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Tianjin strengthens medical institution induction management and personnel equipped with the control system cover all medical services

Original title: Control system covers all diagnosis and treatment services Tianjin Prevention and Control Command’s recent "Notice", further strengthening the management of medical institution infections during the epidemic, and puts forward requirements. Non-new crown pneumonia Medical treatment designated hospitals in principle, according to each 150-200 actual use bed equipped with a full-time control person, community health service center, township hospitals and first-level private hospitals at least 2 sense of emotional management personnel, The smaller medical institutions such as outpatient department, clinic, and medical room have clearly determined at least 1 sense of control management part-time personnel to fully responsible for the institutional sensitivity management, and the number of patients with new coronal pneumonia Medical treatment is maintained at -2 in non-fixed hospitals. Multiplier. "Notice" requires the medical institution to establish a "Administrative Management Committee – Personal Management Department – Clinical Department" three-level sensitid work system, establish and improve the infection and control rules, work specifications, operational procedures, and workflows of this unit infection, including In terms of perseve management system, perseverance related event report, sensit control monitoring, etc., the full coverage of all medical services is achieved.

  In the number of persevers, the number of non-new gap pneumonia Medical treatment is fixed-point hospital, and the following actual use of the bed is equipped with 2 full-time control personnel; 100-500 actual use of bed equipment is not less than 4 full-time control personnel; 500 The above actual use of the hospital bed, according to the medical institution category, according to the treatment of 1 full-time control person according to the treatment of the bed per increase.

At the same time, each department designated at least one medical personnel as part-time control personnel of the undergraduate room, actually used more than 50 departments in the bed, and equipped with part-time control personnel in accordance with at least 1 standard per 50 sheets. A full-time control personnel equipped with a secondary medical institution must include physicians and nurses, including pharmacy, medical skills, and managers with health professional backgrounds. All personnel should master public health expertise.

The proportion of physicians is not less than 30%, and the nurse accounts for no higher than 40%. (Reporter Xu Yang) (Editor: Li Dan, Tao Jian) ??sharing let more people see.

The Rocket Army gives a typical demonstration leading role

"West Yangguan, advance into the desert, go to the North, Step of the Snow Plateau. Decades to implement the task for decades, is the most precious memory in our military career …" At the beginning of October, the Rocket Army held "Sword Pioneer" The example of the model "Advanced Typical Deeds, the statement of the Secondary Sergeant Changzhi, won the warm applause of the scene. "Lift a lamp and illuminate a large piece.

What kind of example is established, what is the orientation.

"The leaders of the department introduced the troops in a hundred actual warth drills, and there was a large number of advanced typical. In order to guide officers and soldiers to see the model, they combed advanced typical in the training of the tutorials, organized the trachery report, compile The story set, produced the "Mortgage" character interview, organize "I face the hero", I’m trying to create a good atmosphere of "everyone advocates the example, everyone is striving for the patron". "Zhang Jiuzhi, who is engaged in missile It is more than 20 years of professional training. After practicing "a clear", the fault "a touch" has participated in the actual training task, and successfully disposes dozens of specialty dangers. Recently, Zhang Jiuzhi struggle The micro-recorded film "Missile" Golden Finger "" "uploaded to the strong army network, causing enthusiasm.

In the near future rocket troops, the participating team members are tenacious and have a good result of the second place. (Zhang Dapeng, Yang Shaotong) (Editor: Chen Yu, Wang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Traditional culture "luxury art" becomes new fashion city

Currently, many business models such as many project industries, and the cultural industry have come out. As a new model, new experience, new fashion, feature, enter the new market, and enter new energy. According to reports, the "Luxury Art Museum" advocates "big people are luxury, art for living", advocate people "learn to learn, learn to live, learn to be people", guide life quality and way, determine the height and breadth of life.

As of now, "luxury art gallery" opened in more than 50 large and medium-sized cities in China has become new and fashion.

The community residents of many cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, share the new weather in the era in the high-quality life atmosphere of luxury art galleries.

According to the Beijing "Luxury Art Museum" hall, it is said that a better life is both a rich life, and it refers to the continuous improvement of spiritual life. Nowadays, people have turned from the highly dependence of material demand from the shortage of economic era to demand and improvement in the spiritual field. Material demand is our prerequisite for us to achieve a better life, and spiritual culture determines that we can go further.

The Blazers of the Luxury Art Pavilion inherit the traditional culture as the mission to drive the foreign industry, let the world become a fate community and create greater value for humans.

(闻) (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

Too true! Three-dimensional insect paper-cut is stopped

Too true! Stereo insect paper-cut was stopped to check such a delicate "small insect" in the customs, the three-dimensional insect paper-cutting works, insects and green leaves were made by the shear process. Liu Wei is making paper cut. Liu Wei’s daughter made a series of paper-cutting works with Chinese herbal medicine.

□ Yangtze River Daily Territory reporter Qin Wei "When we took these three-dimensional insects to participate in cultural exchanges, because of the works of the work, they were stopped by the customs, and they were checked, they believe this is paper-cut. "In Liu Wei’s studio exhibition cabinet, the Changjiang Daily reporter saw these three-dimensional insect paper-cut works, and as a Wuhan paper-cut intangible cultural heritage project, Hanyang District" Liu Mud Paper "inheritance, Liu Wei is happy. The reporter has recently come to the "Liu Mud Paper" studio in the Gaolongbo Guo City, Jiangxuan Community, Jiangxuan Community, Hanyang District, and explored that these lifelike "Liu Mud Paper" works behind "绝 活" ". ■ Exquisite craftsmanship originated in an advertising paper These three-dimensional insect paper-cutting is Liu Wei’s mother Liu mud, I saw a row of insects in a row, Anan quietly squinted on green leaves, fine arthropical tentacles, quite confident The outer casing is almost no different from the true insect. According to Liu Wei, complete a three-dimensional paper-cutting work, first to cut out the planar structure of the insects on the paper, use a special tool to make it into a vertical shape, apply a special pigment, in order to show the brightness of the outer shell and The spirit of insects. "Special pigment only has fathers Liu mud to be adjusted, and it is possible to maintain paper-cut morphology, but also impart gloss of the insect shell metal.

"So exciting small insects, initially, actually, is made from advertising paper. "Liu Wei said that his father Liu Mudba was originally round wooden miniature, lanterns production, paper-cut inheritance, and he found that many of the paper quality used by many advertising orders were very good, but they were often discarded, very waste, Liu Mudba The advertisement paper is collected and begins to make three-dimensional insect paper-cut.

"Selecting the insect theme is also expressing the concept of nature, love the ecological environment, and the father Liu mud poured a lot of emotions in the work.

"Liu Wei said.

■ A work is mostly integrated with 6 processes in Liu Mud’s continuous research and innovation, Liu Mud Paper gradually "walks out of advertising paper" to constantly integrate new techniques, new craftsmanship.

Today, Liu Mud Paper-cut process has developed a variety of paper-cutting processes.

Into the Liu Mushu studio, hung a lifelike, the "Suspend" on the wall of the door, this is the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic.

According to reports, this painting combines Liu mud paper cutting craft shear, engraved, tear, burning, embroidery, and stereo. "The ‘Dian Shou’ in the work is the word ‘torn’, the edge of the tear, there is a lot of bare paper fibers, which can show the shape of the pen ink; the red seal in the upper right corner is used. The process of ‘burning’, the burnt paper has a black edge, which can make the text, the seal is more stereoscopic. "Liu Wei introduced. Carefully observe this scorpion, you can also identify the traces of the wire. Liu Wei said that Liu Mud Paper has indeed fused a lot of embroidery crafts in many non-legacy projects, such as silk, Panjin, etc. Father often communicate with other non-legacy inheritors, look at the embroidery craftsmanship with rich colors and strong three-dimensional sense, he thinks this can make up for some of the colorful color of some paper-cutings, and the disadvantage is not prominent. Combine it with paper-cutting.

"In order to better integrate the two, we also specially produced a tabletop, repeated trial, father spent 1 year and 3 months to complete this work.

"Liu Wei said," This work integrates all the techniques of Liu mud paper cutting.

"■ Update skills, innovation content can be passed down" "Constantly integration of traditional crafts, constantly innovating, this is the uniqueness of Liu Mud Paper compared to other paper cuts. "Being a heritage of Liu Mudu, Liu Jia’s fifth generation hand and artist, Liu Wei has a clear plan for how to continue to inherit Liu mud paper cutting.

Before Liu Wei’s workbench, two parallel arts, respectively, with the theme of the Yellow Crane, the Year of the Tiger. This is a work that she cooperates with the privacy of the professional priests.

Liu Wei also showed a paper-cutting work made by her daughter who is learning Chinese medicine.

Liu Wei said that as Father Liu Mud is constantly exploring the experience of new paper-cutting skills, Liu Mud paper cutting is also very inclusive manual art. "I am very willing to work with young children, and I hope that I can constantly collide with young ideas. In the middle, Liu Mud Paper has been continuously developed. "

Virus scholar Zeng Yi passed away

  [Guangming Remembrance] Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the president of the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, the Chinese Disease Prevention and Control Center Virus Prevention and Control, Professor Beijing University of Technology, Zeng Yi, died in Beijing, 20 July 20, 2020 Enjoy the 92 years old.

  Zeng Yi, born in March 1929, Guangdong Unveiled the West. He graduated from Shanghai Medical College in 1952 (Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University). In 1993, he was elected as Academician Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has studied the relationship between EB viruses and nasopharyngeal carcinoma in 1973, and established a series of serological diagnostic methods of nasopharyngeal carcinoma. It has been widely used in China, and early diagnostic rate of nasopharyngeal carcinoma is raised from 20-30% to 80. -90%. In the international first proven on the synergies of lactic TPA and butylic acid, EB virus infected human nasopharyngeal mucosal tissue can induce human nasopharyngeal carcinoma in nude mice, which is the direct of human nasopharyngeal carcinoma in nude mice. evidence. From 1984, HIV (HIV) and AIDS (AIDS) were launched, which proved that HIV in 1984 has been introduced to my country.

In 1987, the first China’s HIV-1 strain was separated. The rapid diagnosis method of HIV was established.

He is dealing with a variety of dangerous viruses, more "war" becomers: "A scientific research worker must be loyal to his duties, I study viruses, the more serious, the more dangerous, and it is necessary to study.

"(Guangming Daily full media reporter Li Yuan).

Two major e-commerce giants have been reported in the third quarter! Jingdong active purchase users increased to 552 million, Ali retail business growth slowdown

  Domestic two major e-commerce companies also released the three-quarter earnings, Jingdong continued to maintain a low-cost profit margin of the level, and the number of active purchases increased to billions; and the performance of the e-commerce was weak, Ali three-quarter performance was lower than expected, and down-regulated 2022 performance guidelines. Jingdong active purchase users increased to November 18th, Jingdong released the three-quarter earnings report, the third quarter revenue is 218.7 billion yuan, the year-on-year increase%, slightly higher than the market expectation of 100 million yuan; the third quarter is 2.6 billion yuan, Last year, the same period was 4.4 billion yuan, the operating profit margin was%, continued to maintain low profit margin operation; non-recognized accounting standards, net profit of 5 billion yuan, last year of 5.6 billion yuan. Jingdong retail, Jingdong logistics and new business contributions are 198.1 billion yuan, 25.7 billion yuan and 5.7 billion yuan; Jingdong retail management profit is 7.9 billion yuan, Jingdong logistics and new business have lost 700 million yuan and 2.1 billion yuan respectively. According to type, commodity revenue and service income are 186 billion yuan and 32.7 billion yuan, respectively. In terms of the user, as of the end of the third quarter, Jingdong’s active purchase of users over the past 12 months increased by 25% year-on-year, and it increased by 100 million in the same period last year.

Jingdong President Xu Lei said at the third quarter call, Jingdong’s main consumption crowd destination, planning, deterministic, and the impact of Jingdong’s consumption is relatively small, but it does not rule out the impact on random consumption. In addition, due to some raw materials shortage and price increase, Jingdong expects price will gradually transfer the volatility of co-suppression prices to consumers, Jingdong Club and supplier cooperation.

  In the financial report, Jingdong introduced multi-industry brand settlement, such as Rui Chi, lost and found home, etc. Xu Lei said that the number of successful settlements of third-party merchants on the third quarter of the third quarter reached three times the first half of the year, of which new merchants of fashion home increased.

  Talking about the impact of the real estate industry for the consumption of home appliances, Xu Lei said that the growth of home appliance sections is higher than other industries. The main reason is that consumers pursue high-quality consumer goods, and the old replacement services help consumers to replace them; in addition to Jingdong In advance, the sinking market was laid out, and in recent years have gains, in addition, Jingdong attaches great importance to the competitive advantage of differentiated products, so a stock sector in the field of home appliances achieves incremental growth.

  In the past two eleven, Jingdong cumulative order amount has created a new record.

Among them, 31 brand sales broke 1 billion, Apple broke 10 billion; more than 5 million farmers achieved income; 43,276 businesses increased by more than 200% year-on-year, and the new number of small and medium-sized brands increased by 4 times. Jingdong Logistics is the core support of Jingdong supply chain. As of the end of the third quarter, Jingdong logistics operations operates 1300 warehouses, including Jingdong logistics management’s cloud warehouse area, and the total storage area exceeds 23 million square meters.

It is worth mentioning that Jingdong Logistics and Volvo signed a cooperation agreement, and both sides will work together to create a high-end automotive sales of a supply chain service, focusing on the supply of chain warehouse network planning, inventory management, end distribution and other fields. In the third quarter of Beijing, the operating costs increased by 187.6 billion yuan, the marketing spending and general administrative expenditure increased, the former increased by $ 7.8 billion; the latter increased by 3.1 billion yuan, Jingdong said that this increase is mainly due to shares An increase in motivation costs.

  In addition, the Beijing-East third quarter has a loss of investment loss. Last year, the same period was 300 million yuan. Jingdong said that the loss was mainly due to the non-cash impairment of investment invested by several equity methods; other non-operating losses in the third quarter were 3.1 billion yuan, mainly Because the decline in the equity investment of the listed company has led to a fair value of the investment securities.

  In addition to the influence of Jingdong white stripes receivable, as of the end of the third quarter, Jingdong free cash flow was 28.5 billion yuan, the same period last year was 30.2 billion yuan; account cash and cash equivalents were 196.2 billion.

After the financial report is issued, Jingdong has increased in front of US stockings.

  Ali’s core retail business is weak Alibaba released a three-season newspaper on the night, and revenue for the third quarter, a year-on-year increase of 29%, a year-on-year growth rate of 34% in the previous quarter, and it is also below the previous market expectation. 100 million yuan. If you do not consider the influence of merger, revenue increased by 16% to 100 million yuan.

  There have also been decline in profits, and the operating profit in Ali has increased by 10% year-on-year, mainly due to the equity incentive of ant groups and the equity incentive costs of employees.

Non-recognized accounting standards is a net profit of 100 million yuan, down 39% year-on-year, and the adjusted EBITDA and EBITA fell by 27% and 32% year-on-year.

  It is worth noting that Ali has lowered performance guidance, which is expected to grow by 20% to 23% year-on-year, which is expected to be 30% year-on-year.

Ali said that the company will use high-quality development to open a larger space and future development with high quality development as a long-term thinking. At present, China’s retail business is still the largest revenue source of Ali. This business is 63% of the quarter, followed by a 10% cloud computing business, while China wholesale business, global batch, rookie logistics and local life Business account accumulation ratio is a bit number. Core Business China Retail Business Income has increased by 33% year-on-year to 126.8 billion, but the customer management revenue is only 3% year-on-year, and this part of the income is mainly advertising and commission income brought by platforms such as Taobao, Tmall.

Ali’s interpretation of the slow-rate of growth in customer management is that mainly due to the slowdown in the market and the increase in participants in China’s e-commerce market, the physical commodity GMV has increased year-on-year growth.

  E-commerce consumption is weak from the past double eleven. Tmall has recorded the lowest double eleven growth in history this year. The battle report shows that the turnover of Tmall November 1st to November 11 is 540.3 billion yuan, compared to 2020 double 1149.82 billion yuan, 2021 increase The speed is only only, and the previous two-day cat turnover has maintained two or more speeds. As of the end of the third quarter, the first 12 months of Alibaba ecology, the annual active consumer is worth 100 million, and the net increase of 62 million, China and overseas consumers are 100 million, and the net increase in single season is 41 million and 20 million respectively. Ali is a long-term goal of serving 2 billion consumers around the world.

  In other business sections, Taobao special edition annual active consumers more than 100 million; the community commercial platform has increased by more than 150% in the quarter, and the hungry of the main local life is 28% year-on-year, and the order volume increases over 30 year-on-year. %, Where daily necessities and medical care categories have strong growth. The rookie network operates more than 3 million square meters of cross-border warehouse, and has launched a self-suite service for four European countries with operating business.

Cross-border and global retail and wholesale business mainly include the Southeast Asian e-commerce platform Lazada, AliExpress, Turkish e-commerce platform Trendyol and DARAZ, this part of the business increased by 34% in the three-quarter income year-on-year. The same is concerned about the progress of cloud computing. Ali’s third quarter cloud computing business revenue increased by 33% to 100 million yuan, mainly driven by customers’ revenue growth in the Internet, financial services and retail industries. It is worth mentioning that Ali released a self-developed server chip lean 710 and fourth generation Shenlong architecture at the Yunqi Conference in October, which is extended to 5 microseconds. The free cash flow in the third quarter of Ali fell by 45% to 100 million yuan, Ali said that due to the increase in investment in key fields, the increase in profit decline is caused; the net cash flow has also dropped 34% to 100 million yuan.

  Ali stock price has also been weak in the near future, and the Hong Kong stock market has nearly 33% this year. As of press time, Ali has fallen over 8% before the US stocks. According to the financial report, Ali Ali returned to about 26.9 million shares of US stock shares in the third quarter, equivalent to billion ordinary stocks.

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Tianjin: "Party Shi +" Let the learning are hot and get up

Original title: "Party History +" Let the learning hot up and actually discussed the discussion, the committee lectured into the community, visited the investigation … In the past few days, the Tianjin Political Consultative Conference was carried by the party history, and firmly grasp the history of the "learning party." Ideas, practical things, open new bureaus "target requirements, carefully planned, enrich formal, learning combination, put" I do practical things for the masses "practice activities, education guide the political commissarists and organs of the Office to further inherit The glorious tradition, the red blood, promoting the great foundation of the great party, and sett off the spirit of learning the spirit of the "July 1" of General Secretary Xi Jinping in "Party Shi +". "Party History + Theory", let learning "hot up" recently, the CPPC held a 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, celebrating the establishment of the party for a hundred years, and has a good future, and a better future. 12 people from all walks of life, from different perspectives, talking about the "July" important speech of General Secretary and China Communist Party of China and the Thought of the Communist Party of China. This is an important initiative to strengthen the party’s innovation theory to strengthen the party’s innovation theory, in-depth development of party history education, and to promote the study and implementation of General Secretary of Xi Jinping’s "July" important speech in the spirit of the spirit of the spirit.

  "As a member of the Government Consultative Conference of the Port Area, we must firmly believe, unwilling to follow the party, and strive to improve its performance skills, and better play two positive roles.

Further strengthen the theoretical learning, take the spiritual guidance of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping; increase the intensity of publicity, unremittingly promoted the implementation of the Hong Kong Guoan Law; use the own advantages, actively participate in the three elections of the support; adhere to the media voice, better Guide to create a favorable social public opinion environment; to invest more power, do a good job in adolescent work; play professional specialties, building a larger effort for the construction of the Daban District, in depth into national development overall efforts.

"Chen Qingxia, Vice President of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the Standing Committee of the CPPCC, and the Vice President of the Hong Kong Friendship Association.

  "Party Shi + Experience", let learning "moving" recently, in the Municipal Association of New Town Community Contact Station, the CPPCC organized some of the CPPCC members to the representatives and grassroots people got a vivid party class. This is the form of the CPPCC’s innovative committee, move the lecture location to the community, and will be explored from members from members to the grassroots mass. Touching party history, benefiting the people’s reform measures, the interactive exchange of grounding, and benefit the representatives and grassroots people.

"From a deep-provoked case, let us understand why the Chinese Communist Party can, why, why is the socialism with Chinese characteristics. We must promote the spirit of the great borders, keep in mind the initial mission, firm ideals, and practice the party. The purpose, for the high-quality development of Tianjin. "Revitalizing the past revolutionary course, exchange learning experience, sharing reading harvest … Recently, the CPPCC has organized the" Red Memory-Tianjin Revolutionary Cultural Relief Exhibition "in the organization committee. "Looking back at the 100th Road, the Four Five-Year Plan" "CPPCC’s study exchange meeting, jointly study the party’s glorious history, accept the thoughts of revolutionary culture and the spirit of red.

"We must constantly lead the party history education to the in-depth, strive to transform the harvest of reading into a hard-working, uniform, contributing to the hard work of the People’s Political Consultative Conference." "Party Shi + Service" Let the learning "real" in the Municipal Education Admissions Examination Institute, the Municipal Association Organize Education Commission to see the city’s high-stroke, in the middle of the city, focus on the focus of the city’s examination enrollment work, in the Jinnan District Gude Modern Agricultural Industry Demonstration Park, the Municipal Association organizes the "modern urban agricultural development" theme to informed inspection … In the past few days, the majority of the CPPCC members fully play its own advantage, focusing on the "14th Five-Year" period of Tianjin development Questions and food, food, housing, industry and education, etc. The integration of cultivation is effective, and the academic thinking is effective.

At present, from the community to the village, from the agency unit to the project construction site, a member of the CPPCC member knows the civil affairs, responding to the social concern, the investigation of the social concern is carried out here, send policies, out some sits, solve the problem, do practical things, and use the heart The grassroots are difficult, the people are annoying, and constantly promoting party history education and education.

"We will be under the leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, with the responsibility of the New Era CPPCC member and high-quality rumors, contribute to the economic and social development of Tianjin to contribute to the strength of the economic and social development." The Committee of the CPPCC said.

(Reporter Liu Ping) (Editor: Han Wei, Cui Xinyao) Sharing Let more people see client downloads.