There is also a mistake in applying a mask, so skin care is ineffective_1

There is also a mistake in applying a mask, so skin care is not effective

When our skin is dry, dehydrated and dull, the quicker way to save the skin is to apply a mask. Applying a mask is a must-do for many beauty people every week. The mask contains a variety of hydrating substances and mineral elements.After that, the skin will become fair and delicate.

However, many people don’t really know the common sense of applying a mask. No matter how much the mask is applied, the skin does not improve. Xiaobian introduces some common misunderstandings.

  Myth 1.

It is considered that as long as the skin is cleaned before applying the mask, it can be done in fact. After cleansing, you can also pat some toner to open the pores, which is beneficial to the absorption of nutrients and the improvement of the effect.

  Myth 2.

Iced mask A good iced mask will cause the skin’s pores to shrink in the cold and hinder the absorption of nutrients.

Even some masks will decompose and deteriorate when the temperature is too low.

  Myth 3.

The thicker the mask, the better. In fact, the thickness of the mask depends on its own situation. If the skin absorbs nutrients slowly, you can apply more, and the appropriate amount can be used.

  Misunderstanding 4.

Although the practice of applying a mask while taking a bath is time-saving and convenient, it depends on the nature of the mask.

Some masks need to fit tightly to the skin, and should not be done in the shower, because water vapor will affect the fit and reduce the effectiveness of the mask.

  Misunderstanding 5.

The homemade mask can be used every day. The face is a large and sensitive part of the human body. Unless your skin is “thick”, the mask is trying to control it at 1 weekly
4 times.

  Myth 6.

Before applying the mask, you must exfoliate the horny skin, which is a natural barrier to the skin, and has a protective effect on the skin. The metabolic cycle is 28 days.

So exfoliation should be controlled at 1 month?
Repeated exfoliation twice will only damage the skin and destroy the epidermis.

  Myth 7.

Apply the mask tightly to the eyes, especially the fine lines. The skin on the eyes is very fragile and sensitive, and many masks, especially cleansing and moisturizing ingredients, can cause irritation to the skin with weak eyes.

  Myth 8.

Fruits and vegetables are not fresh, you can also make a homemade mask. Be sure to choose fresh fruits, vegetables, milk and so on.

In addition, the mask should not be made too much at one time, and some should not be stored for a long time.

  Misunderstanding 9.

Do not wash off the remaining mask after applying the mask. In general, the deep cleansing mask must be washed after use, otherwise the cuticle of the skin may be damaged; the mask with repair and moisturizing effect can be massaged after removing the paper filmWash your face after 3 minutes.