?
People are afraid of death,Especially rich!
For the rich,The money spent on seeing a doctor is not a problem at all,The point is to be optimistic about the disease,Even just to improve1%Cure rate,They don’t hesitate to spend several times more,Realize that the success rate of western medicine in treating one’s own anorexia nervosa may be a bit worse than traditional Chinese medicine,And just now Mr. Fernandez said,Chinese medicine is fundamentally、After treating my anorexia dialectically,Carpenter caught Chen Geng and refused to let go:“Mr. Fernandez,Even if you can’t cure it,Do you know someone who can help me treat??”
“This one……”Chen Geng hesitated obviously。
But Chen Geng’s hesitation,But it made Carpenter excited:He really knows!
Just know!
Carpenter said immediately:“Mr. Fernandez,I know you are short of money,but……Please help me,No matter what conditions you have,I promise you!”
“This is not about money,”Chen Geng smiled bitterly:“Although the other party may not have much money,But they are rich and may not be able to invite them。”
There are also doctors who can’t get the money?Carpenter did not speak,But she obviously doesn’t believe it。


Chen Geng raised his eyebrows,Motion to little MacDonald to continue,What’s wrong with Lockheed?
Little MacDonald smiled bitterly:“Boeing quoted Lockheed,They out20One hundred million U.S. dollars,Hope to buy Lockheed’s civil aircraft business as a whole,Including those working with McDonnell DouglasMD-12project……”
So much!
Chen Geng finally knows where the problem is:This one20Quotation,Definitely just a tentative offer from Boeing,Just to see if Lockheed intends to sell their civil aircraft business,As long as Lockheed is interested in the hidden meaning of Boeing’s offer,Will definitely respond——After all, Lockheed’s original intention was to package and sell its civil aircraft business to Boeing.,Pit Boeing fiercely once。
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
Little MacDonald did not answer right away,But was silent for a while holding the teacup,Seems to be organizing words,A moment later,He looked up at Chen Geng and said:“Fernandez,You feel……Is it possible to make a fake show??”
Chen Geng reacted immediately:“you are rightMD-12?”
Little MacDonald nodded。
“why?”Chen Geng doesn’t quite understand。
“last week,Lufthansa contacted me。”
Chen Geng’s brain turned slightly,I immediately understood what little MacDonald meant:“It’s time for you,LufthansaMD-12Interested?”

Seeing this move by Gao Xiaofang,Qin Feng didn’t know what to say,Gao Xiaofang did this by himself?

But there are some things that can’t be said,Qin Feng didn’t think so much,He looked at Gao Xiaofang and said:“This time I have a big thing to discuss with you。”
“Oh,What kind of thing?”Gao Xiaofang looked at Qin Feng with some doubts and asked,“You don’t need to tell you,You changed,You need to let Jiang Yan be the principal?”
That’s what Gao Xiaofang cares about,As for other things,He really doesn’t want to bother。
“This is not。”Qin Feng couldn’t help but laugh,Gao Xiaofang really cares about this。
But he can understand,This treatment,Is that the pinnacle of life??
In this situation,If I have done so many things,The peaches were picked,Do you say i’m happy?The most important thing is that this school does not belong to me,So I can’t decide what。
Gao Xiaofang also understands,He sighed and said:“Turned out to be like this,Just are you sure you can achieve what you promised before?”
I heard today that you do things everywhere,I’m afraid this fund will not be raised for a while?
“Ha ha。”Qin Feng said confidently:“If you talk about other things,I dare not say,But the funds from the school,I can still。”
I will build another building,Directly build six floors,Everything is built according to a first-class school。
Qin Feng’s heart is very big,He knows that education is already an industry,He knows that this place will have a lot of popularity,So here to take advantage of this shareholder’s wind will
Get things done,That is also necessary。
“what?”Not only Gao Xiaofang was shocked,Even Jiang Yan looked at Qin Feng with surprise,Qin Feng hadn’t said this before。

Yao Yao stood aside and reminded。

“No need to!I have avoided the point!”
Xiang Chen’s tone doesn’t matter,A phone call that was broadcast suddenly got a response,And it’s still a scarce voice,It also brought Xiang Chen to the spirit。
“friend,I got in,Why can’t I see you?”
After hearing the severe voice,Xiang Chen’s eyes lit up,The voice is obviously unkind。
And Yan Zhengyi, who was lying next to Xiangchen, heard his brother’s voice,There was a flash of light in his eyes。
It’s just that the carpet Xiang Chen put into Yan Zhengyi’s mouth is really strict,So he can only make some whining sounds。
“It seems that my brother is already your turn?”
The lack of voice on the phone is indifferent,But Xiang Chen can still hear Yan Que’s breathing。
“You are still missing,You can run away halfway,Otherwise, your two brothers will be reunited now!”
Xiang Chen said with a smile。
Long silence,Yan Que did not answer Xiang Chen。
Xiang Chen’s response was very simple,He directly stabbed Yan Zhengyi again,And rotated the blade。

Zheng Ziling pursed his lips and smiled,Did not speak,Thinking:If you canxd.Be so free and easy,The beautiful woman in front of me may not be that attractive to me!

“do you know,There are three things that people cannot hide,More hidden,Will want to cover up!”
Xiangyang faces Zheng Ziling,Asked seriously。
“cough,Poverty and love!”
Zheng Ziling looks at Xiangyang,There is really no way to hide some things,Even if not,Will come out of the eyes。
Xiangyang’s eyes narrowed into crescent moon,But Zheng Ziling can tell,In her smile,But it’s more bitter than good medicine。
“You know what i’m thinking?”
Xiangyang did not say clearly,But Zheng Ziling knows what she is referring to,Smiled noncommittal,Said nothing。
Xiangyang continued to speak:“in my opinion,Ling Yun is my benefactor,As long as it is within my abilities,I am willing to help him。But from the beginning till now,Always know,Ling Yun is my good friend,I am willing to help him do most of the things,But we are not suitable for living together。”
Zheng Ziling looks at Xiangyang,Did not express any opinions,People who smoke will never smell themselves,The loved one won’t know,How hard is the person who loves her。Zheng Ziling is willing to be a quiet listener,Only at this stage,I don’t know how to express my opinion。
“I know it’s inappropriate for me,But Ling Yun is watching the sea,There are no other friends!”
Xiang Yang tried to pat Zheng Ziling on the shoulder,Finally, I took a deep breath,Grabbed Zheng Ziling’s hand。
“You like me, right?When I asked the doctor if his girlfriend could be a family member just now,I suddenly felt,If the person lying in the emergency room is you!”
Quickly let go of Zheng Ziling’s hand,Xiangyang seems to dislike it。But Zheng Ziling is not a fool,He doesn’t know what Xiangyang is talking about。
A moment of old tears,Zheng Ziling only felt that he was covering a piece of ice for a thousand years。
“I wish I was lying on the bed now!”
Zheng Ziling’s tone was a bit agitated,When looking towards the sun,The eyes are even hotter。
“Xiangyang,If you are stormy,I love you under the umbrella!It doesn’t matter without an umbrella…”

“You want to die,Then i will fulfill you!”

Peng Peng said fiercely,But I don’t know how to catch Zhu Guosheng who is spinning around me。
“Like a loach!”
Peng Peng scolded again,But the sound hasn’t fallen yet,Zhu Guosheng’s arm is against Peng Peng’s chest,Gave a palm straight up。
The rapid friction made Peng Peng only feel a sharp pain,Then Peng Peng found,Bullets can’t help themselves,Zhu Guosheng’s palm not only made himself feel pain,Still blood flowing。

Chapter four hundred and ninety four foreign aid2
Seeing blood constantly flowing out of my nose and mouth,Peng Peng felt like he was drowning,I can’t breathe fresh air。
The pain of the bullet hitting my body is not as strong as the palm brought by Zhu Guosheng,Peng Peng coughed several times,In the blood that I coughed up,Peng Peng found his teeth by accident。
“I was wondering if I would fit my current identity by changing a mouthful of gold teeth,You help me!Really great!”
Peng Peng smiled angrily,There is still blood on the corner of the mouth,Looks a little scary。
After Zhu Guosheng succeeded in one blow,Did not choose to close,But continue to stand in place,It seems to be waiting for Peng Peng to attack。
Watching Peng Peng,I have to admit that what he said is not wrong,Compared to some young people,I am indeed old,Even Xiang Chen is younger than himself,But the storms of the old age have not passed yet!How can you give up so easily??Especially with so many children behind。
Maybe one day I will sit in a rocking chair and tease my grandson,Then openly admit that I am old,But this day will never be now!
“Come again!”

This box,Even for Qiao Tianyu, who has seen countless rare and exotic treasures,,Are breathtaking。

What an important secret needs to be packed in such a luxurious and eye-catching box,It’s so incredible!
Qiao Tianyu studied the box carefully,Try to arrange the location and quantity relationship of gems,Find a way to open the box。
But this purple diamond silver box is made to fit perfectly,One whole,I can’t find any flaws in opening the box。
Qiao Tianyu racked his brains for this,When tired and sweating,George pushed the door suddenly and came in。
“I go!so pretty!”
Just a glance,George was amazed by the exquisite purple diamond silver box,I took the box directly from Qiao Tianyu。
“Joe,Where did you get it from?”
“Someone else。”
Qiao Tianyu got up and went to George to pour a cup of coffee,Take the opportunity to rest and rest your eyes。
These two hours,But I was so tired by this box。
But when Qiao Tianyu came back with the poured coffee,Qiao Tianyu was surprised to find,George actually opened the box。
“I rub!How did you open it?”
See the scene,Qiao Tianyu’s three views are destroyed,I didn’t open this box even after spending my nose,Who knew it was solved by George in three seconds?
God,Play with me?
“is it hard?”
George spread his hands innocently,Re-close the lid of the box,Then take off the lid again with a little force。
“It’s that simple!”

Lin Yoona continued:“and also,I was the one who chose you,No matter what happens on this road,I’m not afraid as long as you are with me,You will protect me,I believe you,This time just an accident。”

Xiao Fan took Lin Yun’er’s hand and said:“I know,I understand your intentions,Just you are too sensible,I think you will feel bad if you hurt,I want to blame myself,Will change later。”
Lin Yuna said yes,Xiao Fan told Lin Yoona to lie down and rest,He went and asked Ma Li to cook something and deliver it,Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng,He will find time to explain。
The most important thing now is to know who did this,Who instigated it behind,After all, there are too many people staring at Xiao Fan in this world,Maybe,He should really consider moving the Lin family to a safer place。
He instructed Ma Li to cook something for Lin Yooner to eat and went back to the study,He picked up the phone,Thought for a while,Turned on the computer again,Directly started the video conference,Called out the person in charge of each base。
Fortunately these people are well trained,Otherwise, who can withstand this sudden call?。In the video,Xiao Fan’s face is very bad,So scared everyone did not dare to breathe,Xiao Fan called Shen Lin in too,Shen Lin had never seen Xiao Fan’s face so bad。
I saw everyone was here,Xiao Fan speaks directly:“How do you all work,my wife,Assassinated today,injured,Can anyone explain to me,Why are you unaware。”
Everyone looked at each other,Dare not breathe,The boss is injured this time,It’s strange that the boss is not angry。
It’s just that there is no abnormality to the elite,Just explain,Bad comer,The other party has probably been lurking for many years。
Chapter 418 Mystery man
Xiao Fan is nervous and unclear watching everyone in the video,More popular,Said coldly:“I train you,The people you cultivate,In the end, I couldn’t protect a Lin family。”
Everyone bowed their heads,Xiao Fan continued:“Is the next one coming straight to me?,Have you thought about it,If others suddenly attack,Are you sure to win?”
Xiao Fan didn’t roar,It’s the unquestionable majesty in the tone,This tone,Chilling。

“Big brother five thousand yuan,I can build half a house back home,You don’t do business,Arrogant。”Chen’s mother obviously does not support,Lord Chen must cut first and then play,Just listen to him:“How is this called ostentation?What we have been here is not bad,I don’t deserve this thing。”

“Not doing business,The company’s business is worth a minute’s phone bill?You just bought it for face!”Mother Chen is very angry,I think this is basically meaningless luxury consumption。
“Hey——You only have money in your eyes,Will be an iron rooster!What else do you know?Face,Bark!If you don’t have a face in life,,What’s the point of keeping money?Now that you can afford a big brother, you have a face,understand?”Lord Chen firmly defends his worldview,indeed,He hasn’t changed。
At this moment the snacks are delivered,Chen Wenjin quickly said to eat,Mother Chen is not willing to lead the war,Focus on refreshment。
Chen’s mother is characterized by,Eating favorite food,Will be particularly happy。
Chen Wenjin thinks,He and Chen Qian have always liked eating out as a family,Is it because they only have the best harmony at this time in their memory??Over time, an experience chain is formed,Family dining out together,Will naturally be happy。
Looking at my parents who are still young,Chen Wenjin thinks about how they will look after more than 20 years,Sigh……
Time for life,Fair and ruthless。
Chen Wenjin just remembered,This era seems to have begun to sell compact phones,His father bought it very early back then,but,He remembers that the price soon dropped to one or two thousand。
‘It’s great that the era of mobile communications is approaching!Mobile phones don’t need real-name systems in this era,The phone card of Starcom should be available at the newsstand soon.……’Chen Wenjin is tired of using the pager,Carry your calling card,Squatting phone booth,Or pay for a landline in a small shop,All inconvenient。
Finished morning tea,Abao was waiting outside the hotel。
“go,Let’s buy a mobile phone。”Chen Wenjin thinks it must be done as soon as possible,A Leopard asked confusedly:“Cell phone?”
“It’s a small and portable big brother!”Chen Wenjin remembered the saying that there seems to be no mobile phones in this era,Abao was startled and said:“I heard tens of thousands,You are willing?”
“Not that kind of big brick,Now there are light ones,Just so big——”Chen Wenjin gestured to the size of his father’s table,Leopard is surprised,Never heard of,Ask again:“how much is it?”
“Seems to be more than five thousand,Let’s go see。”Chen Wenjin bought the first mobile phone two thousand years ago,Not sure about the mobile phone market in this era。
I didn’t expect them to find out,Turns out there was,But the price is generally high,Such as Father Chen whose income exceeds the minimum income by more than 20 times will also have to be cruel,Naturally there is not much market yet。
I only found out after shopping,Actually there are more than 3,000,And a lot of second phones,As for the one that Master Chen bought,More than five thousand,Obviously, I told Mother Chen that I was missing。