The meaning of Google Huaxia is very simple。

Not talking,Everyone playing real。
“@Genius Yufei,If you really think that the quantum computing capabilities shown at our press conference are of no practical significance,Better to come up with the same technology,Show it。”
This is probably because Google China was inspired by a public bet by the chairman of two well-known companies in China.,Shouted directly on Weibo。
For Wang Yufei, this feeling is still very novel。
It’s the first time someone bet on him on the Internet。
“What do you think is appropriate?”Lu Yuxin asked。
“OK!By the way@Changxiang Technology,The company will establish a Quantum Brain Division tomorrow,Specializing in quantum computing research。”
Wang Yufei thought for a while and said:“By the way help me ask,We can also last for a year,What google bet?”
“For one year,It means that you think Changxiang Technology will be able to produce quantum computers and systems that belong to Changxiang Technology in one year.,And can be better than Google?”
“Probably that’s what it means,Today next year, everyone will develop the conference together,Let the whole world judge together,See whose quantum technology is stronger,Not only the calculation speed,Better than whose quantum computing technology can really solve practical problems in the real world。”Wang Yufei said cheerfully。
In fact, in Wang Yufei’s opinion,It doesn’t really matter who wins or loses in this bet。
If the small game he proposed can stimulate Google’s sudden explosion of small universe,Designing more powerful quantum chips and quantum computers is actually not bad。
Of course he is also very confident in his own R&D capabilities。
The most important thing is to have confidence in yourself。
The epiphany in my mind just now is related to quantum computing,At this time, Google just proposed to compete in quantum computing capabilities.,It is not appropriate not to seize this opportunity。