For a moment,Zhu Minglang feels like he and Li Xing’s painting just passed through the stone wall,Arrived at the other end of the valley,But when you step into the valley,After discovering that everything here is too huge,Zhu Minglang only then realized,Theirs has stepped into the ancient ruins!

So-called huge,Refers to everything Zhu Minglang can see。
Trees here,Cover the sky in the true sense,Make the entire valley ruins look a bit dim。
There is a dense grass in front,But people are walking in this grass,Will be completely submerged in,More exaggerated,A few wild rabbits,Like an adult ox,Obviously a cute little creature,It’s scary here。
“There should be a stream in front。”Li Xinghua said。
Through this grassy forest,A valley and long stream appeared before them。
Said it was a stream,In fact, there is no difference from Yijiang,Everything in this ruin,It seems to be enlarged several times by the creator,Even the pebbles in the stream,There are also people fist size,Not to mention the creatures in this stream!
Zhu Minglang saw a long-necked ancient dragon,Its shoulders are fifty meters,Not to mention when the neck is up,People standing in front of such creatures,It’s no different from mosquitoes。
Long-necked cologne drinking water,It is obviously a herbivore,Have no interest in human beings,Even if you pass by it,It won’t attack。
Zhu Minglang took out the prepared water bag,I took the clean water here。
There is Xiao Baiqi’s universe magic,He can hold the amount of water that everyone and all dragons drink in three days。
After getting enough water,I wish Minglang took a sip of water,Taste the difference between the Wannian Stream in this ancient relic,really,Water or water!
There was a burst of noise,Just in the grassy forest where Zhu Minglang and Li Xing painted,A group of poisonous flies with black stripes and red heads flew out,They attacked the gentle long-necked ancient dragon!
The poisonous flies are big,Can catch up with the eagle outside,Swarms of such poisonous flies,The poison it carries can’t even bear the dragon beast。
really,It didn’t take long for the long-necked ancient dragon to be captured,Toxicity spreads throughout its body,So it doesn’t even have the strength to escape。
“Look at the stream。”Li Xinghua hurriedly pointed out。
Some of the poisonous fly’s venom was sprayed into the stream,And the stream soon showed signs of pollution……