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She wanted to pretend she didn’t see clearly,but,Her mobile phone is the latest Huawei model from her father,Pixels are as clear as a high-power lens。

A man sleeping with his eyes closed is so familiar,Sweet words still ring in my ears,I want to listen to the man who said that morning,Lying next to my sister。
Lu Xin is showing off,Is showing off;Where’s Huo Yunhe?You are with her,Is it revenge??
A little lie,Are you going to wipe out all her efforts??
If the counterattack against yourself is this,Then she has to admit,He won!
The phone under my feet rang again,No need to guess at all,It must be from Lu Xin,Dare to show off after doing such disgusting things,Really shameless!
The bell rang a few times and then it stopped,SMS alert tone。
Yangliu just came out of the bathtub,I only wear a short bath towel,The face that was originally steamed blush,There is no blood at the moment。
The undried water vapor was blown by the air conditioner,It’s a bitter cold,Cooler than hands and feet,Is her heart!
Lu Xin has been coveting Huo Yunhe,at last,Her long-cherished wish came true,They mix together,Still on-Bed,Has touched her bottom line,Unforgivable!
Huo Yunhe,She is my sister,Even if not close,Not to contact,But the relationship is still there,You marry me,But with her-bed,what is your purpose?
Can’t make a slap,Don’t say you are passive,This kind of thing,Men do not take the initiative,A woman can’t succeed。
Without your hint,Without your permission,How could Lu Xin succeed??it’s good now,Your revenge succeeded,Although my Yangliu is from a bad background,But my bottom line will not allow anyone to trample!
Yangliu’s eyes are all the picture of two people hugging each other,She wanted to lie to herself that it was posing,Huo Yun and revenge himself,They are not really together。
but,Luo Lu’s body on the photo,Only key parts are covered by sheets,The exposed body shows that they really don’t think about it。
She doesn’t want to believe,Impossible!

A girl looked at Amei and said:“Ami,Are the clothes you are wearing too out of place?Don’t your parents say about you??”

“What do they do?”May disagrees extremely,She and the people around Wang Shuai,Try to break free of your parents,Is their common perception is correct,At this moment, it is only natural to continue:“You should also get rid of the shackles of your parents,Be yourself。Parents ask us this request that,But are we allowed to ask?Will they care about our request??I just want to understand,My parents make me sensible all day,obedient,What if i did everything?They still don’t see people every day,Busy with their big business,I’m like a pet left at home,When they rarely come back,I have to accompany them,Excitedly grateful for the poor company they gave。When i need their company?‘sorry baby!Mom and Dad love you very much,But we can’t come back now,We must run a good business for your future,And you must learn to be independent。’I am independent now,Do not need their company,Anyway, I only met once in two or three weeks,Can’t stay with me。”
Several girls think Amei’s ideas are a bit too extreme,One girl said:“May your situation is like this,But your parents don’t want it either,No way they!I can’t tell you to leave the business alone?”
“I never said that they need to make so much money,They said it was for me,Then I don’t want them to make so much money,As long as they live around?They won’t agree,What I said is for me,Actually they need to make more money,Obviously it is their own pursuit,Have to force me to buckle my head,It seems I forced them to make money!”Ami thinks she was too stupid when she said it,Always thought sensible,be good,Met the parents’ request,I will get the same love from them in the future。
but,Over time,May realized that it was impossible。She is sensible and good,It just reduced her parents’ trouble,So that they can be more at ease in their business,Don’t worry about her。
“Ami,Maybe we don’t know the importance of money yet?Like me and you,I’ve been envious of your rich family since I was a kid,I need to bite my teeth to buy brand sneakers,Wear whatever you like,You don’t want to repair it if you have degummed and cracked edges.。I used to have double brand sneakers,It’s not worth mentioning to you,But I love it,Repeated glue repair,Throw it until the hole is broken。Every spring outing and autumn outing,The snacks you brought are so many and delicious,Some of them are what I usually want to eat but the price is too low.。Especially in the fourth grade,The chocolate your parents brought back from abroad,I still remember the taste!because this,I secretly decided that I must travel abroad in the future,I bought a lot of chocolate,Put in the refrigerator,Eat till you get tired!”The girl’s face is full of admiration,At the end:“But my little ideal is for you,Already achieved。You have eaten well and dressed,Get used to it,Even disapproving。”
“But I don’t think those are important,I have always envied you to be with your parents。”May I didn’t expect friends to care about this、She didn’t care about sneakers and chocolate at all,Is she not aware of the importance of money??
“Ami,Maybe it’s because you rarely see your parents,So they are not willing to criticize you or scold you when they meet,Every time you feel so happy and happy,Would envy us?Actually being together every day,We didn’t think it was very happy,Sometimes I want to be free,Sometimes they feel that they are in a bad mood and make us angry,Sometimes they think they criticize us too much for small things。Anyway,Even if we meet every day,There are still few particularly good memories of getting along,Mostly normal,And it’s as good as the quantity、Even more bad memories。But your parents never beat you,I rarely criticize you,Of course the memories you get along with them feel very happy。”The other girl also said her opinion。
Another girl said:“I also think we still don’t know the importance of money,So although I don’t understand my parents working overtime,,Things like business trips,But I think I should be considerate and accept。I’ll be big later,Should understand。”
“Actually, I don’t mean they have to ignore everything,But they are pursuing the money and career they like,Don’t always say it’s for me,That makes me feel so hypocritical and absurd。If they say‘baby,We love you,But we must pursue our own business,I can only give you so much company。’If they say so,I’m not expecting to think I’m behaved,Meet their requirements,They will stay with me more,I won’t feel like being cheated。I just hate them under the guise of loving me the most!”Amei finished in one breath,Ease the mood,Said again:“Actually they love themselves the most。But it doesn’t matter at all,It’s normal for people to love themselves the most,Why do you want to say so beautiful?Lie to me or lie to themselves?They love themselves right,I love myself,So i want to open it now,Like them,My favorite is myself,Then we consider their feelings,Just like they did。It’s fair!What kind of love they give me,What kind of love i give them。I am willing to give them money in the future,But no time to be with them,But I don’t know what they say,Earn money for them。”
Those girls have nothing to say for a while,I think Amei has said something to death。Logically,May’s words are not contradictory,Then there is no way to make sense。
just,They think Ami’s words make sense,But I always feel that this is not the case,But don’t know how to persuade,Or,I feel that there is no need to persuade。
May and them,Really different。
Ami now dyes her eye-catching hair,Dress not suitable for age、Overly mature clothes,At first glance,It’s not like students of their age at all,even——Even more extraordinary than the bad students they think。
Amei also feels she can’t talk,In her opinion,These friends are when she usually mentioned it to the people around Wang Shuai,Mocking:A fool who lives under parental control and deception。
A girl lifted her clothes and shoes after silence,So broke the strange cold field。

Chen Geng nodded:“Yes,I know。”

As forMD-11withDC-10Why is the airworthiness certification work so fast?,Because neither of these two types of aircraft can be considered a brand new aircraft,Just a modified model,And the airworthiness certification of this model is very fast,Because many projects that have been flown before do not need to be flown again,Basically, you can go through a complete airworthiness process around the first half of the year。
“Now we have more and more orders,”Little Macdonald’s face is slowly filled with happy troubles:“But you also know,DC-10’S reputation is not very good,Everyone hopes to complete the modification work as soon as possible……”
Before Little MacDonald finishes,Chen Geng already understood what he meant:MD-11That’s all,After all, it’s a new aircraft that has just been delivered a few years ago,Also forDC-10Some of the problems have been improved,althoughDC-10Some of the terrible problems on the site have not been eradicated, right?,But at any rate it was corrected a lot,There hasn’t been any fatal failure in the past two years,canDC-10Not the same,“The cursed plane”Not for nothing,The crash that killed one plane at every turn,Which airline can stand it??
Speak more vividly,Those still in use nowDC-10Airline,Every year it’s almost like drawing lots with your eyes closed,Pray for this yearDC-10Will the accident be my turn?——althoughDC-10Not every year, one plane crashes and one plane crashes.,But basicallyDC-10There are several large and small accidents every year,These accidents do not necessarily kill people,But scary:
When you are about to land,Suddenly found that the landing gear or flaps could not be lowered,Are you afraid?Of course I’m scared to death,When the airport sprayed a whole runway fire bubbles,Close your eyes、Resignation and preparation for forced landing,Suddenly found that the landing gear could be lowered,The flaps are also normal,The feeling of the whole crew,The feeling of the airline that the crew belongs to,Tut……;
When you just stopped on the runway,The passengers started to disembark,When the captain and co-pilot started the final check and inspection,Suddenly there was a power failure,Are you afraid?Are you lucky——If Nima is powered off this time, if it is early10Occurs in minutes,Isn’t it another plane crash and death??!
You said this accident happened several times,Who can stand it?Airline shareholders feel that their souls are about to fly(The two examples above are real examples,onDC-10There are many more outrageous faults),So natural,I heard that McDonnell Douglas launched a three-release versionDC-10After changing the modification business of Shuangfa,Everyone is still usingDC-10Airlines are the most active,I hope I can complete the modification as soon as possible——Transshipment,But not only in China,It’s more popular in European and American countries。
It’s just this thing that makes Chen Geng very difficult:“I understand what you mean,But how can you let me help you?The U.S. government cannot agree to our completion in ChinaDC-10Modification,Not to mention how long the wrangling alone will have to be with Washington。”
“I don’t care,”Little MacDonald is going to shame:“Fernandez,DC-10withMD-11The three-issue to double-issue is the funds you provide,Many airlines have said,If you can modify them first,They are willing to pay more。”
“Is this a question of money??”Chen Geng’s depressed way:“There is no suitable place for modification,Don’t talk about anything else,How long does the technical training alone take?”
Don’t look at it from the outside, it’s just the tail engine and vertical tail、Flat tail removed,Then put on a new set of vertical and flat tail components,But in fact, the work that needs to be done is much more complicated than these,Not to mention the upgrade and improvement of the onboard computer control system,Just say that the oil system and fuel distribution system must be re-adjusted.?Some cables at the end have to be rearranged,The whole project is actually quite troublesome and complicated,Need to go through professional training before starting construction。
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
It’s just this thing that makes Chen Geng very difficult:“I understand what you mean,But how can you let me help you?The U.S. government cannot agree to our completion in ChinaDC-10Modification,Not to mention how long the wrangling alone will have to be with Washington。”
“I don’t care,”Little MacDonald is going to shame:“Fernandez,DC-10withMD-11The three-issue to double-issue is the funds you provide,Many airlines have said,If you can modify them first,They are willing to pay more。”
Don’t look at it from the outside, it’s just the tail engine and vertical tail、Flat tail removed,Then put on a new set of vertical and flat tail components,But in fact, the work that needs to be done is much more complicated than these,Not to mention the upgrade and improvement of the onboard computer control system,Just say that the oil system and fuel distribution system must be re-adjusted.?Some cables at the end have to be rearranged,The whole project is actually quite troublesome and complicated,Need to go through professional training before starting construction。

After explaining it, Su Xiaodong doesn’t care about Su Chengxu’s dissatisfaction,Hang up directly。

As for Su Chengxu?Right now
After eating at mother-in-law’s house。
Speaking of this, the mother-in-law’s family actually looked down on Su Chengxu,No other,This kid is not only poor,Not motivated yet。Age twenty-three,no job,Rely on home,Someone owed a debt,In the end, I can only get it back at home。
If this family is allowed to choose, how can it be impossible for them to choose Su Chengxu?。
The problem is that people cook mature rice with raw rice,Has occupied a dominant position strategically。They have no way!After all, the daughter’s story has spread in ten miles and eight villages。
Actually they feel ashamed,But what can I do?Girls are going to marry after all!Okay,The Su family over there don’t seem to be too poor, right。
They offered a gift money of 80,000,Su Chengxu’s family couldn’t get this money at first,Just somehow today,This kid can come with cash。
By now,They can only recognize。After all, their family is not only such a daughter。
Maybe it’s finally enough to keep the clouds open and see the moonlight,Or maybe under the influence of money,The family asked Su Chengxu to stay for dinner。
As for what Su Xiaodong called to make him alert before, he has long been left behind.。
In fact this is just a common meal。But because of some wine,So I actually ate for nearly an hour after a meal。
At this moment, Su Chengxu was also a little lethargic。
At the moment,The open door welcomed three strangers,And what followed them,Naturally neighbors around。What happened to them。
After all, among those who come,There are two agents in uniforms。
But those two are behind,In other words,It is the young man who is in the front。
Of course the ones who came were Qin Feng and the two agents who came to assist him。
“Su Chengxu, right??Three years ago, you beat up with the crowd at Chencheng Railway Station,Someone was seriously injured,let me tell you,This matter is serious,Need you to go back and assist in the investigation。”
“what?I,Do not,This.”Su Chengxu, who is usually clever-toothed, finds at this moment that he doesn’t speak much anymore。He wants to make excuses。But three years ago at the train station, he did participate in the group frame。

Until later Qin Feng became a soldier,Tired like a dog all day,Get busy too,Maybe also time

long time,Qin Feng didn’t think of Qin Xibei so often。
But he never thought,I will meet her at the airport today,And he played as the representative of the Caesar family。
When Qin Feng saw Qin Xibei’s first glance at the airport,The first reaction is not the lovesickness in these ten years,But the fear of childhood。
That’s why Qin Feng is here,When Qin Xibei didn’t find him,Quickly slip away。
Now also proved,Qin Feng was right to slip away,Because no matter what Qin Xibei’s status outside is,Regardless of her appearance in front of outsiders。
In front of Qin Feng,She is still that arrogant and domineering,Her Royal Highness the Queen。
Remembered for so long,Qin Xibei still shows no sign of waking up,Looking at Qin Xibei sleeping sweetly,Qin Feng stopped his hands。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixty Five Crazy about it
Bend down and carefully picked up Qin Xibei,Ready to take her into the bedroom to sleep。
But when he lowered his head and approached Qin Xibei,Qin Feng was a little bit dumbfounded,Even if she considers herself a younger brother,I should avoid it too。
Ten years,Qin Feng is not a kid anymore,And the pig-killing knife of ten years,Although she didn’t make a fuss on her face,But she took her body,Become more and more sexy and charming,Believe that it is a man will be crazy about it。
“Qin Feng!”About two hours,Qin Feng was so scared that he almost fell off the sofa by the roar of a Hedong lion。
After knowing that Qin Xibei called him,Qin Feng stumbled into the bedroom。
“I am here,what happened?”Qin Feng asked quickly。
“Nothing,Thought you were gone。”Qin Xibei rubbed his eyes,Lying on the bed again。

“tomorrow morning?can。”Lu Menglin thought for a while,Nodded。

“it is good!Then ten o’clock tomorrow morning,old place,See or leave!”Jiang Jinghong,Stretched out slender fingers,Seems to make an agreement with Lu Menglin。
Lu Menglin didn’t think too much,Palm out,How did you know that Jiang Jinghong changed his mind halfway?,Instead gave him a light palm,Then smiled and turned away,Not at all muddled。
Wait for Lu Menglin to return to the pavilion,Suddenly behind him came Jiang Jinghong’s clear voice like an oriole。
“Tomorrow i will wait for you in the old place,A word,Let’s see or leave!”
There is obviously a certain ambiguity in the shout of the temperament girl,And the object of her provocation,It doesn’t seem to be Lu Menglin。
Su Xuehen in the pavilion heard these words,Can’t help but frown,Lightly:“It’s late,Stop here today!I should go home too。”
“Ok!I’ll take you home!”Lu Menglin’s behavior in later generations,Replied casually。
“no need,We don’t go along!”Su Xuehen moves Ma Li to pack her schoolbag,Turn around and leave,Not at all muddled。
In a blink of an eye,Lu Menglin is the only one left in the small pavilion。He just realized,seem,like,This is something wrong!
text Chapter Twenty Chartered
Early next morning,Lu Menglin got up and washed,Then I went to the vegetable market opposite home for breakfast,In time for nine to fifty,Came to the game hall on the downhill side of the school。
Just arrived at the entrance of the game hall,I saw Xiaosiyan and a few familiar faces who often play arcades standing outside the door,Look a little depressed。
Lu Menglin stepped forward,Nodded at them,I said hello。
“what happened?Don’t you go in and play?”Lu Menglin asked casually。

Steel gun,Pulled the trigger at the monster statue。

boom!Bang bang!
Bang bang bang!
Bomb rain,Dense bullets focused on the body of the monster statue,Sputtering sparks,Exceptionally conspicuous in the rain。
Useless!Totally useless!
The power of rifle bullets,For that monster statue,No pain at all。Everyone was shocked。
At this moment,Several senior officers finally reacted,They are all mutants,Don’t rely solely on the power of firearms,There is also mutation ability to rely on。
Several self-reliant mutant officers rushed out of the room,The cooperation between them is very tacit,I guess I haven’t practiced much。
The officer who rushed the fastest,Is the leader of this company,His name is Wen Ye Shunji,28 years old this year,Is a power mutant,Just broke through the fifth rank,One of the young and strongest factions in the Eastern Army。
There are three people working with him,They are all Wen Ye Shunji’s most powerful subordinates,They are the fourth-order force mutant Nogio、Tier 4 Auxiliary Mutant Hisaishioka,The other is the mental mutant Kurosawa Chako。
Wen Ye Shunji rushed to the giant monster statue first,While rushing,Slash,The action is like flowing water,In one go。
The blade slashed hard at the bend of the monster’s knee,Rubbed a long spark。
Wen Yejun’s second-hand Toyo knife is made by a master,Excellent steel mouth,Usually cut iron like mud,Not to mention,But just now,But returned without success,I can’t cut that monster statue。

The meat on his fingers also peeled off,Only bones left……

But he didn’t notice all this,Continue to scream like a madman。
Li Huaizhi stared at this terrible、Shocking sight,Shocked to speak。
soon,His fear was overwhelmed by a more terrifying thought——These are well prepared traps,Are traps set by intelligent creatures。
The deserted people are terrified,Like running away in all directions。
A sharp spear suddenly pierced the darkness。
The chest of an escaped deserter was punctured like paper。
The terrible power of the spear made it and this deserted man firmly nailed to the wall。
An iron hook came out,Reach out to another deserted man who ran away,Ripped off half of the meat from his stomach。
This barren man seems to have noticed nothing,Continue to scream wildly,Escape at the fastest speed。
His blood and intestines have flowed several meters,Finally he fell to the ground,All signs of life are gone。
“This is a massacre,This is a trap,If we just……”
A ridiculous person has not had time to finish speaking,A long knife slashed at him in the dark。

So this time,Xiao Fan doesn’t need to be soft-hearted anymore,And I don’t know how Yiming and Chu Yao are doing things.,If it can be done。

Because Xiao Fan feels he has done his best to them,So evidence is not important anymore,The main reason is that Yiming and Chu Yao can safely return to him,As for the other Xiao Fan, I don’t care anymore,Xiao Fan also understood。
Sometimes you can consider others,Others may not accept your kindness,Just like Yiming and Chu Yao can understand Xiao Fan’s painstaking efforts,No matter what Xiao Fan does, they will understand,But others are different。
Others will think Xiao Fan is harming them,Not really want to help them,So at this point, Xiao Fan also wants to understand,Xiao Fan doesn’t want to waste his own,I really believe that his temperament has changed over the years。
Become warmer,Want to help others more,But this does not mean that he can let his sincerity be trampled on by others,He has done so many things for them over the years,But they don’t appreciate。
You must even impose some of your own harm on others,I even feel that I have difficulties,So everything I do is not wrong,At this point, Xiao Fan absolutely does not admit that they are correct。
No matter what happens,Xiao Fan thought they did something wrong,So for them,Xiao Fan will never do anything kind to them anymore,I won’t think about them anymore。
Because all these years Xiao Fan has done,If there is anything else to do,Then Xiao Fan felt that they were to be brought to justice,Give everyone a fair,Give justice to those who have been harmed for no reason。
Instead of continuing to protect them,Or to compensate those people through their own means to atone for them,Xiao Fan is not qualified,And don’t have the obligation to do something for them。
So the safety of Yiming and Chu Yao is the most important at this moment,Xiao Fan even regretted sending them this task,But then I thought I was training them。
I hope they can learn more about some things through such a mission this time,In this way, we can also accumulate some experience,If there is another task like this next time,They can’t escape。
Anyway, the two of them are the two most powerful assistants under Xiao Fan,No matter what happens, they need to be first,And I believe very much in their strength。
I think if they can do what they should do well,Their future must be immeasurable,Over the years, they have proved to Xiao Fan that Xiao Fan did not misunderstand the person.,They have worked very hard for so many years。
And work diligently,There is no slack,No complaints,Or do some other bad things,They can remember some of their first dreams。
This is the most precious thing for Xiao Fan,Sometimes people forget their own minds when they do something,Then you will do something that hurts the world and will be blinded by all the benefits.。
I can’t understand what I should do,So I hope everyone under me can remember his own nature。Never forget what I wanted to do in the first place。

Fan Wenliang said:“No way,Call whatever you want,This is the rule。”

“OK then,Auntie, what are you drinking?”Fan Bin looked at Ding Yi and said。
Ding Yi smiled embarrassedly,Said:“I just drink water,Ask for whatever you want。”
Fan Bin said:“Then i drink water too。”
Fan Bin got up to Jiang Fan、father、Ding Yi’s glass is filled with water,Finally filled myself。
Halfway through,Fan Wenliang took a look at Fan Bin,Said:“Xiaobin,Do you have any staple food to order,Go back when you are full,Don’t miss the train。”
Listen to Jiang Fan,Said:“Go by train?Why don’t you let the driver send him?”
Fan Wenliang smiled,Said:“You ask him how old he is,Did you ride my car alone??”
Fan Bin smiled,Said:“I have never enjoyed the treatment of a private car,Plus my father has not been at home,At home,Rarely take a car。”
Jiang Fan said with emotion:“You are really our role model!My husband and I respect you father and son。”Jiang Fan and Ding Yi stood up,Two hands holding glasses,Respectfully clink glasses with Fan Wenliang and Fan Bin。
Fan Bin put down the cup and said:“dad,Jiang Shuer,I don’t eat staple food anymore,Already full,Then I will retire first。”
Fan Wenliang nodded。
Jiang Fan said:“If it’s too late, it’s always okay to ask the driver to send it to the train station.?”
Fan Bin said:“No need to,Hotel taxi is very convenient。”He was talking,Get up,Pick up your briefcase and go out。
Fan Wenliang said:“Your suitcase is in the trunk of my car,Let the driver open it for you,do not forget。”
“Ok,father、Uncle Jiang、Goodbye Aunt Ding。”Fan Bin greeted everyone politely。