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“What nonsense are you talking about,Boss Lan is my horse,All the money she earns is given to me,Can you say nothing about me?”This Wang Youcai’s ability to lie can be said to be open。

Monkey Lu is so anxious,He hurriedly asked:“You mean she is yours?”
“Is this nonsense??How else would i be here,I am waiting for you with her,She said you want to charge some protection fees,I feel good,Should talk to me about this”Wang Youcai deliberately put his posture very high。
Gao Wei snorted:“It seems we have to settle down”
First0704chapter Wang Youcai
Wang Youcai couldn’t help laughing out loud:“Are you a little behind,What time is it now?You thought it was a few years ago,You can always bring two people together and get the money,Then you are wrong,Try if you don’t believe me,See if your trick works”
Gao Wei’s face is really ugly,He pointed to Wang Youcai and said:“you are vicious!I know your brother is the mayor of Pingdu,But don’t forget,Sometimes people like us are not afraid of anything”
“Whatever you say,If you want to do it,I can tell you to lie down right now”When Wang Youcai said this,,Deliberately raise the voice high。
I saw his voice didn’t fall,Tian Wa opened the door and strode in。His eyes opened in anger,Clenched fists,It seems that as long as Wang Youcai gives an order,He can put these two people on the ground immediately。
Monkey Lu admitted first,He quietly pulled Gao Wei and said:“Viagra,Heroes don’t suffer from immediate losses,The mountain does not turn, the water turns,We can wait for the chance“
Gao Wei took a long breath,As if made up a lot of determination。He has learned the skill of this Tian baby,If you really want to do it,He is really not sure。
“Wang Youcai!Let’s wait and see,You better stop falling into my hands“Gao Wei said something cruelly,Go with Lu Monkey。
What a clever person Lan Ling is,When she heard that Wang Youcai had a brother as mayor,She got the energy right away。Under her arrogance,Got a lot of fruit plates,Return drinks,She called four or five young ladies to come and accompany Wang Youcai,This makes Wang Youcai happy。
Play until two o’clock at night,Wang Youcai yawned and left Beauty International,When he was about to take Tianwa to open a house。Heard someone calling him behind,He turned around,Seeing that Lan Ling was chasing。
“Wang Ge!Don’t go back tonight,Where do i go“Lan Ling said,The slender jade hand has grasped Wang Youcai’s generous palm。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“You’re not afraid that you won’t be able to work tomorrow night?“
“Brother Wang is really bad!“Lan Ling took Wang Youcai and left,Don’t worry about Tianwa standing on the side of the road。
Walked a long way,Wang Youcai just remembered,He turned around and shouted at Tianwa:“You go to the hotel!I will reimburse me when I go back to the mine。Call tomorrow“Wang Youcai finished,And Lan Ling hugged each other,Go away with a smile。

Followed by,A crescent shape,A scimitar weapon with intricate Buddhist inscriptions cut through the void,Whistling, turning into a black shadow, slashed towards Li Ming’s head。

Li Mingyi hum,A bead-shaped magic weapon filled with thunder sprayed out,The orb releases countless thunders,Abruptly stopped the scimitar。
“He is indeed a rare talent in Lei Yuan’s small world in millions of years,Fellow Dao Ming’s strength is beyond my expectations。”A hoarse voice came。
An old man,Shrouded in white robe,Withered face,But the eyes of the yin bird are a little frightening。
“Saito Patriarch?”Li Ming said with certainty,Except for Saito ancestor,I am afraid that no one in Saito can burst out such a powerful power。
“Not bad,it’s me!”The ancestor Saito looked at Li Ming, his eyes were also full of jealousy。A hundred years ago,The opponent is only able to compete with the Cangxian assisted by the formation.,And the opponent also has a useful formation。
But a hundred years later?It’s actually quite as good as myself。
not to mention,The contradiction between the two parties cannot be resolved,Saito ancestor is killing。
Finger,A black flowing water under his control,Power explosion,Tumbling violently。
Simultaneously,Four scimitar magic weapons fly out,Flying side by side with the previous one,Strangling。
Just when Li Ming’s deity made an all-out effort to fight against Saito’s ancestor,Thousands of miles away,Entrance of Leiyuan Small World。
With a loud noise,A giant with three heads holds six different weapons,Tear Saito’s layout in the Winter Tour World,The formation to seal Lei Yuan’s small world。Then the weapon waved at random,Quickly kill the Yuanshen Taoist of the Saito clan guarding here。
“go!”The head in the middle gave an order,The huge giant ran away,Huge body,So that every step of the span is tens of feet,And the action speed is extremely fast。
Less than a quarter of an hour,Three giants have appeared on the periphery of the Saito clan。
All three faces showed a hideous smile。

This is just great,Wu Fangwu Cannon is back,Naturally, Xu Wen was pushed to the instructor to ask for a fight,But I didn’t expect to receive a severe reprimand,Wu Fang was actually hid in the snow because of violation of discipline。

Xu Wen, who was about to run away, showed extraordinary eloquence when facing the instructor,And a resolute attitude,After being repeatedly rejected, I couldn’t help but open my mouth to curse.,It turned out to be tragic。
The instructor who has always been calm and gentle is furious,In the office,No scruples,A storm of fists and kicks Xu Wen smashed.,“Get out to see the doctor,Dare to come and talk nonsense,I lock you up!”
The extremely abnormal performance of the instructor made Xu Wen feel even more unreliable,A very bold idea suddenly popped out of my mind,But soon he was forcibly pressed down by himself,Look at the few people in the group,He can’t bear it,If Li Tianchou is still there‘Ranger’,That situation may be another matter。
Li Tianchou in the jungle suddenly couldn’t help but sneezed a little,Almost alarmed the sentry not far away,Are you scolding me or thinking about me?He rubbed his nose and felt a lingering fear,After this incident, I don’t know how to face the instructor again。
But now it’s useless to think so much,turn up‘Doctors’Waiting for talent is a top priority,The little black house in front of you,Li Tianchou has been observing for several minutes,Because of the sentry directly opposite,Never get close,When I was scratching my head and ears in a hurry,Two people in white coats came from behind the second-story building。
it depends,The goal of these two people is the little black house,Li Tianchou in an anxious state had to be patient。
“Bang”Bang,The lock in front of the door was opened,The two dragged one out of the house,From the dress and appearance,Li Tianchou doesn’t know this person,But you can tell the rough grade and race of the opponent at a glance,Not a native of Southeast Asia。
This person’s limbs are bound by chains,When I went out, I was rather sluggish,Who knows suddenly went crazy after walking a few steps,Keep shouting,And tried to break free of those two white coats。
This time attracted the attention of the front post,Poking out a head,Gloating viewing。And the two white coats will naturally not be used to this prisoner bound by chains,So punch and kick it,But unexpectedly, this person’s resistance was extremely tenacious,Dangerously knock the tall man on the right somersault,Annoyed the companion on the left,He flew,Kicked on the prisoner’s belly,Finally, this middle-aged man knelt on the ground and trembled。
This person is a doctor,He knows that today’s deadline is approaching,So I tried my best to resist,But the exhaustion that has been tortured for days,And the injury was serious,And under the heavy chains,Naturally hard to do。
But Hu Dehai will not give up resisting,Few days,Hu Dehai has been unremittingly looking for a chance to escape,I almost fumbled the little black house,Finally he found a weak place,I abruptly cut out a small gap with my fingers,Ten-fingered blood hullah is also not hesitating。
He knows very well,I will be the next experiment,Was transformed into a cold-blooded violent machine,Call it‘Destroyer’。

“Really not afraid!”

Zhang Haibao said with a smile:“I want to kill you,Lao Zhu can’t cover you anymore!”
Old Zhu pointed to Zhu Huiwei。
“This guy is not afraid of the sun,The argument is really superior to Zhu Huiwei!”
Chen Xiu really dare not yell now,After all, Zhu Huiwei and him are both zombies,They are a family。
If Zhang Haibao insists on killing himself,Zhu Huiwei really might not fight for his own human being and his own ethnic group.。
“Lao Zhang,Don’t scare him!”
Zhu Huiwei said to Chen Xiu with a smile:“Don’t be stubborn。The Zhang Tianci you are going to kill today is the incense of Lao Zhang left in mortals。
He didn’t kill you to give him……Great-grandson revenge,I’m already giving you great face!”
Chen Xiu said strangely:“Zombies can breed offspring?”
“Still have children?”
“Don’t you all inherit it by biting people??”
Zhang Haibao scolded:“I’m not born or zombie!”
Zhu Huiwei explained:“Zombies cannot breed like mortals。Zhang Tianci is the bloodline left in the world when Zhang was still a mortal,More of a single seedling,It’s also a thought of Lao Zhang in the mortal world。
So you put Zhang Tianci like that,Lao Zhang didn’t kill you,It really gives you enough face。”

It is because,Eat melon people now have a regret……

If you don’t feel the moon, if you have no gas, you have a unless you have.,Chu Deirers must ask loudly:Don’t you ask me??Then you have said,What are you?!Anyway, two kinds of death have been seen.,Choose one……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 841 Bun
Feng Tian is cold,The heart of everyone is also cool——It’s not sympathy.,But distressed yourself。
Even someone who breaks the sky reviews yourself in your heart.,Why do you want to make this lively?!
Good guy,I can directly kill the swords of the sword.,Now the moon in the moon is also arrived.……
We can only eat melon,Do not stand up?
In the face of the question of the moon,East is playing:“Gigbling,What dares dare,Qun Yizhen’s news,Our brother wants to tell who、Who told?,Don’t want to tell?、Don’t tell……Transfusion?Entering the door of our house,Naturally, we must keep the rules of our families.,What to get the laminar、Trees,Province。”
Invitation month, how to live so?
Even the Chu Deirers also ate——What is not broken??But it is《Ming Yucheng》Clearly……
I saw that I was invited to the month. At this time, the whole body is like jade.,Not just“Roll-glow”Degree,Instead, the whole body is full of jade,Present translucent appearance,It seems that the whole body is close to“Luminous”Effect,And this is no longer“Luminous”,But a big black hole in the fist!
The Oriental This time the orchid refers to one,Thousands of pink quenched needles surrounded,Floating around,Imitate。
Jade,At this time, one lift left hand,One of ten feet outside the house,At this time,Can see in human form,Fist“Black hole”At this time……
Half,The bottom of this building starts cracking,It’s actually unbusted directly.,Directly to the East。
I was originally happy to see the middle of the rivers and lakes.,At this time, there were birds and beasts.,I am afraid to escape.,Secondary、Even the impulse is nothing!
Biah is taken,I am broken.,If the ordinary person is so smashed,It is definitely broken,but……
People leaping on the roof, etc.,That time you follow,I saw it in the ruins of the house.,Blooming a large red lotus diameter of two or three feet,The broken wall is on the Red Lotus、No sinking。
Next moment,I saw the red lotus,The ruins of pressing it are also flushed,And everyone has now discovered,This Red lotus……Herne is a fine needle consisting of countless red!
At this time, renegable,Dense,Seems to be a giant,Wrap around the red body shadow in the neutral hair loss。
Then I saw the Eastern Jade hand.,A fine needle clamping in the orchid finger,Turn out。
Although just one,But countless fine needle,At this time, it seems to have lead sheep.,A fine needle throwing this is the head,They have swept their climbs……
At first glance, it seems to be a red dragon.、Red puffy,Rushing to the moon of crystal as jade。
Invitation, the moon is not hiding,Hands together,at the same time,I saw that the five senses were blurred behind behind.、God like a cold goddess half body,It seems like“French sky”Huge hands,Also close in the moon,Focus on the blessing,Emerge in“Black hole”。
Dragon’s countless red needle,After hitting the black hole,Quick four、No recurring,Although still ejection,But it’s all in the black hole.。
Received red needle,There is only a group of people with a countless red needle in the goddess.“ball”,Invitation of the moon,The goddess of the Tommah is also slammed……
at the same time,Many fine needles are also forcibly turned into blooming red lotus!
A loud noise,Midway,Double dissipation。
But with this,The battle of the two is just beginning,Fang is just the progress of each other.。
Smoke has not been exhausted,I saw a red figure,Anthropo……
I only saw Dongfang raise hands.,Red needle“Long dragon”,Or in the air,As if the eagle,Rush;
Or break the ground,Leave only a delay on the ground,In the invitation moon, surging;
Or hovering,I want to trap the prey;

“Still a bit short,Perhaps the blood of the sword master is the best。”Zhu Minglang looks at Wen Mengru of Mianshan Jianzong。

Wen Mengru holding a sword in his hand,All her attention is on the body of the sword spirit dragon。
same,She has never seen such a dragon。
No dragon,Like a sword,Even more powerful than real swords!
Zhu Minglang said the sword master,Of course it is Wen Mengru。
And the sword spirit dragon has been taken from the sky,The crimson sword strikes,Wen Mengru looks solemn,Hurriedly raise the sword to parry。
The dexterous sword spirit dragon,The weight is extremely exaggerated。
Wen Mengru contends with his sword power,But immediately felt my palm、Palm numb,Even the pace is a bit disordered。
“Fast sword!”Zhu Minglang said。
Ten years of sword practice,The sword spirit dragon knows all the sword styles of wishing Minglang,It’s smart and fast,After Shen Jian, he directly attacked with fast swords。
Sword flower dazzled,Wen Mengru also responded with a fast sword,From the beginning, others could see the sword colliding with the sword,To Jian Yujian, only the afterimage remains,In the end, you can only see the sparks of the collision!
“clang!!Clang clang!!!”
“Clang clang clang clang!!!!”
Sword like a shower,Wen Mengru keeps stepping back,Her eyes are focused,Dignified,It’s as if you are fighting a master swordsman。

“It’s nothing……Have you eaten?Let me do you,You go eat first!”

Fang Yu said。
“No one at noon……I have eaten it long ago。Who is that beauty at noon?……No wonder you look down on Guo Xueli,So you like this!”
Fang Deyun smiled。
“Dad……You think too much。He is an assistant to the president of a big company……I have something to do。I will help first,Take a break!”
Fang Yu finished,Busy yourself。
Fang Deyun shook his head。
Son’s lifelong event!
When will it be resolved?!
When Fang Deyun went to rest。
Fang Yu received a patient。
His condition looks very bad。
It hurts everywhere……
“Uncle……You still lie down,I’ll get your pulse!”

Zhang Sangui is a tall man,Plus he has practiced kung fu,I saw his legs bend slightly,Butt sinks slightly,Brother Xiao,Zhang Sangui didn’t even move。

Brother Xiao couldn’t help but his eyes widened,He laughed and said:“sure!It seems that I’m still a practitioner,But today I met my Master Xiao,You’re unlucky,These brothers behind me,But a good fighter,Let’s start the practice“
“Really unlucky,I wanted to go home early,I didn’t expect to run into a group of flies again,Don’t affect the cityscape,How bad is the effect of fighting here,In case the police see it,Wouldn’t it be more troublesome,Find a place!“Xia Jian deliberately said to Zhang Sangui。
“Don’t don’t leave this boss,After six o’clock in this place,Only passing vehicles,It’s difficult to find someone,The police don’t even talk about it,This place belongs to the boundary”Bald head talking,Put his foot on the front of the BMW car。
This guy seems to be a habitual offender,I am very familiar with the situation in this area,No wonder there are so many people here,But not even a person watching the excitement。
Every driver loves his car very much,Not to mention Zhang Sangui,Bald head and feet on the front of the car is obviously provocative。
“Take your stinky feet to me,Be careful, I’ll remove my legs with you”Zhang Sangui said,Lifted a kick and kicked it。
I saw this bald body leap slightly,Then cleverly avoided,He laughed:“You should step back!Since your boss doesn’t want to pay this money,Just ask him to do it!”
What kind of shit logic,Obviously I think Zhang Sangui is not easy to deal with,Pick Xia Jianlai,Since everyone has named them,Don’t do it again,It’s not Xia Jian’s character。
The anger that has been suppressed in my heart for a long time,Xia Jian wanted to squirt,He yelled:“Give you four thousand yuan”So loud,Kick out。
The bald brother Xiao avoided Xia Jian’s left foot,But didn’t avoid his right foot,Just listen to a bang,Xia Jian’s right foot just hit the bald left shoulder。
Bald head back three steps,But the body still hit the big tree behind,Plop,Then crawled on the ground,Haven’t got up for a long time。
First0275chapter Get out
“Xiao Ge!Xiao Ge!…”Seven or eight people circled around,Everyone was yelling。
It’s possible that Xia Jian used his kick too hard just now,This guy hit a tree and fainted。It would be a big trouble if it is killed,Xia Jian thought of this,Can’t help but hang a heart,He never expected,This guy who looks pretty rude,So I can’t help but fight。

After the Chu Deirers were silent,I will ask the flowers and ask things a few nights a few nights.——Suddenly feel,There is no time left to yourself.!

But just at this time,Old Hanyi Long Qiqi,Face and hustle,Tell the door outside,There is no lack of lack of life.,Please come in。
“Chu Lee,The face of the flower gong is really good.,I haven’t come before and visited.,Fork for forgiveness。”
Jiang Bifai said that it did not come,In fact, before two hours,The Chu Deiren has just begun to get a lack of treatment.,He has been there once,Just not disturb。
Good one is strict、Wide gentleman!
“It is a river man,Yue Yue did the false gentleman behind the hood,How much is hidden in the rivers and lakes,I don’t dare to stay this five Liu Long,Jiang Dafa is still so,I want to come in my heart,What is the lonity people?。”Chu Deiren came up“Touted”Jiang Bifaihe one sentence。
Jiang Bifai crane smiled,All-discipline:“Thank you Buli Lord Shopp,Never seeing because Yue Xiamen is also a five will,Everyone see Wu Liu Long,I have to think of a false gentleman.?”
“This is reasonable,Can’t, because Jiang Feng’s nickname is‘Yu Lang’,What Jade Lang,I think that Jiang Feng is not?”Chu Deirers said that she was still approaching a few steps.,It is referred to as the Jiang Bifuo。
Jiang Bifai crane originally frank eyes,Suddenly panicked,Then there is no differential removal.。
Chu Deirers just have a dark transport“Dafa”,Interfere with its spirit,Jiang Bifai crane really,But it is also very fast.,And confused。
“Jiang Dynasty,Chu Chuzi wants to know,What happened during the night,US……”Flower has no shortcomings, don’t help yourself, remember,
After all, Zhengtaihua is fully trustworthy this forgetting.。
However, the Chu Deirers said at this time.:“Do not,I want to hear what you said.。”
Jiang Bifai He Nei Yan,Faceless,After that, I laughed.:“hehe,Since this,The old man first warned one step,Then the evening dinner will send people。”
“Laojiang brother。”Flower has no shortcomings。
After the complain, look to the Chu Deire:“Why is Chu Chuzi and a Jiangxi??Never you can’t do it……Hey!”
There is no shortage of flowers.,Are you looking at all“Gentleman”Uncomfortable,But think about it is too thin.,I didn’t say it.。
“No shortage of,You are young,The rivers and lakes are very deep,You can’t grasp。”Chu Deirers,A child’s boom。
If the Chu Deiren just helped him hear,Flower is now looking for people……
Don’t say the topic of Jiang Bifaihe,Flower is no shortage……What is not clear, and the Chu Deirers said it once.!
There is no difference with iron unparalleled basics.。
Iron is unparalleled,It was buckled,I have no abnormalities I have not been noticed.,Flower is no shortage,Be poisoned!
certainly,There is no shortage of flowers, no double high,so……
“I believe it is not the owner of the iron.,but……”No shortage of flowers,I’m going to say a sentence.,Can it seem to have any scruple?,Didn’t finish。
After discovering the eyes of Chu Deirers,There is no shortage:“I perceived poisoning,The perception of Ming Yuxu is stimulated to the ultimate……No one has killing me on the scene.!”
Flower is still worried,Chu Deirers don’t know what it means,I want to explain it.,《Ming Yucheng》Abilities,However, only listening to the deer:“Seems to you《Ming Yucheng》,Also close to the eighth floor!”
After all, the flower is no shortage of 15 years old.,Already the seventh floor,Now five years。
Although the customary thing is not suitable for cultivation《Ming Yucheng》,But there is no shortage in the rivers and lakes in Wulin, I’m hitting five years.,Returning is still right,His mood is further further。
Chu Deirers are not lacking,Instead,:“Jiang Bifu crane?”
There is no shortage of flowers,It can really can’t get the Chu Deirers have repeatedly destroyed his friends.,Seeing that he exposed some unparded colors,Chu Deirers asked serious:“You feel that he is not?This is very important。”
Chu Deirers serious attitude,This time,There is no shortage of flowers,Also serious answer:“Everyone in the house,All induct,Although I was near to lose awareness,But just this,Instead, I thought about Ming Yudai at the time.,Grasp the variety of emotions。”
“No one hostile you in the house?”
There is no lack of spending,The Chu Deiren also guessed his concern.,So that he said:“Despite it,Your mouth、Into my ear,Unless there is other evidence,Otherwise, in addition to the moon and the pity, no one will tell!”
Flower has no shortcomings to remind Chu Deirers——Don’t give me Master、The second master lives his name.,But……I don’t know what I think,No reminder,Just a sentence to the Chu Deirers。
He felt that Zhao Xiangling faint hostile,as well as……Iron unparalleled two disciples,Have a strong jealous!