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And there is another big thing that Zhong Shan’s line will soon deal with。

“Palace Lord,The Bull Demon,We still have to prepare early。”Shanhe old man speaks,Under Li Ming,He is the highest realm among pure and true immortals。
The Bull Devil Fights Li Ming,This is not just a matter between Li Ming and the Bull Demon King。
This is also a contest between the two forces。
Not talking about fighting,At least it’s better than the last。
“It’s simple,The place where I will fight with the Heavenly Great Sage is at Lianyun Mountain in Heaven。”Li Ming chuckles,“The old man is probably afraid that I will set up a formation to deal with him,I send a clone。”
“Friends of Raene,You come to command a Seven Lunar God。”
“Shanhedao brother,You lead the eight Taoists,Put a big gossip array。”
“The other seven Taoists are in my pocket cave,If the bull demon leads the cloth to fight against me,When the time comes, we will fight in a big battle。”
The Gossip Array in the Three Realms,The amplitude is similar to the formation of the Seven Lunar Gods,It’s a very mature formation,It’s totally different from the gossip array in the universe。
Lay down this big array,The avatar of Li Ming Zhenxian can fully command the mana equivalent to the Qi Yaotian。
This is also the effective use of the mana of those true immortals with lower realm。
As for his other seven clones,Is also hidden in the cave,Control the Seven-Star Celestial Array。
Of course this is prepared,Once a war of strength between the two sides breaks out,I’m afraid the gods and gods here will die a lot。

Chen Xiu directly connected the phone and said impatiently:“What are you calling me,We don’t have half a dime relationship now。If you still call me,I will report to youXHarass!”

“I bother,WhoXHarass you!”On the other side of the mobile phone, the rent-a-bomber said:“Come back and move all the things in your house!”
“I’m not saying you don’t need anything,You sell it,Throw away,Do whatever you want!”
“You want to be beautiful!No one will accept your broken things,I have to find someone to throw it and pay a few hundred yuan in transportation fees……I warn you,When you rented a house, you had a copy of your ID with me,If you don’t come back and move things away,I will publish your ID number on the same city renting website,See who will rent to you in the future!”
“If you dare to expose my privacy,I asked the lawyer to sue you to jail!”
“come,You don’t come back and move if you have a seed,Do you dare to disclose your ID!Pooh,Forced a barrister,Who is fooling!”
Chen Xiuzhen wanted to open his throat and shout,Lao Tzu is a multi-millionaire!
but,Think again,Can I use a middle-aged woman like a pig??
is this necessary?
“Row,I’m afraid of you,I’ll go back and move things tomorrow!”
“No way……”The charter-in-law had a pause,Hurriedly said:“The new tenant will move in tomorrow,You have to come here tonight!”
“Row,I will move over tonight!Don’t call,Or I really sue youXHarass!”
Chen Xiucai hung up the charter wife’s phone and looked back,I saw an old face standing behind me,Who is it if it’s not Zhang?。

Never limit。

Only you cut off the opponent’s outstretched claw,In order to make the opponent regress。
“I,Leo’s fate,Only in your own hands!”
Even if,Even if you are the Four Emperor Shanks,I will never、Correct、Do not、low、head!
suddenly,Leo roared。
The same impact of will,Burst out of Leo’s body。
There is a big difference in the intensity of the two will shocks,But the impact of Leo still made Shanks and Raleigh not far away feel it。
“Stop Shanks!”Raleigh sighed suddenly。
Shanks also sighed,Then take back the overlord color。
“Although this guy is shameless,But I didn’t expect to be so reluctant to admit defeat!”
Lei Li said helplessly。
“And your overlord,Actually awakened him directly!”
“Really unexpected!”Shanks sighed too,He just wanted to force Leo to lower his head,I didn’t expect to get this result。
Raleigh looks at Leo,A little regret,He thought he should kill Leo just now。
but,Shanks just shot,If he attacked,Shanks would not agree。
Leo’s face is a little gloomy,So suppressed by Shanks,Anyone will feel bad。

Xia Jian sitting on the edge of the bed,Keep pulling Guanluo’s hand,Two fingers gently twist the silver needle。Grandma Luo suddenly sighed and said:“Xia Jian!If this happens to me next time,You don’t have to save me anymore,Where should I go to report?!”

“mom!Don’t make such a joke。You talk first,Does Xia Jian’s needle work??”Luo Jun stood up,Said with a heavy face。
Grandma Luo smiled and said:“It almost hurt me in my sleep just now。Isn’t it painless now??This shows that Xia Jian is quite capable”
“That’s good,I will let Xia Jian stay with you all this time”Luo Yi said sharply,And deliberately glanced at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian thought,This woman is going to be domineering again。Because Nalande needs a needle on which side,Just from the current situation,It doesn’t matter if Nalande is a few days late here。
Grandma Luo glanced at Luo Yi,Suddenly dropped two tears。She sighed and said:Girl,Your strong character should be changed。Xia Jian gave me a needle,That’s his favor。It’s his duty that he doesn’t give me the needle,How can you say that?”
“Okay grandma!I will always be by your side to take care of you all this time”Xia Jian quickly came out to make a round。
Luo Yi glanced at Xia Jian with embarrassment,Then whispered to Grandma Luo:“Okay grandma, I will pay for Xia Jian’s favor,He can understand”
“it is good!My girl is sensible。I wanted to watch you get married before leaving,But from the current situation,I’m afraid my body will not work anymore。You have to hurry up,And Ali,She is like your sister,You have to take good care of her”Grandma Luo finished saying this,Closed my eyes again,May be a little tired。
Ali who is standing by,Suddenly tears fell,Kneeling on the edge of the bed with a plop。She choked and said:“grandmother!You can’t go,You live another ten years”
“Silly boy!Life and death,At this moment, manpower cannot be violated。You grow up too,You have learned a lot over the years。After i’m gone,You not only have to take care of Luo Yi,And still find a good person,Married myself,Don’t be like Luo Yi”
Although Grandma Luo closed her eyes,,But she reached out,It touched Ali’s head accurately,Lightly stroked。Ali cried even more sadly。
Finally, under everyone’s persuasion,Ali just stood up。Xia Jian gave Grandma Luo a pulse,After finding that the pulse is normal,So he gave Grandma Luo a needle。
Everyone went back to the living room,You can leave Ali alone in the bedroom to take care of Grandma Luo。Luo Jun took a breath and asked Xia Jian:“Do you have any good ideas?It seems that my mother’s illness is getting worse every day”
“Let Sister Wu go to the hospital to find a doctor tomorrow,Give grandma some painkillers,This will be better。But from the current situation,Grandma’s condition is getting worse,In the later stage, it can only assist the silver needle to pass the acupuncture point,Relieve pain”Xia Jian said very seriously。
Luo Jun took a long breath and asked Xia Jian:“Based on your observation,How long do you think the old lady can hold on?”
Xia Jian thought about it:“Grandma Luo starts today,Its pulse direction is chaotic。This shows that the illness is getting worse。You see she has less and less time to wake up,And eat less and less。If my estimate is good,Should be within this week”
“You nonsense”Luo Yi said,Anxiously pushed Xia Jian。Xia Jianneng understands Luo Yi’s mood,So he is not angry。

strange,There is no wind?The fear of heat and suffocation quickly brought consciousness into a short-term stagnation,But soon,There is another crisp sound,As if the actual sound wave washes the entire space,As if from the depths of the soul,Then a gilded light flashed before my eyes,The recovered consciousness quickly captured the information in that light。

When reading silently,The whole space was also shaken,The huge wind wheel that was just blurred is gradually clear again,Although the speed of rotation is still indistinguishable,But the wind wheel has merged into a black and white Tai Chi picture,Huge can’t find the margin at all,
“Emperor Xuanzang,Hong Dao Zun Qi Jing。Pitch has been immortal,Countless years。Weiwei Dazhende,Silence due to no life,Xiaojing is empty,Take advantage of the natural sign,Sun and moon,An He Le Weiyang……”This is what I once read in Liuyunguan Tibetan Scripture Pavilion《Ode to Taishang Hiromichi》。
With a refreshing infusion,Tight、The space that was about to collapse finally eased,The body like a furnace gradually cools down,The red light around also faded,Li Tianchou’s whole body is already lying on the steering wheel,Weak and unable to move,I watched the blurred road ahead gradually become clear,But unable to correct and control a vehicle that has crooked to one side。
“boom”A loud noise,The black business car hit the roadside guardrail like a running wild horse,Unstoppable inertia makes the body roll into the roadbed,Then he rolled one after another to the bottom of the valley。
Shen Yingjie finally found the ramp,After driving through two consecutive arc-shaped bends, finally re-entered the highway,This time she will follow the track Li Tianchou just drove,A little calm in my irritable heart。
But only a few seconds later,Shen Yingjie raised her heart in her throat again,The red dot on the phone map doesn’t know when it won’t move,And the brightness is much weaker than before,She gave a rough estimate of the distance,Probably not more than fifty kilometers away from myself,It’s just that my premonition is getting worse,So she quickly expanded the scale of the map,Record the coordinates of the red point in detail,Quickly sent to the instructor。
Quick reaction moves in one go,But just finished,The red dot on the phone screen disappeared,Shen Yingjie took a deep breath,Keep that position firmly in your mind,Then step on the accelerator continuously,The car reached a crazy speed in an instant。
Where the black business car rushes out of the roadbed,Already in the mountains,Belongs to the southeast branch of Nanling,The mountains undulate for dozens of miles,Is a typical erosion type mountain landform,Dangerous peaks scattered in the mountains,Valley Interweave,The terrain is extremely complex。
The Guangdong-Guizhou high-grade highway winds westward,Walking through the mountains,There is a dangerous peak next to the highway,Steep and tall,No grass grows on the dark red rocks,Under the mountain is dense forest。
A few figures squatting in the woodland on the edge of the road,About five or six people,Not far from them,There is also a large black off-road vehicle parked on the fork for the wrong car。
The shadows are not together,But scattered around the tall vegetation,A radius of tens of meters,If you consider a person as a point,Connect with dotted lines,It combined into a very strange figure,A dovetail shape,Or a crab’s tongs。
Very quiet in the woodland,There is no communication between the shadows,Occasionally with moonlight,There is light flashing under the tall vegetation somewhere,Only then can I be recognized that it is a pair of eyes。
The shadows are wearing waterproof jackets,Covered,Are carrying half-person high backpacks,Bulging inside,Don’t know what’s installed。What makes the hair stand upright is,Each of them has different styles of weapons in their hands,Rifle with night vision、A large-caliber long tube is mounted on the launching frame that looks like a single soldier’s shoulder,I don’t know what it is for。
There is a dark shadow,Carrying a long pole like a javelin,Up to one meter and five kilometers away,All body blue,The long pointed head is extremely sharp,Tail trigeminal flying wing,There is a thin line attached to the backpack behind this person,The base is a rectangular launcher with a trigger,It’s a bit like a whaling gun used by sea fishermen。
A dark shadow at the forefront,Burly,Holding a military scope with a sight in his hand impressively*。Such a rare combination of weapons,Such a strange position,Such a patient and disciplined lurking,Like waiting to hunt some fierce prey。


Chapter one thousand and ninety eight Beat to death
The pastoralist is condescending,Almost yelled at Li Tianzhen’s nose,“Be summoned by an adult,Just give you great face,You don’t know good or bad,Talking nonsense,Come in,What you do is to die!”
Li Tianzhen smiled unmoved,Although the pastoralists are powerful,But too impetuous,Not to worry,On the contrary, the star beast is calm,Almost no expression,And above all‘Creation’More cloudy,Seeing the pastoralists wanton,There is no indication。
‘Creation’Deliberately indulge,The purpose is self-evident,Is to repeatedly suppress in my heart、Even ravage Li Tianzhi,So that we can firmly take the initiative in the next conversation,Easier to achieve the goal。
For this purpose,Li Tianzhi is puzzled,And his purpose of entering the gate of heaven,The other party should be very clear,Rely on‘Creation’Strength,Want to stop him,It’s very possible to even kill him,So what are we going to meet and talk about??
On the way,Li Tianchou tried repeatedly,Enter the gate of heaven,He has disconnected from the outer universe,Like a tree without roots,Can’t rely on external sources to replenish lost energy in time,Especially the rapid consumption in fierce battle,Recovery is rather slow,So the risk is great,The opponent’s strongest shot,A wheel fight can drive him into desperation。
at the moment,Li Tianzhen’s greatest support is the chaotic world in the gods.,Continuous supply of energy,The disadvantage is that it cannot be fast and timely,and so,He guessed for two reasons,One is,The space here seems vast and mysterious,But not stable,The fierce conflict of the Xeon will cause serious damage here,What will happen,No one can tell,this is‘Creation’Feared。
and also,It is the indescribable fit between his pure chaos attributes and the spatial attributes in the gate of heaven.,Since the evil spirit of the World Tree escaped,The chaotic heaven and earth in the gods also have a certain echo with the gate of heaven,Although this door was originally shielded from him,But then he let go of the defense against him,This is also the confidence that Li Tianzhen dared to go deep into space,‘Creation’Apparently noticed。
Repeated scrutiny,Nothing more than two points,Li Tianzhen has the focus to beat each other,Facing the arrogant pastoralists,He laughed,“Since you are not‘Creation’Just shut up Laozi,A dead guy,What right do you have to whisper in front of me?”
As soon as this word comes out,apart from‘Creation’,All the evil spirits are furious,Even the very calm star beast stood up,In the entire space of the Heavenly Gate,Except for Li Tianzhi,Which one is not a necroman?One sentence,Just knocked down one piece。
‘Creation’So forbear!Still not speaking,The hazy face seems to be smiling,I didn’t wait for Li Tianzhi to challenge,The tail behind the burly pastoralist flicked towards Li Tianzhi。
The extremely flexible and resilient tail is the unique weapon of the pastoralist,Its suddenness and concealment make opponents hard to defend,Many powerful people only care about the limbs and spatial abilities of the pastoralist and ignore its tail.,Tends to die ugly。
Li Tianzhen is naturally staring at the violent pastoralist,Be prepared for provocation,But still underestimated the ability of this slender tail,The speed seems not fast,But when it was thrown out, the space where Li Tianzhen was standing was frozen.,Somewhat similar to the space confinement technique of the black unicorn in the town magic tower,But it’s much more powerful than imprisonment,Not a class at all,Because the interior of the space has been instantly multidimensional,A chaotic flocculent structure,Li Tianzhen can’t escape from any direction。
Not that,The frozen space began to be quickly cut,Then the tip of the whip snapped the ice-like space to shatter,Revealing a huge human-shaped black hole,This space was actually cut off,Until the void storm comes in,‘Creation’Just waved,A light blue light flew from the fingertips,Then fly to the black hole and spread out quickly,The gap will be completely closed soon。
“Don’t need to be so reckless。”‘Creation’Finally speak,Seems to blame the pastoralist,Actually quite satisfied,This trick will probably not kill Li Tianchou,But completely suppress the other’s confidence,The purpose of making it embarrassing was achieved。
indeed,The entire attack process is extremely clear,It is a textbook raid in the perception of the evil spirits,A simple flick of the tail has completed an extremely complex series of spatial methods,From the frozen、Changing the spatial dimension,To the cutting space,In one go,Clean and neat,of course,The pastoralists did not use the more terrifying space collapse and dimensional explosion capabilities,That would destroy the entire round table,in‘Creation’It dare not make too much。
Li Tianzhen is gone,It is reasonable to be thrown into that black hole even if not dead,No longer belong there‘Creation’Territory,Is the other of the three domains,The environment is more dangerous,Several evil spirits are naturally happy to see it happen,because‘Creation’I personally sealed the gap again,It means that I don’t care about Li Tianzhen’s trouble,Leave it to others。
But soon,Several evil spirits headed by the star beasts found something wrong,Because they start from‘Creation’I felt a dangerous breath there,Then I found Li Tianzhi,He is picking those luminous objects like sapphires from the dome,Calm and cool action,With the powerful perception of these evil spirits,No one found out how Li Tianzhen got up!
‘Creation’The hazy face becomes distorted,But there was no answer,Obviously care about those things above the sky,And Li Tianzhen‘sapphire’Equally interested,There is a terrifying energy in the little thing,And he realized that these energies actually possess chaotic properties,Very restrained,Hard to find without reaching out to touch,He already took advantage‘Creation’When speaking,Throw a few pieces into the sacred space,I don’t know what kind of reaction there will be in the environment of Chaos World。

“Hands on,Can’t wait any longer!”At this moment,Chess master Gu Feijun is a little panicked,He hurriedly said to the dragon shepherd on the chessboard。

Shenmu Qingshenglong will stand a little longer in this battlefield,Will allow the power of the green forest to invade everything around……
This is Shenmu Qingshenglong’s Shenmu talent,No matter how barren the earth is,No matter how bad the surroundings are,Its natural law,Will transform the area into a thriving scene。
So even if not in the dense jungle,Shenmu Qingshenglong can use its powerful method to drive all things!
Gu Feijun saw that their group was being trapped by a dense forest that continued to grow,But a little anxious。
Bull Yanlong!
That is a red wild dragon full of hot flames all over,It has a pair of exaggerated soaring horns,The physique is not inferior to the predator in the ancient dragon。
Arrogant and wild,Flame Possession,Makes this bull and flame dragon look more unstoppable!
It crashed into the Shenmu Qingshenglong,It’s just a huge tumbling ball of fire。
Shenmu Qingshenglong did not retreat,It still stands in the rhizome area like the python nest,The cyan pupils dilated,Its driving method is stronger than in the past,I saw one of the very fast growing seeds,Is pulling up at a faster rate,Turned into a tall silver fir!
Yinshan is on the tumbling path of the bull Yanlong,Suddenly Yinshan came alive,Its branches become wood palms after another,They hugged this bull Yanlong one after another!
Silver fir magic power is infinite,He actually blocked the attack of the Bull Yanlong,And its bark、Branches、The blades are not afraid of flames,Let this bully Yanlong spit out the tongue of fire,The Silver Cedar Demon Guard did not appear to be ignited。

Xia Jian can’t sit still this time。He stood up,Look again at Hu Huiru, this beautiful woman。He laughed and said:“What do you mean?I wanted to do this a long time ago?”

“That’s not?These projects in Pingdu。Like your Xia Jian’s child,How can you let go。Of course,You are the most suitable candidate”Hu Huiru said this,Looking at Xia Jian with two eyes。
Xia Jian’s heart began to struggle。he thinks,He and a woman like Hu Huiru,Will never be friends。He just said that,He just wants to play emotional cards,It is difficult for Hu Huiru to agree to cooperate with them。I didn’t expect people to be more powerful than him。
I want to,Hu Huiru always wanted to dig Xia Jian to their Dongsheng Group。But Xia Jian just didn’t agree,Unexpectedly, the pit that Hu Huiru dug for him remained,She wants him to jump in。
How to do it?Don’t agree!This cooperation must be over,If you agree,Xia Jian was still led by Hu Huiru。
“Hey!What do you mean?Something like you,I can promise you。Let you come to our group as a consultant,Scared you like this?I do not know,Are you afraid of Dongsheng Group?Still afraid of me, Hu Huiru?”Hu Huiru raised her brow,Said a little unhappy。
Xia Jian was so excited by Hu Huiru,He couldn’t help saying:“I am not afraid of anything。I promise you this,But i don’t want your salary,But I must be absolutely free”
“Get paid for doing things,This is not my order。Also since you promised me,Then it has to look like。So i think about it,If you only appear as a consultant,Certainly not convinced。So you have to hold another title of vice president of the group”Hu Huiru said the truth,Justified。
It seems that she has already made this calculation。Xia Jian frowned,He hides,Still haven’t escaped Hu Huiru’s design。He has to admire this woman’s scheming。
Xia Jian walked to the glass window,He is standing on the office building of Dongsheng Group,I can’t calm down for a long time。I want to,The office building of their startup group,Never worse than here。
Think of these things,Xia Jian’s heart is a little confused。He promised Old Xiao,He has to take care of Xiao Xiao,But also to re-establish the entrepreneurial group。
At this juncture,He Xia Jian can’t blindly save face,He has to give up some of his own interests,It doesn’t matter what you face。
Think through,Xia Jian just said with a smile:“it is good!President Hu,I promise you。But my vice president,Come and go free,Only managed by you, Mr. Hu”
“it is good!My Hu Huiru is waiting for your words。You let the contract be done,We’ll sign here tomorrow,The best signatory is Xiao Xiao!”Hu Huiru heard that Xia Jian agreed,Laughed happily。
Xia Jianma takes out his mobile phone,Called Xiao Xiao。Tell her he has already talked about it,Let her lead someone to make a contract,And come to the provincial capital tomorrow to sign。

Li Tianchou’s embarrassment,Wu Fang naturally saw it,But did not speak。Get out,The sky is dark,He suddenly stopped,“Just missed one,Must be clear。”

“That one?”Li Tianchou is strange。
“About my eldest lady,What are you going to do?When to do?”
“Are you talking about conditions??”Li Tianchou was rather unhappy when he heard that,He hates being threatened by others。
“You say yes,I have to ask from my perspective。Lao Tzu is paid。”Wu Zhangzhang is so big,Don’t care about Li Tianchou’s reaction and emotions。
It’s boring to be blocked by the other party’s words,Li Tianchou said coldly,“I want to protect myself first,Nothing else。Didn’t the old man let you help me clean up the trouble??”
Wu Fang laughed suddenly,Pat Li Tianchou on the shoulder,“Tell the truth。I just remind you,Routine。gone。”
Nima’s,Li Tianchou secretly cursed,But there is nothing to say for a while,It’s just that I feel uncomfortable being held back by others。He led Wu Fang around two small streets,Came to the restaurant again。
“I rely on,Why come back?That idiot tell you where?”
“Follow me。”Li Tianchou casually perfunctory,Turned another alley,A motorcycle parked next to an unremarkable shack。The car is weird,The two handles are asymmetrically opened,The wires wound on it are colorful,Mess。Surprisingly large fuel tank and exhaust pipe,People’s eyeballs are shocking,But the whole looks really uncoordinated,Like a complete freak,The tin sheets of various colors are randomly matched together,Ugly。Don’t even think about it。
This car is naturally Lao Hao’s beloved thing,Li Tianchou cheated over,Zhang Wen’s motorcycle had already been thrown into scrap by him on the Xianghe Bridge。
“What is this?”Wu Fang looked at him and shook his head。
“good stuff,Named‘Qianliju’。Hehe,It took me a lot of effort to get it,With it,I won’t suffer tonight。”Li Tianchou is very proud,And patted the seat hard。
Wu Fang looked at the bare steel bars near the car seat,Can’t help taking a breath,“Sit here by yourself,I take a taxi。”

“Stay in the green hills。”At this moment,Said the bone dragon who owns the corpse dragon。

“I’m afraid I won’t survive,Young Master is already……It’s hard for us to deal with that Bingchen White Dragon。”
“hateful,Where did the Dragon Shepherd come from?,Why have the main white dragon,No one of us knows??”Female male anger。
“Don’t say so much,Let your Lei Kun Canglong cover our evacuation,Otherwise everyone will die here。”Said the Bone Male。
Female male clenching teeth,Lei Kun Canglong is her greatest support in this land,She’s unwilling!
Bingchen Bailong,This Bingchen Bailong!!
Main level creature,Don’t talk about Zulong City State,Look at this land,Can be counted easily。
Who is this Zhu Minglang?,How can you control such a sacred white dragon??
“go,Shame today,We will repay it twice。”The female male said viciously。
“To use the blood of everyone in their Ancestral Dragon City State,To pay homage to our four young masters!”
Da Fangjue Ci,When retreating,Abandoning their soul-covenant dragons just to linger,Really funny。
Unfortunately,They thought they were at the expense of dragons and beasts,Can escape from the Li family imperial court,But I don’t know that there is still a mortal in this Li family imperial court。
That’s Li Yunzi!