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Hear this,The two men who stopped Lu Menglin from going,I was relieved,Unanimously relax the body,But still did not give way。

“Don’t go!Go back to the capital with me, OK??Aren’t we friends?I invite you to be a guest at my house,Is this the head office??”Hu Lin saw that Lu Menglin was leaving,Can’t help but softly ask for the truth。
All four people present were taken aback,They have never seen such a pleading tone in the palm of the Hu family,She Hu Lin is notorious for not giving any face,I’ve never confessed to men,How did it become like this?
Lu Menglin paused,Said without looking back:“I still have things to do!Since it is a friend,Then don’t force it!Have a chance in the future,I will go to the capital to find you。”
Talk about it,Lu Menglin takes a big step,Walk forward。
The two men did not stop,But admired。
The man who dared to reject Miss Hu’s family,This is really the first one,Can’t help but be respectable。
Hu Lin bit her lip,Staring at someone’s back,Without blinking,Full of sorrow in my heart。
But in front of the family,She’s done enough,If the attitude is more humble,,There is no face at all。
and so,Hu Lin had to watch Lu Menglin float away,A look of helplessness,Even reunited with my family,The feeling of being out of danger is not so strong anymore。
“Who is he?”Hu Lin’s mother lifted the mask,Showing a stunning face,Asked with a smile。
Hu Lin shook her head,Tao:“a friend。He saved me in the jungle,And escorted me here。and also,Our branch manager in the border city,Is Tie Qin Guo’s undercover。They almost caught me,He also saved me!”
Hearing these words whispered from Hu Lin’s mouth,The four people present had a tingling scalp。
Just before they came,I have already thought about the situation in the border city more complicated,But still unexpected,It will be so sinister。
I thought Hu Lin was only looking for the Guangxin Bank branch in the border city,Should be safe,I don’t know that the person in charge of the branch is an undercover agent。

Nima!Children of own country,It’s hard to get thousands of scholarships a year。A gringe,A young man can easily get more than 100,000,What the hell?

even,Some school leaders publicly stated,Over 100,000 scholarships for international students a year,Actually a little bit less。
As soon as this said,The whole network rioted。
A big boss like Jiangnan shot,Even the school where Viet Nam lives can’t stand it,Hurriedly issued a statement,Said to expel the Vietnamese student Yuan Hongwu from school。
Everyone knows,Turns out it was just a pheasant university,In order to win international students,A lot of conditional treatments that can be said to be completely spineless。
That school,I was sprayed beautifully by netizens in an instant。
Simultaneously,Expressed anger at some international students in the school who have two girlfriends,More anger,What a shame。
Vietnam’s Tsai Yuan Hongwu can be said to live like years,He was beaten,No one mentioned it,Just emphasize things that discredit the image of the Chinese,Sure enough, the Chinese are really mean。
just,He also received a call from the embassy,That he will be sent home soon。
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam does not want to cause trouble,Last time,Chinese customs directly inspected their export fruits,Thousands of tons of fruit are still piled in the warehouse,I’m afraid it’s rotten in the warehouse,Can be described as a huge loss。
More than that,There are tourists,Many scenic spots in their country,After the Chinese tourists ran away,They started to miss Chinese tourists。
Left Chinese tourists,Their tourism income plummeted by more than half。
To know,Their country,Except tourism,Is agriculture。Two industries now,Are all held by China,Very uncomfortable,Also regret,Shouldn’t cause trouble。
therefore,Now an international student is making trouble,Gave up。

Until Dean Wang appeared in front of Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan,The two of them had the opportunity to take a closer look at the heart-warming dean’s mother’s。

This is a middle-aged woman who looks almost 50 years old,In terms of age,She should be Lin Yuna’s mother,Which is about the age of Liu Chunlan。
but,Although the two people are the same age,but,Let’s just say separately if the heart-warming Dean Wang and Liu Chunlan stand side by side,That should be whoever it is,It’s impossible to tell that these two people are the same age, right?!
Liu Chunlan has very little to worry about in her life,Usually,There is a lot of time to do various maintenance,So no matter from any angle,,I can’t tell that she is in her 50s。
But Dean Wang, the heart-warming home, is different,She may have put all her hard work in her life on the children in Warm Heart Home,So she looks like,But a very old pair,Very tired look。
“Mr. Xiao,Miss Lin,First of all,I want to represent all the children in Heartwarming Home,For the coming of you two,Express my heartfelt thanks,To know,We have been here for a long time,No outsider has visited them。”When Dean Wang said these things,Obviously her expression and tone are somewhat lost。
“Dean Wang,You really don’t have to be so polite,If we knew there was such a place in Yunshi,Then we should have come here long ago!”Lin Yuna said to Dean Wang very politely。
Chapter 275 Reasons to abandon children
“Yes,Dean Wang,And when we came here today,And didn’t bring any gifts to the children,This is because we have not considered it well!”Xiao Fan after Lin Yuner,Also very politely。
“Do not,Do not,Do not,how could be?As long as you can come,It proves that you have a heart for these children!We won’t pick this。”Dean Wang also said。
“that,Dean Wang,If you can,Can you take us to visit your place now??We want to have a comprehensive understanding of the heart-warming home。Don’t know if it is convenient or inconvenient?”After Lin Yuna arrived at this heart-warming home,,Talk to Dean Wang,That can be said to have always been polite。
“Convenience,Convenience,Of course it’s convenient!Please come with me,I will take you two to find out。”Dean Wang heard that Lin Yoona was coming to visit the Heartwarming Home,I’m very happy。
Since it’s Tian Xingyao’s friend,And after learning about the situation of Warm Heart Home,Came here the first time,and so,If nothing happens,Then they should be helping the warm heart home!
wrong,Not necessarily,But will definitely help the warm home。
after all,No one is idle,I want to come to this place as a tourist attraction。
Moreover,Even if Dean Wang is not very sure about the character of Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan.,They should also trust Tian Xing Yao。
After all, this Tian Xingyao was picked up by the heart-warming Dean Wang,Of course,Dean Wang also rejected the crowd,Stand by,Must pay a huge sum of money to treat the baby Tian Xing Yao。
Let’s talk about the condition of this heart-warming home,The conditions are fairly acceptable,Compared with the current situation where you have to worry about three meals a day,That’s a huge difference!

I looked at those files,All are patented technologies in various biotechnologies!

It is estimated that these technologies will be worth a lot。
There is also a digital camera,I took the key and the digital camera。
Those patented technologies continue to stay in the safe。
do not know why,I think Chen Ning is definitely not dead!
What happened to her this time,Should be a conspiracy。
I came to an apartment near the bank,This is also one of Chen Ning’s legacy to me。
There should be no one in the apartment for a long time,Although it is very clean, there is no life atmosphere,Not to mention the charming smell of Chen Ning。
Although Chen Ning and I only spent one night together,But he is so familiar and close in my heart,Just like an old couple who has lived together for many years!
All the same。
I sat on the warm balcony,Turned on the digital camera,See what’s in there!
Definitely not a blank digital camera,Otherwise it won’t be put together with things that feel important。
Inside the digital camera,No video,Are some photos!
The shots seem to be some scenery,But these scenery looks a little weird。
I think something is wrong,But I can’t tell what’s wrong,where!
suddenly,I saw a very familiar face in these photos!
It’s Chen Xin!
Chen Xin seems to have been taken in the photo,There is a cemetery!

In fact,One million is definitely not enough for the cost of an album。

Even without promotion,It’s all my own songs,The cost of the album will also be very high!
“When you are not famous,To release an album is a pure money-burning behavior,Meaningless。”
I told her that making small videos and live broadcasts is accumulating popularity,When the heat is enough, you can naturally release an album。
Bai Ze understands what I mean,Also feels reasonable。
“And don’t think it’s a low-end video broadcast on a platform like Snapshot,All stars will do this in the future,Don’t believe you just wait and see。”
I asked Bai Ze to go to Shangdu Brilliant Entertainment Branch tomorrow morning to sign an agreement。
There will be a direct component team to do her operation。
Bai Ze is gone too。
I signed two singers who felt very good in one night,It must be a good thing for Brilliant Entertainment。
Can be considered a surprise。
If nothing unexpected,Both Lu Feng and Bai Ze can become popular on the Internet!
Late at night,We came to rest in Tanghuang Yipin’s mansion。
“How much is it here?”
A classmate of Tang Long asked curiously。

Chen Geng didn’t know Royce·When will Michael Roy be officially promoted to lieutenant general,But now it seems,This guy won Elliott·Richardson’s Trust,Elliott·Richardson could not train him to take his own class。

“That’s it,”Elliott·Richardson smiled:“But you also know,Busy for so many years,I really feel a little uncomfortable after I am idle,So I started a defense contracting company with a few friends,I am now the CEO of this defense contracting company。”
That’s it!
Before,Chen Geng still wondered how he met Elliott at this banquet tonight·Lieutenant General Richardson,But now listen to Elliott·Richardson said that after he retired and“A few friends”Established a defense contracting company,And he is also the CEO of this defense contracting company,Flint Room,Chen Geng has figured out everything about this banquet tonight:tonight,Elliott·Richardson just wanted to meet him specially,Even the banquet host organized the purpose of this banquet tonight,Is to match and promote this!
Elliott·After Richardson retired from the position of Deputy Secretary of the Pentagon,,Form a defense company,And served as chief executive officer of this defense company,Is this situation normal?
Too normal!
We said before,In American politics、academia、Military and capital,There is a“Revolving door”,A person,May now be a core senior official in a large enterprise group,But a few years later,He will enter the government department as a senior official,After several years of senior government officials,He transformed into academia or returned to finance、Real industry……It’s like traveling through an invisible revolving door、Shuttle to。
As for Elliott·Richardson,This guy is definitely not because of“Lack of energy”And the chosen retirement,This guy is ready to make money!
In the U.S,Defense contractors do not make money?
It depends,If it matters、People,Don’t make too much money!
If it looks like Elliott·Richardson was established with deep connections and influence in the military、Behind it is not clear what other defense contracting company with deep background,The money is made just like Qian’s own feet,Go to the account——For example03During the Iraq War,The Pentagon has entrusted the military defense contractor with the task of providing living supplies for the U.S. military,The result is that American soldiers drink only bottled water in Iraq,And because“Inconvenient transportation、Danger”Wait for sake,Per bottle500MLThe price of bottled water is as high as2.3USD!
all of these,Flashed through Chen Geng’s mind like an electric flint,He thought quickly about Elliott·Richardson deliberately found his own reason:This guy recruited himself,What do you want?
While thinking,Chen Geng calmly told Elliott·Richardson raised his glass:“is it?Your ethics and your deep feelings for America really make me admire,Unexpectedly, you still use this way to serve the interests of the United States after retirement,General,Respect you!”
“Ha ha……”
Elliott·Richardson smiled happily,He happily touched a wine glass with Chen Geng,Then lowered my voice:“and so,Mr. Fernandez,Are you interested in buying a share in my defense contracting company??I promise,Your income will not be lower than this number。”
Talking,Elliott·Richardson gestured to Chen Geng“3”Gesture。
The meaning of this gesture is:As long as you buy shares,I guarantee your annual rate of return will not be lower than30%!
First1181chapter gift

otherwise,He alone wolf,But will be lonely,Although these world origins can enhance his strength,But his wife Red Wolf is the most important。

The reason why he desires power,Just want to protect everything he has,But only power,So that he can protect everything he has。
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Seven Accompanied by longevity
“gift?Husband,what is this?Feels so beautiful。”
The Red Wolf looked at the light blue light that suddenly appeared in front of him,Curiously asked,She can perceive,After seeing the light blue light in front of me for the first time,Her heart is very eager to get the light blue light in front of her。
but,She is now,I won’t make trouble like before,Her husband finally came back,And brought her a gift,Seeing her husband’s solemn expression,This gift must be very valuable。
If this is what her husband has gotten by working hard in other worlds,Then she would rather not,Moreover,She lacks nothing now,Eat and drink,Life like this is pretty good。
“This is the origin of the world,The patriarch gave me just now,My current strength has reached its limit,Only break the limit,To become stronger,To see the scenery higher up。”
“And these world origins,Can improve your strength,Decades are too short,I want to live long with you。”
After hearing the question from Mrs. Red Wolf,Said with a smile,No concealment,He longs for longevity,But he also wants his wife to accompany him for a long life。
not to mention,The origin of these worlds is really given to him by the patriarch,If not for the patriarch’s arrival,I’m afraid he at the moment,Can only escape back to the territory of the monster race in embarrassment。
therefore,Big Big Wolf vowed to fulfill his family’s orders,Teach those demon kings,There is also the guy with pig,He wants to beat the pig gang hyena into the one that can’t be sunbathing for months。
He has to go all out to make magic weapons,And the army of millions of puppets,only if,So he won’t let down the kindness of his family grown up。

Although I don’t understand why it happened so suddenly,But since it was an appointment with the cabinet minister,It’s impossible for Qin Feng and others to break their appointment,Because the other party just said a word,May affect the subsequent election results of the prime minister!

(End of this chapter)
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty One Cabinet minister
Sitting in the official conference building,Qin Feng felt uncomfortable。Because this place is for official staff,And it’s the kind of meetings held by powerful people who often show up on TV。
of course,More than one cabinet minister,But everybody is not small。
the most important is,He saw that in addition to the members of their Miyamoto family in the conference building,People from the Oda and Tokugawa families are here。
In addition to the members of these two families,Qin Feng saw a few foreigners,You don’t have to think about it or know that these white-skinned people are clergy and reformer organizations that fought before。
But Qin Feng hasn’t seen these people。I was relieved just after thinking about it,After all, those who work hard outside must be the younger ones,It’s the high-level people who are meeting here, or the high-ranking existence within the organization.。
Otherwise, they won’t be brought here by the two big families!
At this moment someone coughed,Then said,“All come in here。Sit down and talk slowly!”
Follow the lead of others,Everyone also entered a formal conference hall,But this conference hall looks very big,It’s like a room used by many people during cabinet meetings。
And after entering,Qin Feng saw a middle-aged man sitting in the first place,His eyes are very deep,It just reveals some sadness。
“Take your seats。”The man said lightly。
At this moment Futian whispered in Qin Feng’s ear:“This person’s name is Kurosawa Jiro,It should be the cabinet minister who invited us。”
Qin Feng is a little curious,After all, he didn’t understand why the cabinet ministers on the official side would invite them to the office.。It’s actually quite obvious here,It’s the building used by officials。And the surrounding security measures are done very well,It should be of the same nature as Zhongnanhai in China。
At this moment,The white man with a hooked nose looked disdainful,Then said dissatisfied:“What do we call for no reason?Don’t you know we are busy?Or,You also need a price tag,As long as the price is right,You openly support one of us?”


Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty One Zhu Ziqing2
Xiang Chen and Mo Mo’s itinerary from Wanghai to Magic City Zhu Ziqing knew,Just find a job in its place,Because of work,Zhu Ziqing didn’t think that Xiang Chen and Mo Mo’s trip would disturb much.。
It just so happens that there are some urgent things to deal with,Zhu Ziqing let Xiangchen and Mo Mo travel in the magic city,Hit someone or something。
But when Zhu Ziqing heard the report,When Qu Tianyi of the Dragon Group was dispatched to the magic capital,He knew,This time Xiang Chen played in the magic city again!
Too late to solve the trouble at hand,Zhu Ziqing first sent Shirley to the magic city,And I take the fastest plane,Starry night。
After reaching the magic city,Zhu Ziqing learned that Xiang Chen and the others had started fighting in Li’s villa,Listening to Shirley’s report,Even if not involved,Zhu Ziqing was sweating unconsciously。
Drive as fast as possible to Honolulu,The import and export have been blocked,Too late to wait for them to check their identity,Zhu Ziqing,Rushed to Li’s villa as quickly as possible。
Heard Shirley’s report,He has prevented a large-scale shootout,Zhu Ziqing was also quietly relieved。
I jumped directly over the wall and entered Li’s courtyard,Falling in a very eye-catching position,Everything is going in the direction that Zhu Ziqing expected。If there is no whip that Xiang Chen suddenly attacked,,Zhu Ziqing thinks that his appearance is still perfecthjfjd.。
Suppressing the anger in my heart,After dealing with those who watch the excitement,When Zhu Ziqing looked back at Xiang Chen and Mo Mo,I don’t have the same resentment and anger in my heart。
Long time no see friend,Mutual commercial compliment。Said in Xiang Chen“Squat to speak,I am injured now,So tired to speak up”after that,Zhu Ziqing really squatted beside Xiang Chen and Mo Mo,Chatted with two people。

And the most speechless thing is,The Dai Zong ship they used to seize air supremacy,It was also captured from the South Korean military at Ye Ye。

Hu Lin will all this,Faithful record,And broadcast live to the entire chaos circle。
Her intention is very direct,The various tactics used by the Sandstorm City army,Can be understood by other human army,Then learn and imitate,It is likely to change the passive situation of other battlefields,Add up,Maybe this will affect the general trend。
One thousand two hundred and sixty-two chapters Decapitation
“Gao Dajin,You will be in full command of the next battle!Dragon Battlefield,Tu Shanming,Liu Yiqing,Strictly guard the copper,The four of you each bring a flying brigade,Let me disembark。”Lu Menglin solemnly ordered。
“what?You have to go down?Is it so fast?”Gao Dajin once again felt that his IQ was crushed,Although Boss Wu Hao gave the command to himself,But he has no sense of superiority。
“Ok,This is our first battle,Have to show momentum!Don’t miss the opportunity!”Lu Menglin replied。
“but,There are millions of monsters below!You brought too few people, right?”Gao Dajin has already faintly guessed what Wu Hao wants to do,I just think this person is too courageous,This is almost impossible to succeed.。
“So we only bring flying soldiers。”
Lu Menglin paused,Continue to tell:“You four listen,A group of Long Zhanye and Tu Shanming,Strictly guard the copper and Liu Yiqing team,I’m an independent team,We split up,Landed respectively in these three key areas where Lord Zuma may haunt,As long as I see the Lord Zuma,Signal immediately,The other two groups provide timely support,If you can’t kill the leader,We don’t have to come back,Understand?”
“understand!”Tu Shanming and Long Zhanye shouted in a deep voice at the same time。
Thousand Miles,Kill the enemy general,This for them,It’s already commonplace,Used to it。
Liu Yiqing didn’t say anything,He whispered in his heart,There are millions of monsters in the battlefield below,Just a few teams descended,It’s just like sprinkling sand in the desert,This way you can find the head of the monster?And can you kill the opponent??
He used to be Ye Korea’s super combat power,Of course I know the leader of the monster army,Individual combat power is very strong,Otherwise I can’t be the leader。
He himself is not sure to beat those monster leaders。
but,People under the eaves,Had to bow,He even handed over the lowest level authority of the Horned Dragon Battlegear on his body,This is equivalent to surrendering his wealth and life to Commander Wuhao,If the other party is unhappy,Can directly take over the authority of the Horned Dragon Battlegear,Whether it is cutting off the respiratory system,Or just let myself explode,There is only one end,Just can’t live。