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“Father-in-law!”Some panic。

After all, she just thought that she was going to be with her brother.、Leave with hollow dishes,I’m hit by my father.……
But the radius, she also thinks,Now you should not be yourself.?
“Fang,How is this going?”Wan Zhen Mountain should try to put a majesty look。
Wukan lying on the ground,At this time, I quickly said.:“Master!The disciples are the courtesy of people to the brothers and teachers.,Knowing that the brother is not,This is only。”
“You said!Dictionary is you……”Yan Fang saw his pollutant,Even if you want to explain。
And Di Yun drunk directly:“Wan Zhen Mountain!My master is not killed by you.?”
“You are……OK!I am so such as you.,You are still in touch with this lace.……”Wan Zhen Mountain does not answer,Rating straight with rhythm。
Yan Fang really eats this set,After all, she is more like a small lady of ordinary people.,I listen to my father-in-law.,It’s rhythm right away.。
“You have to say nonsense,Your father and son are framed in me.……”Di Yun actually took rhythm,I started to pull up again.。
Chu Deirens really can’t see the same plot of this brain residue,Come out:“Wan Zhen Mountain,Who will you put it in the wall?,In this case, the dissent?”
“Who is a ghost??”Want Zhen Mountain,Sink。
I saw the direction of the moonlight,A white feathers floated,Then a little blurry,Chu Deirers appear in the fall,As if feathers、Chu Deirens appeared in the air。
It is the Summan master mastered“Treasure”Later,Some of them“Small application”。
From the number of contributed fusion disabilities,“Treasure”Can be ranked in front of all Kung Fu,However, there is almost no growth in terms of war.。
Can’t say useless……
One in terms of concealed operations,“Treasure”Very strong,After all, it is integrated.《Turtle》、《Magic sword》Besides《Jiuyin Zhenjing》Including the crackuch in the bulk skill……
Even Chu Deirers and Pity Star tried,In the case of not distinguishing,Pity Star sitting in the room,If the Chu deer is going to sneak,Go to the door,Pity will discover,Not only is quiet,But use the surrounding sound and light.,Combined with psychology hidden。
Chu Detent、Or killer,It is definitely a nightmare for others.!
This is the first time,Cooperate with the sound attack, it is called the gods……
But the defect cannot be used in front of the master.,Otherwise it is now,If the pity is present,I will see that the Chu Deirers will throw a feather with a hidden instrument.,After that, he will take the tree around the trees.、Wall shadow,Special swords from the magic sword,Put your own white feather,Some on the side“Wretched”Latent to the location,Again!
At the middle of the house,Natural no one can see——Di Yun’s martial arts,If it is a heart、And there is corresponding“see through”Skill,Some hope to see the hopes。
See this like a ghost……Cough,This gods will appear,Wan Zhen Mountain is in the heart:“you、You are……”
“Wan Zhen Mountain, Wan Zhen Mountain,I thought that if you have a cautious person.,I heard that I have gone with Di’s brother.,Just escape from。”Chu Deiren lickly looked at Wan Zhen Mountain,But I found out the latter.。
This guy doesn’t know at all.?
“Original、It turned out to be Chu Chuzi……Chu Chuzi Snow Valley, aid, Nanyuan’s four heroes,Wan Mou is also very admired,Just I don’t know what to do with this thief.?”Wan Zhen Mountain has already thought,The rumor is too old in the snow valley,I have come out with a young young man surnamed Di.,The young man seems to be misunderstood in the beginning.。
However, he did not want to think about Di Yun before.,I have forgotten this to be accidentally framed.“Farmer”。
And Wan Zhen Mountain is in the rivers and lakes,Also don’t care,Now,It is still not known that the nearest affair is,Otherwise it will not be called“Chu Chuzi”。
“Obscene?You really don’t see the pink,do not worry,The little pink is driven away,I have helped you find it back.,Talk about it, let’s talk about it.,How did your grandfather?,Why is it because of the soul,I am driven away by you!”
“Chu Chu Chi Mingjian!”Wan Zhen Mountain said,The face is awkward,Just a step forward。
But just next moment,When he worshiped down,Behind the green poisonous arrow——Dictionary is the buffet of the carrier……
Underneath,Even if it is a first-class master,This distance,Nothing without a trick,And look at this color,Sold above!


The sound of a series of swords and guns clashing vigorously sounded。
Chen Xiu was already hurt,Force shot,The meridians all over the body are like bursting water pipes,The power of Promise Slash is not half as powerful as usual。
Can’t resist Wei’s flame gun,The whole person is like a kite with a broken thread,Fly out,Another blood spurted out。
Wei Kai saw Liu Yibai on the side and wanted to stop him again,Hurry up:“This kid is not slippery,He must be cut off,You have a chance to catch him alive!”
Liu Yibai thought about it,Anyway, I only need to keep Chen Xiu’s mouth,To force him to surrender the trick“Overcome strength with softness”Is enough。
Seeing Liu Yibai no longer opposed to pushing aside,Wei Kai came forward with a short gun,Chen Xiu thought:“It’s really over this time!”
Wei Kai approached step by step,Chen Xiu kicked the ground back,Doing the last struggle。
“Raging prairie fire!”
Wei’s short shot pointed at Chen Xiu’s hands and feet,To cut off his hands and feet。
A voice suddenly sounded,With the sound,Is a fireball that emerges from nothingness,Chao Wei Kai’s head seems to be slow but fast。
This fireball burns the surrounding air,Wei Kai suddenly seemed to be roasted into the stove,Body heat!
Wei used his own flame gun to play with fire.,But playing close to the opponent’s infuriating fireball is like a physical fireball,He can’t do it naturally,
The short gun in his hand suddenly turned into dozens of gun shadows,Stab at that fireball。

Just then,Only listen to the two sounds……

“Oops,I can’t think of such a magical earth.,President to bake the wild boar?”
“kindness,No one around around,It is definitely the undoubtedly,Just when it is old days to reward our brothers!”
“Very hard。”
“Hey-hey,The little brother there,Don’t say we grab your wild pork,We are this……Wholly!”
I saw it.,It is exactly a good penalty,Along the way“Foraging”,Just saw the baked wild pig with dog hybrid。
They also saw the dog hybrids in the distance,only……They don’t care about this,I want to be aiming.,Will this be a self,Whenever you want,People don’t give。
However, waiting for them to see this,But I found a familiar person,So quickly“Wholly”Two。
However, their actions are fast,Walking with a twist,And step by step,But……Still when you have just taken the third step,Hold down the shoulders!
“have not seen you for a long time,Isn’t this Zhang Sanxie Li Si brother??”Chu Deirers also know,Zhang San Li four is only code,Can you still be called。
The two can’t see it.,I have turned it,And Chu Deirers:“It turned out to be Chu Lee,Really……Where is the world?!”
Two people smile,A sour face。
Chu Deirens also nor the yin and yang in Li Si,Trailing:“Are you coming to visit who is coming??In front of the village,There is a murderer,It seems to be hiding more fierce people,Be afraid of being discovered,Do you want to see?”
“Oh?That may be that the iron fork will not work.,Since Chu League is not charged,Then our brothers are welcome.。”
Two people said,I went to the direction of the Chu Deirers.。
“Chu Da Ge,Who is the two??You walk so fast.!”Dog hybrid said。
“Naturally, the iron fork will hide.。”Chu Dee people explained a sentence。
“It turns out that they are the sale of Laba porridge.?Why can’t their Laba porridge can’t sell it??I still have to find someone to drink.……”Dog hybrid shakes。
He also heard the people who heard the iron fork.,Is it necessary to hide?,Even if you jump to the sea, the turtle is eaten by sharks.……I will never drink Laba porridge!
Chu Deirers are really hard to explain this problem.,At this time, the dog hybrid suddenly:“Oops!After a while, we can’t go to the village.,I have seen a ship’s body is all flying fish.,All are sold by the sale of Laba porridge,Scary!”
Dog hybrids are now inner strength,In the original, the internal strength is still imposing good and fined two.,Just I have no master’s consciousness,See the rivers and lakes,The instinct is to hide。
belong……Pure good person,Seeing that it will take a hand, even if you don’t stand it.,But“Hear”Unopened,Will only hide far away,It can be said that it is a meaningful representative。
See the big sad old man being killed,He will stand up,I have to go to a small village after seeing the rivers and villains killed the boat.……The former did not have time to stop,The latter, he can’t catch up.,Baked wild boarside,Seeing the pedestrians will remind a sound。
Said that his urgency is certainly not right,Originally, the dog hybrids saw Ding no four ordered ordinary people.,Not thinking,But saying that he is not harmeted.,When someone wants to hurt him,He will be injured in others,Even if I have suffered some humiliation,Can you still do your hand?。
Strictly confidently,Have arrived。
Dog hybrid cooking is good,Although it is less than Huang Rong,But also“skilled”above,Can calm down,Skilling one thing,Where can I go?。
However, the Chu Deiren is just a taste——Statue is still based on salted fish drunk crabs!
Dog hybrids are curious,I also ask the Chu Deirers to eat some to eat.。
This beard is not small,Wang Yizhen and others are also enough……

“Thank you!Hard for you all this time,It looks like you have to be an undercover agent,I don’t know many things,Who makes us good friends,Am I right!“Xiao Xiao said,Opened a bottle of cold drink,Hand it to Fang Fang。

Fang Fang turned his eyes:“Stop,You are the superior Mr. Xiao,I can’t climb,But I’m an undercover,I think it’s time to close,Because Mr. Xia is aware of our relationship a long time ago,It’s just that he didn’t say broken“
“impossible!You undercover deep enough,Except for the two of us,No one else knows,Not to mention that you have already worked in Yiyuan,When did he go“Xiao Xiao said in disbelief。
Fang Fang gave Xiao Xiao a white look,Cold snort:“As long as you can,Last time I went to the mountains,He was almost broken,I’m so embarrassed,He treats me as a friend,I watched him from behind,What are you talking about?”
“All right,I’ll explain this to him later,The top priority now is,Hurry up and come with me to meet someone”Xiao Xiao said,Stood up,Pick up the bag on the table and leave,Fang Fang is also unambiguous,Hurry up。
Xia Jian went to the bank personally just now,Handed over the loan information to Su Yiman,The two exchanged a few brief greetings,Xia Jian said goodbye,But before leaving,Su Yiman says,Wait till this is done,Let Xia Jian invite her to dinner,Of course,Xia Jian promised。
Just entered the office,Wang Lin walked in with a smile,She still has a red book in her hand。Xia Jianyi looked up,Jokingly:“So happy,Is the marriage certificate in hand??”
“Don’t laugh at me,Not a boyfriend yet,What to marry?”Wang Lin smiled,Put the red book in front of Xia Jian。
Xia Jian glanced,It’s a graduation certificate,Picked it up quickly,Open it,Turned out to be his own diploma,Looking at the stamp of a certain university,Xia Jian’s unspeakable joy。
It took a long time before he said to Wang Lin:“This graduation certificate is so easy to get, right?!”
“will not,This university is very difficult,Only five of you graduated this time,There are more than 30 people,To make up the exam next year,When i got my diploma,Your head teacher said you have a great memory”Wang Lin said with a smile。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“is it?Hey Wang Secretary,How is your english?I’m talking about dialogue”
“You have got the idea,I am studying foreign trade,English6level,If you want to learn,I can teach you,And when you have time,I can also take you to communicate with some of my classmates,Many of them live abroad,Speak English very well”Wang Lin’s confident face。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“OK!Doesn’t seem to trouble you,Arrange it when you have time,Like Saturday,Or sunday night,All can”
Wang Lin happily agreed,Went back to my office。

Received the city deed,Zhu Minglang, remember what the referee said。

Only the bamboo tube is lit,And gave the city deed to the referee who came to receive it,This thing is theirs。
So hold it now,Just equivalent to temporary release。
If someone comes to grab,Can still be taken。
In this institution city,There are many resources of similar value,There are even more generous than this,Zhu Minglang is not in a hurry to hand it over to the referee,After collecting a large wave of good resources,It’s not too late to burn the beacon bamboo tube。
Where is this Runyu City?,Zhu Minglang don’t know。
Anyway, the ownership of this city,Zhu Minglang is not very interested,I’ll sell it then,Can get a large sum of silver。
Shenmu Qingshenglong、Thunder Tyrannosaurus、Bingchen Bailong,The monthly food expenses are already very exaggerated,I have no more income,I really can’t afford it!
Runyu City,It should be just a relatively barren town。
If you are very far from the capital,This kind of contract,To find the right buyer,Should be able to sell for 500,000 gold。
If no buyer is found,Barely 100,000 gold。
of course,It may be worthless……
Some cities,Because of its location,There are many criticisms,Sometimes you may have to invest a lot of money in construction,To govern,Can see the benefits。
Zhu Minglang is not very good at city governance,Not very interested,If you give this thing to Zheng Yu,He should be able to handle it better。
“Son,Miss。”suddenly,A voice came from behind。
This person is already very close to them,But neither Zhu Minglang nor Nan Lingsha noticed。
Obviously a master。
just,Her voice,Zhu Minglang is very familiar。
“Qin Yang,Why are you here?”Zhu Minglang turned his head,Somewhat surprised she looked at the woman in brocade。

quickly,Qin Xiaomin texted him back,Let him go to Xiangmanyuan on Lanling East Road。Xia Jian couldn’t help shook his head,It seems that Qin Xiaomin is going to invite him to eat Hunan food。Xia Jian quickly told the driver the address。

one hour later,Xia Jianren has arrived in Xiangmanyuan,When he was about to call,Suddenly someone patted him on the back and said:“Here it is?“Xia Jianmeng turned his head,Almost collided with Qin Xiaomin,The two couldn’t help laughing。
They asked for a second floor box next to the window,Two people sit down,Qin Xiaomin started ordering。Xia Jian smiled and said“Why do you like Hunan food?“
“Like this when I was in school,I didn’t expect to return to my hometown,Sometimes want to eat。But I can see,You should be able to eat spicy,So I just make my own,Brought you here。No opinion!“Qin Xiaomin said and laughed again,She is as happy as a bird。
Xia Jian poured tea for them,Smiled:“This Hunan food tastes good,I like it too。Especially which white pepper fried pork slices,Oh my God,That’s really spicy,Enjoyable“Xia Jian said,Can’t help but laugh。
“Then come one!“Qin Xiaomin said,Ran to the door and asked the waiter to add this dish。The dishes are fast,After all there are only two people,Can’t eat so much。
Xia Jian glanced at Qin Xiaomin,Asked quietly:“any drinks?White or beer?”
“Beer!I can’t drink white”Qin Xiaomin said,So he greeted the waiter with beer。So the two of them started eating and drinking。
Xia Jian eats vigorously,Drink vigorously。Qin Xiaomin is even more needless to say,She was drinking beer,While chatting with Xia Jian endlessly。The scope of their conversation is wide,When I was young,Chat now,It can be described as one hammer in the east,Talk as you please。
“Hey!Xiaomin,I heard people say you are arrogant and cold,I didn’t expect to find out after close contact with you,You are not like this。I feel like being with you,With infinite happiness”Xia Jian couldn’t help but say such a sentence。
The smile on Qin Xiaomin’s face slowly disappeared,She took a breath and said:“The environment in which everyone grows、And the education received varies。So there are differences in personality,I vary from person to person。Maybe there is a relationship between the two of us!”
“it is good!To our fate“Xia Jian was laughing,Raised the glass。The two are really happy,When Xia Jian finds out,I drank all the beer。
Qin Xiaomin looked at twelve empty wine bottles,Haha laughed:“We finished twelve bottles!Gosh!This is the most drink in my life。But you want to send me back,My point is drunk“Qin Xiaomin said he was drunk,Her voice just fell,People lie on the table。
Hey!It’s too easy for this person to get drunk!Xia Jian called the waiter to pay the bill,Then he helped Qin Xiaomin up,Put one of her arms around his neck,Support Qin Xiaomin and walk slowly downstairs。Maybe it’s because the floor is too low!There is no elevator here。
Qin Xiaomin is weak,Soft like root noodles。Xia Jian rides her,It feels like carrying half a bag of rice,But put it like this,He can’t help,It’s better to walk with her on his back。But walking with a woman on his back is too unsightly,Xia Jian hesitated,Still didn’t do that。
A female service saw Xia Jian’s difficulties,She ran over,Help Xia Jian,Helped Qin Xiaomin to the first floor。The waitress said:“Mr!You should carry her on your back!She’s so drunk”

These little fairies,Is the first creature he created with the ability to reproduce—But the ability to reproduce is very weak,Individual strength is not too strong。Even so,The ability to reproduce is considered a great improvement。

Just when Li Ming’s avatar was playing with these little guys。
suddenly,A will come to him,A vague figure with two faces appeared before his eyes。And all this,But the elves paid no attention。
The ancestors are not the strongest,But with the help of the will of the original universe,There are also some of the strongest capabilities,Such as remote will come。
“All right,You all go down。”Li Ming coaxed these elves away,Look at the double-sided ancestor。
“Double sided,how is it,Does the original will of the original universe require me to catch the guy who has betrayed the original will of the universe??”
“Infinite Lord,The will of the universe is not interested in interrogating them,But I hope you can kill the three strongest!”
“Behead them?I can also test the ancestor God Qiuyan,Not much sure yet!”Li Ming shook his head。
“Within ten thousand eras,The three strongest,Kill one of them,The original consciousness of the universe is willing to guide you to obtain a supreme treasure!”The double-sided ancestors simply stated the terms of the deal。
“Deal!”Now the human race is frantically improving its strength,Prepare for the future war。
Although the ethnic group already feels rich,But one more Xeon is definitely not much。
As for killing the three strongest,Anyway, the original universe will give the time of the million epoch,He would not think that the ten thousand era,After time has accelerated to the 1.6 billion era, he still can’t kill these three guys。
Ten Thousand Era,It is estimated that humans are about to start a war against other races,Just shoot before that。
A few more Xeon treasures,The power of the human race will only be stronger。
“In that case,The ancestor god Qiuyan will let you live for a while。
see,Li Ming agreed,The incarnation of the will of the double-faced ancestor god nodded slightly,Just disappeared。
“Since you don’t need to chase those three guys now,I will continue to research genes。Next goal,Strive to create a creature that has no defects in reproduction,Even if the strength is weaker!”
“Infinite Palace—No longer need me to actively maintain,Entered a virtuous circle of normal development,I can also let these created creatures participate in it。”
“There is also the Heling clone of the universe sea,It is very close to the space of the black stone pillars,I don’t know when I can fully touch it!it’s said,The black stone is even a terrifying treasure beyond the strongest treasure,If you can get it。。。。。。”

“Tut,Really annoying,Finally had the opportunity to see the opportunity to select internal students,Actually arranged for us to guard the gate!”A gatekeeper looked depressed。

“okay,Any complaints,Although this selection of internal students is only once a year,See this year,Wait for next year”The other doesn’t care at all。
When the two talked,Fu Ming walked to the gate of the college and swiped his card to enter the college,I heard them say that today is the day to select internal students,I have to take a shower quickly。
“cut,You don’t care if you have seen it,I haven’t seen it once,Hey,Talking to you,Did you hear me”Man calling another person, Another person staring at the screen,There was an incredible look in his eyes。
“what happened to you?”
“You stay here,I have to find the elder”Man with a heavy face,Ran out of smoke。
“cut,Must be lazy!”The other person is unbelieving。
“call,Feel comfortable after taking a shower”Fuming wiped his head and walked out of the bathroom,Walk to the stereoscope,Took a look at my body“Well,Pretty good”Little narcissism。
“boom!”The door was kicked open,Elder Ren Feng and Qu Anlie came to the fuming room,Stunned,Hurriedly covered his vitals。
“Hey,Even if you are an elder,You can’t just break into someone else’s room.!”
Ren Feng and Qu Anlie did not expect Fuming to not wear clothes,Two awkward coughs“Cough,That one。。。Get dressed quickly,What is it like”
Fuming silently twitched the corners of his mouth twice,Angrily pointed at the two,Walk inside and put on clothes。
“puff”Ren Feng couldn’t help but shook his head with a smile。
Qu Anlie is unhappy,It’s because this kid is missing,Made my apprentice worried all day long,I almost started with myself,The more I think, the more upset!
Fuming dressed up and walked out,Didn’t give them a good look“I don’t know what the two elders are doing,Is it just for the eye addiction?”Talking yin and yang。
Ren Feng shook his head helplessly.“okay,Do not be mad,Let’s count the two old guys wrong”
Fuming is no longer stunned,Get up and salute“Ye Fuming met the two elders”
Ren Feng waved his hand“Closer to home,We came just to make sure if you really came back”

She can’t give up her husband!

“First of all,Let’s find out if your husband has offended someone……Secondly,Let’s fix it again!”
Fang Yu proposed。
Woman nodding。
then,Fang Yu goes to lunch first。
in the afternoon,That person will come here。
So Fang Yu has eaten,Back here。
Via chat,Fang Yu knows the woman’s name,Aso。
Aso happens to be this year30year old。
Her husband is the same age as her,Just married for a year。
Something like this happened。
See Aso crying,Fang Yu’s face is deep。
“Wait,Just tell that person that I am your brother……I want to test him!”
“understand!If I had a brother like you……Then my husband doesn’t have to be like this!”
Aso sigh。
“I’m already taking care of this……I just understand the underlying reason。and,I am about this disease,Not sure yet,Best catch him,I can better treat the symptoms!”
Fang Yu comforted Asu’s situation。
Beckon her not to think too much!

Leo looked at some anthropomorphic phone bugs,Stared again,Then patted the head of the phone。

It hurts!
The phone worm shrank his head,Calmly spread the word again。
“Marshal of the Warring States Period,Where do you start?You know what Leo is like,Never proactively cause trouble,The only big thing in my mind is the capture of pirates!Did you know that I killed thousands of pirates with one blow the other day??Correct,Don’t praise me this is what I should do!”
“I praise your sister,Caused me such a big thing,Still count on me to praise you?What you think is beauty,If it’s not for the sake of killing a lot of pirates before you,I want you to look good!”
The Warring States continued to curse,Leo listens honestly。
Leo kept staring at the phone bug,Phone worm dare not presumptuous,So Sengoku’s curse is not so bad,It won’t make you angry if you scold it。
Although I can’t solve the person who scolded me,But I can threaten my phone worm。
Scolded for a while,The Warring States period just hummed and said:“Talk about it,What are you going to do now?”
“Follow the marshal’s orders,Obeying orders is the bounden duty of the navy!”
“Ha ha,That’s not what Wu Lao Xing said just now,They said you scolded him,Is it real?”
“Absolutely not,I, Leo, admired the five old stars since childhood,How could I scold Wu Lao Xing,This is definitely slander!”
Warring States hummed twice,Leo did this thing smartly,From the beginning to the end, I didn’t admit that the phone was five old stars,If you scold like this, you will scold。
“You really plan to listen to my orders?”The Warring States suddenly said。