Month: February 2022

Solidly do this winter and spring warm insurance

  Xinhua News Agency, November 16th, the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China, Vice Premier of the State Council, attended the warm-in-law and speaking, attending the TV conference in Beijing on the 16th, and earnestly implemented the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on energy insurance. Implementing the Decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, making further arrangements for further arrangements for this winter and Mingchun warm insurance.

  Han Zheng pointed out that after the relevant part of the joint efforts, the recent power preservation work has achieved stage performance, the coal production capacity is released, the price is gradually returning to rationality, the power supply capacity continues to increase, the supply and demand situation is gradually recovering.

It is necessary to firmly establish a big awareness, complete and accurate and fully implement the new development concept, strengthen overall, highlight key, consolidate the cost of stability, and do a good job in this winter and winter, keep warm, ensure smooth economic and social, Make sure the people warm the winter.

  Han Zheng emphasizes that the supply of electric coal and natural gas supply will continue to increase production capacity, strengthen the supervision of production capacity, strengthen the control of electric coal and natural gas contract, and investigate and deal with the price behavior.

It is necessary to fully solve the problem of being blocked by power generation enterprise units, ensuring that the power generation capacity in winter peak hours is higher than the same period last year. Help coal-electricity and heating enterprises to mitigate stable difficulties, and encourage financial institutions to ensure the rational financing needs of enterprises, and the reform is improved and improved the market formation mechanism of coal and electricity. It is necessary to fully prepare the pre-cold weather, do a good job in the use of electricity gas protection of "coal change" users.

It is necessary to coordinate the safety operation of energy enterprises, power grids and pipe networks, social security, and timely investigate and resolve various risk hazards.

It is highly concerned about the international energy market change, strengthen energy import and export and reserve management, better guidance and stability market expectations.

Coal-electric oil gas transportation mechanism should increase work, and regional management responsibilities must be strictly implemented. The majority of energy companies should actively fulfill social responsibility and work together to keep warm. He Lifeng attended the meeting.

The relevant departments of the central and state organs and the relevant central enterprises are responsible for commends at the main venue, and all provinces (districts, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps are responsible for comrades and relevant departments. Comrade attending the meeting. The National Development and Reform Commission and Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, and Guizhou, the responsible comrades of the people’s government. Editor in charge: Li Hui.

The main change of 330 kV substation power station is successfully transported

At 13:43 on October 18, accompanied by the transformer "嗡" running sound, No. 2 main changed one-time charging success, marking the successful transportation of the 330 kV substation power station expansion project. Gulu 330 kV substation expansion project started construction on March 15, 2021, newly built 1 150,000 kV security main transformer, corresponding reactive compensation device and secondary system engineering, perfect 1 pre-main change And 1 female interval, 4 circuit breakers are installed, and 1 go back to the main line.

Set 2 sets of SVC complete sets on the new primary and low voltage side, and 8 circuit breakers are installed.

According to the country of the project of the national network Qinghai Province, the project leader, the main report of the 330 kV substation is located at the Dawu Township of Maqi County, Guoluo Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, with an order of 3707 meters.

The project is located at low gas pressure, hypoxia, severe cold, wind, strong radiation area, and an oxygen-containing area only 40%. In the face of problems such as harsh environment, short construction period, construction safety, quality control is difficult, etc. Nearly 7 months. The National Network Qinghai Provincial Power Company Construction Company combines the actual engineering practice, in order to ensure the quality, efficiency, completion of the project, in advance, well-planning, strictly deployment, strictly implement the process, standardize, levely, and standardize management. In the construction process, we will fully implement the responsibility to the post to ensure the control of key nodes. Do a good job in real-name system management, strictly implement various safety control measures, and the project is safe and stable. In the peak of construction, according to the target task, the construction of the personnel, the machinery and other resources, the equipment manufacturers fully cooperate, and ensure that the project progress target is achieved.

Each participating party strictly implements environmental protection requirements to create green environmental protection projects.

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Patients in Heilongjiang Province will be directly settled in all designated hospitals.

People’s Network Harbin August 11 (Su Jinggang) from the news of the Heilongjiang Provincial Medical Protection Bureau, Heilongjiang Province accelerates the coverage of the medical institution, simplifies the reimbursement process, shorten the reimbursement time limit, and effectively reducing the medical pressure and economic burden of patients.

Up to now, the designated hospital in Heilongjiang Province is incorporated into a different medical platform has reached nearly a thousand households.

It is understood that in order to solve problems such as medical treatment in different places in the province, the reimbursement process is complex, the intensive time, etc. On the basis of all levels of fixed-point hospitals, all-in-one medical platform, July 2020, "Notice on Doing a Good Justice Work in Treatment of Medical Medical Medical Costs in 2020, requiring to accelerate the coverage of fixed-point medical institutions.

According to the regulations, the eligible public and social office designated medical institutions will be included in the different medical platform, enjoy the same medical insurance policy, management and service, ensuring that before 2020, the eligible differential patients are directly settled in the Heilongjiang Province.

"With all the intersection of the deputy hospital, it will be the same as the local personnel, not subject to the designation of the local staff, not limited to the level of the designated hospital.

"The Provincial Medical Saving Bureau of the Provincial Medical Saving Bureau said on the person in charge of the medical department, Wang Huan, the person in charge of the Ministry, according to the policy of" filing to the co-ordination area ", that is, when the off-site personnel will apply for the medical place, doing the medical space, it can be held in the medical site. Cards. First, the case, the selected point, card medical treatment, the Provincial Medical Protection Bureau also launched the "one filing, half-year effective" new initiatives, the insured personnel After the referral of the referral, I can do medical treatment in half a year, during the year It is also possible to take medicine normally in the insured.

Next, the Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau will incorporate the kidney dialysis personnel in the different places, in the category of direct settlement, and the city is being organized through the "different site medical record" WeChat small procedures to make a medical record, truly do not see Zero errands.

(Editor: Wang Sidi, Wang Yan).

The 18th China-ASEAN Expo, the total investment of 7 projects, the total investment of 7 billion yuan

At the 18th China-ASEAN Expo and China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit, Guangxi Huanjiang Gannan Autonomous County was on September 10, and the September 11 September 11 Hechi Investment Cooperation Conference and Special Signing Ceremony The introduction of 7 projects, total investment of 3.4 billion yuan. It is understood that six projects signed in this signing ceremony involve new energy, smart cities, tourism, agriculture and other fields. Guangxi Jiangyuan Silk Technology Industrial Park Construction Project, Cooperative Jiangsu Xinyuan Silk Group Co., Ltd. Total investment of 500 million yuan; Huanjiang Gongnan Autonomous County Smart City Construction Project, Partner CITIC Digital Media Network Co., Ltd. Investing 200 million yuan; Huanjiang static transportation engineering project, cooperative Hangzhou Haikang Wei Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Ltd., total investment of 1.5 billion yuan; rare earth high-speed aluminum alloy cable production project, partner Guangdong Freezing Guang Technology Co., Ltd., total investment of 500 million yuan. (Yuxiang, Shu Jingran).

People’s Daily Talk about today: I am looking for a poetry

  Imagine, the city is like a sponge, it will absorb, water, water, water, water water, and need to use the survivable water to use it, so the problem of urban isas will be effectively resolved. In fact, such a function is being implemented in a city such as Nanning.

  The significance of sponge city is not only in polluting, water storage, but more importantly, it is to build a benign ecological operating system. The setting of plants, rain gardens, and sinking green spaces can not only achieve rainwater, purify, let the water flow, can make the flowers, birds, fish, etc. "live" come in, create with Naturally mild ecological landscape.

When there is more than a high-rise building, there are mountainous scenery, but there is still a bustling and noisy, and there is a pastoral poetry. People will have more belonging.

  "Let the city integrate into nature", which is both the idea of ??urban development and the voice of urban residents. Important instructions in the General Secretary of Popping, "Let the good ecological environment become the growth point of the quality of people’s life, become the power of the beautiful image", and the idyllic poetic will be expected, and the happiness is willing to be realistic.

Ten measures in Jiangxi Province accelerate the development of new research and development institutions

Recently, Jiangxi Province issued the "Ten measures on accelerating the development of new R & D institutions in Jiangxi Province", through subsidies, rewards, tax exemptions, etc., from many aspects, the new R & D institutions in Jiangxi Province have accelerated development. It is reported that the provincial new R & D institutions identified, Jiangxi Province will give a one-time financial fund support for financial funding for funding to funding R & D activities.

At the same time, Jiangxi Province strengthened the performance management of the provincial-level new R & D institutions. Every 3 years of assessment, and the development fee for the development of no more than 3 million yuan is given. For provincial-level new R & D institutions that meet the requirements of support technology innovation import tax policy, imported domestic non-production or performance cannot meet the needs of scientific research, scientific and technological development products, will exempt import tariffs and import link value-added tax, consumption tax; failure to enjoy Corporate provincial-level new R & D institutions, tax-off, can give certain subsidies, each subsidy amount is not higher than 2 million.

For the provincial new R & D institutions, the annual non-financial capital research and development funds account for more than 85% of the total research and development funds, Jiangxi Province will give no more than 20% of the amount of non-financial funds in the previous year (agency reward does not exceed 10 million yuan). At the same time, real estate and land, which meet the non-profit new R & D institutions in accordance with relevant national regulations, will exempt property tax and urban land use tax. The new R & D institution researchers will also enjoy the corresponding welfare policies. The new research and development institution scientific research personnel inventive patent conversion application, technical achievement transfer, etc., can be used as the performance conditions for title review and post assessment, and postdoctoral researchers enjoy the transformation of scientific and technological achievements during the station. (Reporter Liu Yu).

The three-year action "annual inspection" of state-owned enterprises will achieve A-share listed in 49 state-owned enterprises in the year.

[] On November 4th, China Mobile will begin, which means that the three major operators "gather" A shares will be further further, and the industrial enterprises, state-owned enterprises actively "embrace" A epitome of "embraces" A shares.

  "The three-year action program (2020-2022) issued last year (2020-2022)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Action Plan") clearly completed 70% of the reform target tasks before the end of 2021. Today, the "annual inspection" time is near the eyes. From the content of "action plan", involving national-owned enterprises listed and surrounding listings, including active and safe promoting mixed ownership reform.

  In the year, 49 state-owned enterprises A-share listed this year, as a national enterprise reform three-year action, the key year, how to ensure the completion of 70% of the reform target tasks before the end of the year, which is undoubtedly the weight of the central enterprises and local state-owned enterprises. On November 2, the relevant person in charge of the Southern Power Grid said in an interview with the "Securities Daily" report. As of now, the overall task completion rate of the three-year action in the Southern Power Grid has exceeded 70%, completing the annual progress target required by the State Administration of Homeland China. .

Not only that, the Southern Power Grid is further accelerating, and the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform is comprehensively promoted to ensure that more than 85% reform tasks will be completed at the end of the year.

  From the specific reform advancement, South China Energy has been successfully listed in A-share in January this year, and has become an important result of the development of enterprises in the new business network in the emerging business. According to the statistics of Tonghua Fushing, this year, as of November 2, 49 state-owned enterprises have achieved listing, 27 growth in the same period last year.

Specifically, 22 centralized state-owned holding companies, 14 provinces, state-owned holding companies, and 13 home country-owned holding companies.

  From the listing sector, in the above 49 national enterprises, the number of enterprises listed on the CMB and the GEM, accounting for 1%. From the perspective of fundraising, 49 state-owned enterprises raised a total of more than 100 million yuan, compared with the amount of about 100 million yuan last year, almost doubled. Liu Xingguo, a research department of China Enterprise Federation, stated that the "Securities Daily" reporter said that state-owned enterprises can use the capital market to further improve corporate governance and management, or use the capital market to speed up the capital layout structure, improve asset quality. After the promotion of the quality of development quality, the state-owned enterprises also need to show development results through the entry into the capital market.

  Zhang Lichao, senior Guoxin Securities, said in an interview with "Securities Daily" report, as an effective starting point of deepening state-owned income, promoting economic development, and the listing of state-owned enterprises is to improve the state-owned supervision, lead the industrial layout and linkage social capital.

The listing of state-owned enterprises will help to further open the mixed channel, broaden the financing channels, and obtain the funds required for long-term development.

  Xie Xiaobing, deputy director of the State Administration of State Administration, and Xie Xiaobing, will also be said that the State-owned Assets Supervision Committee will promote a group of "screwdrivers" of central enterprises and technological innovation to list the capacity of independent innovation. "Through listing, you can solve the company’s financing issues. At the same time, the capital market will also promote state-owned enterprises to improve the medium and long-term incentive mechanism, bind personal interests with the company’s development, providing important organization guarantee and talent support for state-owned enterprises.

"Zhang Li Chao said. Mixing to the incremental field" development "as one of the eight aspects of the" Action Plan "focused on the focus, mixed all system reforms have always received the attention of the market.

  The "Securities Daily" reporter learned from China Building materials that China’s building materials have formulated a three-year operation task desk account covering a national enterprise reform covering 158 mandates. As of the first half of this year, the accumulated completion ratio reached 60%, and it is expected that the completion of the year is expected to reach 80%. Talking about the understanding of the mix, the party secretary of the China Building Materials Group, and the chairman of the chairman of the Board of Directors, said to the reporter, "Central Enterprise Power + Private Enterprise Vitality = Enterprise Competitiveness", this formula is both a deep understanding of the relationship between private enterprises and enterprises, and mixing An important basis. Development mixing ownership is not only a mix of funds, but also the mixing, advantageous mixing, and cultural mix. The most important thing for mixing ownership reform is the advantage of inheriting state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, and the economic strength of state-owned enterprises, regulating the market vitality of civilian enterprises, and combining hardships. According to data disclosed in late October, the National Development and Reform Commission has shown that in the first half of 2021, the central government implemented more than 150 yuan through the property market. All localities introduced more than 90 billion yuan through mixing. On October 21, the National Development and Reform Commission held a typical press conference of private enterprises’ reform and development, and Xu Shanchang, the Director of Physical Reform, revealed that in terms of mixing, the National Development and Reform Commission will study the establishment of a mix of mixing To build more platforms and channels for social capital to participate in state-owned enterprises.

In addition, incremental mixing will be carried out around the national major strategy, incremental mixing in the construction of new energy, energy storage facilities. Liu Xingguo said that research and establishment of mixing team docking mechanisms, in addition to reducing repeated search costs, enhancing strategic investor quality, also helps accelerate the docking process of mixing projects and strategic investors, and then implement mixing projects and strategic investment Precision docking.

  The "incremental mixing in the field of new energy, energy storage and facilities construction" proposed by the National Development and Reform Commission, which undoubtedly further open the imagination space for the subsequent propulsion.

  "It should be said that there is a certain technology ‘card neck’ problem in the current new energy and energy storage field, and it is necessary to increase research and development investment, and make substantive breakthroughs in the ‘card neck’ as soon as possible.

This undoubtedly requires strong funds as support. "In the view of Liu Xingguo, this aspect requires the national capital and private capital power, jointly participate in relevant technical research and development, strengthening technology research and development; on the other hand, based on the uncertainty of technology research and development and industrial development, It is necessary to participate in multi-way capital, share development results, share development risks. Therefore, in the way of mixing, the development of new energy and energy storage industry can be said to be a more optimized program. In addition to mixing, the breadth will be "" Outdoor, the Secretary-General of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Peng Huang, recently said that next, the State-owned Assets Supervision Committee will put in-depth national enterprise reform three-year action, put the focus of deepening the harvesting of all system reforms, play a strategic investor In the positive role of corporate governance, enterprise management, etc., driving mixed enterprises to take the lead in implementing flexible and efficient market-oriented management mechanisms, implementing territory and contractual management of managers, deepening three system reforms, and uses a medium and long-term incentive Policy, strengthen the party’s construction, ensure enhancement of vitality, improve efficiency. All text, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network", copyright Both the Economic Reference Newspaper, not published, played in any form without written on the Economic Reference Newspaper.

Shaoxing Shangyu accelerates digital transformation

  Dozens of computers are placed neatly on the long two-row table, and the large screen on one side shows the real-time picture of 9 workshops.

This is a scene of the Intelligent Manufacturing Control Center, Zhejiang Annuoflamine Chemical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Annuoflamine Chemical Co., Ltd., is located in Longsheng Science and Technology Park, Hangzhou Bay, Shaoxing City.

"You see, now the workshop is almost can’t see the shadow, and it is controlled by the engineer of the Intelligent Manufacturing Control Center.

"Deputy General Engineer of the company, Li Hongyang, the electronometer minister Li Hongyang, pointed to the reporter. This batch of unmanned workshops is" the future factory "project of" Anno Aromamine ", which is the company and Zhejiang Zhongcong Co., Ltd. cooperation R & D MES system digital platform, officially opened in March this year, achieving high automation and depth informationization. "From machine fault diagnosis, information push, automatic tracking, automatic assessment, etc. "Li Hongyang said, through digital transformation, enterprises achieve the continuous reduction of operating work, and the production capacity continues to expand.

  "The Future Factory" project of "Anno Aromamine" is a minority of the upper industrial digital transformation. Since this year, Shangyu has tight around the grand goal of the construction of high-quality development demonstration zone in Zhejiang Province, manufacturing digitalization, intelligent transformation, and "Wolong Electric" "Zhejiang Longsheng" and other manufacturing leading enterprises, to fuse to implement transformation Upgrade, excavate data bonus and value, further promoted the quality of economic development in the district, efficiency change, dynamic change. At the same time, in accordance with the "future factory" construction orientation, the continuous exploration of the construction path, rich construction connotation, excavate more development potential, good development trend, high development level, preliminary formation with "Future Factory" as the lead, with intelligent factory And the digital workshop is the main body of the new ingly-building backbone, leading the digital transformation of Shangyu industrial.

  Not long ago, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economic Agency announced the list of "Future Factory" pilot enterprises in Zhejiang Province in 2021, and Wolong Electric Drive Group Co., Ltd. was successfully selected to provide practical samples for industrial digital transformation in the province. In the Unmanned Workshop of Wolong Electrical Drive Group Co., Ltd., it is an intelligent manufacturing core equipment, Internet awareness, data analysis and optimization, intelligent control, etc., all achieve intelligence.

Statistics show that after the construction of Wolong Intelligent Factory, the overall production efficiency increased by 79%, the production and operation cost is reduced, the product is reduced, the energy comprehensive utilization rate is increased, the product development cycle is shortened by the product, the product design is 100% The equipment failure rate is less than 1%.

  The relevant person in charge of the Shangyu District Government said, the first, Shangyu will implement the provincial motor "industrial brain" pilot, "5G + industrial Internet", 5G network infrastructure and other 11 major digital empowerment projects, through project push, cultivate digital culture, Smart motor, semiconductor equipment and other digital industries, focus on creating a number of provincial "futurual factories", intelligent factory, digital workshop, and strive to achieve a number of digital economic core industries increased by 12%, software industry main business revenue growth 15%. (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

The first Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival will hold 47 games

The first Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival Saturday opened this newspaper (Reporter Qin Dongying) Introduced the press conference held yesterday morning, the opening ceremony of the first Changda Triangle Sports Festival will be held on Saturday.

The Long Triangle Sports Festival is a new national fitness brand event jointly organized by the three provinces in the Yangtze River Triangle. The first year was hosted by Shanghai.

Basketball, road running, roller skating, bicycle 4 events have become a formal project, rugby, martial arts, darts, skipping, etc. 8 events have become a promotion project.

According to statistics, the sports festival will hold 47 games, including 28 official projects, 19 promotion projects, 10 cities in Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Hefei, etc., the total number of participants exceeds 8,000 people. Gu Jinsong, Director of the Municipal Sports Bureau Group, said that through the holding of the Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival, it will build a cross-regional national fitness event platform. It is Shanghai actively create "fitness everywhere, every day wants fitness, everyone will fit body" city environment Important measures.

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One hundred technology into a hundred villages and increase income (exploration · implement the full implementation of rural revitalization strategy after the meeting)

Original title: one hundred technology into a hundred villages and increase income (exploration · implement the full implementation of rural revitalization strategy after the meeting) March 7, Xi Jinping, general secretary of Qinghai delegation to participate in the deliberations stressed the need to promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas, the full implementation of rural revitalization strategies to achieve the expansion of tackling poverty consolidate the results of an effective interface with rural revitalization.

This year’s "Government Work Report" proposed that the full implementation of rural revitalization strategy to promote steady development of agriculture and rural incomes. Newspaper reporters have visited Sichuan, Henan, Heilongjiang, recorded in strengthening local efforts to expand the results of tackling poverty, improve food supply and an important guarantee of agricultural products, promote rural reform and rural construction, and focus on new progress in the revitalization of rural road, the new changes . – Editor from poverty, stabilize rich way home four acres of yellow heart kiwi tree, how production is stagnant? Haunted long time Guangyuan City, Sichuan Zhaohua District tiger jumped out of poverty households Xiongguang Guo town fog village, very happy these days: problem solved. This thing had to start from long ago.

Zhaohua located in the Qinba Mountain area is a traditional agricultural area, kiwi green shoots just above the tree head, 56-year-old Xiongguang Guo got the chance to go to the district will attend the training. "Lectures can dim the light?" Xiongguang Guo a little reluctant, thinking the problem on her own for six months, do listen to a lesson can be solved? Arrived on the scene, villagers have been surrounded in tiers, a "Guangyuan Zhaohua District 2021 spring characteristics of fruit management and technical training on the spot," the long red banner hung high, especially conspicuous. "First of orchard management from the winter garden clearance to start.

"Vocal stage Xiongguang Guo attracted attention.

He thought that people still know something about technology, will continue to listen. "Every year after kiwi leaves, we must deal with the orchard to collect litter," the man continued, "then the whole garden lime sulfur spray once, but also on the main rod painted white ……" Listen to the people to explain the complete kiwi prevention and treatment of ulcer disease in another way, Xiongguang Guo shines, "Oh, I can not think of ye!" quickly pulled in front of fellow clothes, find out who taught Yes. "This is the fruit we Technician Bureau of rural agricultural areas Zhenjun!" Upon hearing this, Xiongguang Guo muttered:! "No wonder, no wonder ……" "is a disadvantage non-technical" Xiongguang Guo said, kiwi grower in the same village , peach, loquat yield a higher than one, their home yellow heart kiwi trees, old and sick since last year, yields go up.

Home, Xiongguang Guo flew into the field, according to a new technician says another way to trim buds.

Recall the past, he again lamented, "A train is better than rain!" So, in 2014, Xiongguang Guo suffering from diabetes due to a lack of technology and is recognized as a filing card stand poor households. Subsequently, the village helping the development of the kiwifruit industry, coupled with access to health, ecological compensation policy support, Xiongguang Guo soon gets rid of poverty. In recent years, kiwi cultivation and livestock breeding revenue is climbing, he was always thinking about how to better manage and protect kiwi.

"With technology, the next increase in production is rich and there is good way!" Xiong Guangguo said.

Pyloric and do not remove the poison, and do not remove the policy.

Since this year, the local area of ??kiwifruit is relatively lack of agricultural technology, organizes orders, fixed-government, oriented vocational technical training, and promoting technical training to skills training, ensuring that the people with training will have the opportunity to participate. It is estimated that this year’s high-quality training professional and technical personnel is more than 1,000. Introducing new technologies, multi-quality food "," you see, this wheat seedlings are always in good growth, but there are little fish tattoo macular spots in the roots, and it is easy to spray the medication. "After a spring rain, Henan Zhoukou City Several agricultural technologies in Pudgou County came to the Tingyuan Family Farm, and the "timely rain" of the gaps and theft of the Dufang Deputy.

"In the eyes of the family, it is better to be as good as this crop!" Take a dry, sent away the agricultural technology experts in the county, and the Lu Tingzhang immediately controls the plant protection drone spray, prevention.

Before and after this year, Pudigou County conducted a means of discrimination of agricultural technology training courses, issued a "100-story hundred village" activities, organized more than 100 professional and technical personnel, in-depth field, and The majority of farmers popularize the management knowledge of wheat fields.

"Use this drone, give thousands of mu of wheat, can get it in one day and a half." The road to manipulate the drone while the drone is turned on. In 2013, he has flowed 1000 mu of land to build a family farm. It is true: actively participate in agricultural technology training, continuously improve planting method; implement green prevention and control of pests and diseases, and improve the production of agricultural products while ensuring quality.

"Well, energized, road hardening problems, county is solved." Lu Tingzhan also replays more than 30 agricultural machines such as plant protection drones, winch sprinkler, food dryer, etc. Taiwan, farm from cultivation, management, pests and diseases to prevent food harvesting, drying, storage, etc. Lu Ting accounted for a few large seed industry companies to breed wheat seeds, so that he harvested the farm. "Wheat does not come out, and the food company will pull away, more than 1200 pounds per mu, the purchase price of each kilogram is two or three cents.

"After the wheat harvest, the road accounted for the continued planting corn, soybean, peanut and other crops, the sales is not awkward, the benefits are good." Now, I use a seed, fertilizer, neighbors to learn. "The Lu Ting has honens into Zhoukou City’s" rich leaders ", the farm has also won the title of provincial and municipal" exemplary family farm ".

This year, Pudigou County plans to arrange funds for 17.7 million yuan, implement water-saving renovation project in Southwest irrigation district, further improve agricultural production conditions; continue to promote excellent varieties, develop high-quality wheat, 250,000 mu, high quality peanuts; at the same time, plan new investment 84.5 million yuan, construction 10,000 acres high standard farmland.

"Next, we will accelerate the promotion of high standard farmland construction, increase modern agricultural production technology and good breeding, producing more quality grains." Said the deputy secretary of the Pudgou County Committee.

The land has a hosted and life is more moist. Love, barely manage 40 acres "犄 旮旯", leave 40 mu of fat fields to cultivate themselves.

After half a year, Wang Xianzhang regretted. On the land, the soil, the soil, preferably good species, relaxed, drone fertilization, the agricultural machinery horsepower has been 10 times … "The wine, did not sell the salt base, more than one acre Block! "This year, Wang Xianzhang hosted the land allocated," No matter what you have, you can make more professionals, you can take yourself.

"Not afraid of quality and revenue not guarantee?" After the work is over, I have to sign a confirmation on the acceptor, and finally there is satisfactory return visit.

"It turns out that Lanxi County unified refinement of contract samples, improve service terms, standards and processes, and also specializes in supervision accounts. Each expenditure of the service organization must be approved by the relevant departments. At present, Lanxi County full-time managed service area It has been developed to 10,000 mu, more than 30 times more than 2018, and the participation in farmers in the farmers, and the farmers acre increased more than 200 yuan.

On the other hand, the hosted service organization of 3,000 mu of minimal operations rapidly increased to 42.

"Someone is matted, some people gain gras, have insurance, rest assured!" Last year, the company has joined the hosted ranks with Sun Jinxiang loans in Sangui Village.

It is reported that the average annual interest rate of the agricultural loan products of the county has dropped to the% of this year, and the "Mutual Assistance Fund + Policy Catascessian Insurance" allows the basic benefits of the affected farmers to be guaranteed; after autumn harvesting, encounter Difficulties in selling food, farmers can also transfer food to storage companies, and choose to exchange grain funds when they are stored at low prices. Li Yingqi, secretary of the Lanxi County Party Committee, said, "13th Five-Year Plan", Lanxi County Construction High-standard Farmland 10,000 mu, build 1243 kilometers of rural roads, plant trees, forest production, residential conditions significantly improved, green barrier further .

"In 2020, Rural residents in Lanxi County were in-house reached 11466 yuan, an increase of approximately 14% year-on-year.

"The baby has a school bus to pick up, but I am not idle." Sun Jinxiang said.

Lanxi County realized the full coverage of the standardized school bus of rural primary and secondary schools, and many villages also built the cultural institute, the farm book house, the cultural activities, regularly organized the "Drama Township Township" activities of the county and township organizations. "Listen at home, reading books, twisting songs, our farmers have tall, and life is not much moisturizing.