Nine uncles:“”

“Ok,Nine uncle, you said?”
Chapter 87 Two blacks are most afraid of fire
Autumn is dragged from outside the door,And sediment repair,The station is next to him.,From time to time, touch your face。
“Live,You can sleep like a dead pig.,Don’t say that Master is,Change to me will also give you a slap,Good to make you rose。”
“no,I really didn’t hear it.,Just follow the evil。”
The two have been a while,Hit the trouble,Sitting on the edge of the garden,Liao Wenjie who is squatting in the corner,Curious,Gooked together。
“Jiege,what are you doing?”
“Ugh,Don’t mention,When I said this, I will hurt myself straight to tears.。”
Liao Wenjie is holding a root stick,Stick the bodied bodies in the wall:“I am with it.,Tsing Gan and Working for so many years,Always treat it as a child,I didn’t expect that today’s white hair sent a black hair.,He has a sad!”
“its not right,Jiege,Is the two black not a few days a few days ago??”
“Be right,And you play it every day.,Also practice Taoism,I can make it harm。”
Second speed poke lies,Not used to,This is a good thing,After all, Master’s face they often give,What’s more, Liao Wenjie。
“You know a fart,Look at the surface does not look at the essence,As the saying goes well,Playing is a kind,I like to use my feet.。At this point,Nine uncle is the same as me,Both are not good words,When expressing emotions,Can do it。”
Liao Wenjie,Example proven:“Wencai,You touch your face,Hurt?”
“pain,Particular pain!”
“That’s right,Explain that nine uncle especially hurts you。”
Fudge end,Liao Wenjie poked two blacks,Tease:“correct,Ask you a question,People are bitten by zombies,Will become a zombie due to the corpse,That dog?”
This issue hits the knowledge blind area of Liao Wenjie,Zombie dog heard,Zombie dog
Is there this stuff??
Talent and Qiusheng face each other,General case,This problem is responsible for the Nine Uncle.,They are responsible for clapping,Lining the nine uncle Ying Ming,God knows the geography。
Think,Known outside the door,The servant of Ren Fu used the sedan to carry the nine uncles.。
Haven’t end yet,Ren Loui and Ren Tingting were also lifted by the sedan,And the security captain, the security captain, Away,And ten players carrying a long gun。
what’s the situation?
Liao Wenjie saw a glimpse,Ask Nine Uncle:“what happened,How do you bring people??Not I said you,I have a half of my heart.,You are so tossing,Not afraid that he is dead in Qizhuang?”
“I suspect that zombies will come again.,Recently protecting their father and women are stable。”Nine uncle explains。
“Ren Gun is not better,Big business,Local spacious,And not your own home,I can’t dismantle it.。”
“Ager,Can’t say this,Human,Yi Zhuang can be built again,People are gone, they are gone.。”
“understood,You are ready to revoke Yizhuang,Make a bigger yard,Master won the worker。”