“You stand from my perspective,You will do it too,Otherwise my mother might……。”Xiao Bi glanced at his mother and said,Choked。

Xiao Bi’s mother is not a fool,She understood what Xiao Bi was about to say,Old tears:“Guilty,commit a sin!I knew this,I would rather die。”
Xiao Bi’s mother is upright,Awe-inspiring wind。
“mom!”Xiao Bi is ready to comfort her mother,But I didn’t want to hug my mother tightly,Can’t help crying。
Ye Xingkong doesn’t say anything anymore,He lowered his breath,Said:“Thanks for telling me the truth,You can live your way,Only if i haven’t been,I don’t want to pursue it, it’s my greatest help,Your mother is a good mother,Take care of your mother,Never allow another mistake。”Finished,Left without looking back。
Sunset,The afterglow of the setting sun shoots onto that trivial dark cloud,There was another piece of crystal light,The whole sky suddenly brightened,Refreshing。
Ye Xingkong drove the car intently,Left this small village,Vehicle driving on cement road,The wheels are crushing the road proudly,Others look,The bright wheel of the car is spinning very fast,Slightly aloof、Extravagance。
Ye Xingkong’s mood is heavy。
Xiao Bi is at fault,The mistake is to build the pain on others,Xiao Bi is not wrong,He is the executive leader arrangement,At the same time treat the mother with filial piety。Leave them alone。Life,Letting go of others may be letting go of ourselves,He decided to forgive Xiao Bi,Not to condone。
But for Ding Keyu,He is a typical small-minded,Still a different person,Regardless of family,Cruel,This is the most terrible。
First164chapter Unpredictable
Ye Xingkong on the way back from Shili Village,Considered many questions。Humans are the same as the gray planet,Full of justice and darkness,But always believe:Human nature is good。
He only sighed at Ding Keyu’s shameless behavior。There is no solid evidence,Don’t take measures arbitrarily。
If you don’t know what you can do,Since Ding Keyu is so small,Inevitably will show his feet in other things。Be cautious from now on,Pay attention everywhere,Prevent reentry trap,Take precautions with multiple minds every day,At the same time, try to find strong evidence。
Left the village where Xiao Bi was,Drove for more than an hour,open the window,Sweet-scented osmanthus in the air,Refreshing,Make him intoxicated,That strong fragrance,Like cream、Like honey,I want to taste it if I smell it。
With the wind,There are a few osmanthus flowers falling in front of the window,His car parked on the side of the road,Pick up some sweet-scented osmanthus on the window,In the palm of your hand,Observe it carefully,The osmanthus has six or seven petals,Flower small,Yellow white,Take a breath,Osmanthus flying in the air,Diffuse the fragrance,Very aromatic。
He seemed to see the sweet-scented osmanthus on Tian Lutuo’s hand,A pure smile,Watching、Smell、Admiring picture。