Month: March 2022

Deyang, Guangyuan, Guang’an, and Bazhong, Guangyuan, Guang’an, Pakistan

Deyang City – Deyang City Government issued a group of personnel to appreciate, the Deyang City People’s Government released a number of personnel appointment. Deyang Municipal People’s Government Eighth 108 Standing Conference decided to appoint: Zhao You is not for Deputy Director of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Deyang City; Zhang Ruichuan is the captain of the special patrol detachment of Deyang City Public Security Bureau (trial period); Li Lei is Deyang City Market Supervision Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment Deputy Director; Li Guangyong is the Director of the Director of the Deyang City Market Supervision Administration (trial period).

免 去: Zhao You ‘s Deputy Director of Deyang Municipal People’s Government Research Office; Xu Xiaobin’s deputy director of Deyang City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau; Li Lei’s Director of the Deyang Market Supervision Administration Guangyuan City – Guangyuan City Government issued a number of personnel appointment and avoidance, and Guangyuan City People’s Government released a number of personnel appointments.

The third executive meeting of the Eighth Guangyuan Municipal People’s Government decided: Li Yinglong Ren Guangyuan Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Detachment Team (Trial Duration); Xiong Ju Ren Guangyuan City Agricultural Rural Area, Deputy Director; Liu Feng Ren Guangyuan City Chinese Medicine Administration Director (and); Li Zhi Cheng Ren Guangyuan Emergency Administration Deputy Director (and); Ren Xiangtao, Director of Guangyuan City Intellectual Property Bureau, Guangyuan City Market Supervision Comprehensive Administrative Law Foundation Detachment; Chen Shaohua Ren Guangyuan Market Supervision Administration Director (Trial period one year); Wang Lingyun Ren Guangyuan City Management Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment Division (Trial One Year); Li Yun Ren Big Panda National Park Guangyuan Management Branch Director (Part); Ren Huoxian Ren Guangyuan Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee Deputy Director (and); Yuan Zhengan, served as deputy director of the management committee of Guangyuan City, the deputy director of the Management Committee of the Industrial Park; Peng Hong, deputy director of the Bailong Lake Scenic Area, Guangyuan City; Li Guoqiang Ren Guangyuan City Disabled Federation Chairman; Wang Wanyi Ren Guangyuan City Disabled Chairman of the Federation; Zeng Yidong Ren Guangyuan City Development Group Co., Ltd. General Engineer (trial period for one year).

免 免 免 警 警 队 队 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职 职; Guangyuan City Municipal Medicine Administration Director (also); Li Wencai, deputy director of Guangyuan City Emergency Administration; Director Liu Ying Guangyuan City Intellectual Property Office, Guangyuan City Market Supervision Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment Director (C); Yang Huna Panda National Park Guangyuan Management Branch Director (and) Director of Guangyuan City Government Service and Public Resource Trading Center (Part); Yuan Zhengan Guangyuan Bailong Lake Scenic Area Authority, Deputy Director; Zhao Tianxiu Guangyuan City Disabled Federation Director of the Director; Li Xiaodong, Vice Chairman of the Disabled Persons’ Federation in Guangyuan City. Guang’an – Yao Wei, Ren Guang’an Women’s Federation Party Secretary, on October 25, Guang’an Women’s Federation held a cadre employee meeting, read the appointment of Guang’an Municipal Committee to appoint decision: Yao Hao Ren Yao’s party secretary, nominated the chairman of Guang’an Women’s Federation. Pakistan – Bazhong released a group of personnel appointments, involving multiple departments, recently, the Bank of Communist Party of China issued a group of personnel.

The Baszhong Municipal Party Committee agreed: Comrade Wujiang Ren Director of the Political Department of the Public Security Bureau of Bazhong City, a year of trial period; Zhang Huiyuan is a Secretary of the Committee of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of the Communist Party of China, a trial period of the Trial period; Wang Jian’an comrades Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, a trial period; Comrade Wu Lei visited the Secretary of the Committee of the Sichuan Bazhong Economic Development Zone Working Committee, the trial period of the trial period; Comrade He Guangming Ren Bi Zhongming Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Detachment Political Committee, trial period for one year Comrade Liu Jiafeng served as a Political Committee of the Palestinian Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment and Trial period; Comrade Zhang Xiao visited the Party Second Secretary of the People’s Government of the Communist Party of China.免: Wu Lei Comrade Comrade the Communist Party of China Director Director of the Cadial Administration Center of the Communist Party of China; Wu Hiping, the director of the Political Department of the Public Security Bureau of the Paletsis.

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7 flights in 10 days, 38 nuclei are positive! To Guangzhou

In March, the Civil Aviation Authority issued 5 fused instructions within 10 days, involving 7 flights, including EK362 flights from Dubai to Guangzhou, which were fused twice.

Health Times reporters found that most of the fused flights were mostly in the Middle East country, of which the airlines in the UAE have the most frequently, the most arrived is Guangzhou. The flight of UAE Airlines is only 7 days before and after the flight, and the EK362 flight of the Emirates Airlines has been detected by passenger nucleic acid and is suspended for 4 weeks. February 20th flight (Dubai to Guangzhou) nucleic acid detection of positive passengers, March 2 Civil Aviation Authority issued a blow directive, fused the EK362 flight, from March 8 (flight entry date), suspend The flight is running 2 weeks.

7 days later, February 27th flight (Dubai to Guangzhou) nucleic acid detection positive passengers, March 10, the Civil Aviation Authority re-issued a fused directive, fuse measures for EK362 flights, from March 22 (flight entry date Starting, continue to suspend the flight 2 weeks. In addition, January 1st, Emirates Etihad Airlines EY862 flight (Abu Dhabi to Shanghai) nucleic acid detection positive passengers, and the Civil Aviation Authority issued a blow command. Given the EY818 flight (Abu Dhabi to Beijing, the first entry point for Chengdu) is an EY862 flight in the EY862 flight, from March 22 (flight entry date), two classes are fused, suspend EY862 flight operation 2 weeks, cancel EY818 flights.

Melting flights to Guangzhou in Guangzhou, 3 flights are to Guangzhou. Ek362 flights from the nucleic acid positive passengers were detected twice, which were 11 cases of nucleic acid positive passengers twice. In addition, 5 cases of Iraqi Airlines IA473 (Baghdad to Guangzhou) nucleic acid were detected by Iraqi Airlines IA473. On March 5, the Civil Aviation Authority issued a fused directive. Since March 15 (flight entry date), the flight is suspended for 2 weeks. Saudi Arabia Airlines, Saudi Arabia, February 25 (Riyadi to Guangzhou) Nucleic Acid Detection Positive Passengers.

On March 9, the Civil Aviation Authority issued a blow directive, from March 15 (flight entry date), 2 weeks of operation. (Editor: Jiao Long, Zhou Yuting).

Break through 10 million doses of Ningxia people’s immunization barrier has been initially constructed

Original title: The immunization barrier in Ningxia has been initially constructed on September 9. The reporter learned from the autonomous region to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic situation work headquarters, as of 16:30 on the same day, the new crown vaccination in the whole region exceeded 10 million, reaching thousands of doses.

Among them, the first dose of vaccination is 10,000, and a total of 10,000 people complete the whole process. The immunization barrier in Ningxia has been initially constructed. The large-scale vaccination of new crown virus vaccines is an important means to build people’s immunization barriers and prevent control of neoguanponic epidemic.

At present, the vaccination has reached the most critical, most urgent stage, autumn and winter, and the epidemic prevention and control pressure will continue to increase. Next, Ningxia will further strengthen measures, scientifically promote vaccination work. The autonomous region shall emphasize the Xinzhang Pneumonia Epidemic Work Headquarters, and all localities must be finely planned to "time account", and the "key person" is found, and the "key person" is carefully tested. "

All localities should be controlled by the target task, inverting the construction period, the map combat, and then improve the task measures, refine, and accurately, and coordinate the organization to coordinate the power to ensure that the inoculation coverage is improved on day.

To optimize inoculation services. All localities must combine the characteristics of "one old and a small" and rural areas, and give full play to the role of community health service centers and township hospitals, scientific layout inoculation, and facilitate the inoculation of the masses. To innovate the working mode, set up temporary centralized inoculation points, mobile inoculation points, and crankscaping points, open the door service, free shuttle and the elderly green channel, and create a good condition for the masses. Ensure inoculation safety.

All localities should safely put inoculation in the first place, strictly implement the "Prevention of Intriology Work Specifications", "Three Check Seven on one Verification" and "Four" requirements, and do an abnormal reaction treatment. To implement an abnormal reaction, "Daily Report, Week Analysis, Month Assessment" system, timely collection, analyze suspected abnormal response reports, and strengthen data analysis assessment.

Especially for the elderly and minors, we must strengthen suspected abnormal response monitoring, and do a good job in the first time.

To strengthen traffic safety.

To strengthen vaccine safety, strict transportation, registration, and use flow management, and prevent the vaccine out of control.

The autonomous region shall respond to the new coronal pneumonia epidemic work headquarters, and the various departments should be laminated with a more resolute attitude, more pragmatic, more powerful initiatives, a drum, and take advantage of the vaccination task.

To establish a "four linkage" system, rural areas are the last kilometer of vaccination.

All localities must adhere to the up and down, establish and improve the city’s leadership, including the streets, township cadres, the package community, the village group community cadre package, the departmental cadres industry "four linkage" responsibility system, centralized strength and resources, Accelerate the progress of vaccination.

To strengthen the "one-game chess", strengthen monitoring and dispatch, to achieve up and down, strengthen linkage, form a synergy, ensure that "screwing into a rope, up and down chess", and promotes accelerated progress, clear.

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Collect the "East East School" research power, the long-term Sustainable Development University Alliance is formally established

The intelligence of colleges and universities is an important force in the construction of the ecological green integrated development exemplary area of ??the Yangtze River Delta.

On April 23, the Long Triangle Sustainable Development Union established by the Demonstration Zone Developer Alliance Member Tongji University was established.

The Heavy Triangle Sustainable Development University Alliance was established. Changda Integrated Demonstration Zone Executive Committee for the Graph Collection of Tongji University, Southeast University, Fudan University, East China Normal University, Nanjing University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, China University of Science and Technology, etc., will be fully Give full play to the strength of the long triangle university, cooperate in building platforms, talent training, scientific research, international exchange, consultation and political research, and research and research, etc.

  Chen Qun, deputy mayor of Shanghai, pointed out in the establishment ceremony, and the establishment of the Ministry of Sustainable Development of the Yangtze River Delta is important for promoting the high quality integration development of the Yangtze River Triangulation. I hope that colleges and universities will give full play to their respective advantages, continue to deepen cooperation and focus education. Resources sharing sharing, focusing service area collaborative development, focusing strengthening scientific and technological innovation capabilities, leading to high schools and scientific research institutions in the Yangtze River Delta region, making greater contributions to the national strategy for the services of the Yangtze River Delta integrated development. The University Alliance will also continue to help integrated demonstration zone construction in a strong scientific research force. Since last year, the Executive Committee of the Demonstration Zone has been actively docked with colleges and universities such as Tongji University, Fudan University, promoting a series of research projects in the demonstration zone, and accelerates the transformation from ecological color value to development value. At present, the Institute of Sustainable Development, the Yangtze University and Qingpu District Government cooperation has landed in Jinze Town, Qingpu District.

Entrusted by the Demonstration Zone Executive Committee, Tongji University and other colleges and universities are fully carried out to carry out carbon-ups and strategic research in the demonstration zone, with a view to accelerating carbon-backed carbon in the demonstration zone, and lead to the formation of green low-carbon development. Theoretical basis and quantization basis. After the establishment of the University Alliance, carbon-carbon in the demonstration area will still become an important research topic of university alliance.

In addition, the University Alliance will continue to explore new mechanisms in the fields of resource sharing, topic sharing, credit mutual recognition and personnel and other fields, condensed innovation experience, and lay a solid foundation for the innovation of the demonstration zone system.

  At the establishment ceremony, the eight university leaders jointly signed the "Sustainable Development of Sustainable Development of the Yangtze River Delta", and released the "Promotion of Carbon-Carbon Middle School Action Initiative", using professional advantages, promoting subversive technological innovation in green low-carbon fields Strengthen production and research cooperation, promote low-carbon technology promotion applications and strengthen international technology exchange cooperation, integrate into global green low-carbon innovation networks. After the establishment ceremony, the Yangtze River Delta Sustainability University Alliance held the first principal joint meeting.

At the meeting, the Alliance colleges and universities were selected as the chairman of the alliance, and Nanjing University is the Union Vice-Chairman Union.

In the future, the University Alliance will regularly hold the joint meeting of the University Alliance Principal, establish a work mechanism for joint conference, promote the docking and cooperation between the functional departments, disciplines and the department.

(Tang Xiaoli) Editor: Dianyi Festival.

2021 Beijing Net Red Card Nieuwe lijst kondigde de rode attractie van Peking University Red Building aan

People’s Network Beijing 7 december (Yin Xingyun) op 6 december, "2021 Beijing Net Red Card Truck Advugation List" werd uitgebracht in gunstige drama.

Dit jaar, in het kader van de algehele kwaliteit van de Wenbao-consument, wordt het verbruikspotentieel verder verbeterd, Peking introduceert "Beijing gecultiveerd de constructie van internationaal consumentencentrum City implementatieplan (2021-2025)", dat de vrijgave van Wenbao-consumptie voorstelde Potenti?le "TOP TEN TEN SPECIALE ACTIES", bouw in de komende vijf jaar zware consumptieproducten en start 300 PEKING NET-rode kaart. Na de eerste introductie van 100 online rode kaarten in Beijing in 2020, leidde dit jaar, Peking Cultuur en Tourism Bureau opnieuw de 2021 Beijing Net Red Card-Card-selectieactiviteiten en gecombineerd met nieuwe staatsontwikkeling op basis van vorig jaar, het toegevoegd aan de nieuwe staatsontwikkeling. Nacht economische, technologische innovatie en digitale economie, nieuwe consumentenscène 3 grote sectoren.

De selectieactiviteit heeft de sociale aandacht aangetrokken van het moment van het opstarten. Het totale aantal collecties van het hele netwerk zal in de kaart worden genomineerd en het aantal collecties werd genomineerd. Na het finishingscherm zijn de laatste 300 finalisten geselecteerd. Van 15 tot 29 oktober tot 29e, door de publieke stemming, overtroffen het totale aantal stemmen 5,68 miljoen via internet en stond uiteindelijk 100 Peking Net Red Card-aanbevelingen en 196 genomineerde aanbevelingen. In het eerste jaar van de 100e verjaardag van de 100-jarig jubileum van het feest, de Chinese Communistische Partij van de Revolutionaire Activity Memorial Hall (Peking University Red Building), "New Youth" redactionele afdeling (Chen Duxiu’s oude huis), enz. De Red Nieuwe attractie is niet onverwacht ingevoerd aan de nieuwe lijst van net rode kaarten.

Ik werd geselecteerd van de nieuwe lijst van netto rode kaarten en dit jaar’s Beijing Global Theme Resort, Heropening Gunstige Aater en Tiantongyuan Cultuur en Art Centre, Mindre Valley Traditional Culture Experience Base, Shirama River International Style Night Tour, White Tower Light Hotel (Lotus Koffie), Tiantan Fu Beverage, Meikong Academy en andere vertrouwde nieuwe consumentenplaatsen. Deze release van Peking Net Red Cards is verdeeld in natuurlandschap, menselijk landschap, culturele kunst, blokpark, nieuw consumentenscenario, nachteconomie, technologie-innovatie en digitale economie, leesruimte, hotel en boetiekhotel, catering en innovatie 10 Major Subject Classificaties Zoals retail, dekken in feite alle activiteiten van de bestaande netto-rode kaart van Peking.

Om de brunette-kaart, de innovatie en ontwikkeling te promoten, cultiveren het nieuwe consumentenmerk van Peking Nets, en de relevante afdelingen van Beijing Cultuur en Tourism Bureau en andere relevante afdelingen, introduceren Social Capital, Multi-Dimensional Support Network Red Card.

Op de lijst met monitoren, de tweede serie van de reeks series van reeks van reeks series van reeks van Chinese Wenbao Bureau en Beijing-radio- en televisiestation "Chao Beijing-Beijing Net Red Card Raiders", ook officieel gelanceerd. Het schrijven van werk zal worden verenigd in de volgorde van "Beijing 12 uur" tijd, nodigen beroemde schrijvers uitnodigen, bekende artiesten, sociale gastvrije mensen, online beroemdheid en gastheer, met het eerste perspectief van "Walking Beijing", via de prachtige proza ??sorteren In de vroege ochtend waren er een onderscheidende netto-rode kaart, die een duidelijke tijd in verschillende tijden had, en de deadline en de trendy fashion van Peking City, en maakte de nieuwe look van Peking Net Red Card aan. De relevante persoon die de leiding heeft over de gemeentelijke cultuur van Beijing en Tourism Bureau, zei dat de volgende stap wordt bevorderd door de algemene planning en de invloed van de Net Red Card van Beijing is continu uitgebreid.

Tegelijkertijd zal het spelen aan de zelfdiscipline van de industrie. Een nieuwe gids voor vrijetijdsverbruik. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Always put the masses to warmly and accelerate the promotion of the province’s villagers’ housing disaster recovery

Original title: Always put the masses in the heart, accelerate the advancement of the province’s villagers ‘housing, recovery and reconstruction, the Dahe Net News (Gaoling, Henan Daily, Gaoling), on September 6, the provincial government held the province’s villagers’ housing disaster recovery reconstruction and reconstruction work TV conference Listening to the information on the relevant department of the provincial departments, arrange deployment of the province’s villagers’ housing disaster recovery.

  The Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the executive deputy governor Zhou Wei attended the meeting and speaking.

He pointed out that villagers’ housing resumption is the most concerned, most expectation, most direct and most realistic interest problem after the disaster reconstruction.

The relevant departments of all over the world should learn to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the important instructions of flood control and disaster relief, and conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council’s decision-making deployment and the provincial party committee, the provincial government work arrangement, and accelerate the recovery of villagers’ housing resumption, and ensure that the victims live in peace of mind as soon as possible. House, warm heart room.

  Zhou Wei emphasized that the special planning of the villager’s housing disaster recovery should be intended to be integrated, pragmatic, highlighting the inner style, effectively built warm, practical, low-carbon new home. The reconstruction method should be based on the local conditions, scientific and reasonable, fully use the "four discussion two disclosure" working methods, pay attention to classification, and combine the dispersion and concentrated placement. Project implementation should speed up progress, strict management, and complete construction tasks on time to ensure the quality of engineering and people’s inspection.

The use of funds should strengthen supervision, safe and effective, ensuring that every penny is used on the "blade".

Work promotion should be carefully organized, careful and meticulous, and the main responsibility, all relevant departments must perform their duties, close cooperation, and work together, practical work, and strive to make an excellent answer to the party and people .

  Vice Governor of Wu Guo Ding, presided over the meeting.

Deputy Governor Liu Yuli made a specific arrangement for the residential reconstruction work of the province’s villagers.

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China Klinische beslissing Auxiliary System – "Menselijke Guard Assistant" Reeks Knowledge Service Digital Platform

Aanbevolen lezen 2021-11-1211: 40 bugs van White Heroni Foeragage in Hutang County, Jiujiang City, Poyang Lake, Habitat.

In de vroege winter daalde Poyang Lake onder het fijne waterniveau, werd de assemblage van allerlei migrerende vogels. 2021-11-1210: 122021-11-1111: 122021 Yuxi County katoenplanting oppervlakte van 1,02 miljoen MU, waarvan 990.000 MU van implementatie van katoenen cultivatiemodus, gezaaid, chemisch dak en gemechaniseerde mijncollectie, na de productie, deze Het zaadkatoen van het jaar heeft 426 kg / mu geproduceerd, die kilogram / mu verhoogt, en het niveau van katoenwetenschappelijk groeimanagement wordt continu verbeterd, en de katoenteelt is gemechaniseerd.

2021-11-1111: 11 China Baowu Ouya Chain Gold in de eerste groene slimme fabriek ingebouwd in de metalen regeneratie resource-industrie, blijf oefenen "dubbele carbon" -verbintenis, introduceer het project van Solar Photovoltaic Power-generatie, kan schone energie 14 miljoen voor nationaal aanbieden Roosters elk jaar KAUCHING TIJD. 2021-11-1011: 01 In de afgelopen jaren heeft de provincie Guizhou, de provincie Guizhou, de ‘medische combinatie’ actief gepromoveerd door integratie van pensioen- en medische hulpbronnen en het cre?ren van een medisch centrum integreren van pensioenverzorging, medische rehabilitatie, vrije tijd en entertainment . Geef ouderen om de oude man te bieden om van zijn ouderdom te genieten.

2021-11-0911: 222021-11-0811: 10, Fuyang City, Hubei Province, "pleiten voor renrensporten, cre?er een beter leven" "100 miljoen" -series van evenementen – 2021 Het spel werd gehouden.

Deze competitie is onderverdeeld in drie categorie?n Personal Racing, individuele bloemmonsters, groepscompetities, twee groepen volwassen groepen en jeugdgroepen, gericht op het passeren van springtouwactiviteiten, het besturen van nationale fitness-giek, het cre?ren van mensen in de stad, mensen houden van sport, iedereen Een goede sfeer van liefdesfitness.

2021-11-0810: 02 Fujian Province Substation Corporation Sea Cable Decoration Team Om het rescue-team van de party leden te organiseren om naar het eilandonderzoekspunt te gaan, de wind is regen, niet bang voor kou, neemt u drie klassen omgekeerde continu gebruik De hele dag en nacht wordt de zeekabel gesneden en defect, de isolatiemeting en de reparatie van de zeekabel en de interne vezel, die naar verwachting vóór 8 november wordt voltooid. 2021-11-0810: 00 4 november, 2021, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province, Yunmei County West Ring Road, de Shadow Hall speelt een prachtig wolkdroomleer, "Yang Jia Will", veel van middelbare leeftijd en ouderdomspubliek gezien 津 津. 2021-11-0511: 29 Wuhu, Anhui Province, ik vond een prachtig lichaam, sleepte lange staart, veren en foerageer van tijd tot tijd van het bos.

Na identificatie door professionals is de vogel wit en behoort tot het nationale secundaire beschermde dier.

2021-11-0511: 20 Om nieuwe Coronal Pneumonia-epidemische reguliere preventie verder te versterken, werkt Huzhou City deqing County Zhongtu Town Party Lid Desinfection Small Team actief samen met het busstation om een ??goed werk van desinfectie, temperatuurmeting, propaganda, en Implementeer de bushalte "Eén is gesteriliseerd", een ventilatie-tijd is niet minder dan 15 minuten, terwijl we passagiers eraan herinneren, moeten we een masker dragen en zijn eigen bescherming doen. 2021-11-0511: 17 Dit jaar richt Qingdao Qianwan Bondang District Taxation Bureau zich op "Uitgaan" Enterprise Tax-gerelateerde vraag, met Intelligention Tax Building als een doel, volgens "Credit + Intelligent" -modus, "Zelfhandel" Omverarmde belasting "Nieuwe formaten, om ondernemingen te" uit te gaan "om buitenlandse markten uit te breiden om belastingintelligentie en kracht te leveren. 2021-11-0511: 17 Persimmon in Wuyuan County, Shandong Province heeft het verwerkingsseizoen ingeleverd, lokale boeren stapten met het zonnige weer op gepelde, drogen en verwerking en de verwerking van Persimmon werd een speciale industrie in het late herfstseizoen. Een.

2021-11-0511: 07 Op 3 november 2021 speelden Jiangsu Huai’an, universiteitsstudenten op de spellen.

2021-11-0411: 28 november 3, 2021, de eerste basisschool in Luoyang Road, keek Qingdao de viervoetige machinehondenpresentatie in de kunstmatige intelligente tentoonstellingshal. 2021-11-0411: Op 30 oktober 2021, gelegen in de navigatie van Nanjiang County in Pakinische stad, provincie Sichuan, de beste kijkperiode, de herfstkleur, zijn de toeristen in het prachtige landschap van de gouden herfst. 2021-11-0411: 26 Nanpi County, de provincie van Hebei, van Gu Jiwu, zoals de Erlang Boxing van het immateri?le culturele erfgoed van de provincie van Hebei, is meer voorbijgegaan, het ERLANG XIALU-prestatieteam van de provincie, in "Russisch-Chinees Cultuurjaar" , enz. Meer dan 1400 awards werden verkregen, waardoor een felle kleur aan het land wordt toegevoegd. 2021-11-0317: 0517, 2, de basisschoolstudenten in Xinyu City, provincie Jiangxi, gekleed in nationale kostuums en dansten om deel te nemen aan het sportfestival.

2021-11-0311: 29.

The tenth supervision team of the central government feeds back to Hubei Province, the second batch of political and legal team education rectification and supervision

On November 15th, the National Political and Legal Team Education Central Tenth Supervision Team feedback on the second batch of political and legal team education in Hubei Province.

Before the meeting, the head leading the leadership team of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, the leader of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, and the leading group leader should be reported to the relevant situation.

At the feedback, Jiyuan Ping fed back to the second batch of political and legal education in Hubei Province. Ying Yong and gave a speech.

援 平 pointed out that the Hubei Provincial Party Committee conscientiously implemented the important instructions of General Secretary of Xinping and the Party Central Decision-making deployment, and the political and legal iron army and construction around the to build loyal and clean, let the party assured that the people satisfied with the political organs, leadership agencies, high-level planning , High quality promotes the province’s second batch of political and legal team education rectification powerful and effective. Promote political and legal units to play the footage of the provincial political and legal organs, comprehensively compacted political responsibility, in-depth study education, and the effect of clearing the fluid is resolute, the clues are trying to do, and the tutaneous remediation is solid, and the establishment of the establishment is initially achieved. " Do practical affairs "" solving the problem "activities go deep and has achieved remarkable results.裘 援 平 pointed out that there are still some problems and insufficient education for rectification of the second batch of political and legal teams in Hubei Province. It is mainly reflected in the influence of the evil influence, and the stubborn disease rectification needs to have a good grasp. Key climbing investigation needs to be strong. Several special actions need to continue to force, and the establishment of the establishment of the work needs to be effectively taken. In the next stage, in accordance with the unified deployment of the party, it is fully docked, pragmatic and efficient, accurate, and adheres to the ideological and not relaxed. The strength is not weakened, the standard does not decrease, with "look back" to achieve the realization of the target task, to ensure Hubei The political and legal team education rectification was successfully closed. To continue to strengthen political construction, learn to implement the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China as the current important political task, build a political loyalty ideology root.

Strengthen the absolute leadership of the party’s political and legal work, implementing comprehensive from stricting the party rulers, combined with rectification, continuously grasping ideological construction, style construction, organizing construction, team construction, discipline construction and system construction. To accelerate the case of the case, promote the listing and key case clues, and resolutely remove the horses.

It is necessary to promote the bottom of the stubborn, strengthen the implementation of all aspects of responsibility, and in depth, in depth, in depth, the madness rectification in the judicial field and the style of the organ.

To continue to carry out the practice of "doing practical problems for the masses", "the grassroots solution" practice activities, more better solve the problem of the people and the grassroots "rushed". It is necessary to promote the implementation of the establishment to implement the land, and effectively transform the institutional achievements into work performance, effectively solve the universality, systematic and deep level of education rectification discovery. To do a good job in supervision and rectification, explicitly rectify the time limit, the responsibility is divided into people to ensure that the rectification of the parts is implemented, and the achievement of education and rectification is optimized.

At the beginning of his statement, the central tenth supervision team resolutely implemented the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the Education of Political and Legal Team on the Education of Political and Legal Teams and Party Central Decision Deployment, with a solid and pragmatic style to supervise the Hubei political and legal team education, and strongly promoted The provincial political and legal team education rectifies smooth development and political and legal development. The problem of the feedback from the central supervision team, seeking truth from facts, objective and neutral, cutting, proposed rectification requirements have strong targeted guiding operability. We sincerely accept, resolutely rectify the problem of feedback to the place, check the transferred clues to the position, and implement the proposed rectification requirements.

Be brave, we will take the opportunity of this supervision and feedback to further put the ideology and action to the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the deployment of party central decision-making, enhance the political station, strengthen the subject’s responsibility, and further promote the education of political and legal teams. Developed in depth. It is necessary to adhere to the study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China as a major political task, and further build a political and loyal roots of the fairfunction, always maintain a high degree of the party center of Comrade Xi Jinping with Comrade Xi Jinping.

It is necessary to adhere to higher standards to do a "second half article", with "look back", "reverse" reverse the process of rectification of the target task, strengthen the party’s political construction with higher station, comprehensively, strict the party police, thorough Essence Gong Daoan, Deng Feng, Zhang Jian, completely clear the political "two sides", completely clear the political hidden dangers; check the case clues in cases, and do the parties for the part;痼 痼, continue to solve the outstanding issues that the masses have reflected strong, harm society fairness, affecting law enforcement judicial credibility; to deal with the establishment of the establishment, further blocking the vulnerability, and often treat it. We must adhere to the consolidation of political and legal team education rectification, promote the high-quality development of the province’s political and legal industry, and strengthen the party’s absolute leadership of the political and legal work, continue to deepen the "implementation of the masses" "to the grassroots solution" practice activities, adhere to both hands, two promotion , Build a higher level of Ping An Hubei, the rule of law Hubei, and Huan Hubei, in order to accelerate "building a fulcrum, walk in the forefront, the new article" provides strong rule of law.

Sun Zhijun, deputy director of the Tenth Supervision Group of the Central Committee; Wang Yanling, executive deputy head of the provincial government and law education, and the provincial leaders, Xu Wenhai, the president of the provincial court, the provincial procuratorate, the Provincial Procuratorate, Wang Shou’an participated in the meeting.

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Digital empowerment! Broadcoming of digital rural construction in Guangxi

Digital villages are the strategic direction of rural revitalization, and it is also an important part of building digital China.

In October 2020, under the guidance and recommendation of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region On this basis, this year, the party committee of the autonomous region selected 10 counties (cities, districts) and other 10 counties (cities, districts) of the autonomous region, realizing the full coverage of the digital village pilot in Guangxi 14 districts. Introduction to the meeting, since this year, Guangxi digital rural construction has started well, progressed smoothly, and has achieved phased results, especially many highlights in digital rural pilots.

"Hengzhou City" Building a New Engine ", Building a New Engine, Building a Industrial Economy, is a" Digital Rural Construction Guide "income issued by the 7 ministries of the Central Net Truna Office, Agricultural Rural Department;" Gongcheng County: Digital Embouncing "Group A" New Model of Building Social Governance "is selected from the selection of the digital rural construction of digital rural construction in China.

Under the cooperation advancement of relevant departments at all levels at all levels, Guangxi rural information infrastructure levels improved significantly. Up to now, 100% of Guangxi’s administrative village fiber and complete 4G coverage, 5G network realizes the basic continuous coverage of 14 sets of land, county and township regions, all towns and towns in the whole region realize Gigabit to house light network coverage And open. Guangxi rural digital economy has accelerated development, cultivated a group of local e-commerce companies and net red sales, and e-commerce into rural comprehensive demonstration coverage continued to expand. Since this year, Guangxi has been approved for 8 e-commerce into the countryside model county, 607 new service sites, 582 logistics and distribution outlets, rural e-commerce business drives employment, and the retail sales of agricultural products is 100 million yuan, and cultivate agricultural products. 4678 items.

In addition, Guangxi also makes full use of information technology to do a good job in rural normalized epidemic prevention and control, continuously enhance the scientific and accurate level of rural areas to address and prevent and control epidemic; promote the continuous construction of rural digital ecological environmental protection systems, continuously improve agricultural products quality and rural Environmental security level; accelerated government service, legal services, etc. Jin Jianlun, deputy director of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, director of the Nets Office, said that the next step, Guangxi will establish a sound mechanism for the three-level digital rural construction of the autonomous region, the city, county, solid promotion, increase policy, project, funds, etc. Strength, strengthen talent intelligence support, and explore the huge potential of the informationization in the village revitalization, accelerate the "digital divide" of the urban and rural areas, and provide new paths into the village, provide new paths, let the majority of farmers in the economic and social digital transformation Digital bonus.

Russia to upgrade the military airport in the Arctic region

  According to the Russian "News" report, the Russian Defense Department recently decided to upgrade the Arnader airport in Chukci Peninsula and build a modern resident infrastructure for the Russian Aircraft Force. After the completion of the transformation, the airport will become the largest military airport in the northeastern Russia, helping the Russian Aviation Force to better control the northern sea route to ensure the economic interests of Russia in the region.

  Anardel Airport is located in Chukcche, Russia.

At present, military airport facilities survey have been launched, and it is expected that the entire reconstruction of renovation works for several years.

After the completion of the transformation, the Russian military fighters and drones can be stationed here all the year. After the end of the Second World War, the Soviet company plans to build a strong army troops in Chukcche, and then given up because the peninsula is more important. In 1950, Arnadel soldiers and civilian airports were completed, in order to protect all aspects of bomber, fighter and personnel living, gradually construct infrastructure such as labit and residential buildings.

The airport not only provides service guarantee for remote aviation soldiers not only for airborne troops. Before the 1980s, Arnedel Airport as a combat airport of the Diagram-95 strategic bomber, which is for the military aircraft to refuel, repair or supplement weapons ammunition. At that time, the airport also resident in Jacques -28 and Su-15 interception machine.

In the early 1990s, the fighters no longer stationed, the infrastructure entered the abandoned state. It is not until recent years, Anardel Airport is re-enabled. On December 1, 2020, Russia, a MiG-31BM fighter stroke, in Anedel airport, responsible for the regular value class. The 317 of the Russian Pacific Fleet is mixed into the aircraft and crew members of the Aviation Corps, which also turns from the Kamchatka Peninsula. This summer, two map -160 strategic bombers, during the remote aviation tactical flying military exercise, across nearly 7,000 kilometers and flew from Arnad Airport from Saratovan.

In addition, the Russian Navy Airborne "sea carving" light drone and "outpost" medium-sized drone also entered the airport. In the future, the voyage is farther, the model is more drone or will be stationed.

  The former deputy minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the original deputy secretary-general of the United Nations, is pointed out that there are many countries in the North Polarity, and Russia must deploy the naval troops, landing ships and expanding military bases to consolidate Regional military existence. In recent years, the Russian Ministry of Defense has begun to upgrade a large-scale upgrade of the island airport along the Arctic Coast of the Arctic Coast. At present, the Yelzo Wo Air Force Base in the Kamchatka Peninsula has begun to build aircraft concrete bunker, and update communication and navigation systems, and will stationarize the Navy MiG-31 fighter and the air-35s fighter. Located in the Nagier Skaya Airport in Alexandria, Fandisji, France, will be transformed into a military base that can be resident throughout the year. Future can deploy a Su-34 bomber brigade or MiG-31 fighter brigade, Ir -78 fuel machine can also be stationed.

The New Side Island Roggauvo Air Force base is also being repaired. Since 2020, Russian fighters started to teat the bomber, and the Su-33 carrier machine turns to this value.