In fact,One million is definitely not enough for the cost of an album。

Even without promotion,It’s all my own songs,The cost of the album will also be very high!
“When you are not famous,To release an album is a pure money-burning behavior,Meaningless。”
I told her that making small videos and live broadcasts is accumulating popularity,When the heat is enough, you can naturally release an album。
Bai Ze understands what I mean,Also feels reasonable。
“And don’t think it’s a low-end video broadcast on a platform like Snapshot,All stars will do this in the future,Don’t believe you just wait and see。”
I asked Bai Ze to go to Shangdu Brilliant Entertainment Branch tomorrow morning to sign an agreement。
There will be a direct component team to do her operation。
Bai Ze is gone too。
I signed two singers who felt very good in one night,It must be a good thing for Brilliant Entertainment。
Can be considered a surprise。
If nothing unexpected,Both Lu Feng and Bai Ze can become popular on the Internet!
Late at night,We came to rest in Tanghuang Yipin’s mansion。
“How much is it here?”
A classmate of Tang Long asked curiously。