Where does the misunderstanding come from

Where does the misunderstanding come from

One of his wife’s questions: Why can’t he see my needs?

  Patricia, a sex expert who co-authored the book “How to Improve the Quality of Marriage,” points out that if a wife tells a female friend that she is having a bad day today, the friend will put down everything at hand to ask the situation, because women will reject the hearing asA signal for help.

But for men, they like to use the protection they can provide to reduce their own value, so they often consider their wife’s deception as an indication that they are not good enough.

  Of course this does not mean that women can never be disappointed with their partners.

They should learn to say, “Can you help me .?

“Or” I want to . “Skip the repetition and directly express your expectations.

  Wife question two: Why can’t he understand me?

  Deborah, a linguistics professor at Georgetown University, author of “Intimate Dialogue between Men and Women”?

Tanner found that men often reset themselves in a small group by speaking, while women use dialogue to deepen each other’s understanding.

This difference can easily lead to misunderstandings.

Taking an apology as an example, the wife always thinks that if the husband admits something wrong, this matter will be ignored. An apology means “I care about this, I care about you.”

But for men, a request for an apology is tantamount to being humiliated in public, so when a woman asks, why do n’t you apologize?

It sounds to men as harsh as “I’ve caught your handle and I’ll embarrass you”.

  Wife question three: Why didn’t he really listen?

  Does he always feel absent when arguing with her husband?

Then you misunderstood him.

John the Sexologist, an expert on the famous American Red Book,

Gray said that for women, stress can be counterproductive in the central part of the brain that controls emotions, so these instincts can always think nonstop and make themselves feel better.

  But for men, stress triggers a reaction in the central part of the control in the brain, so when you and them cause a problem, he is too focused on discussing how to solve the problem, so that he can’t hear youView.

  Therefore, the husband needs to learn a little: pay attention to what his wife is saying.

This will make you more relaxed, no longer trying to find a solution, and resonate with your wife.

  Wife question 4: Why can’t he understand what I really want to express?

  I’m afraid you won’t be unfamiliar with the following scenario: My wife went home and refused, “My boss is too scary. Today is really the worst day.

“The subtext is: I just want to be disappointed with this bad day.

However, their partner sounded like this: Tell me what to do with my boss.

  The author of the forthcoming “The Secret of a Woman’s Happy Marriage” and an expert on the famous American sex journal “Red Book” proposed that Dr. Hossman explained that in brain imaging studies, there will be more blood flow for womenThrough the parts of the brain that produce and interpret language.

In men’s brains, however, the relationship between the emotional center and the language center is very limited.

  Therefore, women hope that once she can reveal her emotions, her husband can do the same.

Men do not want to share a certain emotion with their wives or communicate useful information through communication.