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Agricultural Bank Shaanxi Branch: Financial Services maken tijdens de nationale dag

Om klanten te bieden met een zorgvuldige financi?le diensten aan klanten tijdens de Nationale Dag, de Landbouwbank van China Shaanxi Branch gepland, zorgvuldig ingezet, verbeterde servicekwaliteit, waarborgt de kredietvraag, via "Online + Off" Gecombineerd servicemodel, rijk, handig, Veilige, effici?nte financi?le diensten, voldoen aan de goede financi?le behoeften van het volk tijdens de nationale dag. De Agricultural Bank of China Shaanxi Branch implementeert het "service-verwarmingsproject" als de drijvende kracht, co?rdineert de bedrijfsregeling van de uitlaat, die redelijkerwijs de uitlaten in de paal is verspreid en het venster Service Window Service van het passagiersverkeer verhogen, waarborgt het Kwaliteit van de fundamentele financi?le diensten en vermindert de wachttijd van de klant; Versterking en het onderhoud van online kanalen, enz.

Om het "Continuous-bestand" van het kredietbedrijf te garanderen, zal de Agricultural Bank of China SHAANXI-tak de financieringsvraag van het bedrijf begrijpen, online leningproducten en gerelateerde beleidsvoordelen spelen, Pre-Loan Review en Credit, om "Loans" te verzenden Voor het bedrijf voor de financieringsbehoeften, zorg er dan voor dat PU Hui Business Customer National Day-vakantiebrief, via de kredietdienst van "niet vechten", om ervoor te zorgen dat het geen invloed heeft op de normale productie en werking van het bedrijf. Ga door met het blijven een goed werk doen in de collectie van drie landelijke witte lijst en boeren, en los het tekort aan fondsen voor en na de nationale dag. Om een ??epidemische preventie en controle op "Veiligheidslijn" te bouwen, richt de Agricultural Bank of China SHAANXI-tak zich op de epidemische bescherming van verkooppunten, enz. Doe een goed werk in de winkel Klantonderzoek, Herinnering, Monitoring, Registratie, Rapport, enzovoort.

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2 cases of local confirmed cases in Lanzhou City are adductors

The news conference site.

People’s Network Gao Xiang photographed the People’s Network Lanzhou November 6th (Gaoxiang) On November 6th, Gansu Province held a new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control (19th game) press conference, notified the latest situation of the epidemic prevention and control.

According to Yang Deji, deputy mayor of Lanzhou City, 0:00 to 24 November, 2 cases of new local confirmed cases in Lanzhou City have been transferred to fixed-point hospital for isolation treatment. As of 24:00 on November 5, the accumulated cases in Lanzhou have confirmed 76 cases, all of which were concentrated in fixed-point hospitals, and currently stabilized.

The basic situation of new cases is: case 75: Liao Moumou, live in Qilihe District, Lanzhou City, 56 Moumou, a diagnosed case, October 28, is observed in centralized isolation point, November 5th The new crown nucleic acid detection positive, that is, transferred to the fixed-point hospital treatment, diagnosed with new crown pneumonia diagnosis, normal type after consultation with the provincial expert group. Case 76: Moumou, live in Chengguan District, Lanzhou City, a diagnosis of 55 kings in Lanzhou City, on October 29, as a focus on central isolation point, November 5th new crown nucleic acid detection positive, that is, The treatment of hospital hospitals, diagnosed with new crown pneumonia-diagnosed cases, lightweight after consultation with the provincial expert group.

As of 8:00 on November 6, Lanzhou City has tracked 3,609 close contacts, 4,796 secondary adhesives, 195 newly added contacts than November 5, and the city’s existing yellow code staff is tired. Yang Dishi introduced that Lanzhou City strictly implemented the "Guidelines for the Concentration Isolation Point of Concentrated Isolation Point", further refining and improvement of people’s universal standards and operational processes, clearing the task, responsibility, responsibility. Differentiation, personally transported, home observation, environmental murder, psychological counseling, and life security and other work seamless connection.

The first batch of 215 isolation control personnel in accordance with the home isolation conditions in Lanzhou have been safely transported, and the home medical observation.

Lanzhou City issued "Notice of Dynamic Management Measures in Community Resident Community", in accordance with the principle of "follow the standard, moderately from strict, hierarchical grading, accurate control", from "sealing zone-control area-anti-prevention zone-normalization" four Attach, clarify the transformation standard, connect processes, and management specifications, gradually downgrade, precisely controlled, precisely controlled, and the trail is gradually declined to advance the community.

Arukorqin flag: highlights "learning, declaration, office" to promote party history learning education

Since the development of party history, the Aruskor is firmly grasped in the direction of the target, highlighting the word "learning" first, "Xuan" word, "office", the word history, the various parties, party history, education, education, deployment, promotion, efforts, learning The initiative is pragmatic, the overall atmosphere is strong, and the practice activities are solid, and it has achieved phased results.

"Learn" word is the first, learn the form of learning, July 1, Audolkor Heavenly Shankou Town Multi-function meeting room, the staff of the town came here, full of excited mood, watch the celebration of the present broadcast.

Li Yaodong, deputy secretary of the town, said, listening to the general secretary speech, feel the strength of the truth, inspiring people, revealing, the red gene is passed down, as the grassroots cadre, will keep in mind the call to the whole party, improve the consciousness of political ideology And practical work ability, more diligent work, do not have a time, no time, no load.

Aqi has held the leading group work, party history education, and the whole flag celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. 8 times, the flag-level tour guidance team launched the party committee (Party group) Listening to listening, layers of conductive pressure, which has strongly promoted the in-depth development of party history learning education. During "July 1" period, Party members and cadres at all levels will be organized "celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party" "National ‘Two Youyi First’ Commendation Conference" "National Excellent County Party Secretary" and celebration The 100th Anniversary Conference of the Communist Party of China, listening to the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and feel the brilliance of the party and great achievements. The party organizations of the whole flag have widely used the "red position" in the flag. The preparatory party members will be sworn, and the official party members will revisit the party’s vows, sing red songs, "in the first time to the party white", etc., carry out 1206, Further education guides the whole flag, the majority of party members are unswervingly listening to party Chinese, and I feel the party, and I will follow the party. "Xuan" word, the form is rich and colorful on July 15, more than 20 Mongolian people say that the singing artist is sitting in the Mongolian bag, lasing the horse’s headband, praises the Chinese Communist Party, praise the new era of socialism, form The new, the words are beautiful, and the performance is coming out of time. In order to promote the education of party history, do a good job, grasp the "four history" publicity and education, create a strong atmosphere of "people talking about party, everywhere is a classroom", Aqi has built a characteristic preaching team "Red Horse", Carefully planned the "four history" preaching content, focusing on building a collection of "speaking, playing, singing, and saying", sending the soil, the dew, the "grounding gas" preaching content to the grassroots party member cadres The masses of the masses. "Online + Line" The same screen resonance, textured publicity education cover network, providing theoretical support for the majority of party members of the majority of party members, real things, do things, and new bureaus ".

Aqi is dominated by party history, run through "four history", has established a flag-level "grassland learning light cavalry" to preach the small packet, "Advanced" propaganda group, "Party Branch Secretary", "Red Hol 沁" 12 teams such as the special pretending team, carry out the "seven-in" presentation of party history education 312. Organize Party Organizations, Party members, leading cadres, excellent Communists, and old party members, and produce 56 "Boutique Party Courses". "Red Hulkin" special presence, the team rehearsed to complete the treasure, Ulgger, the return, and the Beijing opera track. All kinds of proclaims realize the same frequency resonance underline line, and the line is in real way, and the online lecture hall "is opened, and the WeChat group has been forwarded to further expand the learning area and the spread space. During publicity, during the "July 1" period, the inside the media propaganda as a grasp of the "Struggling Broad Years of the New Journey", and opened 6 people related to the party’s 100-year-related special column, and more than 500 reports of relevant reports. The Joint Practice Magazine interviewed the hundred-year-old party members, and the production launched the "100 and 72" "Grandpa is a" post-torrent "" 00 "" 100 years "and other works. Innovation launches the new media column "Let’s talk about the heart" series short video 4, client, WeChat public number, WeChat video number and shake account synchronous push more than 50 people celebrate the party short video, all net broadcasts exceed 1 million .

"People’s Life Helping", the official account is a special live broadcast 11, with a total time for more than 30 hours, let the majority of party members and cadres and the masses have a better revision of the party’s history, and cherish the difficult happiness of today. "Office" is effective, and everything is vivid and warm, and the Town is a town of Aqi animal husbandry. The size of the livestock remains above 170,000, and the prevention and control of livestock diseases is large.

To this end, the government of the town party committee combines the practice of "I do practical things for the masses", investing in 10,000 yuan, built the first "Livestock Hospital Department" in the city in the town animal health supervision station and put it into use.

"Livestock Hospital" integrates diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, 10 veterinary disease prevention and control and consultation services cover four farming companies in the town, 169 farmers and 1100 farmers, farmers can make an appointment online, telephone Appointment, online video clinics, hospitalization and other ways, targeted professional diagnosis and treatment of livestock diseases.

At present, more than 100 kinds of livestock have been treated only, and the loss of livestock diseases has been effectively reduced, which lays a solid foundation for the scientific and health development of the aquaculture industry. Aqi deepened the "four activities" to do practical things, will create a national civilized city, party organization joint construction activities, etc., in the specific practice of "I do practical things for the people", deepen the "three questions", " Puzzle, based on the position of the position, "contribute to the people, the position of the problem, the position is the position" and condolence activities, the county-level leading cadres took the lead, and the major leaders of the party committees (Party group) were established to establish a research group, through the collective discussions, Visits and other means investigating research 715, collecting 3959 issues and comments.

Established "Party Member Pioneer", organized party members, "Party emblems, bright identities, do practical things, tree image" and party members commitment to Presursement, and 541 party committees (Party) secretary and team members found 610 people’s practical items, 5000, 5000 Many organs of enterprises and institutions of institutions claimed more than 2,800 real things.

Establishing 239 party members, 239 party members’ responsibility areas, more than 4,000 farmers and herdsmen face-to-face help the masses to solve more than 1,500 practical difficulties. The establishment of 328 party volunteer service teams, organized more than 800 scenes of the theme practice activities of "I do practical things for the masses".

Party organizations at all levels visited 731 people, and issued condolences to Jinwan, and practically sent the party’s care and warmth to the hearts of the party members.

Aqi also focused on "five efforts" to do practical things.

Under the upper rate of the county-level leaders, take the lead in depth in-depth contact points, take the lead in recognizing people’s livelihood, leading research deployment, guiding and helping grassroots to solve practical problems, and claim 107 people, and solve 89 pieces.

All flags are required around the "five focuses" requirements, collect 415 "five aspects" issues, and lead 415 people’s livelihoods, 338 policy initiatives, and launched the people’s people’s people. 335, 238 project projects directly benefit, solved 555 contradictions and disputes that harm the interests of the masses, and solved 1578 problems reflected by the masses. At the same time, relying on the media center, the party group service center, the government service center, the new era Civilization Practice Center, constructed the "Through the four centers, for the people’s practical practical" work, forming problems collection, shunt operation, and handling feedback The linkage mechanism, built a platform to receive the masses, solve the problem platform and provide volunteer service platform, and further smoothly solve the channel of "a hurry" problem.

Up to now, there are 110 people in disrespects, and the coordination is resolved and given to 96 pieces. The masses satisfaction is significantly improved.

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Beijing Shijingshan District 3 City Main Road Moon Bastropolis Service Winter Olympics held and residents travel

People’s Network Beijing December 14 (Li Bo) reporter learned from the first meeting of the 17th People’s Congress of Shijingshan District, Beijing High standards completed the construction of the supporting roads around Winter Olympics and key areas.

Gaote Planning All the way, the south section of North Xin’an Road, the three urban trunk roads in the boiler factory are basically completed, and it is expected to realize the traffic before the end of this month. Northern Xin’an Road, Boiler Factory South Road is an important traffic travel passage of Beijing Winter Olympics Committee, Winter Olympics competition and training venue. In the south section of North Xin’an Road, Chang’an Street, West Yan, South to Lianshi Road, the road in the road, the south section of North Xin’an Road, North Road in the Boiler Factory, the East to Western Five Ring Road, the road is about to about km. At present, the road project in the south section of Beixin’an Road (Chang’an Street West, Boiler Factory South Road) has been completed, and the municipal pipeline of the boiler factory has been basically completed. It is fully committed to the construction of road construction, and it is planned to open the train before the end of this year.

After the completion of the two roads, it will further improve the supporting main road network around the new Shougang high-end industrial service area.

Dijing Planning all the way, the main road and the Yishi Road elevated bridge, the end is approaching the Beijing New line, the road is about to about km. At present, the rampbridge, the main line bridge main structure and the bridge paving have been completed, and the road project is being closed, and it is planned to be open before the end of this year. At that time, the main road network in Beijing is will further improve, and an export is added to the West Shanxi area of ??Shi Shanxi, which is divided into some traffic flow in South Bank, alleviating Shimen Road, Jinding West Street Traffic.

In the past five years, Shijingshan District uses "service guarantee winter Olympics, relieve traffic congestion, convenient residents" as the goal, accelerate the construction of urban trunk road network, promote urban sub-dry road, support network construction, forming fast and smooth skeleton road Online, open the area microcirculation road network.

Built into the northern section of the new Shougang Bridge and North Xin’an Road, the boiler factory South Road, and the number of city roads, etc., and the total municipal road has increased from 256 kilometers to kilometers. Zhang Haibin, Science Degree, Municipal Administration, Municipal Administration, Municipal Administration, said that in the next five years, Shijingshan District will adhere to the principles of municipal infrastructure, continue to promote the construction of the main road, which plans to promote the prosperous project of Yongcheng Quan Road, west of Shimen Road, East To the East Street of Liu Niangfu, the road is about to about kilometers, and it will connect to the Yongcheng Suzhou Road, which is open to the car, relieve the three stores of the Wuli area of ??Jingshi Shan, Wuli, and the three stores in the doorgou.

At the same time, accelerate the improvement of the road traffic congestion, the road traffic congestion, and the mitigation of road traffic congestion, and improve the traffic congestion of the road traffic, and improve the public. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.

Continue to promote the people’s democratic construction of the whole process (Wanghailou)

  Democracy is the common values of all mankind. The evaluation of a national political system is not democratic, effective, mainly see whether the national leaders can be more ordered in order to manage national affairs and social affairs, manage economic and cultural undertakings according to law, whether the people can express interests Whether the society can participate in national political life, whether national decision-making can achieve scientific, democratic, and whether the talents can enter the national leadership and management system through fair competition, whether the ruling party can achieve the country in accordance with the law of the Constitution Leadership of the transaction, whether the power can be effectively restruized and supervised.

  Democracy, the Communist Party of China and the Chinese people unswervingly stick to the important ideas. NPC Central Work Conference held recently in Beijing, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State President and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping attended the meeting and delivered an important speech pointed out that since the party’s 18, we deepen our understanding of the law of development of democracy, the people made the whole process great idea of democracy. The whole process of our people’s democratic system not only has a complete program, and has full participation in practice. The whole process of people’s democracy is the distinctive feature of socialist democracy. Through a series of legal and institutional arrangements, the whole process of our people’s democracy will truly democratic election, democratic consultation, democratic decision making, democratic management and democratic supervision of all aspects link up with each other to achieve the democratic process and the results of democracy, the essence of democracy and democratic procedures, direct democracy and indirect democracy, people’s democracy and national unity of the will, the whole chain, comprehensive, full coverage of democracy, is the most extensive and most authentic, the most effective of socialist democracy. Chinese Communist Party leadership is the fundamental political guarantee for the whole process of people’s democracy. Communist Party of China from the date of inception, the People’s Democratic written on its banner. Develop socialist democracy, ensuring the people, the key is to uphold the party’s leadership, people are the masters, rule of law. The core is to uphold the party’s leadership.

  People’s Congress system is an important support system to realize the whole process of our people’s democracy, we must seize this major democratic channels People’s Congress.

Under the leadership of the party to expand people’s orderly political participation, strengthen the rule of law to protect human rights, ensure that the people enjoy extensive rights and freedom according to law. To ensure that the people exercise their right to vote, democratically elected deputies, to ensure the people’s right to information, participation, expression and right to supervise the implementation of all aspects of the work of the NPC various aspects of the whole process, to ensure that the party and state decision-making, implementation, monitoring implementation all aspects of the sound can be heard from the people.

To improve the democratic expression of public opinion platforms and carriers NPC’s sound to attract public opinion, the working mechanism for pooling their wisdom, to promote the NPC negotiation, legislation consultation to all aspects of society and public opinion united in the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people. To continue to promote the construction of the whole process of people’s democracy, the people are the masters in particular, to reflect the reality of policy measures up the party governing the country, in particular, reflect reality at all levels to work all aspects of party and state organs up, specifically realistically reflects the realization of people’s yearning for a better life working up. Deputies from the people, on behalf of the people, plays an important role in the whole process of people’s democracy. To closer ties with the masses, to play with the people working and living together the advantages of in-depth understanding of the people, a true reflection of public opinion, pool their wisdom, when the party and the country close ties with the masses of the bridge and link.

In time to the people most concerned about, the most direct and most practical problems through the proper channels to the party committee and government efforts to promote the settlement of the problem. The problem can not be settled, to give positive guidance and interpretation. For some with common, universal law issues raised motions and proposals to promote to be addressed from a legal, policy level. The whole process of people’s democracy has a character of the times, it is full of vigor and vitality of socialist democracy.

The whole process of people’s democracy in our country the great practice of socialist democracy grow, will also continue to develop in building a new socialist modern country journey. On the road ahead, with Xi Jinping at the core of the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the continuous development of the whole process of people’s democracy, the characteristics and advantages of my country’s socialist democracy into full play, we will be able to continuously consolidate and develop liveliness, stability unity and political situation, and make full of the wisdom of the Chinese political contributions to the progress of human civilization.

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4 people, such as Huang Zhuma, etc., were sentenced to 4 to 10 months due to illegal assets

Original title: 4 people, such as Huang Zhifeng, etc. It is noticeable to imprisonment for 4 to 10 months without approved the crime. Among them, Huang Zhifeng was sentenced to prison for 10 months, and Yan Hui was sentenced to 6 months, Yuan Jiawei and Liang Kaiqing were sentenced to 4 months.

These 4 people are suspected of 2020 illegal sets in Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. When the judge sentenced, the defendant knows that the rally did not approve but still participated, it was deliberate and premeditated, and the law, the law, must be judged to reflect the seriousness of the case to reflect the seriousness of the case, to effectively, to avoid other people. The illegal episodes involved 26 defendants, including Li Zhiying, Li Zhuo, He Junren, Huang Zhuma, etc. On February 5, the case was tried by the Judge of the Hong Kong SAR Regional Court, and 24 defendants were tried. The other two defendants Luo Gong Cong, Zhang Nunyang has left Hong Kong, and the court has arrested to two people.

After the trial, 4 people and other four people recognized a "known" and participated in the unbounded group. The remaining 20 defendants of Li Zhiying will be postponed until June 11th. (Editor: Liu Jie, Liu Ye Ting) Sharing let more people see.

Bohai Bank – – Vigorously Developed Green Financial Bohai Bank to receive "2021 financial services small and medium-sized and medium-sized enterprises" "2021 ‘green carbon pioneer’" two awards

Bohai News Vigorously Developed Green Financial Bohai Bank to the "2021 Financial Services SM and Small and Medium Enterprise Excellent Case" "2021 ‘Green Carbon Pioneer’" two awards 2021-09-22, in the Shanghai Newspaper Group, hosted "China Banking Green Financial Development Report" Conference and "Green Employment Sustainable Development" Banking Green Financial Forum, Bohai Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Bohai Bank") With its positive layout in the green financial field I have been awarded 2021 "Green Carbon Pioneer" First Trial Award – the most explored bank in the year.

This is the 9th China SME Investment Finance Trade Association, which is jointly hosted by the China SME Association, China Banking Association, and China Futures Association and 2021 "Small Business Dream" Summit. "2021 After the Financial Services Small and Medium Enterprise Excellent Cases "Award, another industry heavyweight award won in the green financial field.

  Continuously won two heavyweight awards in a week, not only reflecting the green finance of Bohai Bank’s encryption layout, not only the prospective strategic planning of the Bohai Bank, but also exhibits an authoritative expert in the industry to develop green finance, practice social responsibility, but The financial "live water" helps the "double carbon" target realization actively recognition. The green financial brush painting sustainable development Blueprint With the transformation of China’s economic development, "double carbon" target "carbon-up, carbon neutralization" has been included in the overall layout of ecological civilization, and the "14th Five-Year Plan" It will accelerate the promotion of green low-carbon development.

In this context, the clean energy industry represented by the photovoltaic industry has good economic benefits and environmental benefits, and has been strongly supported by the state. Since 2020, the state has issued a series of policies around the photovoltaic industry around the control scale, standard construction, and standardization, and promoting high quality development of the industry. As the youngest national shares, Bohai Bank always maintains sensitivity and prospective in the green financial direction.

In line with the development trend of the industry, the Bohai Bank continues to increase the research on the clean energy industry such as photovoltaic, and adjust the credit resource allocation, and focus on supporting carbon emission reduction investment and finance activities, and improving more financial resources to the green low carbon industry.

  Since 2018, Bohai Bank selection out the photovoltaic industry representative enterprises by enterprises through enterprises, and uses only one month to help the project total investment of 6 billion yuan. The second largest production Base – Tianjin Aoxao Solar Technology Co., Ltd. successfully settled in Tianjin Beichen District.

  On this basis, the Bohai Bank continues to work with Ericxu Group, on the basis of risk control, through project loans, open bank acceptance bills, and letter of business model, provide integrated financial services, support enterprise development . As of the end of 2020, Bohai Bank’s financing of Tianjin Aoxu Phase I project is 100 million yuan, and the balance of credit business is 4.3 million yuan, which has become an important financial partner in Tianjin. However, the Bohai Bank always attaches great importance to and adheres to the concept of green financial development, will development, support green financial list as the focus of the whole line strategic planning.

The 2021 interim results released before, in the first half of 2021, the Bohai Bank continued to increase energy-saving and emission reduction, circular economy, clean energy and other energy-saving and environmental protection enterprises and project credit support, fully promote the development of green credit business: as of At the end of the reporting period, the full green credit forever, which increased by the last year; successfully issued the first single green debt financing tool for independent undertakations.

  Recently, the first "Bohai Bank Cup Global Youth Sustainable Development and ESG Investment Contest" has officially started and launched the simulation transaction. The idea of ??the game will be more intuitive and vivid by the concept of green financial / green investment. The way to pass to the young generation, aimed to guide youth generation and practice sustainable development and ESG investment concept, helping my country’s "double carbon" goals. It is understood that in the 2021 service, Li Quan, the Chairman of the Bohai Bank, was clearly stated in the interview with reporters, in the "four-five" planning of the Bohai Bank this year, green finance has been an improvement company An important part of governance is included in our future development strategic plan.

In the future, the Bohai Bank will continue to improve the green financial organization structure, promote asset structure adjustment, actively explore the construction of financial science and technology innovation platform, optimize the construction of green financial products innovation, resource allocation, incentive constraint, assessment evaluation, etc., strengthen climate-related information disclosure requirements, Enhance the capacity of financial services entities.

Concern the students to learn to learn from the efforts to start the business (struggle for hundreds of years Road, the new journey, the party history "

This newspaper Urumqi March 24 (Reporter Han Liqun, Li Yanan) Party History Learning Education Central Propaganda Group preaching report will be held in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on March 24. Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the Secretary of the Party Committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, presided over the report meeting, member of the Central propaganda group, the president of the Central Party History and the Document Institute of the Central Party. At the report meeting, Qu Qingshan system summarized the important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the party’s history. Fully review the glorious history and historical contributions of the Communist Party of China. The problem, deeply expounding the significance of the party history, the main content and highlights, pointing out that to understand the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in the new era of internship, strengthen "four awareness", and firm "four confidence", To "two maintenance".

He emphasized that the majority of party members should learn from the party history to learn the strength of thought, the power of beliefs, moral strength, power, and the strength of the whole party will condense the people of all ethnic groups, reach the history, understanding of the literary party, understand the idea, do practical things, The purpose of the opening office.

Party and government organs of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, some university teachers and students, and the grassroots cadres and mass representatives participated in the report meeting in the main venue and branch.

"After listening to the report, I further realized the importance of learning the education of party history in the whole party, with a clearer understanding of the party’s historical development context.

As a party history worker, we must strengthen the learning, research, propaganda of the party history, and give full play to the positive role.

He Weichang, deputy director of the Party School of the Party School of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, said. On the morning of the 24th, Qu Yushan went to Mao Zemin, Urumqi, the Mao Zemin, the Xinjiang Normal University, research, and give a book to the Marxist College.

2020, five A-share listed insurance companies suffered from multi-dimensional impact technology to promote the accelerated iteration of insurance

Five A-share listed insurance companies 2020 total investment income. (Makura: Zhang Wenting) In 2020, the investment of five A-share listed insurance companies is still bright, contributing to all kinds of profits.

Specifically, in 2020, China Ping An General Investment Revenue is 100 million yuan, the year-on-year growth rate; the total investment in China is 100 million yuan, the year-on-year growth rate; China’s total investment income is 100 million yuan, the year-on-year growth investment The income is 100 million yuan, a year-on-year growth rate; Xinhua Insurance’s total investment income is 100 million yuan, a year-on-year growth.

The annual report found that in terms of asset allocation, the listing insurance companies have chosen to increase the proportion of long-term bonds such as government bonds and local debt, shorten the long-term gaps, non-standard assets, and generally decline.

In addition, in the case of the premiere market, the insurance companies have improved in stocks and funds. The improvement of equity asset allocation is from policies.

The "Notice on Optimizing Insurance Corporate Rights Assets Configuration Regulations", in accordance with the indicators such as solvency, according to the indicators of solvency, the proportion of the rights and interests of the insurance companies, the highest can reach the last season 45% of the total assets have broken through the previous 30% upper limit.

In November last year, the industry restrictions of insurance funds financial equity investment have also been canceled.

Fu Fan, President, China, said that the above policy is objectively facilitating investing in insurance companies on equity assets.

He mentioned that in the context of the mid- and long-term market interest rate, the equity assets have a high long-term investment return expectation, and the company is based on its own risk preferences, in the strategic asset configuration, the configuration of equity assets, and Gradually increase the configuration of unmarketing equity to pursue higher return on investment. Zhan Zhong, Vice President of China Life, also held the same opinion. He said that in terms of the investment of rights and interests in 2020, he adheres to the continued accumulation of core assets and optimizes variety strategy arrangements in a structural market environment.

Talking about future investment strategies, Zhang Di, the head of China Life Investment Management Center In 2021, China Life will surround the central and open to investment arrangements, and give advantage of internal external managers, providing long-term stable returns; at the same time around the market, the balance, control risk.

Some insurance companies are expressed that in the face of interest rate fluctuations and capital market challenges, the future will pay more attention to the synergy of insurance funds investment and the main industry, such as investment in the field of contributions; investment in new economic investment, Mechanism and talent layout, improve investment capabilities in the fields of Internet, consumption and other fields.

Side Offense: The acceleration of the acceleration of science and technology has been affected by the epidemic, and consumers’ insurance consciousness is significantly improved, and the acceptance and recognition of insurance through the Internet is higher. In the case where the traditional line agent channel is blocked, the Internet sales channel has grown rapidly. The data shows that in 2020, the Internet’s personal insurance business increased by year-on-year increase in 2019.

A-share listed insurance enterprise is a leader in the insurance industry. Naturally, the importance of science and technology has expressed its development with the "digital era" and use technology to fully empower industries. Wang Bin, Chairman, China, said in the annual report, to undertake a deep offline basis, build online digital platforms, build a leading mixed cloud in the industry, and science and technology enforcement contributes power to the negative impact of the extent of the epidemic contributed strong fundamentals. Operation services accelerate the upward, intelligent, intelligent, intensive, ecological transformation, effectively meet the customer’s high quality service needs.

China Ping An is a forerunner of several companies in several companies. Annual report showed that in 2020, China Ping An Technology Business has always incorporated 100 million yuan, a year-on-year growth, and the relevant four listed technology companies have a total price of $ 68.4 billion.

At present, the impact of technology for the insurance industry has transitioned from the front-end sales to the recruitment of the middle and rear end, and even the recruitment of the agent, the agent training and other full insurance business. In this stage, the innovation direction of insurance technology is slowly transitioned to the service driver.

Zhou Yanli, vice chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, has previously mentioned that the influence of the epidemic situation makes it difficult for the agent’s exhibition industry characteristics characterized by high value business, but with the prevention and control of normalization, the digital capacity of insurance sales is improved, life insurance marketing is gradually Turn down to the line, and also welcomed by insurance customers.

From a medium long term, the epidemic will reverse the insurance industry to accelerate the digital transformation process, because of the potential, take advantage of the situation, but accelerate the pace of high quality development in the insurance industry.

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Cangzhou City creates a "pavilion" brand creation better government service Zhangzhou News Cangzhou Information

  The average approval process is reduced by more than 10%, and the average application materials are reduced by more than 20%. The average approval time limit is reduced by more than 30% … November 16, the reporter learned from the press conference held by the Municipal Government News Office that the city will pass wisdom. Government service reform and process remiting, build a new pattern of "pavilion" smart government service, let enterprises and people run less legs, good do things, do not add. Xu Huafu, deputy director of the Municipal Data Resources Administration, introduced the promotion of the government’s government service integration, high quality development, recent, the city issued "Deepening the Government Service Line on the online integration" Pavilion "smart government service new pattern and The ninth round process reconstruction work plan. "

According to the plan, the city will strengthen the integration government service system, accelerate the intelligent reform of government service, and deepen the development of government service process reconstruction, innovate government service methods, and strive to realize the accurate identification of enterprise mass needs, online service take the initiative, Automatic access materials, government service matters can do well on the online line.

  The reporter learned that in the construction of integrated government service system, the city will focus on implementing strengthening service homology, deepening platform integration, unified service standards 3 specific tasks, achieving cross-layer, cross-regional, cross-system, cross-sectoral, cross-service The data sharing and business coexistence, driving the government service line "City", through the construction of intelligent accepted system, intelligent auxiliary examination and approval system, to create "wisdom" approval model, strengthen "four electricity" promotion and application 4 tasks, Further enhance the level of government service intelligence in our municipal government; carry out the implementation of comprehensive window service reform, improve the information of the system, improve the level of service enterprises, expand 4 tasks in the construction of the "one thing" area, and accelerate the reform of government service approval process; to enhance 7 × 24 hours, "ready to do" service, upgrade 7 × 24-hour government service hall construction, fully create "handheld office", promote the four tasks of "a network" and "cross-province" to further expand government service channels .

(Full Media Reporter Wang Tai New Intern Liu Wei).