Ji Ke Depart focuses on extreme sports, can fine micro-varieties become the trend

“Ji Ke Depart” focuses on extreme sports, can fine micro-varieties become the trend
On November 13th, the extreme sports series “Ji Ke Departure” jointly produced by Toutiao, Watermelon Video and OXSTUDIO Bull Extreme Sports will be launched on Toutiao and Watermelon Video.The first episode of the show was selected at Detian Waterfall on the border between China and Vietnam.Detian Waterfall has a total drop of 70 meters and is divided into three sections. The water volume is extremely error. It is very difficult for kayakers to jump the waterfall. No one in the world has challenged here.As a fine micro-variety show, “Ji Ke Departure” uses film-making Allai camera equipment and customized lenses for BBC records throughout the process. It also invited 6 world champions in kayaking and supers in the kayak world.The stars and the audience feel the shock of extreme sports and natural scenery together.In the show, challenge Detian Waterfall.The picture comes from the original intention of the network to produce vertical micro-variety to meet different user segments. Movies, records and variety shows about extreme sports have appeared one after another, which not only delighted the fans, but also attracted a lot of passers-by audiences.After the video platform has become an important media medium for young consumers in China, it has aesthetic recognition and curiosity. A large number of users who want to understand this era want to see more quality content in the video market.Ma Xin, senior director of commercial content cooperation for Huge Engine, told us how to make Huge Engine already have a large number of users to make different content.In Ma Xin’s view, this time join hands to participate in today’s Toutiao, watermelon video, vibrato short video, volcano small video has been committed to doing vertical fine micro-variety.Different from the previous big variety shows, users’ overall entertainment consumption habits have been moved closer to short videos. “Short video” covers everyone’s main entertainment consumption position, and it also attracts more attention to the emerging micro variety shows.1 in short video development.At stage 0, most of the content can withstand user uploads, and now the huge amount of engines are starting to work on more refined content produced by the platform.Including micro variety shows, micro documentaries, micro scripts, etc., these high-quality short content that meets user habits have also become increasingly important marketing scenarios and carriers for advertisers.At the same time, everyone’s preferences will be more and more subdivided, entertainment consumer demand is becoming more and more vertical, and video platforms must meet the needs of different users through more and more vertical content.This year, today’s Toutiao and Watermelon video launched the first food and cultural cross-border, star personal, extreme and other boutique vertical content with explosive genes.”Ji Ke Departure” is an attempt in the sports category.Extreme sports have caused excitement, thrills and other characteristics, have a strong singularity, more viewing, on the basis of locked circle users, can attract the attention of a wider range of users.At the same time, the extreme athletes’ excitement of the challenge combined with sufficient rational analysis will enrich the pursuit of the ultimate spirit.Extreme sports master in the program.The picture comes from the Internet. This is the first time someone has “jumped a waterfall” in Detian.The picture comes from the broken content of the online content, and the combination of viewing and topic is a new tip. Watching is our natural habit, but in the huge amount of engines, there is another very important thing-“topic”.How to do extended discussion and interaction of topics after watching is as important as watching.”It was we who completed the” I work as a chef in the palace “in cooperation with the Forbidden City Office of the National Palace Museum, which allowed the master chefs and star guests to restore the true royal cuisine in history, and brought some unknown Qing Palace history to the audience.The show also shared Yufan recipes with netizens. At the time, we saw that thousands of users used their own recipes to restore Yufan at home, and even users made more innovative attempts based on their own preferences, triggering interactions and discussions. Many food experts KOLAlso get involved and interact together.The amount of fermentation of these topics is very large, so that the viewing and the topic really become one.”The massive engine has a rich product matrix. Today’s headlines, watermelon videos, vibrato, volcano, etc., the diverse product matrix represents the linkage of different content ecology and creators.Watch the program through the watermelon video and watch the live broadcast. At the same time, you can link the PGC creators in the watermelon video to participate in the video co-creation and initiate the call for contests; through the topic of today ‘s KOL, industry experts, celebrities and other topics for fermentation;, UGC creators engage in social interaction.Cross-border marketing deeply connects brands and users. For the brand side, the content production process is protracted, the business wisdom is difficult to grasp, and the brand tone is difficult to match the program. These are marketing difficulties.How to do cross-border marketing, integrate the brand into the program, let the brand effect overlap, and the huge amount of engines also find their own solutions.Ma Xin explained to reporters: “Normally advertisers value a few points: 1.Whether the content tone is consistent with the product, 2.Content is of no value to users. 3. In addition to the audience of the program, whether the content has derivative value.Take “Ji Ke Departure” as an example. This time our advertiser is Audi Q8. The keyword is “Perfect Extreme Performance”. This is a special match with us.The locations we choose for extreme sports are more niche and more biased. Some Guangxi and Xinjiang also reflect the extreme manipulation performance of advertisers, combining product performance and spiritual pursuit.We have invited top Chinese aerialists, film production-level teams and equipment, and top athletes to achieve a very shocking effect, so that the production, platform influence, and brand side tone.”On another budget, through further resource aggregation, a model of co-creation of content ecology can be achieved, allowing netizens to participate.”Users of different products participate in the creation of topics together to achieve a multi-layered and multi-view creative ecology, and continue to bring strong guarantees for the topic and spread of the program.According to Ma Xin’s introduction, in addition to “Departure from Extreme Moment”, the huge amount of engines are aimed at different groups of people this year, creating “Hot Pot Life”, “Number One Female Player”, and “Dunhuang Prajna Secret Volume” and other fine content.The “2019 China Internet Audiovisual Development Research Report” released at the 7th China Internet Audiovisual Conference shows that the market size of the short video industry in 2018 was 467.100 million yuan, only 55 in 2017.300 million, an increase of 744.7%.In the middle of last year, more than 80% of mobile Internet users have watched short videos.The small size, fine production, and whether the micro-variety that closely follows the attractions can become a strong category in the market, and even break through the audience’s viewing cloud, and change everyone’s viewing habits, requires the joint efforts of the producer and the platform.All the way to your sauna night net: After so many years in the industry, what do you think has not changed in the industry?Ma Xin: Fine content micro-variety must be the trend of content viewing, and also an important marketing scenario and carrier for advertisers. Content value and advertising value are combined into one.The user’s time is becoming more and more fragmented, and the time spent on attention is accelerating. As a result, the content must be changed at any time according to needs, and it tends to be short and refined to meet the user’s mentality of being planted at any time.Sauna Night: What kind of changes will you see in your field in the future?Ma Xin: No matter how the form changes, how the content display method is upgraded, the core point of the content value will not change, it is the content that is truly meaningful and created with heart.So I think the word “ingenuity” can be more generalized.Today, with such a large amount of information, mediocre content will no longer have a market, and deliberately created boutique content will be more and more recognized.Sauna, Ye Wang, Li Yan editor, Tong Na proofreading Zhao Lin