then,This Daoist Li Shixing stayed in the deep city for three more days,Passed a set of breathing and breathing techniques in Wudang Mountain’s inner family boxing to the three of Lu Menglin。

In these three days,Fat Dun and Chen Jiannan also asked Li Daochang about many fighting skills,He knows everything,Endless words。
Lu Menglin also learned this breathing technique very carefully,He knows that the Taoist master has real skills,The things taught are definitely good things,Even if you don’t use it to fight,Physical fitness,Refreshing is also good。
“This set of turtle and snake essence vomiting,Even if the three of you basically learned。If you can keep going,After all, they can live longer than ordinary people。”Li Shixing said with emotion。
After these three days of getting along,He is quite satisfied with the dispositions of these three teenagers,They are not bad in nature,And the understanding is not bad,Especially that Lu Menglin,Get it through,Worthy of being a living dead,Good material for natural monasticism。
“Li Daochang,If next time we meet a mutated guy like Master Sheng,Can you win?”Lu Menglin thought for a while,Asked。
Li Shixing was taken aback for a moment,This man squinted his eyes,As if lost in memory。
“Forget it,Let me teach you a trick to save your life!I usually use visualization,At the moment of crisis,Fascinating,Stimulate physical potential,Can gain great power in a short time。So it’s also called《Zhenwuju
“Also explosive potential,《Zhen Wu Ju Li Jue》It’s much better than using drugs to stimulate life potential.。But you remember,Cannot be used more than once a year,Preferably not more than nine times。I also have to work harder to visualize,Otherwise, life will be lost,Worry about life。”
Li Shixing really has something good,This set《Zhen Wu Ju Li Jue》It’s a powerful method,It’s much more than breathing and health care。
This set《Zhen Wu Ju Li Jue》Sounds mysterious,Actually it’s not complicated to practice,It is connected by three points in the body,Press forehead、Three big holes on chest and lower pubic area,focus,Sense the existence of these three places,Yun Shen。
Wait until these three places are very mental,Then take these three points as one,Visualize the prototype of Emperor Zhenwu in the body,Cooperate with turtle and snake essence vomiting,Through long-term visualization,Carry on,Further concretize the image of Emperor Zhenwu in the sea of knowledge。
Wait till the time of crisis,Take the initiative to wait and see the image of Emperor Zhenwu in the broken body,Three points to integrate the usual spirit into the body,Stimulate the explosion of life potential,Full of power。
The three were dizzy,Mysterious and mysterious,Vaguely feel feasible,But for a while, I can’t grasp the key。
“This visualization technique,Is it a bit like self-hypnosis??Normal self-hypnosis,Solidify this psychological suggestion,Then it’s the critical moment,Initiation of psychological cues,Enter self-hypnosis,Burst potential?”Lu Menglin asked carefully。
I thought Daochang Li would be furious,I didn’t expect him to be angry,Instead, staring at Lu Menglin with surprise。
“Kid,You can think so。But think so,It will only make your visualization more difficult。The so-called sincerity is spirit,You have a lot of distracting thoughts,Thoughts cannot be pure,Unable to reach the whole body,Mana naturally cannot be used。”Li Shixing shook his head and sighed。
“Ok,So i can understand。Maybe this is why I can’t cultivate!The things in my mind are too messy and messy。This is my problem。”Lu Menglin answered very seriously。