Have you noticed your baby’s tooth stains?

Have you noticed your baby’s tooth stains?

Do you think that dental stains will only appear in adult’s mouth?

Will those babies with primal teeth have deposits of dental stains?

If you think so, be careful of criticism.

A professional pediatrician at Baby Village will tell you that even small babies can get dental stains, which can cause gingivitis as a result.

  If your baby’s teeth look yellow or orange, it is likely that the teeth are not brushed thoroughly enough, causing the surface of the teeth to become contaminated with food residues and plaque.

At this time, parents can use a soft baby toothbrush to dispense with a little adult toothpaste or a little baking soda and add water. Brush the baby’s teeth carefully to remove these stains.

If this cleaning method still doesn’t work, then you have to take your baby to the dentist. The doctor will use a professional method to remove the stains on the baby.

Although the presence of those stains does not necessarily indicate that the baby has dental caries, if plaque accumulates on the tooth surface, it is likely to cause gingivitis.

If your baby has gingivitis during the period of deciduous teeth, this is definitely not a good thing.

  In addition, one out of about 1,000 babies can easily develop a special black tooth stain.

This tooth stain may be caused by iron in the multivitamins your baby eats.

Regardless of whether your baby is a child of a thousand, you should prevent vigilance.

Brush your baby often, and thoroughly every time you brush, so that you can avoid this phenomenon.

Because once such stains get on the teeth, it will be more difficult to remove.

  Members of parents must also be told that if the baby accidentally falls over and touches his deciduous teeth, the injured deciduous teeth will also change color to produce dark spots, and this black stain cannot be removed.

In addition, if the baby has some chronic disease, he has a high fever repeatedly; or at 0?
At the age of 3, he was exposed to certain drugs or long-term replacement of excessive fluoride, etc. Maybe his deciduous teeth will not be disturbed, but the permanent teeth he grows in the future are likely to be discolored because of this.